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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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69th MSSA Senate

September 19, 2001

Roll Call (Present-Absent-Proxy-Excused)

Senators Present

Daniela Rumpf 5-0-0, Byron Pike 5-0-0), Rachael Horne 5-0-0, Brian Mullin 5-0-0, Jayson Read 5-0-0, Matt Osmondson 3-2-0, Katie Garrity 5-0-0, Parrish Jones 4-1-0, Dan Peskorz 3-2-0, Stephanie White 5-0-0, Mikel Akers 4-0-1, Jason Casey 4-0-1, Monica Klein 5-0-0, Joe Muggli 5-0-0, Ian Radtke 5-0-0, James Tung 5-0-0

Senators Absent

Jacob Helgeson 1-2-0-2, Adam Poole 4-0-0-1

Executive Staff Present

President Roger White Owl, Vice President Uzair Shaffi

Approval of Agenda (changes to agenda: addition of Academic Affairs, Off-Campus Senator Muggli)

Student Forum

Rhys Gaffer-Speaking as a student who has watched aviation members come before Senate, I ask you to consider a vote of no confidence in the university administration regarding circumstances of how an aviation vendor was chosen and the impact on the students of this decision.


Swearing in of new senators

Academic Affairs Senators: Richard Dueser, Beenish Malhi, Nicole Palacios, Ashley Guetter, Andrew Menden

Student Services Senators: Zach Biesanz, Stacy Wiech, Cassandra Linkenmeyer, Omni Peterson

Social & Behavioral Science Seat Election. Candidates: Rhys Gaffer, Robert Neumann, Jon Zetzman, Ryan Austad

Mr. Austad-Student Senate is very interesting to me. I have time and am willing to do this.

Mrt. Zetzman-I am a History/Social Studies major. I feel I could have an impact in my college. I have been very politically active. Feel I could be a positive influence.

Mr. Neumann-I am a Sociology major in my senior year. I belong to a fraternity and I do not know much information about Senate.

Mr. Gaffer-I would like to represent the College of Social & Behavioral Science as a Political Science major. I was a senator last year. I can offer my background and experience in policy making.


Senator Pike-Being a senator is a lot of work. You represent the students. You have to be here and talking to students. Does your schedule allow you to do this?

Mr. Zetzman-I carry 16 credits and I am available.

Mr. Neumann-I do not have a job, I take 12 credits and I have plenty of time.

Coordinator Gaffer-I am here and doing a lot of other things. I camp out in the senate office. I also have weekends available for conferences.

Mr. Austad-I have time and do want to put in the time.

Senator Radtke-What sort of issues or interests do you see in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences?

Mr. Neuman-I have not really looked into this, but would like to look into this.

Mr. Gaffer-Psychology Dept. has been in the same space since the 1970’s. Conferences-I feel attending conferences at the statewide level allows you to learn more about issues.

Mr. Austad-Issue is with buildings, would like to work on these issues and would be open to all students and to relay their concerns to senate. I don’t have an issue, but would be willing to bring it here.

Mr. Zetzman-No issues right now. I am open and would bring issues to this body.

Senator Muggli-In the event that you are elected, would you still be involved in our committees?

Coordinator Gaffer-I would still be very much involved. I would channel energy in being a coordinator, but would access senate for assistance.

Mr. Austad-I am not sure, I don’t know-as a student I have issues; I would present them to the student senate. I feel college issues should be presented to the Dean of the college.

Mr. Zetzman-I have applied for several committees. I would still remain involved, I want to be in student government.

Mr. Neumann-I would be involved; I came up to the office looking at a committee.

Mr. Austad-Thank you to the senate for allowing me to present my case for wanting to be a senator. I have the time and the willingness. I am an open guy; students can bring issues to me. I am a quick learner.

Mr. Zetzman-I think I could do this job. I have majors in two different depts., I could represent the college well.

Mr. Neumann-I have the time, the desire, thank you.

Mr. Gaffer-I too have the time and the willingness. I know how important it is to have a vote and work with the senators. I believe I am a strong advocate for the student senate. I could recruit for the association.

Senator Biesanz-Do all candidates have a major in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences?

Senator Dueser-What can you contribute as a senator?

Mr. Zetzman-As a senator you have a powerful voice. On a committee, you do not make policy. I would like to be a part of that.

Mr. Neumann-I believe in the voice and having that opportunity.

Mr. Gaffer-I would be able to hold office hours. I could be the voice of my college.

Mr. Austad-The voting rights would be stronger here than in a committee.

Senator Muggli-Being in senate requires you to talk and get opinions from students. How could you specifically do that?

Mr. Neumann-I can talk to Greeks and find out what they are thinking. I can observe students in my classes as sociology major.

Mr. Gaffer-You must be able to get those stories out there. I would be in contact with various students, where the students are.

Mr. Austad-Actions speak louder than words. I can speak publically, handshaking, smiling. People react to that, it shows more than words.

Mr. Zetzman-I could provide students with your ear. There are issues going on but students don’t know there is an avenue for them. This is their body; I would try to have students understand that.

Ryan Austad-Elected Social and Behavioral Science Senator

Motion out of Committee

Academic Affairs Committee

Motion #09.19.01A

Whereas: Thunderbird Aviation excluded major input from MSU Aviation students, and the impact of this decision will greatly affect MSU Aviation students, as well as the MSU community

Enacted: The Academic Affairs committee recommends a vote of no confidence in this decision

Senator Radtke-Feel Aviation Dept. is of great benefit, have spoken to students, no one is happy with this decision. What would a vote of no confidence do?

Jake Willis, President of MSU Aviation Club-Don’t understand what a vote of no confidence would do. Met with the mayor today, do not feel this is a neutral party. Earl Cummings who was hired to negotiate the contract basically told us to quit fighting, we will do what we have to after they come.

Speaker Noah-A vote of no confidence is a strong statement….

Senator Biesanz-Thunderbird was only a bidding party, the city of Mankato is the one that should have consulted the students.

President White Owl-I have been approached by the Aviation students, but when you vote no confidence in the company, we are saying they are inadequate, we have not had the opportunity to view this. We should vote to uphold this not vote a no confidence in the company.

Mr. Willis-The city of Mankato merely leases the airport. Thunderbird did not receive the vote; a fourth party come in and voted giving Thunderbird the bid.

Senator Muggli-This is difficult to say that the student body does not have confidence in the company. Our problem is with the decision making process not the company.

(Speaker ruled motion out of order)


Communication Board Election

Senator Pike-Nominate Senator Joe Muggli, Stacy Wiech nominates self

Stacy Wiech-Elected Communication Board

Approval of Minutes September 5, September 12 (minutes approved)

Officer Reports

President White Owl

Welcome new senators. Office is always open. Ask all the questions you want.

Appointments for committees: Academic Affairs-Jon Zetzman, Student Services-Bethany Peterson, Ryan Deimerly Legislative Affairs-Jon Zetzman, Jayson Read, Bethany Peterson, Ryan Deimerly SAC-Amy Bicek, Karly Klein Ensuring Cultural Diversity-Alejandra Cabera Parking Advisory-Teritus Fortune Union Board-Cindy West Planning Sub Meet & Confer-Tim Huebsch

Coordinators: Student Services-Joe Muggli, Academic Affairs-Stacy Wiech, Intergovernmental Coordinator-Rhys Gaffer, Cultural Diversity-Keenan Stafford, Legislative Affairs-Teritus Fortune, International Diversity-Samrat Saran, Technology Coordinator-Tim Huebsch

Objection-Rhys Gaffer-A technology coordinator needs to be able to fix the computers in a timely manner. Passwords have been put on the computers, the computers freeze up, and they are networked in a manner that we cannot easily maintain.

Senator Pike-Other than that, he is also on the SAC committee and this may be a conflict of interest. He works closely with Vice President Mark Johnson.

Senator Deuser-I have had frustration with computers in the office. Equipment has not be installed in a timely manner. We do not know what the passwords are.

President White Owl-Tim Huebsch is the most up and coming computer person in the state right now. Time is going to teach Senator Read. He has not been in the office because he is a student at large. Coordinators work with me. Coordinators do not work with the senate.

Senator Deuser-Move that the senate disapprove of this appointment. I feel that when you can’t open something because it requires a password and other oversights we should disallow this appointment.

Proxy Gaffer-Senator Akers did also feel there were other applicants.

Senator Pike-By this appointment is he automatically on student technology roundtable or is this just an appointment for our office?

Senator Casey-Can this be a co-chair position?

President White Owl-He works for me. He is not at the disposal of the Senate. He works for the President.

Senator Casey-With all these oppositions-can he come and explain and let us give guidelines?

President White Owl-He is being appointed to a coordinator position, not to be a repair person.

Senator Mullin-Has the Student Technology Roundtable been appointed?

Senator Read-As far as maintenance, I am willing to help out as much as I can. Anyone that knows Time knows that Tim is very capable.

Vice President Shaffi-Tim is a very technical person, yes we do have problems, but they can all be addressed. He is still not accountable, he is a student at large. He has been coordinator at the state level.

Senator Deuser-This is a paid position that requires the approval of the senate. The problems have been made known to him and he has delayed getting to them. If he is training someone else, maybe someone else should be appointed.

Vice President Shaffi-I would like to point out that the job description is not to maintain the computers in the office. He is working with us on the Executive Board.

Senator Biesanz-What person is responsible for maintaining the computers? If this is volunteer, we should not hold him responsible.

Senator Akers-proxy Gaffer-Has the staff of the office found it difficult to get someone to come fix the problem because there is a password?

Appointment passed. Abstain-Joe Muggli, Technology Coordinator-Tim Huebsch

Last week I participated with Vice President Shaffi in the Day of Remembrance.

Attended football game on Sat. Had a good time.

Motion out of Academic Affairs Committee

Motion 09.19.01B

Whereas MSU’s administration negotiating committee excluded major input from MSU Aviation Students and the impact of this decision will greatly affect MSU Aviation students as well as the MSU community, the Academic Affairs committee recommends a vote of no confidence in MSU’s administration negotiating committee.

Roll Call Vote

Senators Voting Yes

Daniela Rumpf, Byron Pike, Rick Deuser, Jayson Read, Katie Garrity, Dan Peskorz, Stephanie White, Ashley Guetter, Jason Casey, Ian Radtke, Monica Klein, James Tung, Stacy Wiech

Senators Voting No

Brian Mullin, Joe Muggli

Senators abstaining

Nicole Palacios, Matt Osmondson, Ryan Austad, Mikel Akers, Cassandra Linkenmeyer

Executive Staff

President White Owl-abstain, Vice President Shaffi-yes

Motion Passes 14-2-6

Motion Senator Mullin/Senator Tung

Motion #09.19.01

Move to have all the clocks on campus reset to the correct time.

Senator Radtke-This motion came forward last year. It was sent to the administration and we were told that currently this is a cost issue.

Motion referred to committee

Vice President Uzair Shaffi

Please attend the committees you are on and turn in schedules so that committee times can be arranged. Participated in Day of Remembrance, which was attended by many students. Will be attending MSUSA this weekend. Met with Vice President Mark Johnson this past week. He will be coming to senate Oct. 4 to give us updates on technology. We will be publicizing the MSUSA Campus Rep position. We need to inform individuals of this position and fill this as soon as possible.

Speaker Rachel D. Noah

This was an incredible meeting. Recognized Student Organizations-Initial Recognition-MSU Kendo Club, Renewal Recognition-Psi Chi

Committee Reports

SAC, Byron Pike, Chair

SAC Recommendation #09.19.01

SAC moves that the MSU Pre-Law Society receive up to $375.00 for 10 students to travel to Chicago to attend a law school forum.

Mr. Josh Jackson, Pre-Law Society-This forum is the largest forum in the United States. MSU students will bring back brochures from Law Schools all over the US. Currently MSU has very little information.

Motion passed

Union Board, Rhys Gaffer, Chair

Master Planning will be finishing up within the next few months. The report from the Cunningham Group of the CSU Master Plan will be in the information corner in the MSSA office. CSU budget is due by the end of November. Minnesota State wants to get moat/all deferred maintenance completed within ten years. This will be accomplished by bonds and operating budgets. The two major projects that CSU is looking to pull out from deferred maintenance projects are a complete dining and kitchen renovation of Stompers, and a renovation of the south end of the CSU. The Stompers and south end of CSU project will cost 5.5 million dollars

Adjournment 6:04 pm

Roll Call

Senators Present

Daniela Rumpf, Byron Pike, Matt Osmondson, Richard Deuser, Brian Mullin, Jayson Read, Katie Garrity, Dan Peskorz, Ryan Austad, Stephanie White, Ashley Guetter, Mikel Akers-Proxy Rhys Gaffer, Jason Casey, Monica Klein, Joe Muggli, Stacy Wiech, Ian Radtke, James Tung, Cassandra Linkenmeyer

Senators Absent

Nicole Palacios, Beenish Malhi, Rachael Horne, Andrew Menden, Parrish Jones, Omni Peterson, Jacob Helgeson, Zach Biesanz