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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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71st MSSA Senate

October 29, 2003

Meeting called order by Speaker Zach Biesanz

Roll Call

Roll Call (Present-Absent-Proxy-Excused)

Senators Present

Jessica Cichy 6-0-0, Ryan Deimerly 10-0-0-2, , Kristy Anderson 6-0-0, Jessica Boyd 12-0-0, Irfan Bangash 12-0-0, Eric Hill 6-0-0, Bryan Hart- 10-0-1-1, Imran M. Hussein 10-2-0, Faizan M. Khan 12-0-0, Jocelyn Crist 10-1-1 Joshua Brown 6-0-0, Nathan Entinger 6-0-0, Kail Decker 6-0-0, Megan Brandt 11-0-1, Ian Radtke 11-1-0, Rachel Mudd 12-0-0, , Beth Paulson-4-0-1, Abbas Raza3-2-1, Sudeep Shrestha 4-1-1, Abuzar Iqbal 5-1-0

Senators Absent

Muhammad Jiwani 4-12-0, Greg Lessard 10-2-0, Muhammad Sohail Rauf 9-3-0

Executive Staff Present

President Rhys Gaffer, Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Student Forum

Andrew Bushard-$3,000 is a lot of money that should not come with no strings attached. I understand that this money is to be used by nontraditional students, and I have no problem with that. I am concerned about the bias of the center. I do not see Pro life coming out of there. I am concerned that the Women’s Center is not engaging in enough debate. If this money is used in a productive way-go for it. If it is not used in the best way, please reconsider. Many organizations do not receive this, they receive no money at all. This money is not to promote abortion agenda-however, if it is unbiased we should consider this.

Jeremy Casper-Later you will be voting on the SAC recommendation. I highly encourage you to vote no. Last year this body gave the Women’s Center a 20 hour grad assistantship for programming and advising for non-traditional students; now one-half year later they are coming back for more. I am concerned this body is becoming a rubber stamp. We are arguing for not having double digit tuition, yet we are looking at double digit fees. There are a lot of groups on campus that have support costs. We have to show fiscal restraints. Their budget has gone from $5,000 to $8,000 to now $31,000. Academic departments have had fiscal restraints put on them and have been told to live within their budgets.

Senator Radtke-How do you see this body as being a rubber stamp as we have had only two requests this past year?

Mr. Casper-I am concerned that you do not become that. Paintball, for example, I would have disagreed with that. Many groups do not receive funding.

Senator Deimerly-Why are you singling out the Women’s Center?

Mr. Casper-I am not singling this out, I have heard concert company is coming forward,

I would be back to oppose that also. I am basing this on last year’s decisions and recommendations.

Andrew Braam-I strongly oppose this money being sent. I am a nontraditional student.

I am 25 and married. Nontraditional students have many problems that other students do not have, many problems are financial and they are forced to work. Rising cost of education is the most important thing. When nontraditional students come to campus they know there is bias toward other students that make up the university population. I have not heard much from that office other than an

email. Just because you don’t give something money does not mean you are insensitive or do not like a cause.

Adam Weigold-I came here as a nontraditional student and now I am a traditional student. I have never needed counseling, I don’t have the time. I am running around not having money. I am also as a traditional student urging you to lower fees, we pay over $300.00 a semester. that is ridiculous. Nothing against the Women’s Center yet we need to help the other students that are working many hours. This is partly because of the economy but we do not need to add to it.

Senator Mudd-How have you been both nontraditional and traditional student?

Adam Weigold-I was a post secondary student for two years, and now I am a traditional student..

Senator Mudd-Do you think you might need counseling if you were a single parent going

to school, maybe getting a divorce?

Mr. Weigold-If I were a single parent I would be so busy parenting and trying to make a living that I would not have time to use the services. Also for other single people needing counseling, people in the general population they would pay for this service themselves

Senator Mudd- Do you think it is fair to eliminate this when someone might need it.

Mr. Weigold-I am saying we don’t need this, we have other services available.

Senator Deimierl-How many students have you talked to?

Mr. Weigold-No exact numbers, but people I know in my classes.

Senator Boyd-What other services are there?

Senator Hart-Would you prefer that we not have any student fees?

Mr. Weigold-Obviously we need some fees, but we have a long way to go.

Senator Decker-Do you believe that a separate nontraditional office would be more affective?

Mr. Weigold-I don’t believe it is necessary.

Senator Brown-Do you think you should cut all of this funding or just this portion?

Mr. Weigold-I don’t think I can answer that.

Senator Deimerly-Don’t you feel that if some students use this it is important?

Mr. Weigold-You can help a lot of people or a couple, which is more important?

Senator Cichy-Would you feel uncomfortable going to the Women’s Center?

Mr. Weigold-I feel uncomfortable because it seems like a clique.

Elections-Allied Health & Nursing, College of Education, Off-Campus, Undeclared

Off-Campus Senator Position

Candidate John Helcl

Senator Boyd-Can you tell senate about your previous senate experience, and if you have shown involvement in the past?

Mr. Helcl-I was an off-campus senator in 1999, I was also a senator again in 2000 and had to resign for the police academy.

Senator Decker-Would you foresee that maybe a time restraint would prevent you from serving on the senate?

Senator Brown-What committees are you interested in?

Mr. Helcl-Ethnic Studies

Mr. Brown-Would you serve on a committee?

Mr. Helcl-Yes

Senator Mudd-What do you bring to senate?

Mr. Helcl-Much off campus experience, I served as security for the riot.

Senator Boyd-If you could be a kitchen utensil what would you be?

Mr. Helcl-Fire extinguisher-so the ---can hit the fan.

Senator Brown-Why should we consider you?

Mr. Helcl-I am a non-traditional student, I have had a lot of experience. I have had to go through a lot of hoops in my department.

Senator Cichy-When will you graduate?

Mr. Helcl-Spring

Mr. Helcl-Thank you, I have missed this position and I want to rejoin so I can stay a whole year.

Senator Decker-Move for a 5 minute recess for the purpose of a caucus.

Elected-Off-Campus Senator John Helcl

Approval of Agenda Agenda stands approved after removal of Senator Cichy and addition of Coordinator Report.

Approval of Minutes (10-22-03) Minutes stand approved

Committee Reports

SAC-Jeet Sausen, Chair

SAC recommends funding up to $3,289.00 to the Women’s Center for use by the

Nontraditional Student Program.

In last weeks meeting SAC approved $3,289.00 for the Women’s Center. Original request was for

$5,000. The money is to be used for: 1) Researching housing, child care and financial resources for nontraditional students 2) Web maintenance,-online newsletter, programmatic updates 3) Communication with nontraditional students-responding to questions and resource requests, assessing interests and needs 4) design, copy and post flyers 5) Establish and maintain database of nontraditional students involved in programs and seeking services 6) Coordinate single-Parent Discussion Group-including researching local and campus resources for weekly topics 7) Assist planning and facilitating Nontraditional Student Program events 8) Offer support for drop-in student requests 9) Compile data from nontraditional student surveys 10) Assemble informational folders-gathering information about campus offices for nontraditional students 11) Other duties relevant to the Program. The requested funds will allow for approximately 20 hours per week.

They do not feel they have the support to help this position grow.

Senator Boyd-It is my understanding that last year there was work study for this program, is there

this year?

Director Rosenfeld-Last year we had a non-traditional student that did receive an award. We do not have that this year. We did get a work study student today, she is 18 years old, and I don’t know if she will be able to do that.

Senator Hart-What determines if this is growing?

Director Rosenfeld-The proposal last year requested a graduate assistantship and two weeks of salary, senate did not fund that. I used scholarship money to hire a student for the summer so that we could get the program going. She is amazing, working 20 hours a week. Incoming traffic is higher, needs are more than we thought. Community support is more than we realized. We did not releaize that this program would evolve so quickly. Programming takes time

Senator Boyd-How many non-traditional students are there?

Chair Sausen-The registrar would have this information.

Senator Boyd-Do you know anyone here that would have that information?

Director Rosenfeld-According to the registrar 3,010. We don’t know what year they are in. There is no significant data basis. We do not track this. Age alone-roughly 3,000 About one quarter of the student body.

Senator Brown-New work study? Why could they not perform some of the non counseling bullets

in the proposal.

Chair Sausen-This needs to be geared toward nontraditional students.

President Gaffer-Would that also be for graduate students?

Chair Sausen-If they fit the criteria

Senator Cichy-Do you know how many students use the non-traditional office?

Chair Sausen-According to the information from the director, the demand is enough for us to look at this and make a recommendation. I encourage you to look seriously at this and consider this.

Senator Decker-What were the initial grad assistant’s duties and responsibilities and how doe this compare to the new position?

Director Rosenfeld-This is to establish and maintain and assist in the offering of student programs.

Vice President Anwer-When SAC made the decision to fund the position, were you considering

grad students as nontraditional students that would be served by the Women’s Center?

Chair Sausen-We looked at how this would affect overall nontraditional students.

Senator Decker-Is it true that 13% of nontraditional students are grad students?

Senator Hart-How would the program function without this position?

Chair Sausen-They are located in the same office however, the grad student is stretched. Without

help the man power would not be there or the time commitment.

Senator Mudd-Do you know how many students are enrolled in the program?

Director Rosenfeld-About 50 students used the program last year, this year we have contact with 100. We have connected with that many and informed them about the program..

President Gaffer-With the students concerns about the increase of fees, did SAC consider that?

Chair Sausen-No, we look at student activity fees as something that is taking care of the student

body and what benefits people. We have one nontraditional student on the committee that does not use this, but he recognizes that some students do. We are still looking at policies. We

realize that some students might need this additional support.

Senator Brandt-Are traditional students allowed to attend non-traditional event?

Chair Sausen-Absolutely, you pay fees you can attend any event supported by student activity fees.

Senator Decker-Do you believe that the opportunity is creating the demand?

Speaker-I believe the senator is saying, is the program creating more demands for itself? Does ts existence increases the demand?

Chair Sausen-Maybe, with the existence of the program there are more people hearing about it and using it.

Speaker-Does it create demand that did not exist?

Chair Sausen-I don’t believe so, they just did not have a place to go be fore this. This office will cater to your needs.

Senator Brown-What on this list of needs are not being met now?

Director Rosenfeld-Currently this is no active work being done on #1, researching housing, childcare and financial resources, web site, communication is now done by mass emails instead of phone calls. We do publicize and recruit volunteers to post flyers. There is not a data base.

Senator Boyd-Could you tell us what programming has been done?

Director Rosenfeld-Three weekly discussion hours, a single parent discussion group, a non-traditional

fun day, a series of different events, a program called , success builders-giving out information so students can gain information and access to other things on campus. We will meet these one on one. We had an open house in the fall.

Senator Boyd-If someone is a grad student does that make them a nontraditional student?

Chair Sausen-No, are an undergraduate student.

Senator Brown-Original request was for $5,000, with what SAC give them would they all get a little


Chair Sausen-I can’t tell you what would get done, only what their requests were

Senator Radtke-I support this request this because last year Dr. Davenport put forth a request for

support for non-traditional students. This shows that one grad assistant can not meet the demands.

Senator Decker-To further clarify if there is a demand for it, it is not a necessity demand, I was

questioning if it were necessity

Senator Boyd-I support this. I have been involved before this year; there are new people in there this year.

Senator Brandt-This program was just started last year, it seems like we are jumping the gun. any new program needs to be developed before we add to it.

Senator Anderson-I am in favor of this. I have had experience with this office regarding funding,

baby sitting. You need to think of the different populations, someone might need.

Senator Cichy-I agree with what another senator said. There are other areas where these issues

can be taken care of. I just heard a presentation where you can get this.

Senator Brown-I too am not in support of this.

Senator Deimerly-I agree but I think things should be clarified before I could support.

Senator Decker-I reluctantly do not support, because I do not think this is the correct timing.

Senator Cichy-Non traditional population is growing but also is the entire university.

Senator Mudd-I think that because they have doubled it shows there was a need not being met.

Senator Hart-I rise in favor because it seems they have work to do that is not being met.

Senator Decker-To clarify-if there was a group giving away candy bars, people would take

more candy bars, the candy bar company would say they needed more money for more candy bars.

Senator Deimerly-This is not candy bars-I would need something more, this concerns well being in school.

Senator Mudd-I agree with previous senator. You don’t think about these needs until they are yours.

I would caution us to think about this.

Senator Cichy-I have heard different figures from 19-25.

Senator Mudd-There is no exact number. There were 3100 registered numbers over the age of 24.

Senator Brown-Do you just have to meet one criteria?

Senator Cichy-Roll Call vote

President Gaffer-I abstain from voting

Speaker-You are a member of the senate

President Gaffer-If the constitution has not been changed than why did President Oelberg not have

to vote?

Speaker-My interpretation of the constitution is that you vote.

Roll Call Vote

Senators voting yes

Ryan Deimerly, Kristy Anderson, Jessica Boyd, Bryan Hart, Faizan Khan, John Helcl w/r, Ian Radtke, Abuzar Iqbal, Rachel Mudd

Senators voting no

Jessica Cichy w/r, Sudeep Shrestha, Eric Hill w/r, Jocelyn Crist w/r, Nathan Entinger, Megan Brandt w/r, Kail Decker, Beth Paulson w/r

Senators Abstaining

Joshua Brown w/r

Executive Staff

President Gaffer abstain w/r, Vice President Anwer yes


Motion fails 10-8-2 abstentions (abstentions count as a negative vote)

Student Services-Joshua Brown, Chair

Committee Motion M#10.29.03

Whereas: Recently the Athletic Department has enacted a season ticket program for the

hockey season of ‘03/’04 to supplement their budget due to a deficit discovered

in the late spring semester of “03.

Whereas: Little to no student consultation took place prior to the implementation of this program

Whereas: A referendum passed by the MSSA in 1992 states that additional charges for services provided by student fees are not allowed.

Be it Resolved: The MSSA does not approve of the implementation of the season ticket package for the student hockey tickets enacted by the Athletic Department for the ‘03/’04 hockey season. The MSSA requests that the Athletic Department explore alternative sources for funding their ‘04/’05 budget deficit. MSSA encourages SAC to re-visit the 1992 referendum to the SAC policy and explore its relevance

to the current budget state.

Chair Brown on behalf of the student tickets, we have contacted the Athletic Department, we

have talked to students. We don’t agree with this and don’t like that they did this without

our approval. We will send this to the Athletic Department and Dr. Davenport.

Senator Cichy-Des this mean they can never sell hockey tickets?

Senator Brown-We can not do a lot about this now, we need to have SAC look at the

referendum form 1992. We mainly want them to look at how they do this.

Senator Boyd-Do you have the information on the demographics?

President Gaffer-At Meet & Confer, Director Buisman said they will run those numbers

maybe in early January. They want to only have to do that once.

Senator Boyd-I guess I was under the impression that Director Buisman felt there

was some information and they are just not giving us that.

Senator Brown-I felt we were getting smoke blown. To my knowledge there are no

demographics at this time.

Senator Boyd-They need to know they can not just go around us and do their own thing.

We should vote in favor of this so they know our policies are strong.

Senator Cichy-It sounds like we are saying that charging is wrong.

Senator Decker-According to the referendum they have been charging in the past.

Senator Brown-I am into sports, I think the hockey team is great, I am into it. But we should

adhere to the rules.

Senator Cichy-Could we add that we are not opposed to charging if they adhere to the rules?

Senator Hart-It seems like the motion is saying reevaluate it. I don’t think we need an amendment.

Senator Brown-It does not say don’t try it again, but rather look at all the alternatives not just one.

Amendment to Committee Motion 10.20.03A Senator Boyd/Senator Decker

Strike Minnesota State University, Mankato

Motion passes

Chair Brown-Student Services discussed dealing with Parking Appeals-traffic guidelines. Chair of Parking Appeals wants me to go to RHA and come up with a group of students and a staff member to engage in appeals of residence hall. Student Affairs thinks this is a fine idea. We have agreed that

I bring this up at the meeting. Regarding student wages for Chartwells-we need to note for future

chair to look into this as their contract is not up yet. Basically telling them to put a contract out there that their contract be equal to that of the university. Student bills and meal plans are being shut off. Basically now if you owe money to the institution, any money goes to your university account,

they can shut off your meal plan if it is not paid. They are hindering students because

you can not register, get transcripts, but if students are working to pay bills by shutting

off their meal plans does not help. Get a consensus on this, we need feedback. This is

a hot issue because students are starving. RHA issues: I am getting a meeting set up.

I have personally tried to contact them and rarely do they get back to me.

Concerts-I talked to four people today, every one is confused. I have invited the vice president

of Student Events Team to visit Student Affairs so we can get a grasp on the information out there.

President Gaffer-Regarding separation of Parking Appeals Board-do you feel that would still be

equitable for off-campus students?

Senator Brown-I think it would be beneficial, they have a few days to appeal to the board,

right now it is taking over a month before they are invited to appeal. It is very ineffective

right now because of the amount of appeals. I think a student side would be beneficial

President Gaffer-The question was to the make-up of the two boards.

Senator Paulson-Have you spoken with staffs members in res life regarding the meal plan

being stopped?

Senator Brown-I talked to the Business Office, their answer was that is what is written in the rules. But we need to look at the economy right now. Many students can not pay.

Senator Paulson-Do you know if Residential Life has a say in this?

Senator Brown-Every time I talk to them they tell me to talk to the Business office.

Senator Boyd-What is being told about concerts?

Senator Brown-I was told different information. We need the right information.

Senator Entinger-With the people on Parking Appeals, were there any members to be appointed that were not students?

Senator Brown-Two resident hall students and one university staff person. This is not a permanent committee, just a committee that can be brought forward when needed.

Senator Cichy-In regard to students with meal plans cut off, what would be better?

Senator Brown-My intention would be to allow school to be more helpful. Cutting off a meal time creates more of a hardship. They should do away with that

Senator Crist-Do you know what the punishment is for off-campus students that do not pay their bill?

Senator Brown-I will find out that information.

Senator Paulson-With Appeals Board-RHA members, would they be from floor reps or executive branch?

Senator Brown-that would be up to the Chair. It was talked about that I would not lead the committee but that I would set forth ground rules.

Senator Hart-For students not having paid tuition, can they receive grades?

Senator Brown-They can receive grades but they can not register or transfer.

Senator Hart-Don’t you think that is enough?

Senator Brown-Absolutely-they are being charged for a meals they cannot use.

Officer Reports

President Rhys Gaffer

MSUSA Conference last weekend, I am getting information on text book forum that was held there. That consensus was that text book rental is not the answer. Other issue again was alcohol issue. I will be talking with coordinators for input. It is important; it does impact the quality of our performance.

Again some of our delegates were in with underage drinking delegates. I got some other emails that I am trying to shake out. The City/Colleges/University Advisory Council needs students to be on Task force. We need names by Friday. As far as anything else, it has been nice to see senators around. We need students talking about diversity issues, we have some opportunities to talk about things now.

Look at Ohio State survey on table so you have an understanding on the model we will be using.

Senator Radtke-Move to reconsider SAC recommendation #10.29.03A

Motion passes 1 abstention

Senator Hart-From her point of view they said it would be nice if they could be located

somewhere else than in the Women’s Center.

Senator Mudd-That would be great but the funding is not there.

Senator Mudd-SAC funded International Students $37,000 that is 5% more.

Senator Brown-I don’t have a problem with giving them money for nontraditional students

but I don’t think that money will only be spent on nontraditional student in that office.

Senator Anwer-They receive 5% more but that is for all students that are registered. There is not proof that more than 100 students are benefiting from that.

President Gaffer-Look at all the other student services offices, SLD&SL support the

LGBC center.

Senator Radtke-We don’t know this, but we trust them to do this for non-trads. If they

choose differently on their own time that would be there business.

Senator Cichy-Remind you that there are other areas of service in the university.

Senator Boyd-There is a level of accountability, we have to trust them until the next budget hearing and then we can ask them. The Women’s Center does not provide counseling but programs and leadership.

Senator Brown-I think of myself as open and not close minded but as a non trad I think it is

intimidating to go to the Women’s Center for assistance.

Senator Anderson-I hear arguments about how things are run, if you are concerned about that talk to them.

Senator Hart-Fiscal responsibility-I think we can trust SAC to take care of that.

Senator Mudd-In regards to where it is located-the Women’s Center took them on.

President Gaffer-To be balanced here, we have had concerns come forward about location,

other speakers have asked us for consideration on where are tuition and fees are at. Everything

needs to be taken into consideration.

Roll Call vote

Senators voting yes

Ryan Deimerly, Abbas Raza, Kristy Anderson, Jessica Boyd, Irfan Bangash, Bryan Hart, Imran Hussein, Faizan Khan, Nathan Entinger w/r, John Helcl, Ian Radtke, Abuzar Iqbal, Rachel Mudd,

Senators voting no

Jessica Cichy w/r, Sudeep Shrestha, Eric Hill w/r, Jocelyn Crist w/r, Megan Brandt w/r, Beth Paulson w/r

Senators abstaining

Joshua Brown w/r

Executive Staff

President Gaffer Abstain w/r, Vice President Anwer Yes

Motion Passes 14-6-2 abstentions *with rights

Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Retreat agenda discussed. MSUSA Conference, I highly encourage you to all go at least once.

Election Committee-Committee did not meet.

Senator Babamusta resigned

Senator Brown-Where will the retreat take place?

Senator Bangash-Did Senator Babamusta officially resign?

President Gaffer-What kind of food will we get at the retreat?

Vice President Anwer-Sandwiches and soup. Breakfast, lunch.

President Gaffer-Update on sweatshirts

Vice President Anwer-Sweatshirts are in office , pay Cheri $23.50

Senator Brown-are you personally in favor of meal plan nullification?

Vice President Anwer-definitely not

Speaker Zach Biesanz

Senator Babamusta has resigned due to personal reasons

Previous Tabled Motion, we have a 2/3 petition. Coordinator removal requires a vote.

Senator Hart-An actively involved coordinator is needed.

Motion Passes-18 year,0 nays, 3 abstentions

Recognized Student Organizations

Alpha Lambda Delta, Amnesty International, Association for Computing Machinery, Campus Bible Fellowship, Finance Club, IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers), Finance Club, MIS, Sociology Club, Student Anthropology Association

“Friendly Amendments”-requires discussion

Personal Privilege.-“With Rights”

LSAT score in 97th percentile

Student Events Team concert company-not only music coming up, personal band at local club

also, Nov 17 in ballroom

Reconsider already voted SAC recommendation

“With Rights”

Senator Bangash-Can someone absentee vote for an issue?

Speaker-I leave it at ‘no’.

Senator Mudd-what type of music does your band play?

Senator Hussein-Which law schools are you applying to?

Speaker-Harvard, U of M

Senator Bangash-Would your band be willing to play for the Int’l festival?

Speaker-Yes, concerts should be as ‘free’ as possible, local bands

Coordinator Reports

Ruth Nieto-MSUSA Cultural Diversity Coordinator (see written report)

Senator Hart-can anyone attend the CD conference?

Coordinator Nieto-yes

Senator Hart-What were the dates?

Coordinator Nieto-March-ish

Senator Reports

Science Engineering & Technology Irfan Bangash

We will have a Focus Group for CSET Students to listen & discuss their issues and concerns in the college. Initially, we planned to have a survey but that would have been a very long process. Our tentative date for the focus group will be November 25, 2003. I missed the last SET Advisory Board meeting, due to some other commitments; I got information from Senator Jessica Boyd about what they discussed in the meeting. I attended MSUSA Fall Conference last weekend. When you sign up to go to the conference, please don’t back off at the last moment. It cost us $125.00 for every delegates we send to the MSUSA conference. At the conference we discussed moratorium on International Students at Metro State University, the riots in Mankato on October 4, 2003, Lobby Day February 11, 2004. MSCSA will not be participating this time. I have been attending the following meetings: College Republicans, College Democrats, Campus greens, RHA, Cultural Diversity and fraternities.

Senator Entinger-What is the date for the lobby day?

Senator Bangash-February 11, 2004.


President Gaffer-The Legislative Affairs Coordinator position is open

Senator Brandt-Kettle corn sale by Reporter, proceeds will go to the Echo Food Shelf

Senator Entenger-Off campus senators can you meet after the meeting?

Senator Iqbal-CSU 204 Discussion on wars in Iraq, Afghanistan

Roll Call

Senators Present

Jessica Cichy, Ryan Deimerly, Abbas Raza, Kristy Anderson, Jessica Boyd, Irfan Bangash, Sudeep Shrestha, Eric Hill, Bryan Hart, Imran Hussein, Faizan Khan, Jocelyn Crist, Nathan Entinger, John Helcl, Abuzar Iqbal, Megan Brandt, Ian Radtke, Rachel Mudd, Beth Paulson

Senator Absent

Muhammad Jiwani, Greg Lessard, Joshua Brown, Kail Decker, Muhammad Sohail Rauf

Executive Staff Present

President Gaffer, Vice President Anwer

Adjournment 7:47 PM

*Senator voting with Rights

Senator Cichy-College of Allied Health & Nursing-*Both votes

As a member of Legislative Affairs Committee, I will be lobbying at the capital, with my main intention being to prevent yet another double digit tuition increase. Who am I to tell a representative about double digit tuition increases, when we keep raising our own student fees at a similar rate? No one in congress is going to take us seriously. I will tell you what nontraditional students really need, some more money. If we keep spending money the way we have been, student fees will rise. Every dollar more that we increase student fees, it will make it that much harder for students to make ends meet.

Senator Hill-Social & Behavioral Science- Although the Nontraditional Center is a good idea, it has yet to be evaluated by the university. I do not doubt the goals of the Nontraditional Center in any way. The organization is still young.

Senator Crist-Gage A-I, *Both votes- I, Senator Jocelyn Crist, voted nay to SAC R#10.29.03A because my constituents are, as a majority, against this. I personally believe the Nontraditional Student Program is necessary to the students of this university and that the funding for the new position is also necessary. My vote was based upon the opinions of those students I represent, and not my personal beliefs or opinions.

Senator Brown-McElroy Hall-*Both votes- I agree with this organization although I think they need to sustain and maintain and show us they are truly developing and not growing beyond their means.

Senator Entinger-Off-Campus-*2nd vote-The reason that I decided to vote for this budget supplement revolves around two main ideas. The first being that the definition of the traditional student is rather broad; it covers a lot of people, and while not all the services of the office are going to be utilized by every member of that group we need to cover the people that do use it. I get newsletters from a lot of different groups and I don’t always take advantage of what the groups are offering but when I need information/support those groups are there to assist me. My second reason is that I feel that a lot of the things that the aide was being requested for are one time needs. Once a lot of the tings on the list are completed, they will just need to be updated and not created from scratch again. Therefore the need of this money in the future would be smaller then it is at the present time.

Senator Paulson-Maverick Hall-*Both votes I would like it noted that I voted “nay” to reflect the opinions of my constituents even though the vote goes against my personal opinion.

President Gaffer-*Both votes-President Gaffer abstains from the SAC recommendation #10.29.03A vote as he also has veto power over Senate actions.