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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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70th MSSA Senate
May 1, 2002

Meeting called to order at 4:04 P.M by 70th MSSA Speaker Zach Biesanz

Roll Call (present-absent-proxy-excused)

Senators Present

Chris Forman 2-0-0, Stephanie White 2-0-0, Ryan Haugen 2-0-0, Minhaal M. Nathani 2-0-0, Andrew Menden 2-0-0, Jessica Giordani 2-0-0, Rajendra K. Penugonda 2-0-0, Jessica Boyd 2-0-0, Katie Garrity 2-0-0, Mohammed Suhail-proxy Jayson Read 1-0-1, Alex Boyce 2-0-0, C. Rhys Gaffer 2-0-0, Joseph Perkins 2-0-0, Gordana Copic 2-0-0, Ross McCormick 2-0-0, Irfan Bangash 2-0-0, Taimoor Hussain Bangash 2-0-0, Celeste Hollerud-proxy Byron Pike 1-0-1, Monica Klein-proxy Rachel D. Noah 1-0-1, Ian Radtke 2-0-0, Andy Nelson 2-0-0, Hailey Schmitz 2-0-0, Cassie Linkenmeyer 2-0-0

Senators Absent

Kashif H. Khan 0-2-0, Ashley Guetter 1-1-0, Anand Agarwal 1-1-0

Executive Staff Present

President Joseph Muggli, Vice President Ali Raza

Student Forum

Rick Dueser-Congratulate all senators, it will be an exciting time. Don’t worry about

knowing rules. Important projects to work on: MSSA Constitution-this is out dated and needs clarification. There is a tendency to overbook res halls and students are forced to live in lounges, this is degrading and is unacceptable. University should make sure this does not happen. Student Senate can voice opinion to administration. This policy happens every year. They also do not have containers for sharp objects. This needs to be taken care of. We need to let Intercollegiate

Athletics know that they need to phase out cost of Strength & Conditioning Coach from burden of students. This needs to be told to them clearly. Also over abundance of Monitors and Reporters-numbers of readers told to advertisers is over inflated. This is dishonest. Keep in mind that next year you will be setting a budget in excess of $3 million dollars. This money should not be used for permanent fixtures to the university. Make sure SAF dollars are being used for the right purpose. Last year a serious problem in Aviation arose-this situation has perpetuated itself. As a student body we need to protect student and faculty voice. We should not stand with our arms at our sides. Also Tech Roundtable is not appointed by the student body, it is administratively appointed therefore it is watered down, because it is not appointed by the students. This should be appointed by the students so students have voice. Mandatory insurance-we heard presentation by Health Services. This would be very good and would be at a cost affordable to students. It is important to take steps to protect yourself. Also look closely at early registration-maybe allow freshmen athletes to register before other freshmen. Also protect minorities by giving them equal rights. Standing up for minority rights is the same as standing up for your own rights. This is equality for everyone. There are a great number of things this body can do.

Jason Downing-Hear to talk about freedom of speech because we have none on this campus.

Downstairs today by Stompers there is a cutout of guy with M16. Oppose military on campus.

Regardless of opinions on that I exercised freedom of speech around sign. Spoke up today exercising voice, do not represent a group-just a human being on campus. Was told today that I have to stop. Was told that I only had freedom of speech in the designated area. Was told that I have to get a permit and go to designated area. To get free speech I have to pay for a booth and then go to a designated area. Martin Luther King-Malcolm X do you not think they had spontaneous speech? Some people showed support today. Was on probation three times in this school for speaking mind. Many things are backward in this school. If students can not go to the Union and speak mind then we do not have free speech on campus. Free speech and human rights-whatever-there is not a perfect time. It is whenever or wherever. Are we so PC that we can not allow people to speak their minds on this campus? We may think we have rights, but until we try to exercise them we don’t know how little our rights are.

Senator Gaffer-Besides being a senator but I am also chair of Student Union Board. I understand what you are talking about but my question is-are you asking for a place for free speech or are you talking about taking issue with not being able to have free speech?

Jason Downing-One designated area is not free speech that is ludicrous. If you want to take

up an issue on anything except something that would bar a teacher from teaching a class you

should be allowed to speak.

Proxy Noah-What do you want us to do?

Jason Downing-I want to know I have the right to speak my mind and not be put on probation.

That is the school of social control so that students can not speak their minds. I want to ensure freedom of speech.

Senator Nelson-Do you think you would have been asked to leave if public safety had not been

an issue?

Jason Downing-I don’t think this could have been a safety issue, I was not swearing, using aggression or trying to start a riot.

Senator Nelson-Don’t you think at a university of 13,000 you could cause a riot?

Jason Downing-I am not trying to cause a riot, but you should be able to speak your mind.

Senator Forman-I agree with some of your points, however, the rules are in place right now.

Don’t you feel the people that got the booth down there and followed the rules

should be allowed to be there?

Jason Downing-I’m not saying that they should not be there. I do know that students

took over the bridge years ago against military involvement.

Senator Boyce-Are you aware that these rules are in place by many of the people that were

on that bridge?

Jason Downing-Yes, that is why this blows me away, we have the similar situation in our country


Senator Boyce-What gives you the right to state your opinion or force your opinion?

Jason Downing-I pay thousands of dollars to go to school here, I don’t need a decree to

speak my agenda. I want to say what I feel. I don’t want to beret a person to his face.

Senator Haugen-How do you personally feel about the hundreds of thousands of persons

that died fighting for our freedom in military action.

Jason Downing-Military action did not give me free speech-it is based on rebellion. We have the right to say something is not right.

Rachel Noah-Want to educate senate-have been chair of Judicial Board and Communication

Board. We have set up on this campus a demonstration area, students do have free speech.

I can listen to music but I am infringing if it is blaring in your ear. There were some facts

that were stated inaccurately in the Student Forum.

Approval of Agenda Agenda approved

Presentation-Student Union Board- C. Rhys Gaffer

Rate and Pricing Review Chartwells 2002-2003 Business Plan

An overall increase of 6.57% is needed to maintain the existing program. The two options for the proposed rate adjustments reflects the increase costs of purchases for food, paper, and cleaning supplies, as well as inflationary pressures of the labor market. Meeting tomorrow from

3:30-4:30 to discuss price increases. Come with questions and concerns. The food costs and

paper costs represent 35-40% of the total operating costs of the dining service operation.

Stompers renovation begins Spring semester 2003. Carkoski renovation during summer term 2002.

A buffet will replace Carkoski.

Proxy Read-Does increase also apply for Residence Hall? Do you know if the meal plans will

be adjusted accordingly?

Chair Gaffer-We will have to ask about that, we only deal with Student Union.

Proxy Noah-35% for paper and what else?

Chair Gaffer-35-40% gets spent on paper products.

Proxy Noah-What is other 65%?

Chair Gaffer-Rent, wages etc.

Proxy Pike-Do you get to know percentage of profit margin they are making?

Chair Gaffer-Yes you can know that.

Senator Penuganda-In tomorrow’s meeting will RHA be in attendance.

Chair Gaffer-If Residence Hall wanted to come and ask questions they could, but they should talk to Sam Holm.

Proxy Noah-Why is there a 6.5% increase

Chair Gaffer- For rate increases for rent and staffing and maintenance cost go up.

Proxy Pike-Are price increases for Taco Bell and Pizza Hut or do they set their own costs?

Chair Gaffer-Yes they will be increased as well.

Senator Penuganda-Will they use our suggestions?

Chair Gaffer-As students we can only recommend what we want, the administration can do what they want.

Speaker-Remind you that there are only two speaking terms.

Proxy Noah-Where is that ruling?

Speaker-I rule that.

Proxy Noah/Proxy Pike-Move to overturn Speaker ruling of two speaking terms in presentations

Overturn Speaker ruling-passes

Finance & Administration-Vice President Trauger

Vice President Trauger-Attended Minnesota State open budget meeting today. One of the things that came

up was MSU,Mankato’s student fees. (Brought forward by Director of MSUSA Vigiano) The impression he had was that our fees were to be at the maximum. That is not the case. He felt this

decision had been made. Six weeks ago we were looking at 5-7% increase. Two weeks ago

we were looking at 6-9% based on what Minnesota State was allocating. It does not look like there will

be a turn around in Legislative appropriation for Higher Education. There are changes to original

budget-additional funding for freshmen class instructors, equipment. Currently looking at

8.5% undergraduate tuition increase and 9% for graduates. This will still leave 04 budget unbalanced

going into year. Update on faculty staffing indicating why additional staffing is needed for

enrollment increase. With enrollment growth we do not want further deteriation in staffing ratio.

12 added faculty will add 119 additional classes. Tuition rate submitted to Minnesota State was 8.5%.

Tuition will be $132.00 per credit hour. $130.00 increase on band. Mankato is lower on the

band than Winona and Bemidji. We have achieved a balanced budget for 2003. Hopefully

Minnesota State will recognize we have not followed process for 2004. We have significant challenges ahead in how to provide quality education experiences without tuition going up. Higher Ed

is not consumer price indexed. 80% of budget goes to personnel costs. Insurance costs etc. drive

significant increase students have to pay. Also state support has declined very significantly. In

1979, 80% was from state, now looking at 58 % from state. Lessening of state commitment and increased expectation from students for tuition dollars.

Proxy Noah-Has this been presented to Minnesota State at 8.5%? This body was presented with 6-7

Is that not correct?

Vice President Trauger-It was presented at 6-9%. Cabinet compromised at 8.5%. Felt they

needed additional class sections. This is a good investment; hopefully students can get classes they want and need and not just what is left. This sometimes happens in enrollment growth.

Not promising with this budget plan you will get everything you want, but this will help and also

help freshmen as they begin college career.

President Muggli-How much do we have in reserve?

Vice President Trauger-Coming into year, 3.5 million. There were savings with strike, utility

savings that gave us about an increase of 1 million dollars. Cabinet is looking at addressing

some equipment needs, computers that will work with software changes. Renovating classrooms

in Morris. This is under discussion. Minnesota State policy say reserve should be 5-7%. We should not be building reserves and having tuition increases. Hopefully Minnesota State will address this; MSU is in 3-4% range.

Proxy Read-I think in the first presentation it was 6 then 7 now 8.5%. What are the main driving

forces behind this increase?

Vice President Trauger-First proposal was 5-7 after IFO contract. This was before we had all data on

contract negations. We did not have this costed out. Last discussion 6-9% but enrollment growth and equipment was not addressed. This all upped the cost. We did hold true in not increasing

tuition for full impact of faculty member’s base salary. We have to address an immediate 1 million

dollar salary increase. Some schools addressed all costs now; we hope 04 budgets can address that.

We don’t see a sign in the future that state appropriation will increase. That is why we are limiting

enrollment growth. Firm believer in consultation process. Feel this rate is better than all other

state universities. Hope this will provide a good quality education experience.

Proxy Pike-You told us we are not taking care of salary increases for 04, is this a realistic estimate of costs-it looks like another 10-15% increase in 04?

Vice President Trauger-Immediate 3% for salary tail. If economy does not get better we could be looking at bigger increases. Hope we can hold on to 03 projections but could be looking at

10% more, this causes more shift to students.

Senator Radtke-What is state appropriation for 03?

Vice President Truager-$53 million. MSU received a million 242.

Senator Gaffer-What happens if the appropriation is not successful with faculty shortfall, why

is the cabinet not asking for that now?

Vice President Trauger-Felt that is an 04 charge, if charged now ½ of that would go toward

reserves, because costs would be in 04 not 03 when needed. It will cause a 3% increase in 04.

This is unusual to set tuition this late. Need student input on how to hold budget costs down

on putting together 04 budgets.

Vice President Raza-What is the reserve?

Vice President Trauger-This is university reserve.

Vice President Raza-Can other reserves from departments like parking be used?

Vice President Trauger-They are set up to be used for those departments. They can not be

used to offset tuition. There are specific reserves for specific departments.

Senator Penugonda-Based on state appropriation what is growth enrollment?

Vice President Trauger-We have had more applicants in the last three years than in the past

15, so with down turn in economy more individuals are looking at education.

Senator Perkins-What is the estimated number of students that will drop out due to increase

In tuition?

Vice President Trauger-Have not tracked this, students put down financial, health, etc. for dropping out Have not seen significant changes because of tuition increases. Bemidji has seen largest increases-enrollment has been level. Eventually this may be a factor, in short range no institution has seen significant change in enrollment because of tuition.

President Muggli-Were all Minnesota State rates presented today?

Vice President Trauger-Yes they were. Will bring in documents that details increases.

Proxy Dueser-Can you tell me the number of students that will no longer receive free tuition

as a result of the tuition increases?

Vice President Trauger-Not aware of that.

Proxy Dueser-Such as grants and scholarships covering fewer students.

Vice President Trauger-This may impact some students or the amount may be impacted. Not

aware of plans to decrease scholarships. Athletics always have to generate more money to

give out talent grants as well as music, theater, etc.

Senator Radtke-What lobby efforts have been made?

Vice President Trauger-Presidents were involved, doing visits showing differences in peer

institutions, making progress with key legislatures and governor. Changes were made with

Governor Ventura and three parties involved. Students could be the most influential.

Students and alums are more voters in getting attention. Legislatures need to hear from voters.

There needs to be an outcry for education.

President Muggli-Is this 8.5 % final from this university?

Vice President Trauger-We were told we had to have a final percentage not a 6-9% range.

We told them consultation was not complete. Based on cabinet meeting, feel this is university

proposal. Students can let Minnesota State know how they feel. This is reasonable yet has potential

for a bigger increase in 04.

12 minute recess-

Approval of Minutes 4/24/02 Minutes approved as written, proxy Noah abstain

Officer Reports

President Joseph Muggli

MSUSA last Friday through Sunday. Able to speak with other presidents and current and elect chair. In committees passed many resolutions one regarding opposition to limiting International tudents areas of study. MSU, Mankato will not be having a conference next year.

Meet and Confer-Need a student who is a sophomore student to be on the reinvestment task force.

Gage tower is going to be renovated over the next two summers. Also discussion on privatized housing on Stadium and Ellis. Bonding is still up in air for Phase III. Tuition proposal of 8.5%.

Master plan of Wigley space, we have drafts of that. This will be an on going process.

Met with Dr. Healy today on general information, what is expected etc. Recommendation for tech fee will not be $5.00 from her office. Will be recommending $5.75 or higher, this is

not for sure though. Also discussed Student Technology Roundtable, she is trying to find out if this is a MSSA committee. More on that in future.

Look at summer orientation sessions, please sign up to help.

Bowling last Thursday against the Reporter was a good time.

Policy review-if you want to look at them, please do. We need to comment to the administration.

Received a gift from Dave Cowan of three new Roberts Rules of Order.

Committee applications are in your boxes. Try to get them in by next week.

Because of consultation process of student fees and tuition increase so late we can comment on them or will be Presidents will be making an executive order over the summer. There will be a 30% decrease in Monitors.

Proxy Noah-Repeat what you said about International students.

President Muggli-There is an opinion that technology majors should be limited. International

students should have right to choose their major. MSUSA took a stance against that opinion.

Senator Menden-Who won bowling?

President Muggli-It was a split.

Senator Garrity-What was Dr. Healy’s reasoning in not accepting our proposal?

President Muggli-We always go forward and not backward. She did not agree on our points. This is not going to be solved in the next week.

Senator Gaffer-On policies you were talking about-are they academic or student services as well?

President Muggli-Many are academic.

Proxy Dueser-Did you let Dr. Healy know that if she changes the fee it will be met by strong


President Muggli-Did not know that.

Proxy Noah-How many budget proposals go to the President’s office before she makes recommendation?

Proxy Noah-Can the President yield time

Proxy Noah-Dr. Healy gives her recommendation and then the President makes her recommendation.

President Muggli-Once the President gets this we will have a chance for student input.

Senator Gaffer-In regards to tuition recommendation-would like to know your thoughts

about consultation that went on.

President Muggli-Consultation is still on going, but it will be limited because we will not

be in session.

Senator Gaffer-Will recommendation to this body be that we get in contact with tuition

hearings in Willmar?

President Muggli-I encourage you to go.

Senator Boyd-Are you looking for input to give Dr. Boubel?

President Muggli-Yes, from you and your constituents. Decisions will be made over the

summer, yes it does hinder our student voice.


Move by Senator Gaffer/Senator Menden

M# 05.01.02 A

The MSSA Senate requests that the MSU, Mankato Administration honor all of the amounts of the Student Senate’s ( 69th Senate) Student Activity Fee recommendations for FY 2002-2003.

Senator Gaffer-I realize that this seems like a contradiction but the 69th senate had

ideas on where the fees should be at. They had an overwhelming vote. We should honor that.

Senator Menden-The 69th Senate was being responsible with their vote. We should send a

message up there that we are the voices of all the students and we would be heard.

President Muggli-The 69th Senate sent their voice. Only Dr. Healy said she did not agree,

not the President. Not in favor of this body sending this message.

Senator Radtke-This senate does not know that, and it is not fair to the 70th senate

Proxy Noah-I rise in support of this. If you take your job seriously you should support

the 69th Senate. It says the 70th Senate supports the 69th senate as research went into

that decision. Just being a student senator and taking last year’s body seriously would speak well.

Proxy Dueser-Previous senate passed this, but the important principal before us is that do

we want the administration to mold the budget or do want them to honor our budget request?

We need to believe that this sends a message to the administration that we are ready to act on behalf of this?

Senator Gaffer-In difference to the President I would consider a friendly amendment to let the administration know the importance of student consultation and the importance of our

opinion particularity regarding student technology fee. This body still feels student

consultation process is important.

Senator Haugen-This body should support the 69th senate and allow President Muggli to be the official representative of the 70th senate.

Proxy Noah-Who is the official representative of the 70th senate?

Speaker Biesanz-The Speaker is.

Senator Gaffer-I would like to reiterate that we uphold a principle. I support the majority

of the Senate, that argument of moving forward and not backward did not wash before and it will not wash now.

Roll Call vote-

President Muggli-Do not see the reason for a roll call vote.

Roll Call

Senators voting Yes

Stephanie White, Ryan Haugen w/rights, Minhaal Nathani, Andrew Menden, Jessica Giordani, Jesica Boyd, Katie Garrity, Mohammad Suhail, Alex Boyce, Rhys Gaffer w/rights, Jeseph Perkins, Ross McCormick, Irfan Bangash, Taimoor Hussain Bangash, Celeste Hollerud, Monica Klein-proxy Rachel D. Noah ww/rights, Andy Nelson, Hailey Schmitz, Cassi Lindenmeyer

Senators voting No

Ian Radtke w/rights

Senators Abstaining

Chris Forman

Executive Staff voting No

President Muggli W/rights

Rights-Senator Haugen-College of Business. I personally voted for an increase in the fees,

primarily to support technological development thereby serving my constituents in the College of Business, the 69th Student Senate made an overwhelming majority vote to lower the fees. I feel it is extremely important for the administration to remember that the Student Senate is the voice of the student body as we are elected by them and hear their issues on a daily basis. We deal with a lot of diverse issues on the Senate floor and there are decision made that I do not entirely agree with. However, I leave it up to the wisdom of the majority of the Senate to make the difficult decisions that best represent the voice of the student body of Minnesota State University, Mankato, MN

Motion passes 19-2

Move by Senator Klein-Proxy Noah/Senator Giordani

M# 05.01.02B

Recommend to Administration and RHA that SHARPS Containers be placed in all resident hall bathrooms.

Proxy Noah-I approached the Student Affairs committee last year because a concerned

individual came before stating that there are buckets in the showers for sharp objects. It

is essential that we have proper containers for these.

Senator Giordani-As a former employee of the Health Dept. I was shocked to here that

there were not proper containers. It presents a health risk. For students and janitorial staff.

President Muggli-As a former member of Student Services we did talk to the safety

individual on campus and they felt razors were not sharp objects and did not perceive this as a hazard.

Proxy Dueser-Lets take action and be a voice for the students and not be stalled.

Senator Boyd-In favor of this, even if it is not a law for razors to be in Sharp Containers..

Senator Garrity-Rise in favor of this, have never seen containers in the Res Halls.

Senator Schmitz-For visiting people we do have to be careful about these issues.

Proxy Noah-I think this is a big deal, even if it is a razor. While this can go to committee,

it is important to come from the 70th senate. Sharp containers are in the academic

buildings, even staff need to be protected. We need to be concerned about bio-hazards.

President Muggli-Rise in favor of this even though officials may not see this. We are looking out for safety on this campus.

Motion passes unanimously

Motion-Senator Dueser/Senator Gaffer


Move that the MSSA President inform the MSU,M Administration of the seriousness with which the MSSA Senate views it’s budget recommendations and it’s determination to see them approved as requested.

Proxy Dueser-It is important to send a message to the Administration, a notice that we take our budget seriously and that they need to take it seriously as well.

Senator Gaffer-Only that we value the student consultation process.

Proxy Noah-I rise in opposition because it seems strange that the congressional branch is having the executive branch do something. It seems redundant.

Senator Gaffer-For better for worse the Administration seems to pit one against the other.

We need to make this clear. It is in line that the MSSA Executive be able to characterize the

discussion that has gone on here.

Proxy Dueser-Amend, strike the word senate to the student bodies views.

President Muggli-I rise in opposition to this, but I will do what the student body wants.

Motion fails

Speaker Zach Biesanz

Recognized Student Organizations:

Indonesian Association Mankato (I-AM), Lambda Pi Eta, Minnesota State University, Mankato Women in Aviation, Scandinavian Club


Tina England-thanks for supporting Women’s Center

Catherine Conover-thanks for supporting Women’s Center

Student Athlete Advisory Committee-Thanks for support of Strength and Conditioning Coach.

August 28, 2002 Student Orientation, 3:00 P.M.

Make sure your cell phones are off.

Motion Proxy Dueser/Senator Gaffer


Whereas: Overbooking of dorms has resulted in students living in dorm lounges

Whereas: MSSA Senate views dorm lounges as sub-standard living conditions

Resolved: MSSA requests that proper housing be provided to over booked students, and so be it

Resolved: MSSA requests that the MSU Administration review it’s overbooking formula to eliminate overbooking.

Proxy Dueser-Let’s not waste time, this is proactive, and summer is when decisions are made.

This is indignant and the administration should put a stop to this.

Proxy Pike/Proxy Noah-Move this to Student Affairs Committee

Proxy Pike-Commend Proxy Dueser, however, believe Administration does not want to do this.

Feel committee should look at this first.

Proxy Noah-As someone told me, influence is like money, spend too much and you won’t have any more. This is an empty motion. You have to go to committee.

Proxy Dueser-The previous speaker-stated, I believe the administration enjoys overbooking

Res halls. and it is during the summer that the administration will overbook. Let’s let them know how we feel about ths.

Senator Radtke-Oppose this, RHA knows about this and has been complaining about this all year. Student Affairs is where this should be.

Senator Schmitz-It is my belief that they have probably already overbooked.

Motion to move to committee passes


Proxy Pike-Party May 10.

Proxy Noah-Respect your position and fight change in budget if it happens. Will be here this summer and would organize a protest if the administration does not take this body seriously.

Senator Giordani-SAGE got the RSO of the year award.

Speaker-MADD pride month. Thinking of our selves about pharmaceutical products.

Roll Call

Senators Present

Chris Forman, Stephanie White, Ryan Haugen, Minhaal M. Nathani, Andrew Menden, Jesica Giordani, Jessica Boyd, Mohammad Suhail-proxy Jayson Read, Alex Boyce, Rhys Gaffer, Joseph Perkins, Ross McCormick, Irfan Bangash, Taimoor Hussain Bangash, Celeste Hollerud-proxy Byron Pike, Monica Klein-proxy Rachel D. Noah, Ian Radtke, Andy Nelson-proxy Rick Dueser, Hailey Schmitz, Cassi Linkenmeyer

Senators Absent

Rajendra PenugondaAshley Guetter, Anand Agarwal, Gordana Copic, Kashif H. Khan

Executive Staff Present

President Joe Muggli

Adjournment 7:50 P.M.