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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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71st MSSA Senate

April 14, 2004

Meeting called order by Speaker Zach Biesanz

Roll Call

Senators Present (Present-Absent-Proxy-Excused)

Jessica Cichy 21-1-0, Nicole Schultz 11-0-0, Irfan Bangash 27-0-2, David Bottin 5-0-0, Greg Lessard 27-2-0, Taku Kurashige 9-0-0, Bryan Hart 26-0-2-1, Jani Grantz 5-0-0, Nathan Entinger 22-0-0, Adam Weigold 10-0-0, Megan Brandt 28-0-1, Rachel Mudd 28-1-0, Trevor Fleck 9-0-1, Monica Brooks 5-0-0, Stacey Stump 6-1-0, Faizan M. Khan 27-2-0, Ryan Flynn 9-1-0, Mohammed Omar 8-2-0, Jeff Waldron 2-1-0, Elizabeth Lange 4-1-0, Abbas Raza 15-6-1, Ian Radtke 26-2-0,

Senators Absent

Muhammad Jiwani 13-8-0, Kail Decker 21-1-0,

Executive Staff Present

President Rhys Gaffer,

Executive Staff Absent

Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Student Forum

Andrew Bushard-This may come as a surprise to you but when I was in undergrad college, I was a jock, some

of this was a good experience some bad. I also took Astronomy, which do you think I apply more to my life, jock or astronomy? The athletic experience is good for some people. I would like you to consider and please take this proposal to the administration. I believe it would be beneficial to increase the physical fitness class requirements. I believe the requirement should be 40 credits, 5 per semester, 1 h. per day of physical activity, it could benefit all students immensely. Students can learn astronomy on their own. There are endless avenues of physical fitness that could apply for life. We need 40 credits of physical fitness for each student here.

Senator Hart Are you asking that structured classes be required?

Andrew-I would be open for individual fitness if you could prove students were doing the activity.

Senator Stump-How do you suppose we would sell this?

Andrew-Take away some of the other classes.

Senator Bottin-Are you taking into account people with disabilities?

Andrew-There could be exceptions, but even people with disabilities can participate in sports.

Senator Bottin-What is the recommended mandate on the disability, what about someone with a lung disability?

Andrew-My guess if someone had a lung problem, physical fitness would strengthen their lungs.

also maybe PSEO students could not take these classes.

Senator Hart-So you are saying the classes should be unstructured?

Andrew-Sometimes unstructured is better, you learn, tenacity, perseverance, how the body and soul is united. You can also improve your mental stability.

Jared Daggit-I was here last week on behalf of ROTC. I have given you each a letter that I have written, and I want to point out that last week two of the students that spoke in support of the program are new and did not have the proper information. Also, I apologize for the inappropriate student statement. This is a valuable program. I want to continue with it for a lifetime.

Speaker-The motion was tabled. Lt. Colonel O’Sullivan could not speak before us. The motion required a presentation, that has not occurred. However, the senate can take it from the table if they so choose.

Emmeline Elliott-April 28 at 7:00 PM in Ostrander Auditorium MSU alumnus Thomas Maertens , 2000-2001 National Security Council Director for Nonproliferation will be discussing the war on terrorism and Iraq. This is presented by the Society of Professional Journalist, MSU Chapter.

Approval of Agenda Approved with addition of Senator Omar to Senator Reports.

Approval of Minutes (4-7-04) Minutes stand approved

Officer Reports

President Rhys Gaffer

Congratulations President Elect Anwer, Vice President Elect Goga Copic. Thanks to Jeff Hunstad for all his work on the on-line elections, it was a success.

I received a report from attorney Mark Halvorson regarding the firm’s activities for the month of March. I would hope that the new administration will take action and go out for RFP on this contract. This past fall the attorney was allowed a MSU e-mail account and Mav card account. That should reflect some type of in-kind value. In researching it I have found that value is between $8 and $10,000. We have had problems getting someone at $55.00 an hour, the value of the Mav card and email should be taken into consideration in a new contract. New senators look at extending this contract, it was extended this year. I base this on numbers

received this summer.

We will be wrapping up the Civil Disturbance Task Force soon. I will be attending the MSUSA Director Search. You all received a joint document on the MSUSA issue. After consideration from Senator Weigold, [page 3] we are recommending language clarification-MSUSA professional staff, officers and directors must agree to support each member campus’ student association becoming their own 501 c 3 incorporated entity.

MSUSA, Inc. shall support an individual campus in becoming its own 501 c3 corporation if the campus passes such a referendum at the campus level by a sanctioned student government election process.

I would offer up disaffiliation from MSUSA and we will boycott depending on the response to this document. We are recognized as authority by our campus to have student voice. This has been a 10 year struggle with MSUSA, we do not have proportionate representation. This document will address in detail items necessary for reform. I believe in the mission of MSUSA. I have loyalty to that organization. But we need to look at how it operates. I think we have worked in good faith with the organization this year, I was impressed with the

Delegates that came to Delegate Assembly. The rules are being interpreted to require the same delegates to attend the conference in Bemidji or have a proxy. We need to know by Friday noon. St. Cloud is presumably going to boycott and the Director will not be seated at the Board of Directors. If we bring four delegates they have quorum and can go into Delegate Assembly. I hope you will go forward and draft this document.

Senator Bottin-How many delegates are going?

President Gaffer-We can take eight delegates. I have responses from two.

Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Congratulations to everyone in Elections.

SAC Hearing is next week-try not to make this a 12 hour meeting, lets meet and discuss this next week.

Study Abroad Program Committee will be ending soon.

Speaker Zach Biesanz

Have you read through the budget book? If not, read through it. Talk to someone.

I understand last week someone thought my mission on ROTC was because I was trying to get admitted into

Law School. Ironically I turned in my applications and had been accepted before this ROTC issue came up.

Recognized Student Organizations

Southern Minnesota Community Faith Coalition, Humans for Gay and Lesbian Marriage Rights, Japan Intercultural Association, Graduate Student Association, MSU Chain Gang, Society for Professional Journalists, MSU Chapter, Iota, Iota, Iota, Women’s Studies Club

Committee Reports

Student Technology Roundtable-Adam Weigold

Recommendations for advice and comment by MSSA and LTR

President Gaffer-In regard to the ongoing commitment of increasing bandwidth, does that apply to the

residence halls?

Adam Weigold-Res Hall are not on the network, they are provided by Charter, we are looking

at should we be bringing them on.

Senator Radtke-As tech moves forward, we are trying to stay on top of this

President Gaffer-Were you allowed to see the entire ITS budget?

Senator Weigold-To the fullest extent, we saw the greater picture of the entire budget.

Senator Omar-In regard to improving MavDISK, what is being done?

Senator Weigold-They are always looking for ways to increase capabilities for students.

Senator Stump-What would be the cost of moving the Res Halls into this?

Senator Weigold-We have a huge amount of bandwidth issues, there are security issues, bringing them

on would take considerable money.

Senator Radtke-If we are responsible for supporting RES Halls, there would be a cost included in the Res Hall fees rather than let it be the way it currently is.

Senator Stump-Have the students expressed an interest in doing this with lack of support Charter

gives us?

President Gaffer-I am aware that there was a survey on technology done last fall, will that document be included as an addendum to this document?

Senator Weigold-I don’t think that is relevant to this recommendation.

President Gaffer-Why would a survey not be relevant to this document as an appendix?

Senator Weigold-The document is on line.

Senator Hart-Was there discussion on free printing in the committee?

Senator Weigold-Printing cost is a huge increase in the budget, new technology is being explored to not stop students from printing but trying to implement maybe x number of copies for a year. They are hoping that new implementation will bring costs down.

Senator Stump-What is the $103,000 for Distance Learner support?

Senator Radtke-We don’t have this Distance Learning Program-this is to allow students to have

on line support that will have minimal on-site, this is for initial infrastructure costs for additional hard ware to support the program. This would be recouped through fees from distance learning students.

Stump-Will this be available in the fall?

Radtke-Hope is for fall, at least some sort of presence.

Senator Lessard-From that last question-are we the students paying for the school to have distance learning?

Senator Radtke-This is for support services like we have at the help desk

Senator Radtke-As these students will not step foot on campus we are showing them that what they pay will be for their needs.

Senator Lessard-They are paying for it in their fees?

Gaffer-How precisely will distance learners be represented on this committee?

Senator Weigold-I feel student government should appoint to that.

SAC-Jeet Sausen

Something I want to give you a heads up on is that SOAFC is revising its bylaws; you will be given them next week. Take the time to look at the Budget Book-if you have questions contact me. You are making decisions that affect everyone, please do your homework.

Not all Directors have to come to this hearing, if you are thinking about voting down a recommendation, they need to be informed so they can come and answer questions, they need to be able to have their voice.

President Gaffer-Do you feel this reflects prioritizing for M&E dollars and SAF dollars?

Chair Sausen-We deliberated extensively.

Speaker-Motion from Student Technology Roundtable

R#04.14.04A Technology Fee Recommendation

We support NO increase in the student technology fee (currently $7.00 per credit-12 credit maximum)

and recommend staying within the current budget for 2004-2005, as proposed in the attached

worksheet, for a total of $2,293,000.00.

We support the priorities outlined by the Administration and note that the priorities were originally drafted by the Student Technology Roundtable in 2003 and updated by the Administration on April 8, 2004.

We recommend that Information and Technology Services continue to monitor all expenditures to maximize the best use of student technology fee dollars in accordance with the priorities outlined.

We support moving to a campus-wide printing system as proposed by ITS, in order to maximize efficiency, increase printing stations, and eliminate abuse. The system should be closely monitored to avoid bottlenecks and long lines.

We recommend that the Academic Computing Center examine their operations as technology changes

and seek maximum efficiencies with their student help budget. The hours of service and the use of student help should seek maximum productivity. The specific suggestion was made that the HOUR labs for student technology training might be converted to online training modules, rather than the current student lecture model.

President Gaffer-We should table this until next week to have time to go over this more thoroughly.

Speaker-It is a high priority for me to maintain time frames at the budget hearing. We are not

going to do the SOAFC Bylaws next week. We will do them at the turnover meeting.

President Gaffer-I realize how hard the committee worked on this information and historically

we have discussed this significantly, senate may feel confident in ratifying, but it is part of our budget process.

Senator Weigold-We approved this so that we don’t run into this problem, it is very appropriate

to ratify this.

Senator Radtke-My concern with tabling is that any changes would have to go back and we are

under a Minnesota State timeline, if this is put off we won’t make the deadline. Moving forward is the best,

ask questions as necessary.

President Gaffer-Just as a final comment-this is a radical change, the intent was to put forward a good cross section of students and LTR members, but as with all budget matters, this step today should be to peruse the document as we do the SAC recommendation.

Senator Radtke-If the feeling is from the senate that it should go to the Budget Hearing that would fit

the time line.

Speaker-We could table this. If not pause for thought, it is not a matter of not trusting the committee.

Senator Weigold-We could answer questions indirectly.

Senator Lessard-What are the new priorities for technology?

Senator Radtke-The only new priority are the last two, Distance Learning and new tech initiatives not broken out in previous years. Other wise same and last few years.

Senator Cichy-What are the student study areas?

Senator Radtke-Like the areas outside SLD&SL, a new area would be added outside Career Development, it would be a student friendly area. Something more collaborative.

Senator Hart-Computers in study areas or plug ins?

Senator Weigold-You can set a computer anyway but furniture is a requirement.

Recommendation passes

Academic Affairs –Bryan Hart

Academic Affairs passed an amendment regarding course loads. The change would be from 19-22 credits for first tier. In this tier people need to speak to advisors or chairs. for second tier above 22 credits, they would need to speak to the Dean for approval and above that to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.


Academic Affairs Motion 04.14.04B Senator Hart/Schultz Resources

Whereas: We live on a planet with finite resources

Be it Resolved: That paper presented to student Senate and its members be printed on both sides

when two or more pages are presented from the same source

Senator Hart- This would cut down on costs and save resources

Senator Weigold-If someone wastes paper it increases supply and costs.

Senator Entinger-Thin paper is good, but if something comes printed on both sides will we see it? We might

end of copying it again.

Speaker-This is a request.

Senator Lessard-Many people need to looking at double side printing.

President Gaffer-We have no control over the copier given us.

Senator Stump-We should also let professors know that they should be doing this.

Senator Hart-It would be idea for us to say this to the campus.

Motion passes Abstain Senator Weigold w/r I just feel that although paper conservation is important, that this could have been dealt with through simple office procedure requests and did not need a senate motion. I also feel that spending time on this for discussion but not discussing other important motions (such as the one to do with sports cuts) was a bit disheartening.

Motion President Gaffer/Weigold MSUSA

M#04.14.04 C MSUSA

Move to approve the joint statement of issues concerning affiliation with the MSUSA, Inc. document

from MSSA President Gaffer and SCSUSA President Lawrence (see attached); and further move to authorize President Gaffer and MSSA Delegation attending the April 23-25, 2004 MSUSA Conference in Bemidji to participate or boycott that meeting dependent upon the response to the joint MSSA/SCSUSA statement of


President Gaffer-You would help us by knowing we have your support as I sit on the Board of Directors. This body can overturn actions of a director. This would show strength from this organization that we can respond

appropriately and you stand with our decisions. We can negotiate or we take other courses of actions.

Senator Weigold-We can support this with voice or not support and make ourselves silent.

Vice President Anwer-I think the policies written are useful but they will affect all seven schools in the system

This will affect things a lot.

President Gaffer-By supporting a stance to allow us to negotiate, realize, St. Cloud has left the table, there is a lot that has to be accomplished. The dynamics have already changed. We can go forth saying we are strong

on this campus in trying to remedy the situation with 6 campuses. We would like to see student fees utilized


Senator Weigold-We need to have time to forward this to other campuses or wait indefinitely. Now is the

time to do this.

Motion passes

Motion Senator Hart/Khan

Academic Affairs Course Load M#04.14.04D Academic Affairs Course Load

Whereas: Academic Affairs supports course load limit policy with an amendment to move the

first tier consultation to be required at 22 rather than 19 credits

Let it be Resolved: That MSSA supports the policy likewise.

Motion passes

Senator Reports

Off-Campus Megan Brandt-On the way to class we discussed snacks for the budget hearing.

Senator Weigold/Hart

Move to take from the table the ROTC motion

Senator Weigold/Senator Mudd M#03.24.04E ROTC Program

Whereas: Academic freedom and willing acceptance of diversity are central tenets of a modern university.

Whereas: The ROTC programs at Minnesota State University Mankato practice federally mandated discrimination against homosexual students or physically disabled students.

Whereas: This discrimination rejects the value of diversity and abridges the academic freedom of all ROTC

Students, gay or straight, disabled or not.

Be It Resolved: The MSSA Senate finds federally mandated discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or physical disability abhorrent and condemns its practice on the university campuses. We urge the university administration and the Boards of Trustees and Governors to join us in this condemnation.

Be It Further Resolved: The MSSA Senate urges the administration to appoint a high level committee including students and faculty to implement is recommendations as completely as possible short of causing the University to be deemed to have an “anti-ROTC policy” by the Secretary of Defense. The Administration is requested to make a report in one year to the full Senate on its progress in implementing these recommendations.

Senator Lessard-This should be tabled until a commission can be set up and given information back to us.

President Gaffer-Lori Lamb/Linda Duckett speaking about federally mandated. We need to leave this for the next administration.

Senator Flynn-this was tabled until ROTC could give us a presentation. My suggestion is to ask again. We have heard from Equal Opportunity & Title IX, we still need to give them a change to come speak.

Speaker-I sent an email to Lt. Colonel O’Sullivan, I asked him to check and get back to us. He has not returned my email

Senator Weigold-ROTC stated their opinion through students. The intent is to not kick them off but

to draw attention to the policy.

Senator Stump-I stopped at the ROTC office and was told they would not speak to this issue.

Senator Radtke-The idea of this is to form a commission, not to say stay or leave.

Senator Hart-Jared Daggit letter-name calling is not the action of adults-everyone is over 18-they

are adults. We need to increase conversation.

President Gaffer-Do we know if the administration could meet this time line, was that part of this


Speaker-This was a recommendation to the administration, they can say no as they see fit. We don’t

have as much power as clout. The administration respects us and gets along with us well, the language will be sent to the administration and they will respond as they see fit.

Proxy Casey-This is to form a committee-you are elected but consider your constituents not your


Senator Lessard-We received inadequate answers from Equal Opportunity & Title IX, they have not given opinions for us at all. We need to ask people that deal with this. I am concerned Affirmative Action does not do anything at all. Why are things not looked at, I would like Affirmative Action to look into this and not get out of work.

Senator Schultz-I rise in support of this. They did the best they could. As far as ROTC if they

can not talk to us now they may now talk to us in the future. Maybe this should go to someone that

has more power.

Senator Stump-Affirmative Action did come and they did have time to find the answers but they pushed it off, we should not sit by and let this happen.

Senator Hart-move to amend to strike abhorrent so it does not sound so nasty.

Speaker-If you strike abhorrent put in another adjective.

Senator Radtke-Has this been taken from the table?

Roll Call vote on taking from table.

Senators voting yes

Jessica Cichy, Elisabeth Lange, Abbas Raza, Nicole Schultz, Stacey Stump, Mohammed Omar, Irfan Bangash, David Bottin, Greg Lessard, Taku Kurashige, Bryan Hart, Faizan Khan, Ryan Flynn, Adam Weigold, Megan Brandt, Ian Radtke, Rachel Mudd, Trevor Fleck

Senators voting no

Nathan Entinger, Jeff Waldron, Monica Brooks


Shahzad Anwer

Motion passes 18-3

Discussion on motion Senator Weigold/Senator Mudd M#03.24.04E ROTC Program

Senator Schultz-Equal Opportunity & Title IX Officer did not say they could give us information. This is a long process.

Senator Lange/Stump-Motion to amend

Strike the word-physical from physical disability from the motion as amended.

Motion passes

Move Senator Hart/Waldron- Move to strike abhorrent and condemn to issue and disagrees with

Senator Hart-In the name of civil discourse, this says we want people to look at this,

not say we condemn this.

Senator Weigold-friendly amendment –move to change interesting to an issue

Motion passes

Amendment passes

Stump/ Schultz - Move to amend to within one year.

Amendment Passes

Amendment Schultz/Stump-Move to amend to disabled students

Amendment passes

Roll Call vote on amended motion

Senators voting yes

Elisabeth Lange, Nicole Schultz, Stacey Stump, Muhammad Omar, Irfan Bangash, Greg Lessard w/r

Bryan Hart, Faizan Khan, Ryan Flynn, Jani Grantz, Nate Entinger, Adam Weigold, Megan Brandt,

Ian Radtke, Jeff Waldron, Rachel Mudd, Monica Brooks, Trevor Fleck

Senators voting no

Jessica Cichy, Dave Bottin w/r-I am saddened that the senators did not vote for the students that they (senators) are representing.


Abbas Raza, Taku Kurashige, Vice President Anwer

Greg Lessard-Social & Behavioral Science Rights-This is a great moment for MSU and the ROTC program at MSU. I feel that the research and dialogue possible by the organization of a task force will give the University and society a balanced look at the possible discriminatory policy ROTC is mandated to follow. One of the greatest honors held by a citizen of any country is the ability to serve

In the armed forces. It would be the biggest disservice to all peoples if certain people are denied participation to something because of sexual orientation or disability. I feel that the U.S. Armed Forces have not provided an adequate response to how making public a person’s sexual orientation is a reasonable disqualification to participate. It is my hope that ROTC will continue to be a great asset to MSU and the U.S. Armed Forces. I hope questions will be asked about the possibility of an armed service member to not ask or tell somebody personal aspects on one’s life to the very people that you have to trust with your life? I asked students to pay attention to this matter with patience and to look to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. To remember the sacrifice of the families and friends that have a loved one in uniform. Remember the bitter sweet departures and homecomings people are going through right now and imagine your loved ones not being there because your sexual orientation cannot be made public and why, we as a county, would make a person have to worry about every letter or call home to a loved one hoping that people do not find out there loved one may be of the same sex as them? I hope every side of the story becomes more familiar and personal to MSU students because of the action taken today by the members of MSSA. Peace.

Senator Weigold/Senator Mudd M#03.24.04E ROTC Program

Whereas: Academic freedom and willing acceptance of diversity are central tenets of a modern university.

Whereas: The ROTC programs at Minnesota State University Mankato practice federally mandated discrimination against homosexual students and students with disabilities.

Whereas: This discrimination rejects the value of diversity and abridges the academic freedom of all ROTC

Students, gay or straight, disabled or not.

Be It Resolved: The MSSA Senate finds federally mandated discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or disability an issue and disagrees with its practice on the university campus. We urge the university administration and the Boards of Trustees and Governors to join us in this disagreement.

Be It Further Resolved: The MSSA Senate urges the administration to appoint a high level committee including students and faculty to implement its recommendations as completely as possible short of causing the University to be deemed to have an “anti-ROTC policy” by the Secretary of Defense. The Administration is requested to make a report within one year to the full Senate on its progress in implementing these recommendations.

18-2 motion passes

Off-Campus Nate Entinger-Read the Budget Book-email your questions to me. Please read

the budget book, we do not need five questions on 100.00.

Senator Hart-How did SAC decide what to send to M&E?

Senator Entinger-We did not want to set a precedent on having student fees fund all these positions and some things should be funded by the university.

Off-Campus-Mohammed Omar-“Effects of the September 11th Tragedy on Muslim Students at MSU“. This project offers a different perspective on the effects 9/11 had on the Muslim community

at MSU.

Senator Lessard-How many students were here?

Senator Omar- 88.7% of the 62 students we have.

Senator Hart-What was the most interesting fact you found?

Senator Omar-The number of students that were here prior to 9/11 vs. after.

Senator Stump-What surprised you the most?

Senator Omar-Other institutions had higher information but they did this on all Muslim people,

this is just students.

Senator Hart-country of origin-is that important to Muslim students on campus?

Senator Omar-Most Muslim students do come from Pakistan

Senator Stump-How does this compare of total international students?

Senator Omar-Compared to Muslim-I am not sure.

Motion Senator Weigold

M#04.14.04E Athletic Cuts

Whereas: Cutting men’s sports only puts a black eye on MSU athletics and does not

solve the gender equity issues in a fair manner,

Be it Resolved: That the MSSA does not support the decision to cut men’s swimming and tennis.

Motion Passes

Roll Call

Senators Present

Jessica A. Cichy, Elizabeth Lange, Abbas Raza, Nicole Schultz, Stacey Stump, Mohammed Omar, Irfan Bangash, David Bottin-proxy Jason Casey, Greg Lessard, Taku Kurashige, Bryan Hart, Faizan Khan, Ryan Flynn, Jani Grantz, Nathan Entinger, Adam Weigold, Jeff Waldron, Rachel M. Mudd, Monica Brooks, Megan Brandt, Ian Radtke, Trevor Fleck

Senators Absent

Muhammed Jiwani, Kail Decker

Executive Staff Absent

President Rhys Gaffer, Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 6: 24 P.M.