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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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71st MSSA Senate

September 24, 2003

Meeting called order by Speaker Zach Biesanz

Election Committee Report-Shahzad Anwer

Introduction of new senators. Election Committee will continue to meet.

President Gaffer-What is your perception on the turn out we had?

Vice President Anwer-Many people went out and talked to people and encouraged them to run and vote. We need to work on this even more. The Election Committee will meet and discuss different ideas. President Gaffer would like us to look at going on-line in the Spring. This would be

tremendous for our elections.

Swearing in of new senators-Zach Biesanz

Roll Call (present-absent-proxy)

Senators Present

Jessica Cichy 1-0-0, Larissa Neinan 1-0-0, Abbas Raza 6-1-0, Imran M. Hussein 6-1-0, Rebecca Klatt 1-0-0, Ermira Babamusta 1-0-0, Kristy Anderson 1-0-0, Sudeep Shrestha 1-0-0, Eric Hill 1-0-0, Joshua Brown 1-0-0, Nathan Ettinger 1-0-0, Santiago Vallejo 1-0-0. Abuzar Iqbal 1-0-0, Kail Decker 1-0-0, Beth Paulson 1-0-0

Ryan Deimerly 7-0-0, Hannah Gehrke 6-1-0, Jessica Boyd 7-0-0, Irfan Bangash 7-0-0, Greg Lessard 7-0-0, Bryan Hart 7-0-0, Faizan M. Khan 7-0-0, Jocelyn Crist 7-0-0, Megan Brandt 6-0-1, Ian Radtke 6-1-0, Rachel Mudd 7-0-0, Muhammad Sohail Rauf 7-0-0

Senators Absent

Executive Staff Present

President Rhys Gaffer, Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Student Forum

Andrew Bushard-Many of you know me from last spring, but I am not here today to express my views on the war in Iraq. Today I am dismayed at a part of the liberal agenda of the Reporter. Have you ever been denied your rights? I recently submitted a letter to the Reporter. It was on anti-abortion. I received no response. I called the editor. I was told they do not have to print every letter. Could it be it did not fit the editor’s liberal view? If you write something that they disagree with, they won’t print it. I was told last year my letter got lost in the server. How come bar adds don’t get lost? I am disappointed in the Reporter. Both liberal and conservative ideas should be able to be represented. The Reporter should be held accountable.

Senator Babamusta-Are you aware off other letters not printed?

Andrew Bushard-I don’t know that but I have heard about their bias. Last year someone told me they had a letter not printed. Why could they print a center fold but not a conservative policy?

Senator Cichy-Have you seen their policy?

Andrew Bushard-I believe I have.

Presentation-Henry Morris, Director Student Union

I am here today to up date you on the renovation of the Student Union that will be happening in the next few months. We like to say the Student Union is the living room of the university in the heart of campus. The CSU is the largest student union in Minnesota State and the second largest in the state with over 200,000 sq. feet. The building was built in three phases. 1967, 1972, 1999. The Union has 20 potential formal meeting spaces and numerous informal spaces. We annually average over 10,000 reservations with over 300,000 attendees. The Maverick game room is the largest in the state with 12 bowling lanes and 18 billiard table and numerous skill games. The CSU has an annual operating budget of over $3.5 million. 75% of revenues comes from student fees. 25% is self generated.

The single largest income stream for the CSU after student fees are the commissions generated from Campus Dining. This year the commissions are budgeted at over $200,000. These commissions have been stagnate the past few years.

This year’s Student Union Facility Fee is $9.00 per credit and will generate about $2.5 million. The students voted to increase the Facility Fee from $6.00 to $9.00 per credit to fund the priorities outlined in the CSU Master Plan and the Deferred Maintenance study.

The CSU decided to break down the deferred maintenance list into 4 large grouping. 1st Floor/Dining needs, South Entrance/Egress, HVAC and all others.

A Master Planning Group was created with membership comprised of students, faculty, staff, alumni, tenants and members of the community. The primary focus of the process was to look at five key issues; the financials, the mix of products and services offered, who are our potential customers, how does the CSU compare to its peer institutions and deferred Maintenance.

Recommendations of the Master Planning consultants: A series of recommendations to increase revenue from the following areas: Catering, The University Bookstore, Conferences, External, Internal, Marketing and Web Site. The consultants also made recommendations about needed physical changes to the CSU. These recommendations were proposed in five phases. Phase 1-Food service and dining remodeling. Phae 2-New South entry and courtyard. Phase 3-Lower level remodel. Phase 4-Upper level office addition and remodel. Phase 5-Upper level ballroom conference center remodel.

Bonding. After consultation with student leadership through the budgetary process the University secured $8.8 million of bond funds through the Revenue Fund. These funds would be used to deal with over $3.3 million in deferred maintenance and Phases 1&2 of the Master Plan. The project will probably cost more than $8.8 million. They may have to remove asbestos etc.

Why Bond? To help take care of over $8 million of deferred maintenance needs. To modernize an aging food service operation and to give the CSU a major presence on the south side of campus.

In 1967 the building was built on certain codes, codes change. We found out that we can

not safely exit the building in an emergency. Obviously we have to fix that. The fire marshal

gave us a certain amount of time to fix this problem. A Student Union Dining/Catering Studey looked at four key areas -Understanding the Current conditions, assess customer perceptions and needs, develop a new vision for dining develop program and space recommendations. This process began in Stompers will be on line this semester. In January construction will begin, things will be phased. We don’t know when things will go off-line. If every thing goes according to plan-we want to bring Stompers back on lime Aug of 2004 and the new entrance Jan 2005. We will have to limit the size of the ballroom. The food court will also be limited.

Senator Hill-Have there been questions as to when Stompers goes off line, if it will crowd


Mr. Morris-Yes, we have had weekly meetings with the Director of Res Life. They may be able to handle an additional 100 people at rush times. Meal exchange will be suspended during

renovation. We are looking at mobile carts, the ball room. We won’t be able to feed everyone.

1/3 of the building will be off line.

Senator Vallejo-You mentioned that 25% was self generated-I am assuming that is from conferences,

with the ballroom occupied will it lower the revenue and the conferences scheduled?

Mr. Morris-We have told people that the ball room will be down. We will not be able to do business for about a year. We need to look at how we can maximize all of this.

Senator Lessard-How were students involved in the revenue process? The studies and groups

gave you ideas and recommendations-what role did the students take in assessing customers needs.

Mr. Morris-Very involved, Union Board met with the architects. At the budget presentation

we talked about this.

Senator Deimerly-Explain the 10 year deferred maintenance?

Mr. Morris-That is when the Board told us we had to have it done.

Senator Decker-With construction often going later than estimated will the students give up and go eat somewhere else?

Mr. Morris-Consultants have told us we need to have food service available when the students come back in January so that they get used to it. It is a major project and yes it may not meet deadlines,

budget-there is a bidding process.

Senator Babamusta-How can we as students and senators help you?

Mr. Morris-I hope you are part of the solution and not the problem. Students will not be

happy, no matter how they are informed someone will say they did not know. 95% of

the work is in Phase I. When you hear people complain-let them see the big picture and how it will be beneficial to everyone.

Senator Vallejo-Regarding numbers-CSU receives around $3.5 million a year. 75% is self-generated,

also commissions from campus dining are over $200,000-how much comes from conferences?

Mr. Morris-Around $100,000.

Senator Vallejo-So we will be reduced by around $300,000?

Mr. Morris-All these things are internally related. We will have better spaces to rent out. The

driving force was deferred maintenance. We do seek conferences, we want to rent out spaces

when students are not around.

Senator Decker-It seems deferred maintenance is high now-what will it be in 20 years?

Mr. Morris-We have two budgets-we will be doing things to lower this. Will we have

deferred maintenance in 20 years-yes.

Senator Anderson-You said 101 would be removed

Mr. Morris-Yes

Senator Vallejo-You mentioned that we are the second largest, after the renovations where will we


Mr. Morris-Still second.

Senator Boyd-Have there been any studies on air conditioning with all the windows?

Mr. Morris-The windows will not lose any heat. It is called a glass wall.

We are at a point where we can not make any changes. We are finalizing what food

concepts will be in there. You can give input on this through Union Board.

Senator Radtke-When do you anticipate taking the lower level off-line?

Mr. Morris-In Dec., when you come back it will be all gone.

Senator Hart-Removing the courtyard wall and putting in glass? Won’t that be below grade?

Mr. Morris-It will be leveled and you will look straight out.

Mr. Morris-Also we have had problems with successful food service on both floors.

We are going to have a hole cut in the floor so you can visually see the food service

on both levels. A lot of deferred maintenance is behind walls, like the kitchen, stairwell.

You can literally go from Stompers to the lower level. When you look from the lower

level of the courtyard you will be able to look all the way up to the third floor. Bathrooms

will be moved so they do not block views. Everything will be very visual and open.

We have created more space in peak times. Union Board will be deciding what

furniture will be in the new spaces.

You can help by being on Union Board. It is work but it is important. You will impact

student life directly. You can help by getting the word out-if you hear rumors ask the Union Staff and

they will let you know. We will have a web page with an actual camera so you can

see the process.

Senator Hart-You said 5 food options, will we maintain what we have?

Mr. Morris-In the Master Plan it talks about food types like chicken, etc.

What kind of franchises we do not know. We will probably keep two of what

we have and then add more.

Senator Hart-Looking at the survey, there are many franchises, but are their local business?

Mr. Morris-We have a contract with Chartwell, they have contracts with certain franchises.

President Gaffer-Is Chartwell coming up for review soon?

Mr. Morris-We have 1 more year and then an option of one more year.

Usually it is hard to change food providers, it is costly and we may not have a choice.

President Gaffer-If we hear problems with food service, how should we take care of


Mr. Morris-We have two services. Residential Life and Student Union. Always go first to the manager on site, if that does not settle it go to Sam Holms-Manager of Chartwell, then the director

of Res Life or Student Union.

Senator Lessard-Will there be more franchises or local?

Mr. Morris-Majority of food is from Chartwell-the food provider. They work with

Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. I don’t think we will have more than two franchises.

Senator Khan-Is it true that we can only have franchises that have Pepsi?

Mr. Morris-No, you are looking at two different things. The university has a contract with Pepsi,

not Chartwell.

President Gaffer-As far as scheduling and planning, will there be lobby spaces?

Mr. Morris-We feel we may have 3 lobby spaces. Students will get the first crack at

these spaces. Plan early. The ability to get spaces will be a lot less.

Approval of Agenda Agenda stands approved

Approval of Minutes (9-17-03) Minutes stand approved

Coordinator Reports

Website Coordinator-Jessica Boyd

This past summer I worked on our new hardware web site. Basically I have been working on an application that senators or coordinators can work on. Last year senators had profiles (bios)

and now this will show you how you can create your account. https:// in the front for creating

your account.

Account Login click here, choose your own user name, password etc. create and then log in.

Fill out questions. The most important thing-if you find something wrong or something

that does not work-please tell me.

Officer Reports

President Rhys Gaffer

Committees, committees, committees-we need to get people on a committee and committees need to meet even if they do not have quorum. Keep written meeting minutes. With work getting processed in committees we know who we can go to and we won’t be having 3 and 4 hour meetings.

MSUSA Conference was in Winona this past weekend. We had a delegation of 4 from our campus.

I came back with a packet of information I want committees to process so we can take it back to them.

I am also on the building committee for MSUSA, they currently have two older buildings and they are

looking at partnering. It is important that our conference is heard. MSUSA is looking at an

increase in fees this year. Reality is we don’t want fees to go up. The next conference is

fall conference-there will be many workshops for people to learn about task forces etc. They will

be discussing state and federal legislative issues. If you are interested in fall conference,

sign up by the 10th of October. There is also a Penny Fellowship Dinner at this conference.

You can learn about the Minnesota State system at these conferences. We will host the January

Conference, that format will be a little different. We will be doing training sessions on

lobbying because this is a bonding year. It is important that we learn how to affectively

interface with our legislators.

There are internships at the MN Attorney General Office available. These will be posted.

This is a good opportunity for students on this level.

Also regular meetings are scheduled with the Minnesota State Chancellor, if there are issues on our

campus we can take them to this level. We send letters to the Chancellor on the student

consultation process on our campus.

I have been on the inauguration committee. We have been invited to march in the

ceremony-we will march first. We will march with other student leaders. RSVP to

Cheri by Tuesday. It is not often we get to be involved in an inauguration. This is also

Homecoming, try to make it to as many events as you can. Cultural Mania is Sat. Tickets are available in the SLD&SL. Many events are planned. Also 219 A will be renamed to the Nickerson Room. He was a past president during the Viet Nam war as was Dr. Kessel.

A transit advisory hearing was on campus yesterday. It is important that we keep up with this

because our student fees pay for route 1 & 8. We get representation on the board.

We still need student representation on the North Central accreditation. We have information

and the time frame- if you know of anyone that would like to do this, have them contact us

or Dr. Olson.

This week I tracked construction, classrooms can be relocated if it is in a construction area

that is hard to hear. Have your faculty contact the Registrars office.

Regarding elections, we had a great turnout, we are doing a better job on PR

Appointments: Student Affairs Coordinator-Megan Brandt

Rep to Mass Transit Advisory-Bryan Hart

Commission on Ethics and Standards-Joshua Ward

Parking Appeals-Joshua Brown

ECDC-Greg Lessard, Bryan Hart

SAC-Muhammad Jiwani-objection-Vice President Anwer, move to table until next week.

Motion passes

Senator Bangash-What do you think about students paying for hockey games?

President Gaffer-This was a concept from Athletic Director Buisman, because of the expense of DI Hockey and because of the likely hood of increasing ticket prices; they asked to charge for 6 games. I understood the concept from other years, why levy a fee on all students? Also on hockey tickets-with

that understanding there was a miscommunication and what went forward did not have the necessary

paper work, I did not do an Executive Order-I merely said I agreed with the concept. We

will be discussing this next week with Diane Solinger and Director Buisman. I understand

that the public policy procedures did not occur. We did not have that opportunity.

Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Come by the office and get to know us, we need to have fun together. Please fill out

committee applications.

MSUSA is Minnesota State University Student Association-it is all 7 schools that discuss things

that affect all schools. We have a state chair, vice chair, the presidents of the universities

sit on the board.

Sweatshirts. All senators it is important you know who you represent, find out the leaders in that constituency, talk to them, it will affect our PR. I write down information on every meeting I attend.

You can do that and put it in your binders. All senators need to sign up for two hours

in the senate office. All academic senators are on Academic Affairs, Residence senators

are on Student Affairs.

Senator Gehrke-What color is the sweatshirt?

Vice President Anwer-Gray with school colors

Senator Bangash-Did everyone on Election Committee do a lot?

Vice President Anwer-In all of life there are people who do a lot. Most people

did help out.

Senator Mudd-Off-Campus senators don’t have leaders to talk to, who do we go to?

Vice President Anwer-I can find people for you to talk to.

Speaker Zach Biesanz

Congratulations. You were given a nametag-please pay Cheri $5.00.

This year because we have so many new senators we will do an orientation for new senators-we need to find a time we can meet. Maybe we can meet next week after the senate meeting.

You should have a placard and a binder and a mail box. You are required to do office hours, they do not have to be the same each week. Come in, eat lunch etc. then there will be a lot of cool things to do.

Recognized Student Organizations

Initial Reorganization

People for Reproductive Options & Choice, Minnesota Performance Elite, NAACP College Chapter of Mankato

Renewal Recognization

Aviation Club, Biology Club, Education Minnesota Student Program, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Mn State Men’s Rugby Club, Res Hall Association, Scandinavian Club, Sigma Chi,

Student Art League, MSU Superfans

Toward the back of your binder there are motion charts-everything you need to know about parliamentary procedure is on there. If you have a question, raise your placard and say point of information. You can say this at any time.

Senator Reports

Science Engineering & Technology Senator Irfan Bangash

Congratulations to all new senators. I did a presentation on MSSA and MSUSA in a FYE class along with Jessica Boyd and Shahzad Anwer.

Tomorrow the CSET Advisory Board will meet at 6:00 PM. We will be planning a survey about problems and issues faced by CSET students.

I attended the MSUSA Conference last weekend. The issues discussed were: The moratorium on International Students at Metro State University. This is a temporary situation. INS needs to be informed about activity. The Director hired could not answer questions. He recommended the moratorium.

We recommended to MSUSA that they oppose this moratorium. Let’s oppose this and work

together on a joint letter to the Minnesota State Bd and the President of Metro State.

I am also in charge of the Monitor-I put them in mailboxes. Please read them.

I am planning on attending the meetings of different clubs, College Republican, College Democrats, Campus Greens, RHA, Cultural Diversity and Fraternities and giving them information and

asking them their issues. Every senate meeting there is a Student Forum, anyone can come in

and speak at this time. We need to encourage students that have problems to come.

ISA and the Black Student Union will have a Bowling party from 7-10 tonight. It is free of cost to

anyone. Cultural Mania is this Saturday, 6:00 the Ballroom.

South Asian Night is Saturday, October 17 in the CSU Ballroom.

Senator Mudd-If you passed a resolution at MSUSA against the moratorium will it change at Metro State?

Senator Bangash-MSUSA is standing opposed-refer to President Gaffer.

President Gaffer-We are in solidarity against that moratorium. As far as changing that it is not


Senator Hussain-Who is in this position here?

Senator Bangash-We have a full time position, a half time position and a graduate student. Metro was a half-time time position working with 400 students.

Senator Hussain-How can the INS require this if they do not have adequate support for

International students?

Senator Bangash-This is required for all schools.

Senator Raza-Metro state, this is for Metro, how does it affect other universities?

Senator Bangash-Every school has their own person that enforces regulation. I don’t

think we would have problems here.

Senator Vallejo-What was the response from the legislators?

Senator Bangash-They are trying hard to appeal this to the President of Metro.

Senator Brown-You stated that the ban is for two semesters-after that will it be lifted?

Senator Bangash-Right now it is for only two semesters.

Senator Raza-What steps do you think should be taken?

Senator Bangash-Every school should have their own policy.

President Gaffer-What the President of every university needs to do is balance the budget.

They cut back by cutting this to a half time position with someone that did not know

about these procedures. Minnesota State can encourage them and give them good training.

Senator Bangash-Metro is also looking at increasing the GPA for instate tuition to


Off-Campus Senator Megan Brandt

I am willing to help you with things you are working on. Some committees are

really fun to be on.

Senator Bangash-What committees are fun to be on?

Senator Brandt-Of course, Student Services, Election Committee, SAC, Union Board.


President Gaffer-Student Events Team Movie tomorrow night. I signed up to serve food

at Cultural Mania.

Senator Bangash-Office hours-Monday.

Senator Vallejo-Homecoming is coming up, attend talent show and lip sinc contest.

Senator Anwer-I was going to skip the talent show. Coronation next

Wed. Santiago, Beth Paulson, Jocelyn Crist and I are Homecoming candidates.

Senator Hart-I too, will be running for Homecoming King.

Senator Babamusta-March on Death of Civil Liberties Oct. 8 at 4:30 by the fountain.

Senator Bangash-Join us in the game room.

Roll Call

Senators Present

Jessica Cichy, Ryan Deimerly, Abbas Raza, Muhammad Jiwani, Hannah Gerhke, Rebecca Klatt, Ermira Babamusta, Jessica Boyd, Irfan Bangash, Sudeep Shrestha, Greg Lessard, Eric Hill, Bryan Hart, Imran Hussein, Faizan Khan, Jocelyn Crist, Joshua Brown, Nathan Ettinger, Santiago Vallejo, Abuzar Iqbal, Megan Brandt, Ian Radtke, Rachel Mudd, Muhammad Sohail Rauf, Beth Paulson

Senators Absent

Kristy Anderson, Kail Decker

Executive State Present

President Rhys Gaffer, Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Adjournment 6:54 P.M.