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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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70th MSSA Senate

December 4, 2002

Meeting called order by Speaker Zach Biesanz

Roll Call
Senators Present

Mary Scheider 10-0-0, Joseph Finn 8-0-0, Katie Hjulberg 9-0-0, Andrew Menden 14-0-1, Jessica Giordani 14-0-1, Rajendra K. Penugonda 15-0-0, Jessica Boyd 15-0-0, Katie Garrity-14-0-1, Alex Boyce 15-0-0, C. Rhys Gaffer 14-0-1, Kail Decker 2-0-0, Anand Agarwal 12-3-0, Gordana Copic 12-1-2-proxy Adam Poole, Jared Golde 5-2-0, Irfan Bangash 15-0-0, Celeste Hollerud 14-0-1, Rebecca Pollack 10-0-0, Ian Radtke 15-0-0, Thomas Handwerk 3-0-1-proxy-Jake Helgeson, Jayson Read 10-0-0, Hailey Schmitz 12-2-0, Megan Brandt 10-0-0

Senators Absent

Taimoor Hussain Bangash 10-5-0

Executive Staff Present

Vice President Ali Raza

Student Forum

Anand Agarwal-There are about 150 students employed by Chartwells-increase in minimum pay needed, student workers now receive $6.50. They should pay workers the university minimum wage rate of $7.15 per hour.

Senator Penugonda-Did you look at other places, what do their food services pay?

Mr. Agarwal-Yes, at MSUSA asked questions of students from other schools, most did receive minimum wage.

Approval of Agenda Agenda approved after addition to Senator reports: Senator Menden, Senator Agarwal, and Senator Boyce

Elections-Allied Health & Nursing, College of Business, Undeclared

College of Business Senator-Faraz Khan, MIS major

As a MIS major I have noticed things in regard to registration procedures and course offerings. If I were elected I would like to work on these issues. There are also different clubs such as Information System Clubs, I would like to get clubs represented by College of Business involved in businesses on a professional level.

Senator Read-If you could be a kitchen utensil what would you be and why?

Mr. Khan-A bowl, can put things in it and mix up.

Senator Penugonda-Could you afford time for senate and other activities?

Mr. Khan-Understand Senate takes place on Wednesday-next semester I will be able to devote a lot of time to Senate.

Senator Penugonda-Being a senator you need to be on two committees, did you look at these and have an interest in any of them?

Mr. Khan-Understand as a senator for the College of Business I would be on Academic Affairs-will look over other committees and try to get involved

Mr. Khan-I am sure that you would find me suitable for this position; I look forward to being a senator for the College of Business. I will do a good job.

Faraz Khan-elected College of Business Senator

Motion to return to Student Forum

Student at Large-Andrew Bushard

I am here today to speak against the mandatory health insurance program, this punishes people who take care of themselves and make an effort to be healthy. Religious views could be an issue. Encourage prevention-oppose this.

Presentation-Vice President of Finance & Administration Dean Trauger

Want to speak today about an exciting development project in our neighborhood. We have known about this project but because of things the developer had to settle we were not able to speak earlier-university has been asked to be a partner in the parking development.

Paul Vogel-Community Development Director (see printouts)

The Mankato Planning Commission challenged the University Square developer to do something with the Mall; it was not attractive and it is a gateway to the university. This development is a mixed use development. The property should compliment each other. The Development should use all resources that is proposed in Phase I and Phase II apartments. They would build apartments on second and third level. This would add 46 units. Developer would realign parking lot, also add commercial sites, coffee shops etc. areas that would attract students and neighborhood. Developer does not need as much parking as code requests. People would be walking. City asked the developer to reach an agreement with the University for parking. There would be peak times for parking-commercial use would be mostly during night time hours. If this agreement is met it can count toward parking code. Traffic would increase about 777 vehicles. The students living in this development will frequent the shops. Many customers will be from university. City gave about 17 % credit for traffic. 16,000 cars a day are on Stadium road currently. There would be an increase in traffic, but credit was given for people living in the area that would not be driving their cars. City has tried to cluster apartments around university. Focus is on pedestrian safety, beautification, landscaping, making it more pedestrian friendly. Also looking at providing a pedestrian sub grade crossing or connection. Utilizing landscaping could accomplish a lot of goals and improve pedestrian safety. This developer is committed to improving the property, function and appearance.

Senator Gaffer-Appreciate what you are talking about with Stadium Road-have there been discussion on how to slow down traffic?

Mr. Vogel-We will still have cars drive down this street-but maybe the appearance will slow down traffic. Example-Civic Center and City Hall-traffic goes down that street slower, because of the way the street is aligned and landscaped. You have to design things so people cross in a particular place. May be conflicting goals with County, City and University. County considers this a way to move traffic, University create gateway. This is all still in preliminary discussion. This will take time- tax increment money could be put into public improvements. This provides a funding mechanism. Will get input from all facets of the university. Cities main point now is with signal lights to safely get people from one side of the street to another.

Senator Radtke-Phase I - appreciate what you are saying about the signal lights and safety but with the increase in traffic flow has Mass Transit been brought up at all?

Mr. Vogel-Talked to John Brady-Planning Commission has made this a 2003 project.

There has not been discussion regarding Mass Transit in regards to this project.

Senator Penugonda-Article says new development would be in place by summer.

Considering all apartments will be done soon-will city get involved soon in regards to

the signal lights?

Mr. Vogel-Those improvements will start in 2003. Major improvements-tunnel-

will be out further into 2005.

Mark Frost-I will be your representative. When these things get to the City Council

we are going to need your involvement-we want to see you participating at City Hall.

Vice President Trauger-This is a very positive situation for the MSU community. It

would be attractive for the entry way to the university campus. This would enhance

the neighborhood. The traffic lights have been a concern for years. With additional

tax revenues, signals by Gage could also be added. How does the University get involved?

Mr. Vogel has stated that there is a parking shortage for the University Square development-they need an additional 160 parking spaces. Parking Fund would have income on 160 spaces-addition of construction costs would be covered by Mr. Peters.

Mr. Cowan-There are 150 empty stalls vacant during most of the day. Lot 22 is half empty.

The proposal parking has endorsed-is expanding lot 22, and lot 20. Plans have not been approved.

160 stalls across-we would put a nice separation between those spots and ours. We would maintain these stalls.

Vice President Trauger-In regard to the timing and not consulting university groups, there was no intention of not consulting, only needed to retain discretion while project was in the making. There is adequate parking, we will have more students not driving cars to campus and using parking lots because they will be living closer. Ambling Development is working out an arrangement where city busses will pick up students and shuttle them to classes.

Senator Penugonda-You mentioned funds will be provided to fix stalls-are there plans for that?

Vice President Trauger-Time line is to have completion by August.

Senator Gaffer-How far does any of this go in replacing what we are losing?

Vice President Trauger-90 permits are now sold to individuals parking in University

Square, we will pick up 80-but we are sure we will have less students driving to campus.

Approval of Minutes (11-20-02) Minutes stand approved

Officer Reports

President Joe Muggli (written report)

Senators, Campus Rec. would like a senator to serve on an Advisory Committee. (see description)

Also need a student to serve on the Student Relations Coordinator search.

We will be attending MSUSA Dec 7-9. We will be leaving between 3:00-3:30 PM. (see materials)

Dr. Davenport has announced his strategic priorities.

We have received several mandatory health insurance emails.

This week is White ribbon campaign week. So wear your ribbon.

There are internship possibilities with MSUSA. If you are looking for an internship or know someone who is, let them know about these excellent opportunities.

Dr. Davenport has announced that the university will split 50/50 the crossing guard program with


Both Ali and myself will be out of the country over winter break, so starting next Wednesday Zach will be the person to talk to if any problems arise over break. I hope though you will not need to contact him. If I do not see you around in the next week, I hope you have a relaxing break. Made sure to eat lots of good food, have a merry time with friends and family, and read a good book. Good luck with all the last minute cramming, and I’m sure you will all do fine with your finals.

Vice President Ali Raza

President Muggli is not feeling well, his information is on the table. Attended Budget Sub Meet

& Confer yesterday, we heard the same information as today. Nothing is done yet on the contract, the contract is renewable every five years. The benefits that we would get are that it would generate taxes which could be used for our district and that will be good for us.

This past summer pop prices went up from $1.00-$1.2. I wrote a proposal to Dean Trauger.

We have a contract with Services to the Blind, they deliver the pop. Base price was supposed to go to 19 cents. I presented the question of why does that money not go to a student leadership scholarship? The estimated excess income will be around $2,000. $20,000 is already given to scholarships from vending machines. Good news is that we will get no less than $2,000 for scholarships. Look over proposal.

I will be attending MSUSA Conference this weekend. I would like to represent senate’s views

on the mandatory health insurance.

I will be going home Dec. 10. I have not seen my parents in two years.

Senator Gaffer-Appreciate everything in regard to pop prices-but can’t the machines give

out change?

Vice President Raza-Machines can only hold so much change. On your Mav card that pop

is only $1.12. That is an incentive to use your Mav card.

Senator Penugonda-You said you are going to the MSUSA conference this weekend-what will

your position be on health insurance?

Vice President Raza-I will say what the senate says today, or what currently stands.

Speaker Zach Biesanz

Resignations-Senator Menden-College of Education, Senator Suhail-Science, Engineering & Technology.

Recognized Student Organizations

Association of Computing Machinery (ACMS), LDSSA-Latter Day Saint Student Association Institute of Religion, Chinese Culture Club

Senator Read-What would be the chances of getting documentation like we received today before Presentations?

Speaker-I will request that.

Senator Penugonda-Received an email that the Speaker sets time limits on someone coming before the Student Forum.

Speaker-That is up to the Speaker, I have not set time limits this year.

Senator Penugonda-Clarify louder so we can know your position.

Speaker-My official position is that it is the Speaker’s discretion-standard procedure is to not impose time limits.

Senator Read-Is is true that the senate could override time limits by suspending the rules?


Committee Reports

Student Allocations Committee, Katie Garrity, Chair

SAC R#12.04.02A

SAC recommends the approval of the Centennial Student Union budget and the increase in the student fee from $9.00 per credit hour to $10.25 per credit hour, capped at 12 credits.

Chair Garrity-The Student Union has maintained their budget and proven fiscally responsible. Student Union Board is also in support of approving this budget.

Senator Gaffer-Did you have any discussion regarding fees from conferences etc. going to

Union budget?

Chair Garrity-Refer to Mr. Hodapp-We have been informed that starting in January we will

be receiving these funds.

Motion passes unanimously

SAC R#12.04.02.B

SAC recommends funding up to $15,386 to the MSU Health Services Depreciation Fund.

Chair Garrity-A couple years ago they had money left over and it was returned to the

Student Activity Fee spending fund. They had spent money not knowing this would be

returned and not in their budget-they are now asking for this money to go into their pool to use for equipment. They now around $9,000 in reserve. We recommended $15,386 to make their reserve about $25,000.

Vice President Raza-Why is SAC recommending that amount if their need is more?

Chair Garrity-Most important purchase now is phone service, they are starting out with this.

Vice President Raza-If all these items are not paid by depreciation fund, how will

they be paid?

Director Connolly-This was in our budget last year-they thought the money was

being transferred, they know their expenses would be $25,000-they thought this would revert in. We don’t have another assumption for getting money.

Vice President Raza-So last year when the money was approved-was it allocated to the general fund?

Mr. Hodapp-Health Service has a contingency fund and a depreciation fund.

What they are asking for is for us to give them back $15,000 of the $25,000

they gave us.

Senator Radtke-This makes sense, they had the money, it was put into the general fund.

Vice President Raza-It was their money-so now we should support this.

Senator Schmitz-They will have to come back to SAC when they are using this money.

Recommendation passes unanimously

SAC R#12.04.02C

SAC recommends funding up to $3,421 to the MSU University Repertory Dance Theatre to attend the American College Dance Festival at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI.

Every year this funding is different depending on where it is. These students take classes, and perform when they return.

Senator Giordani-Did they look to alternate sources for funding?

Committee Member Hjulberg-They do concerts in their department.

Mr. Hodapp-They are treated similar to athletics, when they qualify for a tournament they are funded, they do not build it into their budget because they do not know the costs. They are not asked to fundraise.

Senator Boyce-How many students are going?

Katie Hjulberg-Fourteen students are going.

Vice President Raza-It is good that they are taking state vehicles. How much did they receive last year?

Mr. Hodapp-They received just under $5,000 last year.

Katie Hjulberg-They will receive $100 per person-SAC covered fees, travel and lodging, did not fund meals.

Senator Boyce-What was the registration fee per students? How many nights will they be staying?

Katie Hjulberg-They will be staying three days.

Senator Finn-What kind of lodging will they have?

Katie Hjulberg-They can not stay on campus because of conferences etc. They will be staying in motels.

Senator Finn-Did they just find out they were going?

Katie Hjulberg-They just found out where they were going.

Senator Gaffer-Rise in favor, we need to support our organizations.

Vice President-This is an honor, they are taking state vehicles, three to a room, also support.

Recommendation passes unanimously

SAC R#12.04.02D

SAC recommends funding up to $1,000 to Chi Alpha Campus Ministry to attend the Regional Student Leadership Conference in Rochester, MN

Katie Hjulberg-This is a leadership conference, they do bring back and have an impact on campus. They can get up to $50 per student, this fee will not cover their expenses. They have a $55 registration fee. We are not even covering half of the fees. They will be carpooling, and providing money for food.

Senator Agarwal-This does not make sense. There are over 200 students in this group. Having so many people attend a leadership conference is good.

Vice President Raza-How are they going to convey to the student body what they learned?

Katie Hjulberg-They did not tell us that. They said it will benefit by having many attend-it will challenge students to be leaders on this campus. Only college students do attend this. They will have leadership training.

Recommendation passes

SAC R#12.04.02.E

SAC recommends funding up to $250.00 to the MSU Skydiving Club to attend the 2002 Collegiate National Skydiving Championship in Eloy, AZ.

Senator Radtke-Move to postpone this to after Officer Reports

Speaker-I received the Skydiving Club application and it is incomplete and therefore will not be presenting it to the Senate.

Senator Agarwal-How much have they advertised their club?

Senator Gaffer-Has the RSO been contacted about the missing information?

Senator Agarwal-Again, we know nothing of this organization, have not seen any advertising.

Katie Hjulberg-We do not look at how they get their members.

Senator Scheider-I know they have not done many things yet, they are just getting started.

Senator Giordani-Is this appropriate, when they have not yet been recognized?

Speaker-We will not be recommending this funding until after they are approved.

Speaker-Regarding tabling a hasty decision. That motion was out of order, that decision had to be at the same meeting or the following meeting. That motion is therefore out of order. We can still reconsider motion, but tabling is not the route to take. The motion to reconsider a hasty decision is out of order.

Senator Reports

McElroy Senator Jared Golde

Good news is that I am not going to Bosnia, bad news I have five more semesters. I won all three matches in Ireland and qualified for Nationals in Minneapolis. The last week I missed because we were activated looking for four missing college students. I am now qualified as a paratrooper. It is cold doing that this time of the year. We did not get sent to Bosnia because there was a lottery for our unit. My unit is going to Norway. Last year I sat on McCloud DFL-proposed we do a water ban, they proposed this to the state and it passed. Getting good feedback on the wall I have in McElroy-people write issues, like, why is McElroy so cold? Will be doing information sessions for students and discussing options.

Social & Behavioral Sciences Senator Kail Decker

Glad to be a senator, I work at Jiffy Lube. I am into cars. I play guitar, I am a locksmith.

Senator Hollerud-Do you like Led Zeplin?

Senator Decker-yes

Senator Radtke-Would you play the guitar after the meeting?

Senator Giordani-How does one become a locksmith?

Senator Decker-Locksmiths are very professional people and responsible-I am glad that I am certified because I take pride.

Senator Read-Do you prefer acoustics or electric?

Senator Decker-Depends

Vice President Raza-Can you teach me to be a locksmith? Who is your favorite guitar player?

Senator Decker-No, I am not certified to teach someone else to be a locksmith. I like Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews.

Senator Decker-I will be opening my own locksmith business next Spring. 382-1449. Refuse to pick a luxury car.

Speaker Biesanz-I have a motion before me. Senator Gaffer/Vice President Raza


The MSSA Senate strongly opposes the arbitrary vending machine price increases based upon mechanical limitations of those vending machines; and strongly support that prices decrease to student approved increases of 2002-2003 budget requests, so prices will decrease for all students.

Senator Gaffer-This issue came up at MSUSA-to think that all students should pay more because of the lack of ability to put out dimes or nickels is appalling, something needs to be looked at on the administrative level.

Vice President Raza-That is right, that is not a valid excuse for raising pop prices.

Senator Decker-It is to my knowledge that Pepsi donated for exclusive rights, did the students sign the contract or the administration?

Speaker Biesanz- Mr. O’Sullivan, did the students sign the contract or the administration?

Mr. O’Sullivan-That was the administration.

Vice President Raza-This is a common thing. Life is not fair, many schools do this. Speaking from the bigger picture-we also get a lot of support from Pepsi.

Senator Gaffer-Has the contract been extended?

Mr. O’Sullivan, I don’t know, it was a ten year contract.

Senator Giordani-Due to the lack of support of education from the Federal government, who the money comes from is not the issue, the issue is that the machines are not working.

Senator Scheider-Rise in favor of this-at Inver Hills last year, Pepsi was $1.10.

Vice President Raza-Discussion is not that we were sold out-that is not the problem, we also have a third party involved to fill coolers. Third party also is reason for that increase.

Senator Giordani-I support this motion.

Senator Finn-Does Services for the Blind take this money as well?

Vice President Raza-Services for the Blind does not get money from Pepsi-they just deal with us. What ever we pay them is for their service. They do not get money from profit of pop.

Senator Decker-I support this because of my constituents.

Senator Finn-Was not asking who paid them, but maybe they could do a more frequent collection.

Motion passes unanimously

Speaker-I have a motion before me. Senator Copic-proxy Poole/Senator Boyce


Whereas: MSSA Believes that all students of MSU, Mankato are competent enough to make their own decision, especially when it comes to their own health care, and

Whereas: The decision to have mandatory health insurance would place an unnecessary burden on non traditional students, graduate students and students who are financially lacking.

Be It Resolved: MSSA changes its’ stance on mandatory health insurance at MSU, Mankato, and therefore no longer supports making health insurance mandatory at MSU, Mankato.

Senator Boyce-We should not make mandatory health insurance a law.

Senator Read-I am apposed to this motion based on my own opinions. I think of seat belts-if you do not wear a seat belt you are endangering yourself, the requires you to wear a seat belt. If you do not have insurance you are endangering yourself. I am in opposition to this motion. With another student forum coming up this could be discussed at that time.

Christine Connolly-These are real challenging issues, despite the concerns brought up. If you count all the concerns brought up, it is only a handful of people. We invited people to come to a forum, only two voiced concerns. With some people it is a rights issue. We do not know what is going to happen to us, but not having health care is a serious concern. Rates go up if people are not insured. Costs are going up and up-prices from hospital visits have tripled. Please, before you make a decision-this issue affects 12,000 people- everyone pays if someone does not have insurance. Costs are going up quickly. We will ask senate for more money next year if we do not have this-it is about how we going to pay for things. We want to get the right information out to everybody, and then we can collect data. A very small number of people have come forward, maybe 30 people.

I will respect your decision.

Senator Gaffer-Strongly apposed to this motion, it is premature to go back and reconsider when we have not had a full forum on this. A nontraditional student, I talked to that was opposed is now looking at insurance. We would be doing another hasty decision. We need to slow down and finish debate.

Vice President Raza-Thoughout the past two weeks-I did oppose this yet we have consistent things going against us. A lot of people have said this will only affect the 10%-that is not true. If they are not insured and this is not implemented it will go to student fees, then 12,000 people will pay for increase in health costs.

This is only a pilot program, it can always be reconsidered. It will look at how it will make it better for all students. Think twice, we should give it a try.

Christine Connolly-Initially the senate approached us about charging a fee. We did not do that because we felt that discriminated against the population that did not have the ability to pay. A co-pay would regenerate about $80-90 thousand. Either we capture it from fees or insurance. Without insurance in place we can not get

it from insurance. We are one of the only schools not charging. Eventually we will have to do something.

Vice President Raza-We were looking at the 1,000 people affected but we need to look at the 12,000 people that will be affected.

Senator Finn-Opposed to this, we have biased information from the Reporter. If we assume there are 1,000 students that will be paying for insurance, that is$62,000 versus $80 or $90 thousand.

Senator Penugonda-Point of information-most universities have standards that require that students can provide documentation that they have health care. Many other universities have this insurance policy. Senate was very right when they went for this vote-but after information the senate should still feel strongly about

their decision. Students were not properly informed-many students say they only got information from the Reporter-that was biased information. Senators have been working hard to get out the proper information. One of the questions asked-how is the privacy taken care of? Will the university know all about the family-that is not an issue. There was an opportunity for all senators to get more information. If we do not do this it will affect the rest of the 90% of students.

Senator Decker-Feel we did make a hasty decision. If you take the percentage of the students not insured they may have more claims and then the costs can go up.

Christine Connolly-When people are insured they are more likely to get health care

Senator Decker-Feel people may abuse this if they have insurance.

Christine Connolly-Initially you may see that-but we don’t know if that would happen.

Senator Giordani-Seat belts are not national laws, if they were, there still would not be a financial obligation-this is a pilot program-pilot programs still affect students, this will affect our student body if put in practice. If this goes positively that is great, but if students do not come here because of costs, that is a negative effect. In MA public universities offer better benefits to graduate students including health insurance. Reporter coverage has been grossly negligent in making it seem like it is the Student Senate supporting this.

Senator Boyce-Why do I support this bill-I am not affected because I am covered by my parents until I am 24. But I don’t think it is our responsibility to decide what is right for others. I do not see the bias in the Reporter if all we hear is from students that don’t want this.

Speaker-This is not a resolution saying that we oppose Mandatory Insurance.

Proxy Poole-People should be charged for health insurance if they do not have insurance, increasing health rates is a national problem; I don’t think we should discriminate against students that don’t have health insurance when the state does not do that.

Call the Question

Senator Gaffer-Move to have the chair reconsider the previous speaker’s request.

I believe that when someone is recognized to speak they should make their intent known.

Senator Radtke-Interpretation is that they should make their intent of discussion first.

Vice President Raza-A previous speaker said that the Reporter has made things negative-

if students were told their fees would go up because of uninsured people they might feel differently..

Senator Penugonda-Refer to previous speakers-we need to get enlightened information to

tell our constituents. By doing a pilot program-other schools will also look at this and therefore there will be less uninsured people all over the country.

Senator Gaffer-Move to table this motion until after we have a forum for more information.

The President has told us to take as much time as we want to consider this.

Senator Scheider-We have had over a month to get the information we need, we should vote on this today.

Vice President Raza-I know I have enough information-the administration can always not

support our decision if they feel there are enough students opposed to this.

Vote-Motion to table fails

Senator Boyce-We represent the interests of the students, we can’t vote for it even if it is a good idea.

Senator Decker-We should vote for our constituency.

Senator Brandt-I spent all summer working for a health insurance company, and if you have

many students using your company you will bend over backwards to keep your costs low.

My constituents did not care, because they have insurance, but if they knew their fees were going to go up, they would want to support it.

Senator Gaffer-Vote your constituency-what does affect everyone is that fees will go up. Some people that have learned about this program have said they don’t like the mandatory word but they see this is an option. It is a pilot program for one year to see if it fits our campus.

Proxy Poole-Call the question


Whereas: MSSA Believes that all students of MSU, Mankato are competent enough to make their own decision, especially when it comes to their own health care, and

Whereas: The decision to have mandatory health insurance would place an unnecessary burden on non traditional students, graduate students and students who are financially lacking.

Be It Resolved: MSSA changes its’ stance on mandatory health insurance at MSU, Mankato, and therefore no longer supports making health insurance mandatory at MSU, Mankato.

Roll Call Vote

Senators voting Yes

Mary Scheider, Jessica Giordani, Alex Boyce, Gordana Copic-proxy Adam Poole, Hailey Schmitz

Senators voting No

Joseph Finn, Katie Hjulberg, Andrew Menden, Rajendra Penugonda, Jessica Boyd, Katie Garrity-proxy Erik O’Conner, Rhys Gaffer, Kail Decker, Anand Agarwal, Jared Golde, Irfan Bangash, Celeste Hollerud, Ian Radtke, Rebecca Pollack, Jayson Read-w/Rights, Megan Brandt

Executive Staff voting No

Vice President Ali Raza-w/Rights

President Muggli-not in attendance

Motion fails

Off-Campus Senator Celeste Hollerud-In student services we discussed acommunal bicycle project where students could have access to them before they were auctioned. Copenhagen, Denmark has a similar program and since I’m a Scandinavian studies minor, I thought I’d tell you about it. It is called the “Free City Cycle Project”. It started in 1995. Originally there were 1,000 bikes for public use, as of 1997 over 2,300 bikes because the program was such a success. They have over 120 automated check-out stands at a $4,000 deposit, which is returned when bike is returned. The effects of this have been less theft of bicycles, increased tourism and it is better for the environment. They also earned advertising money-with ads in spokes. The fact that this worked so well in Copenhagen could be good for MSU.

Off-Campus Senator Irfan Bangash-Member of SOAFC-we are working on updating the Bylaws and we have plans to have publicity for SOAFC by having flyers and ads in the Reporter. Friendship Night is Saturday, December 7 at 6:00 PM in CSU Ballroom. I am going to Pakistan on December 13 after 1 and ½ years. Will be meeting with family and friends. Tomorrow-is big festival Eid.

Allied Health & Nursing Senator Mary Scheider-I have been trying to get in contact with Dean of my college. In Parks and Rec. at the conferences two students won 1,000 scholarships.

Graduate Studies Senator Jessica Giordani-Fractured elbow-used insurance my parents pay for. I fell out of a bed. During my degree I am involved with the Women’s Center-White Ribbon Campaign. Vagina Monologues. Fundraising concert. (Handout)-Independent publishing companies. This is a great way for independent voices to be heard. Big companies are not picking up small companies-many feminist voices are not being bought out. Firebrand was the pioneer, it went under. Their books discussed so many social issues. You should be aware of this.

Senator Radtke-Does the LGBT have a copy of that book?

Vice President Raza-Where can you get the ribbons?

Senator Boyd-Is buying their books a good way to support these companies?

Senator Giordani-Yes, that is a great way to support these small companies.

Off-Campus Senator Jayson Read-I am on the search committee for the International

Programs Director. In Leg Affairs-I am working on a process to streamline the registration process. Last week I turned 25. For the record-I am an independent, non-traditional student and I do not have insurance and I voted for the motion.

Senator Menden-Almost 24 and I have been in Mankato for 24 years. Next semester I will be student teaching in Minnesota Lake. I appreciate being here, I like senate.

Senator Read-Did you know I will miss you?

Senator Argawal-Another semester coming to an end-voted yes because I talked

to people in dorms and after telling them about fees I felt I should support this.

Speaker-I don’t know what is going on.

Senator Boyce-If you are looking for a good movie-Band of Brothers

Senator Giordani-What is the subject matter?

Senator Boyce-What Americans did in WWII, best movie ever made.


Senator Hollerud-Symphonic concert tomorrow

Senator Giordani-History of Britain is another good film.

Senator Finn-Fiction writers tonight-at Jazz club.

Senator Bangash-Friendship night Saturday, 6:00.

Senator Argawal-Looking for a ride to the Twin Cities Wed. morning.

Senator Giordani-Books by Welsh

Roll Call

Senators Present

Mary Scheider, Joseph Finn, Katie Hjulberg, Andrew Menden, Jessica Giordani, Rajendra Penugonda,

Jessica Boyd, Katie Garrity-proxy Eric O’Conner, Mohammad Suhail, Alex Boyce, Rhys Gaffer, Irfan Bangash, Celeste Hollerud, Thomas Handwerk, Rebecca Pollack, Ian Radtke, Jayson Read, Hailey Schmitz, Megan Brandt

Senators Absent

Minhaal Nathani, Gordana Copic-proxy Adam Poole

Executive Staff Present

Vice President Ali Raza

Adjournment Meeting adjourned 7:38