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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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70th MSSA Senate

October 30, 2002

Meeting called to order by Speaker Zach Biesanz

Roll Call

Senators Present

Mary Scheider 6-0-0, Joseph Finn 4-0-0, Ryan Haugen 10-0-1, Minhaal M. Nathani 9-2-0, Katie Hjulberg 6-0-0, Andrew Menden 10-0-1, Jessica Giordani 10-0-1, Rajendra K. Penugonda 11-0-0, Jessica Boyd 11-0-0, Katie Garrity 11-0-0, Mohammed Suhail 9-1-1, Alex Boyce 11-0-0, C. Rhys Gaffer 10-0-1, Jared Golde 3-0-0, Irfan Bangash 11-0-0, Taimoor Hussain Bangash 9-2-0, Celeste Hollerud 10-0-1, Rebecca Pollack 6-0-0, Ian Radtke 11-0-0, Jayson Read 6-0-0, Hailey Schmitz 9-2-0, Megan Brandt 6-0-0

Senators Absent

Anand Agarwal 8-3-0, Gordana Copic 9-1-1,

Executive Staff Present

President Joe Muggli

Elections: Allied Health & Nursing, Undeclared, Off-Campus

Undeclared-Thomas Handwerk. Would like to represent Greeks. Try to get involved and

make a difference.

Mohammad Taj-Heavily involved in campus. A large portion of students live off campus,

and would like to represent them.

Senator Radtke-As a senator you are required to be on two committees: Do you know of committees you would like to be on?

Mr. Handwerk-I don’t know of the committees.

Mr. Taj-Don’t have anything in mind.

Senator Radtke-Working under assumption you don’t know what they are. What interests do you have?

Mr. Taj-Many students need help, anything that can help them.

Mr. Handwerk-I am involved with the RSO’s, Fraternities, want to make a campus where people want to stay on campus and love going here.

Senator Gaffer-Would you tell us two or three big issues we should work on?

Mr. Handwerk-Students not here on weekends, not enough student activities, getting students

interested in campus, getting all groups to come together and support campus.

Mr. Taj-Many students don’t see opportunities on campus. They see Greek organizations

but if you don’t do that you are not involved.

Senator Read-Do you have time to be on committees and do office hours?

Mr. Taj-Yes-I do have time to give to senate. I am a busy person but can give time.

Mr. Handwerk-I am always here, I am in the Greek Office, I study here.

Senator Garrity-How do you see your role of senator?

Mr. Handwerk-Involving RSO’s, organizations, have Student Events Team do more things that get

people involved.

Mr. Taj-In the Open Forum-instead of labeling organizations it is better to say anyone

can be involved. We don’t want the suitcase campus image.

Senator Gaffer-What is the most unique thing you could offer?

Mr. Taj-Experience with diversity, know people of almost every country here.

Mr. Handwerk-I know what Greeks want done, I know about Law Enforcement, bring

leadership experience to RSO’s to help them.

Senator Gaffer-If you were a kitchen utensil, what would you be?

Mr. Handwerk-A spork, the best of both worlds.

Mr. Taj-No answer.

Senator Haugen-How would you represent your constituency within Senate?

Mr. Taj-By trying to have them get more involved.

Mr. Handwerk-I am in the Greek Office everyday, we have all Greek meetings, I hear

issues, they know they can come to me. I know people in the Women’s Center. We

are growing there as well in opportunities we can provide.

Mr. Golde-Do you have time and resources to represent more than one group?

Mr. Handwerk-Yes, I know when all the RSO meetings are. I make contacts and go to

meetings. I let them know I am open to ideas.

Mr. Taj-I do have time and consider all organizations one group.

Senator Boyd-Are you aware of our parking space problems?

Mr. Taj-By trying a plan for traffic controllers.

Mr. Handwerk-A plan for more dorms, parking is not working here. We need to look at ramps

whether pay or permit system. I think a ramp would be the best option if we can afford it.

Senator Gaffer-There are also tenant landlord issues, have you ever attended a forum?

Mr. Handwerk-I have attended one, there are meetings about renter’s rights, everyone needs

to know when these meetings are so students can know their rights.

Mr. Taj-Students need to know rights, because it is their money being used by landlords.

Mr. Taj-Thanks to all of you.

Mr. Handwerk-Thanks for listening, I am very committed. It is my goal to help everyone

on campus and make this a better place than when we came here.

Thomas Handwerk-elected Off-Campus senator

Approval of Agenda Amend as follows: Senator Reports-Senator Suhail, Senator Taimoor Bangash, add Legislative Affairs Committee following Approval of minutes

Approval of Minutes 10-23-02 Minutes stand approved

Legislative Affairs Committee-Jon Zetzman, Chair. Still need committee members,

committee meets at 4:00 Mondays. Committee has met with Tim Penny, Ken Pentel.

Forum-good candidate participation smaller amount of other participants. Worked on voter registration drive. Currently working on Get Out the Vote campaign. Monday night will be canvassing dorms, apartments. Meet at Taylor Center at 6:00. Will be providing transportation the day of elections. Drivers are needed. Stomper, hopefully, will be outside the day of Elections handing out literature

Senator Golde-Where on campus do we vote?

Mr. Zetzman-The accurate list will be in Saturday’s Free Press, if you live in McElroy

or Crawford you vote in McElroy. If you live in Gage, you vote in Gage. Also polling

in Taylor Center and Wiecking.

Senator Read-What kind of identification do you need?

Mr. Zetzman-if you are already registered your name will be on the list. If you live in the dorms they will have a list. Bring a drivers license, utility bill, or someone can vouch for you.

Information will be posted, Free Press, Secretary of State links.

Officer Reports

President Joseph Muggli

It is really important for our students to vote. We need to tell people to vote. It is a huge impact for us. Tattoos-Vote Nov. 5th. We will also need help hanging door signs and handing out pamphlets, and help with driving shuttles the day of the election. Election day is one week from yesterday. If you can volunteer sign up. It is important for you to help and have your friends help. We will be canvassing the dorms and local apartments Monday from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm with pizza to follow in the Senate office.

Fall Conference-Ask the attendees their opinion. I believe they gathered a ton of information. Rebecca has even asked to go in December.

Appointments: Legislative Affairs-Bryan Hart, Pan Gao

Academic Forum November 18, 12:00 noon to 1:00 PM in Stompers. Issues: Grade inflation, early registration, course offerings. The President will be able to hear you.

Mark Johnson will present the campus master plan on November 6. Please invite everyone you know to attend this meeting. We will then be able to give feed back on the plan.

The Public Affairs Coordinator position is now open.

Senator Penugonda-Will you be putting the PR position on the Web?

President Muggli-Will talk to our Web coordinator.

Senator Gaffer-Regarding next week’s presentation, will we be required to give immediate feedback? Will there be prior material?

President Muggli-Will call and see what we can get.

Speaker Zach Biesanz

Resignation: Joseph Perkins, Social & Behavioral Science Seat open.

Recognized Student Organizations

MSU French Club, MSU Shotokan Karate Club, Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Pakistan Student Association (PSA)

New organization on campus presenting, “Know Your Rights” courtesy of Federation Without Television

Saw “Bowling for Columbine” by Michael Moore. Telling film about fear culture.

Why we have so many gun homicides-11,000 a year. What is so different about

American culture compared to other nations-Japan has only about 39 a year. This is

a media fear culture, never hear anything positive, we are scared so we buy guns. 75%

of all homicides happen between people that know each other.

Senator Gaffer-In the movie was there research done on the large media outlets belonging

to the NRA?

Speaker-There was an interview with Charlton Hesston.

Coordinator Reports

Student Services Coordinator-Raj Penugonda

Yesterday, I went to the all Greek meeting in Ostrander to let the Greek Community know that I will be working with them to increase the communication with the Senate. It was an interesting experience for me, firstly because I was seemingly the only different one there and secondly, because this was the first time such a big group was listening to me!

The President, Dr. Davenport, was also there to say a few words to the students and was taking some questions too. Some of the issues that were raised were:

1. The Groups were almost unanimous in their opinion that the Reporter was highlighting them with a negative image and something should be done about that.

2. Reporter usually looks for spicy stuff to put in the paper. Dr. Davenport said he will look into that.

3. That the Senate and especially the Executive Board was not very helpful in dealing with them and issues like funding for the groups, conferences.

4. That Dr. Davenport would help them reach out to the larger community and spread more information about the Greek community and the work they do.

5. They also suggested that there should be someone representing their group in the Senate.

After Dr. Davenport was done with his speech, I was given the opportunity to address the group. I tried to convince them that if they had issues with the Senate then they should bring them up at the senate meetings in the Student Forum and things could be worked out.

I will be getting in touch with the different Chapters and inform them that they can contact me if they need some help. On a personal note, I was very glad that I met this Group and hope that we will have better interaction with them in the future.

Senator Golde-Phi Kappa Psi had a position on the ballot-was that taken off?

Senator Garrity-What were the issues?

Coordinator Penugonda-They have the image of being a party organization, they

do good things and they want other groups to know what they do.

Senator Garrity-What does the group want us to do about how they are portrayed?

Coordinator Penugonda-We need to tell students about MSSA-the Greek community

also wants that. They want people to get involved with them also in the good work

that they do. They want things to be portrayed well as they do a lot for the community and they want to do more.

Senator Gaffer-What may have happened regarding suspensions?

Coordinator Penugonda-There are changes in policies-they have divided the policy into sections, if a GPA is lower they will be given help and some other criteria.

Senator Gaffer-Did they bring up the three year plan?

Coordinator Penugonda-I don’t have information, will get more information.

Committee Reports

Student Affairs Ian Radtke, Chair

Motion Student Services Committee- Mandatory Health Insurance

M #10.30.02A

We, the MSSA Senate, move to recommend to the MSU Administration a pilot program requiring mandatory health insurance for all domestic students to begin in Fall of 2003. We support the pilot program as presented by Christine Connolly, Director of MSU Student Health Services, recognizing that domestic students who are not adequately covered by health insurance are at an increased risk of dropping out of school. By making health insurance mandatory, it would allow affected students to incorporate the cost of an insurance policy into tuition as part of their mandatory fees. We believe that this would be a positive step towards improving student retention rates on our campus.

We would also request to have continued student representation and consultation at the campus level as the pilot program is developed and initiated.

Senator Gaffer-This is a great step to help out students that are not insured. This is also a good step for us to take and go on record to the university and Minnesota State.

Senator Pollack-This is an important issue, I agree with this motion.

President Muggli-I rise in favor for several reasons. This will allow students to have insurance

and put it on their financial aid and not have to take it from their pockets. We want student

consultation in the future on this pilot program so that it agrees with our recommendations.

Senator Radtke-The plan had a price tag of $625.00 for an academic year. This is about as cheap as it gets. I support Christine Connolly putting this program together. It is an incredible deal for


Senator Finn-I had questions about this until the financial aid portion was presented, I now support this.

Motion passes unanimously

Senator Reports

Science Engineering and Technology Senator-Katie Garrity

Birthday was fun. Registration soon-need interesting classes. Baseball Theory is not being offered. Working on women’s and men’s promotion for basketball. Many good promotions

coming up. Discussed having an International Student night-dancing during half time, food etc.

comments welcome. Didn’t get a Hockey ticket.

Proud of committees. Academic Affairs-Grade appeal tracking sheet, policy recommendations.

SAC-Good questions, great attendance, fiscally responsible.

Excited about going to D.C. now that the sniper has been caught. Have now stopped watching

the news. Beginning my research.

Absentee Ballots-voted absentee last Friday. I voted for Paul Wellstone. Since then we have heard from The Secretary of State that in case of death obviously he can not win. If someone voted for him you can go to your precinct and get a different ballot-can’t do that or would not have voted absentee-can’t vote for U.S. senate position in this crucial year. Encourage everyone

to take action on this issue of absentee voting.

Yesterday I had the honor of volunteering for Wellstone one more time. College Democrats were invited to usher-security was easy. In the training we were told to remember what this is about. People will be frustrated so give them a smile and help people have the experience they came for. President Clinton was there and in the midst of everyone, it was the spirit of Paul.

When people booed it was tacky for a memorial service. Overall it was moving and


President Muggli-Absentee balloting in regards to MSUSA. MSUSA took the stance that we

are very opposed and that there should be an easier way to get a ballot. They know the opinion

of students is, that it is not fair. We hope the law will be changed in later years.

Senator Finn-Would you say it turned into a political rally?

Senator Garrity-It was sad-he was a hero of mine. I wanted to honor him. His sons were

awesome, one speaker was campaign like, the intentions were good, but it did not seem

appropriate. Paul would probably want that but it was not right. It was awful that some

people reacted that way. Was also uncomfortable with the rally-wanted it to be more about

his life.

Science Engineering and Technology Senator-Mohammad Suhail

I am from Pakistan, like Mankato a lot and being on Senate and working with SET senators.

I have lived in the USA for more then 5 years. I lived in New York and in the Twin Cities for two years. I have been to Chicago, Houston, Washington D.C. and Florida. I am doing a CIS major and Business Administration minor. I am a senior graduating in May 2003. I am on Academic Affairs and Bookstore Advisory. I have worked different places such as a grocery store, Pepsi, Pizza Hut and currently working in ACC as a student supervisor on weekends I drive a taxi in downtown Minneapolis.

Senator Bangash-Can you tell us about the VISA process and how you got yours.

Senator Suhail-My name was picked up in lottery in 1996 and that is how I got my visa. Just lucky.

Off-Campus Senator –Taimoor Bangash

CIS major-came to Mankato last Fall from Pakistan. Involved in many different things on campus. Next week going to International Student Conference in Marshall, Southwest State. INS will be in attendance. Cricket-baller (that is the pitcher) in tournament. Met

with a person from Highland Hills-will be meeting with management. Most

International students live in Highland Hills-problems, feel there is no recourse.

Senator Gaffer-Do you know if the students have contacted the rental inspector

regarding issues?

Senator Finn-What was the first song you learned?


Senator Scheider-Senator Boyce and I are meeting Tuesday, 9:00 AM Senate Office to get ECDC going.

Senator Boyce-Have you noticed that the Reporter has either not been here or has left the last three weeks?

Senator Finn-Jazz Club- Poetry reading about 9:00 pm. Amnesty International meets every Thursday.

Senator Gaffer-Union Bd members meet after senate

Senator Giordani-Thursday at the Whats Up for those over 21-Lucky Devils-misfits show. Also the posters have been taken down repeatedly in the Union.

Senator Golde-Haunted House at fraternity, 7-9:00 pm. Social afterwards.

Senator Handwork-Phi Delta Theta-also doing Haunted House, Men Against Rape-want

to get established, can check it out at Men Against Style Show, Nov 12 Ballroom

Senator Read-STR 10 Conference room tomorrow. This is a very important committee

that decides things that will come out in the Spring.

President Muggli-Come Monday night and help us get out voter information.

Senator Suhail-Friday November 1st-Dr. Hatem Al-Hajj speaking on Who Is Allah? 2:30 pm, Ostrander Auditorium

Senator Boyce-Should go to the Reporter tonight and talk to them.

Motion-Senator Gaffer/Senator Garrity

M 10.30.02B

Move that the MSSA Senate strongly oppose the Minnesota Secretary of State’s decision on absentee ballots in regard to those who voted for Senator Paul Wellstone, and request that the MSSA Speaker contact Secretary Kiffmeyer’s Office to register our formal complaint about this

disenfranchising action towards Minnesota voters.

Senator Gaffer-Feel it is criminal that people can not get back to vote and so can not

Vote for the candidate of their choice.

Senator Garrity-This is awful, I can’t vote, when this is my right. Understand they are trying to follow the law, but maybe the law should not be that way. It is not ok.

Senator Handwerk-I think it is a good motion, they are taking advantage of students and others that can not be near the polls

Senator Gaffer-This could represent 4-6 % of the population.

Motion Passes unanimously

Roll Call

Senators Present

Mary Scheider, Joseph Finn, Ryan Haugen, Minhaal M. Nathani, Katie Hjulberg, Andrew Menden, Jessica Giordani, Rajendra Penugonda, Jessica Boyd, Katie Garrity, Mohammad Suhail, Alex Boyce, Rhys Gaffer, Jared Golde, Irfan Bangash, Taimoor Hussain Bangash, Celeste Hollerud, Rebecca Pollack, Ian Radtke, Jayson Read, Hailey Schmitz, Megan Brandt, Thomas Handwerk

Senators Absent

Anand Agarwal, Gordana Copic,

Executive Staff Present

President Joe Muggli, Vice President Raza

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 5:47