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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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70th MSSA Senate

October 16, 2002

Meeting called to order by Speaker Zach Biesanz

Roll Call

Senators Present

Chris Forman 9-0-0, Mary Scheider 4-0-0, Joseph Finn 2-0-0, Ryan Haugen 8-0-1, Minhaa M. Nathani 7-2-0, Katie Hjulberg 4-0-0, Andrew Menden 8-0-1, Jessica Giordani 8-0-1, Rajendra K. Penugonda 9-0-0, Jessica Boyd 9-0-0, Katie Garrity 9-0-0, Mohammed Suhail 7-1-1, Alex Boyce 9-0-0, C. Rhys Gaffer 8-0-1, Joseph Perkins 8-1-0, Anand Agarwal 7-2-0, Gordana Copic 8-0-1, Jared Golde 2-0-0, Irfan Bangash 9-0-0, Taimoor Hussain Bangash 8-1-0, Celeste Hollerud 8-0-1, Rebecca Pollack 4-0-0, Ian Radtke 9-0-0, Jayson Read 4-0-0, Hailey Schmitz 6-2-0, Megan Brandt 4-0-0

Senators Absent

Kashif H. Khan 4-5-0

Executive Staff Present

President Joe Muggli, Vice President Ali Raza

Approval of Agenda Agenda approved

Presentation-Henry Morris, Student Union Director-Free Speech Rights

Freedom of Speech is one of the most sacred rights we have by our Bill of Rights. If

any place it should be on a university campus. We have had a couple of speakers this year

that you may have heard. Universities have the right to regulate speech by time and place, not content. It can not be onus; university committee looked at all areas and developed a public discourse area. Most events are not allowed on the Mall as it is a major walkway, noise can disrupt classes in Armstrong. We don’t believe the plan we came up with is onus-they can still get crowds and express points of view. This is called the Freedom of Expression Area. They can use megaphones etc.

Director of Security- Susie Dugan-safety is another issue-security needs to be able protect the speaker. They could get a speaker into the Union from this location. Some speakers will push it to the maximum. They have the rights to say what they want and we cannot control that on a state institution. You have the right to walk away. You can share your view as well; you cannot deface property or rip signs-any disorderly conduct.

Mr. Morris Speakers live for you to confront them. No matter what you say or how you say it they will not change their opinions. You can show your disapproval in other ways. The greater part is that we can’t set a policy for content. These speakers are trained in this, and they often sue universities if they feel their rights are infringed on. The Mall is for university scheduled celebrations.

Senator Garrity-Where is the line drawn between someone saying something or a demonstration.

Director Dugan-If you are just stating your opinions in passing that is not a problem, when it becomes a demonstration is when you engage others in dialogue in a demonstration matter. We are not trying to control content, only want an area where people can give opinions yet not disrupt flow to classes.

Senator Finn-Can you address confrontational speakers that were on the Mall-that went on for hours. As a student it seemed the university was condoning that.

Mr. Morris-Those speakers brought 18 or 19 people on campus-some decisions were made to try to manage this after discussion with the police. This crowd grew in a matter of minutes.

Director Dugan-That is why this form was made and training can be provided. We need to do things quicker before things get out of hand and arrests are made.

Senator Gaffer-The committee you talked about-was their student representation.

Mr. Morris-This was a university committee.

Senator Giordani-What is the difference in a university celebration and a demonstration?

Mr. Morris-A senate event like the open forum, and inauguration-these are university events.

Mr. Morris-There will be grey areas where we will have to make interpretations. We need

to be able to make quick decisions.

Director Dugan-Having dialogue is great, but education is needed on what is appropriate dialogue.

Mr. Morris-The Arab Student Assn. held a War on Peace discourse –this was peaceful, the university does not know when arms of the Federal government will come on campus. They have the right to come and take pictures.

Director Dugan-There are groups out there now that want college students to heat things up, to go to rallies etc.

Senator Boyd-Was this policy in place when the speakers came to the Mall?

Director Dugan-Yes, however, there were so many of them that came-some came to reservations, some set up, it all happened so quickly. Sometimes they look for nice weather to attract a bigger crowd.

Senator Haugen-If a student is blocked from campus what should they do?

Susie-Contact the police, the preachers did try to block traffic downtown-the police made

them be on the sidewalk.

Senator Finn-In the policy it mentions ramifications-what kind of ramifications could occur

that would deter someone from returning?

Mr. Morris-Administrators are not always looking and so do not know everything that is happening. After someone has established a history, we can allow them to not come on campus. This is difficult; they have to do a lot of things wrong.

Approval of Minutes 10/2/02 10/09/02 Minutes approved

Officer Reports

President Joseph Muggli

Get Out the Vote efforts went well; we did get a lot of students registered. We now need to educate people about the candidates. Legislative Forum-Tuesday, Oct. 22. It would be great if we could pack the house. It will show candidates that college students do vote and care.

Legislative Affairs will meet Mondays at 4:00 P.M.

Fall Conference-this is an excellent opportunity to learn about MSUSA.

Appointments: SAC-Jason Casey, ECDC-Saqlain Raza Farishta

Reminder that we need to elect someone from senate to Communications Bd.

Sub Meet & Confer Planning-need one or two students to attend. This will meet 11/21 from 12:30-1:30 in CSU 284. Dr. Boubel will be there to discuss criteria for allocating funding.

We are again looking for a Campus Representative for MSUSA.

Student Technology Roundtable- 11/21 2:00-3:00 PM, 12/5 2:00-3:00 PM.

Talked to Academic Affairs today about the Student Forum-good academic forums could include discussions on early registration, academic issues, academic standards and grading.

Senator Copic-When is Fall Conference?

President Muggli-Next Friday-we will be leaving about 3:00 P.M.

Senator Gaffer-What are the dates and times again of the Student Technology Roundtable?

President Muggli-November 21 12:30-1:30 and December 5.

Senator Hjulberg-Would it be possible to get a print out of the candidate’s issues?

President Muggli-We have a brochure from MSUSA and there is one on the web

from the League of Women Voters, also the Star Tribune.

Senator Boyd-Who is going to be at the forum?

President Muggli-Rep. Dorn, Senator John Hottinger, Rep. Ruth Johnson, Julie Storm, Dean Kluge.

Senator Garrity-Would you consider posting appointments on your door before senate?

President Muggli-Yes, we look at applications sometimes as late as thirty minutes before the meeting, if we have time I will post it, if you want to talk about it, just object.

Senator Penugonda-What are dates for Student Tech Roundtable?

President Muggli-11/21 and 12/5-also 10/24.

Senator Gaffer-What room do they meet in?

President Muggli-CSU 256 and 202.

Senator Penugonda-Who can go to Planning Sub Meet & Confer?

President Muggli-It would be great to have two students go.

President Muggli-I am so excited that the committees are doing well.

Vice President Ali Raza

At the start of the semester a couple of students came up to me about some research

some pharmaceutical companies did about the fact that some International students

do not have an enzyme to process milk. We can thank Mr. Morris for getting new milk

in Stompers. Last summer I wrote a proposal to Vice President Trauger about the additional

money received from pop with increase in price going toward a scholarship. A contract will be signed next week with Pepsi and The Society for the Blind and we may get some money for a scholarship. Talked to professors about the forum, they can require students to go. The Monitor is the MSUSA publication-there is information in there on the candidates that support higher education.

Senator Giordani-Do you know what study was used on the enzyme?

Vice President Raza-Will find out that information.

Speaker Zach Biesanz

Vacancies: Kashif Khan, Senator Forman will resign next week due to a class conflict.

Recognized Student Organizations Ethnic Graduate Student Organization (EGIO)

Graduate Student Association-Psychology, MSU Game Development, MSU Law Enforcement Club, Pan African Student Organization, Sociology Club/Sociology Society,

The Wheelchair Basketball Club

Soy milk is healthy-gelatin bad.

President Muggli-How can you survive without eating jello?

Speaker-Have chosen a healthy and ethical diet, will tell you about it at another time.

Committee Reports

SAC Katie Garrity-SLD&SL requested money for a kiosk for Off-Campus housing

information after hours. They were requesting $6,800 from SAC. Committee

made a recommendation that they put information on-line instead of a kiosk. They could

put the money they would contribute towards the on-line program.

Senator Gaffer-Did they mention maybe getting funding from Real Estate?

Chair Garrity-They did not, only wanted a program with the ability to allow certain requests such as 1 bedroom, pets etc. . . .

Senator Boyd-Did they tell you where they would get the money from?

President Muggli-Have the housing owners been contacted to put money in to this project?

Chair Garrity-Don’t know.

Senator Schmitz-They currently only charge the apartment complexes a low fee of $5.00

to advertise for them.

Vice President Raza-Were you saying “a ridiculous amount of money being spent on technology” as a personal statement?

Chair Garrity-Yes it was a personal comment.

Senator Reports

College of Education Senator Katie Hjulberg

Education major from Bloomington, MN. Soph now taking 18 credits. Want

to teach middle age students. I live four blocks from the Mall of America and I have never moved-ever. In the College of Education I met with the Dean, on Nov. 5 we will be attending a chair meeting. Also met with Cheryl Kalakian about setting up an advisory board. At the first meeting we will declare a mission statement, set up basic structure, and decide who will represent sub-council. Will be having the first meeting in about three weeks. The meeting will be advertised in the Reporter,

outside education offices and in classes.

Science, Engineering & Technology Senator Jessica Boyd-I am a senior in CS and will be

graduating next December. Work in ITS-Lead Web Developer for the Web team. Halloween costume-making wings. Was honorary judge at Midnight Madness. I am involved in the following activities: Academic Affairs Subcommittee-12 point scale-investigating technical parts of that, SET Student Advisory Board will meet Friday, Oct. 25th. Women in Science Learning Community-Tuesday, Oct 29th. Web updates: New senators fill out profile sheet and get your pictures taken. We need committee information for the web.

Maverick Hall Senator Megan Brandt

From Sioux Falls So. Dak. Undeclared major in Honors program.

Senator Gaffer-What do you think of the honors program?

Senator Brandt-Taking two classes now-don’t feel they are that difficult.

College of Business Senator Minhaal M. Nathani

Jr. Marketing major /Business Administration. From Barcelona-which is in Tanzania. Grew up in United Arab and have roots in India. Fluent in four languages. Love soccer, played for men’s team. Was in Singapore two summers ago, worked with brother-in-law. Very interesting. Spent last summer in Canada. I work for the MSU annual fund drive.

INS data base-speculation is that deadline will not be met-many schools will not be able to accept students. College of Business-Will be conducting a casual survey on issues regarding

the laptops-printing problems. There are students that are not happy about business

Classes in Armstrong hall-students might not have power left. Also-wireless signal

is being investigated instead of dial-up. Also problems with lack of use of laptops

with professors. College of Business-Creating Your Professional Image-Oct 27.

Cultural Diversity reception –Nov 12- Attended Midnight Madness-commend

Senator Garrity.

Motion-Senator Gaffer/Senator Boyd

Move to hold elections as soon as possible in the MSSA Senate for the purpose of choosing the MSSA Senate representative to the MSSA Communications Board.

Motion passes

Senator Gaffer-nominate Senator Finn

Senator Finn-I am the best candidate because I am the only candidate. I have worked in the MSU Reporter. Also an Arts & Humanities major. Would review or report issues.

Senator Would you resign from Reporter?

Senator Finn-Yes.

Senator Boyd-What is your major?

Senator Finn-English literature.

Senator Golde-If this is so important, why do we elect someone without knowing about it?

Speaker-The description is in the Bylaws. Recommend all senators read them.

Senator Finn-elected to Communications Board.


President Muggli-Need to know how many people would like to attend So Asian night.

Senator Garrity-So if you think Jermaine is good, go to the Basketball games.

Senator Boyd-He is a great basketball player-but I stand by my 8.

Senator Finn-Amnesty International-speaker

Senator Forman-Thank you all for this opportunity. Will always help out.

Vice President Raza-The greatest person is going to be the MC of So Asian night-you all know him. Stand by that dunk-he just hung there.

Speaker Biesanz-Oct. 21-Public debate between Federation without Television and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.

Senator Penugonda-It is not just the food you should be interested, go for the cultural events.

Senator Giordani-If you don’t have plans for Halloween-the Lucky Devils will be performing at the Whats Up.

Vice President Raza-I really like the food but the theme is peace starts with a smile-it will be informative; we will be talking about all the different cultures. There is so much to it. International people can dance.

Roll Call

Senators Present

Chris Forman, Mary Scheider, Joseph Finn, Ryan Haugen, Minhaal M. Nathani, Katie Hjulberg, Andrew Menden, Jessica Giordani, Rajendra Penugonda, Jessica Boyd, Katie Garrity, Mohammad Suhail, Alex Boyce, Rhys Gaffer, Joseph Perkins, Anand Agarwal, Gordana Copic, Jared Golde, Irfan Bangash, Taimoor Bangash, Celeste Hollerud, Rebecca Pollack, Ian Radtke, Jayson Read, Hailey Schmitz, Megan Brandt

Executive Staff Present

President Joe Muggli, Vice President Ali Raza

Adjournment 5:40