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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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70th MSSA Senate

November 13, 2002

Meeting called to order by Speaker Zach Biesanz
Roll Call
Senators Present

Mary Scheider 8-0-0, Joseph Finn 6-0-0, Ryan Haugen 11-1-1, Minhaal M. Nathani 10-3-0, Katie Hjulberg 8-0-0, Andrew Menden 12-0-1, Jessica Giordani 12-0-1, Rajendra K. Penugonda 13-0-0, Jessica Boyd 13-0-0, Katie Garrity 12-0-1, Mohammed Suhail 10-2-1, Alex Boyce 13-0-0, C. Rhys Gaffer 12-0-1, Anand Agarwal 10-3-0, Gordana Copic 11-1-1, Irfan Bangash 13-0-0, Celeste Hollerud 12-0-1, Rebecca Pollack 8-0-0, Ian Radtke 13-0-0, Thomas Handwerk 2-0-0, Jayson Read 8-0-0, Hailey Schmitz 11-2-0, Megan Brandt 8-0-0
Senators Absent
Jared Golde 4-1-0, Taimoor Hussain Bangash 10-3-0
Executive Staff Present
President Joe Muggli, Vice President Ali Raza

Student Forum

Matt Swenson-Kristen Young, would like to develop a new program on campus, want guidance. Looking at starting the Adopt A Lot Program-want organizations to take responsibilities for cleaning lots, volunteer as a service to clean lots twice a year.

Senator Gaffer-What you want is a program that would go beyond the campus clean up?

Kristen Young-Yes, and that could get the organization’s name out there as well.

Senator Penugonda-Do you already have some plans?

Matt Swenson-Kristen Young-No formal plans at this time, only ideas. Would like direction

on where to go from here.

Senator Copic-Do you know of organizations that would be involved?

Kristen Young-It would be open application. Some groups would have the fall, some the spring.

Senator Handwerk-Where can we contact you for more information?

Stacy Stump-Smoking Policy on campus, tired of puff of smoke going into buildings. Trying to

find out who should be enforcing this policy. Would like senate to look at this policy.

Senator Radtke-Have you tried talking to Security?

Ms. Stump-I did that and was told that is not their problem.
Senator Penugonda-The Res Halls have a 15-foot rule, smokers are supposed to be 15 feet from

all doors. This year notices were put up saying that the buildings are smoke free. Also involved

in movement for putting up signs that say no smoking within 15 feet. Not clear on who is going

to enforce this. Non-smokers can ask smokers to move, but that is not likely to work, have asked Res Hall to come up with a policy to enforce-like filing a incident report where action might be taken. We need a campus wide policy-like in Armstrong.

Ms. Stump-Was aware of this policy but that is for Res Halls only-State wide policy is 50 feet, but

there is nothing for regulation.

Joshua Jones-Would like to speak about the Mandatory Health Insurance, can’t believe you represent us and want to raise tuition.

Senator Penugonda-What basis is there for you to say we advocate increasing tuition? This is a pilot program only, not an administrative decision.

Joshua Jones-Understand that but do not understand the reasoning for this decision. Want clarification.

Senator Penugonda-Where is your information coming from?

Joshua Jones-The Reporter.

Senator Gaffer-Would you attend a meeting to discuss this further?

Joshua Jones-Yes

Chris Elvebak-I am a graduate student that has also served on Senate and made decisions. I would like to discuss Mandatory Health Insurance.

Mr. Elvebak-would love to be in an informational meeting. Would like to see the numbers to support the vote of the senate.

Speaker Biesanz-Open Forum is for information-not reserved for asking questions of the senate.

Chris Elvebak -The concerns for mandatory health insurance are not reality. I spoke with the

Accident and Health Committee of Minnesota State what I got from them was that they could not guarantee that a mandatory rate would reduce costs. They hope it will but do not know.

This is a question of access, we are members of MSU but we are also a member of USA, we all have constitution and bylaws to follow. Question again is access, for those students that cannot afford this-aren’t we telling them they do not have a choice. We all should have choices.. Urge the senate to withhold pushing this through until you receive the impact of the cost, what is the total incurred dollars? You need to bring this back. That is your function, your purpose. Articles of Operation-MSUSA-student

viewpoint is important. How will new government feel about subsidizing health care?

Low tuition, fair financial aid, limited debt. I hope this is addressed. You need to make a right

decision even if it is not popular. Hope that you will address these concerns of the student body.

Approval of Agenda Amended

Elections-Allied Health & Nursing, Undeclared, Social & Behavioral Science

Social and Behavioral Sciences Election
Brian Murphy, Kail Decker

Brian Murphy-LAWE major. Running for seat because have a lot to offer. Good leadership

skills. A member of Phi Delta Theta and hope to get in Criminal Justice Honor Society. Open minded,

want to represent what students in College of Social & Behavioral Science and on campus desire. Want to focus on spreading familiarity of the senate and in keeping tuition relatively low. Will try to pursue these issues. Will fight for issues.

Mr. Decker-Soph. Economics major-know about people, not policies but people. Enjoy working with

people. If elected I would stay informed. Want students to know what is going on, if students are informed, they’ll care. On RHA last year. President of high school class for four years. Chaired many programs, used to telling people how I feel. Currently a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.

Senator Gaffer-If you were a kitchen utensil, what would you be?

Mr. Decker-Electric blender-it has power, can mix and take things in and create something tasty and magical.

Mr. Murphy-Refrigerator-like food and things fresh and protected.

Senator Penugonda-Being in senate you are required to be on two committees, do you have interest in any committees?
Mr. Murphy-Not too familiar with committees-but serving is not a problem, would perform

adequately at all I do.

Mr. Decker-Academic Affairs-Legislative Affairs committee. Both committees work with my schedule.

Vice President Raza-What is the most important issue of students now?

Mr. Decker-Tuition-as they rise and with inflation we cannot keep them the same. We need to use dollars wisely.

Mr. Murphy-Tuition is the most important issue I have heard. Students don’t know why they are paying what they are. Students need to be educated, if we can stabilize that is great, but in order to improve it costs money. Students need to know they are paying more to get quality.

Senator Read-As a lot of us here-how do you envision student senate-what is the purpose?

Mr. Murphy-Senate is the voice and forum for the students. That is why we have different senators. Make sure student’s needs are met and make sure restrictions are passed on also listen to students.

Mr. Decker-Purpose is not to represent everyone-but you must represent who elected you, your constituency.

Senator Boyd-Being on Senate requires not only being on two committees but spending two hours in the office, do you have time for this as well?

Mr. Decker-Under assumption it was 3 hours, again looked into this and made sure I had time

for this and committees. Can manage time well, can change and get priorities right.

Mr. Murphy-Don’t have problem with time except for night class this semester. Other commitments would not be a problem. As for next semester, I don’t plan on taking a Wed. night class. Will arrange work around senate.

Senator Gaffer-What if any current initiatives would you like to bring forward?

Mr. Murphy-Educate student body about student senate. If senate is here to help students,

they need to know we exist and that senate will fight for them. We need to educate students and why

Senate is valuable.

Mr. Decker-To require health insurance-be informed other issues will take time.

Senator Read-There will come a time where you have to make a decision that is in contrast

with your personal views, how have you encountered this?
Mr. Decker-Last year in RHA, there was a huge push to ban smoking, represented Gage A5-they were

smokers, I represented them, so I voted against this. I got opinion of students and went with their will

Mr. Murphy-Relatively little experience, no problem representing students in what they want. Am

here with an open mind, no agenda, want to represent constituents and their concerns.

Senator Gaffer-How would you characterize the student consultation process?

Mr. Murphy-Student Consultation process-finding out what people want, fight to represent them better.

Mr. Decker-Would make everyone aware of my position and that they can come talk to me. I would reach out to students and get their opinion. I want to make sure they know what is going on here.

Mr. Decker-College is all about people, main thing is to stay informed and that people understand why things happen. Have a lot of experience and to be able to represent is important to me.

Mr. Murphy-want leadership experience and want to represent College of Social & Behavioral Science, come with open mind and here to learn. Personable, easy going, can represent Social & Behavioral Science Dept.
Elected Kail Decker

Presentation-Kelly Meier, Student Leadership Development & Service Learning (see handouts)

There are several components to Student Leadership Development & Service Learning.

We have films, lectures, Homecoming, RSO’s. Leadership development helps develop

students into leaders after college. It is for students and by students. SLD&SL serves

Greek life, community projects, Creative Book, Jump Start, Americorp in addition to

Housing and cheerleading. Many visitors come see our center. They see energy and

excitement under one roof. We also house and collaborate with LGBC office. There is

lots happening because of students. Downstairs student leaders are doing the same as Student

Senate leaders. (handout) Values-Have Fun, Embrace everyone, Serve others, Do the right thing, Dream big, Cultivate learning, Make it happen! It is our mission to help students develop a sense of pride and school spirit while bringing soul to the university community through a diverse offering of quality programs and activities. We foster a creative learning environment that enables individuals to engage in personal growth and development.

Student testimonials:

Lee-Want to thank the Senate for this time to share. Am a first year grad student, this is

a unique experience. I can perform things learned in ACM, Webb Society. As an undergrad

I was involved with student government. I understand how you feel, you are trying to make the best

decisions for all students you represent.

Upon coming to MSU-found out that when you are involved it is hard to quit. Found a home in SLD&SL, also involved in Multi-Cultural Student Council, Black Student Union-others. Had to learn how to find time to plan for the next day. Recently worked with sale of Candy Grams-as a student leader you have to make decisions and make them quick. As a student leader I have had the opportunity to learn that my day is not just my day, it is scheduled around other activities, supplies etc. Take time to know that what you do is a sacrifice for other organizations. Student Leaders must know when to step up or down. Time is a big sacrifice. Personally know that everything will not go your way-all decisions you make will not be popular, Understand value of stewardship, you have an obligation to speak for

others. Understand that you serve the student body, but you cannot be the do all. Practice

what you preach when you campaigned. Be man enough to stand up and realize you cannot

do all you set out to do. Take time to reflect, you need to look at what happened in the past.

Take time and take pride in all you do.

Tony-Interfraternity Council- Fraternities. I have gained valuable experience as a student leader, for example I am working on setting up a conference, daily schedule-classes and SLD&SL and helped me gain these skills.

Shala-Events coordinator-Coordinating high school events. Also involved in Cheerleading, like to help others get involved. Having leadership skills helps other people get involved in campus activities.

Kelly Meier-Student Leaders are student leaders, they work hard on this campus. The impact

this office has on campus is far reaching, they are very responsible with the dollars they have. Need to meet needs of all students. What do students want and want to see? Over 300 more students now attending films. This does not include all things going on.

Cheri Weir-Jump Start Program. Ann Schwartz is the program coordinator. Help children that

need an extra help for Kindergarten. Make a difference in the community-Jump Start for the Day. Service has impacted me in a positive way. Learned teamwork and leadership skills.

Stephanie-Student Events Team President. Student Events Team makes a difference in student’s life by interacting in events,

and others lives. Learned skills-time management, effective ways to communicate, problem solving, also learn skills to pass this on to board and committee members-this can help others grow.

Senator Gaffer-1697 students –based on the number of students, how does that ripple out?

Kelly Meier- I am not sure exactly but I believe you can have a building and classes-but you need to have a place where students can make things happen. They can actively participate and that is the essence needed to complete a degree program. Cannot tell you impact because it is so far reaching.

Senator Hjulberg-How do you come up with the numbers?

Steph-Try to have someone clicking or try to count. Try to incorporate things by people signing up.

Staff try to count-they are probably under in their figures. Many events have a hard count.

Senator Gaffer-How do you justify spending that amount of money on advertising?

Kelly Meier-that is done by data. Called students and asked them marketing questions. Focus groups,

every area, such as Student Events Team had a focus group-had dialogue with students on what they want to see and hear. Advertising is resulting in more numbers. Believe the Reporter is good turn around for the money. It is our obligation to let people know about events.

Vice President Raza-With deficit from last year-are you thinking of ways of reducing deficit?

Kelly Meier-We did not have a deficit last year. We always look for ways to conserve, we

have had banners, creative ways to mainstream budget.

Senator Gaffer- Is it a fair comparison to say the same people are attending the events?

Kelly Meier-No, many members do not know each other form one event to another. In Sept. and

Oct they only had 5 days that did not have an event.

Senator Gaffer-With attendance of events-what is cross over of academics.

Kelly Meier-Lectures, some are required. Students are so glad they came. When lectures are required,

we love that, because then they enjoy it and they come back.

President Muggli-Would you be open for questions at another time?

Kelly Meier-Yes, but talk to students also. They are the ones making things happen. We always want to hear what students have to say.

Approval of Minutes (11-06-02) Minutes stand approved

Officer Reports

President Joe Muggli

We need you to get out posters on Student Forum-take them to class, tell them about forum on academic issues. Athletes will be there as they support Early Registration, if you have academic issues, be there.

Attended SAAC last night. Health Insurance, two roles, really tough, personal issues-health insurance is great, everyone should have this. As taxpayers we should make sure everyone is insured.

If I went by pressure-I would support this. It does not affect most students. I have listened to the students that it does affect. I am not buckling under pressure. I am just telling you how I feel.

Senator Finn-Out of that 5% do you think you are hearing the majority of the opinion?

President Muggli-As difficult as it is to not speak up-it is difficult and intimidating to come and

stand up for what they believe in. We are representatives-there are many representatives coming forward. There has been one person that said it was a very good idea because they could put it on their loan. We need to be sure they can do that. MSU is affordable. I can’t take that away.

Senator Boyd-Is this your position?

President Muggli-This needs student support, it needs to go to MSUSA-Minnesota State. Mav card,

Banded tuition, these all started as pilot programs?

Senator Gaffer-Banded tuition is not at all 7 universities.

Senator Penugonda-Concerned with you voting no at MSUSA-wouldn’t that be contrary, because you are

voting for the senate body and representing two conflicting views.

President Muggli-You can override this. Your credibility in my mind is that you do a great job.

Senator Penugonda-Many people did not know that we were doing this, when they found out they

reacted. People are giving you opinions-people will say we should have done that first before

we passed this in the senate.

President Muggli-Who do I need to look good to? I don’t care. I am just taking my position. When I go home I can say I did what I was supposed to do. This is not personal.

Vice President Raza-The only thing I got from previous speaker is that at MSUSA you are the only

one voting-if you vote no, the impression is that the students from MSU are voting no. That is the


Vice President Ali Raza

Regarding Health Insurance, I don’t personally think I can mandate this even though mine is mandated. The only thing I want to tell you is-it is not you voting. Try to listen to all views

and try to understand and represent. Still need Union Board members. Went to SAAC

last night-they are trying to inform students and decide what they will say. If there are students

that feel opposite-they need to say that. Basically, please attend the Open Forum. There are so

many issues-grades, teaching, if you feel professors grading is unfair or classes are not offered

enough, say so.

Senator Gaffer-I appreciate the hard work going into on these forums-but has anyone tried

to reach student groups so we can get more participation by offering the forums at different times?

Vice President Raza-Many students do not have classes from noon to one. You can email the

President, you can give someone your question. The main point is that what you have to say is being heard. If you want to help us find a better time, that is great. The President needs to be there. The selection goes forward when many students are there, the President, and the faculty.

Senator Finn-Has there been an effort to inform students on a wide scale?

Vice President Raza-On the poster it does not say that. You can inform students. It is your duty to tell others about this.

Speaker Zach Biesanz

Correspondence-Senator Haugen-resigning College of Business seat immediately. Declared open.

Correspondence-Mandatory Insurance opinion from Steph Stump

Correspondence received from Malcolm O’Sullivan

President Davenport received and reviewed the resolutions from the October 30, 2002 Student Senate meeting. The President provides the following response. M#10.30.02A addresses the Student Senate’s support for a pilot program of mandatory health insurance for all domestic students commencing with the 2003-2004 academic year. The resolution also requests student representation and consultation in the development of the pilot program. Vice President Healy will discuss with Ms. Chris Connolly, Director of Student Health Services, this resolution and how best to proceed with a pilot program. Any pilot program will include the consultation with the Student Senate. M#10.30.02B addresses the Student Senate’s intent to voice its opposition to the Minnesota Secretary of State’s decision on absentee ballots and to register a formal complaint about its impact on Minnesota voters. The President thanks the Student Senate for providing him with a copy of this resolution. This resolution does not need his approval, but he wishes commend the Student Senate for their concern about the rights of voters.

Recognized Student Organizations: Advertising Club Student Chapter of the American Advertising Federation, Delta Chi Fraternity, Kappa Sigma, Men’s Club Volleyball,

MSU Aikido Club

It will not work to have a 6:00 class; two absences in a row will be declared a vacancy.

Senator Read-Will we meet the Wed. before Thanksgiving?

Speaker Biesanz-I have made the decision to not meet the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Senator Penugonda-We don’t have a PR Coordinator, so would you consider us having a

table and giving out information on the purpose of MSSA?

Speaker-Fantastic idea.

Committee Reports

Student Allocations Committee, Hailey Schmitz

MSU Skydiving Club-is not an RSO-they will have to postpone until next week.

Senator Reports

Off-Campus Senator, Hailey Schmitz

I am from a small town by Austin. I am going home this week, to go to the dentist, I have a cavity.

I tend to sleep a lot lately, I like to sing. My parents are doing an addition on their house, I leave and they get a dish, a new addition. My boyfriend has been gone. My brother lives in Washington DC and works for the Carnegie Corp. I will be going there for his wedding and so I am trying to pick classes so

I can go there. Am excited about the coupons Kwik Trip is sending out.

Senator Bangash-Do you know how many fillings you have had.

Senator Schmitz-I get gas for a filling so I don’t care.

Senator Suhail-Do you have dental insurance?

Senator Schmitz-My parents do not have dental insurance.

Senator Giordani-Is there a color you would prefer bridesmaids to wear?

Senator Schmitz-If it were my wedding I would choose something very bizarre but it is her wedding.

Senator Suhail-Being cranky-does that adversely affect your work?

Senator Schmitz-I try not to be cranky.

Off-Campus Senator, Irfan Bangash

Attended MSUSA Conference, it was a great learning experience. You should attend these

conferences. Talking to Off-campus students, many still have problems with Highland Hills-

they never respond to calls-you have to go to office several times. In winter they do not clean

streets-last year one student slipped and had a broken elbow. Parking problems.-

I am also the ISA President-attended conference in Marshall MN-what can we do for improvement of campus. Friendship Night-Dec 7. Senators will be MC.

Senator Copic-What former senator will be MC?

Senator Penugonda-Is Friendship night only for International students? Can anyone work on this?

Senator Bangash-That would depends on the committee.

Vice President Raza-Did you contact MC from South Asian Night to help you?

Senator Suhail-What was the food like at the Conference?

Senator Bangash-I am used to my own food, I did not like it very well.

Senator Suhail-MSUSA Conference-tell us about the food?

Senator Bangash-I wish they could cook for me, what I like that is.

Social & Behavioral Science Senator, Rhys Gaffer

Met with Dean of College of Social & Behavioral Science, spoke with her about what is going on in the department and also about first college student advisory. It sounds like the Dean would really like to have senators there to work with student groups. I have been active with 3 committees. Parking Advisory, Student Union Bd. Student Rep for city. Not many issues on city board but it is important we have students involved with Mass Transit. Academic Affairs-we are working on some issues. Student Union Board-attended ACEY Conference, conference provides information about programming and services offered, facilities and how they are managed. Attended workshop on value based. Also attended technology workshop. Had a wonderful experience and was able to see good presentations on how we as students can make our Student Union our big living room, our welcome mat. Also in budget

process for Union Board-formal presentation tomorrow 3:30 pm in MSSA Conference Room. Involved with helping with interviewing and choosing architect. Was a delegate at last MSUSA Conference-27 th conference. I am taking a history class-learning so much about labor and racism, very moved by this class to know we still have so many racism problems to the detriment of black people. We have a pervasive problem. I need to figure out a way to get involved and do something about that.

I am the MSUSA rep on Minnesota State Health and Insurance Committee which meets Dec 12. This has been a very emotional issue, I struggle with this. I need to represent my constituiency and see what impact is. Nationally we are moving toward this. Where we are seeing lack of insurance is 18-24 demographic. This percentage is going up. I have not made up mind against this. I have been a strong advocate for the pilot program. I want to represent a greater good. Sometimes this means we must be able to give students some assurance. I need to see MSUSA and Minnesota State role. I need some solid background.

I think what we need to look at is it the idea that 100% of students will be not affected it is that 2% that will be marginal. On a personal side-I hang out at home with my wife and pets and listen to the MPR radio-watch video’s. Occasionally I have friends over.

Senator Bangash-Are you going to try to go to 50 conferences?

Senator Gaffer-I hope I am not here for 50. Maybe, if I go to grad school.

Senator Suhail-Parking Advisory-I remember a few weeks ago we talked about problems-

with nighttime parking for students in labs. Has there been more discussion on that?

Senator Gaffer-Parking Advisory will be meeting at 12:30 Friday in our Conference Room.

Senator Giordani-Are there plans to have graduate students represented on Social &Behavioral Science Advisory Board?

Senator Gaffer-I believe there are graduate students on the board.

Senator Nathani-If you were kitchen utensil, what would you be?

Senator Gaffer-Tongs-so versatile.

Speaker Biesanz-I have a motion before me

Senator Copic/Senator Menden

Move to reconsider the vote on Motion #10.30.02A

We, the MSSA Senate, move to recommend to the MSU Administration a pilot program requiring mandatory health insurance for all domestic students to begin in Fall of 2003. We support the pilot program as presented by Christine Connolly, Director of MSU Student Health Services, recognizing that domestic students who are not adequately covered by health insurance are at an increased risk of dropping out of school. By making health insurance mandatory, it would allow affected students to incorporate the cost of an insurance policy into tuition as part of their mandatory fees. We believe that this would be a positive step towards improving student retention rates on our campus.

We would also request to have continued student representation and consultation at the campus level as the pilot program is developed and initiated.

Senator Copic-Don’t have opinion as I was not here, I would like to hear from speakers to get more information. We don’t have enough input at this time to impose this on people.

Senator Menden-I also feel we need more information, we jumped into this without hearing from more

people. I have only heard from people that are against this. I need to be able to answer people on why we did this.

Senator Finn-I think this would be good at this time after listening to other people. Worried about

a hasty decision. We should postpone this to next week so we can get more information.

Senator Giordani-Move to table until next week.

Motion passes

Gage A Senator Copic-Choir concert was awesome-next one on December 4th, in St. John’s Church, it will be even better! Life in Gage-it is cold so people are staying in there rooms more so we are having to write more incident reports. GMW’s like to tell you what is going on. Issues brought up-there are no

disposals for needles or sharp objects. Students do not have respect for the halls they are living in. There are many cases this year-missing bulletin boards, trashing halls. If they can not respect where

they live-what is the purpose of remodeling? Tonight Swedish massage at 9:30. Thanks to Night Owl’s for doing a good job and not calling me too often when students are being naughty. CA jobs-applications are at the front desk. Parking Advisory-enjoy it. Learning so much, did not know all the things going on.

Also on ECDC-met last week planning on participating and attending Cultural Diversity programs in MSU. I will attend Friendship night-Dec 7. Next Friday-Life is Beautiful in Indigo at 7:30 PM.


Senator Read-There has been a lot of debate on insurance-I am going to stick around if anyone

would like to talk about it.

Senator Hjulberg-I volunteer at Summit Center-Festival of Trees will be coming up.

Senator Giordani-next Monday-first cast call for Virgina Monologue, women only.

President Muggli-Next Monday-Richard Holbrook-talking about United Nations and importance to us. We do pay for this out of student fees. Next Wed. State Chair of MSUSA will be visiting campus and sitting in on meeting.

Senator Radtke-Tomaroow noon-movie about your government-Kessel Institute.

Senator Finn-253-Transgender 7-9 Amnesty International meets every Thursday.

Senator Penugonda-Next weeklong report and interesting.

Senator Radtke-Sat. protest march

Speaker-Thursday-Nov. 21 Amnesty International, Jamnesty International, some good bands will be playing..

Roll Call
Senators Present

Joseph Finn, Minhaal Nathani, Katie Hjulberg, Andrew Menden, Jessica Giordani, Rajendra Penugonda,

Jessica Boyd, Katie Garrity-proxy Eric O’Connor, Mohammad Suhail, Alex Boyce, Rhys Gaffer, Gordana Copic, Irfan Bangash, Celeste Hollerud, Thomas Handwerk, Rebecca Pollack, Ian Radtke, Jayson Read, Hailey Schmitz, Megan Brandt
Senators Absent

Mary Scheider, Anad Agarwal, Jared Golde, Taimoor Bangash
Executive Staff Present

President Joe Muggli

Adjournment 7:20 PM