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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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70th MSSA Senate

March 5, 2003

Meeting called to order at 4:11 by Speaker Katie Garrity

Roll Call
Senators Present

Rich Stangl-proxy Cassidy Bennet 4-0-1, Katie Hjulberg 14-1-1, Jeremy Casper 4-0-0, Katie Garrity-proxy Eric O’Connor 21-0-1, Andy Braam 6-0-0, Alex Boyce 22-0-0, Kail Decker 9-0-0, Rebecca Pollack 16-0-0, Thomas Handwerk 10-0-1, Megan Brandt 16-1-0, Jayson Read 16-1-0, Jeff VanDerPol 3-0-0, Mike Olsen 2-0-0

Approval of Agenda approved after addition of Senator Brandt-senator report, Senator Hjulberg-SAC report

Approval of Minutes (2-26-03) Minutes stand approved

Committee Reports

Student Allocations Committee-Katie Hjulberg, Committee Member

SAC Resolution #02.28.03A

SAC recommends funding up to $500.00 to SURSI to attend the National American Planning Association Conference in Denver, Co.

Ms. Hjulberg-Urban Studies organization, recommendation is for SAC allowance for 10 people.

Senator Read-I know members of club and department, they are trying to boost undergrad program, this is a great way for them to bring back information in their on what is going on outside of MSU.

Senator Handwerk-I also know people in this organization, they do good things. I recommend this approval.

Motion Passes

SAC Resolution #02.28.03B

SAC recommends funding up to $600.00 to Mudworks-MSU Ceramics Club to attend the 37th Annual Conference of the National Council for the Education of Ceramic’s Art (NCECA) in San Diego, CA

Ms. Hjulberg-12 students will be attending, recommended SAC allowance does not even cover registration costs. Some of the students will be staying in youth hostels.

Senator Decker-Is this competition a benefit to the university or the students?

Ms. Hjulberg-This is not a competition, it is a conference. They will learn at this conference.

Senator VanDerPol-How does it benefit the campus?

Ms. Hjulberg-The Conference offers an extensive schedule that will benefit students in firing

and clay that can be used in their classes.

Senator Handwerk-Earlier last semester they had a display and a sale. I think they should go.

Motion Passes

SAC Resolution #02.28.03C

SAC recommends funding up to $150.00 to MSU Aikido Club to attend the Kangeiko 2003 Aikido Shinjinkai Winter Training Seminar in Chicago, IL.

Ms. Hjulberg-This will focus on open hand technique. Three students will be attending. They

are only asking for $50.00 per person.

Senator Read-How many students are in the Aikido Club?

Ms. Hjulberg-I am not sure.

Senator Braam-How much money is left in the SAC budget?

Senator Read-Point of information, is that germane?

Speaker-Yes, I will allow it.

Speaker-A few weeks ago we had spent $5500 about one half of the money.

Motion Passes 1 abstention

Election Committee-Jayson Read, Chair

We are not approving anything tonight, just presenting the rules. They will b e approved next week. Debates will be April 2. Registration begins Monday March 24.

Senator Reports

College of Education-Katie Hjulberg

Education business, met with Interim Dean Brandt. We talked about two minutes then I met with Cheryl Kalakian, Student Relations Coordinator. I learned why Aviation is in College of Education. I also learned about the secondary education program. The new PPST test has arrived, math score has been raised to 171. College of Education was canceling scholarships for next year due to lack of funds, however they have received some funds and will now offer some scholarships. College of Education is only college on campus that requires a teaching degree to teach at MSU. Student Advisory Board met, they are planning to fly in a plane during Homecoming. They will have a float in parade. There will be a room set up during registration for student help. The Student Advisory Board and someone from College of Education will help advise incoming students.

Personal business-sister’s shower is still not planned. I will have my tonsils out over spring break. I also got a new car, a Dodge Daytona.

Senator Decker-What year is your car, how much did it cost?

Senator Hjulberg-It is a 95 and it is red.

Senator Read-Did you know it is against the law to drive a red car on Lake Street in Minneapolis?

Off-Campus Senator-Jayson Read

I am a senior Computer Science major and Math minor. I am graduating in December of 2003.

I am on the International Programs Director Search Committee. Can’t say much, but I can say we are making progress. I am chair of Student Technology Roundtable. We meet every Thursday. We are closing in on finishing up the technology focus sheet and deciding on a tech fee.

I am going to San Antonio and Houston over spring break.

Senator Casper-In your free time do you read state statues?

Senator Read-Someone was in charge of looking at all these ridiculous statutes.

Senator Boyce-Why was it illegal to drive down Lake Street?

Senator Read-I don’t know, that was just one of the statutes that was found.

Senator Olsen-What are you doing in San Antonio?

Senator Read-I will be going to the Riverwalk.

Senator Olsen-How do you like the Riverwalk?

Senator Read-I love it.

Senator Braam-Why is it not germane to ask about how much money is in SAC?

Senator Read-I don’t know how much we have to begin with so it seemed not germane to the issue.

Senator Decker-Why does it mention in Article III something about someone’s shoes?

Senator Read-I don’t know.

Senator Decker-In Article IV number 6 it refers to cash incentives, what is that?

Senator Read-How many people noticed that? We put that in there to make sure everyone

reads the rules. We would not have passed this. They are not legit. The new things we added are underlined.

Senator Handwerk-All the new things that were added were not underlined then?

Senator Decker-Is the other thing not true also?

Senator Read-yes.

Senator Braam-Do you think it is not right to ask questions?

Senator Decker-Do you think it is unfair to stop some one from asking their question.

Senator Read-Yes, no, maybe

Senator Handwerk-Did you do this to make a statement?

Senator Read-If you know something and everyone else does not, ask the question to get that out?

Maverick Hall Senator-Megan Brandt

In Mav Hall we lost our Complex Director, students can meet the new one tonight. There has been a ton of vandalism lately, writing on walls, breaking fire extinguishers. My classes are really tough this semester. I will be going home and doing nothing during break.

Senator Decker-What are the plans for stopping vandalism?

Senator Brandt-No plans have been made, you are supposed to call security.

Senator Hjulberg-Who is new Complex Director?

Senator Brandt-I am not sure what her name is.

Senator Handwerk-Regarding the vandalism, what is being done about that?

Senator Brandt-They are just cleaning it up.

Senator Decker-Have you asked the janitor, they sometimes know?

Senator Handwerk-You said the complex director was lost?

Senator Brandt-I meant they took a different position.

Senator Decker-Are the classes in your major?

Senator Brandt-I do not have a major.


Speaker-I am going to Mexico during break to see my boyfriend.

Senator Boyce-I am going to Disney World

Senator Handwerk-I am going to Ohio

Senator Decker-I am staying in Mankato and working.

Senator Olsen-I just found out my unit was activated, so if I don’t see you after break, I have

enjoyed being on senate.

Roll Call

Senators Present Katie Hjulberg, Jeremy Casper, Andy Braam, Alex Boyce, Kail Decker, Jeff VanDerPol, Thomas Handwerk, Rebecca Pollack, Jayson Read, Mike Olsen, Megan Brandt, Rich Stangl-proxy Cassidy Bennett, Katie Garrity-proxy Eric O’Connor

Adjournment 5:15 P.M.