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69th MSSA Senate
January 30, 2002 Minutes
Meeting called to Order at 4:21 PM by Speaker Rachel D. Noah

Roll Call

Senators Present
Bethany Jackson 5-2-0, Daniela Rumpf 18-0-0, Byron Pike 18-0-0, Andrew Menden 18-0-0, Richard Dueser 14-0-0, Brian Mullin 16-0-2, Jayson Read 18-0-0, Katie Garrity 18-0-0, Ryan Austad 13-1-0, Stephanie White18-0-0, Ashley Guetter 14-0-0, Adam Poole 17-0-1, Monica Klein 14-1-3, Joe Muggli 18-0-0, Stacy Wiech 12-0-2, Ian Radtke 17-0-1, Zach Biesanz 12-0-2, James Tung 18-0-0, Dan Peskorz- proxy C. Rhys Gaffer 8-5-5
Senators Absent
Samantha Gallion 4-1-0, Omni Peterson 12-2-0, Mikel Akers 16-2-0, Cassandra Linkenmeyer 13-1-0
Executive Staff Present
President Roger White Owl, Vice President Uzair Shaffi

Approval of Agenda Agenda approved

Student Forum

Ben Swenson
Would like to bring forward a petition to have signed regarding an area to to be added to campus-a gathering area, a sort of amphitheater. This could be a memorial to September 11.
Proxy Gaffer-Do you know of the Student Union Master Plan?
Mr. Swenson-Yes, did hear about this but thought this would be the best and quickest avenue.
Proxy Gaffer-In the master plan there is an amphitheater in the south area of Phase III.
Mr. Swenson-I have brought plans, thank you for your time.

Ross Nealy-Vice President of Ethnic Studies Student Organization
Organization is aware of a resolution coming before senate today and they would like support from senate for this resolution. Why this is an important issue? In very many ways Native Americans are the most depressed minorities. Athletic teams make money on racialized logos. Dances are mocking. Young children are sheltered about minority issues. History books do not go into Native American issues. When you see racialized actions like the tomahawk chop, the fighting Sioux, warriors it does do damage. This is not honoring. Native people do not feel honored by this practice. If we had other names they would not fly but we still have the Washington Redskins. Organization plans to put on a week of education before we play the Fighting Sioux. Would like the Senate’s support and backing.
Proxy Gaffer-In addition to the type of education and demonstrations are you planning on talking on first amendment law so that our newspaper would change its policies?
Mr. Nealy-Yes, that is in the resolution, encouraging newspapers to consider appropriate language.

Mr. Osmundson-resigning College of Graduate Studies senate seat effective immediately. Responsibilities of academics are interfering with time necessary for senate.

Elections: College of Education, College of Business, Social & Behavioral Science

Off-Campus, Gage A

College of Education-no candidates

College of Business – Candidates-Mark Kooiman, Ryan Haugen
Mark Kooiman-College of Business, Finance major. Spent time out east and became interested in government and how money is spent.
Ryan Haugen-Senior Marketing major. Involved in many honor societies such as Golden Key Honor Society. Organization involvements have helped gain experiences and self sacrifices.
Senator Garrity-Can you tell us about your time commitments?
Mr. Haugen-Understand time commitment of committee meetings and senate. Have made sacrifices to be on senate. I understand many of the issues the College of Business and entire university is going through.
Mr. Kooiman-I realize the time commitment. I know there will be time spent preparing.
Senator Muggli-What are concerns in the College of Business?
Mr. Kooiman-I don’t know of issues right now as I am not involved that much.
Mr. Haugen-As far as the students go that would be costs-Microsoft has a $19.00 package that would cut costs. Lap top issue is a concern, am on that committee.
Proxy Gaffer-What initiative do you have in mind to undertake if you would become senator?
Mr. Haugen-Going on from where I was, it would be the lap top initiative. We are one of five colleges in the state that have this. I also believe in the Microsoft package. Would like to look into the solicitation of funds in corporate America. Would like to cut costs for students.
Mr. Kooiman-The main thing I have to say would be involvement. It would be good to get people involved, many students are not involved in lap top issues.
Senator Garrity-What would make you a good senator?
Mr. Kooiman-I have a lot of work experience and people experience.
Mr. Haugen-President of Marketing Club-run meetings. Enjoy this, also on Southern Minnesota Marketing Club and have experience in retail.
Mr. Haugen- Based on personal ethic, got that experience in the Navy, want to do something worth while. Would be grateful to be a different person to my family and peers.
Mr. Kooiman-To make it simple, if elected I would like to serve the College of Business, and Senate. Have experiences that could make me right for the job.

Elected College of Business Senator Ryan Haugen

College of Social & Behavioral Sciences-candidates-Shawn Androff, Celeste Hollerud, Rhys Gaffer, John Helcl
Mr. Androff-will make any necessary time commitments. Just got back from the Study Abroad program in Japan. This was a great experience and would like to continue being involved here.
Mr. Helcl-former senator. Law Enforcement major.
Ms. Hollerud-Economics major. Was PSEO student. Hard worker.
Christopher Rhys Gaffer-Chronic over achiever. Formally withdrawing.
Senator Radtke-Are you aware of the time commitments?
Mr. Helcl-Well aware of time commitments.
Ms. Hollerud-Fully aware, one class on Wednesday.
Mr. Androff-Have time and well capable of putting in time to make a difference.
Senator Read-With the budget cuts we will be doing lobbying at the state capitol, are you familiar with the budget cuts and issues?
Ms. Hollerud-Obviously that is an important issue, not familiar now but will learn and make the best decision I can.
Mr. Androff-Want to look at budget and programs.
Mr. Helcl-Unaware of issues, but know budget issues are important.
Senator Garrity-What would you bring to us?
Mr. Androff-Many things, many experiences, tons of work experiences, volunteer for Red Cross.
Mr. Helcl-Other than dedication, blood sweat and tears to represent my constituency.
Ms. Hollerud-I know many types of people and their opinions. You must represent every one around you.
Proxy Gaffer-Could you talk about how people or your constituents would learn about you.
Mr. Helcl-Many of mine already know who I am. Feel comfortable networking with professors.
Ms. Hollerud-In related courses-you get to know students around you, you can let them know what you are up to.
Mr. Androff-Talk to teachers in classes, maybe a big poster, a picture, web site, Reporter, talk to people.
Senator Guetter-Would you still get involved if you were not elected?
Ms. Hollerud-Yes, I was on student council in high school, very interested in things going on around campus and making myself known.
Mr. Androff-Very interested in whole process, want to be apart of this.
Mr. Helcl-Absolutely-I know senators in this room and would come in and give an effort.
Elected Social & Behavioral Science Senator John Helcl

Off-Campus –Jessica Boyd, Shaun Androff
Jessica Boyd-Involved in senate last semester. Would like to be part of senate in an official capacity.
Proxy Gaffer-Do you have an opinion regarding Parking on campus?
Shaun Androff-I agree we do need more parking, maybe a parking ramp.
Ms. Boyd-I think Mass transit would be good, there should be better mass transit, and less cars.
Senator White-If you had to be a kitchen utensil what would you be?
Ms. Boyd-A spork, it is the most useful by far.
Mr. Androff-a mixer-mix things up and make something good come out of it.
Senator Helcl-What would you do to help off-campus housing?
Mr. Androff-I know they are building a lot of new apartments. I don’t know how hard it is for freshmen etc. to find housing off-campus but could find out information on this.
Ms. Boyd-I don’t think students know what they can do to make change, about lawyer etc. They need to know what they can do.
Senator Haugen-What would you do to better represent constituents regarding parking?
Ms. Boyd-Parking Advisory has openings, talk to off-campus students.
Mr. Androff-Look at parking and make sure there is enough allotted space for students coming in.
Senator Guetter-How do you feel about the Post Secondary program?
Mr. Androff-No comment
Ms. Boyd-I wish that I had done it. I have never had problems with students or getting classes because of it.
Closing remarks-
Ms. Boyd-I would try to represent all students in constituency. Very aware of time commitments. I have not taken any night classes, I know of office hours and responsibilities.
Mr. Androff-I wanted to get into government earlier. I am excited to help out school, this would give me that opportunity.
Elected Off-Campus Senator Jessica Boyd

Elected Gage A Senator Celeste Hollerud

Approval of Minutes (01/23/02) Minutes approved

Officer Reports

President Roger White Owl
I really don’t have too much to report. Meet and Confer cancelled because of Presidential searches, rescheduled to Feb 28. Also met with presidential candidates. Read the information on the candidates in the Reporter. Great showing today at Open Forum. Future of our university at stake. Important impression to make here. Met with Dean Trauger, spoke about budget. No idea on tuition numbers at this time. State proposed timeline is June 4th. But positive side is that legislators haven’t done anything as yet. We need to get out for lobby day and influence them. We need to have our voice heard. It is the future of our education. We have to stress to the state that education cannot be in the back seat. Students don’t need more debt. Lobby day is very very important .. and for the future of the state also .
Proxy Gaffer-The only fees you know about now are the Student Union budget?
President White Owl-That is basically what we know now. President’s Council has not put out budget yet. That is all we truly know.

Vice President Uzair Shaffi
Remind new senators about committees. Can’t stress enough how important student involvement is in new focus groups. University did experiment on focus group 10 years ago, very successful. Met with Presidential candidates the last two days. Lobby Day is very important. Student Affairs has information on Tenant Forum. Thank you for attending candidate session today. This is very important.

Speaker Noah
I have a Resolution before me.

Resolution #01.30.02 Racial Discrimination policy Senator Rumpf/Senator Dueser

Whereas: Racial discrimination is prohibited by state and federal law, and Minnesota State University, Mankato is committed promoting cultural diversity and non-discriminatory practices, and

Whereas: The misuse of Native American mascots and imagery creates a discriminatory environment witch promotes racist stereotypes and dehumanizes and disrespects Native peoples and cultures, so be it

Resolved: That we, the Student Senate of Minnesota State University, Mankato, condemn the use of Native American sports mascots, team names, and logos by non-Native organizations, and be it further

Resolved: That we, the Student Senate of Minnesota State University, Mankato, strongly encourage the Minnesota state University, Mankato administration to publicly reaffirm its 1979 stance denouncing the use of Native American sports mascots, team names and logos by non-Native organizations, and be it further

Resolved: That we, the Student Senate of Minnesota State University, Mankato strongly encourage the Minnesota State University, Mankato campus media to discontinue the use of all Native American sports mascots, team names, and logos by non-Native organizations.

Senator Rumpf-this is an opportunity for senate to make a stance on this. This could encourage other schools to make the same stance.
Senator Dueser-The use of racist groups for team names and team mascots is shameful, bigoted, and outdated. It is not appropriate for an enlightened society that celebrates equality and respect and cultural tolerance for all. This motion is a positive statement that shows leadership in the effort to build a better society. I encourage the senate to pass this resolution.
Senator Poole-I feel different, but I am not Native American. The reason you pick a sport team is because it represents strength etc. I don’t know, because most people look at Indians as they do pilgrims. They carry on tradition. I support this motion, but feel we should look at whole concept.
Proxy Gaffer-I understand sentiments, I grew up with what happened in this town. I remember seeing a memorial to the hanging of the Indians in this town. Since then I have been more involved in personal education, what the meaning of it is to Native American people. I feel this is a step in the right direction, to go forward and be active and show that we are not going to perpetuate this kind of racism. Images are there regarding many things. I agree with sensitivity with the Media.
Senator Helcl-I agree with first amendment rights, I have never been insulted by Celtics, even though I am Irish and Indian, but we should not support sports teams that do use these logos .
Senator Garrity-people are offended, we should pass this.
Senator Biesanz-I think theses come from good intentions, but I think they do not add up to the characters that have come from them. Vikings terrorized Europe for hundreds of years yet we represent them on the field. There are ridiculous caricatures. They need to be done with.

Motion passes unanimously

Speaker Rachel D. Noah
Lobby Day-February 13, no meeting. If you can not attend you can do legislative work in the office. Recognizing Graduate senator seat vacant, as well as College of Education. Remember three reports per semester. Name tags can be ordered. Fill out schedules. Wear name tags on Wed.

Coordinator Reports

Intergovernmental Coordinator C. Rhys Gaffer
Two things to report-attended City Council on Monday night. Please contact the city council and Mayor and let them know that our plan is good for the City.
Have made process with volunteers for PR in the office. Heather Kuchinka will be doing PR and Jadea Irhke and Jenn Swanda will be working on Lobby Day media issues.

Committee Reports

Legislative Affairs-Chair Jayson Read
In the Governor’s proposed budget we are only getting $135 million out of $250 million requested. Minnesota State provided a priority list, the first 8 items were in the budget, however they didn’t get to #13 which is Phase III of sports facilities. Only $35 million went for Higher Education Asset Preservation & Replacement to fix and replace damaged buildings and structures. $100 million was requested.
The Lobby Day schedule is as follows: Leave MSU @ 10:00 a.m. and get back by 5:00 p.m. Arrive at ST. Paul Technical College around 12:30-1:00. Start the march to the capitol around 1:30. Listen to Speakers either at the capitol steps or inside in the rotunda. Individual lobby efforts are available, email legislators, set up information in residence halls & CSU. There will be two separate trips to the capitol.
MSU students can lobby March 18-21 and April 8-11. Wednesdays are the best time to go; Higher Ed committee in the House meets from 10:15-12:00. Recruitment is important for Lobby Day. Speak to students in your classes. Bring brochures and a sign-up sheet. Contact your department chairs, let them know what is going on and ask them to tell their faculty about the student effort.
Senator Dueser-If we request $250 million from the governor and we get about 54% back, is that not more than 50%? If you took a test and got 54%, is that not passing?
Chair Read-That depends on the curve.

Student Allocations Committee-Chair Byron Pike
SAC Recommendation #01.30.02
Student Allocation Committee recommends to allocate up to $6,135.00 for the MSU Forensics Team to travel to Bradley University for the American Forensics Association National Individual Events Tournament.
Chair Pike, they should be treated as any other athletic team.
Senator Muggli-How difficult is it to get into this event?
Chair Pike-You have to have a certain amount of points. It would not be very easy as sometimes there are as many as 100 students in one event.
Senator Guetter-Would we get the money back if they do not all qualify?
Vice President Shaffi-Have they done any fundraising?
Chair Pike-No, because we have to be fair and equitable.
Senator Tung-What is the entry fee?
Chair Pike-They can compete in more than one event, and they have to pay for the judges.
Senator Muggli-I understand that we need to treat everyone fairly, I am not altogether happy but I do understand that Forensics does give something to our University. I do now support giving them this money. I hope that everyone does agree to fund this.
Proxy Gaffer-I echo that sentiment, but they should realize it is on the back of the students.
They should come back and give a report.
Senator Mullin-I agree with the speakers, but the Forensics Team does put on their public presentations, they are very well done. It does bring recognition to MSU.
Motion passes

Senator Reports

SET-Jayson Read
Did an internship last summer and winter break at C.H. Robinson. They were happy to have cheap help. I learned more than I would by just reading books at home. An Internship is getting paid to learn. There is no other job like it. An opportunity like this rarely comes up after school. There is the old adage “you can’t get a job without experience, and you can’t get experience without a job.” Interning solves that riddle. It gives you the upper hand when coming out of college. Contact your department, call and find out how to intern. Take the chance now, while you have time before graduation. It’s never too early to start interning, it may be too late. It’s not a chore, it’s an opportunity that will pay you back ten fold after you get out of school.

Social & Behavioral Science-Ryan Austad
Attended advisory Board meeting with the Dean of Social & Behavioral Science. Have been hearding student fears about student fees plus raise in tuition.

Roll Call

Senators Present
Bethany Jackson, Daniela Rumpf, Byron Pike, Ryan Hauger, Andrew Menden, Richard Dueser, Brian Mullin, Jayson Read, Katie Garrity, John Helcl, Ryan Austad, Dan Peskorz-proxy Rhys Gaffer, Stephanie White, Ashley Guetter, Celeste Hollerud, Adam Poole, Jessica Boyd, Monica Klein, Joe Muggli, Stacy Wiech, Ian Radtke, Zach Biesanz, James Tung
Senators Absent
Samantha Gallion, Omni Peterson, Mikel Akers, Cassandra Linkenmeyer

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 6:37 p.m.