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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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70th MSSA Senate

February 19, 2003

Meeting called order by Speaker Biesanz

Roll Call (present-absent-proxy)
Senators Present

Mary Scheider 15-0-0, Joseph Finn 13-0-0, Faraz Khan 4-1-0, Rich Stangl 3-0-0, Katie Hjulberg 13-1-0, Jeremy Casper 2-0-0, Rajendra K. Penugonda 20-0-0, Jessica Boyd 20-0-0, Katie Garrity-19-0-1, Andy Braam 4-0-0, Alex Boyce 20-0-0, C. Rhys Gaffer 18-0-2, Kail Decker 7-0-0, Anand Agarwal 17-3-0, Irfan Bangash 20-0-0, Celeste Hollerud 18-1-1, Rebecca Pollack 14-0-0, Ian Radtke 20-0-0, Thomas Handwerk 8-0-1, Megan Brandt 14-1-0

Senators Absent

Jayson Read 14-1-0, Gordana Copic 16-2-2,

Executive Staff Present

President Joe Muggli,

Student Forum

Kail Decker-Speaking for Habitat for Humanity. This is a very important organization, very good cause,over 250 students will be building 10 homes during their spring break.

Senator Braam-What is the money for?

Mr. Decker-Food and other costs, they will be staying in the basements of a church.

Approval of Agenda Agenda approved

Elections-Allied Health & Nursing, College of Education, McElroy, Off-Campus, Undeclared

Off-Campus Election-Jeff VanDerPol-Mechanical Engineering major. Have become interested in campus efforts, and would like to be involved in working on issues on campus.

Senator Gaffer-What kind of issues are you looking at?

Mr. VanDerPol-I have been interested in the Health Insurance effort, the recent elections.

Senator Braam- Are you for or against Health Insurance

Mr. VanDerPol-Against.

Senator Decker-Were did you receive your information?

Mr. VanDerPol-Reporter, letters received from campus nurse’s office

Senator Penugonda-What other organizations are you involved in?

Mr. VanDerPol-American Society Mechanical Engineers, Chi Alpha, College Republicans.

Senator Boyd-As a senator you have other time commitments such as being on two committees, doing two office hours, where you aware of this?

Mr. VanDerPol-I have time, but yes I was.

Senator Casper-If you are on senate how would you represent your constituents and would you be able to compromise or change your views?

Mr. VanDerPol-I would listen to both sides.

Senator Gaffer-If you were a kitchen utensil what would you be?

Mr. VanDerPol-A cookbook-I would like to get as much information as possible.

Senator Boyd-Are there other issues you are interested in.

Mr. VanDerPol-Besides in my college I am interested in providing more busing for off campus students.

Mr. VanDerPol-Thank you for the opportunity to be heard and to serve and I look forward to being on senate.

Elected Mr. VanVerPol-Off-Campus Senator

Approval of Minutes (2-5-03) Approved without objection

Officer Reports

President Joe Muggli

Committees-Enrollment Management and Diversity Task Force still needs students

Meet and Confer-Mandatory Health Insurance does not look like it is going to proceed for next year. The President said he would look at it in the future.

The hockey tickets were distributed at the Hub and they are all gone, they were gone by 12:30.

Lobby Day-check out the report by Jon Zetzman. If you weren’t able to make it consider going on individual lobby trips. We need to focus on this. The governor’s budget was presented yesterday, and it’s not good, but thankfully it’s not a nightmare either. The governor has recommended a 15% cap on tuition hikes for the next two years. This means paying more tuition for less services. This is why we need to lobby. It is important as the Governor has reallocated $60 million back into the state grant program. This sounds good, but we have to remember that the majority of this money won’t come to us as the money goes to private institutions, and this is why we need to lobby. . Dr. Poch-Director of HESO will be here at 3:00 pm on March 26 to discuss the state grant program. We can find out why did we ran out of State Grant money this year? How does HESO make projections about State grant spending? Why is financial aid money distributed to public and private college students. Also we will be able to talk about the governors recommendations for HESO.

A candidate running for MSUSA State Chair has asked to come and talk to us. We will invite him.

I received a notice that Phi Delta Kappa is sponsoring an “Eggs and Issues” breakfast Saturday with

Minnesota legislators at Happy Chief from 8 a.m.-10 p.m. Is this a joke? They want students to spend money on breakfast. I am going, but I think this is a joke.

This is the last week that we appoint anyone to SAC. Appointments: Irfan Bangash-SAC

I received a note from a senator that would like senators appointed to the MSSA Budget Committee, if you are interested, please come see me.

We have ordered a new computer and a new printer for our office, the money came out of our

reserve money.

Senator Boyce-I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but why does the student senate office need new computers?

President Muggli-We will be recycling one computer to the Vice President’s office, as that computer is very old and our old printer only works part time.

Speaker Zach Biesanz

Next week we will be going to Campus Recreation for a tour at 3:00 p.m.

Recognized Student Organizations

Corrections Club, Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Independent Entrepreneurs Club, Minnesota Storm Intercept Association

Correspondence Received from Malcolm O’Sullivan Director of Student Services initiatives and Budgets. President Davenport has received and reviewed the resolutions from the January 22, 2003 MSSA Student Senate meeting. The President provides the following response to these resolutions.

R#01.22.03A. This resolution recommends funding of up to $5,000 to the Department of Theatre and Dance to attend the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival in Cedar Falls, IA. The President approves this resolution. R#01.22.03B. This resolution recommends funding of up to $50 per eligible student to attend the 11th European Congress on Work and organizational Psychology Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. The President approves this resolution. M#01.15.03. The President has reviewed the resolution regarding the United State’s unilateral involvement in Iraq. He wants to express his appreciation for the chance to review the full resolution. It is his understanding that you will be distributing this resolution to appropriate individuals.

Committee Reports

Legislative Affairs Committee-Jon Zetzman, Chair

As the Chairman of the Legislative Affairs Committee, I am giving my view as not only a member of the Committee, but as a student as well. After talking with several students and reviewing the data, I am giving my report and recommendation to the Committee.

Going into Lobby Day, I felt that the Committee did a fantastic job in the organizational, planning, and promotion. The Committee implemented several unique ideas to spread the word about lobby day, including Coordinator Olson’s rally in Stompers, which attracted KEYC-TV, the Reporter, and the Free Press. Each presented information about Lobby Day, and the students’ position on the budget situation and Phase III. Lobby Day, in my opinion, has not been promoted to the degree it was this year.

The committee also did a fantastic job obtaining transportation and food for the trip. Committee members Read and Pollack did a great job securing the food and buses needed for the trip. My personal opinion is that the Committee fulfilled, and surpassed it’s expectations.

With that said, I believe that the Committee should recommend that MSUSA change the form of it’s Lobby Day. In it’s current state, I do not believe that Lobby Day is an effective way of lobbying the Legislature. Coordinator Olson’s stated opinion is concurrent with mine. This opinion seems to be shared, as reflected by survey respondents in questions 5 and 6.

As it currently stands, Lobby Day is more like a rally, in my opinion. Although the gathering of students is fun, as is the march the bulk of the day is spent on the steps or in the rotunda. Many students specifically expressed that this was a “waste of time”, or “generally pointless”; however those who attended the meeting with Senator Hottinger and Representative Dorn felt more involved, and felt it was more worthwhile.

I believe it should be the policy of the Committee, and the MSSA, to recommend changes to Lobby Day; the students at MSU should expect such a huge expenditure of fees to have a larger effect on the legislature. Coordinator Olson has, without any budget, brought several groups of students to the Capitol to meet individually with legislators. It is my belief that this is a more expedient and effective way to lobby.

Student Allocations Committee-Katie Garrity, Chair

Read the SAC Policy-it contains information on what we are doing. SAC hears requests from

Recognized Student Organizations that wish to travel. They give SAC a break down of all expenses,

SAC asks questions on the expenses. Meals can not be paid for an RSO-they can only get $50 per person for a maximum of $1,000.00 per year. Line items are not the same-Campus Rec, Health Services-they are line items, they fill out budget forms and present each year. They tell how their program is effective. They fill out a detailed budget-read these budgets or come to SAC hearings

And ask questions. SAC sees where money is going, they see increases, and they see how money is spent.

SAC will meet on Tuesdays and Fridays to hear budget requests. I encourage you know what you are funding so you can have educated questions. Ask questions, don’t vote because it is a good cause, vote because they really do help our campus and they are within SAC policy.

Senator Gaffer-Will you keep the budgets posted?

Chair Garrity-We are scheduling now and will keep you informed. SAC does not allow proxy votes.

Senator Penugonda-When and RSO comes for money, what do want to see?

Chair Garrity-We don’t always expect them to come, some are very cut and dried, sometimes if it is a lot of money or for travel-we ask them to come in so we can ask questions.

Senator Casper-With RSO’s

Chair Garrity-SAC always looks at big amounts that is why we have line items.

Senator Boyd-How do RSO’s get the money?

Chair Garrity-When an RSO turns in a request-we say up to, if they don’t spend the money

They turn in receipts and the money goes back to the SAC fund.

Senator Casper-Do any of the organizations have to get quotes?

Chair Garrity-We do ask if they got other price quotes.

Senator Gaffer-Does SAC still have the policy on the web site?

On February 7, SAC recommended the following subsidies:

SAC R#02.07.03A Skydiving Club

SAC recommends funding up to $250.00 to the MSU Skydiving Club to attend the Collegiate

National Skydiving Championship in Eloy, AZ.

Chair Garrity-At the time this request was made, they were not an RSO-they have now been recognized. This stands for the $50.00 per person SAC allotment.

Senator Penugonda-How many people are going?

Chair Garrity-Five

Senator Boyd-Can you tell us why they only receive such a small amount and other organizations receive more?

Chair Garrity-This was a national collegiate competition; they are only eligible for $50.00 per person under SAC guidelines. They took a school van. They paid $100 entry fees. Total cost was about $2,000.

Senator Decker-Were all the fees used?

Chair Garrity-They would have been because we only covered $250.00.

Chair Garrity-This does bring benefit to our school.

Recommendation Passes

SAC R#02.07.03B Forensics National Tournament

SAC recommends funding up to $13,328.00 to Maverick Forensics to attend the American Forensics Association-National Individual Events Tournament (AFA-NIET ) to be held at the

University of Mississippi.

Chair Garrity-This is a national event at the University of Mississippi. The Forensics team anticipates they will have 15 people qualify. They want to send 15 students, 3 faculty and 8 graduate assistants. They submitted two budgets, one with everyone on air and one with the graduate assistants by bus.

SAC recommended #13,328. SAC does not support sending graduate assistants. The students

qualified, but SAC did not think sending the graduate assistants was in the best interests of spending the money. Forensics goes all year. They have 11 events each time they compete. To qualify for a national event you have to have your total number of top three meets to be less than 8. We are the only school out of seven that have qualified and gone every year since the beginning of this national tournament. They fund raise but it goes back to their budget.

Senator Boyd-Could you clarify about the fund raising, you said it went into their budget.

Chair Garrity-They are a line item that receives $18,000. Their fundraising goes to their regular operating budget. National tournaments are not part of that in case they do not make it.

Senator Penugonda-They are not getting money from anywhere else?

Chair Garrity-Their budget comes from SAC, I don’t know if they get any from their department.

This is like an athletic team that goes to tournaments.

Senator Gaffer-How does this compare to money spent by an athletic team?

Chair Garrity-They will be gone for 6 days, they have over $6,000 for air travel, vans. I’m not sure how it compares.

Senator Decker-How often does the Forensics team perform?

Chair Garrity-They will be doing a public showing coming up in March. They have competitions almost every week.

Senator Radtke-How does this compare to other years?

Chair Garrity-It is equivalent.

Senator Radtke-Last year they went to Bradley University and they traveled by vans, two years ago they received $12,000.

Senator Boyd-Can anyone be in Forensics?

Chair Garrity-They do have students that train all year long. Students can join throughout the year.

Senator Handwerk-What is it?

Chair Garrity-It is a Speech team, public speaking, they are judged by how they present their category.

It is a line item. It benefits MSU because it represents us nationally on an intercollegiate level

Senator Braam-I am surprised that students did not show up today.

Chair Garrity-I am not, we are here because other students don’t know or they don’t care. This is

why we are here. Not everyone can be involved. I am glad senators are asking questions.

President Muggli-Are you telling me that we have fifteen of the best students here on campus and none of us knew about it.

Chair Garrity- They do not have a play off, they have to qualify. We asked how many other schools send this many students, and were told that other schools send a lot also. Apparently we have fifteen very good people.

Senator Boyd-Is there a reason why they are flying?

Chair Garrity-Because they would miss so many classes, they would have to pay for more meals etc.

Senator Braam-Does Forensics benefit students not involved?

Chair Garrity-Yes, MSU is known for having this team. We win often without a budget of the other

schools. Last year they placed 24th out of 100 in the nation.

Senator Decker-What is the cost of each airline ticket?

Chair $336.50.

Senator Handwerk-Do you know the cost difference between driving or flying?

Chair Garrity-Ground transportation for the graduate students would be $712.50. They also have props etc. so they would have to take another van for that. They would need 3 or 4 vans and the expense of an extra day of food and hotels.

Senator Finn-Are they paying anything?

Chair Garrity-No, not actually, however, we look at this the same as we do athletic teams.

Senator Penugonda-I am glad people are asking questions. I am convinced about the numbers, it makes sense to fly. Some things we need to pay money for. It makes sense.

Senator Braam-I am distressed that not one of the speakers showed up. $13,328.00 is a lot and they should have come and taken questions.

Chair Garrity-If you are in a van for many hours it is very wearing. Also they do not need to come

for SAC proposals. If we don’t fund them, they can come and appeal.

Senator Boyd-I support this, I had questions, but ths is open to all students, I could join. As far as not

coming, they did present to SAC. So I think this is a good use of money.

Senator Gaffer-I rise in favor of this recommendation. We have few academic things that are able to come forward that is open to all students. They have been fiscally responsible.

President Muggli-Fifteen people out of the university, either they are awesome or it is not difficult to get into this tournament. I do not know how easy it is to get into these tournaments. Is this really prestigious? If we send five, is this still representative of our university? I don’t have the information to vote on this.

Senator Handwerk-That is a lot of money, I don’t know if our name is getting out.

Senator Radtke-I strongly support this. I know of people that came here because of the Forensics Team. Yes, it is expensive but it is a team. It is difficult to get into this tournament, you have to

put in dedicated effort to qualify.

Senator Casper-I am having problems with some of the numbers-Memphis is the closest city. I

checked airline tickets and they were $256. That is a $1200 difference.

Senator Penugonda-Strongly support this and the cost depends on when you buy your ticket. We should not argue about prices. And if we only send the five best, the others will not become better. This has gone to the SAC committee, it is for our discussion, and they are not required to be here or at the SAC meeting. If you look at Health Insurance, not many people came here.

Senator Garrity-Of the students going, they have all qualified. We should not fund them because they are not popular. It is great that you have questions. The airline tickets were a quote, if they can get them cheaper they sure will. I support them.

Senator Braam-I am happy that we are spending money on a competitive event that is not athletics,

but this is a lot of money, I feel a bus would be better.

President Muggli-The bus should not be an issue, athletics, they would fly that far away. That is not the issue; the problem is how difficult it is to get into the tournament.

Chair Garrity-We would not ask the hockey team to drive, 100 schools will be there, we are one of

only 6 schools that have qualified every year. It is great that we can send fifteen MSU students. It is not wise of us to say they are not really good. We don’t know how they qualified, this is fantastic.

Senator Stangl-I know of an athlete that quit athletics to be on the speech team. That shows a desire to be on the team.

Recommendation passes 1 abstention

SAC R#02.07.03C MSU Co-Ed Cheer Team National Competition

SAC recommends funding up to $5,250.00 to the MSU Co-Ed Cheer Team to attend the National Cheerleaders Association National Competition in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Chair Garrity-21 students and 3 faculty will be attending; they have placed in the top five the last three years. They do service work while they are there. They qualify by sending in a video. They have been fundraising and they have raised $4610.00 They will be spending $8,683.00 themselves. They are flying, and will be spending $7350.00. Fees and hotel expense is $334.00 per person. We also funded meals for this national tournament. They are not an RSO.

Total cost was $18,543.00. We gave them $5,250.00.

Senator Penugonda-Does this come under Student Events Team or Athletics?

Chair Garrity-They are under the umbrella of SLD&SL

Senator Finn-We do have a break down of costs for registration and hotels?

Chair Garrity-No, it was given to us as registration and hotels. We like it when they fundraise.

Senator Finn-Just curious about the fees.

Chair Garrity-They are putting 4 or 5 in a room. They are gone for 6 days.

Senator Braam-Does spending this money help their education, are they going to be professional cheerleaders?

Chair Garrity-This is representing our school, they place high every year.

Senator Boyd-Aren’t they their own line item?

Chair Garrity-They are under the umbrella of SLD&SL, they can request because they are not

an RSO.

Senator Handwerk-You said they are paying part of this themselves, why if they are treated

as an athletic team did they only get $5250.00?

Chair Garrity-I guess we did not ask that.

Senator Handwerk-Was that their request?

Chair Garrity-Yes, that was their request. SAC does not give more that they requested.

Senator Boyd-When the budget comes in, does SLD&SL request money for them also, even though they are a line item?

Chair Garrity-We give them $10,000. They expect to take in $6,000.

Senator Braam-Why do some groups get to be a line item, and other groups do not?

Chair Garrity-I will discuss that with you later.

Senator Gaffer-I rise in favor of this, to the best of my understanding this group is bounced between SLD/SL and Athletics every year. They have different coaches for this every year, it speaks to the hard work of this group.

President Muggli-What is so great about this one, is that they are only asking for $5,000, I really support this.

Senator Finn-I have seen their presence on campus, they fundraise, they have placed well. We should encourage them

Senator Stangl-I agree with speakers-many schools treat their cheer teams on an athletic level.

Senator Hjulberg-They use their own cars to work concession stands etc. They have raised over


Senator Braam-I support them, as unusual as that may seem, because of the fundraising efforts.

Recommendation passes

On February 14, SAC recommended the following subsidies:

SAC R#02.14.03A Break for America

SAC recommends funding up to $450.00 to Break for America to travel to Portland, Maine

to participate in service projects.

Chair Garrity-They are not a line item or an RSO-they are under SLD&SL. They do service

projects and participate in other service organizations. This increases social issue awareness.

The benefit is that they want the organization to grow-so other universities will hear about MSU. They are spending spring break doing service work in a resource center, a soup kitchen and Habitat for Humanity. They are flying to Maine and renting cars. They are taking nine people. They are staying in three rooms. Total expense is $5,857.50. They do not have funding for this. They fundraised over $1,000. They are each paying $50.00. They requested $2,550.00. We have funded this in the past. We are not funding that amount this year.

President Muggli-Why Portland, MA?

Chair Garrity-We asked that also.

Senator Gaffer-Was there any explanation of why this group is not an RSO?

Chair Garrity-I am not sure why they are not, they do participate in things on campus.

Senator Boyd-Can you explain when they are going and what they are doing?

Chair Garrity-They are going during spring break and they are doing some service work in a soup kitchen and Habitat for Humanity. They are not working every day.

Chair Garrity-I am going to Mexico in March and I don’t think you would want to pay for that, I don’t think this is a good thing to pay for. This is different than other organizations.

Senator Gaffer-Move to table and ask for a representative from this group to come before senate

and explain. Service learning is worth while, but this is fuzzy. I need to clear things up. I want to understand it better.

Motion to table passes

SAC R#02.14.03B MSU Fraternities and Sororities (IFC/PHC)

SAC recommends funding up to $450.00 to IFC/PHC to attend the Mid-American Greek Council Association Annual Leadership Conference in Chicago, IL

This is an annual conference. They are sending nine people. They will be doing different tracts like leadership training. Our Greek system is growing, this will help them. They will be bringing back skills to the community. They are taking a van. The cost of the trip is $3873.00. They are paying $3,775 themselves. They are not asking for the maximum amount.

Senator Decker-They volunteer a lot of their time, I support this.

Senator Handwerk-I recommend this, they will bring back valuable information. These students will be around for another year. They will help our community.

Recommendation passes

SAC R#02.14.03C MSU Habitat for Humanity

SAC recommends funding up to $1,000.00 to MSU Habitat for Humanity to travel to Columbus, GA to build 10 Habitat homes.

Chair Garrity-They have over 100 people on campus. They will be joining 250 other students and building 10 homes. This is the 10th year they have done this, but this is the biggest group going. They are taking four vans. They are spending over $3,000. Their meals cost $5.00 per day-they get some meals sponsored. They sleep in a church in sleeping bags. They have to follow university policy of

no alcohol. There are 22 students going.

Senator Boyd-Will the people going bring back to the community?

Chair Garrity-This is kind of like a conference, they will be recharged.

Senator Gaffer-I rise in favor, this is a well thought out program and hardworking group of people. The longevity of the program is very impressive, as is their request.

Senator Finn-This is amazing, not only do have they 100 people involved but over 20 people that

are consistently involved.

Recommendation passes unanimously

SAC R#02.14.03D Alpha Phi Sigma

SAC recommends funding up to $150.00 to Alpha Phi Sigma-National Criminal Justice Honor Society to attend the Alpha Phi Sigma Conference and the Academy Criminal Justice Sciences Conference in Boston, MA.

Chair Garrity-There are three students going. They are driving their own car.

Recommendation passes

Coordinator Reports

Student Affairs Coordinator Rajendra Penugonda

I went to the RHA meeting on Monday. They are trying to make a decision on the mess up that happened about the RHA mugs and the residents being allowed to get pop for a reduced price from Chartwells. Now Chartwells has informed RHA that there has been some communication gap and that it will not be able to continue that program. Since RHA has already approved the extra funding and Res Life has decided about the room and board rates for next year, the RHA wants to spend that money somehow. I can give you the details sometime after the meeting. I had also scheduled to be at the Student Events Team board meeting on Monday but I was told that they were having elections and so I am not sure when will be the next time I will go to the meeting. I had also scheduled to go to the IFC meeting on Tuesday but when I went there, I was told that the timings were different and I couldn’t go there either. I will try again next week and let you know how it is going. I will be going to the ISA meeting this Thursday.

Senator Finn-Have you talked to RHA about ways of spending the money?

Coordinator Penugonda-They are talking but not doing anything about the problems.

Senator Boyd-Has the smoking problem gotten better with the signs?

Coordinator Penugonda-Information was put on the tables, people are being courteous, and they don’t smoke right by the door.

Senator Gaffer-Have you talked to Chartwell about not paying the minimum wage rate?

Coordinator Penugonda-Chartwell was asked about this, but then there is the room and board charge.

There are many issues involved.

Senator Reports

Social & Behavioral Science Senator Kail Decker

Thanks for passing the Habitat request, it is a great thing. Will give you an update on the College of Social & Behavioral Science next week.

Off-Campus Senator Irfan Bangash

This is my first report. International Student Association is broadcasting Cricket World Cup 2003. We are going to telecast important league matches and all the knockout games. These matches are shown in the T.V. room and some matches will be shown in the Indigo. Matches starts at 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. The most exciting match will be on March 1st between Pakistan and India. If you are planning to watch any of these games then March 1st is the best day to choose. ISA has published calendars for year 2003. The purpose for this calendar is the publicity of ISA. African Night on Saturday, March 22, 2003 in CSU Ballroom. International Festival is on April 27th, 2003. Lobby Day: We got a chance to raise our voice against the increase in the tuition. It was a very exciting experience except for one thing-it was extremely cold.

Senator Boyd-What is the purpose of the calendar?

Senator Bangash-Calendar will help more people know about them.

Senator Penugonda-How long do the matches last?

Senator Bangash-

Senator Casper-Do you have more calendars?

Senator Bangash-No

College of Education Senator Katie Hjulberg

I have been trying to meet with Joanne Brandt from the College of Education. I will meet with her Monday. It is the time of the year to take PPST and apply to education programs. You have to

apply four times in the College of Education, when you first come to school, after you have taken the required classes, then professional education, and then the proxy exam. This is a long process. You have to complete three blocks then student teaching. Then you have to take the Praxis II exam-this is a concept exam. I was accepted into Professional Education. This is the 2nd step in process.

Senator Gaffer-With all the changes in the state with the Profile of Learning, how does that affect your classes?

Senator Hjulberg-Every year things are changing because of the requirements and the state licensing.

They have not totally thrown out the Profile of learning.

Graduate Studies Senator Rajendra Penugonda

I haven’t had much to do since the last ten days. The last Planning Sub-Meet & Confer was cancelled as too many committee members had time conflicts. Next week, I will be going to the Planning and Budget Sub& Meet Confer and hope that it is exciting. Other than that, I have been mostly working on my research paper (APP), research project, and another paper for a conference in Duluth in April. I will be giving the presentation for my APP on 25th March and if it is approved, then I am done with my Graduate program here. My CA job and internship are going fine. I will have to move out of the dorms after this semester so I am looking for apartments and that will depend on whether I will stay and continue working in Mankato after I graduate. But I know that if things don’t work out, I will always have my Home to go back to. Last Friday, Valentines was not a holiday in India, but

I called my girlfriend in India and she called me back. Yesterday, the residents were happy for what I was doing for them and they put a banner on my door saying thanks.

Senator Casper-What is the topic of your paper?

Senator Penugonda-It has to do with wireless computers in hospitals, software, developing projects.

Senator Boyd-Is what you are doing in Duluth part of your research paper?

Senator Penugonda-That is not part of my graduate program.


Senator Finn-Vagina Monologue items 50% off. Amnesty International, Sage, Phillip Dacy-stand-up poetry reading.

Senator Decker-If you want to know anything else about Habitat, let me know.

Senator Khan-College of Business still needs a student for the Student Relations Coordinator Search

Senator Stangl-Some College Republicans (this is not political) are putting together a presentation showing support for people in the military. If you would like to contribute with information or quotes,

please contact them.

Roll Call

Senators Present Joseph Finn, Faraz Khan, Rich Stangl, Katie Hjulberg, Jeremy Casper, Rajendra Penugonda, Jessica Boyd, Katie Garrity, Andy Braam, Alex Boyce, Rhys Gaffer, Kail Decker, Irfan Bangash, Thomas Handwerk, Rebecca Pollack, Megan Brandt

Senators Absent

Mary Scheider, Anand Agarwal, Gordana Copic, Jeff VanDerPol, Celeste Hollerud, Ian Radtke

Executive Staff Absent

President Joe Muggli, Vice President Raza

Adjournment 6:55 P.M.