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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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71st MSSA Senate

September 10, 2003

Meeting called order by Speaker Zach Biesanz

Roll Call

Approval of Agenda Approved with addition of Senator Radtke-Off-Campus Senator, Senator Boyd-SET Senator to Senator Reports

Approval of Minutes (9-3-03) Minutes stand approved

Officer Reports

President Rhys Gaffer- MSUSA Conference in Winona next weekend. We will leave MSU around 2:00 P.M. We have two open slots. This is the kick-off for new directors. Fall Conference is the next conference. It is in Nov. There will be a training session for conference on Friday from 12:00 to 1:00. Irfan Bangash is the MSUSA Campus rep. Ruth Nieto is the MSUSA CD rep.

Correspondence: Vice President of Academic Affairs-Scott Olson

Students are needed for a voice on North Central Accreditation. Would prefer appointing someone to a three year appointment.


Affirmative Action Search Committee-Jennifer Simon, Jeremy Jaspers

Ben Malakoff-MSSA Public Affairs/Relations Coordinator

Bookstore Advisory-Jessica Boyd, Celeste Hollerud, Abid Bharmal

Communications Board-Jessica Boyd, Jessica McClaron

ECDC-Bobby Blimburg

Student Technology Roundtable-Andrew Sabatke, Jason Casey

Student Union Board-Kristen Anderson

Legislative Affairs-Jessica Ann Cichy, Jon Zetsman

Commission on Ethics and Standards-Jon Zetsman

Text Book Rental-would like a forum on this in the next few weeks. MSUSA has taken a stance

in favor of this. State Senator Chuck Wiger has had legislation pending in the last two legislative sessions on this. I am not sure how I feel, we need to get feedback from our students, then we can take a stance for or against. We can then vote appropriately at MSUSA. There is also an issue with instructors not turning in textbook orders in a timely fashion. This affects student buyback at the end of the semester. I will meet with Steve Bohnenblust this week and Molly from the bookstore We receive a very significant amount of money from the bookstore therefore we need to be finding ways that the bookstore is successful. This is a student services and academic issue. We need to get educated on that and then educate our students.

Reminder: Homecoming and Inauguration Oct 2. Will notify you about walking in the inauguration.

Senator Hart-Did you say MSU is in favor of textbook rental?

President Gaffer-MSU has not taken a s stance. MSUSA has taken a stance.

Senator Boyd: Are we still in need of people to be on Election committee?

President Gaffer-I will make those appointments.


Election Committee-Megan Brandt, Irfan Bangash, Ruth Nieto, Irfan Bangash, Faizan Khan, Muhammad Sohail Rauf, Greg Lessard, Shahzad Anwer, Jayson Read

Senator Bangash-When is the deadline to apply for senate?

President Gaffer-Friday, Sept. 18, 4:00 PM

Vice President Shahzad Anwer

The Election Committee appointments were only for Fall, correct?

President Gaffer-That is my understanding.

Academic/Student Affairs met today. Megan Brandt-interim chair, Student Services, Bryan Hart-Academic Affairs. Elections are Sept. 23. Deadline-Sept. 18.

Speaker Zach Biesanz

We need to do what we can to fill our vacancies. Talk to your constituents on campus.

Senator Deimerly-Are applications in the office?

Speaker Biesanz-Applications and rules are in the office and applications are on-line.

Senator Reports

Off-Campus Senator Ian Radtke-Senior Senator

I am a Computer Science/Astronomy major. This is my 5th year on senate, if you need history come talk to me I have a lot of history and information on budgets, etc. in my folder. Missed the first meeting because I was in the dessert at the Burning Man concert.

The University Learning and Technology Roundtable met and were given the following tasks by Vice President for Academic Affairs, Scott Olson. 1) Enhance the campus vision and direction for the future use of information technology 2)Develop or clarify policies related to the campus use of information technology, one question in particular for students. How can we improve the student technology fee process by providing additional input? Vice President Olson spoke on putting more courses on line, develop policies related to digital environment to enhance or progress as an electronic campus. Student Senate has had a history working with the technology fee. The Student Technology Roundtable is being formed. Jeremy Casper is the chair. Student input is sorely needed to take back to Learning Technology. . I am also on Parking Advisory-I am a multi year veteran, I can answer questions and provide insight. The committee will meet this Friday, extension to the Free Lot will be discussed. This is an open meeting-if you have comments attend or tell me.

Stanford Observatory is now open 8-11:00 PM behind Gage, come out we can show you Mars.

Senator Deimerly-Are you open tonight and where is it?

Senator Radtke-End of Gage-gravel road to left, it winds around. It depends on the weather if we are open.

Senator Khan-When does Parking Advisory meet?

Senator Radtke-1:00 in the Senate Conference room on Friday.

Senator Deimerly-How long will Mars be visible?

President Gaffer-What do you see as top priorities from the student viewpoint

Senator Radtke-What effect can we make on the student body? Personally,

Student Technology Budget-how is money spent? Discussion at Minnesota State level

on looking at Educator-we need to keep up with Minnesota State and looking at current

software package-we are now getting caught up with Ucompass for on-line course work.

SET Senator-Jessica Boyd

This is my third year in senate, I will be graduating in December. Student Union Board is still looking for students. You meet with everyone that does things in the Student Union, we talk about budget, renovations. Henry Morris is the advisor. There are many new things happening in the Student Union.

I am on SET Advisory Board. We meet every month with the Dean-each dept. of the college and the senators for the College. We talk about issues in department, last year talked about budget. SET is looking at a half million dollar cut, we discussed what we could do about that. The Dean also discussed funding for the new addition to the Trafton building. The reason I am bringing this up is because possibly your college has a board that you could attend. Go to your college’s office and tell them you are a student representative and see if they have a committee/advisory board to serve on. . It is important for academic senators to get known in the department so that they can refer people to you.


Speaker Biesanz-I am helping organize a right vs. left kick ball game. Oct. 10. Will confirm date.

Senator Hart-I rise in support of kick ball. I got a MN Conference Compact going on campus. We will be putting on events on campus. Wine tasting in Waseca this weekend.

Rachel Mudd-Sexual Assault and Violence for Women is looking for student representatives.

President Gaffer-Former Trustee Bob Erickson-Bryan Hart and Greg Lessard will meet at SCTC, and bike here. We will meet in our office when they arrive on campus. Donations

for scholarship for part-time students can be sent to the MSU Foundations so the money will be kept here on our campus for our students. There is a form on the Minnesota State web site for this.

Also the day of elections there will be a City of Mankato Mass Transit hearing in CSU 253-5

from 1-3:00 PM. They want to raise the rates of the bus. There will also have a hearing downtown, and then a recommendation will be sent to the Mankato City Council.

Roll Call

Senators Present

Ryan Deimerly, Abbas Raza, Hannah Gehrke, Jessica Boyd, Irfan Bangash, Greg Lessard, Bryan Hart, Imran Hussein, Faizan Khan, Jocelyn Crist, Megan Brandt, Ian Radtke, Rachel Mudd Muhammad Sohail Rauf

Executive Staff Present

President Gaffer, Vice President Anwer

Adjournment 4:45 PM