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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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69th MSSA Senate
February 6, 2002 Minutes
Meeting called to order by Speaker Rachel D. Noah at 4 PM

Roll Call

Senators Present
Samantha Gallion 6-1-0, Daniela Rumpf 19-0-0, Byron Pike 19-0-0, Andrew Menden 19-0-0, Richard Dueser 15-0-0, Brian Mullin 17-0-2, Jayson Read 19-0-0, Katie Garrity 19-0-0, , Stephanie White19-0-0, Ashley Guetter 15-0-0, Adam Poole 18-0-1, Monica Klein 15-1-3, Joe Muggli 19-0-0, Stacy Wiech 13-0-2, Ian Radtke 18-0-1, Zach Biesanz 13-0-2, James Tung 19-0-0, Dan Peskorz- proxy C. Rhys Gaffer 9-5-5, Cassandra Linkenmeyer 14-1-0
Senators Absent
Bethany Jackson 5-2-0, Omni Peterson 12-2-0, Ryan Austad 13-2-0
Executive Staff Present
President Roger White Owl, Vice President Uzair Shaffi

Approval of Agenda (clerical changes)

Student Forum

Christopher Rhys Gaffer
Mass Comm. major. Completed 15 hours of peer mediation training. Mediation training is an RSO. Would like Senate to consider offering them space in Senate Office. Parking Appeals is in need of representation on the Board. Parking Advisory meets Friday, 1-2:30.
Parking Advisory-meets Thursday. Appeals needs a student to give a voice for students. The Advisory Board is getting to a point of setting fees etc. Student voice is necessary so that the voice is heard and not after the fact.

Presentation-MSUSA State Chair Justin Klander
Lobby Day-Would like to know where you are at with your lobby day planning and what can we do for you?
President White Owl-Jayson Read, Chair of Legislative Affairs, Rhys Gaffer, Teritius Fortune and Stacy Wiech have been active in planning.
Jayson Read-get to the grass roots effort. Talk to your classes, pass around sign-up sheets. Talk to them about how important it is for students to show up.
Chair Klander-Are you planning any training for students?
Rhys Gaffer-Last year we did explain on the way up the process, issues etc.
Chair Klander-On the web site-is the platform and the top five priorities. Information you need will be available for you to print out and give to students.
President White Owl-This Lobby Day we are focusing on a large crowd. Our next days we will focus on individual appointments.
Christopher Gaffer-We have Mass Comm. students that are working on getting out press releases and information for email stations.
Chair Klander-Media will be there, signs are important to make. Students will receive hard hats for the march.
Daniela Rumpf-I need more information to give to students in my class.
Chair Klander-Maybe it is best to concentrate on certain classes, like Political Science. Contact your President and email faculty so that faculty do not have a problem with letting you out of classes.
Christopher R. Gaffer-Are you planning the same tone as the last three Lobby Days? What is the plan for that day? What can we expect?
Chair Klander-As far as interaction?
Christopher Gaffer-Last year it was difficult to see the Speakers, it was difficult to follow along.
Chair Klander-That is hard, we have to work with the city of St. Paul. They don’t like big numbers, or business of the day interrupted. There is difficulty over the PA system.
Speaker, a huge large crowd is a good thing. People come down from their meetings to see what is going on.
Katie Garrity-Does this work? Do we get results?
Chair Klander-Yes it does, last year a woman spoke- this made a terrific impact. It is important to maintain our stance on issues. We are bringing big numbers and we are educating them before hand on how to lobby effectively. Only knowing the issues is not the point, legislators want to know how this affects students.
Delegates Assembly coming up, this is when you can make changes to the Articles of Operation.
Changes need to be sent in ahead of time. Ideas can be posted on the Chat. Delegates is a very intense weekend. Chair and Vice Chair are elected as well as changes to the Articles.
Met with the House Higher Education Committee-testified Friday and Monday. Today it was on reciprocity. HESO told how it affects our campus. Minnesota paid over 2 million dollars last year. Winona students pay more than WI students. Looking at changing some of these things.
Minnesota State-IFO is in negotiating process. Proposals are in for a 4% increase in wages to be competitive for Presidents. This is not favorable in a budget cut process year. Student consultation process-updated this and were successful. The Chancellor needs to get a letter from President White Owl telling them about our consultation process.
Proxy Gaffer-You have been doing a good job but our student association needs better education on why we should belong to this organization. What kind of training can we get from you, we need to know what you do for us. We get so busy with our own business that we don’t get involved in training our students about MSUSA.
Chair Klander-MSUSA is apart of the universities. On my campus, I wanted MSUSA to do more things, but then you are taking them away from Minnesota State and other missions of the role of MSUSA. As far as training we don’t have anything specific.
Senator Read-What kind of security are we going to be looking at when we go to the capitol?
Chair Klander-This has been a concern. There have been no problems in the past. Don’t bring in backpacks. Limit the things that you have. We are afraid they won’t let us in the Rotunda. We have speakers planned for this.
Proxy Gaffer-We need you to be more responsive. We need you to look at the number of Monitors we receive-how can you be more responsive about the number of Monitors we receive?
Chair Klander-Many campuses don’t go through the Monitors. This has been an issue and I will make sure this is brought up
Proxy Gaffer-What is happening with the long range planning?
Chair Klander-We approved that at the last meeting, changes were not make to actual document. A lot of time had been spent on that. Changes need to be voted on if changes are to be made.

Approval of Minutes (01/30/02)(approved as amended)

Officer Reports

President Roger White Owl
Overview process of Presidential candidates went very well. Thank you for coming to sessions. Please turn in your evaluations by 3:00 P.M. Monday in Human Resources. Janet Reno will be on campus on Monday. There will be a student reception.
Met with Athletic Director Don Amiot-questions came out at Presidential interviews on early registration etc. Lobby Day-we need to go, if we have a big showing it has a larger impact than if we do not go at all. We need to let them know we are voters and concerned about issues and our future. Friday, 4:00 meeting for Coordinators and lobby day planning. We need to show students we care and they can also have a say about their future.

Appointments: Communication Board-Jennifer, Swanda, Jadea Ihrke, Khristie Cornell, Legislative Affairs-Ryan Austad, Ashley Guetter, Richard Gabriel Kolobe, Shaun Androff, Teritus Fortune Student Services: Ryan Austad, Richard Gabriel Kolobe, Jessica Boyd. Academic Affairs: Ryan Haugen, ECDC: Shaun Androff Aviation Advisory: Alayna Sorenson, Nick Pickett

Legislation might not happen until June, we can have an impact for the next administration.
Chair Klander-The documents you fill out do actually go to Minnesota State.
President White Owl-Yes the candidates were pushed in closely.
Washington DC Lobby trip-Uzair Shaffi, Terititus Fortune

Vice President Uzair Shaffi
Have met with the Presidential candidates. All very qualified. Met with Metro President and St. Cloud, we are on par with them. Budget Sub Meet & Confer-need student rep. Also looking for Campus Rep. College of Business Dean search is nearing end of process. Candidates will be here in the next two weeks.
Janet Reno-student reception.
Attended Student Athletic Advisory-working on early registration, this is on the administration’s desk.
Also working on Strength and Conditioning coach petitions.
Senator Muggli-Did you say the proposal for the early registration is already on the administrations desk?
Vice President Shaffi-Yes this was done last year.
Proxy Gaffer-Do you know if we worked on this last year?
Vice President Shaffi-Not sure how far we went, but feel it also came from the director.

Speaker Rachel D. Noah
Recognized Student Organizations
MESO – Minnesota Storm Intercept Association

Vacancy of Off-Campus seat of Mikel Akers. February 20 elections.
Return Parliamentary procedures book. Bowling was fun. Senate appreciation Hockey game-March 2.
No time limits on SAC discussions. Have patience, budget discussions are important. That is why we are here. Participate. Lobby Day is important. Professors will let you out of class. After returning attend the presentation of the Vagina Monologue. Cutting edge theater.

Committee Reports

Legislative Affairs-Chair Jayson Read
Lobby Day, lobby day, lobby day. Getting great responses, have already gotten over 50 names. Computer Science is making a great response, faculty is welcome to helping out. Stick with the grass roots, tell classes about Lobby Day. Star Tribune website-senate higher ed , committee is looking a recommending all requests go through, it still needs to go through the House and the Governor.
Senator Muggli-What is the last day to sign up for lobby day?
Chair Read-We would like to keep it for Friday. We need to reserve busses.
Proxy Gaffer-Can you tell us about the email stations that day?
Chair Read-Don’t have that at this time.
Senator Muggli-What is the goal for number of persons going?
Chair Read-last year we had about 130, we want at least that.

Student Allocation Committee-Chair Byron Pike
SAC R #01.30.02 A
SAC recommends allocating up to $3,500.00 for the Men’s Lacrosse Club to travel to San Diego, CA for a showcase invitational tournament.
Chair Pike- They are paying part of this themselves. They also put on clinics in the community. They are not an RSO-they have their own budget, they are part of Campus Rec.
Senator Muggli-Last week we gave $6,000 to Forensics, enthusiastically support this.
Passes unanimously

SAC R #01.30.02 B
SAC recommends allocating up to $200.00 for the Social Work Club to travel to Appalachia West Virginia for a community service project
Passes unanimously

SAC R #01.30.02 C
SAC recommends allocating up to $650.00 for the United States Institute for Theatre Technology to attend the U.S. I. T.T. conference in New Orleans.
Chair Pike, this is for thirteen students that work behind the scenes.
Proxy Gaffer-Recommend we approve this.
Passes unanimously

SAC R #01.30.02 D
SAC recommends allocating up to $150.00 for Alpha Phi Sigma Honor Society to travel to the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences conference in Anaheim, CA.
Proxy Gaffer-Is this honor society affiliated with criminal justice work?
Senator Helcl-They study Forensics, computer science. They bring back information to make students more wanted. This is a law enforcement and criminal justice honor society.
Passes unanimously

Many motions come up that you don’t see are motions that come up on tours of grad schools or job Hunting. We could not fund all requests, so we do not fund any requests for schools or jobs.

Senator Reports

College of Business-Ryan Haugen
(see written outline)
Proxy Gaffer-With your extensive Navy cooking background, what kind of fundraiser are you planning for this organization?
Senator Haugen-We can cook up a storm.
Senator Biesanz-How do you define honor?
Senator Haugen-Doing what is right and rising to the occasions. Stand up for what you believe in and try to make a difference. Be an honest person, follow code of ethics.
Senator Dueser-Have you ever single handedly handled a bunch of bad guys?
Senator Haugen-I was a gentle cook.

Off-Campus-Jessica Boyd
Been involved in senate, academic affairs, proxied a lot. Computer Science major/Math minor.
Work in ITS on campus. Like games. Grew up in California. Understand Cultural Diversity, very opening and accepting of other people. I encourage other people to be like that.
Resigning from Academic Affairs. Would like to be on sub committees. There is a lot of confusion on things like the maintenance of laptops. The senate web page needs a lot of work. Navigation is very important, what can senate or committees do for people, info on the student attorney. Office tours with pictures.
Senator Dueser-Are you resigning because you are on Student Affairs?
Senator Boyd-Yes

Motion #02.06.02 MSSA Web site Boyd/Read
Move that authority be given to Jessica Boyd and Jayson Read to renovate the current MSSA Student Senate website.
Sentor Read-Need permission to renovate and make improvements barring senate’s approval.
Proxy Gaffer-During renovation are you planning routine maintenance to do updates?
Senator Read-We will discuss this and educate student help.
President White Owl-This is your website; we should all rise in favor of this. The fact that we have students that are willing to volunteer time is great. Moorhead and St. Cloud’s website are great; hopefully we can make ours better.
Motion passes unanimously


Senator Read-I wore this hat on lobby day last year. Wear MSU apparel.
President White Owl-Senator Garrity, Chair Klander has offered to go out to eat with any senators tonight.
Proxy Gaffer-Check your local media and get involved Feb. 8 for the Mankato Sesquicential celebration. Midwest Wireless Civic Center
Senator Garrity-I don’t appreciate the remarks, Chair Klander is a friend of the family.
Senator Read-Lobby Day, lobby day, lobby day.

Roll Call

Senators Present
Samantha Gallion, Daniela Rumpf, Byron Pike, Ryan Haugen Andrew Menden, Richard Dueser, Brian Mullin, Jayson Read, Katie Garrity, John Helcl, Dan Peskorz-proxy Rhys Gaffer, Stephanie White, Ashley Guetter, Omni Peterson, Celeste Hollerud, Jessica Boyd, Monica Klein, Joe Muggli, Stacy Wiech, Ian Radtke, Zach Biesanz, James Tung, Cassandra Linkenmeyer
Senators Absent
Bethany Jackson, Ryan Austad, Adam Poole
Executive Staff Present
President White Owl, Vice President Uzair Shaffi

Adjournment 6:14 P.M.