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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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71st MSSA Senate

October 15, 2003

Meeting called order by Vice President Shahzad Anwer (acting in absence of Speaker)

Roll Call (Present-Absent-Proxy-Excused)

Senators Present

Jessica Cichy 4-0-0, Ryan Deimerly 8-0-0-2, Abbas Raza 3-1-0, Muhammad Jiwani 4-0-0 , Ermira Babamusta 3-1-0, Kristy Anderson 4-0-0, Jessica Boyd 10-0-0, Irfan Bangash 10-0-0, Sudeep Shrestha 3-0-1, Greg Lessard 10-0-0, Eric Hill 4-0-0, Bryan Hart-proxy Zack Ellsworth 8-0-1-1, Faizan M. Khan 10-0-0, Joshua Brown 4-0-0, Nathan Ettinger 4-0-0, Abuzar Iqbal 4-0-0, Kail Decker 4-0-0, Megan Brandt 8-0-1, Ian Radtke 9-1-0, Rachel Mudd 10-0-0, Beth Paulson-2-0-1

Senators Absent

Dan Poquette 1-2-0, Imran M. Hussein 8-2-0, Muhammad Sohail Rauf 9-1-0, Jocelyn Crist 8-1-1

Executive Staff Present

President Rhys Gaffer, Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Approval of Agenda – Agenda Approved after removal of Senator Jiwani from Senator Reports

Approval of Minutes (10-8-03) Minutes stand approved

Officer Reports

President Rhys Gaffer

Appointments: SOAFC-Ashley Guetter, Steering Committee-Keenan Stafford, SUB-Michael Ramstad, Adam Weigold Academic Affairs-Chandani Gurung, Legislative Affairs-Ryan Deimerly, STR-Jeremy Casper, Sudeep Shrestha, Jessica Cichy

Graduate Studies Dean Search -Ermira Babamusta, MSU Accreditation-Kristy Anderson

MSUSA-Fall Conference will be next weekend, 10 delegates will be attending. Agenda for fall conference, under Old Business we will be discussing alcohol consumption at MSUSA, for years this has been an issue, last conference a couple of our delegates where put at risk, this is not acceptable. We are not having problems with our campus, they are great. The problem is with other campuses. This is a student fee sponsored event, I challenged the other directors. We have taken 3 serious hits in the last legislative session-programming fees, charging for attending events, also the questioning of voter turnout. We need to take this seriously. You were elected to represent your constituency-work with our PR people to find out how you can enhance PR. Senators need to be putting in their office hours. Also a MSUSA student has been put on the Minnesota State Bd-this was a political move. He went outside the process, the governor appointed this position.

We need to get serious about dealing with issues such as alcohol. We will be dealing with this all year. Check your mailbox. You will find a copy of the Monitor-we need your commentary on these issues.

MSSA Meet & Confer yesterday. Discussed facility update, campus master plan for

residential life. Also working on Trafton renovation and working on two new academic

buildings. Discussed riot-and out come. This body could take action on where we ought

to go and the process. You can have hearings in your committee meetings, you can request

people to come and discuss issues, whether it is about the College of Business concerns, conceal and carry, any issue. This then becomes part of our written record. We should make this the rule and not the exception, in regards to issues. Bring issues here if your committee does not have quorum.

Director Buisman was at Meet & Confer-we told him this body was still doing research. Director

Buisman said that it is not decided if they are going to have contractions. We have been talking about the fact that we have 22 sports teams. I don’t want to see contractions unless it is absolutely necessary but I think I would be upset if they wait to talk about this right before budget time. We need to

understand the process, we will have some input.

Student Forum tomorrow-Higher Education and Tuition. We had 15% increase in tuition this year and 9% the year before. From Minnesota State Meet & Confer we learned that we need to be dealing with things on a two year basis. We do things here at MSU on a one year basis. As we go forward into MSSA budget Submeet & Confer-we need to look at budget shifts-utility costs. We don’t want to see double digit increases, there is no supplemental budget requests to draw from. We are paying more than our fair share. Students will be paying ½ and state appropriations paying ½. That is outrageous. We need to bring our issues forward and document student’s stories. There is a lot of harm going on out there.

Tomorrow I will attend the first meeting of the task force. We will be looking at models

and assessing how to deal with this in a timely fashion. We don’t want the task force to

drag on-there will be smaller sub-groups of the task force. Promote this, get people interested in serving on this. We need student representation.

Next week-Alcohol Awareness Week-there is a work group that meets regularly. There are many

activities planned to look at negative affects of alcohol. Promote this. Law enforcement

is going to start showing pictures of students that were at the riots and try to have them identified.

It will be anonymous for students. I want to support law enforcement efforts, but I also know that

there is going to be serious concerns about incrimination on the part of students. We still have rights on campus.

Senator Mudd-What do you mean about contractions?

President Gaffer-It would be for sports-22 sports is a lot. The last community task force felt we should do well and have the support, maybe there should not be so many sports. Many students are

involved having that many sports, it gets our face out there, also there is an issue of being approached on the overall hockey tickets at budget hearing time. Should we keep going with the hockey tickets, should we charge a couple bucks for all sports? Hockey is expensive to maintain-the cost of the Civic Center is expensive, as we do not have our own ice. I don’t know the outcome, we just need to keep things transparent during the process. This impacts our students, we need to be kept in the loop.

Senator Brown-What can we do to stop the video from being played on the news?

President Gaffer-My understanding is that the law enforcement has decided to do that,

we could issue a statement on that saying we do not approve of that.

Senator Decker-What sort of method would they use to decide which sports are contracted?

President Gaffer-I don’t know. If someone is interested let’s get a group together and ask them.

What happened off-campus, we don’t want to see anyone get hurt, but it has happened.

How do we feel about law enforcement? It is not just the idea of how our campus deals with alcohol, but the long standing issue of law enforcement as well. We need suggestions for the future especially

at the task force level.

Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Check the white board for when the committees are meeting. Committees do have

attendance policies, that is part of your job.

Met with Diane Solinger this week. We discussed the senate retreat. It will be Nov. 8.

This is important, we will discuss the whole year.

Pleases fill out the data forms on the web site.

Senator Jiwani-What will the conference be about?

Vice President Anwer-We will have fun and work. We will prioritize things for the year.

Senator Deimerly-Are meeting times for the committees permanent?

Vice President Yes

Senator Boyd-It is important for you to get your information out there, right now it looks like your seat is vacant.

Acting Speaker -Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Resignations: Rebecca Klatt, Hannah Gehrke-College of Education

Recognized Student Organizations: Alpha Lambda Delta, Bangladesh Student Association

Lutheran Campus Ministry, Tau Kappa Epsilon

Senator Brown-Call for a five minute caucus for the purpose of discussing riot actions.

Committee Reports

Student Allocations Committee-SAC-Jeet Sausen, Chair

SAC R#10.08.03A

SAC recommends funding up to $1720.00 to the MSU Paintball Club to participate in the World Cup Intercollegiate XBall Championship in Disney’s World of Sport in Orlando, FL.

SAC Chair-Paintball is a campus organization under Campus Rec. They also have to be a RSO.

Paintball is ranked 13th nationally-this is post season competition for them. They did have to

qualify. Some teams dropped out so it bumped them up. They will have their fees

waived if they come down earlier and work. This will save them $1500.00. This is their form of fund-raising.

Paintball Members-This is a collegiate thing, the prize is only a trophy, and it is given to Campus Rec.

Senator Brown-What other things has the Paintball Team done to raise funds?

SAC Chair-They are paying out of pocket fees. I am not aware of anything else.

Senator Kahn-How much are they paying?

SAC Chair-Total expenses for trip is $4,970.

Senator Boyd-How many teams did they compete against to get to this tournament?

Paitnball Members-50 other teams played last year to attain ranking.

Senator Brown-Where will the other money come from?

President Gaffer-Is that relevant if they are not requesting that from SAC?

Speaker Anwer-I do not believe that is relevant.

Senator Jiwani-How much are they really going to contribute themselves?

SAC Chair-$1500 fund raise, $1720 from SAC, remainder out of pocket.

Senator Brown-On original request they requested $3390. They stated if they

did not receive this they could not go on the trip.

SAC Chair-This is still an issue. They want this to be a viable club on campus

and nation wide.

President Gaffer-How does Paintball give back to the University?

Paintball Members-In addition to representing the university, we try to represent

by showing good sportsmanship. We do not discriminate against age or gender. We

all compete together. We set a precedent by sending an all women’s team to

the tournament-they made it into the finals. We brought recognition all over

the state. We put forth effort to conduct themselves in a sportsman like manner and have brought home several trophies.

Paintball members-Our initial request was for the entire amount. Anything not covered would have to be raised by members. In proportion we needed a large amount from funds. Some members could

not go. We need 10 members to attend.

Senator Brown-Could they go if the $1720 is not approved?

SAC Chair-They would go but they feel this is a worth while cause and want the support.

Senator Radtke-Do I understand that this is a reimbursement or will they receive this before they leave?

SAC Chair-They would receive this prior to their trip.

Senator Boyd-Is that SAC policy?


Senator Decker-Move in favor of this motion due to what was clarified.

Senator Lessard-I rise in favor of this motion.

Senator Brown-I also approve this if they wear something MSU.

Senator Boyd-Clarify SAC policy.

Speaker Anwer-It does go both ways.

Senator Radtke-There are three tiers of funding, Athletic teams can get it ahead of time, Campus Rec-it could be a reimbursement or they can request it in advance..

Motion passes

Coordinator Reports

Media Relations/Event Planning Coordinator-Kunwar Singh

The emergency forum that was held last week was well attended. Many students and faculty and staff

and community people asked good questions and gave good comments. It was covered by KMSU and

the Free Press and Reporter. Tomorrow’s Forum-Higher Education-tuition. Tuition has gone up 15%. The forum will give opportunity for students to ask questions. The second half of the

forum will be on textbook rental. These forums will be on the MSU mall 11:30 – 1:00.

Also, as a senate you have been invited to a public performance of the MSU-Mankato Speech and Debate Team. This will be a debate on America’s Role in the world. It is Thursday, Oct. 16 at 4:30 in AH 102. The members will debate issues including: Should the US use preemptive military force to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction? Audience participation will be encouraged during the questions-and-answer period.

Senator Lessard-When the university put together the forum-did they take into consideration the native American speaker on campus?

Coordinator Singh-That was an emergency forum because of the Saturday night

events. No, they did not take into consideration other events.

If you are interested in gathering your constituents for a hearing, let me know and I will

try to do that.

Acting Speaker Anwer-I have a motion before me.

M#10.15.03A Senator Decker/Senator Hill

Whereas not all people involved in the October 4 riots were MSU students

Whereas until the legal system has found individuals to be guilty, they are innocent,

Whereas financial aid sanctions will hinder students ability to afford college,

Be it resolved that the MSSA recommend to the MSU administration that only those

students found legally guilty be punished by doing community service instead of academic or financial sanctions.

Senator Decker-There were people accused that where in their apartments. We need

to make sure the legal process takes it’s course. We should not financially sanction


Senator Hill-It is hard for me to choose. If only MSU students are sanctioned-how

would others be sanctioned by MSU?

Senator Brown-I spoke about this last week. I agree with this motion, it is counter

productive. Many of them have their parents to pay. Some students would have to

drop out of school. Why not give community service, this would be good for the school and the community.

Senator Lessard-This should go to committee first. I would like to have a hearing on this


Senator Boyd-I think that is a good idea. That would be the best way to approach it. By

taking away financial aid-some would suffer and some not. I don’t think we should

take away educational opportunity. I recommend referring this to committee.

Senator Decker-If we wait too long students will be sanctioned.

Senator Brown-We need to let them know how we feel before the administration decides what they

are going to do.

President Gaffer-Senator Hottinger and Rep. Karla Nelson are proposing that sanction. As far

as other sanctions-the students involved in grievance behavior are the one’s directly involved. They

would go before discipline action.

Senator Anderson-Amend…community service rather than …(clerical)

Senator Mudd-I move to send this to joint committee.

Senator Boyd-It is a good idea for part of this to be moved to committee. We should

support long term outcome, but I hope we can make a decision tonight about something

that will happen in a few hours.

Senator Decker-Time is of the essence. We should act tonight.

Motion to move to committee

Motion approved 1 abstention

Public Affairs Coordinator Ben Malakoff

I am working on a communication plan, so MSSA can get their name and the word out on issues. There will be a portion on crisis management. If you need to send things to the media, I can edit,

or help you write. IT is my job to help you get things out.

If you are on a committee-I can ask people to come talk to you.

You are doing great with the media, but be professional, think before you speak.

You are a student but also a senator.

I will be attending the Media Conference. There will be two more forums, an

athletic forum and a tenant forum.

About the riots-today at the Government Center-31 pictures were given out.

This is legal for them to give out. You are a public figure if you were even out

checking on your car. We need to take an official position on this-contact the

media or do something here tonight.

Senator Boyd-Are the pictures given out public information?

Coordinator Malakoff -I believe it is,

Senator Mudd-Suppose a high school student was in the picture, would their name

and picture be given out?

Coordinator Malakoff They could say a minor was arrested but not give a name.

Senator Lessard-The pictures that you say are appropriate-are they criminal photos?

Coordinator Malakoff-No they are people that need to be identified.

MSUSA Campus Rep Irfan Bangash

I attended MSUSA summer conference at Southwest Minnesota State University and MSUSA Winona conference. I will be going to the fall conference that is being held in the twin cities next weekend. I have prepared a conference binder which has all the information and the meeting minutes from the last two conferences, the agenda for the up-coming conference and the brief information about MSUSA. The binder will be available in the senate office.

Being one of my responsibilities as the Campus Rep., I along with the MSUSA Cultural Diversity Rep., am responsible for the placement and the promotion of the Monitor, which is the MSUSA official newspaper. We place them at various locations on campus and send them to different offices

when they are delivered to us. We advise you to read the Monitor and be informed about the recent issues faced by students all over the state.

I am also attending meetings from various organizations and groups like RHA, ISA, Cultural Diversity, Amnesty International, Office of the Multicultural Affairs, Chicano-Latino American Student Association, SAGE, etc. I explained the purpose of MSUSA, why it was established, the current issues being discussed and if they have any issues or messages, I can bring to the conference.

I am in contact with Myron Medcalf, Editor in Chief of the Reporter, to have a portion in the Reporter as “Meet your Senator”. We plan to have each of the senators’ interviews published which will have their introduction, explanation of their plans for their constituencies, the main issues they plan to address and how they will accomplish their tasks. This will help the MSU students know who their student representatives are and it will also help in the publicity of MSSA.

Senator Reports

Off-Campus-Abuzar Iqbal

My name is Abuzar Iqbal and I am a Computer Science student. I can’t wait to graduate. Students are coming to me with some concerns and issues. There are students who are currently working in Carkoski. They are having trouble with the management. According to them the management all of a sudden has become unfair. Students are paid $6.50. When they asked about this they were told the food is a cheap plan and thus their budget doesn’t allow to pay students the same rate like other jobs on campus. They were also told that they are given free food as an incentive to overcome the pay rate. But now the pay rate is the same and they are not allowed to have free meals. Some of the students also mentioned favoritism during assigning shifts. There are a lot other concerns brought under my attention which I have to discuss with higher management. Unfortunately I was unable to meet with them this week but I am hoping to set up an appointment next week and discuss all these issues with them.

President Gaffer-Have you spoken with anyone on the Student Union Board on this matter?

Senator Iqbal-One student told me there was nothing that could be done right now.

Also about the food, students are not allowed to eat in Gage. In Carkoski they can eat.

Senator Hill-Have the workers spoken to Chartwell about the pay?

Senator Iqbal-Yes, we had a meeting in ISA and we talked to Sam, he was not willing

to raise the wages.

Senator Hill-This would not be for the university but Chartwell, is that right?

Senator Iqbal-Yes.

Senator Mudd-The free meals, was this a policy?

Senator Iqbal-The students were told they would receive free meals.

Senator Mudd-Is $6.50 for the entire time of employment, or can you get a raise?

Senator Iqbal-I think managers are paid more after a year.

President Gaffer-Are you aware of additional forms of compensation?

Senator Iqbal-Some students get made managers after a year and then receive a wage,

student managers get free meals if they are working or not.

Senator Paulson-Does this have to do with last years manager moving to Gage now?

Senator Mudd-What is the ratio of students working there?

Senator Iqbal-It is mostly international.

Senator Mudd-Do only students work there?

Vice President Anwer-There are full time employees.

Senator Paulson-Do the students who work in Chartwell have work study?

Senator Iqbal-No that is a separate job.

Vice President Anwer-70% are international

Senator Mudd-Can students get work study?

Senator Iqbal-I am not sure.

Vice President Anwer-International students can not get work study.

Senator Paulson-Can they get any kind of assistance?

Senator Iqbal-No

Senator Boyd-Where can international students get jobs?

Senator Iqbal-They can only work on campus. They can not get jobs


Senator Mudd-Can they go on strike?

Senator Iqbal-This is the only job they can get.

Vice President Anwer-If they went on strike they would all be fired.

Graduate Studies Emira Babamusta

I met with Dean Flaherty. I will be on the search committee for the new graduate dean.

Proposal-request a clear description of all departments. All departments are asked to do a model and post it on the human resources website.

July 1-Graduate Assistantship Policy. There have been some problems with the guidelines, where there are 400 plus GA positions. If students are abroad, or undergraduates apply for graduate assistantships, there has been a lack of advertising on the website. Some departments ask GA’s to do unprofessional work such as errands and getting meals for professors and other things. Policy will construct clear expectation for GA’s Also raise the issue of students working more then 20 hours.

There are new I-9 requirements. The focus is on departments to get it done early. We have a graduate bulletin, we discussed how to make it accurate, update it. What are some of the communication problems. What would be some of the problems or benefits if all this process was done electronically?

MSU has offered to be the test for the imignianal process, which means that the date is put in a digital form. This would make things faster, get to departments electronically, and also offer applications

on line as well. We also discussed how we can have graduate students recognized. We can have more competition, have more students compete on a national level and recognize nominee plus 1. We talked about how to celebrate research and scholarships. Enrollment management task force discussed long term goals. Currently we have 12% graduate. Goal is to have 15%, which means more programs, expand working professionals, assistantships, and people who work full time.


President Gaffer-South Asian night Saturday. We will sponsor a table.

Alcohol work group-Monday at 10am Student Health Services Conference Room

Senator Lessard-Left vs. Right highly outnumbered but left won.

Senator Anderson-Tonight on the Mall-vigil Alpha Chi Omega

Senator Babamusta-Once in a life-time opportunity-South Asian night.

Senator Jiwani-Sweatshirts?

M#10.15.03 B Senator Lessard-Senator Brown/Senator Mudd-Motion

We the senators of the MSSA strongly disagree with the Mankato Public Safety Office actions in publicly releasing video footage of the October 4 and October 5, 2003 “riot” behavior in Mankato. We support the identification of persons accused of criminal actions. We do not hold objections to the already released still photos of the accused. We do not accept the showing of Mankato community students and friends in running video. The public release of running film may un-fairly represent the identities of persons that held bystander roles or persons that are engaging in non-criminal acts.

Senator Lessard- I believe that as a senate body we do not want to give the impression that we do not want them caught, but we do not want everyone in the picture slandered.

President Gaffer- I would recommend substituting airing for releasing.

Friendly Amendment-change airing to releasing.

Motion passes 1 abstention

Roll Call

Students Present

Jessica Cichy, Ryan Deimerly, Abbas Raza, Muhammad Jiwani, ,Emira Babamusta, Kristy Anderson, Jessica Boyd, Irfan Bangash, Sudeep Shrestha, Greg Lessard, Eric Hill, Bryan Hart-proxy Zack Ellsworth, Faizan Khan, Joshua Brown , Nathan Ettinger, Ian Radtke, Rachel Mudd

Students Absent

Imran Hussein, Dan Poquette, Jocelyn Crist, Kail Decker, Megan Brandt, Muhammad Sohail Rauf, Abuzar Iqbal

Executive Staff Present

President Rhys Gaffer, Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 6:58 PM