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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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69th MSSA Senate
November 14, 2001 Minutes

Meeting called to order by Speaker Rachel D. Noah

Roll Call

Senators Present

Daniela Rumpf 13-0-0, Byron Pike 13-0-0, Beenish Malhi 7-1-0-1, Andrew Menden 13-0-0, Matt Osmundson 10-2-0, Richard Dueser 9-0-0, Brian Mullin-proxy Jeremy Casper 12-0-1, Jayson Read 13-0-0, Katie Garrity 13-0-0, Parrish Jones 12-1-0, Ryan Austad 8-1-0, Stephanie White13-0-0, Ashley Guetter 9-0-0, Omni Peterson 8-1-0, Adam Poole 12-0-0-1, Mikel Akers 12-1-0, Jason Casey 11-1-1, Monica Klein-11-0-2, Joe Muggli 13-0-0, Stacy Wiech 8-0-1, Ian Radtke 13-0-0, Zach Biesanz 8-0-1, James Tung 13-0-0 Cassandra Linkenmeyer 9-0-0

Senators Absent

Rachael Horne 11-2-0, Dan Peskorz 6-4-3, Jacob Helgeson 5-6-0-2

Executive Staff Present

President Roger White Owl, Vice President Uzair Shaffi

Old Business

Speaker Noah-A petition came forward last week regarding removal of Cultural Diversity Coordinator, this requires a 2/3 vote of the senate.

Senator Osmundson-move to refer this issue to Commission on Ethics & Standards

Speaker-ruled out of order

Immediate vote-vote by ballot

Student Forum

Sylvia Oelberg-It is nice that you have constitutional rights to remove a coordinator. None of you have come down to Multi-Cultural to report grievances. What just happened has put Senate back 5 years. This is Cultural Diversity week-that is about unity, working together.

This was not opened up to student forum, you did this by a closed ballot. Presumed conflicts with two organizations is not enough to take power into your own hands. This coordinator represents seven organizations. That is shame on you-you are focusing on a few issues but you could be focusing on some positive issues. You need a balance of power, this senate has failed to do that. We failed the students today. I feel I was a part of that because I pay fees and am part of cultural diversity. Many other groups on campus did not even know this was going on. There is the possibility other groups may or may not have voted as you just have. I am a graduate student-I am glad I was invited today. I was invited by a graduate senator. I hope you do things you are supposed to do as a senator in representing and informing your constituents on important issues.

Angela White Owl-Student Senate has bought a table for the Cultural Diversity dinner. I hope to see you

there, after today, we need students at diversity events. Have been working with Kenan, he has

become more objective-there is not a perfect person. I am sure some students should have abstained

from this vote because they are close to the issue. I really hope to see senators at the dinner.

Ross Healy-Vice President of SAGE

Separated from the topic of how this was handled, I have heard from many people from the community that have felt uncomfortable and unsafe in regard to Diversity Coordinator. These people are a silent

Community, their voices have been captured.

Rhys Gaffer-I have been in the position of being a liaison for SAGE. There is good being done

in Diversity-yet there is much to be done in the LGBC community. Years ago I was working in a position where I was not understood, I felt I was near death. People elected to not recognize or try to understand my situation, people elected to judge my position rather than help. This hurts. Acknowledge the

wonderful things being done in Cultural Diversity, we try to work together, yet there still lacks sensitivity to LGBC Community. Students have been beat up, students have been ousted. When you stay insensitive to that and not do anything it may cost a persons life. I know. I feel strongly about groups that I have been involved in and the work I have done on their behalf.

James Tung-Vote was a big mistake. This was not brought to the Cultural Diversity Committee. It

should have been so it could have been discussed. Senate has passed petitions around-I just saw it

shortly before the meeting. I am proud that I abstained from this vote.

Elections-College of Allied Health & Nursing

Stephanie Jackson, Samantha Gallion

Bethany Jackson-Jr. I think senate is a great idea, member of RHA. Feel this would be a great opportunity. Like what you do, active, helping others.

Samantha Gallion-I sat in on meetings, would like to represent my college. Involved in FFA in high school and would like to stay involved.

Senator Radtke-Are you both aware of the time commitments?

Samantha-Yes,have already looked at my schedule

Bethany Jackson-Yes, I am aware and have more time now.

Senator Akers-Are you aware that you have two committees to be on?

Bethany-Yes, I know about Student Affairs and Parking

Samantha-Was not aware of committees, but do know of Parking and would like to be on that.

Senator Garrity-If you were a kitchen appliance, what would you be?

Samantha-A microwave-everyone needs one and it really heats things up.

Bethany-A butcher knife-it is sharp and to the point, you don’t mess around with a butcher knife

Samantha-I would like to represent my college, I am excited about the university and want to bring some things from Allied Health to the senate

Bethany-I am very vocal, I want to get things done.

Elections-Elected Bethany Jackson, Samantha Gallion

Approval of Minutes (11-07-01) 16 credits a year-should be a semester. Senator Biesanz-change preacher’s name to Brother Jed.

Officer Reports

Vice President Uzair Shaffi

(see written letter from President White Owl)

Appointments: Shahzad Anwer-MSUSA Cultural Diversity Rep, Mymique Baxter-Commission on Ethics and Standards

Senator Muggli-Objection-coordinators did not decide on this specific person.

Appointments approved

Attended Budget Sub Meet & Confer-discussed allocation of dollars, M&E. etc.

Attended Athletic Advisory-concerns brought up in regards to discrimination because they

are athletes.

Coordinator Gaffer-With the meetings on Budget Sub Meet & Confer-were there preliminary

numbers in regard to tuition?

Vice President Shaffi-Yes, there were numbers. Printouts available in office

Speaker Rachel D. Noah

RSO recognitions

MSU Shokatan Karate, MSU Kung Fu

Correspondence from Malcolm O’Sullivan

The President has received and reviewed the resolutions from October 24, 2001

Resolution #10.24.01C, Law Enforcement Club funding. The President has reviewed and approves this recommendation. R#10.24.01A, Minnesota State policy on transferring credits. The President has received and read this resolution. R#10.24.01B, Mankato Aviation policy on retaliation. The President recommends that the student Association review the student Complaint Policy, as well as the services provided by Dr. Phyllis Wisen, the Equal Opportunity & Title IX Officer, regarding any specific acts that have occurred. Since Mankato Aviation has a contract with the University, the University’s procedures regarding this matter would be applicable. The President has received and reviewed resolutions from November 8, 2001.

#11.07.01A, Student Senate’s stance regarding the contractual agreement between Minnesota State University, Mankato and Thunderbird Aviation. The President has received and read this resolution.

#R#11.0701B, Funding up to $50 for the Finance Club to travel to Chicago. The President has reviewed and approved this allocation.

Sorry people do not have knowledge of constitutional authority. You did everything right today, nothing

parliamentary wrong. We showed respect and listened to everyone in Student Forum.

Senator Pike-Has the President of the university sent anything back on the questions sent up?

Speaker-We have not received answers on questions sent to the President.

Senator Pike-We want clarification from Minnesota State-does this mean it will not go there if she did not respond?

Malcolm O’Sullivan-Certain resolutions she has the right to approve, some resolutions need no response. She has not stopped this, you have the right to send this to Minnesota State.

Senator Pike-Speaker Noah did you send this to Minnesota State?

Speaker Noah-No, but I will. I was moved by Student Forum today-Diversity means everybody.

Senator Reports

Social & Behavioral Science-Parrish Jones

Received email from Dean of College of Social & Behavioral Science. Will be sitting on the student advisory board. This is an incredible efficient body, would like to commend senate for cutting cancer and for those who took a stance. The pictures that Senator Rumpf took last week are ready, she paid for them,

so could you pay her $1.25 for your picture?

Off-Campus Senator Mikel Akers

Senators need to know that however they vote on an issue is respected. You need to vote your

conscience and that of your constituents. When a vote is over, it is over, nothing is personal.

College of Education-Andrew Menden

Met with Dean Brandt this week regarding Aviation issues, basically did not receive any new information.

Senator Pike-Did she say if she would come before this Senate?

Senator Menden-She said she would not come at this time because she is afraid. She has had her

house egged, received bad emails and phone calls. When the time is right she will talk to us.

Coordinator Reports

Intergovernmental Coordinator Rhys Gaffer

Committee Reports

Parking Advisory Committee, Rhys Gaffer

Student Union Board, Rhys Gaffer

Senator Reports

Social & Behavioral Science-Ryan Austad

The war is still on, this is an interesting time for a History major. Will be sitting on the Social & Behavioral Science Advisory Board. Still concerned with trash on campus, try to do part by picking up litter.

Undeclared Stephanie White

Post secondary student from Waseca, MN. Considering a major in Philosophy. Am very concerned about the post secondary program.

Off-Campus Jason Casey

Volunteerism-I would like to invite any senator to check their busy schedules. In the most recent months, people have been bombarded with requests to help the victims of September 11. This phenomenal outpouring of support has left many local relief agencies grasping for help and gasping for air. My pledge is to help the local food-shelf and support agencies such as MRCU Thrift Shop, Echo Food Shelf. Please do not forget the unfortunate people in your own back yard. Many people in Mankato fall below poverty

Guidelines. Echo Food Shelf need volunteers to stack shelves, box food, shovel snow. All persons are volunteer. Have posted maps for adopt a flower garden. Show your patriotism, but please remember your hometown community.

McElroy-Adam Poole

Many students in McElroy are concerned about the conditions of their rooms. Feel we should gather

all facts before making decisions on appointments etc. Last week not all the facts regarding why we didn’t approve Chris Boyce were not made available in the paper.

College of Business-Byron Pike

(Free Press article) Aviation students will be conducting a peaceful sit-in Thursday at 11:00.

Just want to have some questions answered by the administration.

MSUSA-It seems there is always a list of people that have to go to conferences because of their positions,

but feel others should attend and learn about this association as well.

College of Business-Beenish Malhi

International Students traveling in December have been really concerned about extremely strict immigration laws. Students fear they will not be allowed to enter the country. I contacted chairs of various departments within the College of Business encouraging students to take as much documentation, transcripts and schedules of classes from their colleges or departments as possible.

Have heard about students’ dislike regarding laptop initiative. Recommend to pass surveys asking students within the College of Business how they feel about the laptops.

Agree with Senator Pike about MSUSA-I held a position and no one could go in my place. Resigned

because of lack of time.

College of Allied Health & Nursing-Bethany Jackson

Am happy to be on senate, want to work with all of you and bring issues of Allied Health & Nursing before you.


Ian Radtke-Meteor Shower, Sunday, 4:00 AM Stanford Observatory.

Speaker Noah-T-shirts available for new senators. Will be singing the National Anthem at the Hockey game on Saturday. Am very proud of this senate.

Richard Deuser-Please inform students that we categorically condemn vandalism and harassing phone calls. Use appropriate channels to voice your complaints.

Katie Garrity-Help save the Twins, media conference Thursday at the Mankato airport.

Jayson the

Roll Call

Senators Present

Bethany Jackson, Byron Pike, Beenish Malhi, Matt Osmundson, Richard Dueser, Brian Mullin-proxy Jeremy Casper, Jayson Read, Katie Garrity, Ryan Austad, Stephanie White, Ashley Guetter, Omni Peterson, Adam Poole, Jason Casey, Monica Klein-proxy Jessica Boyd, Joe Muggli, Stacy Wiech, Ian Radtke, Zach Biesanz-proxy Heidi Sunderman, Cassandra Lindenmeyer

Senators Absent

Samantha Gallion-excused, Daniela Rumpf-excused, Rachael Horne, Andrew Menden-excused, Parrish Jones-excused, Dan Peskorz, Jacob Helgeson, Mikel Akers, James Tung

Executive Staff Absent

President Roger White Owl, Vice President Uzair Shaffi

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 6:47 PM