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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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68th MSSA Senate
November 29, 2000 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:01 P.M. by Speaker Andy Welti

Roll Call (present-absent-proxy)

Senators Present
Christina Ische 11-3-0, Michael Groenewold 14-0-0, Lori Fick 5-1-0, Byron Pike 2-0-0, Zach Biesanz 11-3-0, Nayoki Cormier 10-4-0, Jack Rector 14-0-0, Craig Shub 10-4-0, Courtney Powell 12-2-0, Rachel D. Noah 4-1-0, Stacy Wiech 13-0-1, LaRonne Prtichett 3-2-0, Karly Klein 14-0-0, Mikel Akers 14-0-0, Amy Bicek 11-2-1, Samuel Eddy Ankrah 5-0-0, Joe Muggli 6-0-0, Rhys Gaffer 6-0-0, Ian Radtke 14-0-0, Roger White Owl 11-3-0
Senators Absent
Md Mosharof Hossain 1-5-0, Eric Kroiss 8-5-1, Matt Lairmore 9-6-0
Officers Present
President Chris Boyce, Vice President Tim Huebsch

Approval of Minutes 11/15/00 Minutes approved

Vacancy Elections
Maverick Hall-Dan Peskorz
Involved in Student Senate in HS, mock trials. Comfortable with people skills. Will be declaring Political Science major. Want to contribute.
Senator Gaffer-Did you ask for a recount?
Senator Rector-What committees would you be interested in?
Mr. Peskorz-Legislative Affairs
Maverick Hall Senator-Dan Peskorz

Officer Reports

President Chris Boyce
Tuition-not appropriated until after Minnesota State appropriation, next June.
Meet & Confer was held this past Monday with the administration.
Discussing student worker incentive.
MSUSA this weekend in St. Cloud.
Met with Pat Hentges regarding Tenant Forum and Mass Transit. He will be pursuing a committee to explore alternative dispute resolutions regarding code violations. Landlords and tenants will be on committee.
Lobbied in Washington DC last week. Lobbied on five issues, met with both house and senate side.
Everyone says we won't know about spending until President is in place. Then negations will begin. Working on Student Complaint Policy for next student handbook.
Discussing speed limits on university streets, this issue seems to be impossible.
Senator Biesanz-Is motivation for student workers incentive to get more students to work on campus?
President Boyce-This will allow the university to give back to students who work on campus instead of going off campus where they would likely earn more per hour.

Vice President Tim Huebsch
Attended Sub Meet and Confer and Planning Sub Meet & Confer. Discussed Master Plan. They are still accepting comments before final copy goes to Minnesota State in March.
Went on tour with John Ostrom and Jerry Janecich.
Advertising for Technology Roundtable will begin after break.
Still looking for feedback. Tech Fee will be coming to Senate early next year.
Senator Rector-How is laptop rental going?
Vice President Huebsch-They are working with Dell to replace some batteries. Time frame for check out is going to be reevaluated.

Speaker Andy Welti
Induction of new senator
Recognized Student Organizations
Maranatha Christian Fellowship
Correspondence from office of Student Affairs.
President has no questions and approves the funding of the Student Union Budget
President Boyce-Need to clarify the language of Student Union Budget-this is only our part of the budget that we have approved.
Off-Campus Seat of Derek Short will be available next semester.
Orientation goals-Up date web page, this is being done, club funding, parking, landlord issues, tuition concerns, commitment to student needs. All of our forums do allow students the opportunity to raise concerns. Clear communication-we have been welcoming and working as a team and getting the word out. Everyone worked on Get Out the Vote. We have addressed issues this semester.
Senator Wiech-What will be done with Senator Short's Leg. Affairs Committee Chair position?
Speaker Welti-That will be dealt with in committee.
Study and get those A's.

Coordinator Reports

Student Services Coordinator-Amy Bicek
Mass Transit met last week, made recommendation to increase base fare from $1.00 to $1.25. You can buy 30 day passes for $35.00. Council will vote on this in January. Met with George Rosati, we hope this recommendation will pass. Complaints will be dealt with in January. Also talked about MSU contract-there are rumors floating around. MSU contract being rated at $53.00. Tenant Forum will be Dec. 6 at 2:00.
Academic Affairs passed new language regarding grade appeal process. Will be working on Campus Security.
President Boyce-MSU has two bus contracts. Students pay for Campus Express. We have an unsigned contract since July 1. We do not want students to foot the bill for all of this.

Committee Reports

Academic Affairs-Rhys Gaffer, Chair
Earlier this semester Academic Affairs was given the charge of looking at the grade appeals process. Looked specifically at summer school and interim. Met with Dr. Hersrud and decided we need better ways of tracking. Basic Stuff (Grade Appeal Process)
Committee voted unanimously to approve the following motion.
Motion Senator Noah moved, second Senator Rector
Move to insert the following language in the MSU, Mankato Student Handbook under the heading of "Grade Appeal Process."
Whereas: In order to ensure effective communication and timeliness in the grade appeal process, the chairperson of each academic department shall submit a report to the MSU, Mankato Academic Affairs Vice President each month of any/all students (s) involved in a grade appeal process.
Whereas: A copy of this report shall be sent to that MSSA President.
Whereas: This language be inserted after the first paragraph under the heading "Grade Appeal Process," on page 17 of the current (2000-2001)"MSU,Mankato Student Handbook."

The reason this is being sent to MSSA President is because they can track things during interim.
President Boyce-This is a good start, but there are 54 departments. The intention is to track but that might be tough.
Senator Noah-I do not understand why that would be difficult, each chair could provide that information
President Boyce-Chair does not become involved until level 2 of appeal process, many times they are not aware of an appeal.
Senator White Owl-Just how pressing has this been? Do we need more time on this?
Senator Gaffer-It is a long standing issue. Many issues happen during the summer. The language does not cover this. We need to track yet maintain privacy. We don't want to ask extra work from the staff. Dr. Hersrud is going to get this on the Academic Affairs Committee agenda.
Senator Noah-Move to refer back to committee. Second Senator White Owl.
Motion carries, abstention, Senator Rector

Senator Reports

Rachel D. Noah-Social & Behavioral Science Senator
Apologize for missing last two meetings. Update-spoke with Dean of College regarding Social & Behavioral Science Department. Concerns in Anthropology, also doing some work with LGBC and Women's Center. It is a good idea to wear your name tag on Wed. Constituents will get to know you.


Senator Bicek-Free Will Pancake Breakfast Sat. St. Joseph the Worker

Roll Call

Senators Present
Christina Ische, Michael Groenwold, Lori Fick, Byron Pike, Zach Biesanz, Nayoki Cormier, Jack Rector, craig Shub, Courtney Powell, Rachel D. Noah, Stacy Wiech, LaRonne Pritchett, Karly Klein, Mikel Akers, Amy Bicek, Sameul Ankrah, Joe Muggli, Ian Radtke, Roger White Owl, Christopher Rhys Gaffer
Senators Absent
Eric Kroiss, Md Mosharof Hossain<, Matt Lairmore
Executive Staff Present
President Chris Boyce, Vice President Tim Huebsch

Adjournment 4:55 PM