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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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70th MSSA Senate

October 9, 2002

Meeting called to order by Speaker Zach Biesanz

Roll Call

Senators Present

Chris Forman 8-0-0, Mary Scheider 3-0-0, Josept Finn 1-0-0, Ryan Haugen-proxy Thomas Handwerk 7-0-1, Minhaal M. Nathani 6-2-0, Katie Hjulberg 3-0-0, Andrew Menden 7-0-1, Jessica Giordani 7-0-1, Rajendra K. Penugonda 8-0-0, Jessica Boyd 8-0-0, Katie Garrity 8-0-0, Mohammed Suhail 6-1-1, Alex Boyce 8-0-0, C. Rhys Gaffer 7-0-1, Joseph Perkins 7-1-0, Anand Agarwal 6-2-0, Gordana Copic-proxy Adam Poole 7-0-1, Jared Golde 1-0-0, Irfan Bangash 8-0-0, Celeste Hollerud 7-0-1, Rebecca Pollack 3-0-0, Ian Radtke 8-0-0, Jayson Read 3-0-0, Megan Brandt 3-0-0

Senators Absent

Taimoor Hussain Bangash 7-1-0, Kashif H. Khan 4-4-0, Hailey Schmitz 6-2-0

Executive Staff Present

President Joe Muggli, Vice President Ali Raza

Approval of Agenda Agenda approved with addition of Student Affairs Committee to Committee Reports, Senator Hollerud to Senator reports.

Approval of Minutes 10/02/02 Minutes tabled

Officer Reports

President Joseph Muggli

Get Out the Vote Efforts, if you can volunteer contact Darrel Olson. Legislative Affairs will meet Mondays at 4:00 PM. We still need to have tables at games, movies, etc. Last day to pre-register is October 15th. Attended Meet and Confer yesterday. Coordinator Penugonda, Vice President Raza, Coordinator Olson and myself met with the President, Dr. Healy, Dr. Boubel and Mark Johnson. We talked about more student forum ideas. We talked about strategic planning, graduate education, Distance Learning, alcohol on campus, Facility Improvement fees, Parking and Priority registration. If you have items, please get them to me. The President is very open to listening to student issues. We will be having more open forums.

Fall MSUSA Conference October 25-27. There will be a special opportunity for us to attend the Penny Fellowship Dinner. We received material from MSUSA , door hangers and pamphlets for getting out the vote.

Appointments: Ensuring Cultural Diversity-Denise Butler, Student Services -Jared Golde, Academic Affairs-Joe Finn Union BD-Jared Golde, Student Technology Roundtable-Jayson Read, At Large, Brandon Yerks, College of Business, Kristen Ruder-Arts & Humanities.

Sub Meet & Confer Planning will meet 11/21 with Dr. Boubel to discuss criteria for allocating funding. Note articles in Reporter on legislative planning.

Senator Perkins-How can I get more information on Student Facilities Fees?

President Muggli-Many universities have this fee, this would be an open forum issue, where they would tell us how much it will cost. This is just an idea so far, it would be the first in Minnesota.

We have had numerous requests to be on Communications Board-we need to elect one rep, talk to students in your class.

Senator Read-ALCS -who is your pick?

President Muggli-I am backing the Twins all the way.

Vice President Ali Raza

Attended Meet & Confer yesterday with Dr. Davenport and the Cabinet. The following items were discussed: 1) Efforts on strategic planning increasing. Looking at a 2-3 month period. The goals for MSU are on the Web site 2) Graduate Education 3) Shared Governance 4) Distance Learning 5) Fund Raising 6) The President informed us about his meeting with the city planner regarding the traffic problems on Stadium 7)Information given on CSU plan 8) Topics for other Student Forums 9) use of alcohol on campus 10) Beautification fee 11) Parking 12) The President is going to try to push Minnesota State to decide Tuition and Student Fee rates at the same time.

Met with Tom Gjersvig, ISO Director regarding SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System). Discussion on what SEVIS is, how it will affect International students at MSU. What is it that International students need to do in order to deal with these changes. Information provided on the current Minnesota State system in place.

President Muggli-Currently this is a pen and paper system-Minnesota State is going to have INS

do this and it will all be done electronically. This is not new information for the internet, it is only information like where you live, how many credits you are taking, etc.

Vice President Trauger has asked for your help in forming student focus groups to discuss issues related to Financial Aid, The Hub Services and Communications. They will be meeting on Oct. 15 or

16. Please let me know as soon as possible the people who are interested and the times you would be free.

Vice President for Facilities and Management candidate William O’Neil would like to meet with students tomorrow in our office at 3:15.

Up date on the Crossing Guard situation.

What do crossing guards do? Who funds this? Why were they needed? Parking is paying all the costs incurred until now, about $40,000.

Speaker Zach Biesanz

Look over the minutes of last week and make additions. If you can not be here, make sure you find a proxy in your constituency. As senators you are required to do two hours of office time.

Yesterday their was a protest on Iraq-public discourse area is confined to the area by the Library, if you let the administration know you are doing a protest, most people can not see you. These people should be rewarded for wanting a good public discussion, not hidden. Most things that are not allowed is because of groups that have not behaved properly. This discourse area should be relocated.

Phase III Lounge decorations-dead cheerleaders, mascot cartoons, they were horrible. Felt we did not

need that and then talked to a person from Student Events Team and the Women’s Center. The two organizations met, the posters were taken down and this became a very good learning situation for many people.

Senator Finn-Why are groups like the Preacher allowed to use that area?

President Muggli-I am not sure they had a permit-and because it was such a large group they were just

left where they were for security reasons.

Coordinator Reports

Student Affairs-Raj K. Penugonda

When I applied for this position I said I was already doing much of the work of coordinator. RHA: in the last RHA assembly meeting, some of the issues that were discussed included the passing of the budget proposal. In the first meeting of the Assembly, the representatives of all the halls were given a chance to speak out about their concerns and suggestions.

ISA: Currently the ISA is busy planning about the South Asia Night, which is coming up on October 19th. It is one of the biggest events that the ISA organizes and it is a good chance for everyone to learn a little bit more about the culture of some countries involved in this event. ISA is also working on updating their constitution.

Student Events Team: I have tried to contact Calvin Moultrie, to discuss about how I could interact with other student organizations on campus and have better communication with MSSA.

General: I had a small conversation with Tom (Director, ISO) in the morning today and we were talking about the SEVIS program and how it is going. I was told that it is still vague as the INS has not actually put the requirements clearly but the ISO has a deadline before which it has to provide all the information of the International students for background checks.

Legislative Affairs Coordinator-Darrel Olson

Get Out the Vote efforts-contest. We would like to get about 500 pre-registered. That is only

About 5% of our student population. We should get more. Legislators will listen to us if we vote and educate ourselves on the issues. Met with Cheryl Lindquist-City Clerk, when students wait until the day of elections to register, there are long lines. RHA is helping students register. Get students to register to vote in your classes. The IFO is interested in this; they are helping us with prizes. Tables in Crossroads Tomorrow and in the Union on Tuesday. Debate attendees: Howard Swenson, Ruth Johnson, John Hottinger, Julie Storm, John Dorn, Dean Kluge. This will be very important for students to attend. They can learn the issues of the candidates.

Tim Penny will be here Oct. 24. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, it is important to get involved.

We don’t want legislators raising tuition. So it is important that you get registered and vote.

Committee Reports

Student Allocations Committee, Katie Garrity, Chair

SAC policy-the money we contribute is about $330.00 per semester. We need to look at getting the

most out of our money, how many students are effected by a trip, how does a trip contribute to our

campus community. We need it to be worth our money to send RSOs to travel.

Senator Boyd-What is the difference between what we approve and SOAFC?

Chair Garrity-SOAFC budget is about $4500. These organizations can not get funding from SLD&SL, and the event has to be an on-campus event that anyone can attend.

SAC is for RSO’s to travel and for departments like Health Services etc. We can give up to $50.00 per person.

Senator Gaffer-Is there still a Web site for this information?

Chair Garrity-I am not sure about that.

SAC Resolution #10.0902A

SAC recommends funding up to $200.00 for the Mankato Social Work Club to travel to Pittsburg, PA for the Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors Conference.

Chair Garrity- They will be presenting at the Conference, they have done a lot of fundraising. The Conference is very respected, it is not often students get to present at something like this. The students are bringing this knowledge back to MSU.

Motion passes

SAC Resolution #10.09.02B

SAC recommends funding up to $900.00 for MSU Amnesty International to travel to Chicago for the Midwest Regional Conference.

Chair Garrity-18 members are going to this conference. They will be going to Chicago. They

did a bake sale. They are staying in a youth hostile. SAC felt this was very good as they are also

bringing information back to campus.

Senator Penugonda-Do they have any other source of getting money from MSU?

Chair Garrity-They can apply to Amnesty International-and hope to get half of their money

back. They could possibly receive more, and then we will get some of our money back.

Vice President Raza-This is a big organization, how are they going to share, many people do not know the magnitude of what Amnesty does around the world?

Chair Garrity-Yes, they regularly set up tables to give out information, they have regular meetings

where people can attend and learn about the organization.

Senator Read-Obviously they will be bringing things back and they are being fiscally responsible, I am in favor of this.

Senator Radtke-Amnesty also hold about 4 forums a year and they hold a Jamnesty to help

educate people.

Senator Boyd-I am in favor of this, they are very active on campus, and they will bring information

back to campus.

Motion passes Abstain-Senator Finn and Proxy Poole.

Student Affairs Committee-Ian Radtke, Chair

In consideration of last week’s presentation and the on-going traffic concerns, Student Affairs

has passed the following resolution.

R#10.09.02 A

Whereas: Current pedestrian/vehicular traffic flow presents a serious safety concern and

Whereas: Pedestrian/vehicular traffic has always posed a problem due to congestion and confusion prior to current road construction

Be It Resolved: MSSA Student Affairs committee requests that the Administration investigate continuing the crossing guard program and/or explore other means of controlling pedestrian/vehicular traffic flow.

Senator Garrity-Move to amend to omit Student Affairs Committee to say MSSA requests.

Second Senator Menden

President Muggli-I think the idea of the MSSA Senate requests is important because that

is our body.

Motion passes

Senator Gaffer-Rise in favor of this, we have approximately 4500 students in a 4 block radius.

We need to address this in an intergovernmental fashion.

Senator Garrity-Move to amend by adding the word Senate after MSSA.

It is accurate to say Senate requests.

Vice President Raza-This is great work by Student Services in short period of time. This is important because it is only going to get worse with the construction going on. The wording of this is good, it

does not say how much Parking or MSU administration should pay, it leaves that open for discussion.

R#10.09.02 A

Whereas: Current pedestrian/vehicular traffic flow presents a serious safety concern and

Whereas: Pedestrian/vehicular traffic has always posed a problem due to congestion and confusion prior to current road construction

Be It Resolved: MSSA Senate requests that the Administration investigate continuing the crossing guard program and/or explore other means of controlling pedestrian/vehicular traffic flow.

Student Affairs Committee Motion 10.09.02 A amended motion passes unanimously

Senator Reports

Off-Campus Senator Jayson Read

Come from small town of Granite Falls-in news for floods, tornadoes, and five murders. This

caused the cancellation of Homecoming this year. Work at Jackpot-I am a good dealer, have

been there since 1995. Last summer interned with C.H. Robinson, currently working for them from home.

Watching Twins games this year, in 91 was on a bus coming back from a wrestling match

Senator Garrity-Who is your favorite Twin?

Senator Read-Koskie

Graduate Studies Senator Raj K. Penugonda

Yesterday, I was able to attend a meeting with President Davenport, Dr. Healy and others. I am glad President Muggli let me know about that. We discussed some issues and some plans that the administration has in order to help MSU move forward. I was happy to know that a serious thought is being given to strengthening the Master’s Programs at MSU.

I had mentioned in my previous report that I am trying to get in touch with Graduate Students to find out their opinion. Well, I met a group of graduate Psychology students and informed them about what was going on and how their input could make a difference in improving the Graduate Programs. I received a good response from the students and I hope to do similar informal sessions in other departments. I got responses from them this morning. I am a bridge for them to the administration.

I have also been working with the Academic Affairs committee on issues like the possible conversion of the GPA process from the current version to also including the intermediate grades like B+, A+ etc.

I am trying to get some response from the instructors about that too. Am happy today-it is my

father’s 60th birthday, my family is all at home helping him celebrate.

Social & Behavioral Science Senator Alex Boyce

I love MSU, History and Anthropology. I ran for senate for two reasons, my brother told me to be

involved. I want to be more involved in what is going on at MSU and I want to know where my

money is going. Work at the EMuseum-(presentation) Building does not exist-but this is collection

of works. The EMuseum fosters graduate and undergraduate learning through participation in research and scholarly activities. You can choose an Exhibit from Archaeology, Anthropology, Biology, Cultures, History, Information, Prehistory and more. It is there to serve. It brings things from grade school to college level. This receives over 42,000 hits an hour, It has received over 64 million. Something cool is going to happen in the near future. We have two students from Japan that are translating Native American cultures into Japanese. Traffic ranges from all over the world.

Senator Read-Where do papers come from?

Senator Boyce-From students and instructors. Mostly it is all done by students.

Senator Giordani-Can we look at the demonstration?

Senator Mary-Has anyone ever wanted to come tour this?

Senator Boyce-Yes, and we don’t exist, as a physical building.

Vice President Raza-Is it only English?

Senator Boyce-If you want to work on your language skills-we always want people to help translate. It would be great to learn more about other cultures. We are going to the

cities with President Davenport-to show this off. This kicks most ivy league schools.


I am also on the Cultural Diversity Committee, look forward to working on this and continuing

to look more about other cultures.

Off-Campus Senator Celeste Hollerud-

Jr. Math and Language major. Play in concert band-worked last summer at Concordia language camp.

Recommend you get a second language. My mom is coming back to school. Birthday is Oct. 15.

President Muggli-Would your mother be interested in student leadership?

Senator Garrity-How do you plan to celebrate your birthday?

Senator Hollerud- Doing Homecoming and birthday things.

Senator Giordani-Have you considered telling your mom about the non-traditional program in the Women’s Center?

Senator Hollerud-I can do that.


Senator Garrity-Next Monday-Taylor Center, Midnight Madness, prizes, pop etc. You can enter

a chance to win the 30 second shoot out-possible for $15,000. 11:00 PM Taylor Center

Senator Giordani-Tomorrow night-Body Alchemy-Transsexual Images by Loren Cameron -phenomenal artist. Free. 7:30 pm Ostrander Auditorium.

Senator Penugonda-Tonight-Cultural Diversity dinner. South Asian Night will cost only $4.00.

Proxy Poole-Encourage everyone to attend all the Homecoming events, parade.

Senator Scheider-Would like information from the ECDC committee, for meeting times.

Senator Finn-Student Literary Arts magazine-premier release next Friday.

Vice President Raza-Lecture Presentation –Who is Allah? From the Muslim perspective, you will get a side of the picture you don’t know about. Ostrander Auditorium. The Food at South Asian night will be awesome. Last Monday-coronation was really good. Athletes won King and Queen.

Speaker-Band playing Friday and Saturday. On Oct. 21 8:00 Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and Federation Without Television will be doing a public lecture.-What is the better life? Oct 31-Federation without Television-Life without drugs. 8:00 P.M. Ostrander Auditorium. Oct. 22 the British Ambassador will be in Minneapolis.

Senator Golde-McCloud County DFL-Wellstone, Luther, I can bring a few people, if you would like to go. Going to Nationals in Ireland in December for Tae Kwan Do.

Roll Call

Senators Present

Chris Forman, Mary Scheider, Joseph Finn, Ryan Haugen-proxy Thomas Handwerk, Minhaal Nathani, Katie Hjulberg, Andrew Menden Jessica Giordani, Rajendra Penugonda, Jessica Boyd, Katie Garrity, Mohammad Suhail, Alex Boyce, Rhys Gaffer, Joseph Perkins, Gordana Copic-proxy Adam Poole, Jared Golde, Irfan Bangash, Celeste Hollerud, Rebecca Pollack, Ian Radtke, Jayson Read, Megan Brandt

Senators Absent

Anand Agarwal, Taimoor Bangash, Kashif Khan, Hailey Schmitz

Executive Staff Present

President Joe Muggli, Vice President Ali Raza

Adjournment 5:45