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69th MSSA Senate
December 5, 2001 Minutes
Meeting called to order at 4:01 PM by Speaker Rachel. D. Noah

Roll Call

Senators Present
Bethany Jackson 3-0-0, Samantha Gallion 3-0-0, Daniela Rumpf 15-0-0, Byron Pike 15-0-0, Andrew Menden 15-0-0, Matt Osmundson 12-2-0, Richard Dueser 11-0-0, Brian Mullin-14-0-1, Jayson Read 15-0-0, Katie Garrity 15-0-0, Parrish Jones 14-1-0, Ryan Austad 10-1-0, Stephanie White15-0-0, Ashley Guetter 11-0-0, Omni Peterson 10-1-0, Adam Poole 14-0-0-1, Monica Klein-12-1-2 , Jason Casey 12-1-2, Joe Muggli 15-0-0, Stacy Wiech-proxy Jessica Boyd 9-0-2, Ian Radtke 15-0-0, Zach Biesanz 10-0-1, James Tung 15-0-0 Cassandra Linkenmeyer 11-0-0
Senators Absent
Dan Peskorz-proxy Rhys Gaffer 6-5-4, Jacob Helgeson 5-8-0-2, Mikel Akers 14-1-0
Executive Staff Present
President Roger White Owl, Vice President Uzair Shaffi
Student Forum

Presentation – MSUSA Academic Affairs Coordinator C. Rhys Gaffer
“Centers of Excellence” This is an issue that has happened from the top down. The Legislature has approved this. A Center of Excellence is where the strength is placed on specific programs. Examples-Political Science, Engineering.
The Centers of Excellence is brought on quicker in the Technical College level-example-aviation management.
Research has shown that many mechanics will be retiring soon, given that, more people are needed to be trained. The Tech Colleges and Community Colleges are mirroring their premier programs. They request money based on anticipated enrollment. Legislature has shown support by allowing institutions to designate programs. But what happens to the rest of the programs? Will we have Centers of Excellence with some programs and not others? These colleges will be made as assessable as possible, partnerships will be made. How do we go about making sure quality in programs is maintained? I was at Minnesota State policy council today. They will be presenting to Board next week. This is a heads up-colleges and universities taking programs they excel in and making them more accessible to the state. We have a chance to get in on the ground floor. board. Additional information will be put up as it comes available. Budgets are something we will have to be thinking about next semester. We need to get something on the record.
Senator Read-If a school program is mediocre-can a program be shut down?
Gaffer-Yes, if it not as strong as university wants to see, program could be suspended.
Senator Read-Is there currently a partnership with some schools?
Gaffer-There are various programs that enhance themselves with their partnerships. This program defines criteria. I could not point to any program, St. Cloud is pursuing things now. Also at the tech and community college level.

Approval of Minutes (11-28-01) Minutes approved

Officer Reports

President Roger White Owl
Thursday, Nov. 29 attended Meet & Confer. We were updated on facilities, discussed Third Phase visit and bonding. Discussed fiscal year 2002 budget. Minnesota State was asked to cut over 10% from their budget and we have been asked to be proactive. MSUSA Over the weekend. Discussed minimum wage of $7.50 for students. State Health fund is another major issue to look at Position now open for MSUSA Campus Rep, Coordinator has had to step down for educational priorities. See me if you are interested in the position. MSSA will be hosting conference January 17-19. Strongly encourage you to help out with conference.

Proxy Gaffer-Concerning what went on last week-where is it going from here? How are you going to proceed?
President-My thoughts are very simple
Senator Gaffer-Is there any time table for appointments to the Constitution Commission? When will it be appointed?
President White Owl-I have the same answer as before.
Senator Muggli-When will it be appointed?
President White Owl-It was appointed by executive order.
Senator Mullin-Would you appoint them now?
President White Owl
Senator Poole-True or false-
President –false
Senator Pike-Are you aware that we will not recognize anything that comes out of your executive orders?
Senastor Muggli-Do you happen to know if anything has
President-Finished consultation process with RHA last week regarding their budget.

Special Business

Presidential Appointees-
President White Owl-
Senator Pike-Whose motion is this?
Speaker-It is senate business.
Proxy Gaffer-Who makes the appointments?
Speaker-The President has the
Senator Muggli-I don’t understand in the
Senator Dueser-I am not swayed by argument.
Senator Klein-In interest of time, we all agree we don’t want these appointments. Lets move on .
Speaker-Yes, if there is one student, they would be the chair?
Speaker- The main motion is the appointments of the Constitution Commission.
Appointment of Christopher Boyce to Constitution Commission
Appointment fails.
Speaker-Appointment of Erinn Wilson-
Senator Dueser-objection. This senate does not approve of these appointments.
Appointment fails
Approval of Amy Bicek
Senator Dueser-objection, senate does not approve and this senate should make this clear to the administration.
Senator Mullin-Would the chair make a ruling in regard to the language of the usage of senate be replaced by individuals?
Speaker-Approval or disapproval is the entire senate.
Appointment fails
Appointment of Melissa Ramierz
Senator Dueser-objection
Senator Casey-Point of information-My understanding is that by voting all these people down which the President wants to appoint, the Constitution Commission can still meet. It would have three members, 2 faculty and President White Owl. They can overrule this senate’s overruling of his appointments, if they do that we can be back here again-right?
Speaker-No, if they overrule my ruling, those people that the president appointed would be the Constitution Commission.
Senator Dueser-I don’t believe senate approves appointment of Melissa Ramierz. We have not had the opportunity to look at her application.
Senator Jones/Austad,call question
Appointment of Melissa Ramierz fails Senator Casey, abstain
Appointment ofSarah Williams
Senator Dueser-Objection, do not believe senate approves of this and we should make it clear to the president and the administration that we do not approve of these appointments.
Appointment fails
Appointment of Gergana Kambitova….
Senator Dueser-I do not believe the MSSA Senate approves this and they have not had time to approve this, they should make it clears it does not reflect the senate’s approval. Senator Muggli-I think this would be a good appointment, but since the President did not bring this forward, I guess we should not approve.
Senator Gallion-If over Christmas-Roger makes these appointments, do they stand?
Speaker-Yes, but you would have the opportunity to call a special session.
Appointment of Gergana Kamitova fails.

Vice President Uzair Shaffi
This past weekend, I attended MSUSA. While I was there I noticed signs that said no smoking for next 50 yards. This was at Metro. Smoking has been a big issue. Next year, residence halls will be smoke free. Another issue discussed was lack of jobs on campus. Does this exist on our campus. Work study is not being utilized, money does get sent back. If the government is giving money utilize. Also-next year we need to take a stance of people living in the lounges etc. Students should not have to live in lounges. Good luck on finals.
Senator Gueter-Please inform senators what happened at MSUSA?
Senator Biesanz-My question is about lack of jobs, what are your suggestions?
Vice President-We need to find out if there is a lack of jobs-if so, then we need to work things out with departments. Also, if minimum wage was raised, some feel this would create artificial inflation. Would like to know if there is a lack of jobs.

Speaker Rachel D. Noah
a written Outline or written report next semester. Want to let you know that the Petition has been requested, research done states That this does not have to be done. However, it make become public and leave the office. I encourage you from talking about that.
Senator Muggli-Where is the agenda.
Speaker-It is on my door all week. Put you name on it.
Proxy Gaffer-Is the document that gets taped to your door official or as a guideline.
Speaker-It is not official until it is approved by the senate, but it does not have to be. It is the chair’s decision.
Senator Muggli-What happened tonight was it a waste of time?
Speaker-I hope you want to listen to each other, use your speaking terms wisely. You should all be discussing, it is not a waste of time to discuss-if it out of hand call the question.
Singing at the Taylor Center at 6
Senator Dueser-Move for a 10 minute recess. Passes

Motion R#12.5.01 Senator Pike/Senator Read
Senator. Pike-there are misconceptions about power of body. We knew what was going on. We did not overrule his decsion. That was our power.
Senator Read-We should express to the administration and the student body that the MSSA does have power.
Senator Muggli-We all know what we are talking about, but we need to be more clear as to date etc.
Senator Tung-In the future can we not use we, this makes it sound like it is my decision.
Senator Read-Are you referring to motions made?
Speaker-Senators don’t have an individual voice, it comes out as a body
Call question

Motion Whereas: The MSSA Senate has elected it’s Speaker to be an expert….
Motion fails

Coordinator Reports

Intergovernmental Coordinator Rhys Gaffer
As a senator I am representing a voice. As coordinator I represent Present White Owl’s cabinet. I attended school board meeting, 1.5 million budget reduction due to lack of funding of state legislature. Hopefully, people that did not vote for ref. Let board know where the cuts should be.
Mr. McGinn-we can consultatnt with him and city of Mankato to watch over these issues. They rely heavilty for us to report safety and security issues.
Working on options for Leg Affairs Committee-tried to take a couple different approaches to try to not split up res halls. Committee had 3 options, I gave them 2. As a coordinator-we have publicly gone through the issue of another coordinator, I have personnal issues But I want to be very clear that aside from the public issue, it is good that students know that we have personnal struggles. I see that we have had a lot of listening by this body. I hope that in addition to the process-as an employee I believe we should give ourselves the opportunity to sit down with this before the end of the semester.

Motion R#12.05.01 B Proxy Gaffer/Senator Austad
Facilitated in safe space. Everyone has a chance to speak. This group is offering mediation. This would be Beneficial for anyone that would want to take part. I would hope it would not just be members of this body But officers and members of cabinet.
Senator Read-I support this. Many members have said they would like mediation.
Senator Muggli-When would this take place?
Speaker-Motion does not make it clear.
Motion passes one abstention
Proxy Gaffer

Committee Reports

Parking Advisory Council, Rhys Gaffer
We still have same objection to allow faculty and staff to have first crack at Gold permits. I would like to Hear this bodies thoughts on where you would like to see things go. Residence Hall students permits were Also being looked at Gold.
Senator Radtke-Light Green parking was undervalued, 138.00. Light Green should be raised for close in parking. This should be proportional-This would make light green 150.00.
Gaffer-As I have understood from on-campus student they do not want to swap out any parking. This is still the big issue. We are dealing with permit costs.
Senator Garrity-Have you considered Gaffer-there seems to be some consensus that it is not acceptable to keep light green at 138 for 9 months. For Proposal brought forth by Senator Radtke. !50 is less imposing. 20 would not be out of line.

Ensuring Cultural Diversity, Daniela Rumpf
Pay for pictures. Going home to Germany. Committee asked me to read this does not represent my personal opinion. Read…………
Proxy Gaffer-Chair Rumpf In that ECDC was there any representation from the GLBC , The Women’s Center, The Feminists Under Construction?
Senator Garrity-Was the motion that was passed unanimous?
Senator Rumpf-Not a motion but the majority of the committee members felt that way.
Proxy Gaffer-Were you aware of any
Senator Rumpf-I think the initiative was done before.
Senator Tung-Can you give us the make up of the committee.
Senator Rumpf-3
Senator Garrity-Are all the senators’ spots filled?
Senator Rumpf-No, There is one international spot,
Proxy Gaffer-Prior to this motion, was there any kind of communication with RSO’s asking them to be included or was this just initiated by Coordinator Stafford?
Senator Rumpf-He brought this forward, he acted on it.
Senator Tung-Is the CD committee welcome to any other organization?
Senator Rumpf-We have not had open meetings, we invite organizations. If anyone showed up we would not say they could not be there.
Proxy Gaffer-In regards to the initiative for inclusion for the members by Coordinator
Gaffer-was this done before or after The initiative for the petition?
Rumpf-I think it was brought up on a Monday.

Motion-R#Whereas the MSSA Senate has elected
Gaffer-POI-If during the interim President White Owl appoint the commission is it not appointed lawfully?
Speaker-Yes it is.
Senator Muggli-Lets not look into the future. This is a good motion.
This motion is swaying that we are supporting her decision, her decision stands. What she did last week will stand because we let it. She is doing a great job. She is a good job, she is amazing.
Senator Austad-I feel this is good, but do not support. The Senate does support its Speaker, our action speaks louder than our words. We do not need a motion.
Senator Poole-I feel we do support the speaker, and this motion will not hurt.
Proxy Gaffer-Lawfully-a con comm. Could interrupt this differently.
Motion Passes, Gaffer-abstain

SAC-Byron Pike
Committee met this morning. Committee recommended to fund up to $4, to travel to Northern Iowa to Participate in the national competition. SAC has funded this in the past. They are bringing more people, there numbers are up. This is good.
Senator Muggli-How will this benefit students.
Chair Pike-This is not an RSO. They are a line item. This is an expenditure for a national competition, they are alwo getting taught masters classes at the same time.
Senator Mugglii-$4,000 is quite a bit of money. We should have more discussion.
Senator Klein-We only have a minor in dance, they can take master classes. You should approve this.
Senator Dueser-I support this, we have a SAC committee to approve these things.
Motion Passes-abstain Byron Pike

Legislative Affairs-Jayson Read
So far this semester Leg Affairs has been educating themselves on issues that will be coming forward. Have contacted some legislators in district. Will be setting up time to meet with legislators-Town Hall Meetings Could be held here at the University. Committee works well together. Have not been negative. I encourage Everybody to contact your senator when you are home, let them know you will be seeing them in Feb. Find out Their views. This is a big year. It is a bonding year. We are looking at getting a lot of money. So we have to lobby for that. Also looking over redistrictinjg plans for City of Mankato-agreement from committee, will be presented soon.
Two options-MSU option 1-takes
Speaker-Will you be providing that information about contacting senators in the office. Read-yes, email links etc.
Senator Dueser-are they on the internet
Senator Read-I will make them available

Motion-out of committee
Support option 1
Senator Dueser-POI-Can the chair answer what committee investiaged this?
Speaker-This comes out of Legislative Affairs. Committee.
Senator Muggli-Option 1 is unclear. I don’t think we should pass this now. But look at it and be informed.
Senator Austad-I feel we should support this, the committee dealt with this issue. Everyone does not need to Know every piece of information.
Senator Peterson-I support this motion.
Senator Muggli-I was in this committee and I still question this. I am not sure what option I choose. MSU option 1 Does not state what map we should take. If I was there and I am not sure we should not pass this.
Coordinator Gaffer-We would be much better off having gage towers in ward 5. Since the majority of the students there are freshmen, we could have a precinct booth there or it would be very close to them. It would be good for us as a student association to facilitate getting students back and forth so that they can vote. This is the city’s proposal.
Senator Muggli-We thought this option right here was just fine. We thought that there would be enough students in each ward to give them clout.
Read-There were no objects in the committee. It was clear that we wanted gage towers to be moved into ward 5 out of ward 3.
Gaffer-Was the committee informed that the map you’re holding up was the city’s proposal?
Senator Pike-POV-Could you ask the members up here to try to address this-are you suggesting this map or Rhys’ alteration to this map?
Read-We’re suggesting Rhys’ alteration. Rhys had shown to us how the districts were going to be done.
Motion passes.

Senator Reports

Social & Behavioral Science Parrish Jones
-Busy past two weeks. Earlier this year I applied for graduation and was Approved, so I have decided to ditch out early and graduate in December. Would like to thank President White Owl, VP Shaffi, Speaker Noah, Senate and Coordinators. This body does good. I am sure transition will go smoothly. Would like to recommend Rhys Gaffer. Feel guilty leaving, it is just getting fun.

Arts & Humanities-Daniela Rumpf

Undeclared-Stephanie White
-The first thing Roger was mentioning in his report he talked about Roger Anderson. No one from the senate attended Yezzi’s presentation yesterday and that’s unfortunate. I organized it. He’s retiring.

Off-Campus-Stacy Wiech
Science Engineering & Technology-Jayson Read
-One of my concerns is that not a lot of people know what’s going on in the student senate. Most of their information is coming from the Report and from hearsay. From the reporter and obviously and usually we see from our student gallery that sit in our meetings aside from aviation students, so, there are some possibilities that we can consider. One of them that was being tossed around today is a live webcast that we can present through the MSSA website which would be great to for students to sit and watch. Another option is public access television which I believe was brought up last year as an option. I think letting the students know what’s going on and show them that we care and take the time to discuss these things and it’s not just mindless bantering between each other. Right now I don’t think there are a whole lot of students that have high regard for the student senate with all of the bad things that have been going around. This could possibly give the students information about what’s going on in the senate without coming and watching us.
Proxy Gaffer-Would you support an initiative to have a payed coordinator position entitled “public relations” or “PR coordinator” for our office?
Read-I’d have to meet with you before I can say anything about it but I think it’s a great idea.
Senator Garrity-Have you thought of anything like adding a column for the reporter or having senators regularily writing for the reporter?
Read-I believe it was brought up sometime. Someone said that if they dedicated a column to the student senate then there were organizations that would want to have their own column too.

Undeclared-Ashley Guetter
-I want to talk about MSUSA. I resigned as campus rep because next semester I have a lot to do. It was great though. Next I have a picture of when I went fishing last summer but they didn’t seem to believe me about this big fish I caught. Yesterday was my birthday and thanks to everyone who said happy birthday to me. For winter break I’m going to relax and I’m going to Missouri next week. Lastly, I talked to Michael Walsh. He’s in charge of orientation and I asked if he could talk to me about it but he hasn’t responded to me yet

McElroy-Adam Poole
-I’m your McElroy senator. RHA is increasing what it’s going to cost to live in the reshalls by 8%. Over the summer they’re going to be redoing bathrooms and new furniture and smoking shelters outside. I like that they made it non-smoking. I’m kind of disappointed about what I’ve been seeing lately is how people will compromise their relationship with a lot of people just because of one person. I had a good weekend, I went to Iowa and visited my sister and went to a concern in Des Moines. We had great seats. I also support the war on terrorism. I don’t think we should be teamed up with the northern alliance, though. They’re not making the best decisions.
Senator Peterson-Has RHA received any opposition for making the reshalls non-smoking?
Poole-I wasn’t at the meeting but it passed.
Senator Garrity-Why and who pays for the smoking shelters?
Poole-I really don’t know but I would think reslife does. It’s not a guaranteed thing that’s going to be built this summer.
Senator Radtke-With this 8% increase in price, do you know what the increase in internet bandwidth would be?
Poole-No I don’t know.
Senator Garrity-Why do they need new furniture?
Poole-From what I’ve seen in the furniture in my lounge, it’s not too good looking. There is some newer furniture in some parts but ours is bad.

Graduate Studies-Matt Osmondson-

Off-Campus-Jason Casey
-I’ve got three things. I’d like to see everybody smile and give each other a hug and next to go and say hi to anyone you can. Third, I won’t be here next semester because my class load is too big
Proxy Gaffer-What’s happening with your proposal for a garden space?
Casey-We picked garden #22. That’s the big one between here and the library. She didn’t think anybody else had it but she’s going to e-mail us about it. She’s going to e-mail us a timeframe in the spring of when we can work on it.
Senator Muggli-Are you still willing to help us with that garden?
Casey-Yes I will
Senator Read-Will you still be hanging around the senate office?
Casey-As much as I can
Senator Muggli-Will you still try to be on some committees.
Casey-Hopefully if our schedules match up.

Off-Campus-Ian Radtke
-Over winter break I have a personal mission – I’m going to try to talk to as many of my off campus students as I can. It’s been a fault of mine in the pass and now it’s going to be a personal goal of mine over winter break. Budgets—it’s kind of a dry subject but I think we should all know what’s going on. Minnesota State has asked for a 5-10% budget cut from every university in its system. That amounts to somewhere in the range of 50 million dollars. I’ve been affected –cancelled classes, etc. We should have this information to give people in case they’re affected too. The gemonid meteor shower will be here soon. The moon will eclipse Saturn also.
Senator Muggli-Do you have a telescope that people will be able to look through?
Radtke-I don’t know if I’l lbe in the state but if I am, I’ll try to let you know.

Graduate Studies-Rick Dueser
-We discussed issues pertaining to grad students-married housing. I attended friendship night, it was very fun. I saw another senator there.

Maverick Hall-Cassi Linkenmeyer
-Mine is going to be brief. There was so many people talking about RHA tonight so I’m not going to be commenting on it. I was in favor of having the dorms all smoke free next year. I want to comment on scheduling – I’m not sure if people scheduled on Monday but it was really bad. As far as Mav hall, there isn’t much going on, quiet hours start tonight at 10pm. As far as getting more information about senate out, I’m toying with the idea of putting a monthly bulliten out on my board. On Friday, senator Gallion will be ringing for the salvantion army.
Senator Pike-I was wondering since you do live in the dorms if you’ve heard any grumbling or uprising from smoking students?
Linkenmeyer-No I haven’t. Board members from RHA came to talk to us and they showed us statistics, 89% will not be affected, 3% will benefit because they requested a smoke free floor.

Empty seats: off campus held by Casey, social/behavioral by Jones.


Speaker-I’d like to encourage everyone not to rustle and move around during senator reports. It’s hard to talk and it’s rude. Also, people go up there and say “talk to me later if you have any questions or want to know what I’m doing” – that’s the point of your report. Tell us what you’ve been doing. Yes I have heard that there has been some opposition to the body and threats of moving to ethics. I am personally drawing a parallel that you cannot take a congressman and congresswoman to court based on the way that they vote. I just want to make that clear. You can’t go to ethics on the way you vote. Next semester you must be present for roll call and ajournment so start looking for proxies. Or you can be excused. My last announcement is when the president attempts to make an appointment, that appointment falls under the senate until
Austed-I opened my e-mail and found a virus sent from an adminstrator from MSU. Luckily Yahoo found the virus and warned me. Be careful if you get e-mail from Kathleen Trauger.
Jackson-This Sunday from 3-6pm I’m having a happy holiday get together in the CSU 222. Food, etc.
Speaker-If people do want to come to the basketball game, I’ll be in the Taylor center at 6pm and 8pm.