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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Meeting called order by Speaker Zach Biesanz

Roll Call

Senators Present (Present-Absent-Proxy-Excused)

Jessica Cichy 13-0-0, Ryan Deimerly 16-0-0-3, Irfan Bangash 19-0-1, Greg Lessard 18-2-0, Bryan Hart 18-0-1-1, Nathan Entinger 14-0-0, Kail Decker 13-0-0, Megan Brandt 19-0-1, Ian Radtke 19-1-0, Rachel Mudd 19-1-0, Faizan M. Khan 18-1-0, Nicole Schultz 1-0-0-0, Mohammed Omar 1-0-0-0, Ryan Flynn 1-0-0-0, Adam Weigold 1-0-0-0, Trent Carr 1-0-0-0, Trevor Fleck 1-0-0-0

Senators Absent

Rebecca Schaffer 0-1-0-0, Abbas Raza 8-4-1, Muhammad Jiwani 9-3-0, Sudeep Shrestha 7-5-1, Abuzar Iqbal 9-4-0,

Executive Staff Present

President Rhys Gaffer, Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Approval of Agenda Approved with addition of Committee report-ECDC, Coordinator report-Academic Affairs/Cultural Diversity, Senator reports-Greg Lessard, Ian Radtke

Approval of Minutes (1-21-04) Minutes stand approved

Officer Reports

President Rhys Gaffer

I met with the University Legislative Affairs yesterday, we will be pulling out all stops to get Trafton Design Project back in the bonding. HEPER funding and state grant dollars. HESO-Private schools get 55% of grant money. Public Affairs is working on plan to raise awareness on all MSSA and

student issues. I will be attending the Legislative Preview Friday am with Intergovernmental Affairs Coordinator Andy Braam.

New senators sign up for your second committee. We have not had a Student Technology Roundtable

up and going this year. Student Affairs needs to look at times to meet with Vice President Johnson,

Academic Affairs could meet with this committee as well. There is a position open on University Technology Roundtable due to resignation of Senator Radtke.

Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Coordinators met today-it is phenomenal the work they are doing.

Sidewalks are not being taken care of well for handicap accessibility. I will be emailing Sean McGoldrich. I will be meeting with Joan Roca and Coordinator Jacobs regarding MSU

recruitment plan. Lobby Day is February 11. Senators that do not attend need to come to the

office and do some work.

Speaker Zach Biesanz

Recognized Student Organizations:

Advertising Club, Delta Sigma Pi, MSU Men’s Rugby Football Club, Panhellenic Council Association, The Philosophy Club, Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Students for Sustainable Communities, MSU Woman’s Rugby Club

I have received correspondence from Legislative Affairs Committee suggesting we support House File

1730. This bill suggested penalizing students convicted of rioting.

I met with Vice President Olson and Lt. Colonial Patrick O’Sullivan-regarding ROTC program

discrimination policy.

Senator Weigold-Would you like support of the senate with the ROTC program?

Speaker-That would be depending on the results of my findings, not at this time.

Committee Reports

SAC, Daniella Rumpf, Committee member

SAC R#.01.22.04A

SAC recommends funding up to $400.00 to MSU Panhellenic Association and Interfraternity Council to attend a leadership conference in Chicago, IL.

They are taking eight students and one faculty. They will be driving a university van.

Senator Hart-yield to student in gallery.

Panhellenic Vice President of Council Management-we now have eleven students that will be attending.

President Gaffer-That amount would then be changed to $550.00 considering the $50.00 per person

SAC policy. If the senate wishes to change that, do we need a motion?

Speaker-It could be amended because it would be a clerical change.

Senator Lessard-What are the SAC limitations for an RSO?

Ms. Rumpf-Every RSO is eligible for up to $1,000.00 per year.

Senator Hart-Does summer fall in the academic year?

Mr. Hodapp-The MSSA President would have to approve this funding in the summer.

Senator Hart-move to amend motion to $550.00 for MSU Panhellenic Association and Interfraternity Council to attend the conference.

Senator Hart-I think we should do this, however it worries me that this information regarding the number of people attending was not given initially.

Senator Decker-This is in line with funding to other organizations.

Motion passes

Committee Reports

ECDC-Greg Lessard, Chair


Whereas the approved undergraduate general education cultural diversity related courses may not contain the proper content and/or proper content amount needed to properly address its intended mission

Whereas we the Student Senate approve; at the Ensuring Cultural Diversity committee’s recommendation; of the Undergraduate Excellence Task Force in re-assessing the Cultural Diversity Core and Related Undergraduate General Education requirements

Senator Entinger-Can you break this down as to what it is trying to accomplish?

Chair Lessard-Certain content needs to be recommended for core courses, this now needs to be reassessed.

Senator Decker-Should this go through the current standards would not change, but would this be for

future students?

Chair Lessard-Yes you would be currently grandfathered in.

Senator Hart-This would change the current bulletin, but it would not be for us directly?

Coordinator Jacobs-This would start with new incoming freshmen. They are currently looking at

core courses as to content or how the courses fit into the requirements.

Vice President Anwer-We need to look at this because currently the students are not learning about

Cultural Diversity.

Senator Weigold-Move to table to allow time to discuss. Motion fails.

Senator Decker-I thought the diversity content was unclear in the courses I had for Aviation.

Senator Schultz-I have had a student contact me about how inappropriate they felt the classes were.

Senator Hart-Academic Affairs discussed this and felt it was necessary to change these core courses.

Senator Schultz-This is strictly a recommendation, it will not harm but merely a means to look at this.

Motion passes unanimously


Senator Cichy/Senator Weigold


Move to support the bill introduced by Representative Carla Nelson of the State of Minnesota House of Representatives regarding the penalties for rioting, Bill draft #04.3531.

This bill supported by Carla Nelson from Rochester will be presented in this session, this is a bipartisan bill. A student convicted would be subject to penalties for one year.

Senator Lessard-I agree with the bill however, they are punishing for more. This campus wants more of a community service based penalty. I encourage you to not support this; it targets students that need grant money.

President Gaffer-MSUSA stance-they are not supporting any type of double jeopardy. This took place

off campus. President Davenport indicated that the university does not support this bill. Mary Dowd.

Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities, talked about reservations for this given that we already have things in place for students not performing well. We can deal with this in regards to our campus. We did hear from students in forums that there needs to be some punishment. I am troubled even though this is only for a one year period of time. I know it is important to send students a message that you do not want them to behave like that, you want them to promote community.

Senator Mudd-I am going to not support this because it does not affect everyone equally. I agree that

there should be community service not monetary.

Senator Decker-For the schools that take this up, it is almost necessary to have an office to do what this will require. This preys on the students in this state, not the out state student. The school should take care of this issue.

Senator Hart-In Legislative Affairs we passed a motion pertaining to this subject.

Committee motion 01.28.04A Senator Cichy, Coordinator Braam, Timothy Ibisch

MSSA Legislative Affairs Committee moves to recommend to MSSA 71st Senate to support HF 1730

introduced by Representative Carla Nelson.

Senator Khan-In Student Affairs we came up with many plans. I don’t believe students want this imposition.

Senator Radtke-I also disagree with imposing financial impositions. Also, the university

has a judicial board that imposes academic impositions. I was confused by the bill-the

bill says a one year period but also an academic period.

Senator Entinger-The way the bill is worded it seems that if I committed a riotous act for

one year my financial aid would be revoked even if I took one class. Didn’t we pass a motion

regarding rioting earlier?

Senator Cichy-As students, we have responsibility first and foremost. If you do drugs while working you will get in trouble with your company and you would be in trouble in civil law.

Senator Weigold-I was against this however they have amended the bill. If you registered for one class you would have to pay out of state tuition. This also says something to the community, they pay the taxes for us to be here. As far as unfavorable to other students –you need to punish the students doing the acts.

Speaker-read motion R#10.22.03D by Senator Brown/Senator Hart

Whereas: Not all people involved in the October 4th and 5th riots were MSU students

Whereas: Until the judicial system has found individuals guilty; they are presumed innocent

Whereas: Financial aid sanctions will unequally hinder students’ ability to afford college

Whereas: Legislation is currently being reviewed to provide for the imposition of financial sanctions

Be it Resolved: That the MSSA recommends to our representatives that only these students found to be legally guilty be disciplined and those students be disciplined through such means as community service instead of financial sanctions.

Senator Schultz-There seems to be a focus on one year, however this seems to focus on lower

economical students, that may not be able to attend school.

Senator Decker-I look at this as shopping at a meat market-the beef industry is subsidized as we

Are. If you rioted across from the meat market they would not raise the price of beef to $50.00 a lb.

Senator Weigold-Yes this is supplemented but this would take it to a third level.

Senator Hart-Punishment by the government only would affect instate people that get grants more than those that don’t get those grants. It is better to educate than deny.

Senator Omar-A lot of time riots are not caused by MSU students. This is the first time there has been a riot of this size, we should come up with measures that are not as extreme. We need to see how our measures will work.

Senator Cichy-Even though students do not necessarily pay for education if they had to tell parents

they had to pay more for education it may stop some students from being involved in this.

Students with highest reciprocity will have to pay the most. This is one step in keeping this from happening. This bill has been in the works for about two years.

Vice President Anwer-Hearing this discussion now I am more confused. This is what is unclear-

is there a guarantee that this is how students would be punished?

Senator Lessard-We need to be cautious about state mandated legislation. This has only been

in discussion for two years. I would like to see what we do with our students, this was a Mankato

riot we should deal with this. Judicial Board-students can have the most effect on our own laws, we should focus on our community laws.

Senator Carr-I support this, if a U of M student comes here we should know they are being punished.

A simple solution is, don’t do a riotous act if you can not afford it.

President Gaffer-One of the Trustees was very adamant about not seeing state dollars go to students.

You are seeing more attention paid to occupancy-rents, this then affects everyone. It is important that

Legislators want to drive home that students should not get state dollars if convicted. This would not

keep students from attending school-only that state dollars would not go to them. I think we are singling out a group of people. The business community would be satisfied I think of seeing other

methods of punishment. Higher Ed is a privilege but I feel hesitant with this type of legislation

going forward. My job is to represent what the senate brings forward.

Senator Fleck-Move to table, motion fails.

Vice President Anwer-Motion to limit further discussion to ten minutes at which time we will vote.

Vice President Anwer-I think we have heard everyone’s views, this will not help us.

Senator Cichy-I think this is rushed.

Senator Flynn-I agree that we have not had time to talk to our constituents.

Senator Hart-I don’t like the idea of limiting debate.

Motion to limit debate passes

Senator Weigold-With the nature of this bill, it is our opportunity to work with students. All

they have to do is sign up for one year and they complete their punishment.

Senator Entinger-Discussion should be held if one credit is considered because that is not enough

for financial aid.

Senator Hart-I agree they should not riot, but it mentions four year students and it gives a felony.

Senator Schultz-This bill was amended but it would need to be amended if it went beyond four

year students.

Senator Cichy-The state gives us money as a gift-when you fill out your forms it asks if you

have been convicted of a felony.

Senator Radtke-The FAFSA only asks if you have been convicted of a drug felony, you can murder

or whatever.

Senator Weigold/Senator Cichy Move to table. Motion fails.

Senator Cichy-I just think it is somewhat rude to deny new senators the ability to reach their constituents.

Senator Omar-Yes, last semester there was research by 124 people done on this and the feedback was teat they would like to see students educated. Students have discussed thisa lot. Most people favor education first.

Senator Cichy-As a student association we are to represent all students, we are not allowing new senators to do this. We are supposed to represent all our students.

Senator Carr-I live off campus, I have a good feel about how people reacted, they want people to be

held accountable.

Senator Omar-When we make laws or rules, if they are not equal for all it does not make sense. Our

research was a sampling, it was not major but the feeling was that most people would not support this bill. You have to be fair to make sense.

Senator Cichy-Motion withdrawn

Coordinator Reports

Legislative Affairs-Bryan Hart

Our three legislative priorities are, bonding funding for Trafton design project. HEAPER-to help maintain buildings and HESO-stop

the transfer from public institutions to state grant money.

We will have several lobby opportunities. State lobby day is February 11th. We will leave around

8:30 AM and return by 5:00 PM. You can receive a free lunch and meet legislators. Sign up in

the senate office. We will have 15 other dates, Monday and Thursday afternoons, Feb 9-April 22.

You can again receive a free lunch and meet legislators.

You always have the opportunity to give class presentations, especially in CSET/Nursing. There is a

nursing shortage in the senate. There are folders you can use for presentations in the Legislative Affairs cabinet, take, use and return them. Ask me for help on any of the above objectives.

Speaker-I am reversing my decision to withdraw a motion. Senator Cichy has decided to not withdraw the motion.

Move to support HF 1730 introduced by Carla Nelson of the State of Minnesota House of Representatives regarding the penalties for rioting. Bill Draft #04-3531

Roll Call Vote

Senators voting yes

Cichy w/rights, Weigold w/rights, Trent Carr

Senators voting no

Ryan Deimerly, Nicole Schultz, Mohammed Omar, Irfan Bangash w/rights, Greg Lessard, Bryan Hart, Faizan Khan w/rights, Entinger w/rights, Ian Radtke, Rachel Mudd, Kail Decker

Senators abstaining

Ryan Flynn w/rights, Trevor Fleck

Executive Staff

Vice President Anwer, abstain


Jessica Cichy-Allied Health & Nursing-The majority of my constituents were in favor of this bill. I would also like to note that I find it appalling certain senators were denied the ability to further reach their constituents.

Adam Weigold-Off-Campus-I support this bill because I feel it had a very limited amount of punishment however at the same time it would have been a chance to tell a very demanding community that we are willing to work with them.

Faizan Khan-Crawford-I believe that the law enforcement does have and should have first stance on this issue. Law punishes convicted people, no one knows how bad they might be punished. Sure this will scare people, but further more I believe this will worsen the academic aspect of students. Student government is here to help people, not the other way around.

Ryan Flynn-Gage A-I abstain my vote because I was not able to talk to my constituents.

Motion fails

Academic Affairs/Cultural Diversity-Jen Jacobs

Academic Affairs supports the work of the undergraduate excellence task force in re-evaluation of the CD related and core courses. Academic Affairs dos not support the bill concerning the penalties for riot that Legislative Affairs supported. Academic Affairs tabled the priority registration until more information is available from Kevin Buisman. Information is available in the office. ECDC passed a motion to support the re-evaluation of the Undergraduate Excellence Task Force. That committee will meet again February 25. A campus climate survey is being bought by MSU with specific questions; I am working with the Diversity Task Force on that. I am working on international student recruitment with Vice President Anwer. and working I encourage senators to talk to me, I have a lot of information. I meet with Dr. Fagin, Dr. Olson, Warren Sandman and Dean Roca on a regular basis.

Senator Reports

Social & Behavioral Science-Greg Lessard

February 3 1:00 PM CSU 202 Eliminate Hate Week Planning Meeting.

URL for Diversity Task Force, Diversity Plan; put your ideas on the blackboard, part 1 section 2 and the motion by ECDC.

Ethnic Culture Day Planning Committee-Feb. 6, contact Miya Martin 382-0494

Mankato Peace Coalition-“Uncovered: the Whole Truth About the Iraq War” Friday, Ostrander 12-1

Join Campus Greens/coalition showing of Bowling for Columbine on the anniversary 4/20

The Counseling Center presents 50 min. presentation on enhancing personal and academic potential

MLK Jr. Performance & Pathfinder Awards 7:00 PM, vigil service 6:30 PM

Off-Campus -Ian Radtke

I have a class conflict and have to give up the seat on Learning Tech Roundtable-they deal with how technology affects education-distance education. I have plenty of information if you are interested.

Student Tech Roundtable-encourage anyone interested in technology to talk to me. We need to

pull this together to make an informed recommendation to senate on the technology fee. I also disagree with President Gaffers’ idea to run Student Technology Roundtable in the same time slot as Academic Affairs and Student Affairs. This is important, but these committees are dealing with

important issues also. Parking Hearing-Feb.19. 1:00 in Ostrander.

Motion 01.28.04 State Employee Proclamation President Gaffer, Vice President Anwer, Speaker Zach Biesanz

Whereas: It is important to recognize Minnesota State University Mankato’s state employees for their outstanding work performed and contributions made to make our campus community’s way of life; and

Whereas: Students should show their gratitude to state workers for the knowledge, professionalism, skill and commitment in their daily job performance; and

Whereas: The President of MSU Mankato and the State of Minnesota has found it appropriate to designate a State Employee Recognition Week to honor and recognize all state employees

Therefore: We the 71st Minnesota State Student Association at MSU Mankato, do herby proclaim the week of January 26-30, 2004 as: State Employee Recognition Week at MSU Mankato.

Move-Senator Radtke/Senator Decker

Motion passes unanimously-one abstention


Ruth Nieto-Film survey on campus

Senator Decker-At Social & Behavioral Science Career Day today every booth except two was looking for corrections or law enforcement majors.

Senator Radtke-SAGE dance -Friday-Morison Ario

Senator Hart-ITV Conference defining patriotism. ML 3013 12:30 next Wed.

Speaker-Smitten Kitten in Minneapolis-20% of proceeds go to MSU Women’s Center on Saturday.

Lobby Day, Feb. 11-no senate meeting, encourage you to attend.

Zen lecture, Feb. 1 followed by intro to Zen meditation. 10:30 Unitarian Church

Roll Call

Senators Present

Jessica Cichy, Ryan Deimerly, Nicole Schultz, Mohammed Omar, Irfan Bangash, Greg Lessard, Bryan Hart, Faizan Khan, Ryan Flynn, Nathan Entinger, Adam Weigold, Kail Decker, Ian Radtke, Rachel Mudd, Trent Carr, Trevor Fleck

Senators Absent

Rebecca Schaffer, Abbas Raza, Muhammad Jiwani, Sudeep Shrestha, Abuzar Iqbal, Megan Brandt

Executive Staff

President Gaffer(night class), Vice President Anwer

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 6:29 P.M.