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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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71st MSSA Senate

March 24, 2004

Meeting called order by Speaker Zach Biesanz

Roll Call

Senators Present (Present-Absent-Proxy-Excused)

Jessica Cichy 18-1-0, Elizabeth Lange 2-0-0, Abbas Raza 13-5-1, Nicole Schultz 8-0-0, Mohammed Omar 6-1-0, Irfan Bangash 25-0-1, David Bottin 2-0-0, Greg Lessard 24-2-0, Taku Kurashige 6-0-0, Bryan Hart-proxy Zack Ellsworth t 23-0-2-1, Jani Grantz21-0-0, Nathan Entinger 19-0-0, Adam Weigold 7-0-0, Kail Decker 19-0-0, Megan Brandt 25-0-1, Ian Radtke 25-1-0, Rachel Mudd 25-1-0, Trevor Fleck 6-0-1, Monica Brooks 2-0-0

Senators Absent

Stacey Stump 3-1-0, Faizan M. Khan 24-2-0, Ryan Flynn 6-1-0, Muhammad Jiwani 12-6-0, Jeff Waldron 1-1-0

Executive Staff Present

Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Presentation-Stefanie Kelly, Strategic Priority Marketing & PR Plan of Modern University

Marketing and Promotions Director in Athletics. Strategic PR for Marketing. Our university has an image problem. We hired a research firm last fall that polled many groups including people living in a 250 mile radius and asked them what they thought of when you said MSU. The top responses were: Don’t know-9.4% 8.1% Hockey, 3.6 % said party school, 2.4% said dead on weekends. MSU has had 135 years of quality education, and this is our image, we need to do something about this image. Quality work will go unnoticed and the university will suffer. To change we need to change messages from students, staff and faculty. All of us are the individuals that can tell positive images. We need to be less humble and talk about our successes. Research showed we

have excellent positive things happening but people do not talk about it. The marketing firm of Shandwick Weber came up us with what makes MSU distinctive, who do we think we are? Outline created: Key attributes: Talk about these when talking about MSU. We are Dynamic, Collaborative, Inclusive-tell stories that we are. Tell others about our partnerships with faculty, staff and students, and that we are a nurturing community. We are welcoming, great, we support diversity, community supports several events and programs. Vital to success is the participation of everyone at MSU. Marketing and Communication Dept. has a web site that you can tell accomplishments and give examples of the things that make us dynamic, collaborative and inclusive. The office also has the graphic standards manual on the website that can be downloaded. When this is rolling there will be follow-up research. Image we want is “Graduates are savvy. The have had experience and they know how to learn” MSU is everywhere, . The campus feels like campus. It’s a place I want to be.

Senator Entinger-What else is on the agenda for creating a friendlier environment?

Senator Weigold-Are you aware if the Diversity Task force approved the statement that “MSU creates a diverse academic and cultural environment that develops mutual respect for and celebration of all individuals”?

Senator Mudd-I see you have the negative percentages, what are the other 75% of the breakdown?

Senator Lessard-What is the correlation between enrollment and perception?

Stefani Kelly-You are right people may not be conceiving the negative.

Senator Lessard-Is this a general attitude toward state colleges?

Approval of Agenda Addition of Committee Reports-Academic Affairs, Greg Lessard

Approval of Minutes (3-17-04) Minutes stand approved

Committee Reports

SAC-Jeet Sausen, Chair

Tomorrow at 8:00 Theater and Dance Repertory, Women’s Center. Friday, International Students

(Handouts summarizing material in front of budget books)

Elections Committee-Nicole Schultz, Committee Member (2004 revised Election Rules)

Senator Radtke-What is rationale for eliminating write in votes.

Senator Schultz-This year because of On-line election and the committee felt everyone should follow the same rules and fill out application and review rules. They should take initiative.

When will the election results be posted?

Senator Schultz-Don’t know exactly how long it will take, sometime after 6:00 PM when the elections close.

Senator Weigold-Did the ITS say it was impossible for write in votes?

Senator Schultz-They felt it might be too difficult this year because of the time line.

Senator Lessard-15 feet from the polling site-is that more or less?

Senator Schultz-We felt it was similar, there was not something documented.

Senator Bottin-Voting stations? Does that include all of the ACC?

Senator Schultz-It refers to voting stations manned by a judge. Students can vote anywhere.

Senator Cichy-Wasn’t the purpose of on line elections to increase voter turnout?

Senator Schultz-Yes, there was an increase at Winona.

Senator Cichy-Doesn’t having stations defeat the purpose?

Senator Schultz-Voting stations are for someone that may have trouble voting, they can go to a station.

Senator Lessard-Can I have a piece of paper saying I voted.

Senator Schultz-You will have a receipt number, you can check that number and see if it is accurate as to how you voted. .

Vice President Anwer-Did you discuss mass emailing?

Senator Schultz-We discussed it.

Vice President Anwer-Mass mailing was illegal in past years.

Senator Schultz-There was no documentation, if you want, it should be put in to these rules.

Senator Radtke-How do we eliminate double voting if there are voting stations?

Senator Schultz-There is no paper voting, we will have computers at the stations.

Senator Bottin-How is the committee going to get the word out to candidates.

Senator Schultz-Candidates will have that on every poster, publicity will also be in Reporter, flyers.

Senator Bangash-Will you have resumes on web site?

Senator Schultz-We did not talk about that.

Senator Decker-What kind of security will there be for on line elections?

Senator Weigold-We are regulated by Minnesota State-same as tech id, password.

Senator Radtke-I disagree strongly with write-ins not being held. That is fundamental to the voting process.

Senator Lessard-Can anyone get tech ids and vote?

Vice President Anwer-Write in’s are important. Also we need to discuss mass emails.

Senator Weigold-I was aware write in’s were possible. Regarding fraud-it is harder to get someone’s pin number

than to maybe stuff a ballot box as I was told by a previous Speaker has happened in the past.

Senator Schultz-Regarding write in’s, if someone wants to be a senator, they should assume responsibility.

I support not allowing mass mailings from offices .

Senator Weigold-Can someone clarify about sending mass emails.

Vice President Anwer-You can not send out through offices-mass mailings can not come from an office, but

an organization can send mass emails to their people.

Senator Decker-I am still concerned about getting tech ids. If people are going to vote, they have a plan to


Senator Bottin-I disagree with previous speaker. If you are in the nursing program, you can only vote

for someone in that college.

Senator Cichy-I agree with previous speaker, we have smart students that are good at hacking. This is

kind of scary.

Senator Radtke-Security is always a concern, with paper ballot it is not secure. Security is aware of

hacking, we should not succumb to hacking, it is a reality but not a serious concern.

Senator Weigold-With Computer Science skills, personally I feel if I was going to commit fraud, paper

ballot would be easier.

Senator Schultz-Senator Mudd-pointed it out-Article III, Section A-campaign material blanket email. We have

already shown signs of trust on campus with direct deposit, scheduling classes.

Amendment to Election Rules-Moved by Senator Radtke/Senator Weigold

Article II, Section C

Move to amend the proposed general election rules to include Article II, Section C (currently recommended for deletion)

Senator Radtke-It was in the original election rules.

Senator Weigold-This may way a close election, it is my right to vote for Winnie the Pooh if I want.

Senator Lange-If write-in’s are added, would it be computer or paper based?

Senator Weigold-It would be computer but after the election the write in’s would be listed, the committee would have to count them by hand.

Senator Cichy-I am appalled that the Election Committee does not want to take the time to communicate and

consider doing write ins

Senator Schultz-The committee put in many hours and communicating was done on more than one occasion with ITS. I want to reiterate that if we do write in’s it may hinder the ability to go on-line.

Senator Weigold-I will agree with the Election Committee, they did have good intentions and they put in a lot of time on these rules. But I disagree that it will hinder the on-line process.

Senator Cichy-It is my opinion we should have paper ballots.

Senator Raza-Regarding the write-ins, I don’t know if ITS can do this or not. Should we go to

paper ballots if this would hinder on-line elections?

Senator Radtke-We have given support for on-line elections, if not we will have paper ballots.

Senator Weigold-Write in’s may hinder the issue or may not.

Amendment passes 1 abstention

General Election rules pass as amended

Academic Affairs-Greg Lessard

Academic Affairs Motion 03.25.04A Course repeats Senator Cichy/Senator Schultz

Whereas: The Academic Affairs Committee does not support the addition to the course repeat policy indicating the relationship between course repeats and cumulative rate containing

“Each time a course is taken will count as attempted credits in course completion rate

and in calculation of credit limit for financial aid”

Whereas: Completed classes should not negatively affect course completion rate despite the

Retaking of a class.

Be It Resolved: The Minnesota State Student Association does not support the addition to the course

repeat policy.

Vice President Anwer-Does this mean it will not be on your transcript anymore, or is there an I on your transcript

.Speaker-With what is proposed, if you retake a course it will negatively impact your completion rate.

Senator Lessard-Both grades will be on transcript.

Senator Weigold-I am speaking from experience, if you are willing to take a class again, why should

you be punished?

Senator Cichy-Often times Nursing students retake courses. That is why I support this.

Vice President Anwer-This has been a problem in the past. Last semester the administration, passed

the completion rate. This will just create more problems for students.

Speaker, Before forwarding, I will add narration.

Motion passes unanimously

Academic Affairs Motion 03.25.04B BA & BS requirements Senator Schultz/Senator Lange

Whereas: The Academic Affairs Committee support the rational to eliminate the possibility of earning two degrees while completing no additional coursework for the second degree other than a language requirement.

Whereas: It may be possible to create a B.A. and B.S. program with a considerable difference of at least 24 credit hours.

Whereas: Students who have declared a major/degree working towards both a B.S. and B.A. in some degree programs prior to such a restriction being implemented by grandfathered in an permitted to receive

Both a B.A. and B.S. as the current course catalog allows.

Be It Enacted: MSSA does not support eliminating the ability to earn a B.S. and a B.A. in the same degree program.

Senator Lessard-currently you can get two degrees by adding a foreign language. This is not a big enough

task to receive two degrees. The university is lacking in the appropriate requirements to receive the

two degrees. The way the motion is stated the key issue is that the committee feels there should be

responsibility on the colleges to require appropriate requirements.

Senator Weigold-Unlike the previous motion are we just asking for requirements to be added?

Senator Lessard-Yes, we feel we should be adding addition credits.

Senator Cichy-If it is more difficult to get the degree it adds more credibility.

Senator Radtke-What is that stipulation?

Senator Lessard-The motion states at lease 24 credit hours. People could be grandfathered in.

The administration says they do not care, but we want guidelines and people to be grandfathered in.

Senator Schultz-I think students should have this opportunity, but six credits is not enough. It is also

important to allow students to be grandfathered in.

Senator Radtke-I am wondering if wording needs to be added that states whereas

Senator Weigold-I like the adding of the whereas

Motion passes unanimously

We want more ideas on Priority Registration. Adding priority registration to PR would be very modern.

Officer Reports

President Gaffer (written report)

Most members of the MSSA executive cabinet and I attended a meet and confer with President Davenport and members of his cabinet yesterday. We discussed the timeline for the Athletics Review Work Group decision/recommendations that will likely be announced tonight or tomorrow. Senate and others from the campus community will be invited to give comments on that recommendation prior to any final decision being made.

We also spoke about some legislative affairs issues regarding HEAPR funding and two proposed bills: One that would allow a student to receive a teacher’s license within a year without being an education major, and another

That would allow PhD programs at the Minnesota State universities.

Senate is being asked to perform a formal review and submit feedback for the next meet and confer about Course Load Limits. The next meet and confer date is April 28 at 1:00 P.M.

Also, the Minnesota Campus Compact nominations are being accepted. Senator Bryan Hart is currently one of the students serving as a campus representative for this organization and can likely answer any question that you might have about this program. There can be multiple representatives appointed from each campus. President Davenport is very interested in supporting students who would like to represent MSU in this program.

This weekend is the MSUSA delegates assembly conference. Tomorrow night is the Nellie Stone Johnson Dinner. There are still three seats at the MSU table if a student would like to attend. The delegates for this weekend are Adam Weigold, Tim Ibisch, Elizabeth Lange, Drew Duffy, Marcus Peters, Irfan Bangash, Stacey Stump and Jason Casey. Elections for state and vice chair, work on the committee platforms, 2005 budget and proposed changes to the Articles of Operation will be performed at this meeting. Please go to the web ste for additional information.

Thanks to all the senators who were able to attend last night’s MSSA appreciation dinner.

Vice President Shahzad Anwer

President Gaffer is not here because he is not feeling well and he has an exam at 6:00 PM.

The idea of Priority Registration was to study it and then decide if we are going to support it or not.

Many of you already know that we are trying to get $3.2 for design for Trafton Center. If this gets passed it will be the biggest Minnesota State project. We need people to sit at the email brigade table and get people to sign up and send emails to their legislators.

Appreciation award today goes to Megan Brandt for being a Joy.

Speaker Zach Biesanz

Recognized Student Organizations: The Student Resistance, Muslim Student Association

Senator Bottin-Objection-This country has military resistance by choice.

Senator Decker-The military can go and not exploit.

Senator Weigold-I am support of the Military and the economy. I also support the right to organize and therefore support the approval of this RSO.

Senator Cichy-The best thing in America is the right to our own opinions.

Senator Omar-Is this organization afflicted with any political party?

Speaker-No statement of affiliation is in their constitution.

Senator Bottin-What is their mission statement?

Speaker: To organize resistance and inspire activism against economic and militaristic exploitation.

Senator Weigold-Roll Call Vote second Senator Decker

Senator Radtke-This states no judgment.

Senator Weigold-If you vote no, you should be on record.

Senator Lessard-This is a political tactic.

Roll Call Vote

Senators Voting Yes

Jessica Cichy, Elisabeth Lange, Abbas Raza, Nicole Schultz, Mohammed Omar, Irfan Bangash, Greg Lessard, Bryan Hart, Jani Grantz, Nathan Entinger, Adam Weigold, Megan Brandt, Ian Radtke, Rachel Mudd, Monica Brooks, Kail Decker, Trevor Fleck

Senators Voting No

Dave Bottin/rights Due to the fact that they do not have officers holding any positions and that they are

militaristic I can not support the approval of this RSO on campus. We are trying to remove hatred, this

organization will increase hatred among students, faculty and staff.

Motion passes 18-1

Correspondence from Coordinator Kunwar Singh regarding April 1, Tenant Forum.

ROTC issue-I have reviewed the contract between the Dept. of Defense and MSU. There is a one year contract, there could be some financial issues. Harvard has done this and cut funding to allow students to attend MIT.

Interior Design is desperate for classroom space. This would give extra space in that building. However, that is not the motivation.

Senator Bottin-Have you brought it to the attention of the administration that there are classrooms full of junk over there?

Senator Bottin-Regarding the article as a student that you wrote-have you investigated how much federal funding this institution would lose if we did not have ROTC?

Speaker-I have not investigated that. It is ludicrous to put a price tag on discrimination.

Senator Schultz-You are researching this, or have you had discussion on this with the administration?

Speaker Biesanz-I have had discussion with Vice President Scott Olson and Dean Mike Miller of the College of Education. I hope to bring them more recent findings. The MSSA Senate is the voice of the body to the administration.

Treasurer Adam Weigold

The budget was submitted last week. I also have some amendments to the MSSA Bylaws. Currently

the President has the only restriction of not spending more than he has. These amendments will not

hinder the president from doing his/her job.

$75.00-This was copied from an old motion that was not passed. There is an ability of check and

balance. It says the Speaker, Treasurer, Vice President can also approve. There is the possibility

that the President can take money from one line item and put it to what ever he wants. This just

assures the senate that we know what the president wants.

Senator Cichy-I have heard of organizations that do not know of spending or of their budgets.

Treasurer Weigold-This would assure that the senate would see the budget.

Proposed Amendment to MSSA Bylaws- Senator Weigold/Senator Decker

Article IX Section 3

The MSSA President shall secure the consent of the MSSA Senate to spend more than $75.00 in

discretionary spending.

The Senate Speaker and Treasurer may together grant an exemption to this policy if a time constraint exists. If no Treasurer exists, the Senate Speaker and MSSA Vice President may together grant an exemption to this policy if a time constraint exists. If an exemption is granted the MSSA Senate must be informed at the next scheduled MSSA Senate meeting.

Section 4

The MSSA President shall secure the consent of the MSSA Senate to allocate surplus discretionary funds from within one line item into another line item.

Section 5

It shall be the duty of the Treasurer, If one exists of the MSSA Senate to inform the MSSA Senate, of any danger of violating this bylaw.

Speaker-This means that it will be up for discussion next week. This is as an initiative.

Senator Weigold-This does not put stipulations on the President.

Senator Decker-This just says that spending over $75.00 would be brought before the senate.

Senator Omar-What has prompted this?

Senator Weigold-I saw a problem and felt it should be fixed instead of waiting. It might be good to do this before another administration comes in.

Motion passes

Speaker- I have a Motion before me

Vice President Anwer/Senator Decker-Priority Registration


Be it Resolved: The MSSA Senate suggest that there be a committee formed with representatives from the appropriate offices, such as the Registrars Office, Faculty Association, MSSA, Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, and any other appropriate representatives.

Further Be it Resolved: The committee re-define “university sponsored events” and “routinely’ and any other specific definitions needed. Define the parameters, rules, and guidelines if a system of priority registration is to be put into action. Define Pros and cons of priority registration. If a priority registration system is set into place, define the rules at which a group may apply to use the system. If a priority registration system is set into place, all groups who wish to may apply, however, the committee shall decide who is eligible and who is not eligible based on the guidelines, rules, and parameters they defined.

Vice President Anwer-These are things we need to know before we can pass a motion.

Senator Decker-If the committee does this will it still come through us before it is enacted?

Senator Bottin-There are 50% of the schools in our conference that do have it. I would like to have the student voice heard.

Vice President Anwer-Maybe we should make an amendment that it be brought back to us.

Senator Schultz-If this committee would be formed my constituents would still not support it. Just because

something is university sponsored does not mean it is supported.

Senator Weigold-Move to table for the purpose of another motion to be reconsidered.

Motion passes

Move by Senator Weigold/Senator Mudd


MSSA is not in support of priority registration

Senator Weigold-I feel it would be a waste of time of a committee if the senate is against this.

Senator Mudd-I believe that this would be a waste of time.

Senator Omar-I feel we have a lot to learn, some senators are agains this, but we do need to consider this.

Vice President Anwer-I am against this motion. The way the policy is written it is not right, but we need

to go back and rewrite and reconsider this. The constituents affected is huge. Shutting down would be a bad idea.

Senator Bottin-As Academic senators we should be looking at the GPA’s and other senators should look at

how we can help other student that represent our university.

Senator Cichy-I support this motion, more people were disgusted with this.

Senator Lessard-I feel students think there should be a better way to register students. There is a good

argument to help benefit students. We should try to help legitimate contracts. I am not talking about

just Athletics or Forensics.

Senator Cichy-I am concerned that we are becoming puppets. You do not know what 1000 extra students want.

Senator Schultz-This should not be related to university sponsored activities. All of us as students are responsible

for representing the university, like in the riots. One person’s money is not better than anyone else’s. You can

not say who is vested more in the university.

Senator Omar-We are basing this on the number of students from athletics and forensics, but we are representing

students, we need to help people succeed in what they do.

Senator Radtke-This has been an issue I have discussed with many people. The large majority of students feel

the registration functions fine. I do not feel priority registration is fair to 14,000 students.

Senator Bottin-I feel it does affect all students, yet for some students they have to put in work above and beyond

their status for the university.

Senator Lessard-I am back and forth on this issue. It is a great conversation tool. Do we have the type of institution that this will mess up a large amount of people? When it comes to making a model work-do we

support yes or no-I feel we should take time as I am not convinced.

Senator Weigold-Freshman do have problems registering but this puts even more people ahead of them.

Senator Lange-In Arts and Humanities they are happy that they are included although it is a split down the

line on people supporting and not supporting. I would like to hear from a committee.

Senator Weigold-I feel athletics included them for support.

Senator Cichy-This has been on the board for months. You should have talked to your constituents.

Vice President Anwer- If you plan to abstain, that goes against the motion. If you are not sure, vote no

so it can be discussed.

Senator Radtke-Even if we vote yes, it can come up for the next four years.

Senator Lessard- It seems if we vote against Priority Registration people may form a committee or they may give up. This has been in the works for a long time.

Senator Entinger-Maybe this is about how many classes we have to register for. Someone could by pass us and

go to the administration.

Motion passes 12-7

Vice President Anwer-Move to withdraw motion


Senator Weigold/Senator Mudd M#03.24.04E ROTC Program

Whereas: Academic freedom and willing acceptance of diversity are central tenants of a modern university.

Whereas: The ROTC programs at Minnesota State University Mankato practice federally mandated discrimination against homosexual students or physically disabled students.

Whereas: This discrimination rejects the value of diversity and abridges the academic freedom of all ROTC

Students, gay or straight, disabled or not.

Be It Resolved: The MSSA Senate finds federally mandated discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or physical disability abhorrent and condemns its practice on the university campuses. We urge the university administration and the Boards of Trustees and Governors to join us in this condemnation.

Be It Further Resolved: The MSSA Senate urges the administration to appoint a high level committee including students and faculty to implement is recommendations as completely as possible short of causing the University to be deemed to have an “anti-ROTC policy” by the Secretary of Defense. The Administration is requested to make a report in one year to the full Senate on its progress in implementing these recommendations.

Senator Mudd-If we want MSU to be dynamic, collaborative and inclusive we can not practice discrimination.

Senator Bottin-I feel this is not conducive to the number of veterans, veterans children that go to this college.

Senator Lessard-There is not threat of financial matter. We can not let discriminatory practice continue.

I hope one day our army will not be discriminatory.

Senator Bottin-The mandate set forth by ROTC is mandated by the Federal Government. According to

Appendix We don’t ask you don’t tell, where does it state they are against homosexuality? I have been in the

military with homosexuals.

Speaker-It is against Army policy to commit a homosexual act.

Senator Mudd-The point of this motion is not to change ROTC, but we want it to say we do not accept this

behavior, and if it continues you are not welcome at our school.

Senator Bottin-I would like to see information that proves the Speaker’s point. The letter to the editor shows

blurps-but it does not tell us where we can have this substantiated.

Senator Weigold-I planned this motion before I read the letter to the editor.

Senator Lange-I move to amend that this is not only based on sexual but physical orientation.

Senator Lange-The discrimination that the military has is huge, we can not only talk about one issue,

many issues are there, I could not even get a job as a secretary.

Senator Bottin-Tell me which disabled person want s to be put in that tank. That is not discrimination,

but job limitation.

Senator Lessard-I believe we are in compliance with physical and disability laws. The idea of job

limits I can understand.

Senator Decker-Job limitations are being freed up.

Senator Lessard-Can ROTC amend its policies to implement to having any type of physical disabilities?

Vice President Anwer-We are talking about federal laws, ROTC can not change.

Senator Weigold-In order to be thrown in a tank someone would need to be trained, they do not just put anyone in a tank-the army does also have need of secretary work.

Senator Kurashige-Also, we can give our opinions-but they have their own programs, we can give our opinions, but we may not know the entire story. I would encourage us to hear more.

Senator Brandt-Move to table to next week.

Senator Radtke-Would it be possible to get a representative from ROTC to come to senate before we pass for

or against. I have not had my questions answered, I would like to hear from an authority, so we do not jump

to conclusions.

Senator Omar-I agree, we should hear more before we rush into this.

Senator Weigold-We could table, but we could pass this and then overturn it.

Senator Schultz-If you were to make a motion to table we could also hear from Affirmative Action.

Senator Omar-If we pass this motion, it would discourage them from coming.

Vice President Anwer-I agree with previous speaker. We can not jump into this without jumping to conclusions.

Overturning is something we can do but it then says something about the senate.

Senator Lessard-I move to table this issue until next week or until we get a presentation from ROTC and

Affirmative Action. Second Senator Omar

Motion to table passes

Speaker-The Vice President did not have the right to withdraw his motion without the consent of the senate.

Motion passes

Senator Reports

Off-Campus Kail Decker

Landlord/Tenant Comment Board. This will be down stairs around the construction area.

I hope everyone had a good time at the dinner last night. S.A.R.S. is up and running, I am the

Viceroy of this organization. This stands for Students Against Rising Students fees.

To those attending have a good time at the Delegates Assembly and bring some good info back to the senate.

Senator Bangash-Why are you not going to Delegates.

I Did not have the opportunity

Off-Campus Megan Brandt

Everyone has Landlord tenant issues. Encourage constituents to attend the forum.

Priority Registration-I have never had a hard time getting into a class. Many classes are offered at other times. My classes for my major, I went to the department and pleaded my case.

The dinner last night was great.

Graduate Studies Nicole Schultz

Graduate Dean’s Search has brought three candidates to campus, Extended Dean’s Search-I will report on soon. I have a retreat on friday, April 9. Work on the Elections Committee has gone well. The Graduate

Advisory Committee has need of a 3rd member. We would like to propose a grad student/grad assistant orientation. I am working on starting a new grad student RSO. I will be attending two workshops. April 2, Framework for Understanding Poverty Workshop and April 17, MSU,M/SCTC Training Trainers Workshop. I was nominated for the Minnesota State Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award, I did not receive it but it was an honor to be nominated. I will be doing by thesis defense Tuesday, March 30.

Vice President Anwer-Congratulations, do you think that the grad students need an orientation, and should it be from first year experience or graduate studies office.

Senator Schultz-Neither-each department should orientate their own students and be for all grad students not just assistants.

Senator Decker-Quickly as you could, what are you going to defend?

Senator Schultz-Diversity training-awareness training, legalities training-promoting material teachers

can use in the classroom on diversity training.

Social & Behavioral Science-Taku Kurashige

Friday-Japanese Dance, presented by Bando-Ryu. Performed by Satoru Bando and Ouju Bando. Seats are limited so grab your ticket and show up . Don’t miss the opportunity of experiencing old Japanese beauty. Ostrander Auditorium 5:00-6:15. These people were my teachers.

Off-Campus-Rachel Mudd

The Children’s House serves many children, the problem is that they have a $32,000 deficit. They have cut field trips, student employment. They employee 93 student workers. Children’s House has looked at options, one is The Childcare grants-or they can close down day care. This is a scary thought as many students do send their children there. Also many majors that require observation would not have this opportunity for students. I want to let you know what is going on, it may not seem a concern if you do not have children. This does affect many students.

Senator Lessard-What budget is this under? Do they generate their own funds?

Senator Mudd-Yes

Senator Cichy-Are they looking at making cuts?

Senator Mudd-They are under contracts which are up July 1. I don’t believe the parents will let this happen.

Senator Bottin-Have they looked at contacting the counties for grants?

Senator Mudd-Yes, they do receive grants from the federal government. Parents pay for

74% of budget.


Senator Radtke-I am an astronomy major-Stanford observatory is now open after sun down.

Senator Weigold-Many people do not approve of Bush, but John Kerry sucks

Senator Decker-Vice President of Student Affairs is still accepting candidates.

Senator Lessard-A 94 year old woman will be stopping on campus and walking to city hall, she does

not feel the current electoral process can let democracy happen

Speaker-This Friday nite-Janapese Dance-highly recommend. This would cost about $80.00 in Japan These are Taku’s teachers and Taku will also be performing. This is worth $3.00

Senator Schultz-Chevy Nova for sale $500.00 or best offer.

Roll Call

Senators Present

Jessica Cichy, Elisabeth Lange, Abbas Raza, Nicole Schultz, Mohammed Omar, Irfan Bangash, David Bottin, Greg Lessard, Taku Kurashige, Bryan Hart-proxy Zack Ellsworth, Jani Grantz, Nathan Entinger, Adam Weigold, Kail Decker, Megan Brandt, Ian Radtke, Rachel Mudd, Monica Brooks

Senators Absent

Muhammad Jiwani, Stacey Stump, Faizan Khan, Ryan Flynn, Jeff Waldron

Executive Staff Present

Vice President Anwer

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 7:16 P.M.