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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Meeting called order by Speaker Zach Biesanz

Roll Call

Senators Present (Present-Absent-Proxy-Excused)

Jessica Cichy 12-0-0, Abbas Raza 8-3-1, Muhammad Jiwani 9-2-0, Ryan Deimerly 15-0-0-3, Irfan Bangash 18-0-1, Sudeep Shrestha 7-4-1, Greg Lessard 17-2-0, Bryan Hart 17-0-1-1, Nathan Entinger 13-0-0, Kail Decker 12-0-0, Megan Brandt 18-0-1, Ian Radtke 18-1-0, Rachel Mudd 18-1-0, Faizan M. Khan 17-1-0, Abuzar Iqbal 9-3-0

Senators Absent

Executive Staff Present

President Rhys Gaffer, Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Presentation-Henry Morris, Director Student Union

Student Union renovation project update. We were hoping by the time you came back we would

have begun the project, we have not officially begun. We have had to get some new bids. We thought we had a project that was ready to go, we went out for bids. We had seven general contractors bid but the lowest bid came in $1.5 million over the costs. We were anticipating something like this might happen so some money was set aside, yet we also need to look at ways to make the project cheaper. For example if we go from seven colors of terrazzo to three we save money. We don’t think on the short term it will cost students more money.

Senator Lessard-Are those contractors hard balling us?

Director Morris-I don’t think so, something went wrong, we think we know but we are not sure.

We are talking to architects to re-coop some money?

Senator Brandt-When will this be done?

Director Morris-We are hoping by the end of the week.

We are also working on lobby space policies, by limiting people’s ability to reserve space to once a week and by only using for university events unless there are open spaces. Some lobby spaces will be moved to this floor.

Senator Hart-Is the Bookworm Café a temporary arrangement?

Director Morris-It is temporary until we see how the space does.

Vice President Anwer-When will this project end?

Director Morris-It was supposed to end January 05, food service has also been extended to that


President Gaffer-In regards to food service what have you done for marketing etc.?

Director Morris-Student Development has been asked to take the lead with marketing and

working with Chartwells. In best laid plans you have to find out how they work. We will be

having discussion with all the locations. If there are concerns students can fill out surveys,

they can discuss this with Student Union Board, myself or others in the union.

President Gaffer-Do you have any rough idea of any additional hits to our dining services?

Director Morris-We will lose another semester of income, it could be about $75,000.

Senator Lessard-Chartwells contract-outside food service, can we change this to get better prices?

Director Morris-They can’t set the prices, I sign off on this and Union Board approves this. We have two years left in the contract, the likely hood of putting in other facilities is probably not very good.

Elections: Allied Health & Nursing, College of Education (2), Graduate Studies, SET, Social & behavioral Science, Undeclared, McElroy Hall, Gage A, Mav Hall, Off-Campus (2)

Elections: Allied Health & Nursing-Rebecca Shaffer

This is my second year at MSU, I have applied for the school of nursing. I am from Iowa, and

I would like to get more active and involved.

Senator Lessard-Have you ever been involved in student government activities?

Ms. Shaffer-I have not been involved in government but I have been involved in other activities.

Senator Hart-What level of time commitment can you put forward?

Ms. Shaffer-Don’t have a lot of other commitments and I do have the time for senate.

Senator Raza-Do you have any plans or things you would like to do?

Ms. Shaffer-I would like to represent our school and get more involved.

Senator Cichy-Do you know what committees you would be interested in?

Ms. Shaffer-I know I would be on Academic Affairs, but I don’t know all the committees.

Senator Hart-In representing, what plays a bigger role your beliefs or your constituents?

Ms. Schaffer-I would represent my constituents.

President Gaffer-Do you have any initiatives you would like to work on?

Ms. Schaffer-Maybe raising level of awareness of senate for all students.

Ms. Shaffer-I would look forward to being involved and representing the College of

Allied Health & Nursing.

Rebecca Schaffer Elected: College of Allied Health & Nursing

SET-Michael Ramstad, Adam Weigold, Mohammed Omar

Michael Ramstad-I live in Crawford and I am on RHA Board, also on the Union Board. I look forward to representing my college.

Mr. Omar-I am a science major and I know you have senators from CSET but not the sciences also there are no senators from Africa, I would like to represent them but most of all I want to be a candidate for the work that needs to be done.

Adam Weigold- I have only been involved a short time but I am vice chair of Union Board and I

am the Technology Coordinator. I spend many hours in the office. There are many students

not voicing there concerns, I want to represent them, not myself.

Senator Hart-Are you eligible for any other seats?

Mr. Omar-I want to run for SET.

Mr. Weigold-I am eligible for off-campus but my heart is with SET

Senator Bangash-What are some of the major issues you want to work on?

Mr. Weigold-I want other students to know where their fee money goes and how they can voice their opinions.

Mr. Ramstad-I believe participation is the most important-I would push to get that.

Mr. Omar-This semester I tried to register for a class I was not able to get, we need senators

from all areas that can speak for biology, math etc. Also there are not enough internships,

We need someone to stand up for these issues.

Senator Cichy-Do any of you have any outside activities that would limit your time commitments?

Mr. Ramstad-I work for the ACC and about 5 hours for RHA, I don’t think it would be an issue.

Mr. Omar-I only have a class at 1:00 on Wednesday, I don’t think it would be a problem.

Mr. Weigold-I have time during the day and my work is on weekends.

Senator Hart-If you were elected would you be able to lobby at with us at the state capital for the

bonding money for the Trafton renovation that we did not get?

Mr. Omar-Yes, part of the problem with student concerns is space, yes, anything that it takes to get results.

Mr. Weigold-I will go to the capital and lobby-but the real problem is lack of instructors.

Mr. Ramstad-I have not heard of Trafton renovation, but I would be more than happy to go.

Mr. Weigold-I intend to represent the students, I will not mix this up with my coordinator job, and make sure I wear different hats.

Mr. Ramstad-I feel I am the most qualified-I have a drive to represent students.

Mr. Omar-Yes some have more experience but commitment is the most important and also

being able to get out the voice of student government.

Elected College of Science Engineering & Technology Senator Muhammad Omar

College of Social & Behavioral Science-Michael Gray

I started MSU in 1998, I am a commissioned officer in Psychological Operations, I am waiting for a medical discharge, and I have been involved in ROTC, Law Enforcement Club, I am finishing some incompletes and taking classes for law school. Many times senate is considered a joke; this program has a lot of power to designate money.

President Gaffer-Are you familiar with the budget allocation process?

Mr. Gray-I know you have money to work with.

President Gaffer-Do you have other initiatives you would like to work on?

Mr. Gray-Yes, the Academic Affairs committee and I am sure other committees would interest me.

President Gaffer-Are you aware of the time commitments?

Mr. Gray-Yes, I am only taking nine credits and therefore I have time to commit to this organization.

With my involvement with Law Enforcement I can bring a good perspective to this organization.

Senator Bangash-If you were a cartoon character what would you be?

Mr. Gray-That is a behavioral question-probably Garfield, he sleeps a lot.

Mr. Gray-One thing that has gotten better is technology and diversity yet there is always room for

improvement, I can’t state how to do that but I think there is room for improvement.

Social & Behavioral Science Seat majority not reached.

Gage A- Ryan Flynn

I am currently in my first year and live I live in Gage A complex, I feel I can represent Gage A very well. I have talked to students about things they would like to see changed.

Senator Brandt-What were some of the issues.

Mr. Flynn-Like Chartwells, some students don’t like them and want to know if we can change or get things cheaper. Other issues are things that happen yet do not go to RHA, like the CSU renovation,

When can we have food again? I feel I could bring that information to them.

Senator Lessard-Have you ever talked to Freshmen about a no car policy?

Mr. Flynn-I have not brought that up, as I did not know about that.

Vice President Anwer-How did you find out about this position?

Mr. Flynn-From a former senator and she recommended me.

Senator Hart-As an on campus representative, would you be interested in Parking Advisory?

Mr. Flynn-I am interested in SAC but would also be interested in Parking.

Mr. Flynn-I was very involved in high school, and this is what I would like to do.

Elected Gage A Senator Ryan Flynn

Mav Hall-Trevor Fleck

I am a sophomore and a mentor in Mav Hall, I have lived there for two years and I interact

with students as a mentor. I work with a wide range of students.

Senator Khan-What are the reasons you want to be on senate?

Mr. Fleck-More than anything would be letting students know the resources they have,

students don’t know the resources such as senate they have at their disposal.

Senator Hart-What cartoon character would you be?

Mr. Fleck-Gargyle.

My main goal is to give Freshmen a voice, it is important that they get involved early and let them know what is going on. I feel I could do that and I would be delighted to represent my


Elected Mav Hall Senator Trevor Fleck

Off-Campus-Adam Weigold, Trent Carr

Mr. Weigold-My first passion was SET but I do have a strong passion for the Off-Campus seat as well, I understand issues that effect them. I would also like to be involved with Parking Advisory.

Mr. Carr-I am a junior and have wanted to do something to be active on campus, my schedule is open and I have always been concerned about student fees and have a say in how things are done.

President Gaffer-What would you see as the most important issues that you would want to

work on?

Mr. Carr-Student fees is my biggest concern, student fees are going up and have not had a say in that.

Mr. Weigold-There are many issues but one in particular is food and getting it cheaply. Parking

is also an important off-campus issue.

Senator Decker-Since you would be representing an off-campus spot what are your thoughts and views on the Homecoming issue?

Mr. Carr-More organization on campus to give students something to do, I live where the

riots started. I think if students had more to do on campus they would not do that.

Mr. Weigold-It was off-campus so it was a police matter. One thing we could do is let students know that this is not right. You can’t convince all students but changing culture is a huge issue.

President Gaffer-Would you restructure budgets or make suggestions to athletics or SLD&SL so more students would attend events?

Mr. Weigold-I think restructuring is always most important. We also need to work on providing more

opportunities and awareness of events.

Mr. Carr-I am not aware of issues but raising student fees should be the last alternative.

Mr. Carr-This is something I have always wanted to do, I feel I could do a good job in

representing students.

Mr. Weigold-I understand problems to off-campus students and regularly talk to off-campus students,

I feel I could represent them as I am an off-campus student.

Elected Off-Campus Senator Adam Weigold, Off-Campus Senator Trent Carr

Approval of Agenda Agenda approved after moving presentation by Mr. Morris before

Elections and SAC Report following Elections.

Approval of Minutes (1-14-04) Minutes stand approved

Officer Reports

President Rhys Gaffer

Congratulations to new senators- you can look on the web site for duties. Sign up for committees.

I received correspondence from Interim Vice President Solinger that Henry Morris has been

appointed by the university president to be on Communications Board.

Appointments: Legislative Affairs Coordinator-Bryan Hart

Student Services Coordinator-Andrew Duffy

President Gaffer-Andrew Duffy is a pre-med student. He has worked with alcohol and

Drug committee. He was involved with our sister organization MCTC. He is very interested in increasing communications and also parking issues. He would be well served as he understands student government process.

Abbas Raza-Election Committee

Dr. Joan Roca is encouraging MSSA to look at the Diversity platform that was put out by the

Diversity Task Force.

SAPS Office-Financial Aid office is reviewing fall semester 2004 students enrollment. Vice President Trauger and Assistant Vice President Sandmann stated that about 1200 letters were

sent out to students regarding the student academic progress. This is in comparison with 390 the previous semester.

I urge you to contact your legislative affairs committee. We need to pull out all the stops to get Trafton back in the bonding bill. We should look to pass a motion to support the Minnesota State bonding request as a whole. We need to get back in the game with Trafton. We have a tremendous deficit of academic spaces. We will post things on our web site. On Thursday, MSSA Legislative Affairs Committee members and myself will meet with the university’s Legislative Committee.

Budget Sub Meet & Confer met yesterday, Pat Opatz and Judy Borgen from the Minnesota State system office gave a presentation on the allocation frame work (how state appropriations to Minnesota State are allocated in our system). We also received a presentation on on-line learning fees

I met with Dr. Olson and Dr. Stewart Ross last week. I would strongly encourage the MSSA Academic Affairs Committee to complete work on the Grade Appeals Process as soon as possible and also invite Dr. Olson and Dr. Sandman to meetings on a regular basis. Dr. Olson stated that the grade appeal policy work the MSSA Academic Affairs Committee performed from previous years have not been incorporated fully in writing in that policy.

Dr. Ross is the Director for the Center of Excellence. He is doing some incredible work to make our academic involvement here on campus more interactive and interesting. I encourage Academic Affairs to invite him to a meeting to talk about the work he is doing.

As you may recall, MSSA hosted MSUSA this past weekend. Every student pays a fee to this organization. The conference had a good and informative training about the upcoming legislative session and MSUSA’s higher education issues. Approximately 85 students attended.

Also, on January 18th during the P-Bod meeting, Executive Director Frank X. Viggiano tendered his resignation, effective February 20, 2004. Executive Director Viggiano has served in this capacity

for the past 18 years. He has been instrumental in making MSUSA a premier student run organization of national prominence. He is a recognized resource and authority on public higher education issues in Minnesota and in the U.S.

We as students are grateful for his years of service. MSUSA has six professional staff members who will continue to provide support for MSUSA. Associate Director of University and Government Operations, JJ Jouppi will take over the primary advocacy efforts and MSUSA State Chair, Sam Edmunds will continue his state chair duties and be the chief spokesperson and assume additional

office tasks. A national search will be conducted for a new Executive Director for the Association.

Please contact Samuel Edmunds with all inquiries at 651-503-2860 or

Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Welcome new senators, take time to come in the office and look at committees.

I would like to meet with the academic senators and find out what classes students are having

a hard time getting so we can talk with Dr. Olson about classes that are delaying people’s graduation (as this has been an identified problem).

Speaker Zach Biesanz

New senators please schedule appointments for Parliamentary Procedure training. I have been working with Technology Coordinator Weigold and it looks like we will be able to stream line the

RSO process by going on-line.

Vice President Anwer-How will this help?

Speaker Biesanz-Organizations will be able to submit the applications on line and it will speed up

the process.

Committee Reports

SAC, Jeet Sausen, Chair

SAC R#.01.15.04A

SAC recommends funding up to $600.00 for Fellowship of Christian Athletes

to attend a leadership training.

Senator Lessard-What are the skills and knowledge they will be bringing back?

Chair Sausen-They will be doing team building and training for summer camps.

Senator Lessard-Have they ever received funding before?

Chair Sausen-No. They have been an organization since the 1970’s and they have not asked for money. They did do some fundraising, but they gave some back to the state organization.

Senator Hart-Is it ok to return fundraising to state organization?

Chair Sausen-I don’t think that is in our policy. I don’t think it is a problem.

Senator Lessard-If they have not received funding before, why are they requesting it now?

Senator Radtke-Quantifying leadership is difficult, I support this.

President Gaffer-As this group has been on campus for a long time I think we need to think of the audiences we represent from all walks of life.

Motion passes

Jeet Sausen-Budget Hearing will be April 21. We will let you know when

Hearings have been set. Come to meetings Thursday, 8:00 A.M.

Senator Reports

Social & Behavioral Science Bryan Hart

I attended the MSUSA conference, learned a lot about lobbying. There were only about

six students there from MSU. I was involved in academic affairs and legislative affairs discussions. .

Regarding Academic policies, we made recommendations on SAPS policy. The N (no grade reported) and Z (blank) grades were recommended to not count against the quantitative score. This was a Minnesota policy.

In Lobby training we discussed setting priorities, issues we can impact, setting a plan-this is campus specific. We need to recruit students and Just Do It.

Our MSSA Legislative Affairs lobby efforts will focus on the Trafton renovation, $2.56 million dollars for design stage. It will be about $50 million for complete renovation. We also will be working as always on keeping tuition low. We will be having about 16 trips to the capital starting Feb 9. Student Lobby Day is February 11. We also want students to start letter writing and making phone calls. We will be doing classroom presentations and speaking to student groups interested in lobby efforts. We will encourage faculty to help with lobby efforts. Next Tuesday 10:00 A.M. The university Leg Affairs will be meeting. Legislators like to get stories, one on one is most affective. State leg agenda and priorities are things we will be lobbying for. We will be asking legislators for support.

Academic Affairs-We are talking about space for all MSU students. Also talked to representatives

from Forensics and Athletics today regarding priority registration. Also looking at

Cultural Diversity gen ed requirements. In Parking Advisory we have been review parking changes, removals and additions. 300 spaces will be added in the current green space. The proposal is for reducing on street parking, any parking not next to a building. This will raise revenue and reduce traffic. There will not be a lot of parking in the interior.

Senator Mudd-Financial aid-how will that affect grad students that only have six classes?

Senator Hart-I will check on that. MSUSA is made up of the 7 schools in the state system.

Senator Weigold-What will we be lobbying for on lobby day?

Senator Hart-We will cover many issues on 16 trips.

Senator Lessard-You are adding parking spots-will any be added in the free lot?

Senator Hart-No, they were added in the fall.

Senator Brandt-With parking, did you talk about rates?

Senator Hart-With additional parking, we were hoping they could remain the same.

Senator Decker-Do you foresee safety issues with more cars in cross traffic in

the parking lots?

Senator Hart-Parking lot traffic was considered.

Senator Radtke-Were these finalized or do they need to go through hearings?

Senator Hart-Public Hearing February 26 at noon, information will be out soon.

Senator Khan-What is the revenue of $35,000 from?

Senator Hart-Parking fees


Senator Radtke-Welcome new senators and as the most senior senator, I will offer assistance.

Senator Weigold-As Technology Coordinator-if you have trouble with the website I will help you.

Senator Schultz-Task Force does have an anonymous form you can fill out.

Senator Lessard-Dave Schpel show-essential. ECDC will meet Monday at

12:00. Core initiatives will be discussed, task force issues and cultural climate, and

how we can get people to talk about issues.

Senator Cichy-Fundraiser-Singing Valentines-Sponsored by Music Educators National Conference. They will be delivered, Feb 9-13.

Speaker-Philosophy has received a grant and will be hosting guest philosopher Dr. Michael Ruse tomorrow night. The topic will be Darwinism and Atheism-A marriage made in heaven? 7:30 Armstrong 101.

Aikido Club is demonstrating during Kill Bill intermission on Feb. 18, 21 and 22.

Roll Call

Senators Present

Jessica Cichy, Ryan Deimerly, Abbas Raza, Muhammad Jiwani, Nichole Schultz, Irfan Bangash, Sudeep Shrestha, Greg Lessard, Bryan Hart, Nathan Entinger, Kail Decker, Megan Brandt, Ian Radtke, Rachel Mudd, Faizan Kahn, Abuzar Iqbal, Rebecca Schaffer, Mohammed Omar, Ryan Flynn, Adam Weigold, Trent Carr, Trevor Fleck

Executive Staff Present

Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Executive Staff Absent

President Rhys Gaffer (night class)

Adjournment 6:30