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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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70th MSSA Senate

January 15, 2003

Meeting called order by Speaker Zach Biesanz

Roll Call (present-absent-proxy)
Senators Present

Mary Scheider 11-0-0, Joseph Finn 9-0-0, Katie Hjulberg 10-0-0, Jessica Giordani 15-0-1, Rajendra K. Penugonda 16-0-0, Jessica Boyd 16-0-0, Katie Garrity-15-0-1, Alex Boyce 16-0-0, C. Rhys Gaffer-proxy Darrel Olson 14-0-2, Kail Decker 3-0-0, Anand Agarwal 13-3-0, Gordana Copic 13-1-2, Irfan Bangash 15-0-0, Celeste Hollerud 15-0-1, Rebecca Pollack 11-0-0, Ian Radtke 16-0-0, Thomas Handwerk 4-0-1, Jayson Read 11-0-0, Hailey Schmitz 14-2-0, Megan Brandt 11-0-0

Senators Absent

Faraz Khan 0-1-0, Minhaal Nathani 10-6-0, Jared Golde 5-3-0, Taimoor Hussain Bangash 10-6-0

Executive Staff Present

President Joe Muggli, Vice President Ali Raza

Student Forum

Approval of Agenda approved

Presentation-Mankato Peace Coalition, Cesia Kearns

Kessel Peace Institute helps educate the community on social justice issues. Here today speaking about possible war in Iraq and how it affects our students. Democracy is not going to war. This is an evasion of other countries. Would we be so quick to go to war if they were not an oil country? This war will only generate more hate toward Americans. There will be causalities on both sides. Don’t see how this is good for international relations. Students do talk about this; we can be quick to forget what war is like. We can not sit by and let this happen. Fellow students will be called to serve, they have already been called. 18 year olds will be the first to be drafted. Aside from the military, enormous emotional trauma will occur. Students now are not receiving financial aid, if we have to pay for a war, this will even be less, it will be funneled into war. There are 600 some International students on campus-we want them to know that not every American supports this, and we do not want these students to go home to war torn countries. I really believe this would be seriously damaging if we go to war. When it comes to dialogue we need to take a stand on this. “It’s an act of solidarity, expressing our humanity and the sentiment that we shouldn’t be destroying each other.” The process

has been slowed down, we need to let our leaders know the negative effect this has. Students should not be expected to serve, going to war with Iraq is not in the best interest of anyone.

Michael Feikema-History grad student. Emotion says something real, war is real, people die and do not come back. This could shape the whole world. We don’t know this will end with the war in Iraq. The Bush administration does not know if this will shape the world. When Israel invaded Lebanon-they did not know that they not extradite themselves many years after. We need to be cautious when going to war. There is caution across the world and a strong sentiment for trying all the vehicles for peace. It is becoming more and more clear that the Bush administration will not be able to ignore world opinion. If we keep up the pressure and voice our opinions before the war gets started we can impact this. In terms of finances and future this is

important-they will pay attention to the demonstrations across the country, even in Mankato, also representative bodies like the student body. We could contribute to stopping this war before it starts. Other universities

have taken resolutions to stop this.

Tanner Kent-Kessel Peace-The greatest mistake in every generation believing that history will not repeat itself.

When as a nation we fail to admit our fears, we are making a mistake. There is a lack of truth, compassion, communication. No amount of hatred will solve these problems.

Cesia Kearns-Mankato Peace Coalition-Kessel Peace will meet Friday, January 24-CSU 103

Senator Read-When is the demonstration?

David-In front of Pier One store at 2:00 Saturday.

Senator Decker-Do you feel there is a threat against the US right now?

Mr. Feikema-What ever threat there may be should be told through weapons inspectors. It is hard to see

a credible threat without knowing their findings.

Senator Penugonda-Last week I read that Feb. 21 is the last date that Iraq has to conform- do you know anything about that?

Mr. Feikema-I have heard the date of January 27 for the Arms Inspectors, more and more people are backing

away from that. It does have to go through the Security Council, other countries including Germany have been adamantly opposed. The weapons inspectors are saying they may need a year. There is a collision between the

Bush administration and the weapons inspectors.

Vice President Raza-The first phase of inspections will be compiled on Feb. 21. The most important

phase of 1,000 sites will be inspected by that date; they have not given any formal report yet.

Senator Penugonda-Last summer there was a demonstration on campus, after that an administrator

told us that the government may have someone at demonstrations and students do not want

their careers ruined if they demonstrate. How do you expect people to support demonstrations if there is fear?

Barbara Carson-Observations are very well grounded-but numbers count.

Al Lange-Mankato Aviation

This meeting brings back memories of sitting on the senate in St. Cloud-keep up the good work.

Would like to clarify a couple issues mentioned in the student newspaper. There have been many

discussions, there is some litigation going on, but very specifically in yesterday’s Reporter-

“unlike Northstar aviation, Mankato Aviation does not permit MSU graduates to serve as flight instructors” Mankato Aviation is a company that is under contract with the University to provide flight training for the students of the university. When the contract began Mankato Aviation hired 37 employees 34 of those were MSU students or graduates. The 3 that are not have not graduated from any college. On Jan 3, 2003 all 36 employees were from the MSU program. They are paid a marketable salary and given flying time.

These employees are the same employees that were here on Aug. 1. The airline industry has had its share of difficulties. The airlines are essentially not hiring. 4 employees have gone on and been hired, Mankato Aviation gave them good recommendations. Not in the same paper but in another paper a comment was made that aircraft are not equipped properly-the aircraft being used are the aircraft used previously. The contract

states that the aircraft must be equipped with GPS-global positioning service. This is for advanced trainers. This issue seems to be about communication.

Vice President Raza-thank you for clarifying about the GPS. Also there was an

Advisory Council to be made, I know not much effort was made by the university to do this,

was there an effort by Mankato Aviation? That was in the contract.

Mr. Lange-The Administration stated that the faculty organization left the meeting,

Mankato Aviation said we are here and would be happy to do that.

Vice President Raza-Why is the faculty so opposed?

Mr. Lange-That is an enormous question- I don’t know the answer, one can

speculate. Change is not easy for anyone. I am not aware of everything that has gone on.

Approval of Minutes (12-04-02) Minutes approved

Motion Moved by Senator Radtke/Senator Finn


We, the Minnesota State Student Association 70th Senate, urge all of our political leaders to oppose unilateral United States Military action in Iraq. Such a preemptive response will only produce a greater instability throughout the world, enhance the suffering of the people of Iraq, increase the likelihood of terrorism, and harm our own Political and economic interest. It would profoundly violate that moral decency that defines our humanity.


The continuing tragedies of internal oppression and aggression against neighbor, the horrors of terrorism and the threat of weapons of mass destruction cannot be stopped by unilateral military action. We encourage our government to continue to pursue alternatives to war on Iraq. We welcome the actions of the United Nations Security Council to insure that Iraq meets its obligation to disarm.


We must remember how war has affected student communities in the past. War would seriously interrupt the course of study for many students who are in the military reserves. A potential draft would devastate our student population physically, not to mention the immeasurable emotional cost all students would face. International students foster positive relationships between the U.S. and other nations. War might damage these relationships and alienate international students, causing division and anxiety within the student body. Those international students and American students with family or friendship ties to the region of the Middle East will experience incredible strife in the event of a war on Iraq. In the best interest of the health and well being of the student population, war on Iraq must be avoided.


The deepest commitment of every nation to cooperative efforts will solve the problems of catastrophic violence, poverty, and social injustice. In the final analysis, a path to enduring world peace is through the development of a world community: democratic, free, and just. We must step back from the brink of war.


That we, the 70th MSSA Senate, urge President Bush, Minnesota Senators and House Representatives at a Federal level and the Mankato area Senator and Representatives at a State level to oppose unilateral United States Military action in Iraq.

Senator Radtke-This would say for a large number of reasons why war is a bad thing for people all around and

how it would affect our campus.

Senator Penugonda-Relying on the United Nations Security Council can not do much. The council is not democratic, only the people with power can define this.

Vice President Raza-This is really great. The only people that can change anything is the United States.

The third world is over populated, they can not make change. George Bush is under pressure from China and Russia, the only people that can impact is you.

Senator Boyce-This is a major issue-we should see how students react, in Iraq people do not like Suddam Hussain Look at who benefits from the people not going to war, it is Saddam Hussain. If we avoid this, he stays in power.

Senator Finn-We as an organization that represents students should take a stand and make our voices heard. We should make a decision on where we stand.

Senator Argawal-Suddam Hussain should be thrown out-but many people die in war.

Senator Radtke-A couple clarifications, sometimes armed confrontations are necessary-but this states unilateral, not ignore global community and not do things our way. Former President Bush stated that it is important

to have global dialogue. Everyone needs to voice an opinion.

Senator Penugonda-Not only France but the US has an interest in the oil industry. If China stops delivering

goods here there would not be anything. Small countries can not do that.

Vice President Raza-The oil reserves in Iraq are worth 3 trillion dollars, the countries that would benefit

would be China, Russia. America would benefit if Suddam Hussain left. Since sanctions have been

imposed over 250,000 people have been killed because they can not get the necessary hygienic products etc. Nothing can justify killing people.

Senator Copic-We had war in Croatia when I was in 3rd grade-when people go to war you don’t know bad the country will be after the war.

President Muggli-Agree with this resolution-this is great. As a representative body should we make this

tonight? We need to bring this to the people we represent-I would hope they would agree.

Senator Garrity-If this were passed, where would it go?

Speaker-To the people named in the motion.

Vice President Raza-Sept 11 over 4,000 people died. Imagine how many people are dieing in Iraq

and will die if we go to war?

Senator Garrity-War is terrifying-what we decide is how the student body feels-I agree with the

resolution but I am not ready for this, we need to think about this. We need to consider all of this.

President Muggli-Move to table until next meeting, Senator Penugonda-second

Motion to table passes

Officer Reports

President Joe Muggli (see written report)

Senator Garrity- When you talked about our student fees, did you mean what would happen regarding the request of the director about our fees?

President Muggli- Yes, that’s what it is. These figures would be the theoretical request from Chris Connolly

Senator Penugonda-About the open forum, do you know if health insurance is being included in the next open forum or if there is one soon?

President Muggli-I don’t know but I’ll get back to you on it. Dates aren’t set.

Vice President Ali Raza (see written report)

About the resolution. I supported it. Tabling it was good but please get information before next week so that the purpose of tabling it is served. I have a lot of information and will try to get more. I got the contact information for the people that came to speak to us. They could provide you with information if you wanted. I will post it in the senate office after the meeting. They just wanted me to give you the dates for a campus discussion called “Should we go to war?” Friday Jan 24th, noon CSU203

Students were misinformed about the equipment on the planes not being there. The speaker that came clarified

Senator Finn-How did you spend your free time in Amsterdam?

Vice President Raza-Read books. Went down in the basement on the train. Sat in the hard rock café doing something I can’t mention here. I went back to my plane and it took me a long time to find my terminal.

Senator Penugonda-What was the amount taken from MSU Mankato for the budget?

Vice President Raza-$2.11 million from the reserve which is at about $3.5 million and it’ll be bumped back up to 3% next year so that’s an extra 3 million that has to be generated. I can give you the details after the meeting.

Senator Penugonda-Would you be able to tell based on the allegations about aviation that students are making about the contract, that if the school gets out of the contract, does the school need to pay something to the firm or will the school be sued by the firm?

Vice President Raza-I don’t know that they can get out of the contract but I will get some information about the contract. From what I got yesterday, it’s not possible to get out of it. From what Dr. Davenport said, the contract is not that bad but there’s a lack of communication. The faculty does not have good terms with Mankato Aviation. Students are angry because they’re getting their information from the faculty. And there is a lack of communication between Mankato Aviation and the school. Dr. Davenport said we can’t do much about the contract. It was wrong and some of the students said that Dr. Davenport said to them that this contract has problems and probably shouldn’t have been signed but we have to work with what we have now.

Senator Penugonda-Also, do you have any information about any action from the students? Like a lawsuit against the school?

Vice President Raza-Nothing like that was brought up yesterday at the meeting and I didn’t read anything that sounded like it would happen.

Speaker Zach Biesanz

Recognized Student Organizations

Minnesota State University Mankato Skydiving Club, Isshin-ryu Self Defense Club, Alpha Eta Rho-Mu Kappa tau

Correspondence Received from Malcolm O’Sullivan, Director of Student Services Initiatives and Budgets

President Davenport has received and reviewed the resolutions from the December 4, 2002 MSSA Student Senate meeting. The President provides the following response to these resolutions.

R#12.04.02A Centennial Student Union budget, the President approves this resolution. R#12.04.02B Funding up to $15,386 to the MSU Health Services Depreciation Fund. The President approves this resolution.

R#12.04.02C Funding up to $3,421 to the MSU University Repertory Dance Theatre to attend the American College Dance Festival at the University of WI in Madison, WI. The President approves this resolution.

R#12.04D Funding up to $1,000 to Chi Alpha Campus Ministry to attend the Regional Student Leadership Conference in Rochester, MN. The President approves this resolution.

Paul Vogel thanked us for letting him come and talk to us about University Square. I have his contact information.

I was also at the aviation meeting and a lot of people are very angry but misinformed. We should work on helping inform people. I expected a lot of aviation students here today but there weren’t. I was hoping to facilitate communication between them and Mankato Aviation. We should look into an Aviation open forum to facilitate communication. A lot of people are very guarded about what the say and I think a lot of people were asking cornering/attacking questions at the meeting yesterday.

Motion by Senator Agarwal/Senator Gaffer


Move that the MSSA Senate strongly supports students receiving the university’s minimum student wage of $7.15/hour. And strongly recommends that the MSU administration request that the Residential Life Dining Services vendor (Chartwells) pay it’s student employees that university minimum wage rate of $7.15 per hour.

Senator Garrity-Who does the $7.15 rule affect?

Vice President Raza-Only MSU employees.

Senator Read-Is it stated in the contract between Chartwell’s and MSU what the minimum wage is? If not, how is it decided?

Senator Agarwal-This is about student employees and the university has already determined that student employees should get $7.15/hr but Chartwells’ employees get a lower rate.

Senator Radtke-When the contract came before RHA, I saw that there was no minimum wage there. Since Chartwells is a private company they aren’t held to the state rules.

Senator Penugonda-One thing that’s missing here is the Res Life office. The Administration can’t change anything directly. I was the RHA rep last semester and I was trying to get some communication going on between Chartwells and MSU. If you go to Chartwells they will say that they can raise the wages but they will say that the food then has to cost more in Stompers and the cafeterias. Then Res Life will want to raise the costs for dorms. So, this is a bigger issue.

Vice President Raza-That’s absolutely right and yes the administration doesn’t have any say. This goes on between Res Life and Chartwells but the point that this resolution is trying to make is that Chartwells and Res Life should work something out so that the increase isn’t that much and that the wages are worked out to be a normal amount. They’re not even talking about raising the base pay. So if next year the base pay goes up to $8.15, the people working for Chartwells will still be making $6.50. There needs to be dialogue between Chartwell’s and Res Life. If we pass this resolution, the administration may pressure Res Life to work something out. Out of the 150 students there, about 100 are international students because they have to work on campus.

President Muggli/Senator Read-Move to refer this to Student Services committee

President Muggli-We need more information so let’s give it to the Student Services committee because I have absolutely no idea what we’re talking about here.

Senator Finn-I wonder if we should move this to RHA or to Student Services? Shouldn’t we have them involved?

Speaker Biesanz-Student Services deals with these issues It is not in our power to refer to committees outside MSSA

Senator Agarwal-We can at least ask the administration to look into this right now.

Senator Read-I rise in favor of referring this to committee. Get questions answered and bring info back to the senate so that everybody has a clear picture of what’s going on.

Vice President Raza-As the previous speaker said, it’s a good idea to refer it to committee and the committee should come back prepared to answer all of these questions that the senate has posed.

Senator Giordani-Call the question


Motion to refer to committee passed

Committee Reports

Legislative Affairs-Jon Zetzman, Darrel Olson (see written report)

Elections-Voter registration campaign was good. 37% increase in student voting. We did this without a budget. The senate introduced a bonding bill which includes Phase III of the athletic complex. The house is taking it up soon and looks like it will be signed.

Minnesota State asked for an increase of approximately $80 million dollars which would cap tuition at 3% but by judging what we see so far there is absolutely no chance for an increase for anyone.

Governor Pawlenty announced his plan and it will cut money out of Minnesota State. $2.115 million being cut from MSU. Because the state is in deficit Governor Pawlenty has the power to cut the budget where he wants.

They also cut $30 million out of HESO which is the Higher Ed. Financial Aid Office. So far, projecting a 15-16% tuition increase.

Regarding the $4.5 billion deficit Governor Pawlenty pledged that he would not raise taxes so the deficit will be taken care of by budget cuts. Higher Ed is a very easy target because we do have tuition that can go up. Some things that have been talked about are things like reciprocity being ended, including international student reciprocity. Enrollment might be capped and programs being cut. It’s up to the students to which direction we want to take. Cut services and keep tuition low or raise it and keep things as they are. Total tuition increase between 25%-100% projected by legislators. Some things not likely-Minnesota State being reorganized, campuses being shut down or Minnesota State being rolled into the U of M system.

We need to hear stories, individual stories to go to the legislator. They’re dealing with a huge budget crisis and we need to show them. Lobby day is very important, we need a huge showing. Students on this campus need to bombard the capitol. As a committee, we are going to work with the legislator, Rep. Dorn and Senator Hottinger to see what we can do to make sure MSU’s voice is heard. Expect any media outlets to disseminate information on how to get involved. Need students, faculty, alumni, community involved. We have been in contact with Governor Pawlenty’s office and the legislators and will continue to report back to the senate.

Senator Read-Has a date been set for Lobby Day?

Mr. Zetzman-Feb 12th.

Senator Read-Will it just be MSUSA or MSCSA together?

Mr. Zetzman-It will be run like previous years.

Speaker Biesanz-President Muggli will tell us about the Newspaper Committee and then we’ll have elections

President Muggli-Newspaper committee is important. It is in charge of selecting the editor in chief of the Reporter and helps set budget requests. Sara Ibero will be stepping down and there will be a meeting tomorrow about it.

Senator Finn-Is the resignation effective now?

President Muggli-Yes, she’s leaving mid-year.

Senator Finn-How would the person in this position work with the Communication Board?

President Muggli- They are two different committees.


Senator Finn-Nominate Senator Hailey Schmitz

Senator Schmitz-Accepts

Senator Garrity-Nominate Senator Alex Boyce

Senator Boyce-Accepts

Opening Statements

Senator Schmitz-I’m interested in this position. I read the paper so I’m pretty familiar with the types of things that go on. I am an Art major. I’m interested in different covers people get on campus and it’s very important to choose someone who will be good for the position and I feel that I could do a good job at being open to different people. I’m no longer on Student Services and need another committee to be on and this would be great.

Senator Boyce-I’ve read the MSU Reporter every issue. I get frustrated with the newspaper and I’ve expressed my frustration today. This week’s article was not about MSU anymore. I would like to make sure it keeps about MSU. I think it should not be biased against fraternities and sororities. I think I’d bring a lot to this board.


Senator Garrity-What do you feel makes you the better candidate for this position?

Senator Boyce-I’ve expressed myself a few times and wanted to write a letter to the editor but that didn’t happen. I’ve learned from senate about how to be diplomatic solving problems and I think I’d be better at that.

Senator Schmitz-I think that we both show a lot of leadership skills. I would try to be open in my listening to the difficulties with the Reporter with things being misrepresented and biased. They don’t have to sell papers to anyone so everything doesn’t have to be slanderous or things like that and I think I would be a great character judge and open to that

Senator Decker-Do the candidates agree with the philosophy of the paper? The front page is always biased.

Senator Schmitz-Personally, I would rather that they be more neutral. There are a lot of positive things to cover and instead of focusing on that they are focusing on the rumors and bad things. It should be something that shows good things that students are doing on campus.

Senator Boyce-I think that the MSU Reporter is also read off campus. Some people get the idea of our campus by reading our newspaper and they’re getting an impression from that. We have no reporters going to South Asian night or covering current events, not even here. We’ve been talking about important issues. It should be more positive.

Senator Finn-I would ask that if we’re speaking about being biased, do you feel that you’d be able to keep an objective mind set and put aside personal opinions of the Reporter and choose an editor objectively?

Senator Boyce-I’ll tell you right out how I feel about things. We need to talk to MSU students about our issues and I think I’m more attentive to what people are thinking and of what the students believe. I want to really change the reporter to be MSU Reporter and not about how one person’s break is or a sex column. It should be about MSU, the students and it should be positive.

Senator Schmitz-I don’t know any people who work in the Reporter so I don’t have any thoughts against anyone. I think I would think about things very carefully and be open about it but closed in the fact that I wouldn’t take other people’s opinions outside of the meeting. I think that the paper needs to be balanced and about positive things on campus in general.

Closing Statement

Senator Schmitz-I think this would be a great committee to sit on. We’re picking someone important who is shaping MSU’s views. I would be a good character judge

Senator Boyce-I would try to make sure the newspaper is fairly unbiased but I would like to put MSU in a more positive light and focus on what’s happening at MSU. Circulation should increase and make some outside revenue. They need to get the facts straight and depict groups in the right light.

Senator Boyce elected.

Senator Reports

Megan Brandt-Mav Hall

I don’t have a lot to say but one of my new year’s resolutions was not to procrastinate so I’m giving a senator report now. I spent the last month working in retail

Senator Decker-You like being talked to?

Senator Brandt-Yes and if you talk to me I’ll throw in any promotional thing.

Vice President Raza-Where do you work?

Senator Brandt-Hallmark

Senator Garrity-Have you considered working at Express?

Senator Brandt-No, I think I’d spend my check before I left the store.

Senator Penugonda-Anything new in Mav Hall?

Senator Brandt-No, except it’s really hot.

Vice President Raza-Can you yield me time and I’ll give you the solution to the heat. Open the window two inches

Senator Brandt-We tried 1 inch and my roommate was too cold.


Senator Radtke-Weather permitting, 8-10pm astronomy open house Friday night.

Senator Schieder-89.7 my own radio show 6-7 pm Saturday

Vice President Raza-Tomorrow there’s two basketball games in Taylor center and in between there will be a Cricket demonstration.

Speaker Biesanz-AC’s meeting time this semester is 11:00 in the Conference room.

Senator Garrity-International Student Night at basketball tomorrow night. I’m giving out t-shirts. Greek night on the 25th.

Senator Read-Student Tech Roundtable, Thursdays 5-6pm in the senate conference room. Tech fee coming up in the next few months so come to the meeting if you have questions/discussion.

Senator Agarwal-For more information about how people work in the dining services, contact me.

Senator Finn-Martin Luther King III coming to campus Jan 21st. Second City improve group is coming, It’s free. Vagina Monologues are back, Feb 5th, 6th, 7th for $5 in Women’s Center

President Muggli-SAC position open since Ryan Austad resigned. Need regular student, not a senator.

Roll Call

Senators Present

Mary Scheider, Joseph Finn, Katie Hjulberg, Jessica Giordani, Rajendra Penugonda, Jessica Boyd, Katie Garrity, Rhys Gaffer-proxy Darrel Olson, Kail Decker, Anand Agarwal, Celeste Hollerud, Thomas Handwerk, Rebecca Pollack, Ian Radtke, Jayson Read, Hailey Schmitz, Megan Brandt

Senators Absent

Faraz Khan, Minhaal Nathani, Gordana Copic, Jared Golde, Taimoor Hussain

Executive Staff Present

President Joe Muggli, Vice President Raza


Next Meeting: January 29, 2003