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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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69th MSSA Senate
January 23, 2002 Minutes
Meeting called to order at 4:02 PM by Speaker Rachel D. Noah

Roll Call

Senators Present
Bethany Jackson 4-2-0, Samantha Gallion 4-0-0, Daniela Rumpf 17-0-0, Byron Pike 17-0-0, Andrew Menden 17-0-0, Richard Dueser 13-0-0, Brian Mullin 15-0-2, Jayson Read 17-0-0, Katie Garrity 17-0-0, Ryan Austad 12-1-0, Stephanie White17-0-0, Ashley Guetter 13-0-0, Omni Peterson 12-1-0, Adam Poole 16-0-1, Monica Klein-proxy Jessica Boyd 13-1-3, Joe Muggli 17-0-0, Stacy Wiech 11-0-2, Ian Radtke 16-0-1, Zach Biesanz-proxy Rhys Gaffer 11-0-2, James Tung 17-0-0 Cassandra Linkenmeyer 13-0-0 Dan Peskorz 8-5-4, Mikel Akers 16-1-0
Senators Absent
Matt Osmundson 12-4-0
Executive Staff Present
President Roger White Owl, Vice President Uzair Shaffi

Presentation - University Presidential Search, Timothy Huebsch
This afternoon candidates will be announced for President. All currently provosts or Vice President of Academic Affairs. Candidates are: Dr. Richard Davenport from Central Michigan University, Dr. Marlene Strathe from University of Northern Colorado, Dr. Perry Moore from Wright State University and Dr. David Eisler from Weber State University. Interviews will begin Feb. 4. Locations and times not set, meetings will be in the Student Union. Encourage everyone to come. Give feedback, fill out questionnaires. Review resumes of the candidates-they are available in Human Resources and electronically.
Senator Austad-Was Karen Boubel considered?
Mr. Huebsch-Minnesota State policy states that an interim president can not apply for the position. She made that decision when she accepted the interim position.
Proxy Gaffer-How was your experience of being on the committee?
Mr. Huebsch-Excellent, received an opportunity to see resumes of candidates from around the world.

MSUSA Academic Affairs Coordinator C. Rhys Gaffer
MSUSA-What is it? A Nonprofit Organization that the seven MN state universities belong to; meant to operate as a lobbying force at the Minnesota State, state, and federal level and also provide help to student associations and students regarding information on higher education issues as well as a research resource. Within MSUSA there are scholarship opportunities such as the Nellie Stone Johnson, Penny Fellowship and Affinity. This group meets seven times each year, three conferences and four board meetings. From this organization students are appointed to Minnesota State task force, policy councils & they recommend student representatives to the Minnesota State Board of Trustees. MSUSA sponsors two federal lobby trips to Washington DC and one lobby day at the MN state capitol each academic year. Why should you care about MSUSA? You pay .39 cents per credit hour (capped at 12 credits) $4.68 x 13,240=$61,963.20 that we pay to this organization. This organization publishes the "Monitor". Regular contact with this organization will help our committees know about other issues on other campuses, on the Minnesota State, state, federal level, and pass motions, recommendations, etc. in our committees about issues. What do we do now? Find out what the issues are at; talk with Roger White Owl, Uzair, Angela White Owl or Rhys. Set aside five to ten minutes at the weekly committee meetings to review and discuss issues, and pass any appropriate motions. Attend an MSUSA conference or Board of Directors. What if MSU doe not want to belong? Get together a task force or subcommittee to draft plan on how to get out of this organization. Be prepared to get legislative backing to extricate MSU, Mankato from MSUSA's fee that's in state statute. Do feasibility study on the cost and effectiveness of having our own lobbyist-will we have access to the same resources/benefits as with MSUSA? If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Decide as a group what you want done.

Approval of Minutes (01/16/02) Minutes approved

Officer Reports

President Roger White Owl
Presidential Search-senators will receive invitation regarding presidential search interviews. You can show that we have a quality university.
MSUSA-Lobby Day, Wed., February 13. We can let the student body know about the issues; join in on a march on the capitol. Coordinators and chairs will meet and help plan lobby day. Thursday, Jan 25. 5:00 PM. We need to come together on this. This is true grass roots policy where we can all make a difference. We were not able to meet with Dean Trauger, will give information next week.
Thank you for MSUSA participants that attended. We could point out all the bad things about MSUSA, but it has many positives that we can have influence on.
If interested the ESSO will meet today to decide if they will protest the native American mascot issue.
Other student organizations have taken formal stances on this. Earlier this year we discussed respect and how to treat others. This is an important effort.
Proxy Gaffer-Has this campus done things in the past on logos etc.
President White Owl-We changed from the Indians to the Mavericks in 1979. Ethic Student Association wants the university to publicly state their stance on this issue.
Senator Read-Is there a place on the MSUSA web site that students can discuss issues?
President White Owl-Yes, there is a message board. It is helpful and we should use this.

Vice President Uzair Shaffi
Meet and Confer next week, if you want to go, please let us know. They need more student input. We will need students for exercises in budget cuts.
Chairs of committees-go through committee lists and up date members for quorum.
Lobby Day-pick up brochure and you will be getting your hat. We hope to have many students attend.
MSUSA-Students were overwhelmed with our facilities.
College of Business Dean Search committee. Semi finalist will be announced shortly.
Justin Klander, Chair of MSUSA will be coming here, if you have questions, you will have an opportunity to talk to him.
Senator Read-Would it be possible to have Chair Klander here next week?
Senator Garrity-What will the Chair be doing here and what information will he have?
Vice President Shaffi-He can answer what MSUSA does for us. Mankato has had a history at MSUSA-we have been improving. We have a good delegation. We take active participation.

Speaker Rachel D. Noah
RSO-Initial Recognition-European Student Association
5:00 tomorrow meeting in Conference Room regarding Lobby Day.
No meeting on February 13-Lobby Day. Opportunities will be available for Emailing in the office if you cannot go to the capitol. 5 vacancies next week. Regarding ethics-I have assurances from senators that they are willing to work hard this semester. If you have questions, lets talk. Presidential search-Wed at 3:15, if committees would like to attend, we could start late.
Will be performing in the Vagina Monologue.
Proxy Gaffer-Are you planning to suggest the committees keep minutes of their work this semester?
Speaker Noah-No
President White Owl-Is there a position open for Campus Rep?
Speaker-Yes, there is if you are interested at all look at this position.
President White Owl-Is it the Campus Reps job to education the community on MSUSA?
Speaker-I do not know, but I think that is a great idea.
Vice President Shaffi-I appreciate having meaningful meetings.

Coordinator Reports

Intergovernmental Coordinator Rhys Gaffer
I attended a special Mass Transit Advisory meeting last Thursday, very good meeting. We discussed many issues including the shortage of mechanics. If more break downs occur in the near future they will need to lease a bus. Attended the City Council work session last night Council wage increase discussion: possible that MSU could have some internship or other type of student opportunities with the city council. Redistricting City and MSU's Option. The vote will be taken on Monday, January 28 at the Council meeting. Meeting begins at 7 P.M. Phone or e-mail the city about which proposal you prefer. The city is also looking at reducing the number of precincts. Currently have 20. We stand a good chance of getting our proposal passed. They need bigger and ADA compliant polling places, with plenty of parking. At a work session meeting in February, the deputy city manager will make a presentation about possible budget cuts the city may have to make. Theses cuts would become necessary depending on how the State legislative session works out. Spoke with Karen Wright yesterday. She is MSU's Media Relations Director. She told me that MSU will not be doing any lobbying on its own this year, as the Minnesota State Chancellor wants a concerted lobbying effort coming through his office only. Karen is very willing to work with our MSSA committees to help provide information from the MSU perspective. There is an 8.4 million dollar bonding shortage, and we need to keep tuition rates down.

Committee Reports

Student Union Board, Rhys Gaffer
Union Board still needs two members for this committee. Tomorrow the focus groups begin work with the consultants for Phase I, renovation of our dining services facility here in CSU. Carkoski will be renovated this spring and dining services next year. Approximately 15 students are needed for this. The meeting begins tomorrow at 3:30 PM.
Senator Radtke-What are the times of the focus groups?
Chair Gaffer- The meetings are in 50 minute increments Thursday and Friday.
Seantor Muggli-Can I just walk in?
Chair Gaffer-You need to call the Union office to register.


Senator Dueser-Support for protest against UND racist mascot issues today, 5:00 CSU 202
Jessica Boyd and Jayson Read-will be working on the web site.
Proxy Gaffer-Meeting next Friday with members from the Mass Communication Club.
Omni Peterson-Accepted to Hamline. Thanks for everyone's support.
President White Owl-Next couple of months will be very busy. Get involved.

Roll Call

Senators Present
Bethany Jackson, Samantha Gallion, Daniela Rumpf, Byron Pike, Andrew Menden, Richard Dueser, Brian Mullin, Jayson Read, Katie Garrity, Dan Peskorz, Ryan Austad, Stephanie White, Ashley Guetter, Omni Peterson, Adam Poole, Mikel Akers, Monica Klein-proxy Jessica Boyd, Joe Muggli, Stacy Wiech, Ian Radtke, Zach Biesanz-proxy Rhys Gaffer, James Tung, Cassandra Linkenmeyer
Senators Absent
Matt Osmundson
Executive Staff Present
President White Owl, Vice President Shaffi

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 5:05 PM