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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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69th MSSA Senate
January 16, 2002 Minutes
Roll Call

Senators Present
Samantha Gallion 3-0-0, Daniela Rumpf 16-0-0, Byron Pike 16-0-0, Andrew Menden 16-0-0, , Richard Dueser 12-0-0, Brian Mullin proxy Jessica Boyd 14-0-2, Jayson Read 16-0-0, Katie Garrity 16-0-0, Ryan Austad 11-1-0, Stephanie White16-0-0, Ashley Guetter 12-0-0, Omni Peterson 11-1-0, Adam Poole 15-0-0-1, Monica Klein-13-1-2, Joe Muggli 16-0-0, Stacy Wiech 10-0-2, Ian Radtke proxy Rhys Gaffer 15-0-, Zach Biesanz 11-0-1, James Tung 16-0-0 Cassandra Linkenmeyer 11-0-0 Dan Peskorz 7-5-4, Mikel Akers 15-1-0
Senators Absent
Matt Osmundson 12-3-0 Bethany Jackson 3-2-0
Executive Staff Present
President Roger White Owl, Vice President Uzair Shaffi

Approval of Agenda

Student Forum

Rhys Gaffer
330 students in Aviation program, an average of 150 sign up for classes, now only about 24 students have signed up. Students are being denied being able to transfer in flight time hours; as a result they have failed classes. Exclusivity Clause - students are not being well served by Administration. Because of change last semester there could be an argument by students that changes should have been made at the beginning of the semester. Flight simulation time-students are being denied simulator time because student was not on aviation list. Any type of appeal should be taken into consideration. Would like to say that I am aware that this body sent documentation to Minnesota State. The Minnesota State staff is different than the Board. A response from Minnesota State staff does not mean we should not continue to talk with them. I hope you don't forget about the program.

Approval of Minutes (12/05/01 Minutes approved

Officer Reports

President Roger White Owl
Welcome back, I hope you all had a great break. My exciting news was that my uncle was elected to the National Congress of American Indian Association. Hope you all remember why we are all here and that is to help students. Met with Commencement committee, a few changes will be made to improve graduation.
MSUSA Conference this weekend. The feel of MSUSA has changed this year, there is a common ground and mutual respect. This is an opportunity to hear from other campuses. Please come take part. Talk to Roger if you want to attend Meet & Confer.
Proxy Gaffer-I am sure you know that in Governor Ventura's budget that he recommended not funding Phase III. What would you recommend?
President White Owl- I have not heard all the details yet however everyone has an opportunity this weekend to hear some of the facts, MSUSA has numbers. Will also be meeting next week with Dean Trauger regarding the budget and will report then.
Fire at Southwest-MSUSA is lobbying at the State for funding not covered by insurance. State is taking a downturn on all education funding. Lobby Day information will also be given this weekend.
Senator Pike-When will you be appointing the Coordinators?
President White Owl-I reinstated the Coordinators from last semester.
Senator Pike-Speaker, can he do that?
Senator Pike-When will you be appointing a Cultural Diversity Coordinator?
President White Owl-I will not be appointing that position, I will take on some of the duties myself.

Vice President Uzair Shaffi
I hope your breaks were wonderful MSUSA Conference this weekend. Information Fair organized by SLDSL next week-sign up for our table. Vacancies: MSUSA Campus Rep, Budget Sub Meet & Confer. Attended Budget Sub meet & Confer meeting this week, the whole discussion was on sub committees looking at ways of doing budget cuts. They would like students for these sub committees. Meet & Confer dates are posted on Roger's door, if you want to attend, talk to Roger.
We received $150.00 from working Hockey games. We need to decide on something concrete to use this for. Have not heard of issues yet.

Speaker Rachel D. Noah
Recognized Student Organizations
Initial recognitions-Minnesota State University History Club, Mediation Club, Pan African Student Association, Women's Rugby Club

Correspondence-Malcolm O'Sulliven
The President has received and reviewed the resolution contained in your December 6, 2001. The President provides the following response to this resolution.
#12.05.01B. This resolution recommends funding up to $4,823.15 for Repertory Dance Theatre to travel to the American College Dance Festival in Cedar Falls, IA. The President has reviewed and approved this allocation.

Correspondence from Minnesota State-There is a copy of this in the information corner. Have given out several copies. This is important. This is a different issue than we were working on last semester. We should take this up in Academic Affairs rather than the student body.
Senate Vacancies-Education, Business, Gage A, Off-Campus, Social & Behavioral Science. Elections will be held January 30, followed by billiards and bowling-social and relax with new senators.
Committees- a good number did not attend committee today, this is important. Please attend. Chair should keep attendance. Make sure everyone knows. March 3 is MSU Hockey Game.
MSUSA is a lot of fun and very educational. It is fascinating, you can meet your peers from the rest of the state. We should make a good showing. Committee meetings on many issues, lobbying, cultural diversity. Give your input. Bounce ideas off other senators about how issues are handled at their schools.
Senator Biesanz-Will you be referring people not attending to ethics?
Speaker-Do not want to declare things vacant, want people to speak for themselves. Feel Ethics is a bad idea.

Coordinator Reports

Intergovernmental, Rhys Gaffer
Helped three students with grade appeals during winter break. Helped students with landlord issue Attended Mankato Traffic and Safety Committee meeting
Been busy during break with prepping for this semester's MSSA. Working with City Clerk on the MSU redistricting proposal map. Picked up a packet from the City yesterday that includes the Capital Infrastructure Plan (CIP) for 2002-2006. This program text includes information on street/traffic & safety, and the Municipal Airport..
Senator Read-Will that packet be available?
Coordinator Gaffer-Yes it will be available and in the corner.

Student Affairs, Joe Muggli
Tenant Forum-working on outline with attorney on what will be in the forum. Focusing on preventive measures. leases, maintenance. We hope to have Ed Twedt present to give city input. Also Law Enforcement representative and rental inspector. Forum will be run like a class, Renters 101. What do you think should be in this program? Should also video tape this session for people to look at it at their leisure.
Proxy Gaffer-Do you know if there is any material available from former forums?

Committee Reports

Parking Advisory, Rhys Gaffer
Attended the Transit Advisory committee and received some preliminary reports back form the mass transit consultants. I haven't finished reading this, but the information will be available in the meantime to anyone who wants to see it. At the last PAC meeting, all proposals for swapping out parking spaces from light green to gold (for faculty) were voted down. The first meeting this semester is scheduled for Friday, January 25 from 1-3. We'll be talking about permit rates and fees. Student Affairs Committee may want to discuss the options about the MSU Faculty/Staff request for more Gold parking. There is some dissention between on and off campus students, and it may be one of the driving forces. Parking Appeals Board still needs an on-campus representative for that committee. There was none last semester.

Student Union Board, Rhys Gaffer
First pre-design meeting for Phases I & II of the CSU held on 12/11. In the general announcements of this week, CSU Director Henry Morris has invited anyone from the University Community to sign up for focus groups for the pre-planning process. Stop by CSU 220 to sign up. Those who participate will receive a lunch voucher from the Indigo as a thank you. Carkoski will be undergoing its dining renovations this spring/summer and then the CSU will begin Phase I next spring. The committee still has two openings for students. We need to have these filled ASAP.
Senator Pike-Did anyone bring in any comments on a sign in the Women's Center?
Coordinator Gaffer-Not aware of any sign.

Senator Reports

Crawford-Omni Peterson
Stayed in Crawford during break. Talked to students that stayed on campus. Pros to staying on campus-roof over head, Only had to pay $158 for rent. No roommate. Cons-Meeting time -students were told it was mandatory and some students were excused., Construction in the morning. Delayed mail. The access on Dec. 26th was posted on the 24th. Cleaning of Halls, bathrooms in main lobby were closed because of guests, laundry rooms were closed. Fire Alarms-would have liked to have been notified. CA said to turn on showers for 20 minutes to get showers warm. Guest passes- no one ever asked for my pass. Doors were propped open-safety issue. Definitely got $158 worth of conveniences.
Vice President-Do you have plans to take care of these issues?
Senator Peterson -spoke with RHA

Off-Campus-Joe Muggli
Got much needed rest during break. Read many books, Of Mice and Men, The Hobbit, Fellowship of the Rings, Silent Spring, Stuart Little, Call of the Wild, etc. You can borrow them and then I will lend them to you. Fixed up my room and living room, went ice fishing, spent time with YMCA little brother. Office hours are posted. They are Mon 12-1, Wed 12-1, Thurs 12-1.

Social & Behavioral Science Ryan Austad
Issues brought up-concern about Women's Study program. Not culturally diversified enough. Student fees are being used for wrong projects. A student wanted funding cut to all sport programs. Advisory meeting next week. Will be a best man in a Buddhist wedding.


Speaker-Turn in outline of your senate report.
MSUSA right on campus-most of us should have some time to stop by and check it out. Hope you will make time also. Joe-why not have an open meeting to get input? Let's be proactive.
Office hours-you can all post things. Agenda will be set up at 3:00 PM on Tuesday.
Senator Muggli-Tenant Forum meeting between 12-1 on Thursday, Friday or Monday
Coordinator Gaffer-Just to let everyone know-we have the distinction of having two State wide coordinators, Angela White Owl, Rhys Gaffer. We would love to see you at the Conference.
Parking is free.

Senators Present
Samantha Gallion, Daniela Rumpf, Byron Pike, Andrew Menden, Richard Dueser, Brian Mullin, Jayson Read, Katie Garrity, Dan Peskorz, Ryan Austad, Stephanie White, Ashley Guetter, Omni Peterson, Adam Poole, Mikel Akers, Monica Klein, Joe Muggli, Stacy Wiech, Ian Radtke, Zach Biesanz, James Tung
Senators Absent
Bethany Jackson, Matt Osmondson
Executive Staff Present
Vice President Uzair Shaffi
Executive Staff Absent
President Roger White Owl
Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 5:21 PM