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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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70th MSSA Senate

January 29, 2003

Meeting called order by Speaker Zach Biesanz

Roll Call
Senators Present

Mary Scheider 13-0-0, Joseph Finn 11-0-0, Faraz Khan 2-1-0, Katie Hjulberg 12-0-0, Rajendra K. Penugonda 18-0-0, Jessica Boyd 18-0-0, Katie Garrity-17-0-1, Andy Braam 1-0-0, Alex Boyce 18-0-0, C. Rhys Gaffer 16-0-2, Kail Decker 5-0-0, Anand Agarwal 15-3-0, Gordana Copic 15-1-2, Irfan Bangash 18-0-0, Rebecca Pollack 12 -0-0, Ian Radtke 18-0-0, Thomas Handwerk 6-0-1, Jayson Read 13-0-0, Megan Brandt 12-1-0

Senators Absent

Celeste Hollerud 16-1-1

Executive Staff Present

President Joe Muggli, Vice President Ali Raza

Student Forum

Cesia Kearns-I am here today speaking on behalf of the Mankato Peace Coalition, we have been asked to collect names from students that oppose the unilateral war in Iraq, on our petition we currently have over 500 names. Representatives of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee could not be here today of practice times but they gave us their support of this resolution. “We found that many MSU student athletes from many various teams were in opposition to military action in Iraq. Athletes from the women’s basketball, women’s hockey, wrestling, track & Field, swimming and softball teams all signed this petition to show the MSSA of our opposition. Many of the athletes are a part of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee and wanted to show the MSSA how they feel.”

Robin Schone speaking on behalf of “I Think Free Thinkers”, this war would be a big mistake-we cannot listen to propaganda and

rhetoric-we can not listen to what might happen or imagine. This is wrong. “Imagine walking down the street at night and that person walking towards you could attack you,” “What should you do?” “Do you attack them first?”

Senator Penugonda-Are you saying we should attack someone that we do not know?

Ms. Schone-This is an example of what we would not want to do.

Michael Feikema-Polls have indicated that 2/3rds of American people oppose war in Iraq. If we had time

to register the student body we would find maybe 80% of students that do oppose war. The time to

act is now. We still have a chance to be listened to. Bush talks about this as a level of democracy

in Iraq-I see this as a level of democracy in the United States.

Senator Gaffer-Michael, if we had known of this longer would we have been able to do things differently?

Mr. Feikema-The time to share this was a long time ago and not spring it on the world community.

Either way the basic stand we are taking is opposition to unilateral war and going in alone.

Vice President Raza-Would American be breaking the UN charter by going in alone?

Mr. Feikema-Irony-The UN treaty created 12 years ago was because of a break by Iraq, they were to disarm of all weapons of mass destruction-in order to enforce the UN charter the US is planning to violate the same treaty.

Senator Gaffer-Unilateral action-what are the economics with what is going on with the war?

Mr. Feikema-World economy-it is slowing down; this is a way out that is very destructive to public funding like state grants, tuition. This deepens the polarization of the American people.

Peter-Speaking from an International perspective, I was in Scotland and England this past summer, there is a lot of anit-war sentiment. In London

there was a large collage of pictures on the destructiveness of war.

Andrew Bushard-I have three siblings in the military, I would hate to see them risk their life for this cause, also there seems to be a lot of ignorance in the people that support this. If you can not tell the difference between Iraq and Iran you should not support this war.

Elections-Allied Health & Nursing, College of Business, College of Education n, Undeclared

College of Business-Rich Stangl

Mr. Stangl- There are a lot of voices not being heard from the College of Business. I have a true personal need to want to get peoples voice’s heard. I would like to bring up issues, some may not seem as apparent. I would like to serve on committees where I could offer a different perspective. I feel I have a drive and I

know I could be productive.

Senator Garrity-What committees do you have in mind?

Mr. Stangl- I would like to be involved in the Student Athlete Advisory Committee as a non-athlete student.

Vice President Raza-I understand your support, how do you think you can remain unbiased?

Mr. Stangl I am open minded, I will offer my views-and try to get a full story out there.

Senator Pengugonda-Are you involved in any other organizations?

Mr. Stangl-I am a member of the College Republicans.

Senator Garrity-What kind of problems would you like to work on?

Mr. Stangl- I have heard of students having problems with instructors or maybe a grade-it is almost like their voices were not being heard. Maybe there could be a student panel, whether it be a grade or other issue. These are just things I have heard off the wall. I have heard the athletes need more support for their scheduling-I would like to help give them a voice.

Senator Finn-If you were a kitchen utensil what would you be?

Mr. Stangl-A spatula, keep things moving, concentrate on the other side a little bit.

Senator Boyd-Being a senator is a time commitment, you have to be on two committees and put in office hours-do you have this time?

Mr. Stangl-That will not be a problem.

Senator Copic-Do you see any challenges other than scheduling with being on senate?

Mr.Stangl-I don’t see problems.

Mr. Stangl- I am a hard worker and I want to get out there and help, I would appreciate that opportunity.

Elected Richard Stangl, College of Business Senator

Approval of Minutes (1-22-03) Approved without objection

Officer Reports

President Joe Muggli

Appointments Union Board-Mohammad Taj, David Shaughnessy, Roger White Owl, Thomas Handwerk, Communications Board-Jadea Ihrke, Aviation Advisory-Scott Winter, Adam Warnemunde, Public Relations Committee (university)-Bonni Braun, Bookstore Advisory Committee-Jessica Boyd, Elizabeth Olney, Roger White Owl

Students still needed for Enrollment Management, Diversity Task Force, Minnesota State taskforces, these are basically statewide committees that have student representatives.

Attended search committee meetings for the Vice President of University Advancement.

I met with Dr. Hersrud and discussed student health insurance, technology and student fees.

I attended a commencement committee we need to find out who students want to listen to at commencement. We need a list of names.

I met with Dr. Davenport today and discussed lobby day, he assured me he would be happy to sponsor a bus. We discussed an issue of smoking on campus and distance away. He is really supportive of the idea of having to be several feet away from the entrances.

We received an email asking us to give an honorary MSSA President title the President of Ferris State University. He is leaving Ferris State and he told their student body president he was jealous of him because he could not get elected as MSSA president, when he was an undergrad here. They asked

us to give him an honorary certificate. Dr. Davenport goes along with this. We could pass a resolution next week.

Lobby Day-I challenge each of you to sign five people up (including yourself), if we all do that we will easily have 100 people. Feb. 12, leave around 10 a.m.

The Student Association will be the corporate sponsor at the hockey game Saturday night. Ali and I will be there, try to come. 7:00 p.m. Civic Center. It is fun. Thank the gallery-it is great that you are hear supporting your issues. Come to lobby day and help support the University.

Senator Boyd-Who is the President?

President Muggli-I forgot, but Dr. Davenport actually knows him.

Vice President Ali Raza

I want to thank the gallery. It shows how much you care about something that affects other people.

I attended Planning and Budget Sub Meet and Confer. The President said we are looking at tuition going up-we looked at the five main goals we want to maintain at MSU so we will be ready when the budget comes. Before that the President said we need to go to the lobby trip. We are looking

at programs being cut, the only way things can be changed if our legislators know. Tuition and enrollment has been going up-but that is not how it should be. This is really important, Leg Affairs is doing a great job, they are going to the capitol and meeting with legislators one on one. Tell your fellow students that they can do that. It is important for everyone to get involved.

At the hockey game-they will point to where the senate is. Last night a couple aviation students came to the office and explained things. This is a program that was a big part of MSU and it should be that way. Tomorrow I am going to the Martin Luther King event-I look forward to that.

Senator Penugonda-Information needed-some of senators are not sure when lobby day is.

Vice President Raza-February 12. We will leave around 10:00 am. Lunch on the bus. We then meet students from all the other schools and march to the capitol, we go to the rotunda and listen to Legislators and return around 3:00 pm.

Senator Penugonda-Attended Planning and Budget Sub Meet and Confer. Purpose was brainstorming to get ideas, irony was that priorities were not what students would like to see. This would not be the right thing. There is a document that the administration refers to when this scenario comes. The first priority is to raise fees, there are three options. They are not the students strategies.

Speaker Biesanz-I have the tabled resolution from 01.15.03 before me.

Tabled Motion 01.15.03 Senator Radtke/Senator Finn


We, the Minnesota State Student Association 70th Senate, urge all of our political leaders to oppose unilateral United States Military action in Iraq. Such a preemptive response will only produce a greater instability throughout the world, enhance the suffering of the people of Iraq, increase the likelihood of terrorism, and harm our own Political and economic interest. It would profoundly violate that moral decency that defines our humanity.


The continuing tragedies of internal oppression and aggression against neighbor, the horrors of terrorism and the threat of weapons of mass destruction cannot be stopped by unilateral military action. We encourage our government to continue to pursue alternatives to war on Iraq. We welcome the actions of the United Nations Security Council to insure that Iraq meets its obligation to disarm

Senator Boyce-Motion to table Gaffer second for purpose of discussion


We must remember how war has affected student communities in the past. War would seriously interrupt the course of study for many students who are in the military reserves. A potential draft would devastate our student population physically, not to mention the immeasurable emotional cost all students would face. International students foster positive relationships between the U.S. and other nations. War might damage these relationships and alienate international students, causing division and anxiety within the student body. Those international students and American students with family or friendship ties to the region of the Middle East will experience incredible strife in the event of a war on Iraq. In the best interest of the health and well being of the student population, war on Iraq must be avoided.


The deepest commitment of every nation to cooperative efforts will solve the problems of catastrophic violence, poverty, and social injustice. In the final analysis, a path to enduring world peace is through the development of a world community: democratic, free, and just. We must step back from the brink of war.


That we, the 70th MSSA Senate, urge President Bush, Minnesota Senators and House Representatives at a Federal level and the Mankato area Senator and Representatives at a State level to oppose unilateral United States Military action in Iraq.

Senator Boyce-Move to table, Second Senator Gaffer

Speaker declares out of order

Senator Boyce-Move to table until after Feb. 5 when Colin Powell gives his findings.

Motion fails

Senator Boyce-Kudos to everyone that is trying to do what they can. I don’t think this is good to vote tonight. On Feb. 5th we will hear what is going on. 500 votes is not enough on this campus. President Bush is doing what he can to protect the American people.

Senator Penugonda-Support this resolution against the war. Quote from President Bush “ Inspectors recently turned up 16 of them, despite Iraq’s recent declaration denying their existence”- what was not mentioned is that they were empty. This was misleading to the American people. It does not make sense if we go ahead with unilateral war. President Bush also said, “let there be no misunderstanding: If Saddam Hussein does not fully disarm for the safety of our people, and for the peace of the world, we will lead a coalition to disarm him.”

Senator Radtke-Support this resolution-Colin Powell is going to address the UN-presumably he is going before them to try to persuade them this is good and right, if he does this it is no longer unilateral. We have had time to discuss this.

Senator Finn-In favor of this resolution. There has been the mention of term (Hitlerism)if you ignore voice of global community you verge on Hitlerism.

Vice President Raza-Thank previous senator for showing us other side.

Senator Boyd-500 signatures is about 20%.

Senator Gaffer-Support students that are there now in harms way. Regardless of how we feel the point is that we have people over there.

Senator Handwerk-I believe the UN should be behind us and I do think something should be done about Saddam Hussein. Think about

9/11. If Saddam supported a terrorist think how easy it would be to harm us. Something needs to be done, we should not have to go this alone, the global community should be behind us. What we are doing is for a good cause. Every military person I speak with is in support of what we are doing. Saddam is evil.

Senator Boyce-I know everyone wants things to go through the UN, The Peoples Republic of China supports the UN, so does Russia, Iraq has had 10

years to comply. It is time to do something.

Senator Braam-I support this resolution because I am concerned about the rebuilding of the nations after the devastation of war.

Resolution passes

Speaker Zach Biesanz

Recognized Student Organizations

Student-Led All-Ages Music Booking Alliance, Mankato (SLAMBAM)

Committee Reports

Student Union Board-Rhys Gaffer, Chair

Continuing to work with Executive Committee of Student Union Board, architects are here this week to go over design and giving

us actual budget numbers. Go to CSU 101 between 8-10 and 1-3 to see schematics. Wide open to suggestions. Part of what I would

to say is that SUB is working hard to set up meeting times and my understanding of a committee is to be when committee members

can meet. We can not meet when the Director can meet-regardless of how student friendly things may seem is that we are going

head to head with administrators. We should look at overall committee structure, maybe have sub committees that meet different

weeks. Other things going on in the Student Union-continued maintenance, one less card reader, being installed in Taylor Center.

Will give you more information on budget numbers.

Senator Finn-Have been asked by constituents when is construction in Stompers going to start?

Chair Gaffer-When the downstairs is completed but August to August.

Legislative Affairs Committee-Jayson Read

Lobby Day, Wednesday, February 12. Leave around 9:00 or 10:00 a.m., will get back in time for the Simpson’s(at least the second one). Where? State Capitol in St. Paul. What? MSUSA and MSCSA convene at the capitol. We provide a bus ride up, food on the way, and bus ride home. Food consists of sandwich, fruit, snack, soda-cost-NOTHING! Rally legislators to think about higher education when voting on issues, mainly higher education funding. Why? Historical budget deficit is going to leave higher education at the head of the chopping block. Estimates from 15% to 40% (some higher pessimistic guesses). This is a range from $400 to $8,700 increase per semester. How to help out-speak to your classmates and instructors/professors. Maybe they will be willing to offer extra credit to those who go. Attend yourself. Even if you get 20 people to sign up, with you going, that makes it 21 and the more the better. If you have a hard time recruiting, at least you’re getting the word out and making students aware of what’s going on. They may not sign up now, but might later. Sign up page is on the MSSA website, will be up and running by the end of the week. Special thanks to Senator Jessica Boyd. Sign up sheets are available in the Senate Office. Take as many as you think you can fill. More details to come next week. Legislative Affairs Committee meetings are Thursdays at 4:00 in the conference room. There will be a separate smaller lobby trip next Wednesday-volunteers needed, contact Legislative Affairs Coordinator Darrel Olson.

Senator Reports

Social & Behavioral Science-Rhys Gaffer

Attended Saturday’s public meeting with Senator John Hottinger. Attended Mass Transit meeting and College of Social & Behavioral Science

Advisory meeting. City of Mankato Mass Transit – still in process of hiring a new director. There is a big campaign going on to raise

ridership, we agreed to help with PR. Extended hours, issues still on going. We need a task force to work on this. Pay lot passes-issues

that still came up are abuses of this. Public hearing in March. Want to change one hour pay lot passes to 2 hour pay lot passes, because one hour is not sufficient. Passes are not to be used by students and faculty. Last semester a student wanted to be able to park by one of the buildings after hours-we worked out that students that have a building pass can get a dash board pass from Parking.

University Square-project is stalled. Rumor that Attorney General put the cabash on it in regards to parking. There is nothing forthcoming

right now.

Encourage you to get going on lobby efforts, not only with Lobby Day. Emailing, talking in classes, commit some time.

Off-Campus-Rebecca Pollack

What has kept me busy, Senate-Legislative Affairs and working with Lobby Day. I am a board member on Ney Environmental Ed Bd. I am involved in school, family and Girl scouts. Senate is doing great things, I am soaking it all in and enjoying it. I am enjoying meeting new people. Thank all of you for being on senate

Off-Campus-Thomas Handwerk

Phi Delta recruitment week. Dance Marathon is 12 hours, $75.00 registration fee. All proceeds go to Children’s Hospital. We took

a tour of the facility. Children come down from the hospital. This will make all your time hear worth it. This is my second year

and next year will co-chair this. I am glad we passed the resolution tonight and that it is over.

Senator Garrity-Is Dance Marathon on April 28

Senator Handwerk-March 29.


Speaker-No Senate on February 12-attend Lobby Day. Tomorrow night in Indigo 8:00, Olson Twin Suicide.

Senator Read-Coordinator Olson will be taking up smaller lobby groups, first one is next Wed.

Senator Garrity-last Saturday record attendance at basketball game. Feb 4-6 Admission Fairs, tour guides are needed.

Senator Radtke-There will be information on KEYC tonight at 10:00 p.m. regarding resolution we passed. Vagina Monologue.

Senator Finn-SAGE group will be hosting a dance from 8 pm -1a.m. at the VFW. Amnesty International Thursday.

President Muggli-Hockey game Saturday, join me for dinner. If you make the challenge of Lobby Day, I will buy pizza and pop.

Vice President Raza-Talk to professors about going to Lobby Day, we will talk to Dean’s so you can go. We need

people there. Hockey team is 3rd in Conference, so you have to come. We tied last weekend, and we are going to win this weekend. We have

to support our athletic teams.

Speaker-Considering creating a Sergeant of Arms position, let me know if you know of someone that would be interested.

Roll Call

Senators Present

Joseph Finn, Faraz Khan, Rich Stangl, Katie Hjulberg, Rajendra Penugonda, Jessica Boyd, Katie Garrity, Andy Braam, Alex Boyce, Rhys Gaffer, Kail Decker, Anand Agarwal, Gordana Copic, Irfan Bangash, Thomas Handwerk, Ian Radtke, Jayson Read, Megan Brandt

Senators Absent

Mary Scheider, Celeste Hollerud, Rebecca Pollack

Executive Staff Present

President Joe Muggli, Vice President Raza

Adjournment 6:18 P.M.