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69th MSSA Senate
March 6, 2002 Minutes
Meeting called to order at 4:04 P.M. by Speaker Rachel D. Noah

Roll Call

Senators Present
Samantha Gallion 8-2-0, Daniela Rumpf 22-0-0, Byron Pike 22-0-0, Ryan L. Haugen 3-0-0, Andrew Menden 22-0-0, Richard Dueser 18-0-0, Brian Mullin 20-0-2, Jayson Read 22-0-0, Katie Garrity 22-0-0, Ryan Austad 15-3-0, Stephanie White 21-1-0, Ashley Guetter 18-0-0, Celeste Hollerud 3-0-0, Andy Nelson 2-0-0, Jessica Boyd 3-0-0, Monica Klein 16-2-4, Joe Muggli 22-0-0, Stacy Wiech 15-0-3, Ian Radtke 20-0-1-1, Zach Biesanz 16-0-2, James Tung 21-1-0, Cassandra Linkenmeyer 15-2-1-proxy Elizabeth Smalley
Senators Absent
Bethany Jackson 7-3-0 Executive Staff Present
President Roger White Owl, Vice President Uzair Shaffi

Presentation-Technology Fee, Student Technology Roundtable Chair, Tim Huebsch
(Technology Focus 2002-2003) This document is guide for Technology Roundtable in putting together tech fee, which will be presented in two weeks. This was presented to SAC today. Priorities: Academic Computer Center.
Senator Muggli-Why are labs not open all the time if they are funded by fees?
Vice President Johnson-I thought they were open when not in use by classes.
Senator Boyd-What are the additional features?
Tim-On-going replacement of computers, smart board in the classrooms, ACC-determining ideas for next year, mainly replacement of computers.
Senator Boyd-Explain current licensing for operating systems.
Tim-Last year we wanted to purchase Microsoft licensing for all students and staff. We decided not to do that, however University did continue with this purchase and it can now be put on any faculty or staff computer on campus.
Vice President Johnson-Microsoft was selected because we can have free licensing for all faculty and staff-lease for one year.
Senator Muggli-Are we now starting to see an extended use?
Vice President Johnson-Definitely yes, in the ACC there is a need for more technical equipment to be changed more often but the hardware/software is slowing down.
Senator Biesanz-Positive response to smart boards?
Tim-Yes, we have received a positive response for the electronic boards.
Speaker-Who controls those? I have night class and we can not turn them on.
Tim-Morris Hall is College of Business.
Vice President Johnson-ACC has free access to all.
Senator Pike-What was the dollar amount spent on the ACC last year?
Vice President Johnson-$925,000. Anticipating similar spending this year.
Coordinator Gaffer-Smart-boards-in regards to all students using them, were all students surveyed?
Tim-Not an official survey.
Coordinator Gaffer-How many students?
Tim-We have not qualified this as a group, but response is more positive than negative.
Wireless Technology-This is coming along, this continues this coverage and setting up a bridge for next phase, so entire infrastructure will not need to be replaced in one year.
Senator Wiech-How well is the signal being received on campus-such as Carkoski Commons?
Vice President Johnson-The dorms are not covered.
Tim-Concentration has been on main campus, we can look into this.
Senator Read-How does MSU stand in the state?
Tim-Nationally we are rated in the top 100. We have had a lot of good publicity. There were two main schools, Chapel Hill and us. Very highly rated.
Senator Muggli-Do we have a map of where wireless is on campus?
Vice President Johnson-It should be on the website. If not, email me and I will get you this.
Vice President Shaffi-Do we have amount of users?
Classroom Technology-continuation to enhance student access.
Senator Muggli-Are there reasons students pay for classroom and why state dollars do not pay.
Vice President Johnson-Not enough state dollars. Also last year students asked for this, and we followed this directive.
Tim-Belief was that students felt this would enhance learning opportunities. There are more students across all disciplines using this.
Vice President Johnson-This was funded through a combination of student fees, grants, federal money, also leverage money from vendor match. Rooms were done for around $10,000.
Coordinator Gaffer-I believe question is why is tuition not raised, will money go for initiatives?
Vice President Johnson-I would concur with Roundtable, because there is not money however they want to move technology along for students. The money to keep things running is state money, private fundraising, state grants. Student fees are also another way of funding Technology. Fee money is used for technology that students identify.
Senator Pike-There is enough money available currently for remodeling, what else will be added and what is the price tag?
Vice President Johnson-When you put it in, it does not end. We have a base level for technology. Will need an on going commitment, (models for outside of academic computer area and crossroads.) Open meetings for students to look at these closely and make comments. Looking at a way to update and make things more accessible when studying or in small groups.
Senator Garrity-Why is this a priority when there are so many computers on campus?
Tim-This makes an area for small group study-group presentations, collaborate.
Senator Pike-This looks like major changes to buildings, will the cost come from M&E dollars?
Vice President Johnson-This is what students have identified, when we actually put it to work we would have to look at funding.
Senator Austad-I know the areas you are talking about-how can you improve on this. The more technology we get the more it will cost to maintain. How will more clutter improve group collaboration?
Tim-Students now move tables to electric, by the phone area-making this a better area. Kiosk- Making things easier for students.
Senator Muggli-I understand Tech Roundtable a strong voice-but have there been focus groups from other areas getting feedback?
Tim-Students are from several colleges, they talk about this in their classes, there have been articles in the paper. They have been getting feedback from other students.
Vice President Johnson-Absolutely happy to do that, Roundtable is always open, it is very hard to get people to come.
Senator Mullin-What is a study area?
Tim-Work surface, chair, power outlet Kiosk-is more of a space for computers of one or more.
Senator Pike-In regards to the Roundtable-is there a consideration to a price tag or is this just a wish list?
Tim-Students feel this a priority, understand awareness of cost.
Senator Boyd-In regard to Kiosks-
Tim-Staff would look at what is best for maintenance etc.
Technology Orientation/Communication
Provide information out to a broad area of students. This is a concept for students to get the word out there.
Senator Muggli-Explain 3 points.
Tim-All new students will come to university with a Microsoft exchange account. They can choose to use this or not.
Vice President Johnson-We are now on Orientation schedules to answer question for students and parents.
Senator Read-Do you feel that getting this out to new students is the best focus?
Tim-We need incoming students to be aware of access. We also do need to focus on students currently here. This would be a one stop area for information about the university and things available about technology-like Ucompass.
Senator Rumpf-Were does the internet dial-up come in? I don't think things have gotten better.
Vice President Johnson-Things have not gotten better. We could not do that with budget restraints. Senate said to not upgrade, went for proposals-best was a quarter million-therefore could not address issue. Have not had success and do not know how to solve.
Tim-There are a constant amount of students switching from dial up to a permanent conversion, this does help when students switch over.
Senator Read-So Portal-will be customized?
Tim-Yes, you can find out from a main area on the web where and when things are going on etc.
Vice President Johnson-Would like to figure out mechanism for content so new information is available.
Senator Muggli-How much would this cost us-quantitative numbers?
Vice President Johnson- Look at things that were done last year. We have all the quantitative figures for last year. Met with SAC today, will come before you with figures March 20.
Senator Haugen-Can our MIS in house help with dial in, instead of out sourcing it?
Vice President Johnson-The issue is not knowledge, we have expertise, but the cost is every month, it is an ongoing charge. Could do things in house, however, do we want to be the internet provider for everyone?
Senator Austad-Does the university track where people have visited?
Vice President Johnson-We don't limit people where they can go, there are quotas. Academic thinking and free thinking are aspects to consider in an educational setting.
Vice President Johnson-We do not track where people visit.
Coordinator Gaffer-Understanding of total technology $6.2 million, students pay $1.6 million via fees. Question is how can we as students understand quantitative area we are paying for? How is that measured?
Vice President Johnson - That is easy, I can show you how it is spent. I can walk you around. You can see what is being done.
Coordinator Gaffer-So not just quantifying it-you need to have the pool of money in the mix?
Vice President Johnson-Yes, there is a blend, but they need students help. Will show you recommendations in two weeks.
Tim-I will be a senior next year and have been involved with Technology Roundtable. These numbers are reasonable, technology is funded from many sources.
Coordinator Gaffer-Overall Tim-how does this benefit us?
Tim-It benefits all students because it gives them access to technology to use daily, groups, exposing to new software, new computers, productivity tools for presentations, business plans, Allied health and Nursing programs. Touches every area of campus. Students are better prepared when they leave.
Senator Dueser-How much of student fees have been spent on the exchange server?
Vice President Johnson-roughly $100,000.
Tim-Web based Curriculum, Short Training Classes for Students, Printing Resources. The Roundtable would like ITS to look at this and see if we can do it better. Amount wasted is not as much as system to implement tracking.
Senator Read-How much increased usage have you seen with Ucompass?
Tim-About 10,000 students using technology, enrolled in courses, users. Dramatic increase. 300 faculty signed up to use for courses, very dramatic growth.
Vice President Shaffi-What is the status of intracall?
Tim-MSU moved forward with providing Ucompass.
Vice President Johnson-Last year a survey selected Ucompass. Then it was purchased.
Senator Read-This may seem biased but do you see the university moving on without better technology?
Mr. Johnson-There have been no changes over years in some classrooms. I understand students want new technology to allow them to be more competitive in the job markets.
Tim-Invite to Technology Roundtable to answer questions.
Senator Klein-Are meetings open and when are they?
Tim-Meetings are always open, times are posted in office.

Elections College of Education, Graduate Studies, McElroy Hall, Social & Behavioral Science

College of Graduate Studies-Jessica Giordani

First year graduate student in Women's Studies. Active in Women's Center and classes.
Senator Garrity-Why are you interested in Senate?
Jessica Giordani-Always interested in issues and human rights.
Coordinator Gaffer-Do you have any ideas as a grad student you would like to bring forward?
Jessica Giordani-Still learning about senate but feel this would be an opportunity to become more connected.
Senator Muggli-Assume you know time constraints for senate.
Jessica Giordani-I have no prior commitments on Wed.
Senator Boyd-How will you represent all students?
Jessica Giordani- In classes I work with grad students but through department would be connected with all students.
Senator Read-Do you see any issues you would like to focus on?
Jessica Giordani-Not right now, but would be willing to find out issues and work on them.
Senator Austad-Do you have any grievances you might be able to partake in that might be enhanced by being on senate?
Jessica Giordani-No
Coordintor Gaffer-Kitchen utensil?
Jessica Giordani-Spork
Senator Austad-Do you agree with the article in Reporter yesterday?
Jessica Giordani-Concerning my knowledge-no I do not agree, they stated incorrect facts.
Senator Haugen-What will you bring to the senate?
Jessica Giordani-Through my experiences I have a broad background in many issues.
Senator Mullin-Involvement?
Jessica-Active in Women's Center, SAGE, Feminists Underconstruction
Jessica Giordani-Thanks for the opportunity to come before you.
Graduate Senator Elect-Jessica Giaodani

Social & Behavioral Science candidates: Rhys Gaffer, Ruth Shanklian
Mr. Gaffer-I have proxied 12 times this year the majority of them for Social & Behavioral Science. Received Senator of year last year, I enjoy this. This would give me the privilege of doing things for my college I can not now do. I am an honor student.
Ms. Shanklian-Have been an Americorp member, community advisor. Honor student, background is wide and could be valuable for senate.
Senator Austad-Will you also be available to attend advisory meetings with Dean?
Ms. Shanklain-Not aware but would make it a priority.
Senator Wiech-If you could be a kitchen utensil, what would you be?
Mr. Gaffer-Kitchen Mix Master
Ms. Shanklian-Spatula
Senator Read-Are you award of time commitments coming up with budget hearings?
Ms. Shanklian-Have been informed and can
Mr. Gaffer-Well aware
Seantor Dueser-If you could eliminate anything from the budget in regard to staffing what would it be?
Mr. Gaffer-Would be hard pressed to cut staff that we pay for and it would not be health services.
Ms. Shanklian-I don't have information on that.
Senator Austad-Do you believe the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences is the most important?
Ms. Shanklian-I feel it is very important, and that all colleges work well together.
Mr. Gaffer-Barring none-we are the most important.
Ms. Shanklain-Will be graduating in the spring, but would like this opportunity to represent college.
Mr. Gaffer-I will be here and involved in some capacity for a while.
Senator Guetter-How do you feel about early registration for athletes?
Ms. Shanklain-Don't have information on that, but would become informed on the issue.
Mr. Gaffer-Difficult issue-did sign petition, but because of constraints put on athletes and because nothing has come forward from university, I feel I am for this.
Ms. Shanklain-Thank you for the opportunity-feel this would be a good experience for me to participate in.
Mr. Gaffer-I put in my time, I am dedicated, I am well versed on issues, and well qualified.
College of Social & Behavioral Science Senator elect Rhys Gaffer

Officer Reports

President Roger White Owl
Received a letter from First Year Experience-Major Fair, March 21.
Delegates Assembly-Have not received information on platforms. Have spaces for two people to attend. Appointments: Union Board-Jessica Boyd, Stacy Bach Students Affairs-Jessica Firkus Legislative Affairs-Andy Nelson, Jessica Firkus Parking Advisory-Hailey Schmitz, Cleste Hollerud

Elections-Amy Bicek, Stacey Wiech, Brian Mullin, Ashley Guetter

Saturday-attended Hockey Game, Rachel did a wonderful job.
Still playing phone tag with Anthony Josse about naming of Martin Luther King street.
Delegates Assembly-Legislative Affairs needs to get questions to persons going.
A student came in today after Academic Affairs, felt she was put in a position to answer questions she did not have information on. We represent students, we are not here to put them on trial, we are here to help students. I don't think anyone here would like to have that happen to them. We need a non hostile environment.
Senator Garrity-Did the student say we had requested information from the administration and the students?
President White Owl-I was told she was not told what she was going to speak about.
Senator Menden-Why did we just appoint senators to Elections-I was told senators could not be on that committee?
Senator Wiech-Will there be preparation before going to Delegates?
President White Owl-Yes we will have discussion at the Coordinators meetings as several of them will be going, anyone going can attend that and there are still positions open if you are interested in going.
President White Owl-We can have own personal opinions but that cannot affect how we make our decisions. We are elected by the student body to represent them.

Vice President Uzair Shaffi
Interested in talking with anyone going to Delegates Assembly. This is a learning experience.
Have been involved with the College of Business Dean search-will be hearing about that soon.
Am honored to be attending Lobby trip. Heard a proposal on renting textbooks from a Wisconsin model. This is on the website if you want more information. This has been on the agenda for a long time at MSUSA. Attended hockey game. Support Major Fair. One thing that I would like to add is that the person President White Owl referred to felt humiliated. I highly request you consider people's emotions.
Senator Boyd-Half of us where not there for the meeting. Are we allowed to know?
Vice President Shaffi-I was not there, the student was almost in tears. The issue that was talked about goes way beyond this student's group. There are many groups involved. It was not fair to have only one student there. I am not blaming anyone, this was a communication gap. We need to be respectful if we invite students in to meetings.
Senator Pike-Don't you think you should talk to the committee and get both sides?
Vice President Shaffi-Yes, I am only telling you what the student said.
Senator Garrity-Have you asked the Chair who is coming in or when and what they were to talk about?
Vice President Shaffi-No
President White Owl-What was her emotional status?
Vice President Shaffi-She was about to cry.
Senator Gaffer-Would you be willing to discuss this after the meeting?
Vice President Shaffi-I am totally willing to discuss this. I just felt strongly about this.

Speaker Rachel D. Noah
Recognized Student Organization-Initial Recognition-Nepalese Students Community

Correspondence - Malcolm O'Sullivan
The President has received and reviewed the following resolutions of February 28, 2002.

Resolution #02.27.02A.
This resolution recommends funding up to $1,520 for MSU Break for America to travel to Denver, CO for a service project during spring break. The President has reviewed and approved this allocation.
Resolution #02.27.02B.
This resolution recommends funding up to $1,500 to the men's Volleyball Club for their National Championship in Dallas, TX. The President has reviewed and approved this allocation.
Resolution #02.27.02C.
This resolution recommends fun ding up to $400 to Mudworks for the National Council on Education for the Ceramic arts in Kansas City, MO. The President has reviewed and approved this allocation.
Resolution #02.27.02D.
This resolution recommends funding up to $279.00 to the Circle K International Organization for the Distinct Convention for leadership and service in Fargo, ND. The President has reviewed and approved this allocation.

You are all doing a great job of attending meetings. Some people get paid to do this, and have time, you are all doing great, doing what you can. It is always hard to get students involved. Let chairs know if you can not attend committee meetings.
Student Activity fees are not supposed to to be used for upkeep, maintain, build, or for updating structures, or buildings. What Senator Muggli said about general student opinion is important. We need student surveys, posters on student tech fee etc.
Please speak in favor of I statements, "I rise in favor of this." Know and use your committees, you are not expected to know everything.. Also, please say "a previous speaker" not I agree with Senator. Please refrain from grabbing the floor just to say "gee, I'm undecided." Yield when you are done.
Delegates is exciting and important if you want to be involved next year. If you can not make Coordinator meeting I will discuss delegates with you. I loved that the VP used the word keen.
Parliamentarian-Laura Depuydt
"Intimidated"-that would be like a throng of loud angry people in the gallery. Be polite, yes. Vice President Shaffi is right, like when someone says hello, you should not ignore them.
Senator Austad-Has the History Club been recognized?
Speaker-Believe so, but will check into that?
Senator Biesanz-Are you suggesting student activity fees not go toward sidewalk repair, even if is the worst sidewalk I have seen in my life?
Speaker-Yes, even then.
Senator Klein-What will the Parliamentarian do?
Speaker-The Parliamentarian takes over when the speaker has to leave.
Senator Muggli-Do elections ever close?
Speaker-They technically stay open until filled.
Senator Gaffer-Who is Laura Depuydt?
Speaker-She is a grad student, past senator, delegate, past president of College Republicans, and yes I still named her.

Coordinator Report

Intergovernmental Rhys Gaffer
The City Council discussed the naming of Hwy 22 between Madison Ave and old Hwy 22 as the Dr. Martin Luther King Highway. It is already in state statue that Hwy 22 from Mapleton to intersection of Hwy 14 is Victory Drive. Veteran's groups are looking to have Hwy 22 north from Hwy #14 to St. Peter designated as part of Victory Drive, too. Two Victory Drive's; one is in city from Madison East to Hwy 22 bypass. City Council will continue to wait for direction from Vet's groups. Mayor & County commissioners have asked for inclusion in the Mn. State study about Mankato being designated as a regional freight hub at the Mankato Municipal Airport. The city is looking to expand the airport runway to 7500 feet to qualify for a federal 90/10 grant to pay for that project.
Senator Klein-Congratulate you on winning election.
Senator Read-Have you heard about redistricting?
Coordinator Gaffer-No, we have to wait for the legislature.
Senator Biesanz-Which runway were they asking about expanding?
Coordinator Gaffer-I think it is one that would go into LeSueur County.
Senator Austad-Did you know that St. Paul is considering naming a street after Martin Luther King?

Committee Reports

Student Allocation Committee-Chair Byron Pike
SAC R #03.06.02 A
SAC recommends allocating up to $1,120.00 for the qualifier from Maverick Forensics to travel to the Interstate Oratory National Tournament.

Once again forensics has asked for money. This is for the longest running Forensics tournament. Payment is needed for hotel accommodations. $1120.00. A breakdown of the money was given by SAC Chair. If this is not approved they will not be able to go.
Senator Muggli - Are we paying for a coach?
Chair Pike-yes
Senator Rumpf - Do we know the sex of them?
Chair Pike-It does not matter due to policy.
Senator Boyd - Are they an RSO?
Chair Pike- No, they are a line item.
Chair Pike-They bring coaches to other things.
Senator Garrity-Are there any other cases where we have paid an amount comparable to this for one person?
Chair Pike-I am not aware of that.
Senator Rumpf-Are they renting a car?
Chair Pike-Yes
Senator Boyd-Have they requested a university vehicle?
Chair Pike-They are taking a university vehicle but they are charged for the use of that.
Senator Muggli-Do most sport teams take only one person?
Chair Pike-If they only have one person that qualifies, they might.
Senator Boyd-How will one person benefit the university?
Chair Pike-They don't have to benefit, it gets the university name out there.
Senator Muggli-Do you believe that we should fund advertisement through our student fees?
Chair Pike-No, but for this reason, yes. I would be for funding, but I am not for advertising.
Senator Gaffer-Are you aware of other line items that we pay for advertising?
Chair Pike-Yes, I am not for it but we do this.
Senator Muggli-Do you believe this will benefit this person?
Chair Pike-Yes, if I qualified, I would be ecstatic, the opportunity to flaunt skills for my school.
Senator Muggli-Would you pay for this your self?
Chair Pike-I would not be able to pay for this.
Speaker-This line of questioning is not germane.
Senator Rumpf-I think I saw that it is $80.00 a night. Have you verified that amount?
Chair Pike-This is in line with what other people are paid, but they do need to bring in receipts?
Senator Wiech-Do we pay for other coaches to go to tournaments?
Senator Dueser-You recommended that they receive this, correct?
Chair Pike-Correct
Senator Haugen-Isn't this the same as the previous proposals
Chair Pike-Correct
Senator Read-How often do people attend this?
Chair Pike-To my knowledge no one attended last year, but it is not that unusual.
Senator Deuser-I rise in favor of this recommendation, more academically in line. While this costs for an individual student seems high, the cost for an entire athletic team is high. The presence of a coach at a national level is a valuable asset.
Senator Gallion-I support this, as it is earned. If you earned this opportunity to attend a National Competition, wouldn't it be bad if a university denied you? They deserve to go.
Senator Muggli-It is great for them to know, but I don't know about this competition.
Senator Mullin-This tournament is the kind of thing that past presidents have gone to. It is a high class competition.
Senator Haugen-In regard to Senator Muggli-I support this based on the fact that we have set precedence and it should not be up to us to decide importance. It should be based on proposals sent to us from SAC committee.
Senator Wiech-In favor of this, speech competition can be very difficult. These people have conquered fear of speaking in public and being judged for it. They do this well. This tournament is extremely difficult to get to, that is a prestige alone.
Senator Garrity-I agree but I am having a hard time deciding on the coach. I need to clarify that.
Motion passes

Student Union Board-Rhys Gaffer
Student Union Board will continue to meet weekly on Thursday from 3:30-4:30 pm in 219A There are 8 meetings left. Delegation of Student Union board will be going to San Diego March 14-17 to visit 6-7 campuses to benchmark their dining services. Members from the Ricca Planning Associates will also be attending. The bathroom renovation by the ballroom will be completed by this week. The first bond payment for CSU was made on March 1st. The $555,000 was, unfortunately, made by capitalizing funds from our bonds. ($350K capitalized) CSU Director, Henry Morris, explained that because of disfranchise process to buy out of old bond program, MSU had to pay $1 million to Minnesota State. This left only $200,000 in our capital account. Next years S.U. budget will reflect beginning of fee collection.

Senator Reports

Gage A-Celeste Hollerud-Post secondary, Economics/Math major. Favorite hobby is counted cross-stitch. Picked this up from 4-H. Attended several state fair trips. Got 2 blue ribbons and purple.
Senator Boyd-Can you recommend a movie for me?
Senator Wiech-How many years were you in 4H
Senator Hollerud-9 years.
President White Owl-What position did you play in hockey?

Off-Campus-Stacy Wiech
Excited to go on a lobby trip.
Senator Read-Are you graduating this spring?
Senator Wiech-Technically

Off-Campus- Jessica Boyd
Enjoy senate felt discussion last week was great. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to speak in front of people. I read SAC policy, we need to keep in mind that these fees benefit all students, students should grow, learn, benefit culturally. We need to keep everything in mind that we vote for. SAC policy-Section 3 letter F-funding not included in budgets, such as Spring Break for America-director is to ask for funds. Section 4 Letter A-You can not spend fees on recruitment. Section 4 Letter G-internal audits. You can only request an audit for revenue generated programs.
Technology fee-this should not be tacked on. We need accountability, We did not get answers when we asked for things to be quantified. I wish we could request that, I am going to look into that more. I think it is good that we spend money on ACC. I feel they abandoned dial-up. This is important for my constituency. Classroom technology benefits faculty-this should come from another fund.
Senator Gaffer-You talked about requesting a program review only if it is a revenue item. Would that fall under the Campus Computer Store and do the Conference rooms fall under that? revenue generating? Would an audit fall under SAC policy?
Senator Read-When you are graduate-do you feel you have been adequately prepared?
Senator Rumpf-Dial-up, student fees are going to maintaining system and this is not being done.
Senator Boyd-We heard them say we can't take this any further. I think if we advertise the service we should be updating it.
Senator Klein-I think he said we can't do anymore. I don't know about technology, but is it feasible to do what the speaker said about dial-up?
Senator Boyd-I am not sure, but will be looking into all of this.
President White Owl-What is the status of the web site?
Senator Boyd-We have not met but we will give a prototype to the Student Affairs meeting.
Elected chair tonight in Student Affairs.

Off-Campus-Zach Biesanz
New RSO in the works, no name yet, it is against animal cruelty. See me for more information or call Kelly Ernst. I have been elected chair of Student Services Committee. Drumming up support from martial arts RSO's to help remodel Otto Arena wrestling room. Have discussed this with Todd Pfingsten, he supports this. March 16-Basement show. Extra tickets to the Calliope Women's Chorus at 7:30.
Senator Boyd- Can you recommend a movie for me?
Senator Biesanz-Recommend Suburbia
Senator Wiech-How long have you been a member of Olson Twins?
Senator Biesanz-About a year.
Senator Klein-Are you the founding member of Olson Twins?
Senator Biesanz-Yes.


Ashley Guetter-Jayson Read is wearing a new shirt.
Katie Garrity-Academic Affairs-Dr. Hersrud and Shane Bowyer will be here after spring break.

Moved and seconded to amend the agenda, add Senator Haugen, Senator Austad, Senator Klein, Senator Mullin, Senator Menden
Motion passes

Senator Haugen
I wanted to say a few words about the Academic Affairs meeting today. I shared my concerns in representing my constituency. I need to adjust to the situation. Looking back I would have done things differently and treated the athlete differently. I regret that she was upset. I wanted to thank the senate for making me realize that mistake. I feel she was treated unfairly because she was unprepared. I didn't think about that in the meeting that I wasn't sensitive to her, I just wanted to explain myself and now I feel better already.

Senator Klein
Here I am for my first report. I had fun at the hockey game I am going to Italy next week, this is my first flight trip and I would like to congratulate new senators and apologize for not being around so much.
Senator Gaffer- Are you and Senator Mullin going?
Senator Klein- No, we are going with a group.

Senator Mullin
I am going to Italy. First, anyone in SET I wanted to let you know the student advisory board has been talking about academic honesty. And will be seeing action from all of the faculty in that college. I am a CE major and were talking about DSL or cable. I do like the bandwith. I am looking for a job and it doesn't look the greatest. Have a prospect in CA. Really looking forward to spring break, 5 profs going along. Heading over on Friday. Going to stay in Amsterdam and go to Anne Franks house.

Senator Menden
I don't have much to say. Education Dept. is trying to get up a student committee to deal with problems. Sunday I fly out to Las Vegas. I am going with Byron so I am excited.

Senator Nelson
Thank the senate for letting me be a part of it. Looking forward to being more involved. Strange but interesting group. My spring break will be finishing up my bathroom in my basement.


Senator Gaffer-I am happy to be here in official capacity.
Senator Garrity- Thanks Joe

Roll Call

Senators Present
Samantha Gallion, Daniela Rumpf, Byron Pike, Ryan Haugen, Andrew Menden, Richard Dueser, Jessica Giordani, Brian Mullin, Jayson Read, Katie Garrity, Ryan Austad, Rhys Gaffer, Stephanie White, Ashley Guetter, Celeste Hollerud, Andy Nelson, Jessica Boyd, Monica Klein, Joe Muggli, Stacy Wiech, Zach Biesanz, James Tung, Cassandra Linkenmeyer
Senators Absent
Bethany Jackson
Executive Staff Absent
President roger White Owl, Vice President Uzair Shaffi