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69th MSSA Senate
September 5, 2001 Minutes
# Meeting called to order at 4:01 PM by Speaker Rachel. D. Noah Roll Call

Senators Present

Daniela Rumpf 3-0-0, Byron Pike 3-0-0, Rachael Horne 3-0-0, Matt Osmondson 2-1-0, Brian Mullin 3-0-0, Jayson Read 3-0-0, Katie Garrity 3-0-0, Dan Peskorz 2-1-0, Jeff Waldron 1-0-0-2, Stephanie White 3-0-0, Jacob Helgeson 1-0-0-2, Adam Poole 3-0-0, Mikel Akers 3-0-0, Jason Casey 3-0-0, Monica Klein 3-0-0, Joe Muggli 3-0-0, Ian Radtke 3-0-0, James Tung 3-0-0

Senators Absent

Parrish Jones 2-1-0, Gina Taylor 0-3-0

Executive Staff Present

President Roger White Owl, Vice President Uzair Shaffi
# Approval of Agenda - approved
# Student Forum

Rhys Gaffer-Would like senate to pass legislation to get smokers away from entrances. ¾ of entrances could be smoke free.

Senator Muggli-There is a law that states that smokers need to be a certain distance from

entrances of a public building.

Mr. Gaffer-This is a question for Mr. Larry Kohanek, Acting Vice President of Facilities.

Let’s start a dialogue about this, not that people can’t smoke, only away from entrances.
# Presentations-AFSCME/MAPE Karen Foreman, Sr. Administrative Assistant in SU.

Here as a representative of AFSCME. AFSCME represents over 400 workers in trade,

technical, clerical, grounds crew. Statewide there are 19,000 people in AFSCME. 82%

of eligible voters voted overwhelmingly to strike. Average worker gets $30,000 a year.

Governor has not appropriated enough money. We are in mediation. Mediation will resume on Sept. 13-16. Strike will start on Sept. 17 if not agreed upon. Picketers will be right in your front door. You will see grass roots of what will happen. We want state to see what we do and how we help it work.

Senator Pike-How does this affect student workers?

Ms. Foreman-Under Federal laws it says that they can not assume a striking workers position.

Senator Mullin-Charles Anderson said student workers could choose to work.
# Approval of Minutes

Motion #09.05.01 Senator Pike/Senator Muggli

Move that all cell phones be shut off while the senate is in session.

Senator Pike-what happens here is very important. It is very disturbing to have them go off in the middle of a discussion.

Senator Muggli-I believe Senator Pike has said it very eloquently. I agree with this motion, we do not need

the interruptions during important discussions.

President White Owl-Last week a senator needed the phone for a medical reason. There might need to be exceptions or can the phone be on the vibrating mode?

Senator Casey -Can we change the wording of this motion?

Vote-Motion approved.
# Officer Reports

1. President Roger White Owl

Next week the Chancellor will be on our campus. He will present his work plan (see

Brief plan). The senate is invited to an Open Forum with the Chancellor

Committee Appointments: Academic Affairs Daniela Rumpf, Byron Pike, Rachael Horne, Matt Osmondson, Brian Mullin, Jayson Read, Katie Garrity, Parrish Jones, Dan Peskorz, Jeff Waldron, Stephanie White, Samrat Saran Student Services Jacob Helgeson, Adam Poole, Mike Akers, Jason Casey, Monica Klein, Joe Muggli, Ian Radtke, Gina Taylor, James Tung, Samrat Saran

Ensuring Cultural Diversity James Tung, Daniela Rumpf, Miguel Spada, Samrat Saran, Angela White Owl, Khaliun Batmunich, Monica Klein Bookstore Advisory Joe Muggli, Rachael Horne, Daniela Rumpf, Timothy Huebsch Legislative Affairs Stephanie White, Jason Casey, Katie Garrity, Dan Peskorz, James Tung, Rebecca Lynde, Joe Muggli SAC Byron Pike, Brian Mullin, Monica Klein, Adam Johnson, Andy Welti, Timothy Huebsch SOAFC Dan Peskorz, Katie Garrity Union Board

Rhys Gaffer, Adam Poole, Angela White Owl, Matt Lairmore, Melissa Caron Parking Advisory

Ian Radtke, Rhys Gaffer

Met with Dr. Healy, if anyone asks you about the strike we cannot answer at this time.

We need to see what will happen.

MSUSA-The Vice President will give you more information
2. Vice President Uzair Shaffi

Committees-Please let us know when the committees will meet. Election Committee

will be appointed. Deadline is Sept. 14.

MSUSA-All state schools attend this. Function is similar to this senate. Sept. 21 we will

be going to Moorhead, sign up if you would like to go.

Health Services will be holding planning meetings, see times in office. Attend the

Chancellor open forum.
3. Speaker Rachel D. Noah

Thank you for keeping your appointments. The most exciting thing about the beginning

of the year is the Recognized Student Organizations. We approve them after they

have come from Student Leadership. We only read statement of purpose for initial

recognitions. For renewal, we only approve them as they do have a constitution on file.

Recognized Student Organizations: MSU Pagan Organization, Later Day Saint Student Association Objection-Senator Muggli-I understand that they feel that anyone that attends their church

is a member, what if you do not want to be a member?

Philosophy Club, Pre-Law Society, MN State University, Mankato Association for Computing Machinery, MSU Accounting Club, Student Athletic Trainers Association, Student Association

Of India, Men Against Rape (initial)

Objection-Senator Muggli-In their constitution they say that this if for only men. Their advisor is a woman. They also say all faculty can be members. Some faculty are women

Senator Pike-postpone until we have further information. Second Senator Mullin

Senator Pike-Obviously they should look at who they are going to let in to their


Senator Mullin-no problem with organization, just open it up.

Senator Helgeson-I feel that this is for education for males. It is not for discussion

with females. I know their president would come give us more information

Senator Waldron-Agree with Senator Helgeson.

Senator Muggli-I would love to hear some information from them before recognizing.

Motion to postpone the motion on the floor.

Motion passes

Senator Radtke-When is the final date to turn in applications for renewal?

Speaker Noah, we will adhere to this deadline.

Senator Reports
1. Off-Campus-Joe Muggli

Discussing something dear to my heart. We should be more environmentally friendly.

We need to be thinking about this for future generations. Once we accomplish this maybe

We could go on to bigger concerns like the entire student union.

Senator Poole-Do you know that all of our waste goes to energy?

Senator Muggli-I think recycling is a better choice.

Senator Mullin-How do you propose that we do that?

Senator Muggli-We could make something for our senate office. We could toss this into

Union Board.
# Announcements

Speaker Noah-If you want to bring in a cup you can store it in my office.

President White Owl-Cultural Diversity picnic tomorrow. My report was vague, because I want you to get involved. If you do the research; you can be more assertive and more involved.

Senator Mullin-Undergraduate Research Center-advocating research done by undergrads. This will be held in the spring. Deadline for proposals is Monday.

Senator Radtke-Observatory is going to be open again.

Roll Call

Senators Present

Daniela Rumpf, Byron Pike, Rachael Horne, Matt Osmondson, Brian Mullin, Jayson Read, Katie Garrity, Dan Peskorz, Jeff Waldron, Stephanie White, Jacob Helgeson, Adam Poole, Mikel Akers, Jason Casey, Monica Klein, Joe Muggli, Ian Radtke, James Tung

Senators Absent

Parrish Jones, Gina Taylor

Adjournment 4:48 P.M