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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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69th MSSA Senate
October 31, 2001 Minutes

Meeting called to order by Speaker Rachel D. Noah

Roll Call

Senators Present

Daniela Rumpf 11-0-0, Byron Pike 11-0-0, Rachael Horne 10-1-0, Andrew Menden 11-0-0, Matt Osmondson 8-2-0, Richard Dueser 7-0-0, Brian Mullin 11-0-0, Jayson Read 11-0-0, Katie Garrity 11-0-0, Parrish Jones 10-1-0, Dan Peskorz 6-3-2, Ryan Austad 6-1-0, Stephanie White11-0-0, Ashley Guetter 7-0-0,Omni Peterson 6-1-0, Jacob Helgeson 5-4-0-2, Adam Poole 10-0-0-1, Mikel Akers 11-0-0, Jason Casey 9-1-1, Monica Klein 10-0-1, Joe Muggli 11-0-0, Stacy Wiech-proxy Amy Bicek 6-0-1, Ian Radtke 11-0-0, Zach Biesanz-proxy Rhys Gaffer 6-0-1, James Tung 11-0-0 Cassandra

Linkenmeyer 7-0-0

Senators Absent

Beenish Malhi 5-1-0-1,

Executive Staff Present

President Roger White Owl, Vice President Uzair Shaffi

Approval of Agenda

Student Forum Christopher Boyce-Presidential Search Committee. Do not have much information to give at this time. This is a closed search, information is on the Web. Tim Huebsch is other student representative.

Proxy Gaffer-How much longer will the process continue?

Mr. Boyce-Go to the Web site.

Approval of Minutes (10-24-01) Proxy names in role call

Jayson Read omitted from roll call

Union Board-Jayson Read not appointed

Officer Reports

President Roger White Owl

MSUSA last weekend. Senator Guetter appointed Campus Rep. and she did a very outstanding job, did a great job of net working. Delegation did a great job. Cultural Diversity stipend was raised to that of the MSUSA Campus Rep. Cultural Diversity took an official stance on American Indian mascot. Attended Penny Fellowship Dinner. Yesterday attended Meet & Confer-very informative, received information on third phase finance committee, referring to Athletics. Received more information on Aviation issue. A student advisory committee will be set up, allowing for more student voice. Will be given authority to appoint a student to that committee. Have been working with Cultural Diversity Conference which will be Nov. 12. Will be flying to Washington DC for MSUSA November 14. Open to receiving suggestions or questions you might what me to address when meeting with legislators.


Academic Affairs: Jessica Boyd, Commission on Ethics & Standards: Andy Welti, Karly Klein,

Christopher Boyce, Sylvia Oelberg, Ian Radtke-Chair

Objection: Proxy Gaffer-I object to the appointment of Chris Boyce. Don’t feel he is an appropriate choice considering how he felt about the senate last year. He was disrespectful to the senate.

President White Owl-No one can deny his experience with student government.

Proxy Gaffer-Don’t deny his experience-but object to his actions last year. Despite his good work I call to question his ability to perform on ethics.

Senator Deuser-I have heard that he has abused his keys and did not return them when his turn of office was over.

Motion-Senator Deuser/second Senator Pike move to postpone this until next week.

Motion passes

Student Technology Roundtable: Timothy Huebsch, Jayson Read-MSSA Designee, Lynnae Flor-College of Allied Health & Nursing, Kristin Ruder-College of Arts & Humanities, Matt Giles-College of Business, Mark Kral-College of Education, Tom Higgins-College of Science, Engineering & Technology, Josh Kuhn-College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Senator Pike-Could you list appointments by your name on the agenda and what the appointments are for?

Senator Muggli-What was the wording on the mascot issue?

Will be attending a protest at ST. Cloud by the Indian Association. They will be playing UND in Hockey that night and this is high profile.

Senator Pike-On the lines of your trip to Washington-will you be meeting with legislators from


President White Owl-MSUSA sets up those appointments, I will be giving you information on who we will be meeting with.

Coordinator Saran-Can I be appointed to the Student Union Board?

President White Owl-We can look into that.

Vice President Uzair Shaffi

Red Owl Shuttle-contacted by Mr. Cowan. This information is crucial. Nighttime passengers picked up at residence halls and academic buildings will be taken to other campus buildings or to their vehicles parked on MSU property.

Potential night time customers calling in from off-campus locations will not be picked up, even if their destination is on MSU’s property, regardless if they are within the bus "U" Zone route. These individuals need to seek alternate transportation to MSU including calling the local cab company.

Shuttle drivers will not transport customers from the residence halls or other campus locations to off-campus party locations or bars.

MSUSA was very productive meeting, will have minutes available. Workshops held on student involvement. Attended Athletic Advisory meeting last night-resolutions came out that are available in President’s office. Chancellor visit on Friday-give questions to anyone going. Was appointed to Minnesota State task force.

Speaker Rachel D. Noah

Recognized Student Organizations

Initial Recognition

Men’s Volleyball, MN State University, Mankato Men’s LaCrosse Club, Mn State Men’s Rugby Club, Japan Association, Mankato, Spanish Club, Circle K International, SADE-Students for Alcohol & Drug Education, SURSI-(Students of the Urban & Regional Studies Institute), SAGE-Straights and Gays for Equality

Enjoyed Hockey game-Athletic Dept. gave us the box. Pay for your t-shirts. Safe Zone Training.

Attend Sporting events this weekend.

(Read from Constitution) As a senate you have absolute authority over appointments. President is the Chief Administrative Officer-he appoints committees subject to advice and approval of the senate. He

appoints the cabinet but appointments must be approved by the senate.

Questions must be directed to the Speaker-offered orientation, encourage you to talk about Parliamentary Procedures. Would like to know more about you. We are doing good things but would like to see meetings run smoothly. Senate meetings are not to solve the world problems. Work should be done outside of this meeting.

Proxy Gaffer-Has Men’s Volleyball been approved in the past?

Proxy Gaffer-In regards to the additional education you gave us in regards to the Constitution would you say that this body has any authority over current appointments and impeaching a Coordinator?

Senator Casey-I feel we should have a week notice on appointments and RSO’s.

Speaker Noah-RSO’s are due in on Tuesday noon-you can look them over.

As for trouble with approving appointments-I encourage body to trust committees. Perhaps appointments should go before a Steering Committee.

Coordinator Reports

Intergovernmental Coordinator C. Rhys Gaffer

The City of Mankato is working on redistricting-presentation next week by Mayor Kagermeier and Council member Laven. Budget proposals are also being worked on. Looking at year 2003 a stop light on Warren and Ellis and a bridge over stadium by Gage are under consideration. Will keep on top of this regarding time-line. Rental inspections-fire Marshall performs this duty, trying to get another fireman on duty to perform this. Also looking at getting a bomb sniffing or drug sniffing dog maybe partnering this with St. Peter. It is too long a wait if someone is called from St. Paul. Should the University look at partnering with this on cost? City council would appreciate this input. At MSUSA Conference, spoke with Al Johnson-handles facilities at Minnesota State-issue of city having no local jurisdiction in Res Halls-when rooms are over sold and over crowded. How does Minnesota State feel about this? They rely on local fire departments going into areas to look at code violations. Informed Mayor Kagermeier of this last night, if students complain to student senate-we could get involved with this. Student Services should access that.

Senator Mullin-How much money would be involved in dog?

Coordinator Gaffer-Not sure of actual cost although have heard of expenses ranging around


Senator Helgeson-About students living in lounges-I have heard problem is remedying itself-

But they do only have blankets up on the windows. Did you speak to anyone on privacy?


Coordinator Gaffer-Res Hall should address this or they can come to us. If there is such

an issue where students are coming forward and it is not being handled the city can

look into this. Also discussed Safety and Security Parking.

Committee Reports

Parking Advisory-Ian Radtke, Rhys Gaffer

Have heard parking troubles-looking at many things at once. Meet every Friday at 1:00 in Conference chambers. Looking at permits. What would work the best-Gold Lottery drawing? Looking at

Revamping Gold structure, improving utilization.

Mr. Gaffer-Students utilize the majority of the parking-looking at URSI grad study on parking and the MN statewide U-pass proposal available in the office in the Parking Advisory cubby. This shows a breakdown of on campus students and off campus and faculty and staff. Students out number faculty and staff. We should have better than 40/60. Looking at Federal money to help with bussing. Have not heard on status of this bill. Watching Red Eye Shuttle-increased hours-it costs $53 an hour.

to lease bus and driver for route 1A-this is very cost prohibitive when only about 50 students utilize this service. For students trying Red Eye-not all customer satisfaction. Hope senators will take suggestions to committee. Forum needed on improving service.

Senator Muggli-Explain representation on PAC.

Senator Radtke-Bargaining units-committee is looking at altering its numbers, we need a better

representation as well.

Senator Muggli-You feel students are underrepresented?

Senator Radtke-Traditionally it has been hard to fill this.

Student Union Board-C. Rhys Gaffer Chair

Very important for students to make Union Board. Hearing budget proposals. Will be seeing

proposed numbers on fee increase. Need people asking questions.

In regards to what President White Owl was asking-we are currently bonded for $7.7 million.

Last year there were 5 phases identified in our Master Plan, Phase I: Food Service and Dining remodel, Phase II: New South Entry and Courtyard, Phase III: Lower Level Remodel, Phase IV: Upper Level Office Addition and remodel, Phase V: Upper level ballroom/conference center remodel. Phases I & II will be implemented during the next couple years. With the bonding

Authority my understanding the system needs to figure out what kinds of preliminary projects

Are needed, with inflationary costs the costs due go up over three years. So the deferred maintenance we are mandated to do shows that it is going to be xx amount of maintenance happening, of that projects were pulled out. Currently $6.75 per credit hour, tomorrow we will see what the Director will want to raise that to. We need to pay off bonds in 10 years-20 years for bonds themselves but with deferred maintenance it will be 10 years-as far as student fees going up with $7.7 million, there will be a significant increase. Hopefully everyone motivated will show up.

Chair Gaffer-The entire debt service is under $350,000 with the bonding project and deferred maintenance cost the debt service could go to around $800,000. The proposal before Minnesota State

went from $6.75 to $10.12 per credit hour. Approximately $4.00 per credit hour increase.

Senator Reports

Arts & Humanities Senator-Daniella Rumpf-I am German and from Germany. I heard some students concerns regarding Nelson Hall Gallery building-shoveling work around so it does not get wet also health hazards regarding some hazardous material that was stored in a faculty office that got wet. I would like to work on this and I do not know who to direct these concerns to, if anyone knows, please let me know.

Am also chair of ECDC-working on ISO Health insurance. This is broad but students don’t

Know what they don’t like. Talked to Tom, Director of ISO, committee has not found problems, will need more information. Last Monday, Ms. Snow-Office of Disability services-

She is looking at getting representation. Need one more senator and 3 minority students

for committee.

Attended Amnesty International Conference in St. Louis, learned a lot and found out a lot of work that we need to do for human rights. Meeting Thursday at 6:00. Also doing a fund

Raiser, Jamnesty. Table will be selling tickets next week. Tossed Salad Art Show-good student art work. Thanks for pictures today, and smiling. Do have one piece of art work in show.

Off-Campus Senator Joe Muggli

I want to speak informally about things on my mind about senate. Some of us are dressed up and really cool, we are going to games etc. and making friends and that is awesome but my problem is

is this turning into stuff for the student body? What have you done for the student body? This should

be our goal, it is my goal. What can we do to help. We are all senators. We need to take the next

step and do some things. Today we were presented with some very important topics on the revenue

bonding issue, our student fees could be going up $3.00 or $4.00. Tomorrow there is a very important meeting that information will be giving out. That is really huge-I don’t want to be paying this, I want

to get information that we can come back ask intelligent questions of the administration and question

the right people. We represent the student body, what do you do for the student body, do you come here and just sit for a couple hours or do you go and gather information? Are you looking at

information in the information corner. I hope you realize we are in an important position. There

are only 30 of us and we represent 13,000. That is an important job. I encourage you to ask me

questions, ask Roger, ask the Speaker. Ask senior senators questions, try your best to be more involved.

Senator Pike-With these increases, what will this mean to us?

Senator Muggli-I believe it will be about $50.00 per semester or $100.00 per year. These are figures

that we will learn more about tomorrow.

Off-Campus Senator Ian Radtke

Currently involved with Parking Advisory Committee, Ethics Committee and Judicial Board. Recently sat in on interview for the Library Dean Search, it was an interesting look at what constitutes a modern "library’.

Last Friday night, a handful of senators went to the MSU vs. SCSU hockey game. It was a fun time although we lost horribly. Highly recommend to senators to attend.

Now that I’ve recently become employed by the student Union as computer support, I’ve taken the senate office under my wing. I’ll be happy to address any problems. Gave history on trapper costume, this is an alternate lifestyle

Senator Austad-question regarding lawsuit on landlords.

Senator Radtke-Most information came out of last year, specifically, Sawdust Realty, many issues came about. I do not have the statistics on this year. Most concerns are concerning damage deposits, students are charged but damages are not fixed. I highly recommend taking a video or pictures so

that you have proof when that situation arises. Most off campus people don’t know this until their second year.

CSET Senator Brian Mullin

Spoken to a number of people about this-last week the meeting ended at 9:10 PM. Many people

cannot attend for that length of time. We need to not waste time, be extremely clear on what we have to say, with that I end it. Within the College of SET I recently attended the career fair, it was very successful and we will continue to have this event. I have been working on clocks on campus-academic buildings are always wrong. You can go from building to building and have them minutes different. One instructor might say you were late and one might not let you out on time. In the College of Science they are setting up a prototype of a wireless network that students can use. This will be synchronized in a fashion that students can use. I will keep you posted on this issue. I am involved in an organization called Golden Key-this is an honors program for any major, the only qualification is that you have a GPA of 3.40. You may think this is high but you would be surprised at how many MSU students have this, currently over 1200 students.

SAC meet every Wed at 8:00 A.M. Byron, Monica Amy are all on this. We have a really good committee. Not huge stuff happening now---making a point of wasting time as I know many of you want to get to parties etc.


Ian Radtke-Thanks for a wonderful semester, this has been the BEST Senate out of my last three years involved with this body.

(tape ran out)

Adjournment Meeting adjourned 5:45

Roll Call

Senators Present

Daniela Rumpf, Byron Pike, Matt Osmondson, Richard Dueser, Brian Mullin, Jayson Read, Katie Garrity, Parrish Jones, Dan Peskorz, Ryan Austad, Stephanie White, Ashley Guetter, Omni Peterson, Jacob Helgeson, Adam Poole, Mikel Akers, Jason Casey, Monica Klein, Joe Muggli, Stacy Wiech-proxy Amy Bicek, Ian Radtke, Zach Biesanz-proxy Rhys Gaffer

Cassandra Linkenmeyer

Senators Absent

Beenish Malhi

Senators Excused

Rachael Horne, Andrew Menden

Executive Staff Present

President Roger White Owl, Vice President Uzair Shaffi