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69th MSSA Senate
October 10, 2001 Minutes
Meeting called to order by Speaker Rachel D. Noah 4:03pm

Roll Call

Senators Present
Daniela Rumpf 8-0-0, Byron Pike 8-0-0, Beenish Malhi 4-0-0, Andrew Menden 4-0-0, Matt Osmondson 6-2-0, Richard Dueser 4-0-0, Brian Mullin 8-0-0, Jayson Read 8-0-0, Katie Garrity 8-0-0, Parrish Jones 7-1-0, Dan Peskorz -proxy Rhys Gaffer 5-2-1, Stephanie White 8-0-0, Ashley Guetter 4-0-0, Omni Peterson 4-0-0, Mikel Akers 8-0-0, Monica Klein 7-0-1, Joe Muggli 8-0-0, Stacy Wiech 4-0-0, Ian Radtke 8-0-0, Zach Biesanz 4-0-0, James Tung 8-0-0, Cassandra Linkeymeyer 4-0-0, Adam Poole 7-0-0-1
Senators Absent
Rachael Horne 7-1-0, Jacob Helgeson 2-4-0-2, Ryan Austad 3-1-0, Jason Casey 6-1-1
Executive Staff Present
President Roger White Owl, Vice President Uzair Shaffi


Deirdre Rosenfeld, Women's Center, Director
We're an office within Student Affairs. Offering programs and services to all students. Located right upstairs from Stompers. Sexual violence support and prevention. Support for non-traditional students. Gender issues: sexual harassment, eating issues, body image. The Women's Center is a great place to look for help with just about any issue. Involvement: students can be involved as participants or in planning/development. Brown bag lunch programming: every week they have a presentation. There was great senate visibility at the He-Said She-Said event. this is a great resource for sexual violence and we're working on getting it published to our web page. You are all welcome at any time for any reason in the Women's Center. For any problem, the Women's Center may help or we can refer you
Vice President Shaffi: Has the Women's Center thought of an informational run in the residence halls this year? Like a bulletin board.
Deirdre: We are an office with limited resources so we wouldn't normally do this. I've met with every CA and we offered to put bulletin boards together for specific requests but we can't afford to waste resources.
Vice President Shaffi: Health Services has put up things and I thought they were very helpful.
Deirdre: So you're thinking of an informational packet for the CA's?
Senator Biesanz: Are you aware of the scheduling conflict?
Deirdre: There's always something that overlaps with the Brown Bag lunch series.
Deirdre: Our brown bag lunch series is a minimum series.
President White Owl: Women in spirituality?
Senator Garrity: Did your Center put on any programs for a CA or that community advisors wanted to have?
Deirdre: Yes. We'll do a program on any topic at request. We mostly get requests for body image because it is fun to do. There is a list of topics located outside the Women's Center.

Approval of Agenda-Approved.

Student Forum

We'd like to see our Aviation program continue moving forward the way it once was. We want our faculty to continue helping us. The program that looks like it's coming does not want to work with our faculty. It looks like it's going to go down hill. We think that some of the other offers would treat us better.

Motion is made by Senator Muggli to suspend the rules that the gallery can speak.
Senator Muggli: I feel that if anyone in the gallery would like to express their opinion on a topic they should stand up and give us some information.
Senator Pike: I agree with Senator Muggli. I know we have faculty and workers from the airport and we should hear what they have to say.
Proxy Gaffer: I agree with the idea of people being able to speak but there should be a 3-5 minute cap to each speaker.
Senator Dueser seconds.
Senator Radtke: POI: What is the normal cap?
Speaker Noah: No.
Speaker Noah: Will you allow your motion to be amended?
Senator Muggli: yes
Amendment passes. Motion passed.

Jacob Willis: This is my third time speaking to the senate in 4 weeks. Probably 90% of the people here are aviation majors concerned with what's happening. There has been a lot of slander toward John Roberts from the Mayor. We support John and don't want Thunderbird coming in here. We want to know what's going on.
xxxx: Both aviation clubs chose to support John Roberts. I think we should continue to go to him even after what we've heard. He's made a great program. We also voted to not support Thunderbird. We won't fly with them. They have not contacted any students and continue to work.
xxxx: On behalf of MSU Alumni. Along with other Alumni people, we believe John Roberts has helped us get to where we want now. John does everything that he possibly can. Invests personal time. He's constantly checking on us. He cares.
xxxx: I'm a senior here and was told by many friends that went through the program in 92-94 that it was an exceptional program. I was an instructor and was hired right away after graduating. I was referred to this college because it was very unique and people like John Roberts and other faculty in our program right now have gone through effort that I can't even describe. Countless City Council meetings, affiliation programs, made up fund raisers. They've done all of this to expand the airport and program for us. John Roberts is behind everything that's good in our program and that's the main reason we're one of the most unique and favorite schools in aviation. Competitive with UND. I believe myself that Mankato is a much better school. If companies such as Thunderbird come in, they won't work with the faculty. This is what we've been told but of course we've been blocked from all meetings. If I leave, it's ok, but people that just got here are going to be in trouble.
Proxy Gaffer: I keep hearing this support and whatnot for John Roberts. Would you give me background on why everyone is here supporting him?
xxxx: John Roberts is the main man who has been supporting everything in the program right now. He's personally gone beyond the norm to help this program and students.
Senator Garrity: As a senior would not supporting Thunderbird affect your graduation?
xxxx: I'm not going to see the air time if Thunderbird comes in.
Senator Garrity: So even though this could affect your graduation, you're still willing to not support them?
xxxx: Yes
Vice President Shaffi: What is the issue here that makes you all support John Roberts? By issue I mean, have there been accusations.?
Bennett: Our administration has stonewalled us. If we as a student body can't have a say in what is good for our program without some kind of sense of aviation background, who's going to do that? Someone with accounting knowledge? I don't think so.

Motion to suspend the rules for further questions.

Senator Dueser: Can you please clarify ... did I hear correctly that two aviation clubs voted unanimously to oppose Thunderbird and not fly with them?
xxxxxx: They do oppose. Students have to decide themselves to fly.
Senator Dueser: Can you tell me which aviation clubs these are?
xxxxxx: Minnesota State Aviation club and Alpha Beta .
Senator Pike: Have you any intentions of sending a copy of this to Thunderbird? As far as I know, we need Thunderbird to back out for us to send out a new RFP.
xxxxx: As far as what I can do, if I'm stonewalled from information, it is difficult.
Proxy Gaffer: Do you have an approximate number of the members of these clubs?
xxxx: Aviation club is around 50-55 members. Yesterday we had about 38 members attending.
xxxx: I'm a former student and instructor. I came back to finish up a few classes. I have to praise John Roberts who has done a great job at building this program. I am concerned that if students boycott it will have a worse effect. The majority of students I've talked to said that they would support Thunderbird because they don't want to go months without any flight training. Many said that they would probably transfer. I'm afraid that the program may go under.
Senator Pike: What were the benefits that led you to choose MSU for the aviation program?
xxxx: I came here basically because I could work at my own pace and flight instruct.
Senator Pike: Are you aware that I've seen the contract and it would not allow faculty involvement or as a part...? The benefits we have as a program would be completely eliminated if this contract goes through so are you still in support of Thunderbird?
xxxx: Speaking of all of the students I have talked to, they said that they would boycott.
Senator Pike: Are you aware that the faculty is able to bring in interim groups?
xxxx: How long would that take?
John Roberts: We have one aircraft on the field right now and two more coming tomorrow. I think if we convince students the impossibility to fly is not true. I think this is being used as a scare tactic.
Vice President Shaffi: As you stated in your speech that one of the reasons was because you could be an instructor? Are you aware that the percentages as far as the number of students being hired as instructors would be changed big time?
xxx: No
xxxxx: John Roberts and his staff are some of the most honorable and trustworthy people. Students aren't going to do anything without their support. If Thunderbird would have worked with the faculty and made them a part of this, it would have been fine. If any company comes in they need to work with our faculty.
Senator Klein: Presenters keep saying that people will leave and also that people are going to stay but boycott. Can I see a show of hands that would be willing to wait to see a new provider come in. Now a show of hands for those that would leave:
xxxx: I represent the Aviation Club as their president. There are a few things that I can speak directly to. I believe that there is a scare tactic being used to make students believe that Thunderbird is the only option. The administration is saying that if Thunderbird leaves, it will take 6-8 months for us to send out a new RFP process. I met with Dr. Boubel and she said that if Thunderbird left she would take it down to the absolute lowest limit to get students flying again. Everybody needs to understand that there are other options. There is even a company that has seen all of the turmoil going on and is willing to work with us and the faculty.
Senator Garrity: From the meeting you had Monday night or from other sources, are you aware if the attacks on our nation will affect the program? Being hired, flying, etc.
xxx: The attacks have caused an industry wide slow-down. The industry is laying off pilots.
xxx: The majority of students are actually in support of Thunderbird. They just want to fly. The people behind me is like the entire Aviation Club and that's why they're in support of John Roberts. They didn't know about this meeting, it's very secretive.
Senator Muggli: Is there any action you've done to support your side?
xxxx: I met with Dr. Boubel about a half an hour ago and she said that the faculty is not even allowed to bring in new providers?
Senator Biesanz: If we do have interim providers and there are people that are willing to rent planes, won't that provide work for the mechanics?
xxxx: No, because who will provide insurance?
Seantor Biesanz: Where is the difficulty in getting work as a mechanic?
xxx: After sept 11th, nobody is hiring mechanics or instructors so everyone is out of work.
Senator Jones: Am I correct in understanding that you're saying that there is a great silent majority that just wants to fly and doesn't care if Thunderbird is here?
xxxx: Yes
Proxy Gaffer: Prior to the events of Sept 11th, what was the situation with the number of students that instructors were allowed to teach?
xxx: By just hiring every instructor, the quality of the instructors is lower.
xxx: I'm a student in the aviation program and a flight instructor. This past summer I've had a chance to work and support the program. I've been recruiting basically. Letting people know about our program and how great it is. Throughout the summer months the RFP process was going through, and rumors were flying that we weren't going to even be able to fly, the program was going to go under. Enrollment wise there was an increase of number of students applying to the program. Right now we have a little over 300 students enrolled. I do think that with all of the things going on here it will hurt us just right now but we'll recover. Speaking as the Vice President of Alpha Beta , the decision to support John Roberts was strictly the student's decision. Each individual had their own decision to make and that's what the majority came to.
Senator Pike: Are you proud of the aviation program as it stands?
xxx: Definitely. It would be a shame to let out program be lost.
Proxy Gaffer: We've been kind of hearing conflicting things. One thing I would like to ask you is given that there's so many students here out of the program and so many students not here to give their voice. Would you be able to give us any numbers of students that want to voice their support but are afraid?
xxxx: I know there has been a petition going around for NOT supporting Thunderbird. I personally was scared at one point through this whole process. If we don't get Thunderbird in here, we won't be able to fly.
Senator Garrity: Does the division of supporting/not supporting Thunderbird fall on any lines? Do seniors support and younger students not? Etc...
xxx: I'm not sure on that.
Senator Dueser: Do you feel that the Aviation Club and Alpha Beta Row represents a fringe element that is opposed by most aviation students?
xxx: I would have to say that these clubs consist of the students that are really active and really care about the program.
Senator Garrity: How many people signed the petition you talked about?
xxxxx: about 150
Senator Muggli: Has this been forwarded to anyone that has any say in this decision?
xxx: As this develops, people are switching sides..
xxx: Someone asked if there is a silent majority? There very well could be but I don't think there is.
Senator Dueser: Do you feel that you're capable at looking at what's going on and forming your own opinion or are you being led around?
xxxx: I am forming my own opinion. I severely object to the way Thunderbird was brought here.
xxx: The petition was started Monday night in my Aviation Management class by some people that came in. I haven't seen it since Monday night so I can't comment on how many people have signed it.
xxxx: It was asked earlier why we're supporting John Roberts. There was a definite move early on to discredit John Roberts. I feel that it was intentionally planned by some community members concerned about the outcome of this. Due to this, there has been an extreme loss of faith between the administration and the faculty. Right now I believe the contract is in Thunderbird's hands and if they sign it, we as faculty will figure out how to move forward. There is a third offer that the school could still go with and they could probably be up and running just as quickly as Thunderbird. The university could also provide aircraft on its own and we have proposed it but it has met deaf ears. I think we need a party between the faculty and the administration that both can trust.
Proxy Gaffer: You just mentioned, if you could repeat it, that there was something else that occurred as far as paperwork other than an RFP? Could you restate that.
xxxx: There was an RFP already issued. There was a letter of intent to go with Munst and Muller but they backed out. Then Thunderbird was asked if they would still support their proposal and they went with them against advice of several members of the selection committee.
Senator Pike: If Thunderbird does sign the contract, as far as I am aware there are possible discrepancies between it and the RFP. Is it possible to call it null and void?
xxxx: I don't think it could be null and void but the university could be sued because it offered more favorable terms to Thunderbird without letting other vendors have the same consideration.
President White Owl: If a contract isn't signed and the program isn't going, how will it affect students?
xxx: The university has a contract with the students to provide this program but there are aircraft where they can fly on their own (New Ulm, Waseca, etc). Students are beginning to do that. The dilemma is that our program is tied together with instructors and we want to get them to the point where they can be instructors. The long term hit if Thunderbird comes in, their prices are higher and our enrollment will be lower.
Proxy Gaffer: Over the long term, whatever happens with this program, is there the intent with the faculty to start a dialogue at the Minnesota State level or whatnot about the RFP process?
xxx: I haven't thought about attacking the whole process. I'm really only concerned with this one. As far as procedures go, it has been followed The relationship with the faculty has been strained since June. Since then, we really haven't been hurt. I don't think the RFP process needs to be changed, parties just need to work together.
Sentor Pike: Have you heard of any timeline that Thunderbird has to sign this?
xxxx: That's a good point. I've been wondering why they hadn't signed on Friday, Monday, etc. This week. I've asked students, that are instructors, if there's any new information.
Senator Dueser: Is it true that the behavior that the administration is investigating has actually been going on and it corresponds with the faculty opposition?
xxx: Yes, I heard that the administration has been concerned about it since March and there has been no effort to work with the faculty since then. We were told that Thunderbird was it. When we investigated other alternatives, that's when the investigation came out.
xxx: This program is a complete mess right now. First of all, I'd like to say that we're screwing ourselves by letting this drag out. We need to get some contract signed and get back to doing what we need to do. The question that was brought up earlier as to whether or not it would hurt students if they left here. I am a transfer student and having students leave will probably hurt them. Some of their credits are not going to transfer. Next thing I'd like to say is that there's been people up here that I've never seen at the airport before and yet they're saying that they're very active in the program and I've never seen them fly. I've got 15-20 students that are afraid to speak up because of the consequences. I'm no longer taking classes so I think I can speak up for my students. They go to class, and all they talk about for three hours is how Thunderbird is bad. Students are here using their money to learn, and we need to teach them. It's ridiculous that students are afraid to speak up. I know it was mentioned that the contract states that they have the option of changing it to a part 141 school. I don't have a problem with that. I like them both. My students don't either. I've talked to them.
xxx: I volunteer 6-8 hours each week to assist and teaching a freshman class and I"m very adamant about this. Students are concerned and they are always the ones that bring this up. The faculty has never brought up the issue. Students want to know what's going on because they haven't been informed by anyone else.
xxxx: I just want to continue on what he had to say about talking about these issues in class. I've taught classes in the past week and within 5 minutes, my students have been taken to another class to discuss this issue. One was to go to a City Council meeting and the other was to have a discussion.
Senator Wiech: When you say taken from your class, were they taken by faculty/students? Who?
xxx: Students were asked to come down to ask students to go.
xxx: The Aviation Club has never prevented anyone from speaking up.
xxx: I just want to say that the Aviation Club and Alpha Beta Row do not represent every student in the Aviation Club. Thunderbird hasn't signed the contract because all they hear is that students are going to boycott them. If I was with Thunderbird, I wouldn't come here.
Proxy Gaffer: Would you be willing to go back to the students that you know who have not voiced their opinion and tell them that now is the time to have a voice so that this body knows the numbers?
xxxx: I would be willing to go back and talk to them.
Senator Garrity: Have you seen any characteristics that would define who's for and against Thunderbird?
xxx: Well, younger students probably only have exposure to this issue through their classes, but I work at the airport. It's not a matter of grade, it's a matter of how active you are.
Proxy Gaffer: What kind of concern do you have about the program long term?
xxxx: If it goes 6 months without flying, there will be no program.
Senator Pike: Why did you choose to come here for the Aviation program?
xxx: The program is totally reasonable, you go at your own pace, I have more options here.
Senator Garrity: So your support is having a company, not necessarily Thunderbird?
xxx: I don't have any problem about Thunderbird. All the negativity is word of mouth. I've heard positive things about them too. If this process goes back and they choose another company, I don't care.
Senator Klein: You said that everything you've heard is hearsay, it's my understanding that Thunderbird hasn't spoken to the students or faculty. How do you and the other students feel about that? Aren't you more concerned that they aren't defending themselves?
xxxx: Yes, I wish they would keep students informed. But before they even set foot into the airport, they've been having negative things said about them.
xxxx: I applied to one school, MSU, because of low prices and a good reputation. I don't think anyone in here is against Thunderbird, they're against what they're going to bring. It's laid out in a contract that none of us have been able to see. Nobody is giving us information. I came to this school because John told me that I would be a flight instructor after I finished my ratings. To say that we have too many instructors here, is absolutely ridiculous. There's certain issues in this contract that are being voiced against. We're looking for someone to come in to provide flight training with the terms as it was. That will work with the faculty who have built this program up. These people give back to the program. The people that you don't see here are those that choose to not give back. They're not actively involved in making the program better. These are the people that want to keep the program at the current level. If someone isn't going to come here that's going to improve the program, we don't want you.
Senator Garrity: Are you saying that you're just trying to preserve the program as it was?
xxx: Absolutely, I wouldn't recommend that anyone come here if the program changes.
xxx: This is my third year here. I'm an officer in the Aviation Club. I don't agree with the way things are going. I abstained from the vote yesterday because I felt like people were misinformed or not informed enough. The person who made the motion, I can recall being out at the airport a handfull of times this past year. People don't want to wait for someone else to come in. I feel that when people were making these decisions to oppose Thunderbird, they had only heard one side of the story. I had a meeting with the owner of Thunderbird and they were going to keep the same syllabus but the prices will change. I have a problem with interim planes coming in and it was stated that it was for flight team people only. That's only about 20 people. They talk about contaminating the flight instructors but I don't believe that just because you went to this school you should be a flight instructor. They should meet a certain standard for being a flight instructor. I'm not against John Roberts or the faculty. I don't think they should have been investigated just because they opposed Thunderbird. The faculty got me through this. Flight instructor rates in St. Cloud are outrageous. What Thunderbird would raise ours to would be fine compared to that. I feel that there's a time that you have to compromise and do something to get things to work. Students are going to transfer out because of all this anyway but something's got to change and be compromised.
xxx: The aircraft that were brought down were for the flight team to use. As of yesterday there was no flight team. There is a competition in a week and a half. Quality of instructors, the examiner that we take our multi exam with has a very high standard. So limiting the number of instructors would not really increase the quality.
xxxx: I came here for this program when Northstar was running it. They cooperated with the faculty and now Thunderbird might back out. So what will happen now? If they send out another RFP process, who's going to want to come here now ? I've heard that if the students don't get exactly what Northstar provided, they'll boycott them. After all of this, why not go to St. Cloud?

Wibben: I'm not an Aviation person. I am an Urban Studies major. I'm going to pass out some flyers. The Salvation Army shelter is in danger of shutting down. 100+ men will be homeless if it does. I'm hoping I can get some support on campus. On Oct 22nd, I'm going to try to get together students and have them wear a black t-shirt at night and Oct 23rd. And represent one of the numbers of men that would go homeless if the shelter shuts down. All it is someone wearing that t-shirt, carrying a can to collect money. If you raise $100 you get some stuff. If 155 students raise $100, that's half of the money that's needed to keep it open. An anonymous donor has agreed to meet the rest and that would be enough for the shelter to remain open.
Senator Peterson: how can we pass your word around?
Wibben: It's on the flyer.

Officer Reports

President Roger White Owl
I have the appointments for the Tech Roundtable: Tim Huebsch.
Senator Muggli objects and moves to not recognize Timothy Huebsch as an appointment to the Tech Roundtable.
Senator Pike: Mark Johnson comes and sits in and we're supposed to have a collection of students to represent the body and give it to Mark Johnson. From that, Mark Johnson compiles it and comes to us with goals asking for money.
Senator Muggli: I believe the senator was trying to explain what the tech roundtable was so that we do not have to postpone it.
Proxy Fortune: I would like a chance to speak to Vice President Shaffi and Tim Huebsch about his duties.
Motion fails.

Senator Muggli: I think it would be a conflict of interest because there is a close connection between Tim and Mark.
Senator Radtke: The Roundtable is just a discussion forum to bring ideas. There is no vote. Tim Huebsch happens to have experience in and out of the University.
Senator Tung: I think you should see Huebsch as a benefit because he has the most experience with technology.
Proxy Gaffer: Last time a vote came up with Tim Huebsch I was hasty and I would feel a lot better if we could hear from Tim himself to the question before us. I would like to make a motion to postpone this vote to the next meeting.
Senator Poole: I see no problem with having Tim Huebsch.
Senator Pike: Mark Johnson formulates his decisions based on this committee and if Tim is on it, he's always going to recommend what Mark Johnson wants. He's also on SAC.
Senator Muggli: I'm not questioning or attacking Tim's knowledge or ability it's just the fact that there's a conflict especially because he's on SAC.
Senator Mullin: Tim is a friend of mine and I know he's very knowledgeable but there is a large conflict between Tech committee and SAC.
Senator Poole: If SAC has control of whether or not we increase it I still see no problem with Tim being on it.
Senator Muggli: If I were to withdraw my motion, how would I be able to object to the appointments as a whole? We should not even be doing this because it is not in our constitution.
Speaker Noah: All motions on the floor are out of order.
Senator Muggli: My question that was brought before you about how I can object..
Speaker Noah: Let's just proceed. It's not an MSSA committee. He's just letting us know who's on Tech Committee. It's just something that exists, not sure how or where. We're just going to listen.

President White Owl: Also appointing to the Tech Roundtable is Senator Jason Reed.
To SAC, I appoint Terituis Fortune. That's about it. Friday, I went to Sisseton College. Come talk to me if you have any questions. I also got to speak at one of the Brown Bag lunches. The only comment I have to make to any of the senators here is that if anything comes up on the aviation issue, do not vote until you have heard both sides.
Senator Muggli: Could you explain your reasoning for appointing people to a committee that is not officially a MSSA committee?
President White Owl: For student voice.
Proxy Gaffer: Would it be fair to say then, that any student or student group that wishes to come to an official senate entity should be able to?
President White Owl: I would say so, yes. We are supposed to represent the students. Not just a section of students. We're here to hear all students.

Motion #10.10.03A Senator Muggli/Senator White
Whereas, there is a rumor that Thunderbird Aviation will blackball (that is, refuse to hire as instructors) aviation students who have spoken out against them, and

Wheareas, free speech should be preserved, and

Whereas, MSUM students should not feel threatened,

Move that the names of all students who speak on the topic of the Thunderbird Aviation controversy in student forum on 10/10/01 remain classified in all Senate records

Senator Pike: We should do this because we are not aware of the ramifications yet.
Senator Muggli: I'm unsure about this motion because they did come to a public meeting so these people weren't worried about having their name out there so I'm not sure if we should even have this motion.
Proxy Gaffer: I would move to postpone this motion until the next senate meeting.
Senator Radke: seconds, the original writer of the motion is not here and I would like to hear their thoughts on it.
Senator Dueser: Postponing it until next week would make it pointless since our minutes would become public before then.
Motion to postpone failed.
Senator Radtke: would this be retroactive to people who have come to other meetings?
Senator Garrity: Does this include other committees?
Senator Dueser: I move to amend the motion to strike fixed based operator and in...
Speaker Noah: out of order, would need to see a new motion
Senator Muggli: I object to the consideration of this motion.
Speaker Noah: that means that this is an inappropriate motion

SAC R#10.10.01A
SAC recommends to fund Amnesty International up to $135 to travel to St. Louis for their Regional Conference. Any unused funds must be returned to SAF.
SAC Chair Pike: Their regional conference -- 5 students going -- they're well below their $50 per student. It's a gathering where they can learn, discuss crisis management, etc. They're going to put on presentations to the whole MSU community.
Motion passes with two abstentions (Radtke, Dueser).

Speaker Noah: Motion on the floor to set up e-mail stations to facilitate communication
Proxy Gaffer: I object to this motion because as a coordinator I am working on getting this set up by tomorrow
Speaker Noah: This motion is too broad, it's out of order.

Speaker Rachel D. Noah
Speaker passes the gavel to Senator Garrity.
RSO recognitions.
Renewal for Phi Delta Theta. Approved.
Initial for Alpha Lambda Delta. Approved
I would like to thank Senator Menden, Weich and Guetter for attending orientation today. The office needs some help. We need people to help clean. CSU ops was supposed to give us a form but they didn't. We can get garbage bag liners there, and a vacuum. Our garbage dump is by the ISO office. There's a garbage can in the hallway. That's where we're supposed to be dumping it.
T-shirts: black is bad because the purple won't show up. They don't recommend it. I need people to pay now. The price is like $15-$25?? We need to pay 51% of it before we get our shirts. We can't use the credit card right now during the strike.
I got a phone call from someone in the City of Mankato. The city is re-districting itself and they're thinking about re-districting the college area and one of the dorms might be put into a different ward so one of the city clerks is especially interested in someone who is living on campus to work with the city on this. They're looking for a student. If anyone is interested in this, call Cheryl Lindquist 387-8607. She needs someone to call her ASAP.
I must say the following. Only two people have asked to be excused at 6pm. Unless they've been excused, they're absent. You need to be at the beginning and the end of the meetings otherwise you're absent. I'd like to commend every one of you for sticking through this meeting and it's very important that you're here representing your constituency.

Motion: Move Dueser/
Motion #10.10.03A Senator Muggli/Senator White
Whereas, there is a rumor that Thunderbird Aviation will blackball (that is, refuse to hire as instructors) aviation students who have spoken out against them, and

Wheareas, free speech should be preserved, and

Whereas, MSUM students should not feel threatened,

Move that the names of all students who speak on the topic of the Thunderbird Aviation controversy in student forum on 10/10/01 remain classified in all Senate records

Motion passes. Muggli Abstains

Senator Reports

Off-Campus Senator Joe Muggli
I've had contact with Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs Malcolm O'Sullivan re: the bike rack between Morris and Armstrong Hall so you don't have to dodge them. Like to thank all who supported fellow senators who were at the lip sync contest. I was the fool up there. Say thank you for the pone's in the jalepeno contest Teritius ate like eight , I only ate three. There's been a food drive going on, tomorrow's the last day. If you would bring canned food that would be great., Friday is the parade, we will be walking. Need to be lined up at 3 p.m. We have to figure out something we can all wear and make signs, etc., come talk to us so we have something to unify all of us. Sat is the football game, I believe there will be a lot of us there. Go down to impact to get these things [megaphones] it would be cool to have a lot of people there

College of Education Senator Menden
Met with the Dean of the College of Education to see how we could get more involved. I also have talked to Pat McKenzie and a few contacts of the other two aviation schools -- Minnesota Aviation and Minst and Muller so we could ask their input on it. He gave us most of what we already knew.
Senator Pike: You haven't been on the ad-hoc committee so could you give us your opinion if the committee is getting both or all sides of the issue? All sides with regards to students, faculty and interested parties.
Senator Menden: Yes I believe we are. We've talked to the faculty and known what their views are. The faculty already had opinions on Thunderbird before they came here. Dean Brandt hasn't really answered the questions we've asked her. I haven't talked to the president of MSU but to our knowledge, only two aviation clubs were coming here and other students still showed up so I think that the people we're hearing from are those that are concerned.

Undeclared Senator Stephanie White
Homcoming was such an excellent opportunity for senators to get involved and meet people. Gamma Phi girls were really excellent and supporting us last night. We made some good connections.
The table we had on Monday was disappointing. We didn't have a sign and I thought we had a sign up sheet. We should have used that more to get information out there.
The lip sync contest, Joe and Byron put a lot of work into it and we're talking about doing something next year and it would be really good if the whole senate did a lip sync. As far as cheering goes, I would be interested in getting a senate cheer. If anyone else is interested, let's contact some people from Gamma Phi about helping us with the cheer.
Proxy Gaffer: I would be more than happy to work with you on a cheer.
Senator Muggli: Could you give us an example of a cheer or yield to someone that knows how to give one of those cheers.
Senator Peterson: I was wondering if you could tell me why the senate is showing so much support for one sorority and not others?
Senator White: Gamma Phi was cheering for us but maybe I didn't hear the others if they were.
Senator Peterson: Could you tell me numbers of Gamma Phi that were there?
Senator White: I did not do a head count next time but I will next time.
Senator Dueser: Was the sorority you were referring to sitting really close to us and that might possibly be why they were able to show their support for us so clearly?
Senator White: I think maybe.

Off-Campus Senator Monica Klein
Senator White failed to announce that her and Byron did attend a meeting on Tuesday to let a large number of College of Business students know about the senate. Last Friday there was an aviation meeting. Saturday night Senator Muggli and I attended a women's hockey game. I would like to thank Coordinator Gaffer and senator Wiech for volunteering their time. We have the opportunity to get paid for doing this. When we stay in meetings so late like this, we might want some pizza or beverages. Fund raiser dollars could pay for it and student dollars should not. We need 15 people to be ushers at basketball games. If we don't pull through and don't have enough people we don't get to do it again. There are two hockey games (weekend of 19th and 20th and 2nd and 3rd) that we need volunteers for. Joe and I sold tickets last night and it was easy. Senator Weich worked in the penalty box. Coordinator gaffer worked in the stats booth. Wacky Olympics was great. We would have tied with the Newman Center had we been able to earn points. SAC meeting this morning, went well. I would recommend telling all of your constituents to pick up after themselves. Midnight madness is this coming Sunday. You do need to be there to win. The first 1,000 people will get a coupon for pepsi. The first 500 people will get a t-shirt. Gift certificates and stuff to be given away. Four concert tickets to see Britney Spears in Las Vegas at the MGM grand. Senator Muggli and Senator Pike will be the honorary slam dunk judges. Senator Beisanz would like to announce that he's having a party at 128 Liberty St on Friday night Some Honors and Poli Sci classes are going to Italy for spring break. Because you're traveling abroad you can get more financial aid for it and college credit for it. Bring canned food tomorrow.
Senator Pike: You've been getting quite involved with senate activities and other activities, do you think it's beneficial?
Senator Klein: yes! It should be mandatory for senators.

McElroy Senator Adam Poole
I'm glad to see all of you guys participating. So many more people will see us. More people will want to be on student senate. I want to see everyone at the parade. My frat is in it.
Senator Pike: What is your opinion on student senate using fundraising?
Poole: I think it would be a good idea. If you go talk to Jason or someone else, there's a lot of fundraisers that you can get involved in. One we're looking at for my frat is working at the Excel energy center. You have to do 8 of them. Half the people have to show up

Coordinator Reports

Intergovernmental Coordinator, Rhys Gaffer, Chair
I received a letter from the College Democrats that there will be a meeting at St. Olaf. See me for more information. I was approached by Professor Kunkel to solicit any senators to get that organization going. There will be a work session at the Intergovernmental Center. Bob Fryberg is concerned with the city's contract with Northstar and it will be on the agenda for Monday night's discussion. Anyone interested should be there at 6pm at the Intergovernmental Center on Monday night.

Committee Reports

Student Union Board, Rhys Gaffer, Chair
Regarding the resolution that senate brought to the Student Union board, we discussed it at the meeting we had yesterday and I have our Vice Chair working on going around checking to see where the MSSA senate is missing off of the directories and boards. She will make a report to me next Tuesday and I will have an answer for you next Wednesday for the answer to that. We're having a few problems with some of the appointments that were made. We do have a new person who showed up on Tuesday and since Vice President Shaffi was not here she couldn't get appointed. I anticipate another seat on Wednesday and she would need to be appointed. We've had four meetings and only half have had quorum. We need proxies and people who know what's going on. Anything happening in the Student Union can be addressed to me
Senator Reed: What time are the Student Union Board meetings?
Gaffer: Tuesdays 3:30-4:30

Parking Advisory Committee, Rhys Gaffer, MSSA Member
I realize that I have been appointed to this board and I anticipate that the next meeting will be Friday. It depends on how things will be for the strike. We need an on-campus senator at the meeting. I would normally vote the way an on campus senator would vote. We need to have student representation on the advisory board. They're still meeting on Tuesdays in the mornings if you know any students interested,
Senator Pike: I guess there's been some studies done and those 15 passenger vans are susceptible to tipping over when full. Have you heard anything about what's going on with that?
Coordinator Gaffer: That has been brought up. Some concerns regarding that and insurance. And that it's not handicap accessible. At this point in order to get some official notification what the liability/insurance is, it would be a good thing to do. I can bring it up again but it would help if we could have some people from student services too.
Senator Peterson: A student in my area has complained that the same vehicle is parked in an area where they are not supposed to be. What can they do?
Coordinator Gaffer: Yes, they should go talk to Security.
Seantor Peterson: The student has tried to do this a number of times, what else can they do?
Coordinator Gaffer: Let's you and I get together after this meeting.


Speaker Noah: Fundraiser seems to be a great idea and we should go for it. Take the initiative to do it
Senator Muggli: I believe there will be a drag show on Thursday at 7pm.
Senator Radtke: There is also a homecoming out dance put on the next night Friday at 8pm.


Roll Call

Senators Present
Byron Pike, Matt Osmondson, Richard Dueser, Brian Mullin, Jayson Read, Kattie Garriety, Dan Peskorz-proxy Rhys Gaffer, Stephanie White, Ashley Guetter, Omni Peterson, Adam Poole, Mikel Akers-proxy Jessica boyd, Monica Klein, Joe Muggli, Ian Radtke, Cassendra Lindenmeyer
Senators Absent
Rachael Horne, Parrish Jones, Ryan Austad, Jacob Helgeson, Jason Casey, Zac Biesanz, James Tung
Executive Staff Absent
President Roger White Owl, Vice President Uzair Shaffi