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69th MSSA Senate
February 27, 2002 Minutes
Meeting called to order at 4:20 P.M. by Speaker Rachel D. Noah

Roll Call

Senators Present
Bethany Jackson 7-2-0, Samantha Gallion 7-2-0, Daniela Rumpf 21-0-0, Byron Pike 21-0-0, Ryan L. Haugen 2-0-0, Andrew Menden 21-0-0, Richard Dueser 17-0-0, Brian Mullin 19-0-2, Jayson Read 21-0-0, Katie Garrity 21-0-0, Ryan Austad 14-3-0, Stephanie White 20-1-0, Ashley Guetter 17-0-0, Celeste Hollerud 2-0-0, Andy Nelson 1-0-0, Jessica Boyd 2-0-0, Monica Klein-proxy Rhys Gaffer 15-2-4, Joe Muggli 21-0-0, Stacy Wiech 14-0-3, Ian Radtke 20-0-1, Zach Biesanz 15-0-2, James Tung 20-1-0, Cassandra Linkenmeyer 15-2-0
Executive Staff Present
President Roger White Owl , Vice President Uzair Shaffi

Approval of Agenda Approved as presented

Presentation-Todd Pfingston, Director Campus Recreation
Thank you for the time spent on the brief tour. Questions came up during tour of Otto Arena-that is Phase III funding construction. $8.4 million needed to remodel, new floor, new walking/jogging track. Cardio equipment, basketball, volleyball, free weight room. Also adding multiple purpose room for multiple activities. Waiting for State funding to complete project.
Campus Rec-four programs, Intramural Sports, Open Recreation-Otto arena-your student fee space, it is the student's facility. Many schools don't have that. If we get Phase III funding to remodel we will be really proud of that. Dr. Healy has worked hard on this; the President wanted this for the general student body. Fitness Activities, Sport Clubs. Clubs basically run themselves. In the past 2 ½ years Campus Rec has evolved. It used to be an after thought, lack of funding, lack of administrative support. Now that this program is under Student Affairs they are on an even playing field. This is for everyone on campus. They are where they belong. SAC helped secure second position. This made consistency and quality of programs. The students are now getting what they deserve. The State has contributed around $48,000 dollars for equipment and computers for office. Senate made a statement when they supported money for cardiovascular equipment. Participation numbers have grown considerable in the past year and a half. Mon-Thurs 1200-1300 students a day now use facility. Some students still don't know about the facilities, it is a constant battle to create awareness. Students will be well aware when funding comes in to finish project. Big thing was when Senate approved funding, students where not made to pay for using the facilities. The new field house equipment was paid for through Phase I funding, students did not have to pay for that. Staffing-2 full time, 3 GA's, lifeguards, water safety instructors-all students. Director-4 program coordinators in area of fitness and wellness, Out door rec program, with new facilities, campus rec does manage facilities, a full time person is required there as well. Don't have an athletic trainer, they do let them utilize a grad student. Would like to hire a grad student for that area. To supervise they have to be a certified trainer. Budget and staff related-when we decided to make move and not charge students lost revenue was about $23,000. They are short in staff and supplies budget. For liability reasons you need weight room and cardio supervisors. They added a position in the south mezzanine. Developing a policy to let spouse, children, donors use the facility. Alums could buy a punch card to use the field house-possible revenue generator. Also added hours to equipment check-out. About $22.000 short due to lost revenue when decision was made to not charge students. There is something neat going on, you are paying for it, we would like to see you over there.
Senator Muggli-You addressed idea that many students do not know about you. Have you considered a card with times when things are offered?
Todd-Best advertisement is word of mouth, working on a promotional plan. They are developing an intramural sports program, to develop competition between sports, res halls etc.
Proxy Gaffer-Thank you, aside from loss revenue stream, how do you prioritize goals for staffing, are you looking at particular positions first?
Todd-Program they would like to offer-fitness, wellness position-testing for exercise programs. It requires certifications, before they can offer they have to have a minimum of a grad student. Then the facilities program coordinator-if Campus Rec had the proper staffing, they could manage the Taylor center as well. Then Outdoor position, utilizing the natural resources we already have.
Senator Biesanz-Curious about how big rooms would be for martial arts, there is already a strain on space. Scheduling is already difficult-what will the rooms be like?
Todd-Don't know the actual space. Current dance studio will remain, we will have two rooms. approximately the same size.
Senator Guetter-When is the pool open for swim?
Senator Muggli-Does Campus Rec have anything that gives the hours of times things are open?
Todd-Good question, it is now on the web. But could do a card.
Proxy Gaffer-Liability-not properly supervised-is that a pressing issue with current programs?
Todd-Students are in positions now for liability purposes. 38 work study, maximize their hours. Based on budget, but it is hard to get students for more hours. We need to be fiscally responsible, but because of liability they could not be open with out staffing. They have activity at 6:30 AM and at night.

Approval of Minutes (02/20/02) Minutes approved

Officer Reports

President Roger White Owl
Mascot issue-on the state level. The Minnesota State Board developed a proposal.
Spoke at Pan African banquet. Very empowering workshops, helped you look at how you make things around you a better place.
Friday went to Meet & Greet with new President elect, disappointed we did not have more senators present. Meet & Confer on Monday-heard about new facilities, Phase III. Got a brief update on revenue fund bonding. Res Halls will start work next summer-Gage A, food service. Mr. Gaffer did an excellent job on suggesting utilizing Mass Comm. Club. Administration will be speaking with area legislators on lists of House & Senate. We are number 13 for funding, trying to negotiate to get top 13 passed so we will get Phase III funding. Submeet and Confer-we will need to know how we can be involved and impact this tuition increase, now 13% could be higher. This is a good way to get involved and have student voice heard. Administration was very very happy and excited about the presidential search. Thank you to the senators, they were impressed by our involvement.
Dr. Martin Luther King street naming-not one street or road in MN named after him. If you would like to work on this contact Mr. Josse feels student government should be involved in this.

Vice President Uzair Shaffi
Committee chairs update your rosters. Appointments will be posted. Sign up for MSUSA. Will be leaving for Washington DC on March 8. Campus Rep position is open.
Been working with the College of Business Dean's search. Budget Sub Meet & Confer. Need involvement on budget process and working on Web site. Attended ISA meeting-they are updating orientation fee to provide better services. Attended Pan African Conference. Remind you all that March 2 is Hockey senate appreciation nite-7:05.

Speaker Rachel D. Noah
Recognized Student Organization Initial Recognition-Exposed

Correspondence: Malcolm O'Sullivan, Director
The President has reviewed the resolution requesting the University to "publicly reaffirm its 1979 stance denouncing the use of Native American sports mascots, team names and logos by non-Native organizations…" In response to the Senate's resolution, the President is pleased to acknowledge the resolution of the Student Senate and to restate the University's commitment to respect for all people and all cultures. See enclosed response.

The President provides the following response to the following resolutions: #02.20.02 A
This resolution recommends funding up to $5,700 to the MSU Co-Ed and Association National Competition. The President has reviewed and approved this allocation.

02.20.02 B.
This resolution recommends funding up to $550 to the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Association to travel to Chicago for the Mid-American Greek Council Association. The President has reviewed and approved this allocation.

Resignation letter of Omni Peterson, Crawford Hall vacancy.
Ending Speaker rulings on time restraints for presentations and reports.
Elections next week-College of Education, Social & Behavioral Science
March 20-Student Affairs meeting-Dean Trauger will be attending to discuss student wage proposal.
March 20-Mark Johnson and Dean Trauger will be presenting.
April 3-Dean Trauger presentation
April 9-Election day
April 10-regular meeting, electing Senator of the Year, Staff of the Year, Student Friendly Award, Teacher of the Year Award
April 17-Budget Meeting
April 24-Turn over meeting followed by a banquet.
Proxy Gaffer-Regarding the banquet-will that be on or off campus?
Speaker-Let's talk about it.
Proxy Gaffer-In regards to that banquet, has there been thought given
Senator Pike-What sense does it make to have the budget hearing after elections?
Speaker-We are a student senate-I think that the possibility of anyone looking at the roll call and holding people responsible is pretty slim.

Coordinator Reports

Legislative Affairs-Teritius Fortune
Finalized dates to capitol. March 19,20. April 8, 11. Will leave about 10am and return about 5:00 pm. Points for Federal Lobby trip will be finalized next week.
Senator Garrity-What do you plan for training when we lobby?
Coordinator Fortune-Received tips from MSUSA and also looking for Political Science students to help.

Committee Reports

Student Allocation Committee-Chair Byron Pike
SAC R #02.27.02 A
SAC recommends allocating up to $1,520.00 for MSU Break for America to travel to Denver, CO for a service project during spring break.

Chair Pike-They are under Student Leadership, they are a line item, so they can request more than the usual $50.00. They will be working with shelters, Ronald McDonald House, giving out food etc.
Senator Mullin-Is this their only name?
Chair Pike-formally Alternative Spring Break
Senator Garrity-How do they get to go on a Spring break trip?
Chair Pike-They are not getting new skills, but they are using the skills that they learn in SLD&SL.
Senator Muggli-What type of service learning do they do in Mankato?
Chair Pike-Not specified, but good possibility they have.
Senator Mullin-They worked with the Dr. Suez projects-worked with elementary students. They worked with the YWCA and YMCA-volunteering.
Senator Haugen-Can we request that they give a presentation when they return?
Chair Pike-We can request that but we can not force them to do that. There are 15 people going, only 4 from last year.
Proxy Gaffer- Can you tell us how they were funded last year under their former name?
Chair Pike-Roughly the same thing-$50 less.
Senator Boyd-How are they different?
Chair Pike-RSO's get $50 per person. Line items can come back and ask for more for tournaments because they don't know what a request will be when they prepare their budgets. SLD&SL is a line item, this is part of that. They are well in their rights to ask for more than $50.00 per person. Senator Dueser-They have fundraised over $4,000.00. They are paying out of their own pocket also.
Senator Garrity-Why is this a worthy cause to allow them to get this extra money?
Chair Pike-They are getting our name out there. We encourage activities like this.
Senator Muggli-They are also paying out of their pocket-what else will they be doing?
Chair Pike-Their days are full.
Senator Boyd-I still don't understand difference in RSO's.
Chair Pike-If they are under the umbrella of SLD&SL they can ask for more than $50.00. They are technically a line item.
Speaker-Is this an RSO?
Chair Pike-They don't have to be.
Senator Dueser-Has any of the other money for this trip come from the SLD&SL budget?
Chair Pike-No
Proxy Gaffer-Do you know of other groups that have come before us for funding?
So it is fair to say that this does not happen often?
Chair Pike-There are only a few organizations that do service learning.
Senator Austad-Can they get money from SLD&SL?
Chair Pike-Probably not.
Senator Muggli-Why are they under the umbrella?
Senator Garrity-I think it is great that they want to do service, but I don't think this benefits the MSU community.
Senator Dueser-How many days are they doing service?
Chair Pike-They have things planned everyday.
Senator Read-This is a good example of what our students can do, they are giving up their breaks.
Senator Boyd-It is great that they want to volunteer-but this is state dollars. They could volunteer in Minnesota.
Senator Mullin-I was not in favor of this but now I am. They do service here in Mankato. They do volunteer time. Denver is a larger community where they can find out new ideas for volunteering etc.
Senator Pike-This is not state dollars it is student dollars. They are bringing back, they do service learning in the community. They are involved.
Senator Muggli-I must argue for the off campus people they don't care that some students volunteer. You each need to represent your constituency.
Proxy Gaffer-I remember dealing with this last year, I don't like second guessing SAC. There is a broader policy thing going on here. If something is under the umbrella of SLD&SL, this is a backdoor for them to get SAC money. Let's look at the larger policy issue with things coming from our budget. Not in favor of this motion.
Senator Biesanz-I feel this is more important than giving money for sports.
Senator Jackson-They should get this money, it is like a tournament for them.
Senator Gallion-We are hear to represent-if we deny money to some, how do we decide who should get money. If we give money to Men's volleyball-why not for service projects?
Senator Haugen-I am not sure my constituents would want my dollars used for this.
Senator Austad-I have been reading in the paper about the budget crisis, I can't support this. They should do more fundraising. We need to be conservative with spending.
Coordinator Fortune-I understand we are in a budget shortfall, but the thing is that we have to look beyond our selves, this is a worthy purpose.
Senator Wiech-We live in a global society. The people that they are going to help have already been hit, we need to help when we can. When you help you are helped in return.
Senator Hollerud-I agree, what goes around comes around. If they have already been hit, we need to help.
President White Owl-This is a good worthy cause. This is the student's money. This will help do things that are good and can help people. After 9/ll the world is not a good place, we can show that we can help.
Senator Tung-These people help people, but question is why Denver, CO.? Do they have to go elsewhere?
Senator Radtke-I fully support this, I have in the past. We have this money allocated, it is a worthy cause. This is an excellent choice, I don't feel we should address programming at this time. It would not affect them now, only this group that does do good in the community would be affected.

Roll Call Vote
Senators Voting Yes
Bethany Jackson, Samantha Gallion, Daniela Rumpf, Byron Pike, Ryan Haugen, Andrew Menden Richard Dueser, Brian Mullin, Jayson Read, Ashley Guetter, Celeste Hollerud, Andy Nelson, Ian Radtke, Monica Klein-proxy Gaffer, Stacy Wiech, Zach Biesanz, Cassandra Lindenmeyer
Senators Voting No
Katie Garrity, Ryan Austad, Stephanie White, Jessica Boyd, Joe Muggli, James Tung
Executive Staff Voting Yes
President Roger White Owl, Vice President Uzair Shaffi
Motion passes (overturned) 19-5

Senator Dueser/Senator Garrity-Move to overturn a hasty decision
Senator Dueser-Move to reconsider a hasty decision.
Senator Dueser-What happened is we took a vote to approve funds, but there was a mix-up and we thought we had not done this correctly. We need to take a vote that we made a hasty and incorrect vote.
President White Owl-We made a mistake, lets move on.
Senator Muggli-vote no on this and everything will be fine.
Speaker-All in favor of reconsidering a hasty decision.
Motion fails. (Overturned) [SAC R#02.27.02 A Passes ]

SAC R #02.27.02 B-
SAC recommends allocating up to $1500.00 to the men's Volleyball Club for their National Championship in Dallas, TX. This falls under the Campus Rec Club Sports. They are traveling to compete with very good competition. Maximum of 9 people going. Everything else will be paid for out of pocket. Chair Pike-(reading from request) "This will allow many of us to see other parts of the country, we have many young people on the team, and this will raise their playing potential."
Senator Muggli-Did they compete in something to qualify for a National tournament.
Chair Pike-We do not know, they requested $2,400, we only gave them $1,500.
Senator Read-I am in opposition to this. I do not like the statement about seeing other parts of the country.
Senator Rumpf-I would like to table this for us to do more research.
Motion fails
Proxy Gaffer-When is trip to take place?
Chair Pike-April 10-20. They need payment by March 3.
Senator Garrity-I see this is their National but don't agree with the allocation.
Chair Pike-To be equitable we have to give them this money-we gave the Lacrosse team money. We can not discriminate against club sports.
Senator Dueser-I am willing to go with the belief that they do not know at the beginning of the year that they are going to a tournament and can not put it in their budget.
Senator Jackson-This is their Nationals, just because they want to see the country is not a good reason to deny them, they are going to play volleyball.
Senator Garrity-Are they receiving more than $50 per person? Could they use the extra money for anything they want? If not all the people go do they give the money back?
Speaker-They would be held accountable to SAC.
Senator Dueser-Is this a funded school team, or an RSO?
Speaker-Good question, we have Athletics, RSO's, Club Sports. No this is not a MSU team, it is like the Forensic team.
Senator Menden-This is hard because they did not give us much time or answers. Lacrosse answered questions. Right now I would not be able to vote for this.
Senator Gallion-I support this, this is a National team. It will get our name out there.
Senator Nelson-I would not support this, they should fundraise on their own. Teams need to know they also have to help out.
Senator Dueser-In light of this being a club they should do some fundraising.
Senator Jackson-We are giving them something, but not all of it. So we are showing them they do need to do something.
Chair Pike-These teams are not required to do fundraising. These are club sports, you can not budget for this. They are a line item. Much of the expenses are already coming out of their pocket. By giving them $1,500.00 we are not making this a cake walk.
Senator Wiech-call question

Roll Call
Senators voting yes
Bethany Jackson, Samantha Gallion, Daniela Rumpf, Byron Pike, Ryan Haugen, Brian Mullin, Katie Garrity, Ashley Guetter, Celeste Hollerud, Ian Radtke, James Tung, Stacy Wiech, Cassandra Linkenmeyer
Senators voting no
Andrew Menden, Richard Dueser, Jayson Read, Ryan Austad, Stephanie White, Andy Nelson, Jessica Boyd, Joe Muggli, Monica Klein-proxy Gaffer, Zach Biesanz
Motion Passes 13-10

Motion R#02.27.02A Proxy Gaffer/Senator Garrity
Recommend that the Student Service Committee and the Student Allocation Committee review the policies that allows SLD&SL student groups, whether that student group is an RSO or not, to be able to apply for funding from SAC for non-competitive events, and report back to senate at the 3/20/02 MSSA Senate meeting, for possible further discussion/action.
Motion fails

SAC R#02.27.C
SAC recommends allocating up to $400.00 to Mudworks for the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts in Kansas City, MO. Daniela Rumpf-Students attending will learn about firing clay, etc. They will be going to workshops and learning from artists. This is a good way of letting art students know that fees benefit them too.
Senator Wiech-Is this to educate artists or people?
Senator Rumpf-This is ceramic educators, artists, professors, students. This is the way for students to learn about things going on in the professional world.
Senator Garrity-It is clear that this does benefit our MSU community. I support this one.
Motion Passes

SAC R#02.27. D
SAC recommends allocating up to $279.00 to the Circle K International Organization for the District Convention for leadership and service in Fargo, ND.
Chair Pike-This is a service organization but they are not under the umbrella of SLD&SL
Motion Passes
Chair Pike-Want to point out that I am getting questions that senators should know by now. There will be a budget book in the corner. Look those over, or we will be here all night for the budget hearing. Be informed, show a little effort.

Move to amend the agenda, add a Senator report, Katie Garrity, SET.

Motion #02.27.02 A Proxy Gaffer/Senator Nelson
Move to amend SAC recommendation #02.27.02B allocation amount of $1500.00 to $450.00.

Proxy Gaffer-The larger issue is that we are looking at policy. Part of what takes place at committee meetings is to look at policy. We had productive debate tonight, and that group should not have been hurt by a policy.
Senator Garrity-We need to look at what is causing controversy.
Senator Pike-First off, I am confused on who you want to report. This is ambiguous. Do you want everyone from the committees to be here? Let's make a sub committee. We don't need a motion.
Proxy Gaffer-The implication of the motion is to have Student Services/SAC talk about this and bring it back. This would give directive for a committee to take care of it tonight.
Speaker-This is a motion to amend, if you vote yes it is to discuss this.
Proxy Gaffer-My understanding is that there are a certain number of people going on this trip, $50.00 in the past would put it at $450.
Senator Dueser-This would close or adjust this to $50.00 per person which is what they should be getting.
Senator Wiech-Maybe someone put the wrong thing on the request. SAC has already cut this request. $50.00 is low for a Club Sport. Let's leave it as it is.
Senator Mullin-The $450.00 is coming from an RSO, they are not an RSO, they are not limited in unding to a dollar amount.
Senator Pike-They are not under the $50.00 per person cap. We have already cut them. This would be unfair to knock them down to an RSO status. We pay for other things. Let this pass.
Senator Gallion-In all fairness lets leave this and fix it another year.
Senator White-I understand what Proxy Gaffer saying, this is a compromise, this is not radical.
Senator Garrity-We should look at this, a lower amount would be acceptable.
Senator Mullin-Why not set a cap for anything that is not Intercollegiate Athletics.
Motion Fails

Legislative Affairs, Chair Jayson Read
Leg Affairs has been working on what we want to send to DC. We want participation from the Senate in email tables. Will be setting up in Gage, near the cafeteria, Otto arena, possibly the Library. We need to let students know that we must continue to contact our legislators. Website, URL information is available that they can visit.
Senator Wiech-Do you know if the connection problem has been cleared up at Carkoski?
Chair Read-We will look into that.
Senator Jackson-When will this be?
Chair Read-Not any certain time, we just want to know when people are available.
President White Owl-Has the committee come up with the questions for the lobby trip.
Chair Read-We brainstormed. Coordinator Fortune said we will stick with the top points from MSUSA.
Senator Boyd-Do legislators read their email?
Chair Read-I sent one last week, and I got a response the next day. This is easier than trying to get them on the phone.

Senator Reports

Jayson Read, SET
Question, we should always question everything. This senate is not shy about asking questions.
Definition-Questioning-the act of asking a question, Question-sentence seeking for an answer. This is human nature. We all played the why game. I will answer any questions about anything.
Vice President Shaffi-What is the top issue faced by SET?
Senator Read-Technology, we are seeing improvements but it is hard to keep up with it.
Vice President Shaffi-What needs to be resolved? Is it funding?
Senator Read-SET is looking at requested funds-$450 million of Minnesota State budget is going for science buildings and technology.
Senator Haugen-What about us putting together a pamphlet informing people, that is a big responsibility. What do you think about Leg Affairs coming up with a pamphlet about how our government works?
Senator Read-Great idea.
Speaker-What is your definition of Grass Roots?
Senator Read-Doing things yourself, speaking one on one.
Senator Boyd-What is the meaning of life in the universe?
Senator Wiech-What is your favorite color?
Senator Read-Look on the web for new things.

Joe Muggli, Off-Campus
Tenant Forum-thank you all for helping with the Tenant Forum. The Reporter did a wonderful Job. Meet & Confer-Dr. Earley was really impressed that students showed up and asked questions. Congratulate you. People think highly of the students in this room.
Film Signups-Click off number of people that attend films. About 45 minutes of time, you can watch the movie. This can be for anytime in April. Very impressed with questions asked today. We did have a good discussion, it is beneficial. Very impressed with all of you.
Proxy Gaffer-How do you spell supercalifragilistic?


Katie Garrity, SET
SAC money (student fees) Organizations should fit into criteria. Requests should benefit community. Regarding the Alternative Spring Break-of course it is a worthy cause, yet it shouldn't just get money because they ask for it or got it last year, especially more than $40.00 per person. If this is under the SLD&SL umbrella, then it seems SLD&SL should fund this not fees, we're paying for their spring break!, this is outrageous, they are not even a RSO. About calling the question-it's our right to call the question, but let people speak. Listen to each other. Commit yourself and your Wed. to Senate. To cut down on discussion time, come to meetings informed, don't waste time learning things that could have been done before the meeting. I am going to be moving to Joe's and Joe ate at Embers and had a burger and fries!
Proxy Gaffer-What are your thoughts on the budget process? In the larger scheme, maybe $1,500 is not a lot-but should we look at the larger picture?
Senator Garrity-We need to look at criteria, what it is for, etc. Not just the amount.
Senator Pike-Have you read the SAC Policy?
Senator Garrity-No
Senator Guetter-What do you think a service project is?
Senator Garrity-This does not benefit the MSU community as a whole.
Proxy Gaffer-Do you spend time in the office reading SAC requests, etc?

Seat of Social & Behavioral Science held by John Helcl is now vacant-election March 20.

Richard Dueser, Grad Studies
Very heartened by discussion today. Based on past experience in government-two ways to call question. When people are arguing that is a good, call the question exists for purposes such as that. Some decisions may be over small amounts of money-but principal is important. Principal may at sometime have a much larger price tag on it. Be picky, try to do the right thing. We should go back over arguments. Shame on us for overturning Speaker. It ends her perfect record. Enjoy hearing people using their heads.
Senator Mullen-What was your field of study?
Senator Dueser-Psychology and now Social Studies education.
Senator Dueser-Move that senate made a hasty decision.
Senator Dueser-we took a vote to pass a motion, we passed it and speaker called it passed, then confusion came up and suggestion was made that motion was not really passed and Speaker had made an error, then we determined that she had not made an error. But by overturning her decision we made a hasty decision based on incorrect facts. An error was not made, we made a hasty decision.
Proxy Gaffer-Small bit of information, detailed yes, important yes.
Senator Boyd-We want to reconsider this so we can show for the record that it was correct?
Senator Dueser-Yes.
Senator Read-We should swallow our pride and admit it.
Motion passes to reconsider
Motion to overturn decision of chair.
Motion fails.


Senator Garrity-Trying to get administrators and athletes to come to committee to discuss early registration.
Speaker-SAC Policy-where is it? If I hear three people in a row against an issue I will rearrange the speaking list.
Senator Pike-Every member of SAC has a policy. It is in the information corner.

Roll Call

Senators Present
Bethany Jackson, Samantha Gallion, Daniela Rumpf, Byron Pike, Ryan Haugen, Andrew Menden, Richard Dueser, Brian Mullin, Jayson Read, Katie Garrity, Ryan Austad, Stephanie White, Ashley Guetter, Celeste Hollerud, Andy Nelson, Jessica Boyd, Monica Klein-proxy Rhys Gaffer, Joe Muggli, Stacy Wiech, Ian Radtke, Cassandra Linkenmeyer
Senators Absent
Zach Biesanz, James Tung

Adjournment 7:50 PM