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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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70th MSSA Senate

February 26, 2003

Meeting called order by Speaker Biesanz

Roll Call
Senators Present

Mary Scheider 16-0-0, Joseph Finn 14-0-0, Faraz Khan 5-1-0, Rich Stangl 4-0-0, Katie Hjulberg-proxy Nikki Dronen 13-1-1, Jeremy Casper 3-0-0, Rajendra K. Penugonda 21-0-0, Jessica Boyd 21-0-0, Katie Garrity-20-0-1, Andy Braam 5-0-0, Alex Boyce 21-0-0, C. Rhys Gaffer 19-0-2, Kail Decker 8-0-0, Anand Agarwal 18-3-0, Irfan Bangash 21-0-0, Celeste Hollerud 19-1-1, Rebecca Pollack 15-0-0, Ian Radtke 21-0-0, Thomas Handwerk 9-0-1, Megan Brandt 15-1-0, Jayson Read 15-1-0, Gordana Copic 17-2-2

Senators Absent

Executive Staff Present

President Joe Muggli, Vice President Ali Raza

Student Forum

Breezy Bryant-extend invitation and encourage students to attend open forums on the Campus Climate for Women. The President has given them this charge; they will be addressing issues on and off campus. Armstrong Hall. Want the MSU climate to be a better place.

Senator Gaffer-I was wondering what you could tell me about your evaluation process-what criteria

are you looking at?

Ms. Bryant-We have established a web site and are taking different demographic issues from faculty and students. All information will be confidential.

Senator Gaffer-Do you know if this issue began because of the law suit?

Ms. Bryant-This commission began years ago, it has been operating since 2000.

Approval of Agenda Agenda approved

Elections-Allied Health & Nursing, College of Education, McElroy, Off-Campus, Undeclared

Off-Campus Seat-John Helcl, Mike Olsen

John Helcl-I am a former senator from 2001 and 2002 and I would like to be on senate my last semester. This is the best way to get actively involved. I believe I can speak for on and off campus students. I have experience with clubs on campus and off campus. I am actively seeking a job in Ethnic Studies.

Mr. Olsen-I was a community advisor in Gage, National Guard, have worked with funding.

Am interested in budget cuts and things affecting school. Major is computer engineering-would like to become an active leader.

Senator Read-Occasionally there are controversial issues, could you put your personal issues aside.

Mr. Olsen-I think I would, it would be hard considering what you are involved in. As a CA you

have to put things aside and come together and merge opinions of all residents.

Mr. Helcl-I feel comfortable doing that as a Law Enforcement major as well as military experience and my extracurricular activities.

Senator Garrity-With budget time coming up would you be able to dedicate time in the senate office

to full fill your obligations?

Mr. Helcl-Yes, I will, although, I will have to have a proxy a couple times.

Mr. Olsen-Definitely, time commitment is not an issue.

Senator Gaffer-Is there any one particular issue or initiative you want to work on this semester?

Mr. Olsen-Budget issue is very important to me. I want to learn about issues that affect me.

Tuition is important to me as well as everyone else.

Mr. Helcl-The budget is huge but personally I would serve better working with Cultural Diversity.

Vice President Raza-If not elected today would you be interested in being part of a committee

and work the rest of the year?.

Mr. Helcl-Without a doubt, it is a learning experience.

Mr. Olsen-Definitely, my concern will not change if I am elected or not.

Senator Penugonda-Off-Campus students are having problems with apartments like rent and maintenance, are you aware of that and would you work towards that?

Mr. Olsen-I would, that affects me-I live in an apartment where our internet does not work and we are getting bogged down.

Mr. Helcl-I can definitely sympathize with students that are having trouble-I have had to fight get

my deposits. I have worked with students at William Mitchell Law in regards to these issues.

Mr. Casper-What is your year in school?

Mr. Helcl-Senior

Mr. Olsen-Fourth year.

Mr. Gaffer-If you were a kitchen utensil, what would you be?

Mr. Olsen-Fork, it can handle many different things.

Mr. Helcl-Spork-different than everything else-weirdo of the group

Mr. Olsen-I have been trained to do different things and I would be a good voice off-campus

and articulate issues and be able to work at many different situations toward a common goal.

Mr. Helcl-I want to use previous experience on senate to bring things here. I want to help

off campus students. I have endurance to work and crunch numbers during budget time.

Elected Mr. Olsen-Off-Campus Senator

Approval of Minutes (2-19-03) Approved without objection

Officer Reports

President Joe Muggli

Appointments Sarah Craddock-Elections Committee, Alex Boyce, Megan Brandt, Kail Decker, Faraz Khan, Rich Stangl, Jeremy Casper-MSSA Budget Committee.

Elections committee needs to meet this week to amend election rules, we would then pass them on the 19th of March. Informational meetings for candidates will be March 20 or 24. Debates will be on April 2, and elections on April 8.

KMSU Advisory Board meeting

Please take some time to go on a lobby trip or write your legislators

Next Tuesday “Friends of Minnesota State”. Legislators and students will gather from 5-7 pm. The executive director of MSUSA will be there.

Actually good at snow boarding now. I hope it is something I can do the rest of my life.

Vice President Ali Raza

Attended hearing last week at the Capitol-it was about the vetoed bonding bills, including projects from the U of M and Minnesota State. There was $11 vetoed from the U and $17 from Minnesota State. We were there representing Phase III projects-basketball court wall-there is about $8 1/2 million needed. Eric , Unger, a Graduate Assistant from Campus Recreation testified and did a great job-we were the only students at the hearing. He informed the committee that our project serves all students. The facilities are used for classroom purposes like ROTC and Correction students as well as Human Performance classes. The building is in major disrepair. The roof leaks, floor buckles to up to modern building coes, the basketball courts are too close together and is therefore dangerous to play. This was great.

Last week we attended Meet & Confer-meet with Dr. Davenport and his cabinet and we discussed things going on. Dr. Davenport’s remarks: MSU has a $100 million operating budget. Tuition has been capped at 15%. Strategic priorities going through well. Aviation Committee to start up soon.

State appropriation cuts will affect institution as they would have to raise tuition. Shutting programs down will not help as the affects do not show for three or four years. The University is looking more at cutting back services, transportation-out of state spending. Departments must justify travel. There could be a hiring freeze on faculty. We talked about another Open Forum possibly on student fees.

Persistent effort needed in lobbying.

Phase III-Building projects, The Trafton Project will be postponed if it doesn’t get funded. Talk will resume about classroom projects after 2004.

I attended Budget Planning Sub Meet & Confer-The Governor wanted $325 million back to cover deficit. Minnesota State took a $25 million cut. MSU has to come up with $2.03 million. 2002, we had $4 million in reserve, we are at $3.2 million now. This includes $2.11 million allotment that the governor wants back. Remolding of Morris-all this comes from reserves. Minnesota State requires your reserve to be 5-7 %. The goal to come up with money was discussed and how we can get that money back. Take 2% from all departments on campus was one scenario discussed-that cut amounts to $1.138 million, along with that a proposed 10% on non salary reduction, that is repairs, rentals, student pay. . That includes all student help, transportation-a 10% cut on that. $1.64 million-reserve will go up for next year. That is what we need to do for this year. Some departments, like the Library, said it is not fair because they are already getting cuts from HESO. Another scene-30% cut from Feb 1 on, that is not fair to all departments because some departments don’t spend money equally during the year, like athletics. Dean Trauger wants to know what senate thinks. 30% cut, 2% or maybe some other scene. This is all on the web site. With tuition going up 6%-10% and reductions-you would see a deficit of $3. If the senate goes by what the governor recommends-even 15% we still have a deficit of $243,000. We should be aware of the money we give out in student fees. The President said the pilot health insurance can not happen this year. Everyone should be aware of numbers. We can not give out new money across the board. This 15% is for two years. There is a timeline for all of this. If we delay this some of the departments will say they spent the money in Feb or March. We have not looked at all on what we will spend next year. I would like a motion on what the senate thinks. If you don’t understand it, come to me, I will get the answer. We need to try to make a difference.

Senator Penugonda-Do you know that these figures are just numbers that are being given, it could change?

Vice President Raza-These are figures that are just thrown out-2%, quickest and easiest.

Senator Penugonda-How can the student senate have decision on dealing with this?

Vice President Raza-Send out a strong voice that we can not give out more money. Departments should look at areas they could cut with out damaging services. I don’t think 15% is fair. We need to tell the Administration-give it out to the students, ask the students if they are comfortable giving out more money.

Senator Casper-Is the Administration looking at structural things?

Vice President Raza-That is the first thing they are looking at next year. Cutting hours, utilities,

transportation, copy machines, printing would be affected, non-salary which is student help. They are trying to look at not firing student help. They will look at other things first that do not jeopardize students. If hours are cut-it will affect us all. Is this affect more important than tuition going up?

Speaker Zach Biesanz

Recognized Student Organizations

Student Nursing Association

There will be no meeting next week. This cancellation of Senate coincides with the National Student Strike against war and the Anti war Teach in. This is an all day forum in the CSU Ballroom. I will be speaking on International criminal court.. Feel free to organize other events.

Senator Penugonda-Will classes be cancelled?

Speaker-Classes will not be cancelled.

Senator Decker-What will be going on for 15 hours?

Speaker-Video’s, guest speakers.

Vice President Raza-Do you know how many faculty are supporting this? I heard it was organized by some of them?

Senator Garrity-Do you feel that canceling senate is imposing your view on the senate?

Speaker-I thought about that, but because we passed the anti war resolution we should be supporting this.

Senator Boyd-Do you think passing a resolution and canceling a meeting where we can actually get something done are the same?

Speaker-They are different, however, this is in the guidelines of the constitution.

Senator Penugonda-Do committees still meet?

Speaker Biesanz-That is up to the chairs.

Senator VanDerPol-Is canceling senate a common thing?

Speaker-No, another example would be Lobby Day.

Vice President Raza-Because this is nation wide and is a strike by students and we opposed the

war by resolution we should support this.

Senator Boyd-How was the strike made?

Speaker-Do you mean how the strike originated?

Speaker-I don’t know how it originated.

Senator VanDerPol-Don’t you think other organizations should go around us?

Speaker-That is an interesting point but this is a national strike at all colleges and universities.

Speaker-I have done deliberation on this, the question was asked whether I think senate is more important than opposing war-I guess when I think of the thousands of body bags-nothing is more important.

Senator Garrity-Move to overturn the decision of the chair to cancel the meeting.

Senator Garrity-I think the chair’s decision is respectful but I want to have a choice on whether I participate in a strike.

Senator Read-I am in support of this, this strike is voluntary, no one can make you stay home from

classes. If you want to come to senate you can-we can have a workshop.

Senator Boyd-If our Speaker were to strike-who would run the meeting?

Speaker-I would call on who I thought was qualified.

Senator Olsen-I feel we should support this-the strike would stand in opposition against thousands of body bags. The strike would also be for the students. I would hope this body would not disrespect the people going to this war.

Senator Stangl-I agree with the Speaker-I think we should give respect to those that give up all.

Senator Handwerk-I agree with the Speaker. We are the ones who make the decision-it goes with

our anti-war support resolution.

Speaker-The people voting to overturn are the ones who will show up, but if there is not quorum

there will be no meeting.

Senator Gaffer-I am disappointed that we did not have this discussion last week. I appreciate all

the speakers and I am a strong supporter of the peace movement, but I feel we are a body that should

come to a consensus.

Speaker-I am fully aware that the senate is a body that can make its own decision. I made this decision knowing that the Senate could overturn it if such was the will of the Senate.

Vice President Raza-I realize that the strike was initiated by the students. I will come to

the office, but I will not come to this meeting. This is about sending a message.

Senator VanDerPol-I understand wanting to make statements but if you want to send a message then you should say you are skipping out of senate to support this.

Senator Copic-We are not all going against our own beliefs. If we are representing the students

then we should bag it up.

Senator Garrity-This is not about supporting our troops. I can be anti-war by showing up for senate. I don’t question that this was supported by students, but not by us. This means we are leaving it up to our selves individually whether we come next week, it should be our choice. Let the minority make their statement too.

Senator Boyd-I am not sure how I feel about this. I support the anti-war but I want to come here too.

We can do what we want, I don’t know how much it matters anyway.

Senator Stangl-I agree with previous speaker.

Senator Boyce-Is Books not Bombs about war or unilateral war?

Speaker-I believe it is unilateral but I would have to find that out.

Senator Braam-I support the resolution-but I feel we have a lot of work to do.

Senator Handwerk-The importance of the issue-we are the one deciding if we support or not,

I will come here so we can get our work done. It may be more important at this time.

Senator Penugonda-People are upset because they were not given a choice, most people are

against war-the Speaker took an initiative, also budget is important so we should have a

budget meeting. I see that the main issue is people were not given a choice.

Senator Boyce-I think we should still have the meeting, there are other countries standing with us

so our resolution on unilateral war didn’t matter, was the resolution saying on the UN or


Speaker-The resolution was that we opposed unilateral war.

Senator Penugonda-There might be supporting countries, but it could be their leaders that are in support for one reason or another.

Vice President Raza-I honestly wish you would have said all these things about the budget,

no one asked any questions about the budget.

Roll Call Vote

Senators voting yes

Rich Stangl, Jeremy Casper, Jessica Boyd, Katie Garrity, Andy Braam, Alex Boyce, Kail Decker,

Jeff VanDerPol, Ian Radtke, Thomas Handwerk, Rebecca Pollack, Jayson Read, Mike Olsen, Megan


Senators voting no

Mary Scheider, Joseph Finn, Faraz Khan, Rajendra Penugonda, Rhys Gaffer, Anand agarwal, Gordana Copic, Irfan Bangash, Celeste Hollerud

Executive Officers voting no

President Muggli, Vice President Raza w/rights

Votes with Rights

Vice President Raza-I will be working outside of the meeting during that time to come up with budget scenario’s and will be consulting other senators

Abstain-Katie Hjulberg-proxy Nikki Dronen

Right to over turn Chair’s decision passes 14-11, 1 abstention

Committee Reports

Student Allocations Committee-Katie Garrity, Chair

Withdraw motion-Break for America is not going on trip.

Remember we did raise the Student Union budget $1.25 a credit. Budget hearings are open; the purpose is for the committee to ask questions to help them make the recommendation to the senate.

They can only come one time to present. This is an information gathering session, not a time to

tell the directors what we think. Find out about the program before you come in.

Schedule of department hearings, all hearings are on Tuesday and Friday from 11:00 A.M. – 12:00 noon: Feb. 28-Campus Rec and Women’s Center, March 4-Health Services, March 7-Theater and Repertory Dance, March 21-SLD&SL, SOAFC, Premier Lecture Series, March 25-Athletics, March 28-Technology, April 4-MSSA.

Senator Boyd-From what you told us, not all line items are scheduled yet?

Chair Garrity-We have not scheduled all of them yet. We will notify you when they are coming up.

Senator Read-Are you planning on posting what changes will be made?

Chair Garrity-Yes, we will do that.

Vice President Raza-Do you not allow asking questions?

Chair Garrity-I will run the committee as smoothly as possible, the committee has work to do, it

is not about wasting the director’s time. The hearing is there for the committee, not for telling them what information we have.

Vice President Raza-Would you allow a 10 second passing comment?

Chair Garrity-If need be, I will. If it pertains to the budget I will.

Senator Gaffer-Other than a, please hold the line, that I have heard, will your committee make

recommends on potential cuts?

Chair Garrity-We don’t discuss or make motions until we have heard from all departments. If the

committee does decide on a cut, it will say it does not include funding for a particular line item.

SAC Resolution #2.21.03A

SAC recommends funding up to $500.00 to the Catholic Newman Center

to travel to San Lucas, Toliman Mission, Guatemala for a mission trip.

SAC Resolution #2.21.03A passes

SAC Resolution #2.21.03B

SAC recommends funding up to 450.00 to MSU Circle K to attend the Circle K District Convention in Grand Rapids, MN.

SAC Resolution #2.21.03B passes 1 abstention

Coordinator Reports

Legislative Affairs Coordinator-Darrel Olson

We got through Lobby Day; thank Jayson Read, Rebecca Pollack, Jeremy Casper, President Muggli, and Vice President Raza. I had problems with it because I had never been outside but inside talking to the Legislators. This year Lobby Day was way too early-this was not the best use of our time and money. Where do we go from here? Vice President Raza did a good job in telling you about the cuts, but these are only projected cuts, we can still have an impact on what the cuts will be, with the numbers in this room alone we can have an impact. Don’t give up, we can have an affect but we need to get our voice in front of the press, the legislature. I wish we could have filled the hearing room with 70 voices. We are getting a letter writing campaign going-write a letter-get the word out.

We need to come together as a community, we can not separate ourselves from the faculty or

community. The Legislative Affairs committee is going to have hearings and bring in people

that can give information. The hearings will be at 4:00 P.M on Thursdays, we hope to have them on public access. The word will get out. We are also doing individual lobby trips. We want a diverse community so that every voice is heard.

Senator Read-Can you explain the 15% cap?

Coordinator Olson-I question if that is the wisest, are we advocates for our own education? If

they look at the entire budget-we might accept more if it would impact our institution. We

would look like a more active group, if we stated we want a more quality education.

Senator Read- Is this permanent?

Coordinator Olson-It would be for this year and next year.

Senator Pollack-I wonder if the students should be doing this with the administration.

Coordinator Olson-I think we should be doing this together.

Senator Casper-Do you think it will make a difference with a Republican House?

Coordinator Olson-There are things we all don’t know, but we can’t give up.

Senator Gaffer-Can you explain the difference between the house and the senate?

Coordinator Olson-The budget bill has to start in the house. If we came up with alternatives we would have to find a representative to help us. It may be difficult to get that hearing, but you can have an impact. The legislators are open to any suggestions we may have.

Senator Reports

Off-Campus Senator-Celeste Hollerud

I think our university is cool because I am taking a class at Gustavus and I don’t have to pay for it.

It is called common market, because my class is not offered here. You have to take 12 credits to qualify for that. Neat things about Gustavus-they have a free visitor parking lot that is close to campus. Book charging policy-they can put books on their bill with their tuition.

My mom’s class is going well, she got an A on her first test, I am really proud of her.

Social & Behavioral Science Senator-Alex Boyce (see written report)

Well, I was going to say how much DD stunk. But I thought I would instead comment on what is going on tonight in senate, what senators have said and certain important political events, so if you would bear with me, I’d really appreciate it. First, a lot of talk has been going on with theft.

Unfortunately student fees are always going to increase however, we as students can keep these

increases down by preventing theft! Fees go up even more to replace MSU equipment that has been stolen. While we have a commendable security force here at MSU, they cannot be everywhere on campus. But students are all over campus and they can be the eyes and ears of MSU security. If you see someone taking an overhead projector, television, etc. from a classroom just ask that person in a polite manner what they are doing and if they have authorization and proof that they are allowed to take such equipment out of a classroom. If they act nervous, pay more attention to what is going on around them than what they are doing, chances are they are doing something they shouldn’t be doing. If you suspect someone is stealing do not accuse the person, take note of what the person is wearing and what they are doing, discreetly make a telephone call to security. We can stop thieves by being alert and paying attention to what is going on around campus. I think our war resolution is commendable. I wish people would be a little more open. Student Strike-who started the strike? We need as much information as possible before talking on issues. People in third world countries get watered down information-they don’t have the information, we do. I think George Bush is doing all he can.

Senator Boyd-They are not considered third world countries.

Senator Boyce-People should trust the government more.

Vice President Raza-All the publications are US publications-not third world. Did you look up

information from non-third world countries?

Senator Penugonda-Point of personal privilege-refrain from referring to a religious group.

Speaker-Excellent use of point of personal privilege.

Senator Boyce-This is not meant to be directed to any particular group.

Senator Decker-Do you have McDonald's Corporation's written permission?

Senator Read-Can you say things to people stealing?

Senator Boyce-No, it should be like a neighborhood watch.

Science Engineering & Technology Senator-Jessica Boyd

Introduction-Jessica Boyd, CS major, math minor. I will be graduating in December. I am on Student Union Board, we met this week and Tommy Handwerk is the new vice chair. Budget time is such an important time, it is important that all the money will be spent the right way. I want to say something about the war, but I will talk to you about that later. About the decision to overturn the chair-I agree that having a meeting and not showing up says something. About calling the question-I hate that, because we need to hear what everyone has to say. We are talking about Student Union renovations and the remodeling of Stompers. The architects will be on campus during spring break and I’ll be going to some of their meetings. I am on CSET Student Advisory Board. Dean Frey says we will be looking at an 8-15% tuition increase. SET will have to cut a half million dollars. They will have to combine classes among departments and have undergrads teaching labs. They would not get paid, but get credit for it. One thing that would be a good solution-some labs are paid by student technology fees-a solution would be to charge a fee like the College of Business does, money would be kept where it belongs. Faculty nominations are being accepted for “Excellence Awards”, this is teaching and advising for SET college only. Drop a nomination letter off in the SET office.

Also the MSSA Teacher of the Year Award and the Student Friendly Award information is now

on our web site.

Senator Scheider-What should we do instead of calling the question?

Senator Boyd-Don’t say something if you are only going to be repetitive.

Off-Campus Senator Ian Radtke

Student representative to Learning Technology Roundtable. This is a university committee that oversees technology “in the classroom”, they deal with all distance learning, online courses, getting projectors etc. Theft has been noted-Security is well aware of this and will be making

decisions on this soon. Also, I am chair of Student Affairs-Financial Aid wants to do everything

on line-they don’t want to send out paper copies. Since November when online payment started, $1.7 million has been filed. This would save about $4.00 per student in postage costs. doing this.

War-if anyone thinks they have all the information, keep looking.

Senator Handwerk-Will there be Student Services next week?

Senator Radtke-I will be making that decision.

Senator Gaffer-Are their larger discussions regarding security in classrooms?

Senator Radtke-It is right here and right now.

Senator Decker-Has the committee considered leaving a trail of cheeseburgers to a jail cell?

Senator Radtke-No.

Speaker-Is your committee Student Affairs or Student Services?

Senator Radtke-Student Affairs.


Vice President Raza-March 1-Pakistan and India playing cricket. It will be fun.

Please next week-I just want to get some work done. Come talk about the budget.

Senator Handwerk-In the Student Union the proceeds from the flower sale is for fighting polio.

$100 will buy 1200 polio vaccinations.

Senator Decker-Appreciate Speaker remaining unbiased during discussion.

Academic Affairs will meet next week.

Senator Read-I have not been called out of order yet this year.

Senator Braam-Does the Speaker have a motion before him?

M#02.26.03 Senator Braam/Vice President Raza

We the MSSA, strongly appose all budget cuts to the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system because of the importance of higher education to the economy of Minnesota.

Senator Braam-I want a resolution to call for unity. Affordable higher education is critically important to the young people of Minnesota. This resolution would say what we want.

Vice President Raza-I feel that there will be more information in the coming weeks.

Speaker-The motion does not call for action.

Senator Copic-Move to table the motion until the first meeting after spring break

Motion passes.

Senator Gaffer-Strongly encourage senators to look at HF 314. Email and tell your

Legislator that this is not acceptable.

Senator Finn-Poetry reading tonight.

President Muggli-Election committee-see when we can get together.

Senator Pollack-Will bring Girl Scout cookies next week.

Senator Handwerk-Children’s Miracle Network-Dance Marathon. $75.00 to apply.

Senator Copic-Tonight open mic event in Gage.

Speaker-There will be senate next week and the student strike was organized by the University of WI.

Roll Call

Senators Present Joseph Finn, Faraz Khan, Rich Stangl, Katie Hjulberg, Jeremy Casper, Rajendra Penugonda, Jessica Boyd, Katie Garrity, Andy Braam, Alex Boyce, Rhys Gaffer, Kail Decker, Irfan Bangash, Thomas Handwerk, Rebecca Pollack, Megan Brandt

Senators Absent

Mary Scheider, Anand Agarwal, Gordana Copic, Jeff VanDerPol, Celeste Hollerud, Ian Radtke

Executive Staff Absent

President Joe Muggli, Vice President Raza