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69th MSSA Senate
November 28, 2001 Minutes
Meeting called to order at 4:04 P.M. by Speaker Rachel D. Noah

Roll Call

Senators Present
Bethany Jackson 2-0-0, Samantha Gallion 2-0-0, Daniela Rumpf 14-0-0, Byron Pike 14-0-0, Beenish Malhi 8-1-0-1, Rachael Horne 12-2-0, Andrew Menden 14-0-0, Matt Osmundson 11-2-0, Richard Dueser 10-0-0, Brian Mullin- 13-0-1, Jayson Read 14-0-0, Katie Garrity 14-0-0, Parrish Jones 13-1-0, Ryan Austad 9-1-0, Stephanie White14-0-0, Ashley Guetter 10-0-0, Omni Peterson 9-1-0, Adam Poole 13-0-0-1, Mikel Akers 13-1-0, Jason Casey-proxy Rhys Gaffer 11-1-2, Joe Muggli 14-0-0, Stacy Wiech 9-0-1, Ian Radtke 14-0-0, Zach Biesanz 9-0-1, James Tung 14-0-0 Cassandra Linkenmeyer 10-0-0

Senators Absent
Dan Peskorz 6-5-3, Jacob Helgeson 5-7-0-2, Monica Klein-11-1-2

Executive Staff Present
President Roger White Owl, Vice President Uzair Shaffi

Senator Biesanz-Point of Information-Regarding Executive orders- were they out of order? Speaker-I am going to rule Executive Order 11.21.01A out of order, Thanksgiving break is not an interim period. Interim refers to time between semesters. This executive order was given on Nov. 21. Nov 21 did not occur during an interim period. Nov. 21 was a school day. The constitutional appointment procedure is specifically outlined elsewhere in the constitution and requires the approval of the senate, not a unilateral act of the President as both himself and as senate “proxy”. Appointments require the advice and consent of the senate. Appointments require the approval of a majority of the senate. Executive Order 11.21.01B is out of order because: Thanksgiving break is not an interim period. Interim refers to time between semesters. This executive order was given on Nov. 21. Nov. 21 did not occur during an interim period. Nov. 21 was a school day. The constitutionality of the senate’s actions is never in question until after the Constitution Commission has rendered a formal decision. Senate actions are always constitutional until after the Constitution Commission has rendered a formal decision. The constitution specifically forbids re-instatement of any re-called person until after the next regularly scheduled election. The decision on the constitutionality has already been rendered by the Speaker and will stand until Constitution Commission has rendered a formal decision. Executive Order 11.21.01C is out of order because Thanksgiving break is not an interim period. Interim refers to time between semesters. This executive order was given on 11.21 , Nov 21 did not occur during an interim period. Nov 21 was a school day. Notification of the Election Committee is not required to recall a presidential appointee. Senate decisions are always binding until after the Constitutional Commission has rendered a formal Decision. The presidential appointee is not due a process under Article X Section 1, which does not pertain to the re-call of presidential appointees. Article X Section 1 pertains to initiatives only. Finally Executive Order 11.21.01D is out of order because Thanksgiving break is not an interim period. Interim refers to time between semesters. This executive order was given on Nov. 21. Nov. 21 did not occur during an interim period. Nov. 21 was a school day. An agenda set by the Speaker cannot be in violation of the constitution. The MSSA constitution Article IV Section 3 gives sole authority over the agenda to the Speaker and makes no other rule regarding the agenda. The Constitution Commission cannot have a power that is not specifically given to it by the Constitution. The Commission is not specifically given the authority to interpret Robert’s Rules of Order. That power resides only with the Senate. The Commission is given the authority only to interpret the Constitution and the Bylaws. Senate actions cannot be overturned based upon the Speaker’s agenda. The Speaker’s agenda and the constitutionality of the Senate’s actions are not related. Even if the agenda were subject to review, the actions of the senate would still be constitutional. Even if the re-call were technically new business, and not old business, the senate’s actions would still be constitutional. An entire senate meeting cannot be overturned. Each ruling must be overturned separately. The sixth paragraph is unclear as to which the senate actions it is referring to. Actions of the senate are always valid until after the Constitution Commission has rendered a formal decision. The Speaker’s decisions are always valid until after the Constitution Commission has rendered a formal decision.

An Executive order is something that is used in an emergency situation. Emergencies that are not dealt with in a timely fashion would severely impede the operation of the MSSA. My job is to protect and inform the senate. These executive orders were given as an attempt to circumvent the senate. The Constitution Commission must be lawfully appointed and the senate must approve these appointments. Whenever the senate or its speaker makes a ruling, that decision remains and serves as a rule until a higher authority formally overturns it. Once something goes to the Commission and it is formally ruled on, you and I must abide by that decision. But, until we have a formal ruling, the senate’s actions always stand, and can never be overturned by an executive order. If President White Owl wants to appoint the Constitution Commission he can do so today. I am very interested in assuring that everybody understands why I ruled these executive orders out of order. I encourage President White Owl to refer any concerns that he has to the Constitution Commission once it is lawfully established. With that I will move on to the next item on the agenda.

Student Forum

Kristen Young-RHA President Redistricting Gage or McElroy or Crawford, these would then be represented by different city councilmen, RHA does not want that. Proxy Gaffer-Is that a consensus of the meeting? Kristen Young-Not voted on but discussed and in agreement by all.

Presentation – Student Union, Director Henry Morris
Student Union Board voted to approve the 2002-03 Student Union Operating Budget. The Student Allocations Committee voted to approve it today. Have tried to do everything in power to lower the budget. The increase in student fees would be an increase from $4.11 to between $6.55-$11.16. Have been working on how number could be phased in making it more palatable for people. I think we have a number that will begin the process. The number we can get to next year we can lower from $11.16 to around $9.00, and maybe even less than $9.00 when we actually finish the process. This will be done over a period of years, probably four or five. If we do it yearly so that each increase will be less and one big chunk next year. At the end of the process when the President ultimately makes her decision it will be around $9.00, I don’t think it will be more. I think it will be less when we finish crunching some numbers, and some other numbers we need to look at before we finish the process. You have had it, I can go over the budget if you want or I can answer any questions you might have which might be in the way of answering specific questions or concerns.
Senator Muggli-What do you believe the reactions are of students?
Director Morris-Hopefully at the end of the day they will see the value to the students, I am sure they will be shocked at first. Initially money will be used for Stompers. Looking to start renovation of Stompers food court in the first phase.
Senator Dueser-What plans will be made when Stompers is taken off line?
Director Morris-Have met with Director Solinger and discussed disruption, hope to have the lower level in line by then, but bulk of people will have to eat in dining halls.
Senator Pike-Are you still asking us to approve $11.16 or $9.00.
Director Morris-I think you can use the figure of up to $9.00.
Senator Muggli-In doing this, have the plans changed. I thought Phase I was happening in the Spring.
Director Morris-It will be about a seven-month project-starting about February or March. It is always difficult when people have to make tough choices. I think each increase will be a lot less but ultimately around a $10.00 figure. I think the Union Board and SAC have handled this very professionally, students will be very involved.

Approval of Minutes (11-14-01) Minutes approved

Officer Reports

President Roger White Owl
Before we went into our period of interim I informed you I was going to Washington D.C. for the Federal lobby trip. This was outstanding. A lot of the offices I got to meet with were very informed, they were very impressed with the pamphlet I got. It will be in our informational corner. We discussed Higher Ed act and reauthorization, financial aid and also thought it was very important to bring up issues of our International students. Emails are a great option for us to show support of our International students. I set up a lot more meetings than what MSUSA did so MSU, Mankato was very represented in Washington. Yesterday was the third Senate visit. The Senate visited all sites, Taylor Center, deferred maintenance. They felt are buildings were in need. Which is a good thing for us. Hopefully they will fund us.
I just heard that the Speaker overruled my executive orders. I would like to raise a point of order on that. The only people that have the authority to override one of my executive orders is the senate. And after five days for a hearing I will set the special meeting of the senate and it is right in our constitution. Senators need to look at that and my point of order is that the Speaker does not have the authority to rule in that manner. The only people that can is the Constitution Commission and also the Speaker has over stepped her bounds in a couple other areas. That is something that can come before Ethics and I want to inform the senate about. I am wondering if anyone had a question about Article X. Unfortunately the reason I threw that in my executive orders was because no formal hearing came out for the coordinator and the senate totally disregarded any kind of due process that this individual deserved. The whole process was botched. He was never given any notification, he was given a termination letter yes, but he was not properly notified. He never saw the petition. Anyone has a right to know what they are charged for. He was never presented that. Overall the Constitution Commission has been appointed and I have the Presidential appointees for the Constitution Commission from the University President.
Senator Dueser-Point of Order, does the President have the authority to interpret the constitution during the senate meeting?
Speaker-No he does not.
President White Owl-Excuse me Madam Speaker I was not making an interpretation I was stating a fact.
Speaker-Well there is no such thing as fact in this room. One way to look at it-it is true. I am the sole authority.
President White Owl-Oh my gosh-was that in the record? Also, for my appointments the President sent down the university appointees for the Constitution Commission. They are Mary Dowd and Kelly Meier.
Senator Dueser-Point of information-Can the University President make these appointments?
Speaker-They are university appointees, we don’t have the authority over this appointment.
President White Owl-Exactly, if there are any questions regarding this I will be glad to answer them.
Senator Biesanz-Are the President’s executive orders over ruled or ruled out of order amd is there a difference?
Speaker-When you ask me that kind of information it was in my arena and I ruled all four out of order. My rulings always stand until overturned by formal decision by the Constitution Commission which must be lawfully appointed.
President White Owl-Which was appointed by me during a period of interim.
Senator Dueser-Point of information-was this a period of interim?
Speaker-It was not a period of interim.
President White Owl-You stated that there was an agenda that was set.
Senator Dueser-Point of information-Has the Constitution Commission been appointed?
President White Owl-Yes it has, by executive order and the only people that have the power to overturn that is this body.
Senator Dueser-Point of information-Does the President have the authority to interpret the Constitution?
Speaker-No he does not.
President White Owl-What I am saying is-you need to look at your constitution better and I am sorry but this is something that is very unethical. You are putting your reputation on the line for this. And you know what I am sad to say that I am part of this senate right now. We have taken a process and demolished it for personal gain. It is ridiculous. I am sad to say I am president. How can you say this is just? He was not even given an opportunity to speak on his own behalf. You did not give him a chance to say anything. You persecuted this poor individual and you still can’t see that you are still persecuting him for no other reason than that you don’t like his opinion. My executive order does stand.
Senator Dueser-Point of information-Does the executive order stand?
Speaker-No it does not.
President White Owl-You do not have the authority to say that.
Senator Dueser-Point of Information-Does the president have the authority to determine that?
Speaker-No he does not.
President White Owl-Not in the senate meeting, but outside there have been interpretations by the Constitution Commission and I will get those for you and also you are totally proving the point that you are not working with anybody, you are not following procedures properly or giving anyone a chance.
Speaker-I have ruled them out of order and that always stands until overruled.
Senator Dueser-Point of information-Has the Constitution Commission been appointed?
President White Owl-You are not working with anyone. You are proving the point.
Speaker-Quit attacking the senate.
President White Owl-Madam Speaker I can say anything I want during my report as long as I do not attack an individual.
Senator Dueser-Point of information-Has the Constitution Commission been appointed?
President White Owl-Yes it has by executive order.
Senator Dueser-Point of information-Have the executive orders been over ruled?
Speaker-Yes they have.
President White Owl-Illegally-but it has been appointed and this will go to the Constitution Commission. As soon as I made that executive order on that date it went into a period of interim and therefore is external of the senate and cannot be persuaded by any pressure of the senate or by the Speaker.
Senator Garrity-Point of information-Was that a period of interim?
Speaker-No it was not.
President White Owl-She does not have the authority to make that determination
Speaker-Nov. 21 was a class day.
President White Owl-But if you look back at your agenda of Nov. 14 it states that there will be no meeting on the 21 of November.
Senator Muggli-This is crazy that people are fighting
Speaker-10 minutes has expired, we move on to Senator Reports
(move to extend time for 15 minutes)
Senator Austad-Sarcasm does not help. We need professional opinion.
Senator Biesanz-I do think this needs to be worked out if we are to be productive.
Senator Horne-This needs to be done in a more productive manner.
Senator Jones-Hypothetically-if your Commission was valid-if you could appoint without the approval of the Senate, couldn’t you stack the commission?
President White Owl-That is a constitutional question I can not answer that.
Speaker-It outlines in the Constitution what the boundaries are and how the Constitution Commission should be lawfully established.
President White Owl-I would like to address the body and not individually.
Speaker-Our constitution is set up that way to protect.
President White Owl-Which includes interim also, I am allowed to act in the place of the senate in the constitution during interim.
Senator Biesanz-President - define interim.
President-When the senate is not meeting and when the Speaker says we are not having a meeting.
Senator Dueser-Can President have authority to interpret?
Speaker-No he can not.
Senator Muggli-Mr. President what can we do as a senate to work this out instead of fighting and bickering with each other?
President White Owl-Come talk to me, no one has ever talked to me. I have read in the minutes things but no one has ever respectfully asked me of anything, only demanded, I have never demanded anything from you. I will treat you respectfully, we need to compromise.
Senator Muggli -How can we meet to work on this?
President White Owl-If three senators come to me, we can call a special meeting. But there have not been three senators demanding anything.
Proxy Gaffer-In regards to the action that was taken by the senate at the last meeting and prior to that, what was flawed in your opinion in regards to Coordinator Stafford?
President White Owl-As a former Speaker-he was not given notification or allowed to have a hearing or have anyone speak on his behalf. There was also not a referral to Ethics, Senate demanded that we have that committee, but they never used that. Cultural Diversity never heard about this issue. Other organizations were brought in on this whole process. It was botched and was nothing but a persecution.
Senator Muggli-Do we have a Steering Committee as outlined in the Constitution?
President-Technically-but I can’t comment on that during senate meetings.
President White Owl-I didn’t appoint one because I felt with my professional demeanor and that of the executive staff; I felt we didn’t need that when all appointments went through the senate.
Senator Biesanz-Where are you getting the definition of interim?
President White Owl-I am not able to answer that question and I don’t want to be rudely interrupted.
Senator Muggli-When can you answer these questions?
President –After the meeting.
Proxy Gaffer-Has the Constitution Commission met?
President White Owl-No, we were waiting for the presidential appointments.
Senator Dueser-You said you were waiting for the presidential appointments-so it has not met?
President White Owl-No it has not, you are a graduate student, you can figure that out.
Senator Garrity-Were you at the meeting when the coordinator was addressed?
President White Owl-He was asked questions, but this was not a public or formal hearing. But I was present.
Senator Biesanz-Where can I find the definition of interim?
Speaker-Many places, like the dictionary, but as defined by our constitution, I interpret it to mean during summer break or after classes are over at the end of the term.
President White Owl-As a point of information for the senators it does state that interim is summer or a period of interim, that is the little period of break.
Senator Dueser-Can you honestly say that senators have not talked to you?
President White Owl-Senators have made suggestions. Demands have been made, and unfortunately wrong decisions.
Senator Garrity-How do you want us to talk to you?
President White Owl-I am very approachable, when it regards formal charges, there are proper procedures. Demands are on a personal level. I am a person, talk to me. We do need to follow procedures. I am a former Speaker, I do know the constitution.
Senator Pike-We are here for a checks and balances-what was so pressing that you had to appoint this committee by executive order?
President White Owl-Unfortunately I am not able to comment on that right now. It is a constitutional question and that is for the constitution to answer.
Senator Pike-Why did you do an executive order and not wait until today.
President White Owl-Like I said I was waiting for the presidential appointees to have the full committee.
Proxy Gaffer-With the procedures going forward-would you be open on an executive level to meet with the legislative level to do mediation?
President White Owl-Unfortunately the senate’s actions have gone past mediation.
Proxy Gaffer-Do you feel this has gone beyond mediation?
President White Owl-Yes
Senator Muggli-Do you remember that I did come and talk to you about the situation?
President White Owl-You talked to me about rumors, I could not comment on that. In regards to the coordinator, that happened when I was out of town.

Vice President Uzair Shaffi
I hope you all had a nice break. Meet and Confer tomorrow. Bring issues forward. MSUSA is this Weekend. Next meeting is in Mankato Jan 17. Met with Don Amiot yesterday regarding Athletic Happenings. Showed our Union and office to representatives from other universities. Friendship Night biggest event ISO holds. Sat. night 6-9. CD Dinner was well attended. Budget Sub Meet & Confer will be held finals week. Best of luck in your studies.
Senator Muggli-In your opinion do you feel there have been more students appointed to committees this year.
Vice President-Yes
Proxy Gaffer-Do we need to begin planning for MSUSA Conference?
Vice President Shaffi-Rooms have been reserved, game room, looking into food. If anyone has suggestions, please address them to Ashley. Two years ago we did a great job. We presented ourselves very well. I don’t think much will be happening before break.
Senator Biesanz-Do you know what kind of food they will be serving?
Vice President Shaffi-The ISO has that information; they prepare many types of food. This gives us an opportunity to see many talents from other countries.

Speaker Rachel D. Noah
I am sorry President White Owl is not here. I am confused that former Speaker would not know what precedent means. We all know why they were ruled out of order. Maybe we could compromise and approve the Commission today. I ruled this out of order to protect the Senate. Executive orders are for emergency-this was not an emergency. He could retract and appoint them today the right way, then it is by the advice of the senate and you have your checks and balances system. I will suspend the agenda to appoint the Commission. This is a rule until it is overturned. You still have your authority and my decisions still stand. This is not a tribunal. This is not a court. It is not your job. You are senators representing where you live or study. It is not your job to put someone on trial. You follow the constitution. If the Speaker makes a decision the Constitution Commission must overturn this. Come to me with your questions. The sole authority to set the agenda lies with the Speaker. This is my job. I am here to help you have an orderly meeting, to do it smoothly and to make sure you are heard. Everyone is as loud as everyone else that is why I have the gavel and what I do is correct until it is overturned by the Constitution Commission. Checks and balances is how it works. Your authority is still there. Constitution Commission needs to be established. You have elected me as your Speaker who makes decisions until overturned. It is important to appoint higher authority lawfully.

Recognized Student Organizations
Isshin-Ryn Karate Club, MSU Biology Club

Proxy Gaffer-If I understand you correctly there are no appointments to the Constitution Commission?
Speaker-That is correct except for Kelly Meier and Mary Dowd.
Proxy Gaffer-Is it prudent to nominate someone?
Speaker-They would have to want to be on this commission.
Senator Biesanz-Can you take back a ruling?
Speaker-I can make a new one after the first one and then that would be the correct one.
Senator Garrity-How do we make sure the commission is lawfully appointed?
Speaker-Make the President know that the Constitution Commission has not been appointed. When something comes in my meeting, I have authority. I am the sole authority and the only one that interprets the constitution until it goes to the Constitution Commission. My rulings stand until overturned, it does not matter how many people they bring in to physically appear. The only official business comes on the senate floor. You all have to follow it, if I am wrong tell the Constitution Commission.
Senator White-Do we have the right to a Steering Committee?
Speaker-Yes, you have the right.
Senator Gallion-Are applications being taken for the Constitution Commission?
Speaker-Applications are in your box. This senate has not approved the Constitution Commission.
Senator Pike-Since we are not technically required to have a Steering Committee for Committees, is it in the senate’s best interest to have one?
Proxy Gaffer-Did not President White Owl say that Vice President Shaffi is the Steering Committee?
Speaker-I don’t know what my Executive Counterpart has said.
Senator Pike-We don’t know anything about people that we appoint.
Speaker-You can recommend-but you do not have a constitutional right to appoint to committees.
Senator Muggli-If we are not able to resolve this between yourself and the President, where is this going to go?
Speaker-As the senate you know you have instilled parliamentary procedure authority in your Speaker. There is no fight. I encourage the senate to act professionally in your next move.
Vice President Shaffi-While you were a senator you said that you had an opinion, now you are saying that you don’t have an opinion.
Speaker-No there is nothing that says the Speaker can not have an opinion.
Vice President Shaffi-I am not saying opinion on anything only senate issues.
Speaker-No, not an opinion-but there is only fact.
Senator Muggli-In the Constitution does it say that we have to read the Constitution or only abide by it?
Speaker-No it does not say that.
Senator Dueser-Can the President force us to recommend without our approval?
Speaker-No, I want to help you. We are not a tribunal, or Commission on Ethics & Standards. We wouldn’t go to a committee to impeach someone.
Senator Pike-I want individuals to make a good vote, if I want a Steering committee-do I pass a motion?
Speaker-We have a Rules Committee-but there is no Rules Committee.
Proxy Gaffer-Could you illustrate elected and appointed officials?
Speaker-An appointed official has no constituency-elected is elected by a constituency.
Proxy Gaffer-If an appointed official has no constituency, how can they be recalled?
Speaker-2/3 vote of senate, and they must be notified.
Senator Muggli-Are you disappointed in being part of this association?
Speaker-No I am proud of this association, I have always been very proud of this association. I always wanted to be Speaker. You are great, you ask good questions. I am not disappointed.

Additions to Agenda-Senator reports-Jayson Read, James Tung, Parrish Jones, Omni Peterson, Zach Biesanz

Coordinator Reports

Intergovernmental Coordinator Rhys Gaffer
Redistricting-Need input, not comfortable presenting without concrete suggestions from students. Almost 1/3 of students cannot vote because they are International Students. About 2900 students live in the greater Mankato area. If Crawford/McElroy is taken away and put in another district, they would not be able to vote in this district. Local government does affect us. This affects how we are going to vote, we would have to shuttle students, this would have to be in the budget for vans etc.
Senator Wiech-Motion to sing Happy Birthday. We need to come together like this because Rhys is a miracle man.
Senator Muggli-How old is Rhys?

Committee Reports

Ensuring Cultural Diversity Committee-Daniela Rumpf, Chair
Sent email to senators and asked them to look at the language the committee is working on regarding amendments to the Bylaws of the Constitution. Jamnesty International-$5.00

Senator Reports

Social & Behavioral Science Senator Parrish Jones
I am a Social & Behavioral Science senator, not much to report. Was stopped and searched for drugs going into Thunderbay.
Off-Campus Zach Biesanz-In an organization called United for Equality, also Kessel Institute for Peace & Change meets Tuesday noons in CSU, very informative. Participated in protest at River Hills Mall, received positive response. Some people don’t understand amending, most people seem against war, even though CNN makes it seem we should all be for the war.
Social & Behavioral Science Senator Ryan Austad-We are picking on the weakest country in the world. Recently met with Advisory and Susan Coultrap-McQuinn, discussed dropouts in sophomore year. It seems as though accountability needs to be done in Financial Aid. Went to see Robert Bly. Met a man I thoroughly look up to. We need to work more or advertise redistricting. I have trouble with redistricting When mayor said 7 students voted. We need to act and vote. Learning to not take myself too seriously. Working on keeping the community a good place.

Science Engineering & Tech Senator Katie Garrity
I am proud to be part of this senate and I am getting to know senators, hanging out outside of senate etc. Superfans are an RSO; they go to sporting events and cheer and get excited, they taped cheers to chairs at the hockey game so people would know what to do. However, I don’t like some of the cheers they are promoting-they should not be plain rude. It is not necessary to say bad things. If interested in Salvation Army-sign up with Bethany, she has the sign up for Soup Kitchen and ringing bells. If interested in being a student Ambassador, talk to me.
Senator Muggli-Did you know that I want to paint my room during Christmas break?
Senator Poole-How much time is involved in giving tours?
Senator Garrity-About 3 ½ hours one week and 2 ½ the next week.
Senator Muggli-If you don’t want to give fulltime can you do something else?
Senator Garrity-There are Maverick Guides, they can call you for tours-call Admissions they can give you more details.

Graduate Senator Matt Osmundson
Senator Dueser and I met with in Graduate Studies.
Senator Radtke-Is is your birthday today?
Senator Osmundson-24

College of Education Senator Rachael Horne
Regret to announce that because of academics and other commitments I must resign my senate seat.
Off-Campus Senator Ian Radtke Parking Advisory-Things keep plodding along nicely. PAC is still looking at ways to redistribute permits and/or lots to improve the system. Recently put forward a plan allowing faculty and staff to have first shot at Gold permits with student sales coming from the remaining Gold permits at the start of Fall semester. Amnesty International on campus is holding a fundraiser concert tomorrow night in the CSU ballroom for 7-11 P.M. Blues is Blood, Stuart Davis are the headliners. Thanks to everyone who woke up early for the Leonid Meteor Shower. I opened the Standford Observatory and shuffled over 30 people through. It was a wonderful show, hopefully those who missed this year will see it when it comes around next. I have concerns over this recent senate debacle; this needs to be figured out. I urge all of us to maintain a level of respect and personal dignity in these proceedings. Talk to each other, talk to the executive staff, talk to Kenan. Read your Constitution; ask questions if you have them. Senate should not be personal. As I understand what is going on-it is the process. I spoke with Roger and he was fighting for the process. Know the process-communication is important.

Off-Campus Senator Wiech
I signed up yesterday for a senator report. I come before you as a senator only. Absolutely disgusted with the things going on and proud as hell with every senator in this body. We have been seeing signs of this for a while now. As a senior senator I hate to see this body subjected to that. We have taken some time to think things out this year. We don’t rush into things blindly. I have to give you a round of applause, this is the best body to work with.

R#11.18.01A Senator Muggli/Wiech Move to approve an increase in the student fee for the Centennial Student Union budget from $6.55 per credit hour up to $9.00 per credit hour, capped at 12 credits.
Senator Muggli-I think this is a good motion, if you think it is worded correctly. We got all the information, and I feel we should vote on this because it has been approved by Union Board and SAC.
Senator Pike-I was under the understanding that we did not approve the Union Boards decision, we made our own decision.
Senator Austad-This needs to go to SAC committee. This is a waste of time. We need more time to make decisions.
Senator Muggli-This has gone through Union Board and SAC. It has been discussed. They approved this but up to $9.00. Union Board Director alluded to the fact that we have had this for two weeks.
Senator Wiech-This has been in your boxes for two weeks.
Senator Garrity-We have heard about this, they need an answer. We should vote on this.
Senator Tung-This is urgent, Minnesota State needs an answer by Friday.
Senator Dueser-We are under a state mandate to approve this tonight. A motion has come out of SAC to increase this for a larger amount, unless there is a good reason why not, we should pass this motion.
Senator Pike-SAC did pass this up to $11.16, we should pass this motion for the new $9.00. I would support this.
Senator Dueser-Can a SAC motion be amended in Senate?
Speaker-Yes, it can, this is not a written SAC motion.
Senator Poole-What did Director Morris say about the reason for lowering the amount to $9.00.
Senator Wiech-The phased in is for deferred maintenance-they are not going to completely pay it off, it will be over four or five years with one larger increase, that is why the cost can be lower.
Senator Muggli-These are the best numbers we have heard. The students I have talked to don’t mind spending the extra $50.00. They will like having a new Stompers. Most students do approve of this.
Motion-Move to approve the Student Union fee.
R#11.18.01A Senator Muggli/Wiech
Move to approve an increase in the student fee for the Centennial Student Union budget from $6.55 per credit hour up to $9.00 per credit hour, capped at 12 credits.
Motion passes unanimously

Senator Read-For those of you that don’t know this, I am a Black Jack dealer at Jackpot Junction and have been doing this for years. It is easy, simple and much better than playing machines.
Senator Tung-Should we hit on 16?
Senator Peterson-Are dealers nice when they know you are new?
Senator Read-Jackpot Junction-dealers will help you out.
Proxy Gaffer-Is Legislative Affairs interested in working on redistricting?
Senator Read-Yes, I will talk to you tomorrow.
Senator Tung-Very busy the last three weeks. I attended a 4 piano recital. I went to the Dept. of Disability meeting, I went to the Meteor Showers.
Senator Peterson-Crawford. They are doing many things for finals. 24 hour quiet hours, pop etc. WOW event tonight brought to you Crawford staff. There are rooms opening up. Have seen an increase in involvement with posters and sign-up sheets available. There are student concerns with students going away for the holidays and the I-net speed.


Senator Pike-After this meeting we are going to BW 3
Senator Dueser-I would like to say at the Cultural Diversity dinner-I heard staff talking about extra food and the fact that it was a shame that it could not go somewhere. Senator Gaffer and I contacted the Welcome Inn and we did take pounds and pounds of meat to the Welcome Inn. Cultural Diversity donated it and it was a great thing. I hope it happens in the future.
Senator Austad-Yogaworks-CSU . Tickets available in SLD&SL.

Proxy Gaffer/Senator Osmundson
Move to recommend to President White Owl to appoint Chris Boyce, Amy Bicek, Erinn Wilson to the Constitution Commission.
Proxy Gaffer-Lets make some recommendations to President White Owl.
Senator Osmundson-Reinterate what Proxy Gaffer said.
Senator Dueser-I would like to see a more complete recommendation to the President. We want to see our Constitution Commission be people that have experience in constitutional matters and that are interested in student senate matters. We need to be comfortable with them. We need to be familiar with them. We need experience. I am going to talk to Roger to see ways we can cooperate, but I would like to see other names supported. We have a right to give advice and consent to the President. Let’s not make blind appointments. Let’s make informed decisions.
Proxy Gaffer/Senator Osmundson-Amendment to motion
Move to recommend to President White Owl to appoint Chris Boyce, Amy Bicek, Erinn Wilson, Samantha Gallion and Cassi Linkenmeyer to the Constitution Commission.
Senator Gallion-Very involved in constitutional issues with FFA. Made decisions and was required to interpret constitutional issues.
Seantor Osmundson-These are just recommendations to Roger.
Senator Muggli-I have a bit of confusion, this is good because it is putting something out there.
Senator Dueser-move to amend to add my name to the list. I am interested in working with Roger on a compromise.
Recommendation #11.28.01B Proxy Gaffer/Osmundson
Move to recommend to President White Owl to appoint Chris Boyce, Amy Bicek, Erinn Wilson, Cassie Linkenmeyer, Samatha Gallion, Richard Dueser to the Constitution Commission.
Speaker-The Chair of the Constitution Commission can not question Speakers rulings during Senate meetings. Senators can speak.
Motion passes

Senator Muggli- Tomorrow in CSU Lobby representatives from the bus system will be asking questions and doing surveys. Voice opinion-tell interested people. Happy Birthday to everyone.
Speaker-Officially declare College of Education seat vacant.
Senator Gaffer-Clarify remark made by the mayor-seven students that lived on campus voted, not seven students only.
Senator Garrity-I am interested in getting together during winter break.
Speaker-Rick and Rhys that is really cool to give that food out. That is just great.
Senator White-Philosophy professor Ron Yezzi will be giving a talk-My Reflections Now-Have I made any mistakes in my fourty years of philosophizing.
Senator Guetter-Two band concerts coming up. Sunday at 7:30, Choir-see poster. Tuesday band concert-If you attended that would be a great birthday present. Ask an aviation student if they are interested in the seat.
Senator Dueser-Apologize, but we have made a recommendation, should we also send a recommendation for Steering Committee?
Senator Muggli-Encourage you to go and talk to Roger. Talk to him about anything.

Recommendation #11.28.01C Senator Dueser
Recommend to MSSA President to appoint Katie Garrity, Andrew Menden, Stephanie White, Byron Pike, Richard Dueser to MSSA Steering Committee.
Speaker-Steering Committee is for Coordinators, not for screening committee applications.
Senator Muggli-Take this to heart, it is small but think about what it means to someone else.
Senator Dueser-Why would this interfere? We haven’t heard good explanations.
Motion Fails

Proxy Gaffer-Happy to be recognized by this group for my 40th birthday.
Speaker-I really like Rhys.
Senator Read-I will be posting my schedule in the near future.
Senator Peterson-I really hope no one has a Wednesday night class. It is not fair that some senators leave at 6:00.

Adjounment 7:28 PM

Roll Call

Senators present
Bethany Jackson, Samantha Gallion, Byron Pike, Andrew Menden, Matt Osmundson, Richard Dueser, Brian Mullin, Jayson Read, Katie Garrity, Ryan Austad, Stephanie Whie, Ashley Guetter, Omni Peterson, Adam Poole, Jason Casey-proxy Gaffer, Joe Muggli, Stacy Wiech, Ian Radtke, Cassandra Linkenmeyer, Zach Beisanz-proxy, Stephane White
Senators Absent
Daniela Rumpf, Beenish Malhi, Parrish Jones, Dan Peskorz, Jacob Helgeson, Mikel Akers, Monica Klein, James Tung
Executive Staff Absent
President White Owl, Vice President Shaffi