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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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71st MSSA Senate

March 3, 2004

Meeting called order by Speaker Zach Biesanz

Roll Call

Senators Present (Present-Absent-Proxy-Excused)

Jessica Cichy 17-0-0, Nicole Schultz 6-0-0, Stacey Stump 2-0-0, Irfan Bangash 23-0-1, Greg Lessard 22-2-0, Taku Kurashige 4-0-0, Bryan Hart 22-0-1-1, Faizan M. Khan 23-1-0, Ryan Flynn 5-0-0, Nathan Entinger 17-0-0, Adam Weigold 5-0-0, Kail Decker 17-0-0, Megan Brandt 23-0-1, Ian Radtke 23-1-0, Rachel Mudd 23-1-0, Trevor Fleck 4-0-1 Abbas Raza 11-5-1, Muhammad Jiwani 12-4-0, Mohammed Omar 4-1-0, Jeff Waldron 1-0-0

Senators Absent

Rebecca Schaffer 3-2-0,

Executive Staff Present

President Rhys Gaffer, Vice President Shahzad Anwer

SAC-Jeet Sausen, Chair

Budget Hearing-Friday, April 24 1:00

March 4-Health Services March 18-Athletics March 25 Theater & Dance

This will be a very big year, please attend the hearings. Also if you have questions and can not attend,

go and talk to the directors. This will be crucial to the budget hearing.

SAC R#02.19.04B MSU Lacrosse

SAC recommends funding up to $4,350.00 to MSU Men’s Lacrosse to attend a tournament in San Diego, CA.

Tim Vossen, Lacrosse Club President-Each member pays $800.00 per person. Team was put in A bracket because they have finished in the top three the past three years. To be in the A bracket we have to play 3 non-conference games. It is difficult to find games in the Midwest to play. We sent out over 60 e-mails to schools and after that decided to go to Cal Poly and represent MSU. We have never had issues with court behavior. We receive a lot of publicity. This trip will cost each player and additional $500.00 per person. We have played B&C bracket before and even without a goalie and pulling starters they won easily.

Senator Stump-Are you playing three games in California?

Senator Hart-Do you expect your fundraising to increase?

Mr. Vossen-Definitely, with the more people we have.

Senator Stump-Where are the other places you can go?

Mr. Vossen-There are other brackets closer-but it is hard to find three teams in one area that will play us.

Chair Sausen-I have nothing further.

Senator Stump-$1100.00 per player, is that close to what athletes get?

Chair Sausen-That is higher than most teams.

Senator Hart-Last week we talked about these requests that fall under different umbrellas, like they

fundraised $2,000-perhaps SAC could look at a matching grants.

Chair Sausen-I would love to look at that, that is not the current policy.

Senator Radtke-They have given a well put explanation as to why they are in the A bracket and the reasoning for the dollar amount of the request. I support this.

Senator Stump-I oppose this middle ground but feel they should go.

Senator Schultz-People do come here to play this sport.

Motion passes-one abstention

Chair Sausen-I want to see you at the SAC hearings. Thank you.

President Gaffer-Aside from instructing senate to go talk to the directors, are you planning any

training at all for the senators that have questions?

Chair Sausen-I will be spending more time in the office.

Senator Hart-Can we expect a weekly update from you?

Chair Sausen-We will make the budget books available and I will give an update.

Senator Schultz-Where will they be posted?

Chair Sausen-They will be on the SAC board and in the senate conference room.

Elections: Arts & Humanities, College of Education (2), SET, Undeclared (2), McElroy Hall, Off-Campus

Arts & Humanities-Elizabeth Lange, Mary Grambsch

Elizabeth Lange-I am currently a member of the Student Art League. I am trying to visit New York and

bring back information on student run art galleries. I am also working on muraling on campus. I am involved

in activities in the Art Dept. I am willing to be here and work on activities on campus.

Mary Grambsch-I was urged by the LGBT center to apply. I am involved in SAGE as President and I

work on LGBT issues. I am a theater major-USTT. I have worked in over 25 productions. Arts are

overlooked and I want to make sure they are kept positive.

Senator Brandt-Why did you choose to run at this time?

Ms. Grambsch-Jess Crary from LGBC told me to run and see where the money is going. I was not aware

of what senate did.

Ms. Lange-I was told by Disability Advisory Group that the seat was available and I could

help make changes.

Senator Decker-Do you think it is fair to be appointed as a senator with preconceived ideas?

Ms.Grambsch-You need not to be open minded.

Senator Hart-How much time do you have for senate?

Ms. Grambsch-I was told the meetings are from 3:00 PM on. I am available.

Ms. Lange-I am committed to the time it takes to be involved.

Senator Raza-What committees do you want to be on?

Ms.Grambsch-I do not know of committees.

Ms. Lange-I am here to learn.

Senator Stump-What is your level of current involvement?

Ms. Lange-Extremely high, I am president of two groups, photo club, doing bake sales, a trip.

Ms. Grambsch-I am heavily involved, President SAGE, Women’s Center, LGBT Center

Senator Weigold-As a senator would you represent your views or that of your constituents?

Ms. Grambsch-Students I represent. I am just one person.

Ms. Lange-I agree with that, as a senator you have a responsibility to your college.

President Gaffer-Could you talk about the number of students and the diversity of students that you come in contact with.

Ms. Lange-I am on campus six days a week, I am always available. I talk to every one I can. I have

a lot of acquaintances. That is what I like to do.

Ms. Grambsch-I talk to close to 30 people a day. I am in the center everyday and in the theater department.

President Gaffer-What is the one area our student association needs work on and what are your suggestions?

Ms. Grambsch-I don’t know what senate does so do not no strength and weaknesses.

Ms. Lange-I think that they should work on attendance of students showing up and being involved.

Senator Hart-What are some of your past accomplishments?

Ms. Lange-Recently we requested diversity funding and now we are going to have diversity movies.

Ms. Grambsch-A production of the Laramie project for the kick off of eliminate hate week.

Ms. Grambsch-I feel I am a leader in the campus community. I have a lot to contribute and would like the opportunity.

Ms. Lange-I see this group and I would be excited to be apart of it. I would like this to be the next step

in my academic career.

Senator Weigold-Move for 4 minute caucus.

President Gaffer-Considering the past, make questions germane to role they will have. I don’t want to see

a repeat of previous elections.

Speaker-I agree with President Gaffer’s sentiments but you can use the caucus for anything you want.

Senator Weigold-I want President Gaffer’s comments called out of order.

Speaker-I just clarified the comments.

Senator Decker-Point of personal privilege-can we use all information available?

Speaker-The point of personal privilege is for comfort, they can be etiquette. But you are going into

caucus. Points of personal privilege regarding recess are generally out of order.

I can’t tell you what to do during recess. You have 4 minutes-take 2 minutes to decide what you want to talk about and then discuss candidate for 2 minutes.

Motion passes

Elected Arts & Humanities Senator Elizabeth Lange

College of Science Engineering and Technology-David Bottin

I feel I have vast knowledge over the 20 years. I am currently on Parking Appeals. I feel assets can

be found in every ways. I feel I could help people find assets?

Senator Khan-Major?

Mr. Bottin-Computer Science

Senator Omar-Why did you choose to come to MSU?

Mr. Bottin-Because of the program they have, but we need to increase facilities, I would like to


Senator Hart-How much time can you put forward?

Mr. Bottin-I am open, many hours.

President Gaffer-Given this would be your first experience with senate? What is the one strength and weakness you can see about this senate?

Mr. Bottin-I see many multi cultures representing everyone, which is good. Students fear you because they don’t think their issues count.

Senator Omar-What can we do to let students know about the issues?

Mr. Bottin-You can approach students in the Women’s Center, outside of the Construction Café.

Senator Kurashige-In Computer Science, what do you think of the international students in your classes?

Mr. Bottin-No problem

Vice President Anwer-What motivates you to come and get involved?

Mr. Bottin-President Gaffer told me of the vacancies, I assumed when you were elected you were there for the whole year.

Mr. Bottin-I have served on many committees, through these vast experiences, I feel I could be

an asset to the senate.

Senator Weigold-I move for a 1 minute caucus. Motion fails.

Elected Science Engineering and Science Senator- David Bottin.

McElroy Hall-Laura Grote, Jani Grantz

Ms. Grote-I am running from the advice of the LGBC. I am aware of McElroy Hall issues. I would like to make the dorms safer. I want to support all that I am involved in.

Ms. Grantz-I found out about the input I can have on Senate. I would love to be more involved on campus.

I have applied to be a coordinator on my floor. I know many people on McElroy, I would love people

to come to me and I could then help make resident voices heard.

Senator Stump-What makes you prepared to represent the body you are running for?

Ms. Grantz-I have leadership qualities, I know people throughout the hall. I would love to have people come to me so I can help them.

Ms. Grote-I have lived on three different floors, I know people and I think I could help them.

Senator Flynn-If you heard about Res Hall issues such as paper towels etc, would they be brought up here or in Res Hall Association?

Ms. Grote-I think they have been brought up in RHA, maybe senate would have more voices.

Ms. Grantz-I think they should voice to every group. By coming here they will know they can have some input.

Senator Decker-What committees do you want to work on?

Ms. Grantz-I don’t know about all the committees, I know about Student Affairs. My schedule is open, and

I would be opening to help.

Ms. Grote-I am on Elections and I want to work on Student Affairs.

Senator Jiwani-Have you ever had problems with RHA, have you approached them and what response did you get?

Ms Grote-No, I have not and can not value their response.

Ms. Grantz-In the beginning of the semester I know when talking to the CA’s, they would talk to RHA and

issues were resolved.

Senator Stump-How open minded are you about diversity issues in your hall?

Ms. Grantz-I am very open with diversity. I came from Boulder Colorado and it is very diverse. I have worked with many races. You need to give everyone a chance.

Ms. Grote-Diversity does not just involve race.

Senator Khan-What motivates you to be involved on senate?

Ms. Grote-Another senator encouraged me.

Ms. Grantz-I just heard about this or I would have been here earlier.

President Gaffer-Of all the things that frustrate you, what frustrates you most and what would you do about that?

Ms. Grantz-We have WOW events-there needs to be more participation so everyone feels more comfortable.

More signs, more prizes-everyone needs to know what is going on.

Ms. Grote-I am very frustrated about how the LGBT center is being used. It is very used. We would also

like to get a paid position.

Ms. Grote-I feel coming here today is a good idea. I feel safer when I have more say on campus. I would

like to be involved on senate.

Ms. Grantz-Thank you all for listening. I believe this would be an incredible opportunity. I would like

the leadership opportunity and to be more involved in the campus community.

Elected McElroy Hall Senator Jani Grantz

Off-Campus -Mary Grambsch, Monica Brooks

Mary Grambsch-I have already said everything I have to say.

Monica Brooks-I feel I am a very approachable person, I heard about this opening from some senators.

Senator Decker-What committees would you be interested in”

Monica Brooks-I would be interested in many committees; I need more information on them.

Mary Grambsch-Likewise.

Vice President Anwer-Will you be around next year and maybe run again if you are elected?

Ms. Brooks-Yes

Ms. Grambsch-I will be graduating.

Senator Lessard-Could you please give a brief summary of the questions asked?

Ms. Grambsch-I can’t remember them all.

Ms. Brooks-I can’t remember them.

Senator Stump-How active are you on campus?

Ms. Brooks-I am not involved in many activities.

Ms. Grambsch-President of SAGE, USTT, Women’s Center, LGBC Center

Senator Radtke-As an Off-campus senator what are some of the issues facing off-campus students?

Ms. Grambsch-Parking situation.

Ms. Brooks-I am not aware of many issues other than parking.

Ms. Brooks-I appreciate the time, I am very open, I would like to be involved on campus and have a voice.

Ms. Grambsch-I feel I am a good leader, I am open minded, and I like to see two sides of an issue.

Elected Off-Campus Senator Monica Brooks

Senator Entinger-Move to suspend the rules to reopen elections for the Undeclared Seat

Motion to suspend the Rules failed

Motion to suspend the Rules to open elections-fails

Swearing in of new senators

Presentation-Christine Connolly, Director, Health Services

SHS/HE role on a campus: Keep students healthy; reduce overall costs, and increase retention and academic success. We do a lot more than provide health care; we have Minnesota State mandates.

Comprehensive health care to students (accident, injury, etc). Prevention services, physicals (sports, job)

GYN exams etc. Immunizations (those required and elected) Students are not allowed on campus with out

Proper immunizations. Treat allergy, asthma, mental health and other chronic conditions, manage school insurance plan (Health Services becomes gate keeper for insurance for international students, they are required to be in compliance) Lab services-this helps with affordability or do not have a car. Growth is happening

At no expense to students. Provide nutrition services-

Medical supervision for campus EMT’s (this used to be paid for outside and cost Security money –it is now free. Vaccinations for Risk Management Services. Medical supervision to athletic trainers and staffing training room. Physician at sporting events in case of an emergency. Prepare campus for medical emergency in the event that something should occur (meningitis, emergency response/preparedness)

Treat orthopedic injuries-athletics, dance, drama, etc. Collaborative educational programming with SLD/SL, Rec. Sports, Residential Life, ISO, Athletics, Women’s Center, Counseling Services, First Year Experience. Academic lectures in courses for health sciences, nutrition, women’s studies, nursing, and others. Medical services for summer camps/program-trio, Upward Bound.

The things that are new this year in Health Services are:

Per students request we implemented a $10.00 co-pay. Students have been very responsive to that. We have better insurance for students opting for insurance. We now have a staff person to assist with claims. We now have billing contracts with MnCare, BC/BS, Medica, and student resources. We can now bill insurance directly to all contracted providers (per students’ request). We have secured funds through outside grants. We have a 1.2 million proposal out there now. This grant came about after the riot and is about comprehensive efforts on alcohol related activities.

Providing much broader array. We have 56 health pro volunteers and we won a Minnesota State program review. Students that

We have an enhanced web site; this is getting used a lot. Health care costs are going up 12-18
% this year. Our request is going up 6.5%.

We are the only clinic that has national accreditation in the area. This year we are up for review. All policies,

budgets, expenses, customer satisfaction, improvement initiatives will be looked at. This is our audit year,

we get compared nationally. I am confident we will get this again. We are trying to generate money, get

grants and assume more fiscal responsibility to defray costs for students.

Senator Cichy-Have you worked within the College of Allied Health & Nursing with internships etc.

Director Connolly-Yes we are looking at some but we can not have an unlicensed person working. We are

looking at the Nurse Practioner program. It makes sense but not if people are uncomfortable coming through the door.

Senator Stump-Do you know the numbers you serve?

Director Connoly-4,136 this year. Duplicated numbers are over 12,000. We see about 50% of the campus by the end of the year.

Senator Hart-I like the idea of collaborative-with $1.2 million proposal-how can you work with other groups?

Director Connolly-Many groups and representatives have worked on getting this initiative.

President Gaffer-In fall you asked for a supplemental-have you seen numbers drop with $10.00 co pay.

Director Connolly-No, we are not seeing numbers drop significantly. We are seeing increase in revenue.

Senator Stump-Compare what you offer compared to ISJ. What is the biggest marketing on staying here?

vs. ISJ.

Director Connolly-Cost, every procedure is charged, and our lab cost $2-4. We don’t charge for all procedures.

Take a bill you get and call the clinic and compare it. Also the service-we get people to keep coming, they

trust the service.

Senator Schultz-I have not been to health services-can you charge if you do not have cash?

Director Connolly-Yes, no one will not be given services because of finances. You can put it on MSU


Senator Hart-Percentage we are paying is going down, but do you see budget leveling off?

Director Connolly-All services are costing more. We are doing are best.

Senator Hart-What kind of a percentage are you aiming for?

Director Connolly-50/50 would be fair. Very few colleges are below 70%. MSU students pay around $85.00

per person, many schools pay around $200.00

We meet all Minnesota State and federal mandates.

If students are not physically and mentally healthy, they cannot be intellectually proficient.

Approval of Agenda Agenda approved with changes in order and addition of Student Affairs to Committee Reports.

Approval of Minutes (2-25-04) Minutes stand approved

Officer Reports

President Rhys Gaffer (report given by Vice President Anwer)

Congratulations new senators. I am happy we have filled the positions.

Appointments: IPO/ISO Task Force-Shahzad Anwer, Student Affairs-Jeff Waldron

I received an email and policy draft for formal review from the Administration. A copy will be left in the MSSA office for senators to read. I would request that the Student Services Committee take this policy draft, discuss it and bring it forward to senate with it’s recommendations on or before April 2, 2004.

Constitution Commission met yesterday, no students that have been appointed came forward. As of now, MSSA has no viable Constitution Commission. This is an FYI for the senate.

I attended the Budget Sub Meet and Confer yesterday afternoon about the Student Athletic work group recommendations. Coordinators drew Duffy and Jen Jacobs were in attendance. The Athletic Dept. and Director Buisman will continue to discuss recommendations and will be seeking some additional review by the campus community leadership after break. I will help keep you updated on this issue.

MSSA budget for FY 2005-I am open to any senate liaison to review. I would request that senators interested to be appointed to the MSSA Budget Committee, please send your name to Vice President Anwer for appointment at the next MSSA/Senate meeting.

Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Awards: Ian Radtke-Whatchmacallit and Lifesaver. Nicole Schultz-Dough

Seeking help with state statues.

Commend Coordinator Verhelst for hard work on Email Brigade.

Senator Mudd-Are there now seats open on the Constitution Commission?

Vice President Anwer-Since all the members did not respond to the Commission, I believe we now

have openings.

Senator Lessard-What are the points of the International recruitment plan and why you have confidence in the recruitment plan?

Vice President Anwer-Right now international recruitment is by word of mouth. The number has grown because of transfer students and we have lower tuition. We want to increase quality of students, not necessarily

quantity. Plan does not say exactly what to do, but I can give you the whole plan. It is cost


Senator Bottin-Should we promote low cost? We won’t get the top students.

Vice President Anwer-We should not promote just low cost.

Senator Bottin-We are going to try to promote educational levels by the cost?

Vice President Anwer-Not entirely. If you compare currency of US compared to world, most other

countries are lower. Money is a huge concern, it does make a difference. We do want to recruit people

to something that is good and affordable. Michigan State students often transfer here because of the lower cost.

Senator Stump-What is the difference in this policy and the present policy?

Vice President Anwer-There is currently no policy of recruitment, retention, yes.

Speaker Zach Biesanz

Recognized Student Organizations: Math Club, Anime Fan Organization, Spanish Club, MSU Cycling Team, S.A.R.S. (Students Against Rising Student Fees), Maverick Mutual-The MSU Investment Club

Before the Budget Hearing-do research, attend meetings,

Caucusing-Although vacancy elections are closed, caucusing is used if you think it will be hard to get a majority. It is best used for Speaker elections which require a 60% majority. If you have two candidates there is a small chance it will be a tie.

Treasurer-We have not had a treasurer since 1998. The Senate should nominate a treasurer and then vote. The purpose of the Treasurer would be to put together a proposed budget for the senate to vote on before the SAC hearing.

“Previous speaker” I am picky on this in times of debate because no one wants hurt feelings. Don’t cross in front of presenters. Walk behind them.

Budget Hearing will be Wednesday, April 21 at 3:00 P.M. We will go in reverse alphabetical order for line items.

New Senators meet with me

As always you are invited to Yu’s after the meeting.

Senator Schultz-Should the Treasurer position be on the ballot?

Speaker-We have not had a Treasurer for a number of years, but we should have one.

Motion Senator Decker/Vice President Anwer


Whereas: No budget committee has been formed and meeting

Whereas: Having a proposed MSSA budget before elections is important

Be it Resolved: That the MSSA Senate appoints a treasurer by simple majority for the purpose of proposing a budget to SAC and only that purpose.

Be it further Resolved: The MSSA budget proposal is the treasurers’ only delegated authority.

Senator Decker-I believe a Budget Committee should do the work and give the proposal to us and then SAC.

Motion Passes

Nominations are now open for position of MSSA Treasurer.

Senator Decker nominates Senator Weigold

Adam Weigold-yield

Elected Treasurer-Adam Weigold

Committee Reports

SAC R#02.26.04A

SAC recommends funding up to $150.00 to MSU Aikido Club to attend the Kangeiko Winter Training Seminar in Chicago, IL.

Chair Sausen-Two members attended

Motion Passes

Academic Affairs-Bryan Hart, Chair

Met with Dr. Sandman and Lynn Akey today on Academic Excellence, we discussed many things that

will come to fruition in the Fall.

Ensuring Cultural Diversity-Greg Lessard, Chair

Committee Motion M# 03.01.04A

Whereas: Ethnic diversity and cultural pluralism is a great priority to the future of MSU’s growth and

Whereas: The issue of recruitment and retention of International students should become a great priority in

Whereas: MSU currently does not have a model or process of recruiting a greater amount of quality International students.

Be it Resolved: On recommendation of the MSSA ECDC Committee that MSSA supports the concept and model that was presented to the ECDC Committee. This issue should be handled in a timely manner to document support and to accelerate the progress of the recruitment of International students.

Chair Lessard-This recruitment plan is something we do not do at all. This has to do with the pluralism of students. It is a good motion. ECDC is working on the campus climate. The more background we get the better it will be. This is a word of mouth issue; students need to know of us.

Vice President Anwer-This issue was presented to Admission, ISO, President Gaffer, and Joan Rocca last summer. I have never received feedback. I just want to know if this is a feasible idea.

Senator Hart-What kind of action will be taken after our vote?

Chair Lessard-It should go to Dr. Sandman and Cultural Diversity plus other groups dealing with


Senator Stump-What is the cost effectiveness of this?

Vice President Anwer-Provide students going home with information and a video and booklet that

they could present at home. We need to talk about our strengths.

Senator Hart-What prevents ISA from doing this now?

Chair Lessard-I am not sure they now have a video or booklet.

Vice President Anwer-ISA can not do this because of the huge liability issue. We need permission

from the administration. We need support and funding. And no one has brought this forward.

Senator Stump-How is this a liability issue?

Vice President Anwer-Students would be doing this representing the university, many schools do this, and students could sign a waiver.

Senator Raza-Who will decide who will do this and where do they go?

Vice President Anwer-As far as I understand ECDC just wants support for this, and then a policy will be


Senator Raza-What stage is this in?

Vice President Anwer-This is an idea being presented only. The student body needs to say this is a good idea. It is not been considered at all.

Senator Kurashige-This is a great idea-did you take this to ISA?

Vice President Anwer-The idea was put forward to ISA.

Senator Schultz-Intent would be voluntary-to request students to take materials home?

Vice President Anwer-It would be through the ISO.

Senator Khan-Would this be financed by student fees?

Senator Hart-This is a very general plan, the ISO could take this upon their own.

Senator Schultz-I agree the ISO should do this on their own, it would be more long-term and effective.

Senator Stump-This would tell the university something about recruiting international students.

Senator Kurashige-I support this because it would be done by MSU students.

Senator Hart-I also think this should be implemented on a domestic side. It could be done now.

Senator Lessard-This does need administration support.

Senator Schultz-This would require formal training. That would be crucial.

Motion passes unanimously

Senator Schultz-You spoke of campus climate survey, what are your plans?

Chair Lessard-Through various meetings with groups on campus, we felt it

should have questions specific to our area.

Senator Schultz-After you complete this will you be bringing it to other groups?

Chair Lessard-We fully intend to bring it to as many groups as possible, maybe even

Email it.

Student Affairs Committee-Nathen Entinger, Chair

Student Affairs does not support the early registration policy handed to the senate last week. It is not supported on the basis that: Everyone already has an inconvenience, there is no limit on how often or how many times a year it could be used. We feel it is going to cause more headaches then it is worth.

Student Affairs is also working on a policy for inclement weather.

Senator Lessard-Has anyone in the group addressed anyone that has heard the presentation

from Kevin Buisman?

Chair Entinger-Senator Mudd, Senator Khan heard the presentation.

Senator Reports

Off-Campus-Nathen Entinger

I have been busy designing websites. MY class load has increased. I am going to the great north for spring break.

Senator Stump-What off-campus issues are people talking about?

Senator Entinger-Landlord/tenant issues. This has become an issue for the community. Parking

is also an issue, inclement weather policy.


Speaker-March 17 we will have a tour from Campus Rec. Meet at 3:00 PM

Senator Bangash-International Student Olympics starting March 20.

Senator Weigold-Out break on SARS on campus-check out the web site.

Senator Lessard-Coffee Hag Thursday night at 7:00 P.M. A native American and nature photographer

will be speaking on oil drilling.

Senator Hart-It is true, March 2 at neighbors, I proposed. We are both very happy.

Roll Call

Senators Present

Jessica Cichy, Elizabeth Lange, Nicole Schultz, Stacey Stump, Irfan Bangash, Greg Lessard, Taku Kurashige, Bryan Hart, Faizan Khan, Ryan Flynn, Nathan Entinger, Adam Weigold, Megan Brandt, Ian Radtke, Rachel Mudd, Trevor Fleck, Kail Decker, Jeff Waldron Abbas Raza, Mohammed Omar, Dave Bottin, Jani Grantz, Monica Brooks

Senators Absent

Muhammad Jiwani, Rebecca Schaffer,

Executive Staff Present

Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Executive Staff Absent

President Rhys Gaffer

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 7:30