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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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69th MSSA Senate
February 20, 2002 Minutes
Meeting called to order at 4:03 P.M. by Speaker Rachel D. Noah

Roll Call

Senators Present
Bethany Jackson 6-2-0, Daniela Rumpf 20-0-0, Byron Pike 20-0-0, Ryan L. Haugen 1-0-0, Andrew Menden 20-0-0, Richard Dueser 16-0-0, Brian Mullin 18-0-2, Jayson Read 20-0-0, Katie Garrity 20-0-0, Ashley Guetter 16-0-0, Celeste Hollerud 1-0-0, Jessica Boyd 1-0-0, Joe Muggli 20-0-0, Stacy Wiech Proxy Rhys Gaffer 13-0-3, Ian Radtke 19-0-1, Zach Biesanz 14-0-2, Omni Peterson Proxy Keenan Stafford 12-2-1
Senators Absent
John Helcl 0-1-0, Samantha Gallion 6-2-0, Ryan Austad 13-3-0, Stephanie White19-1-0, Monica Klein 15-2-3, James Tung 19-1-0, Cassandra Linkenmeyer 14-2-0
Executive Staff Present
President Roger White Owl
Executive Staff Absent
Vice President Uzair Shaffi

Approval of Agenda Agenda approved

Approval of Minutes (02/06/02) Minutes approved

Elections-College of Education, College of Graduate Studies, students not represented.

Off-Campus candidates: Andrew Nelson, Shaun Androff
Andrew Nelson-Sophomore Political Science major-feel senate is a wonderful opportunity to represent campus.
Shaun Androff-Political Science major, would like to be involved. Will be living off-campus so this position would apply to this senate seat.
Senator Pike-Do you live off-campus now?
Shaun Androff-Do live off-campus and will be in the future.
Senator Garrity-Do you have time available for committees and senate?
Andrew Nelson-Do not work, have time for committees
Shaun Androff-I am on a committee now. Have hours to put in.
Senator Read-Why do want to be a senator?
Shaun Androff- Always had a deep interest in political science. Would like to meet new people and give back to the university.
Andrew Nelson-Many people do not get there opinion expressed, feel we owe it to the university to let people be heard.
Proxy Gaffer-Do you have ideas you would like to bring forward?
Andrew Nelson-Seems that I have never lived on campus I am concerned with dial up and the traffic reduction and making roads safer.
Shaun Androff-Definitely willing to learn issues. Concerned about short-term parking, like when you just need to go to the library.
Senator Garrity-What plans do you have for finding out issues?
Shaun Androff-I don't know-but if ideas do come up you could talk to people, talk to students, address committees.
Andrew Nelson-The only way to get involved is to get involved and be out there. As a member of the the senate you are at a place where you can be contacted.
Senator Guetter-What experience have you had?
Andrew Nelson-Volunteer at fire department, feel I have gained valuable experience from that.
Shaun Androff-Looking at this job-I have had numerous jobs, study abroad experience, good people skills. I have been on committees. I want to help people, maybe a suggestion box. Call people, opinion poll, just find out what people are thinking?
Senator Haugen-How would you make yourself available?
Shaun Androff-Do people come to you? I could write letters.
Andrew Nelson-I park in the free lot. I meet people there.
Senator Read-If you could be a kitchen utensil, what would you be?
Andrew Nelson-Spork-it does not work that well as a spoon or a fork.
Shaun Androff-Not a spork-but a getzu knife to cut out the traffic problem
Shaun Androff-I am very interested in this and really want to do this.
Andrew Nelson-I want to put my voice on matters, help out, can be aggressive once in a while, one to represent constituents.
Elected Off-Campus Senator Andrew Nelson

Officer Reports

President Roger White Owl
Lobby Day-not as successful as we thought, but it was a success. We had a strong showing. We made it unique with Stomper, we made it fun. Will be meeting with Leg Affairs Coordinator and Jayson Read. Our State Representatives were a little disappointed that we were not meeting with them that day. They do want to meet with us. Senator Hottinger even volunteered to come to a senate meeting. We will be working that out. Chancellor made his recommendation of Richard Davenport, for our new MSU President. The reception will be Friday 8:30 a.m. in the ballroom.
Attended a library tour-new Dean has made many changes. They also have many new ideas they would like to implement. They need input on such things as a coffee cart. This is a touchy issue, but if we want it we can fight for it. Also the persons at the library are eager to show the library. They are waiting to set up a tour for us. This morning I had the opportunity to do the welcoming for the Pan African Conference. If you can speak to anyone involved with the conference do so, there is so much to learn about cultural diversity. Please attend any part you can. Friday Senator Wellstone will be attending this Conference. This conference is nationally known.
Last week the Ethnic Studies Students held their protest. It was well received. We have not received information regarding our resolution.
Janet Reno lecture was very interesting. She is a very interesting person.
Senator Pike-Along the lines of the Washington DC trip-what criteria did you use in selecting the people to attend the trip? I am sure there are several people that would like to have attended.
President White Owl-I based this on MSUSA involvement. I felt the persons were qualified.
Proxy Gaffer-About the Pan African Conference- is this free for all students?
President White Owl-There is a cost, but I am sure Dr. Fagin would let you attend some of the sessions.

Speaker Rachel D. Noah
Recognized Student Organizations
Initial Recognition: Traditional Okinawan Karate (ISKF), Minnesota State University History Club, Mudworks

Correspondence: Have not received response regarding mascot issue, they are looking into this to give us a correct response. We will get a response soon. Correspondence from Malcolm O'Sullivan, Director, the President has received and reviewed the resolution contained in your February 6, 2002 memorandum. The President provides the following response to resolution #01.30.02A.
This resolution recommends funding up to $6,135 for the MSU Forensics Team to travel to Bradley University for the American Forensics Association National Individual Events tournament. The President has reviewed and approved this allocation.
The President has received and reviewed the resolutions contained in your February 6, 2002 memorandum. The President provides the following response to these resolutions:
Resolution #01.30.02.A
This resolution recommends funding up to $3,500 for the Men's Lacrosse Club to travel to San Diego, CA for a showcase invitational tournament. The President has reviewed and approved this allocation.
Resolution #01.30.02B.
This resolution recommends funding up to $200 for the Social Work Club to travel to Appalachia, West Virginia for a community service project. The President has reviewed and approved this allocation.
Resolution #01.30.02B.
This resolution recommends funding up to $650 for the United States Institute for Theatre Technology to attend the U.S.I.T.T. conference in New Orleans. The President has reviewed and approved this allocation.
Resolution #01.30.02D.
This resolution recommends funding up to $150 for Alpha Phi Sigma Honor Society to travel to the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences conference in Anaheim, CA. The President has reviewed and approved this allocation.

Have received word that people are needed for Newspaper Board. On this Board you help approve the new Editor and review the budget.
Announcing two senate vacancies: Social & Behavioral Science-Dan Peskorz, McElroy-Adam Poole
Welcoming ceremony for President Davenport, 8:30 Friday.
If you learn one thing in college-never miss the day before a test.
Senator Muggli- Have you heard from Campus Rec. regarding our tour?
Senator Noah-We plan a tour of campus rec next week. We will let you know.

Coordinator Reports

Legislative Affairs-Teritius Fortune
Lobby Day-two bus loads. Senator Read will give you details. Additional MSU Lobby Day coming up. About 15 students per day can attend.
Senator Garrity-What was your involvement in coordinating Lobby Day?
Coordinator Fortune-Giving advice, consulting, working with executive staff.
Senator Boyd-I attended Lobby Day-can you tell me about the Pell Pass through?
Coordinator Fortune-I will provide the information for you following the meeting.
Senator Garrity-Can you make your schedule available?
Senator Pike-Is there anything else you are working on?
Coordinator Fortune-Other than the up coming lobby trips, not right now.
Senator Guetter-What have you done to contact students about the upcoming lobby days?
Coordinator Fortune-We will be getting the dates and time out soon.
Senator Pike-Do you feel lobby day was a success?
Coordinator Fortune-We had many students attend, yes it was a success.

Student Services-Joe Muggli
Tenant Forum tomorrow-12:30-1:30. We have advertised this, we have been talking to Everyone about this, RHA has been given information. There will be a panel and then opened up for questions. This is a good chance to ask knowledgeable people. Our Attorney has created a masterpiece on the top ten issues for renters. He has put in time on this. We will be videotaping this for use in the office. SLD&SL needs volunteers to help out with films. We could show the student body we are out there. With elections coming up, where your name tag and people might recognize that. Student Affairs no longer has a Chair. We hope to have a Chair next week. Student Affairs talked about Mediation Club in our office, felt this would not be the time and RSO's can take different actions.
Senator Garrity-Can we watch the movies?
Senator Read-Do you foresee some issues brought up at the forum?
Coordinator Muggli-Attorney is going to go through many preventative measures.

Committee Reports

Legislative Affairs-Chair Jayson Read
Lobby Day was a success. Lobby Day Review-Thanks to all that helped out, whether it be through participation or through the planning or simply just getting the word out. See handout "The Good, The Bad, The Suggested".
Any other comments, please make a note and put in my box. March 18-21 and April 8-11. We will be having individual lobby trips. Plan on going up two days out of each week. Total of four days up at the Capitol. Up to 15 people can attend. For more information contact Coordinator Fortune or myself. Federal Lobby Issues-working on coming up with topics that we would like to see brought up to D.C. during the Federal Lobby Trip. Looking for input from everyone. Feel free to sit in on the committee meetings Mondays at 3:00 P.M. in Conference room.
Senator Muggli-Can you describe incidences where Coordinator Fortune worked with you?
Senator Read-I attended Coordinator meetings. He was asked to contact College of Allied Health & Nursing. We were all assigned different colleges. We talked on the phone a few times.
Senator Garrity-Did he coordinate?
Senator Read-This was a group effort by President White Owl and coordinators.
Proxy Stafford-Why do we want to have time extended?
Proxy Gaffer-There are still questions on the table.
Senator Read-I believe it was a group effort. Duties were given out to everyone and the executive board.
Proxy Gaffer-Can you give me dates again of the individual lobby days?
Senator Read-dates
Senator Guetter- You believe that a paid person should have more work than a volunteer?
Senator Read-That all depends on the volunteer. Whether or not you measure a person on how much they get is hard to answer. When you volunteer you do it because you want to-if someone is getting paid, they should do their job. When you volunteer you do it because you want to.
Senator Boyd-In the Coordinator meetings-who did the delegating?
Senator Read-We gathered information on who we wanted to contact. Those individuals then just spoke up volunteering for what job they wanted.
Senator Dueser-Can you tell us about how many people you spoke to about Lobby Day.
Senator Read-I worked with Roger, Uzair everyone just trying to get things done?
Senator Muggli-You are a very kind hearted person, you have worked hard for this committee.
Proxy Gaffer-Did you see the Free Press as bad press?
Senator Read-Press is good press-there should have been more showing but I guess it could be used against us at the State. But students came out and made their presence.
President White Owl-Will you and Coordinator Fortune be taking suggestions and making things available to students?
Senator Read-We are open to any suggestions, anything.

Student Allocation Committee-Chair Byron Pike
We will now be starting the budgeting process, we are currently looking at a 11% increase in student activity fees. We will be adding an additional meeting time. Tuesday at 2:00 in the Senate Conference Room. You are welcome, get yourself informed beforehand.

SAC R #02.20.02 A
SAC recommends allocating up to $5,700.00 to the MSU Co-Ed and All-Women's Cheer teams to travel to Florida for the National Cheerleaders Association National Competition.
They fundraised all but $5,000 of this $20,000 trip.
Senator Rumpf-How does this benefit the university?
Chair Pike-This may not benefit the university, other than getting our name out there.
Senator Muggli-I think it is wonderful that they have done so much fundraising. I support this.
Senator Read-I concur, our Cheer team is one of the best. This is important for the university as a whole.
Resolution Passes

SAC R #02.20.02 B
SAC recommends allocating up to $550.00 to the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Association to travel to Chicago for the Mid-American Greek Council Association.
They will be getting leadership skills, how to get more involved. They are paying for the rest out of their own pocket.
Senator Muggli-Are they getting the $50.00 allowed?
Chair Pike-No, they are not but this was their choice to ask for less.
Resolution Passes

Chair Pike-The Wednesday before Spring break we will be having Mark Johnson regarding the Tech Fee. Please get involved about the SAC process so that you have a strong understanding of what you want to do.

Senator Reports

Katie Garrity-CSET
Lobby Day-attended and Jayson did a fantastic day. Our signs, Stomper everything was great.
Have discussed my disappointment in the Coordinator about Lobby Day. Did also attend the Vagina Monologue-it was empowering. Rachel you were fantastic, you did make a difference.
WIS Learning Community benefited incredibly. Janet Reno is different than what you think. College Democrats have started up. Next meeting Monday, CSU 202 12:00 PM. Will be setting up goals etc. Dance Marathon-April 13. Money goes to the Childrens' Miracle Network. This is a good cause. Would like senate to make a team.
Proxy Gaffer-Are you aware of the works that trigger you to go in to a trance.
Senator Garrity-I had my shoulder touched.
Senator Boyd-Do you know of the names of any synagogues?
Senator Garrity-No, but that would be great if we could find out.

Ashley Guetter-Undeclared (see written report)
Last weekend I went to a Scandinavian camp. This was awesome, we had native food. Also attended Lobby Day, Janet Reno and the Vagina Monologue.
Senator Read-Being technically a high school senior-is lobbying something that you will carry through?
Senator Guetter-I believe I will try to continue this.


Senator Read
Senator Guetter-Tuesday, Performing Arts
Speaker-Very few reports have been given, senators are required to give three reports.
Senator Pike-Mark Johnson, SAC 8:00 AM-Tech fee encourage you to come.
Senator Biesanz- Vagina Monologue-was incredible.
Proxy Gaffer-Green Party
Senator Rumpf-Julius Caesar will be opening. Set is awesome, costumes are great. It is a little different than what you usually get to see.
Senator Muggli-Tenant Forum
Proxy Stafford-Attend the Pan African Conference
Senator Haugen-E mail our representatives, I have heard that they do not read their emails. We need to hand write.
Senator Pike-Is there a senate appreciation hockey event coming up?
Speaker-Yes, March 2. Excited about singing the national anthem.
Senator Rumpf-Play is this weekend and next weekend. Tickets are $8.00

Roll Call

Senators Present
Bethany Jackson, Daniela Rumpf, Byron Pike, Ryan L. Haugen, Andrew Menden, Richard Dueser, Brian Mullin, Jayson Read, Katie Garrity, Ashley Guetter, Omni Peterson Proxy Stafford, Celeste Hollerud, Jessica Boyd, Joe Muggli, Stacy Wiech Proxy Gaffer, Ian Radtke, Zach Biesanz
Senators Absent
Samantha Gallion, John Helcl, Ryan Austad, Stephanie White, Monica Klein, James Tung, Cassandra Linkenmeyer
Executive Staff Present
President Roger White Owl
Executive Staff Absent
Vice President Uzair Shaffi

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 6:08 P.M.