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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Meeting called order by Speaker Zach Biesanz

Roll Call

Senators Present (Present-Absent-Proxy-Excused)

Jessica Cichy 14-0-0, Ryan Deimerly 18-0-0-3, Abbas Raza 9-4-1, Muhammad Jiwani 10-3-0, Nicole Schultz 3-0-0, Irfan Bangash 20-0-1, Greg Lessard 19-2-0, Bryan Hart 19-0-1-1, Nathan Entinger 14-0-0, Kail Decker 14-0-0, Megan Brandt 20-0-1, Ian Radtke 20-1-0, Rachel Mudd 20-1-0, Faizan M. Khan 20-1-0, Rebecca Schaffer 1-1-0, Mohammed Omar 2-0-0, Ryan Flynn 2-0-0, Adam Weigold 2-0-0, Trent Carr 2-0-0, Trevor Fleck 2-0-0

Senators Absent

Sudeep Shrestha 7-6-1, Abuzar Iqbal 9-5-0,

Executive Staff Present

President Rhys Gaffer, Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Student Forum

Elections: College of Social & Behavioral Science

Candidates: Gaynor Gordon, Taku Kurashige

Gaynor Gordon-I have an interest in senate. I am from Jamaica; I was involved in student government at home. I am interested in the textbook problem. I am currently on the Ensuring Cultural Diversity Committee.

Ms. Gordon-I think any activity can bring more involvement to the school. Not only international students but all students need to learn and share ideas. You need to know about different cultures and

learn from them.

Senator Weigold-What is it in your opinion

Ms. Gordon - The Student Senate should provide things not only for one group.

Mr. Kurashige-One I can say is that students need to know about MSSA activities. Like

the lobby trips.

Senator Cichy-Do you have any plans for representing the students in your college?

Mr. Kurashige-I would contact students in the department, have forums to keep in touch.

Ms. Gordon-I would meet with advisors and advisory boards. You can get ideas and

bring it to a higher level.

Senator Decker-If there was one student service you could see being expendable, what

would it be?

Ms. Gordon-I don’t know of any at this time.

Mr. Kurashige-I don’t know of any being expendable, I think all are important.

Ms. Gordon-I have been involved in Pre-law Society, in my classes, and my experience

in leadership and I can get things done. I may not get what I want, but I can get it done.

Senator Bangash-Do you have the time commitment?

Ms. Gordon-I do have time to meet on Wed. and I have a purpose and something to


Mr. Kurashige-I would like to be here on Wednesdays and I am in charge in my committee.

Thank you everyone, and I think this would be a good experience and I would take time

to think things through and not just approve the motions.

Ms. Gordon-I have always wanted to make a difference and I look forward to being on senate.

Elected: Taku Kurashige-Social & Behavioral Science Senator

Approval of Agenda Agenda approved after addition of Public Relations Coordinator

Report before Officer Reports, Bryan Hart-Coordinator Report

Approval of Minutes (1-28-04) Minutes stand approved.

Public Relations Coordinator Vicki Verhelst

Lobby Day is next week. We need you to help get the word out. You all received yellow sheets today, please post them in your classroom. We have folders made up that you could use for a classroom presentation. An email was sent out today to instructors asking them to excuse students.

President Gaffer-Is seating limited on trips?

Coordinator Verhelst-On the 11th we have vans that can hold 15 students, the smaller trips can seat 6.

Vice President Anwer-Would you be giving the senators that speak a script?

Coordinator Verhelst-Yes, we will have one in the folders.

President Gaffer-Is there a deadline?

Coordinator-Friday is the deadline.

Senator Hart-Legislative Affairs felt we should know 24 hours ahead of time.

Officer Reports

President Rhys Gaffer

Appointments: Trevor Fleck-Student Services, Bookstore Advisory, Ryan Flynn-Student Services, Bookstore Advisory, Rebecca Schaffer-Academic Affairs, Legislative Affairs. Ali Raza-Student Technology Roundtable, Elections, Adam Weigold-Alternate-LTR,

Dr. Davenport has appointed Mary Dowd and Kelly Meier to the Constitution Commission.

Dr. Linda Duckett has been named as the interim Equal Opportunity & Title IX Officer. Two

Students are needed for that position as well as the Vice President of Student Affairs.

Bryan Hart will be attending the MSUSA Washington DC trip.

Legislative Affairs-please promote and be aggressive on getting students to lobby.

The three key messages are state grant dollars, we only see 55% of the money. Last

Friday, Speaker Sviggum was quick to point out that 40 million was put back into the

State grant program. I quickly told him that they took 20 million from U of M base

and put it into the state grant program-we know where that went, to the private colleges.

State grant funding can get raised. Minnesota State said tuition can only go up to 15% but right now the administration has said we can help by keeping the HEAPER funding. This is important for maintenance. We need to lobby for HEAPER money. This is very important. 30% of our credit hours are generated in Trafton. Where will we get the money to pay for this? The state of Minnesota does allow us to go to 3.5 % in debt. We are fighting for higher ed-where do the jobs come from, nursing, science teachers. Our state should not turn its back on higher ed. We have difficult choices as do legislators but we need to be able to have a decent living after we educate our selves. Sign up for lobby trips. The office will be open next Wednesday and you must be in there to email and help with the bonding issue. There is no reason you can not spend that time period in the office.

Saturday night is MSSA night at the Hockey game. Come and show that we support


I received a phone call today from Jim Gelbmann, Mark Dayton’s field coordinator. He

will be here Feb. 25 to talk about Higher Ed Reauthorization. Senator Dayton wants

his representatives to brief campuses on this reauthorization that happens about every five years and get our feedback. Student Services and Academic Affairs could both meet with him so that we can make some type of recommendation.

I received an overview of the capital improvement plan for parking that will happen this summer. Lot 21 and 22, about 142 and 180 spaces will be added. Some stalls have been rented to University Square for a period of 15 years. Mr. Peters will enforce the parking; barricades will be set up that

will require additional money. Parking Hearing is February 19 at 1:00 in Ostrander.

Also Budget Sub Meet and Confer talked about allocation model. We still have an issue

with the four year institutions not getting funded the same as the two year. We don’t

see any equity in the average cost per student. This model does seem like there will be

shifts for some programs. We could be seeing significant shifts, dollars will be going

toward higher enrollment programs. We still have an issue with not having significant

dollars allocated per square foot. We get about $2.00 per square foot. We need to

have the legislators look at that. They are supposed to be giving us 2/3rds of the

educational costs we are now about 50/50 or below.

McSCU Technology Fee consultation-Student Involvement in Decision-Making

This does not mean that STR and Advisory Committee are the same thing. STR

previously gathered information and looked at spending-it would then go to SAC

and than come before this body with recommendation and then Senate would decide.

The MSU Technology Fee Advisory Committee would allow students to have the

majority of members on the committee. We need to have students we can plug in

to this committee. We need to go back to the Administration to request the administration

give us a 2/3 range, not just simple majority and that a vote would require a 2/3 vote. That

would be a good strategy for us to endorse. We have an opportunity before Meet &

Confer to give a response to this. We should pass a motion that would support the make up

of the MSU Technology Fee Advisory be made up of 2/3 students and that we need a

2/3 vote not just a simple majority. Students want to be know that as we support

technology we also want to know how the dollars are being spent.

Senator Mudd-Are there senators on the Constitution Commission?

President Gaffer-No

Senator Mudd-Will there be any senators?

President Gaffer-All the appointments have been made. If senators want representation

as an alternate, see me.

Senator Decker-Where would the money come from for the bonding?

President Gaffer-General obligation dollars (tax payer dollars). We are only asking

for design money of $2.6 million dollars.

Senator Weigold-In your opinion should some one be held unethical if they do not

want to lobby?

President Gaffer-Just because we don’t have a meeting does not mean senators do not want

to advocate for students, senators have made a commitment, I am passionate

about this. I am willing to discuss this further but I do feel it should be a mark

on senators if they do not show up.

Senator Flynn-When does the Constitution Commission meet?

President Gaffer-We will contact people and get this going.

Senator Flynn-Who is the commission made up of?

President Gaffer-Six students and two administrators.

Senator Hart-Is this Hockey game one of the games you had to buy an additional ticket


President Gaffer-Yes, other students would have to purchase a ticket.

Senator Khan-How many representatives are going to Washington DC?

President Gaffer-Just one.

Senator Entinger-Will there be sample emails for us to see in the office?

Senator Decker-You said we are here to get educated and to get jobs, how does SLD&SL figure in to that?

President Gaffer-Now would be a good time to meet with people in that office about their budget.

Speaker-I have a motion before me.

R#02.04.04A Senator Weigold/Senator Hart

Minnesota State Policy and Procedure for Technology fee 2.3.1 Student Involvement in Decision-Making

Revised process based on Minnesota State’s Procedure 5.11.1 Fees for Board Policy 5.11 Subpart C

Move to recommend that the makeup of the MSU Technology Advisory Committee be made up of 2/3 students, and any motion by that committee be passed by a 2/3 majority.

Senator Radtke-I support this motion but do have concern that the STR should have the first step and we have had problems with getting 2/3rds because of lack of quorum.

Senator Decker-I am wondering what the specifics are but this is just a recommendation.

Senator Weigold-This committee makes a better fit with Minnesota State policy.

We need to get students interested in committees when we have open positions.

Motion passes

Vice President Shahzad Anwer

I apologize that I had to leave early. The following committees will be activated soon

for those of you appointed to any of the following committees: Constitution Commission, Commission on Ethics & Standards, Steering Committee, Elections Committee.

Coordinator Jacobs and I met with Joan Roca, the chair of the Culture Diversity Task Force. We brought up issues and concerns. Dr. Roca plans to meet with individual diversity student groups. I gave him contacts for the Multi-Cultural student’s office and also Irfan Bangash for ISA>

President Gaffer, Coordinator Weigold and I met with Mark Johnson and associates to talk about on-line elections. There is a Hockey game at 7:05 PM Saturday, it is MSSA night, if you are interested

please talk to Cheri.

And last-I would like to recognize a senator who pretended to be invisible in the office today but in reality has truly helped this foreign student understand the true meaning “running around like a headless chicken” Bryan Hart.

Speaker Zach Biesanz

Apologize for venue of this meeting. About vote count in vacancy elections, they are counted and kept in the Speaker’s office. Vote counts are confidential. Regarding Lobby Day-I encourage you to go. If you can’tgo try to come to the office. I won’t declare your seat vacant if you do not come, but

try to come in the office and send out emails.

Senator Flynn-What is the attire for Lobby Day?

Speaker-Just dress warm.

Committee Reports

Academic Affairs Committee-Bryan Hart

Academic Affairs Committee Motion 02-04-04A

Whereas: The Academic Affairs Committee supports the change in the Minnesota State

graduation residency policy 3.17 and 3.21 to 30 hours in the last two years.

Be It Resolved: That MSSA approves the above statement.

Coordinator Hart-This would require students to be here for their last 30 credits.

Senator Mudd-What is the current requirement?

Senator Cichy-As of right now the standard says you have to be here your last semester. This says if you want your degree to say MSU,M you should take those credits here.

Senator Decker-I agree except that it could cost more in the long run.

Senator Schultz-It is 30 after the last 64 then it would go down, it would not have to be an additional semester but it would be 30 from 64.

Senator Decker-It means you would have to take an additional 29 here.

Senator Weigold-This could adversely make students take classes they do not need.

Senator Decker-If they only show up for the last two classes it hurts the integrity of the degree program.

Senator Weigold-If there credits are worthy of being transferred in the school is saying

they can be admitted.

Motion passes unanimously

Speaker-I have a motion before me

M#02-04-04 Senator Brandt/Senator Mudd

Move to limit all reports to no more than ten minutes per report.

Senator Brandt-We all have a lot of things to do, this would speed it up. You should be able to get details in the office during your office hours.

Speaker-This time applies to the monologue of the report not questions.

Senator Decker-This will speed up reports that could tend to be drawn out. This will make the reports to the point.

Senator Radtke-I also think if we are to limit report time then motions should also

be in the office before hand.

Senator Weigold-Move to amend that this applies only to this meeting.


Motion passes

Technology Coordinator-Adam Weigold

We met with Mark Johnson and they explained the on-line program. It is a good program however

we need to pass a motion regarding students with double majors.

Motion #02.04.04B Senator Weigold/Vice President Anwer

Whereas: the process on changing/selecting the major shall be resolved by MSSA at a later date prior to elections

Whereas: Students may have more than one declared major.

Whereas: Allowing electronic permission for students to vote for more than one college may cause trouble

So be it resolved: That all students may only vote for one college and only one residence as applicable in Spring elections

Tabled until the Elections committee can meet and provide and opinion.

Roll Call

Senators Present

Jessica Cichy, Rebecca Schaffer, Ryan Deimerly, Abbas Raza, Muhammad Jiwani, Nicole Schultz, Mohammed Omar, Irfan Bangash, Taku Kurashige, Bryan Hart, Faizan Khan, Ryan Flynn, Nathan Entinger, Adam Weigold, Kail Decker, Megan Brandt, Ian Radtke, Rachel Mudd, Trent Carr, Trevor Fleck

Senators Absent

Sudeep Shrestha, Greg Lessard, Abuzar Iqbal

Executive Staff Absent

President Gaffer(excused), Vice President Anwer


Ian Radtke-STR tomorrow 1-2 PM, Senate Office

Speaker-Sunday, Punk Rock band, North Ballroom, 7:00 PM

Senator Carr-Lobby Day Feb. 11.

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 6:30 PM