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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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69th MSSA Senate
October 24, 2001 Minutes

Meeting called to order at 4:07 P.M. by Speaker Rachael D. Noah

Roll Call (Present-Absent-Proxy-Excused)

Senators Present

Daniela Rumpf 10-0-0, Byron Pike 10-0-0, Beenish Malhi 5-0-0-1, Rachael Horne 9-1-0, Andrew Menden 6-0-0, Matt Osmondson 7-2-0, Richard Dueser 6-0-0, Brian Mullin 10-0-0, Jayson Read 10-0-0, Katie Garrity 10-0-0, Parrish Jones 9-1-0, Dan Peskorz –proxy Rhys Gaffer, 5-3-2, Ryan Austad 5-1-0, Stephanie White 10-0-0, Ashley Guetter 6-0-0, Jacob Helgeson 4-4-0-2, Adam Poole 9-0-0-1, Mikel Akers 10-0-0, Jason Casey 8-1-1, Monica Klein 9-0-1, Joe Muggli 10-0-0, Stacy Wiech 6-0-0, Ian Radtke 10-0-0, Zach Biesanz 6-0-0, James Tung 10-0-0

Senators Absent

Omni Peterson 4-1-0

Executive Staff Present

President Roger White Owl, Vice President Uzair Shaffi

Approval of Agenda Agenda approved

Student Forum

Kenan Stafford-Here as student addressing concerns. I am responsible and not guilty of actions addressed.


Fr. Jeff Ethen, Alumnus

Madam Gavel Barrier, class of 1980. Here to speak to classes and community of experience at ground zero. Was on the 110th floor of the World Trade Tower, stayed and counseled individuals in hospital. Realized how important campus life is for an individual. Students are responsible for budgets etc. As a MSU student, I was involved in putting out marker in front of Morris Hall. Every generation has its concerns. Lived in Gage B 1021. Became friends with eight students while at MSU. They are still in touch and have fond memories.

Senator Pike-Is there anything you know of that we can do for New York?

Fr. Ethen-The local groups are being very generous, but we need to step in and help there.

Coordinator Gaffer-Thank you for your input in our Media class.

Carol Jensen, MSU Security

Services offered by Security, encourage constituents to use our services. Patrol officers

on foot-escort service. MSU Security also uses outside agencies including the Mankato Police. Security has 14 emergency phones on campus. They monitor camera system. Monitor fire and weather systems. Have emergency medical technicians that can give referrals-can take care of many things on site. Equipped with oxygen and are capable of handling serious medical emergencies. Parking officers are students. They perform a service to permit holders. They can unlock and jump start cars. Security offers education courses and many different areas of crime prevention training and getting word out to campus on personal safety precautions. MSU Security has a personal safety hotline. Lost and found items kept for 6 months. Partners in Safety brochure is required by Federal Law, it contains statistical information. Numbers are policy driven. When looking at statistical information it is important to ask, "what is the policy of handling situations?"

Coordinator Gaffer-What is your office doing about traffic and safety along Warren and Monks? There was talk of working with city on traffic lights. Could students work on this?

Ms. Jensen-More then willing to work with students and have been working with city.

Senator Muggli-Where is lost and found?

Ms. Jensen-222 Weicking Center or you can call.

Senator Casey-Can you use 911 for lock out service?

Ms. Jensen-Use emergency phones, not 911.

Senator Helgeson-Last year there were many car windows broken and 14 burglaries, has this become less?

Ms. Jensen-Property damage far out-weighs burglaries. Camera system has helped.

Students can do things to help themselves be protected. Keep your vehicle cleaned out,

lock doors and windows. In the Spring car stereos are loud-be aware of this, where you

park etc.

Senator Read-Escorts-Do escorts go off campus?

Ms. Jensen-Do not go down the hill-but do go to Monks Ave.

Senator Biesanz-Is Night Owl part of Security?

Ms. Jensen-Night Owl is not part of security, they are hired by Residential Life, but after building is closed Security does patrol.

Senator Biesanz-Does Security have the right to replace a Night Owl?

Ms. Jensen-They would try many staff members before they would make decision to release Night Owl.

Senator Garrity-If you have your car broken in should you call Security?

Ms. Jensen-Yes call Security, this is important for insurance reasons.

Coordinator Gaffer-Do you know what Res Life is doing regarding only one phone line?

Ms. Jensen-Provide Backbone phone system-can communicate if lines are tied up.

Don Amiot, Athletic Director, Tim Marshall, Assistant Athletic Director

On behalf of the 550+ athletes we want to thank you and give you the State of Athletics.

Tim Marshall has developed and administers the financial numbers concerning overall

Mr. Marshall-M&E is what is allocated by the State. Two major things funded are office supplies, office staff, insurance, athletic training. There was a decrease because of 10% reduction in M&E dollars because of overall budget situation. Holding out hope that they will receive equipment allocation.

M&E Salary –All support staff, coaches, GA’s, Sports Information, Training Staff, and Administration. Also funding salaries on soft dollars.

26 different cost centers.

SAF budget is $770,600 plus $19,400-additional funding for Colorado trips etc., also uniform rotation-every three years. Makes up a one time funding.

Fundraising Accounts-Over 1 million raised to supplement SAF allocation for officials, maintenance costs, equipment, security, ambulance, student groups that assist with ushering etc., medical personnel. Fundraising Accounts is what scholarships are funded out of. This is raised outside of SAF funding. Athletes contribute over 4 million in tuition and fees. Less than 2% are on a full ride. They are students first, athletics is not the main source of their ability to stay in school. Must carry 12 credits. Must maintain a 2.00 GPA, average for athletes is now over 3.00. Coaches work very hard to make that happen. Athletes have over 20 hours a week of training outside of performances plus community projects. Hockey is pulling their own weight and continue to contribute

an equal amount of women’s scholarships.

26,000 students have attended events in 2000-2001 for free-this number is growing. Students are showing support for football, Moonlight Madness, hockey etc. If you have questions-moving in to new offices tomorrow.

Proxy Gaffer-How did you turn around deficit?

Mr. Amiot-Made sure they did not overspend. Increase in gifts and fundraising. Corey

Springer’s death caused reevaluation in cases of emergencies. Have some challenges,

but have eliminated many deficits-coaches are responsible for their budgets and fundraising.

Senator Pike-What major request might you be asking for or need?

Mr. Amiot-Hope to run the budget so as to make only inflationary request. Feel program is running well, yet there is still a need for a Strength and Conditioning Coach. We are the only school in the conference that does not have this position. All athletes want to be faster and stronger. With status of budgets it will be difficult to receive this-will again ask for this position-maybe not all of it. This is a great investment. This will service all athletes. Also one time allocation for Colorado trips etc. Recognize that this body is attending football games, volleyball and other events. Athletes and coaches appreciate this support.

Senator Helgeson-Will this position be for everyone?

Mr.Amiot-Yes, it will be for all student athletes.

Senator Biesanz-Is this for just student athletes?

Mr. Amiot-I am sure we could negotiate-the fieldhouse is a huge area-we should have room. Student athletes have the area from 2-6 for training time. There might be a time to meet student needs.

Senator Helgeson-Is the weight room-open to the public?

Mr. Amiot-No, for student athletes only. You have done a nice job of supporting the student fitness center; it is equipped with great equipment.

Proxy Gaffer-How do you see this position being helpful in competing?

Mr. Amiot-To compete you have to be able to attract students; every school has a Strength & Conditioning coach. If you can offer this so athletes are quicker and stronger you can attract more students and be more competitive.

Senator Pike-Does surplus go to scholarships or endowment or where?

Mr. Amiot-That is our cushion, $30 thousand is gone-we will put it back in endowment to student athletes also committed to gender equity, will spend identical money on men and women. Currently we are next to the bottom in talent grants for football. We want to fund program at maximum for NCAA and WCHA

Approval of Minutes (10/17/01) Minutes approved

Officer Reports

President Roger White Owl

Appointments: Academic Affairs-Richard Deuser, Andrew Menden, Stacy Weich

Parking Advisory-Abby Tritabaugh, Student Services-Stacy Weich, Graduate Sub Meet & Confer-Matt Osmondson, Rick Deuser, Budget Sub Meet & Confer-Uzair Shaffi, Ensuring Cultural Diversity, Nancy Onenga, University Legislative Affairs-Teritius Fortune, Planning Sub Meet & Confer-Tim Huebsch

Judicial Board-Natalie Koel, Joshua Ward, Rachel D. Noah, William Roll, Ian Radkte, Joshua Jackson, Ryan Austad, Rhys Gaffer, Jason Casey, Fan Fan Han

Senator Pike-Motion to not appoint Stacy Weich to Student Services at this time.

Senator Mullin-Who is the Academic Affairs Coordinator?

President White Owl-Her job description states that she attend Academic Affairs and she

is a student services senator, this should allow her to go back and forth. She is capable of that.

Senator Akers-As Chair of Student Services we have discussed this and it is ok for her to go back and forth.

Senator Deuser-A senator can not be on a committee that they can not attend. She should

not be on both.

Senator Muggli-We should appoint her and then decide which she should attend.

Senator Weich-There is precedence on floating between committees.

President White Owl-This is a presidential appointment not a committee appointment.

Appointment approved

When we go to MSUSA we will be attending the Penny Fellowship Dinner. We’ll be introducing the Minnesota State chair person. In Tuesday’s Free Press regarding the city council meeting discussion on alcohol issue-Coordinator Gaffer was the students voice. He did an outstanding job and motion passed was in favor of students. Rhys is a rare person, he enjoys attending the council meetings.

I received a thank you from Todd Pfingsten in Sports Recreation thanking the senate for forgiving the loan, Coordinator Muggli worked on this and we should thank Coordinator Muggli for his time on this. Coordinators have been working very hard.

State of student government-have heard concerns regarding Coordinators, have taken appropriate action and spoken to individuals. Does anyone have questions?

Senator Pike-I have heard concerns regarding a coordinator and Women’s Center and LGBC-has anything been done to strengthen these relations?

President White Owl-Spoke to the coordinator and other coordinators we are working

on apology letter to organizations. He understands that his actions were not appropriate.

Proxy Gaffer-In regards to the apology letter-what happens to student groups that are

reluctant to work with him?

President White Owl-I don’t know how they will react. If that happens I will meet with the organizations and work with them.

Senator Pike-If this arises again-what are you planning on doing next if this a continued


President White Owl-I feel he now understands protocol better. I don’t think we need to

punish coordinators. This position is for a semester-if this is an ongoing matter we

will come to that decision and then deal with it.

Proxy Gaffer-President White Owl, are you saying that you would take advice

from the coordinators?

President White Owl-I think coordinators are professional and I have the utmost

faith in them.

Senator Dueser-In the event that your coordinator has failed to establish an open

relationship-are you capable of removing him before the end of the semester?

President White Owl-I would like to meet with persons of other organizations that have been offended. At this point everything is hypothetical. As for him not working with

other cultural groups-we can’t work with everyone.

Senator Dueser-Are you capable of removing him before the end of the semester?

President White Owl-Yes, I will remove him if necessary. Everyone does deserve a second chance.

Senator Garrity-Is is not true that coordinators need to establish a working relationship

and get along with all groups?

President White Owl-Yes, he needs to get along with all groups, but maybe they don’t want to work with him. I have no control over other organizations.

Senator Garrity - Wouldn’t that make him less effective if some groups did not want

to work with them?

President White Owl-Kenan is professional and can work with other groups.

Senator White-What are good communication skills?

President White Owl-Person should be able to talk on a professional level.

Proxy Gaffer-In regards to the senate and any coordinator subject to a petition of removal- what would you recommend?

President White Owl-Would take all recommendations under consideration, would make my recommendation.

Proxy Gaffer-How do you characterize check and balance in regard to senate and

coordinators? How do you define constitution of student association in regard to check and balance. How do you see your role as executer?

President White Owl-If senate feels there is a bad decision, they have that right, they

should investigate thoroughly and then make decision.

At coordinator meeting, I was told that there is a rift between senate and staff. If so I apologize, our major issue should be student government. I open the floor to any questions or concerns.

Senator Dueser-Did you hear there is a rift or what is it?

President White Owl-To my knowledge this is new to me. I can say this-the mood has

changed in the office, I apologize.

Senator Klein-Is there a lack of communication between senate and executive staff?

President White Owl-Maybe a lack of communication, but no one has told me that. I have offered an open office all year, very few have done that. Office is always open, also

coordinators are always available for discussion.

Senator Pike-Move to committee as a whole

Proxy Gaffer-Amend to move to committee as a whole for 20 minutes.

(Discussion off the record)

President White Owl-MSUSA this weekend.

Senator Pike-What is the procedure for attending MSUSA?

President White Owl-Approached individuals for their interests. Two open spots-just

approached senators that we thought might want to go. Next conference-we can take

more, if you are interested, please let me know.

Senator Pike-Can I go to Meet & Confer?

President White Owl-I did ask if there was anyone that had questions or wanted to go.

Vice President Shaffi (moved on agenda)

Senators—A few haven’t turned in their committee applications. Going to MSUSA this weekend if any of you have seen the agenda we’re going to be discussing Intellectual Property and student involvement.

Senator Muggli-Has Jessica Boyd moved any closer to being appointed to a committee?

Vice President Shaffi-I’d like to explain that before last week she had an application in for only one committee and she is being considered. I only recommend and not appoint.

Speaker Noah-Well I think there is a seat for CSET on the Student Technical Round and since Jessica is from that college she should be appointed to it.

Vice President Shaffi-I’d like to encourage all of you to talk to Tim about Student Technology Roundtable.

Speaker Rachel D. Noah


Initial recognition:

MSU, Mankato Food and Nutrition Club, Construction Management Student Association, Sociology Society, Nepali Student Community, Golden Key International Honors Society, MSU Chess Club

Speaker Noah: President While Owl brought this up earlier, thank you from Todd Pfingsten. Senator Klein has approached me about doing some fund raising and she wants the senate to have a small slush fund for pizza parties. We could volunteer at some basketball games.

There are four senators who have not yet had orientation. Night orientation.

The schedules are out. I have been very lenient with people leaving but it’s not an excused absence if you do not have a proxy. I understand that academics come first but if you need to take a night class resign your senator position if you have to. Or, find a proxy every week. You were elected, not your proxy.

Roger, I liked your comment about being your own unit. Your military comments. I liked that.

There are many search committees out there that need representation so talk to your constituencies please. Let them know that there are committees that need people.

Proxy Gaffer-I’m wondering how the speaker keeps track of senators performing their additional 2 hours. How do you track that?

Speaker-I do have a pretty good idea. People who have not been able to come in have said something and that’s great. Looking around I recognize most faces in the office. At this time I think we’re doing very well. No, I’m not keeping track.

Senator Muggli-It was recently brought to my attention that we as senators have not updated our Bylaws and Constitution. You being the sole interpreter, how do we get that updated?

Speaker- over a year ago there was a change in the senate that did not get changed really but we’re working on it. There is no academic advisory committee.

Proxy Gaffer: I hear what you said about the Bylaws and there’s also something that needs to be cleared up with the election part too.

Proxy Gaffer-Have you considered contacting some of the RSO’s like the Pre-law club and perhaps they’d be interested in doing that.

Speaker-No, I have not. That’s a great idea though.

Coordinator Reports

Terituis D. Fortune, Legislative Affairs

It’s come to my attention that some people are wondering what I do so I’ve decided to give a short report. I’ve investigated racial profiling on campus. I was told that there was a Law Enforcement course that taught racial profiling. It was not actually this, it was racial sensitivity. Next, the Bush administration has spoken to financial institutions to hold financial responsibility for those that have been affected by the Sept 11th attacks and also they’ve asked that institutions of higher learning should be more lenient on military personnel in the form of monetary compensation and returning to school.

Proxy Gaffer: Are you keeping up with the state regarding some of the revenue bonding going before some of the committees right now?

Coordinator Fortune-I’m still corresponding with President White Owl on that.

Kenan Stafford, Cultural Diversity

I will not be attending the MSUSA conference in Minneapolis.

I am trying to revive the multicultural affairs committee. Office of Cultural Affairs is planning a diversity night. There has not been a time that I was able to meet with them.

Affirmative Action- I’ll be looking at where they’re at with Dean searches and with the university presidential search.

I am working with the LGBC on the safe zone program, for sensitivity training.

Working with Women’s Center-Men against rape. I want to help promote this. I’ve been to a few meetings and they seem to be really helpful.

Proxy Gaffer-Will you be going on the MSUSA this coming weekend?

Coordinator Stafford-No.

Proxy Gaffer-So the report you’re giving will go up with the group?

Coordinator Stafford-Yes.

Senator White-A lot of the information that has gone around the office in regard to the LGBC and Sage. Could you inform us about this?

Coordinator Stafford-I am taking questions on my report only.

Senator Dueser-Have you attended the Safe Zone sensitivity training?

Coordinator Stafford-I will be attending.

C. Rhys Gaffer, Intergovernmental Affairs (see written report)

Senator Poole: When is the city council meeting?

Coordinator Gaffer-Every other Monday, a city work session meeting one Monday and a council meeting the next Monday. Council Meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month and Work sessions on the 2nd and 4th.

Senator Poole: What time?

Coordinator Gaffer-Work sessions are at 6pm and council meetings are at 7pm.

Senator Austed-When you say that Jack Consedine is not student friendly, what do you mean by that?

Coordinator Gaffer-I think he sees us off-campus students as a bother and not as responsible. The weight that he would have on an issue when someone approached him would be lenient on a city resident.

Senator Peterson-You mentioned a residence hall, which one would be redistricted?

Coordinator Gaffer-From my understanding, and this is from the rumor mill, it’s Gage. Not official.

Academic Affairs, Stacy Wiech

As I told President White Owl last Friday the contract is signed and the strike’s over and my job is done. Kidding. Some issues I’m bringing up to MSUSA this weekend is the aviation situation and how it’s being handled, our stance on the Intellectual Property. I have a lot of things right now that are just questions that I know people are looking for answers or suggestions on. In certain departments books become obsolete very quickly, looking into if they can be rented instead of purchased. As the Academic Affairs coordinator there are some aspects of academics that I don’t know about. One is the Honors Program. Metro State University has asked how to start an Honors Program so I have been taking a lot of time to figure this out for my own benefit in case we have anyone come into the office here about our Honors Program.

Proxy Gaffer-I was wondering what the status is on the graduate students who did the report on getting the syllabi?

Coordinator Wiech-It’s in committee.

Committee Reports

Aviation Ad Hoc Committee

Chair Dueser-My area of the aviation controversy that I’ve been looking into is student involvement in the decision making process which is guaranteed to us by Minnesota State policy. The first thing that we need to determine is where are they now? How do they feel now that this contract is signed? Is it over? In my dealings with the aviation students, this is not the approach they are taking. They still have issues with the contract. The students are interested in seeing if there are any options open to them. Students are looking whether or not there is a 30-60 day pull out policy.

Also, what will happen in 5 years when the contract is over? If there is an Aviation program left. What can happen to prevent all of this from happening again?

The process of answering these questions like, "Was student involvement ensured or ignored?" these are questions that we’re perusing now and we have an open dialogue with the administration and we are getting answers. When we have gathered all of our answers we will certainly come and tell you. One thing they have told us is that they believed that the student’s vote was wishy-washy and ignored.

Dean Brandt told us shortly before the contract was signed that there was no consideration that Thunderbird would get a 3 year contract and not a 5 year contract. This turned out to be totally untrue. They signed a contract that was for 5 years.

Further research can be done to find out if it is final. What can be done to get out of the contract, things like that. On the topic of the silent majority among the Aviation students, the people who came forward to make the statement that they wanted to fly right away tended to be those who worked out at the airport and were not getting a paycheck because they weren’t working. We have tried to find this silent majority among other students and cannot find it. So it must be not only silent but also invisible.

Part of the contract says that Aviation students are forbidden from earning flight lab credits from anywhere besides here. This is new, our students had previously enjoyed being able to fly in other locations. This policy is actually in violation of Minnesota State policy. What I have here are some clips from Minnesota State policy. Minnesota State policy states that the university must decide itself whether or not to accept transfer credits and that students can appeal decisions. The contract violates both of these.

Senator Pike-I’ve been having e-mail conversation with Charles Anderson on a daily basis in regards to the RFP. We’ve been talking about the time limit on it. We’ve heard that Minst & Muler wanted a longer contract and that’s one of the reasons they backed out. He said that he’s more than willing to give the information that Minst and Muler gave them. We’ve also been in contact with Minst and Muler through e-mail and we want to set up a conference call. We’re also contacting Minnesota Aviation. We’re trying to figure out what was offered to who and all the details of the relationships and everything. As for Aviation students, I’ve been corresponding with 5 of them and they’re getting some alumni to come down to help to organize a boycott.

Chair Dueser-Some of the things that were brought to the committee were prices, multi-engine planes, flight instruction, space at the airport – are they going to be shoved into a back corner out of the way. We’re trying to investigate what the dealings were in contract negotiations. Earl Cummings wrote that all will be revealed when the contract comes out. Dean Brandt also said that it would be clearly favorable to the students and now the contract is out and it is not clear to us.

Senator Pike-I’ve talked to Joanne Brandt about her supposed lying to us. She claims that she was confused because it had gone back and forth, but in my opinion she did lie to us.

Chair Dueser-She was one of the two people who was supposed to know what was in that contract.

Proxy Gaffer-I move to allow the ad-hoc committee 5 additional minutes

Speaker-I have a motion before me – Aviation flight lab credit transfer.

R#10.24.01A Senator Dueser/Senator Pike

Whereas: Minnesota State University, Mankato aviation students enjoy the opportunity to earn and transfer Flight Lab credits from other Minnesota State institutions and qualified aviation providers and,

Whereas: the opportunity to transfer Flight lab credits from other qualified aviation providers is a major recruiting tactic which greatly benefits our aviation program and,

Whereas: students who have earned undergraduate credits are guaranteed that their credits will be considered for transfer according to Minnesota State Policy 3.21, Part 3 Sub-part 1B and,

Whereas: students are guaranteed the right to appeal transfer of credit decisions according to Minnesota State Policy 3.21, Part 2 and,

Whereas: students are guaranteed that credit for comparable or equivalent courses will be transferable from other Minnesota State institutions according to Minnesota State Policy 3.21, Part 3, Sub-part 3 and,

Whereas: the MSU,M contract with Mankato Aviation (Thunderbird), part X, states that

the university will not accept Flight Lab credits from any other aviation provider, so be it,

Resolved: that the MSSA Senate requests that the appropriate Minnesota State staff review the contract to determine if it’s language is in violation of Minnesota State Policy

Senator Dueser-I would like to say that this is a timely motion because the contract was signed in the last week and a half and that Minnesota State should be made aware of our concerns and this is the time when they should review it.

Senator Pike-This is very important since many of the students who even spoke in favor of Thunderbird were transfer students. Something needs to be done.

Senator Casey-I read the contract and I believe the part what you’re referring to said that MSU,M would not let anyone receive flight instruction anywhere but the Mankato Airport, not that it would not accept credits from elsewhere.

Senator Dueser-The language in the contract states that it will not accept flight labs from any other institution.

Senator Read-From what I read about the Minnesota State policy, it seems that what they’re insinuating is transferring credits from other educational institutions and I think the contract is talking about flight providers. I don’t see this as being the same thing. Is it?

Senator Dueser-What the provider provides is kind of like a lab that goes with a science course where the lab also does have credit attached to it. Instead of having your lab being taught by a graduate assistant, the lab is being taught by flight instructors out of the university and it is still part of the educational institution.

Senator Muggli-I believe this is going to go to the Minnesota State staff to look at it. But has the resources at the university been exhausted? Dr. Healy has been very very open.

Senator Dueser- Yes our resources here have been exhausted. This line in the contract was not in the previous drafts of the contract. It only appeared in the final signed contract. Since it’s already been signed, we can’t go to the university and ask them about it. But Minnesota State also has to review the contract and approve it so we still can go to Minnesota State about it.

Senator Muggli-I’m not sure if we should bring this to Minnesota State because it could null the contract. I believe that this question can be answered by people at this university and it should be brought to them first.

Proxy Gaffer-I believe I understand the intent of the motion, however, my question is in regards to what Senator Muggli is talking about. I concur with what he’s talking about but for slightly different reasons. The motion talks about Minnesota State institutions and I wonder if there has been enough consideration given to what we’re talking about, the provider—Thunderbird—they’re not part of the Minnesota State system. I believe there would be some issue about does Minnesota State truly have the power since they aren’t part of the system?

Senator Pike-Even though it is outsourced to Thunderbird, the credits are still from our university. It would be like renting a lab or going on a trip, your credits still come from MSU. They’re providing a service for us and still going through the university. Not done without the university.

Senator Dueser-We have a contractual agreement with Thunderbird and we’re using our money to pay Thunderbird for them to provide these services. Minnesota State will know who is qualified to make the decision.

Senator Garrity-By passing this motion, we’re just saying the correct people should look into the policy and whether or not the contract is in violation.

Senator Muggli-I still have to emphasize my point that I believe that this should not be going directly up to Minnesota State. I think someone in this university can answer this question. So I still do not support this motion.

Senator Dueser-The faculty raised this issue with the administration right away. There’s nothing left to do with contacting the university.

Roll Call Vote

Senators Voting Yes

Byron Pike, Rachael Horne, Matt Osmondson, Richard Dueser, Brian Mullin, Jayson Read, Katie Garrity, Ryan Austad, Ashley Guetter, Omni Peterson, Adam Poole, Ian Radtke, James Tung, Zach Biesanz, Cassandra Linkenmeyer

Senators Voting No

Stephanie White, Jason Casey, Joe Muggli, Stacy Wiech

Senators Abstaining

Dan Peskorz-Proxy Gaffer

Executive Staff Abstaining

President Roger White Owl

Motion passes.

SAC-Byron Pike

Everybody needs to cheer up a little. Give me a big smile back. Policy changes. It’s been on the board for two weeks. Basically it’s changing the language for audits for different organizations. We’re going to turn them into "program inquiries." Dr. Healy has to sign off on an audit. The other change we’re making is line item changes. LGBC became a line item last year. What we’re doing is grandfathering in everything that was a line item already. Basically it’ll take 10% student body to get a line item added. The third change we have is a clarification. If somebody gets money from SAC and doesn’t use it all, they have to return it.

Senator Muggli-Could you explain the reasoning why you would want the money returned to the SAF fund? Wouldn’t that encourage them to spend it all.

Chair Pike-I’ve never seen anyone return money but I think that if we state that they have to return the money, they will see that and think about it.

Senator Tung-Can you explain more on the audit?

Chair Pike-it says that we’re supposed to have an audit every year and it hasn’t been done in 10 years. We’re saying we don’t need to do periodic audits, we should just be able to bring concerns to who is in charge of their budget.

Proxy Gaffer-When was this new policy approved?

Chair Pike-Two weeks ago and also last year.

Senator Tung-With this new change can you audit Student Events Team?

Chair Pike-I have been taking questions for Student Events Team. I would like to know what their food budget is and for their t-shirts and jackets. I have very good relationship with all of the budget people on each line item.

Senator Dueser-Since SAC recommends the dollar amount to the senate, wouldn’t it seem fair and reasonable that people provide us a breakdown on their spending?
Chair Pike-I’ve had meetings with each of the budget people and they have given me a breakdown. They have been reasonable.

Sac Chair Pike


Move that the senate approves the new language and policy submissions from SAC.

Proxy Gaffer -I disagree with some of the language in the policy.

Motion will be considered.

Proxy Gaffer-I think it’s a terrible burden to put on an organization to have them get a 10% student vote. If this had been in existence last year LGBC would not have been a line item.

Senator Muggli-I don’t approve of this motion because the SAC chair said himself that no one has read this motion. Since this is not a critical motion, it would be beneficial to us to have an extra week.

Senator Dueser-Since the presence of this motion has been announced in senate for two weeks, ignorance on behalf of the senators is not a reason to not vote. I personally find that requiring 10% of the student body is not realistic or appropriate. This is the time to discuss it.

Senator Klein-It seems to me that the senate is working against its own committees. I agree that we need to trust people that are on our committees. 10% is difficult and we don’t want to exclude anyone but the point is what we were thinking immediately is that once someone is a line item, you can’t take them off. We’re constantly thinking about student dollars. I don’t think putting this up for another week would change anything.

Senator Pike-I agree since I’ve given everyone two weeks to read this over. Yes, we want to make it difficult to make a line item. Students don’t give a crap what we’re doing but I’ve talked to students and they’re overwhelmed by the fees. If somebody comes before SAC with 10% then SAC would not vote on it, but it would go directly to the senate.

Proxy Gaffer-I hear what you said Senator Klein and I understand that it’s hard to have that kind of a far reaching thought. I was trying to demonstrate that 10% is too high. I believe that if it were cut in half, it would be reasonable but 10% is too high. That needs work.

Senator Dueser-I also think that 10% is too high a burden to place on any legislation, even changing our own constitution. I would encourage Rhys to move to amend to 5% if he feels like doing that.

Senator Muggli-I can’t support this motion right now because .. yield.

Senator Austad-I think that something else needs to be discussed. A point is not getting across. Whether or not you have 5% or 1% or 10%, somewhere something is not getting across here. I’m still vague. Normally I would trust the committees but I think that more discussion needs to be made about this.

Senator Read-Point of Information—is this motion from committee? Can it be amended by the senate?

Speaker Noah-It can be amended.

Proxy Gaffer-I’m a little disappointed as committee members these types of policy changes aren’t read out in full during reports when there are changes.

Senator Poole-What is a line item?

Speaker Noah-A line item is a line on a budget. If you’re on the budget list you get money from SAF.

Senator Dueser-What is the current requirement to become a line item?

Speaker Noah-You go to SAC, SAC makes a recommendation to senate and senate votes on it.

Senator Weich-What did the committee find wrong with the current SAC policy?

Senator Pike-The flight team has been trying at least the last four or five years to become a line item. We already fund them for their travel. That’s sufficient. As soon as we make them a line item, we have no clue what they’re asking for. Everybody pads their budget and it’s really bad. Once you’re on as a line item, nobody questions why. The Minnesota River Review has been a line item and last year nobody spoke in favor of them but we still gave them money.

Senator Pike-I move to refer this to SAC committee because nobody knows what’s going on.

Seconded by Senator Casey.

Senator Dueser-What is SAC going to do? Vote to support a motion they already voted on?

Senator Pike-I can talk to SAC about the changes and the problems senate is having with it and talk to everyone about it too.

Senator Mullin-I agree with this motion.

Senator Radtke-I also agree with sending this back to SAC so that more people can get information.

Motion passes one abstention.

R#10.24.01B Senator Dueser/Senator Pike

Whereas: MSSA senators have heard allegations that Mankato Aviation (Thunderbird Aviation) has threatened students who complain about Mankato Aviation with the retaliation in the form of "blacklisting" that is to prevent complaining students from becoming flight instructors regardless of their individual qualifications and

Whereas: Mankato Aviation (Thunderbird Aviation) is now a third party contracted provider of flight school services for Minnesota State University, Mankato,

Whereas: Students’ right to complain about any college or university issue is guaranteed by Minnesota State Policy 3.8, Part 4 and,

Whereas: Students are guaranteed that no retaliation of any kind shall be taken against a student for participation in a complaint or grievance according t Minnesota State Policy 3.8, Part 2 and,

Resolved: The MSSA senate requests that the MSU,M administration forward a request to Mankato Aviation (Thunderbird Aviation) that a policy guaranteeing that "no retaliation of any kind shall be taken against a student for participation in a complaint or grievance" be incorporated into their corporate policies and employee policies.

Senator Dueser-This motion is to say that we want Thunderbird to put into their employee policy that they will not retaliate against students for complaining against them. We had students testify in the open forum and documented evidence that threats had been made and we have seen these. A terrible thing is happening on this campus. Students are afraid to speak their minds because they’re afraid that Thunderbird is going to blacklist them if they speak their minds. In order for truth to be determined, students must be able to speak their minds.

Senator Pike-We’ve seen documentation and heard all kinds of rumors. There is a possible black list and all of these people who wanted to voice their opinion should be protected. We’re not attacking Thunderbird, but we just want to them to clarify that they are not going to accept this. The students were not even necessarily against Thunderbird, they were against the problem.

Senator Muggli-I believe that this is a good motion. I support this motion. It brings it to the administration’s attention.

VP Shaffi-Call the question. Seconded by Proxy Gaffer.

Passes unanimously.

Student Union Board-C. Rhys Gaffer, Chair (see written report)

Senator Muggli-where is this so called information corner?

Chair Gaffer-As you walk through the office where the computers are, to your immediate right after you enter the second doors are some bookcases underneath the white board where people can access this information.

Senator Pike-Are you aware of this differed maintenance cost that these bonds will be paying for that it will be done in 1998? Are you aware that the audit that was done was done three years ago.

Chair Gaffer-Yes

Senator Pike- Does the Student Union Board want to go ahead even though the audit is three years old?

Chair Gaffer-I’m not sure the Student Union Board has educated itself on these issues. We still want it to go through. It takes time to do all of this stuff. It has to go forward with the idea that costs do go up.

Senator Tung-What’s the status on the MSSA senate office being listed on the signs.

Chair Gaffer- They have been posting new signs and someone is going to go around and seeing which signs do not include MSSA senate

Parking Advisory Committee, C. Rhys Gaffer, Committee member (see written report)

Proxy Boyd-Has the committee thought about putting clocks in the bus shelters?

Chair Gaffer-I will bring that up to the committee.

Senator Reports

Daniela Rumpf, Arts & Humanities (see written report)

Rachael Horne, College of Education

Yesterday Senator Menden and I went to talk with Dean Brandt about how we want to facilite communication between education senators and the college. Later on we met with the department chairs. On their agenda they were going to discuss a setup of a student advisory group – an open forum where all students could go and voice their concerns and questions. The only thing is that the College of Education deals with Elementary Ed., Secondary Ed. and Aviation.

SAC Recommendation #R10.24.01C Law Enforcement

SAC recommends to fund up to $160.00 for the club to travel to Cambria for a learning experience at the Tommy Guns Paintball facility.

Senator Pike-I know you guys think I’m nuts for letting guys go to a paintball place. They came to us looking for $760 and it’s not just paintball mania. They’ve got ex-FBI agents coming to show them different things. Also, when we look into the SAC policy (that nobody reads) it says that Student Activity Fees should be used to help build a campus community. We give out not even $10,000 a year. Everyone might not be down with paintball but at least these students are trying to help build a community and they are also learning something.

Motion passes. One abstention.

Zach Biesanz, Off-Campus

Personally raised $842.00 for the Salvation Army shelter.

Aikido Seminar Oct 27

Olsen Trin Suicide Oct 31, Nov 15

Katie Garrity-CSET

I was staying in the residence halls. Operation Stay Put! This is a suitcase college. We want to do everything we can to make this not a suitcase college. We don’t even know what kind of stuff is available on the weekends and that other people don’t either. So, let us know how we can keep people at MSU.

The t-shirts are awesome! Somebody took my Pizza Hut cup so please whoever took it put it back.

My birthday is tomorrow. I’m going to the Tav anyone can come around 9-9:30pm. If they’re not letting people in under 21 then we’re going to BW3’s

Cassi Linkenmeyer, Maverick Hall

I’m also a member of RHA, participated in Wacky Olympics. I’m really impressed by the senate going out and participating even though you don’t get points.

The condition of the res halls during the strike—gross. My hall got cleaned once a week or twice if lucky. We’re really greatful for our GMW’s.

I want to send a letter to all the CAs and mentors telling them who I am and how to contact me if they have any problem/suggestions. I also want to put a suggestion box near the Mav Hall elevator.

Senator Pike-Were you here last weekend and do you find it hard to find something to do on weekends?

Senator Linkenmeyer-I was not here last weekend but I usually do stay here.

Senator Pike-You said you wanted to talk to some CAs and talk to them during their floor meetings. Would you be willing to take other senators who wanted to go with?

Senator Linkenmeyer-Yes, I can let you guys know of the dates.

Jayson Read, CSET

I’m eager about getting involved with Tech Roundtable this year. I’m really interested if anyone has any knowledge of Macs and how they work and if they could sit down with me and show me how they work. Any information would be very beneficial.

Senator Pike-I’m somewhat but not overly familiar with Apple computers but what aspect are you having trouble with?

Senator Read-Where can I go to find stuff? How the operating system works.

Proxy Gaffer-Has Tim talked to you about the two representatives from Apple coming to work with you on what you need?
Senator Read-No, but I’m sure he will after today.


Senator Horne-In 5 minutes we’re scheduled to speak. My birthday party is Nov 10th. I’ll hand out invitations. We’re meeting at 5:30 at Junkers in North Mankato. Between 7-7:30 we’ll be at Joe’s place.

Senator Muggli-I’d like to inform all of the senators that t-shirts are in now and they can be paid for with Cheri. Next Wednesday there’s going to be a party to my house. Come in your costume. Sometime around 9-9:30pm.

Speaker Noah-Congrats to Zach. Tomorrow is 7 weeks smoke free and tomorrow is 8 days nicotine free. I’ve been off the patch. I did notice that Ryan and Byron shaved. Congrats to Senator Tung because the signs are going up. Reports—a lot haven’t done your reports yet but a lot have. Also, I do like to know that stuff when you do get onto committees. Remind people next semester to not take 3pm or 6pm classes on Wednesdays. Wear your Halloween costume next week, if you don’t, I won’t recognize you. Tonight was totally out of control, I don’t ever want parliamentary procedure to get away from me again. Please work with that.

Senator Klein-We do have the suite on Friday night for the St. Cloud hockey game. We have room for one more person. Meeting at 5pm at Embers. Saturday is the second to last home football game.

Senator Pike-I’d like to reiterate to dress up next week because we’ll be taking pictures for your senator profile.

Senator Garrity-You guys are awesome for staying for a 5 ½ hour meeting.

Coordinator Huebsch-Student Tech Roundtable meets on Thursday 5pm.

Roll Call

Senators Present

Daniela Rumpf-excused, Beenish Malhi-excused, Byron Pike, Rachael Horne, Andrew Menden-excused, Brian Mullin-proxy Jessica Boyd, Matt Osmondson, Richard Dueser, Jayson Read, Kaite Garrity, Dan Peskorz-proxy Rhys Gaffer, Ryan Austad, Stephanie White, Ashley Guetter, Omni Peterson, Adam Poole, Jason Casey, Monica Klein, Joe Muggli, Stacy Wiech, Ian Radtke, Zach Biesanz, James Tung, Cassandra Linkenmeyer

Senators Absent

Parrish Jones, Jacob Helgeson, Mikel Akers

Executive Staff Absent

President Roger White Owl, Vice President Uzair Shaffi

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 9:10 P.M.