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69th MSSA Senate
March 20, 2002 Minutes
Roll Call

Senators Present
Bethany Jackson 8-3-0, Samantha Gallion 9-2-0, Daniela Rumpf 23-0-0, Byron Pike 23-0-0, Ryan L. Haugen 4-0-0, Andrew Menden 23-0-0, Jessica Giordani 2-0-0, Richard Dueser 20-0-0, Brian Mullin 21-0-2, Jayson Read 23-0-0, Katie Garrity 23-0-0, Rhys Gaffer 2-0-0, Stephanie White 22-1-0, Ashley Guetter 19-0-0, Celeste Hollerud 4-0-0, Andy Nelson 3-0-0, Jessica Boyd 4-0-0, Monica Klein 17-2-4, Joe Muggli 23-0-0, Stacy Wiech 16-0-3, Ian Radtke 21-0-1-1, Zach Biesanz 17-0-2, James Tung 22-1-0, Cassandra Linkenmeyer 16-2-1
Senators Absent
Ryan Austad 15-3-0
Executive Staff Present
President Roger White Owl, Vice President Uzair Shaffi

Approval of Agenda Approved

Presentation-Dave Cowan-Parking Advisory Board
Parking Advisory has open, public hearing tomorrow. Significant modifications will be made to existing policy. PAC meets every Friday in Senate Conference room. Two members are students. (See Parking Advisory Committee Recommendations.) Committee is recommending that faculty and staff have a separate drawing before students. Approximately 600 faculty use gold, 300+are students. Around Wigley Administration, very small Gold lots would be swallowed up by faculty and staff. Parking Advisory is recommending permit changes in cost. Gold Permits would decrease from $210-$200. Purple permits will remain the same in price, however, some Purple will become Gold. Green and Orange permits would increase. Green permits would change from $138-$150 and orange would increase from $76-$84. Green was a difficult decision; felt this was undervalued being as close in as these lots are. Res Halls came up with compromise. This provides equality. This increase would generate an estimated $18,000. Time was spent on Orange Lots where they provide the Red Eye shuttle. They will modify existing cross-charge practice of the Buildings & Grounds Department whereby the Parking Program is charged using an "averaging" model for such activities as snow removal, ice removal, sweeping, grading, perimeter mowing trash removal etc. This should save about $25,000. See Green Handout-Parking Program Budget, Parking Improvement Plan-$190,000-depending on legislature. Currently moratorium on engineers to do a makeup on repairs to existing lots.
Senator Dueser-Based on demand you are saying about 400 students will be given Gold Parking Permits-what minimum number of permits do you have for students?
Mr. Cowan-None
Senator Dueser-Is is correct that when you purchase a Gold you are assigned a designated lot?
Mr. Cowan-Yes
Senator Dueser-Purple permit will remain at $116?
Mr. Cowan-Yes

Elections - Crawford Hall-Hailey Schmitz

Qualified to serve because already on Parking Advisory, RHA, good addition to senate. Like to speak opinion, ask questions.
Senator Pike-Do you anticipate running for office next year?
Ms. Schmitz-yes
Senator-Dueser-Was Crawford one of the halls that had students in lounges?
Ms. Schmitz-Yes it was, but now all the students have rooms, some rooms only have one student in a room.
Senator Boyd-Are you aware of time commitment?
Ms. Schmitz-Yes, have Wed. available.
Senator Klein-How would you get people from Crawford involved?
Ms. Schmitz-Bulletin boards, posters in lobby, word of mouth.
Senator Garrity-Would you be willing to give up your voting rights on RHA to be on Senate?
Ms. Schmitz-Yes
Ms. Schmitz-would like to be elected and help senate.
Crawford Hall Senator elect-Hailey Schmitz

SAC-Byron Pike, Chair
SAC R# 03.20.02A
SAC recommends $5.00 per credit up to 12 credit hours for the Technology Fee for academic year 2002-2003

Tim Huebsch-Chair of Student Technology Roundtable. Committee spent every week working on technology. Committee recommended a $7.00 fee.

Tech Fee Hearing-Mark Johnson-Vice President Information & Technology Services
Recommendation of fee in lieu of what students have asked to be done was $7.00. Have made great strides this year, have done what students have asked for.
Senator Garrity-What feedback have you gotten from the general student body?
Chair Huebsch-Students from various colleges that are on the Student Tec Roundtable have interacted with students from their colleges, have had posters out. Committee has talked to students about proposal. Vice President Johnson has had feed back from students in ACC. Do they like what they see, what changes would they like, are some of the questions asked. STR is open to everyone to give feedback feel many areas have been researched and discussed.
Vice President Johnson-Prior to two years ago there was not a STR-have had diverse attendance, that affirmed what was discussed. Have spent time giving students tours, etc. Have gotten significant support from students. Have consulted faculty and staff.
Senator Biesanz-You are advocating increase to $7.00. If $5.75 allowed you to make great strides, why the increase?
Vice President Johnson-see handout. Last year we requested $7.75. Took a look at what students requested, understand challenges of funding however, technology needs to be $7.00 to catch up, in order to do that, you need more spending until things are in place, then can move to a maintenance mode instead of capital purchase. Recommend moving faster to get caught up.
Senator Klein -Who decides when we are caught up, will we drop down when in maintenance mode? Maybe Minnesota State will raise cap -will STR keep asking for increase?
Vice President Johnson-That will depend on the technology needs we have. We may want to lower dollars we spend but we do want the best value.
Chair Pike-The Committee has fiscal responsibility in mind. Two years ago we were At $3.75. Now $5.75. This is our biggest fee other than the Student Union. Biggest priority was ACC-$925,000 to run ACC.
Senator Mullin-How much to run wireless-$25,000. A number of access points to get on campus-numbers we are getting in there-you can't phase in, you have to replace all at once.
Chair Pike-Classroom, don't feel we should pay for this, but we should allocate $100,000. Against #4, M&E dollars should pay for this. Getting communication out-$1,000. $10,000 for servers. This adds up to $4.70 per credit hour. We allocated $5.00. Strong and fiscally sound amount Senator Rumpf-Students are tired of having to pay more-going from $3.70-$5.75 and now $7.00 is too much to ask. Some improvements do not benefit whole student body. Like Wireless. Feel $5.00 would be enough.
Senator Read-Main concern is the way in which the figures came up. Did Chair Pike consult Vice President Johnson in figuring these numbers?
Senator Klein-Concern is that money is not utilized by all students. In SAC meeting we heard positive feedback, but out of 5 students I spoke to only 1 said that. I am not hearing that. I can't say everyone needs that. I don't use a computer screen, I read out of books, and I feel I am getting a good education.
Senator Gaffer-I understand it is difficult to think about a fee increase considering previous speakers mentions $3.70 to $5.75. I toured universities during spring break-we are cutting edge with wireless, students else where are excited to get what we have. We don't want to go backwards. We voted last year because tech is around us. We have had luxury of carving out fee, to give it to tech and see how it benefits students.
President White Owl-We can not move backwards. This is a step backwards. The worse case would be to stay at $5.75. What we approve does not affect everyone on this campus.
Senator Dueser-Rise in favor of SAC motion for the following reasons. Proposed amount is what students would pay after four years in college. This would be what a student would pay to purchase their own computer. New technology-baseline-trying to maintain state of the art is going to be constant. Support wireless and tech in classroom, but this should not be coming out of student fees-it should be M&E. This is not a student activity, it is appropriate for someone to ask for the maximum they can use, yet we have an informed committee, we need to trust our committee.
Senator Haugen-Against motion, appreciate technology in College of Business. We need to go forward-we are an example for other colleges. Graphic Arts and others will start using technology, this costs money. If tech is not funded it seems like we are not keeping up-we need to be competitive. This costs money-college costs money. Can see validity in costs, share concern on where funds are being distributed. Where else will money come from?
Senator Radtke-Also am against motion-we should not go backwards. We need people to use technology, faculty and staff. We can only get better. M&E funds should cover things but they are not even coving building maintenance. Unfortunately after 4 years a computer is a doorstop.
Senator Wiech-Disagree with proposal-we want a well rounded education, that is what college is about. There is more to it than textbooks and classrooms. When I came to college I was awestruck by ACC-going backwards is a step in wrong direction. If budget crunch is on everyones minds then we should stay where we are.
VP Shaffi-Against motion, yes we all want an inexpensive, quality education. There are other things in the university that not all students use. Students need technology when they go into there jobs, regardless.
Senator Biesanz-Going below is not moving backwards-at $5.00 we would still be moving forward-only slower.
Senator Mullin-Wanted to voice opinion-with $5.00 it is not backward, it is preceding and maintaining. $925,000 was given as was $10,000 per room. Wireless technology- improvements, we are maintaining with inflation. We can do these changes gradually. Points 5 & 6 are additions-they really and truly don't cost that much. This is new and staff time. Wireless is largest improvement. We should have this on the entire campus, even if all students do not use this.
Senator Gaffer-Move to extend time
Senator Pike-Argue that $5.00 is being responsible, ACC is important, wireless is important, we are on the cutting edge. We don't want to throw thousands at them. Will I be better if I can go to a student station? Even if we cut portals it won't mean I will do less at my job. We have to be responsible. Why did you choose MSU? Great price and good education.
Senator Jackson-I also have business classes-faculty still use chalkboards, faculty should learn how to use what we have. I know how to use the computer, I don't need cutting edge. What about all the computers not being used in the ACC? In $5.00 favor.
Senator Garrity-Arise in favor of fee-Math major, we use chalk. Power Point does not give me a better education, quality faculty does. We don't need more technology in classroom. We have not researched goals now, just keep adding fee does not help us do that.
Support SAC recommendation.
Senator Boyd-It is our responsibility to decide what is an appropriate way to use student fees. It is not our responsibility to make up for shortfall.
Senator Muggli-This is not a small step forward, it is a large step forward. We will have more money in our pockets. We need interaction between professors, this is a wish list, this is a step forward. We will still have a lot of money for technology.
Senator Nelson-Arise in support of $5.00. We need better dial-up, better access etc. before we become cutting edge.
Senator Read-Am Sure you all know how I feel about this, I rise in opposition. With the money that was given last year you can see changes. We will not be throwing money in big hole. This is not just about maintaining computers in ACC. By keeping the fee at $5.00 we will not advance and we will have to do more catch up in future years.
Senator Biesanz-Two quick things-agree with previous speaker on attitude of give me this or that. We don't need more email stations. Previous speaker-if flat now, we will have more later-if we advance now it will require more maintenance.

Senator Gaffer/Senator Radtke
Move to amend SAC recommendation amount of $5.00 per credit hour for the 2002-20023 student technology fee, to $7.00 per credit hour.

Senator Gaffer-Know where you are and yet I continue to support. Allied Health and Nursing is going computerized. Minnesota State has a committee now. We have decided it is important, we are discussing policy before coming before body. Is this a huge step backward-yes. Is $7.00 a huge step? I see changes that have happened.
Senator Radtke-As I stated before we are in a budget pinch, people are saying it is not used as it should be. This money would be put to good use. Vice President Johnson has heard concerns about dial up. We have to pay more, if we want to implement changes.
Senator Muggli-Have been hearing $5.00. $7.00 is out of the ballpark. Oppose this.
Senator Biesanz-Right now we are talking about if this should be lowered. This turns the debate around 100 degrees. This just blew out discussion. If SAC recommendation fails then we can entertain a new amount.
Senator Dueser-We have made improvements at a cost of $3.70 and $5.75. Committee is supposed to be expert on this. On subject of dial-up, budget ignores this. If we want something done about this it will have to be independent of this. This allows us to focus on more areas. Technology is ahead of teachers-this would take a huge time to catch faculty up. This is a strong step forward.
Senator Read-SAC spends a lot of time discussing things. STR spent a whole year working on this, it is their sole purpose.
Senator Pike-Appreciate STR work, but they come up with a wish list. There is no need to amend. Even after covering the ACC we will have ½ million dollars.
Vote to amend SAC motion to $7.00.

Roll Call
Senators voting yes
Jayson Read, Rhys Gaffer, Ian Radtke, James Tung, Stacy Wiech
Senators voting no
Bethany Jackson, Samantha Gallion, Daniela Rumpf, Byron Pike, Ryan Haugen, Andrew Menden, Jessica Giordani, Richard Dueser, Brian Mullin, Katie Garrity, Ryan Austad-proxy Perkins, Stephanie White, Ashley Guetter, Hailey Schmitz, Celeste Hollerud, Andy Nelson, Jessica Boyd, Joe Muggli, Monica Klein, Zach Biesanz, Cassandra Linkenmeyer
Executive Staff voting yes
Motion fails 21/7

SAC R# 03.20.02 A
SAC recommends $5.00 per credit up to 12 credit hours for the Technology Fee for academic year 2002-2003
Senator Dueser-Move to a ballot vote.
Senator Dueser-Allows people to vote their conscience.
President White Owl-We are public officials, and we should not hide our vote from our constituents.
Senator Biesanz-In favor of ballot because of tension.
Senator Klein-Agree, no one wants tension.
Senator Garrity-This allows us to vote the way we want.
Senator Gaffer-Perplexed by idea of ballot vote, understand where that comes from, but our responsibility is to represent.
Sentor Muggli-In favor of ballot vote-but ask me and I will tell you how I voted.
Motion fails.
President White Owl-If we refer this back to committee we can have time to hear all sides.
Speaker-We can not refer this back, this is a budget hearing. If this fails-what will the fee be?
Malcolm O'Sullivan-If this were to fail, there would be the right to bring a new motion forward.

SAC R# 03.20.02 A
SAC recommends $5.00 per credit up to 12 credit hours for the Technology Fee for academic year 2002-2003
Roll Call
Senators voting yes
Bethany Jackson, Daniela Rumpf, Byron Pike, Andrew Menden, Jessica Giordani, Richard Dueser, Brian Mullin, Katie Garrity, Ryan Austad-proxy Perkins, Stephanie White, Hailey Schmitz, Celeste Hollerud, Andy Nelson, Jessica Boyd, Joe Muggli, Monica Klein, Zach Biesanz
Senators voting no
Samantha Gallion, Ryan Haugen, Jayson Read, Rhys Gaffer, Ashley Guetter, Ian Radtke, James Tung, Stacy Wiech, Cassandra Linkenmeyer
Executive Staff voting no
President Roger White Owl, Vice President Uzair Shaffi
Motion passes 17-11

Approval of Minutes (02/27/02) (03/06/02) Minutes approved

Officer Reports

President Roger White Owl
This was not personal, just something we have views on. The Legislative Process class is having a simulated hearing. Everyone welcome. Latino Conference, March 28. MSUSA Delegate Assembly this weekend. Has anyone had a chance to look at platforms and do you want us to push for anything? We will also be electing state chair and vice chair. Be informed before budget debates.
Senator Klein-Agree, everyone should do research before.
Senator Pike-Did you know there is a budget book in the corner for everyone to look at?
President White Owl-I did not know that

Vice President Uzair Shaffi
Was in Washington DC. Lobbying many issues. Attended over 10 meetings, very different experience.
Coordinator Fortune-Went through training procedures before lobbying. President budget maintained Pell Grant at 4,000. Congress wants to cut a few programs. Reauthorization- budget for Pell grant is maintained but more students are trying to use. Minnesota is only State that has a dollar to dollar reduction. The average debt is $17,000-students need more money to pay for college. If financial aid administrator listens to you and decides you are on your own, you can qualify for more money, law now says you have to be 24.
Vice President Shaffi-Hope credit, limitation-pushing to not expire. Also against minor Drug charges. A bill partially appeals this legislation. In case you are wondering where these points came up, it came up in last years Delegate Assembly. Regarding International Status of students in this country-still waiting on response for this. Delegate Assembly-leaving Friday morning.
Senator Muggli-Explain discussion you had with legislators.
Vice President Shaffi-In most cases we met with aids, presented views, in most cases well received. In general it was taken with acceptance.
Senator Dueser-About the bill that restricts financial aid from previous drug convictions?
Coordinator Fortune-The Clinton administration said if you were convicted your financial aid stopped. Bush administration created a partial appeal.
Senator Dueser-Is this still in the process?
Coordinator Fortune-Yes.

Speaker Rachel D. Noah
Dustin Mayfield will be Parliamentarian in future.
RSO-Initial Recognition-Dental Hygiene
Next week-Dean Trauger, Athletic Advisory Board
April 10 - Senator and Staff of the year award
April 17-Budget Hearing, 3:15
April 24-Turn over meeting. Banquet following
Eliminate Hate Day-I change myself-I change the world.
Senator Pike-Where is banquet?

Coordinator Reports

Legislative Affairs-Teritius Fortune
Went to capitol today. Do have people signed up for April lobby days.
Senator Muggli-What was the reaction at the capitol today on redistricting?
Coordinator Fortune-Redistricting did not come up.

Committee Reports

Elections Committee-Chair Brian Mullin-Election Rules
Senator Gaffer-Article 3 #4 Section D?
Clerical change-
Senator Garrity-Are parties allowed?
Chair Mullin-Committee feels that by striking this there would not be parties.
Speaker-Last two senates have said no parties, it is up to the senate. These rules do not say that.
Senator Nelson-Is the incumbent noted on the ballot?
Chair Mullin-The committee will look into this.
Senator Garrity-Can list be amended?

Senator Dueser/Senator Gaffer
Amend General Election rules V.A I. To retain the words party formation.
Senator Boyd-Can you tell me the advantages and disadvantages of a party system?
Chair Mullin-Yield to Senator Gaffer
Senator Gaffer-Advantages are that you can get together with friends and support each other. Not having parties allows for more representation.
Senator Muggli-Yield for 5 minute recess for purpose of caucus.
Motion passes
Committee Motion-Article 3 Section B Sub section 5-clerical-another to the same.
Amendment to motion-Dueser/Mullin
Article 3 Section 5 B-Conduct
Amend Election rules III 5.B to add the sentence "The list of designees may be amended to add new designees or to remove designees." After the words "start of the candidate's campaign."
Motion passes
Motion-Senator Gaffer/Mullin
Change the word "Parties" in General election rules Article II, Section B, #3, to read:
"Individuals who are running for a seat or office".
Motion passes
Elections Committee- Approve MSSA Election Rules (Revised 2002)
Approved as amended

Senator Reports

Mav Hall-Cassi Linkenmeyer
Whats going on in Mav Hall: Gage Olympics, Speak your mind (Tuesday) Phone Trivia (Wed) Egg Drop (Thurs). Not much going on during spring break. A few students were stranded in the dorms until Sunday.
Senator Klein-What did you do during spring break?
Senator Linkenmeyer-Construction work.

Social & Behavioral Science-Rhys Gaffer
Great spring break. Have been asked to be on committee for Social & Behavioral Sciencefor community service award. Won award last year. During break went on benchmark trips to Winona, LaCrosse, and seven locations in California-visited university dining services. Now understand how money is spent, and hopefully can keep things flexible. Response from student groups will be in information corner.
Regarding redistricting-Senator Hottinger now needs to move to St. Peter to stay our Senator. Rep. Dorn will still be our representative. He has done a lot for this university. Appreciate debate, everyone has own opinions. Will be meeting with Dean of College next week to discuss issues/events that pertain to Social & Behavioral Science programs. I support LGBC line item 110%. Disagree with a previous speaker that some senate meetings go too long. Sometimes it takes as long as it takes to discuss an issue. Do agree with doing research and policy research discussions prior to coming to senate meetings.
I love the student association and senate! Thank you for all of your support during my election as senator last week. Thank you to all of you who work hard on committees. We may not agree on issues as they come forward for a vote, but I have no doubt that the time and energy spent by all of us is worthwhile, valuable, and shows our commitment to the legislative process. I am proud to be a member of the student association and the senate

Undeclared-Stephanie White
Not big on wasting time talking about personal life. (see written report)
Senator Pike-Is MSU an option?
Senator White-Yes
Senator Dueser-Do you know that you are one of the brightest most honorable young people I have had the privilege of working with and the colleges that turned you down will be kicking themselves and wanting to offer you external degrees?

Allied Health & Nursing -Samantha Gallion
On a lighter note. I am from a small dairy farm in WI. Active in 4H and FFA, played basketball and softball. Went out for track. Had two massive knee surgeries. Worked as student trainee all 4 years. Hopefully participating in track next year, running 40 yard dash.
Senator Gaffer-What small town?
Senator Biesanz-Having first had knowledge of the dairy industry, how do you feel about the way they are treated?
Senator Gallion-Our livestock are our priority, they are fed and provided water at all times.
Senator Giordani-What is FFA?
Senator Gallion-Learned organizational, speaking, legislation
Senator Gaffer-Student Athletic trainer? What is the importance?
Senator Gallion-Trainers are an unimaginable part of an athletics. Took classes to assist trainer. Coaches felt this was the best thing brought to the school.
Senator Schmitz-Did you run for Dairy Princess?
Senator Gallion-No
Senator Dueser-Have you served in a governmental position before and worked on a constitution?
Senator Gallion-Yes-served as Chair of Constitution committee for FFA.


Senator Pike-Moving out party of finals week. After banquet go out.
Senator Rumpf-Student exhibits open in Conkling Gallery
Senator Deuser-March 23-African Night
Parlimentarian Mayfield-At the library Norton Anti Virus available free.
Speaker-May 17 Graduation party
Senator Wiech- Reminder if you are running for office Monday, 12 noon and 3:00
Senator Radtke-Comet will be available for viewing after sunset everyday for next three weeks.
Senator Biesanz-Next Monday,Thomas Inglot, speaking on Eastern Europe. Sat. March against police brutality.
Senator Gallion-Birthday is May 9.
Senator Nelson-21 birthday on election day
Senator Mullin-Brought postcards etc from Italy
Senator Giordani-Birthday tomorrow
Senator Klein-My child will be 5 on May 23
Senator Wiech-Birthday will be day after budget hearing.

Roll Call

Senators Present
Bethany Jackson, Samantha Gallion, Daniela Rumpf, Byron Pike, Andrew Menden, Jessica Giordani, Richard Dueser, Brian Mullin, Jayson Read, Katie Garrity, Rhys Gaffer, Stephanie White Ashley Guetter, Hailey Schmitz, Celeste Hollerud, Andy Nelson, Jessica Boyd, Monica Klein, Joe Muggli, Stacy Wiech, Ian Radtke, Zach Biesanz, James Tung, Cassandra Linkenmeyer
Senators Absent
Ryan Austad
Executive Staff Present
President Roger White Owl, Vice President Uzair Shaffi

Adjournment 7:47 P.M.