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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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71st MSSA Senate

November 5, 2003

Meeting called order by Speaker Zach Biesanz

Roll Call (Present-Absent-Proxy-Excused)

Senators Present

Jessica Cichy 7-0-0, Ryan Deimerly 11-0-0-2, Abbas Raza 4-2-1, Jessica Boyd 13-0-0, Irfan Bangash 13-0-0, Eric Hill 7-0-0, Bryan Hart- 11-0-1-1, Imran M. Hussein 10-3-0, Faizan M. Khan 13-0-0, Jocelyn Crist 11-1-1 Joshua Brown 7-0-0, Nathan Entinger7-0-0, Kail Decker 7-0-0, Megan Brandt 12-0-1, Ian Radtke 12-1-0, Rachel Mudd 13-0-0, , Beth Paulson-5-0-1, Abuzar Iqbal 6-1-0 Muhammad Jiwani 5-2-0, Greg Lessard 11-2-0, Muhammad Sohail Rauf 10-3-0

Senators Absent

Kristy Anderson 6-1-0, Sudeep Shrestha 3-3-1,

Executive Staff Present

President Rhys Gaffer, Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Student Forum

Jeff Vanderpol-As the Chair of College Republicans I am here with a complaint about our signs being taken down. This is a re-occurrence from last year. Obviously people disagree ideologically, but that is no reason why signs should be taken down. No one seems to know about this. I wonder what we are fostering on campus when people feel that they can do this. I don’t know what can be done.

Senator Radtke-Are the missing signs all over campus?

Mr. Vanderpol-Yes

Senator Brown-Do you follow proper protocol in the format of the signs?

Mr. Vanderpol-Yes.

President Gaffer-What expenditure does your club have for these signs?

Mr. Vanderpol-I don’t know-oh, we got them from the state organization, they were glossy.

Senator Brown-What do you think can be done?

Mr. Vanderpol-I don’t think anything can be done, I just wanted to bring it to your attention and see if you might have any ideas.

Senator Helcl-Have you addressed Security about this?

Mr. Vanderpol-No, not at this time.

Approval of Agenda Agenda stands approved

Committee Reports

SAC-Jeet Sausen, Chair

This report comes from me, not the committee. I thank the Speaker for his response to the

Reporter editorial. Everyone is doing a wonderful job.

I know you want to know what is going on with SAC, my concern is gauging the questions

you are asking-I believe the questions you are asking would be better answered by going

directly to the source. This is something you can do on your own time. It would save a minute or two

here. My job is to report factual things, we are delaying recommendations a week to give you time

to do that also. I need you to respect my committee, I know that we are doing our job.

I know some people are looking at the board and I encourage all of you to do that.

Vice President Anwer-Your concern about people not getting information before hand. has that been

addressed in SAC? Have you considered a way of giving us all the information you get?

Chair Sausen-We post the proposal, I have no problem with people asking questions. I will

be there to answer questions if you want. We are trying to be proactive.

Senator Cichy-Does SAC have minutes available?

Chair Sausen-We can talk about that and make it happen.

Approval of Minutes (10-29-03) Minutes stand approved

Officer Reports

President Rhys Gaffer

Resignations-Academic Affairs Coordinator Dave Bullert, Public Affairs Coordinator Ben Malakoff.

We will now split up the position of Academic Affairs/Cultural Diversity in to two positions.

Appointments: Commission on Ethics & Standards-Rachel Mudd (Chair-MSSA Rep to Committee), Tim Ibisch Sadaf Syeda, Lindsay Wilson Constitution Commission-Christina James, Jennie West, Jamie Guderian, Xavier Noel, Myly McBride SAC-Nathan Entinger ECDC- John Helcl Student Affairs – John Helcl Bookstore Committee-John Helcl, Jackie Engren, Legislative Affairs-Timothy Ibisch, SOAFC-

(interim) Hassain Jiwani, Public Affairs Coordinator-Jackie Engren

We have a student position open on the University Assessment Coordinating Council. This Council oversees institutional assessment activities. The responsibilities of the Council are to help develop and promote institutional assessment, support assessment activities in all divisions, and help coordinate the institutional assessment practices that the university already utilizes.

At Budget Submeet & Confer we discussed how The Department of Education on the Federal level has been doing an audit on grants and loans. We have someone helping with negations on this as there are currently 390 cases here at MSU. 190 cases have been reviewed, currently we have a liability of over $700,000. We met with Vice President Trauger today. He explained that if a student drops a credit, with banded it is not a problem but if you drop next semester and fall below the 30 credits it is a liability. We are watching this and trying to catch what is going on. Minnesota State Policy 2.9 explains this. Also we need another student available to work on subgroup equipment process.

Today I heard and it is my obligation as President and a member of board of directors of MSUSA to inform you that St. Cloud State passed a vote of no confidence in MSUSA stating that they did not have adequate representation and they are withdrawing from MSUSA. I have consulted MSUSA this year on many things. They have been to our campus three times this year. They do provide us with consultation. They have for the past 36 years given us a direct line to the Chancellor. They provide free forums to deal with things that affect all of us. This action by St. Cloud is troubling not only as someone that values a level of student voice on our own campus but also on the state and federal level. You need to decide how you feel about this organization. We need to think about this as a place where we can work out issues. I am not prepared at this time to say as my predecessors have that we should withdraw from this organization. I know you have heard me talk about alcohol issues but that is not the same as a vote of no confidence. Last year we got proportional representation for our campus. We need to be thinking about this.

Speaker-I have decided in the case of resignations that you can ask for approval and also give a

new appointment. I caution the senate that maybe there should be a longer time to wait for

more candidates.

President Gaffer-I will put Jackie Engren forward as PR Coordinator. She has been volunteering

in the office .

Objection- Kail Decker, Jessica Cichy, Joshua Brown-we need time to see if she is qualified.

President Gaffer-She is a Mass Comm major, she has volunteered in helping us with publicity

in the office.

Appointment fails.

Senator Radtke-Regarding confusion of financial aid-would students have to repay if they

were found to be ineligible?

President Gaffer-That was not made clear.

Senator Radtke-If they were found liable-would it impact their Spring registration?

President Gaffer-They could have an affect-they would be allowed to file an appeal.

Senator Paulson-Is the % of credits based on semester or the whole year?

President Gaffer-My understanding is that it is the whole award.

Senator Decker-What were the new ideas brought forward by the proposed PR Coordinator?

President Gaffer-She spoke of some proposals along the same lines as mine on training, on writing

press releases, types of publications for our office, some things on line.

Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Committees are having problems with attendance, if you cannot make it to committees please let us know.

You are not to miss committees more than two times. If you are not attending talk to me or President Gaffer. Most of you will be at the retreat, it will be fun and a good experience.

Regarding the credit hours, it is based on both-125 credits. Students have a certain amount of hours

they have to maintain. Regarding responsibility-yes students will be responsible for loans, for grants

the university will be responsibile-how does this affect us? We do have a reserve that is big enough.

Senator Brown-How did this come about?

Vice President Anwer-The Chancellors office requested an audit because of problems.

Senator Brown-How could they make a $700,000 mistake?

Vice President Anwer-If I take 18 credits it goes to the financial aid office, if I drop it is supposed

to show a withdrawal, it does on the transcript but not on the financial aid forms.

Senator Helcl-From my understanding it is from grants-how are loans affected if it is a federally

insured loan? Why are student loans affected if it is just federally insured?

Vice President Anwer-They talked more about the Pell Grants, I will find out more information.

Senator Lessard-I have not seen the information given-along with notice that this money was given out in error, are students given information on how to proceed?

Vice President Anwer-They are trying to get a feel from people by publicizing this. They want all the appeals to come in and they will be able to fix this.

Senator Brown-What has the university done to elevate this again?

Vice President Anwer-They are going back to the system between the Registrars office and Financial

Aid Office.

Speaker Zach Biesanz

Absentee voting, if you have to leave do you have the right to leave your vote? I have decided this will

not be allowed . You may miss vital information if you are absent.

Abstentions-If during a vote you abstain it goes on as your neutrality to the issue, but it goes on the vote

as a no vote. Abstentions can be appropriate if it is directly in your interest, but you don’t have to abstain.

I highly encourage you to vote, that is why you are here. You need to represent your constituency.

Questions-During questions-if you say “did you know” I will gavel you, these are statements not questions. That does not mean we can not communicate but you can not communicate back in a Senate meeting.

Ask the question about when can I get a hold of you, and then do it outside the senate meeting.

Recognized Student Organizations

Jewish Student Association, Men Against Rape, MSU Law Enforcement Club, Swing Kids

Yu’s Chinese cuisine-it is the best restaurant in town. In the past senators went to Yu’s

after the meeting to hang out and discuss issues. It is like office hours with delicious food. It

strengthens the senate when they can hang out at Yu’s.

Senator Reports

Crawford Hall Senator Faizan Khan

I talked with about two dozen Crawford residents and discussed some different issues with them. As you may know by now all the residence halls have newspaper machines, the problem with them seems to be that anyone can put their MavCard in and take out a newspaper, many people don’t seem to have a problem with that because at the end of the day there are still newspapers that no one took. I personally think that should not be happening.

The internet was a huge problem, connection was slow, downloading speed was very slow, the ISP is not MSU, and it is Charter Communications. They did fix something over the last two weeks and the connection is believed to be faster. The problem is that they have the best lines T-3, but due to heavy number of people using it at the same time makes it slow. Every floor in Crawford has a study lounge, which does not have an internet connection; students with laptops are having serious problems with that.

One major issue that several residents had was smoking. It is winter now and people hate smoking when it is 30 degrees outside, smokers were the ones that gave me the most feedback. They have to smoke 15 feet away from the building, Crawford has kind of like a hut but it does not have any walls and people find it hard to smoke when it is windy. I think that there should be at least a closed shelter. I personally do not smoke but I do understand their concerns.

Now, the biggest concern that almost every student that I talked to had was food service. People told me almost every issue there was concerning food. Taste is not good. Food quality is not good. The service is bad in terms of providing adequate utensils; they immediately run out of silverware and glasses. I am one of the people who works as their beverage person. I’ll explain the beverage problem. RHA just got their Food Service Committee started and running so I will be working with them more on this issue. The prices in Chet’s Place are really high. A pop in Chet’s Place costs $1.35. In a vending machine it is a dime less plus the 10% discount you get with the MavCard.

I have an appointment with Myrna Hernandez this Friday. She is the new Crawford Complex Director and I will discuss these and some other issues with her and explain our meeting in detail in my next report.

My roommate thinks that there should be a co-ed floor in Crawford.

In my Speech100 class, my group speech topic was the riot and I read the resolution that we sent to the state legislature and that boosted our grade. That’s it.

President Gaffer-Are there any smoking shelters at all?

Senator Khan-Not to my knowledge.

Senator Decker-Are there any shelters by Gage that were built last year?

Off-Campus Senator Nathan Entinger

I am a computer engineering major. I have enough credits to be a senior. I transferred from Iowa State.

My hobbies are computer games. I do martial arts. I also like to lift weights even though I don’t look like it. I have been busy working with Student Services and working with goal settings for a tenant

association. We are getting ideas of what we have to do and who should be on it.

Senator Hart-What advantages have you found coming here from the great Iowa State.

Senator Entinger-It is much smaller, it is easier to get around. They do not have a blanket RHA,

but rather each building has it.


President Gaffer-If you are available for office hours tomorrow, it would be appreciated if you can come to the office.

Senator Brown-Mice and Men starts tomorrow. I will have a lot of information on meal plans very soon.

Senator Khan-Crawford is holding a clothes drive.

Coordinator Nieto-Survey for ideas.

Senator Decker-I believe tonight is open mic night at Chet’s Place. Also, it is nontraditional

student week-they are encouraging people to go to Dutlers bowl on Friday where I work.

Senator Radtke-At noon tomorrow KMSU will have a report on this financial aid issue.

Senator Mudd-If anyone needs a ride I can give you one.

Senator Hart-I am turning 22 on Friday.

Senator Decker-Also listen to KMSU voice of the Mavericks on campus.

Roll Call

Senators Present

,Jessica Cichy, Ryan Deimerly, Abbas Raza, Muhammad Jiwani, Jessica Boyd, Irfan Bangash, Greg Lessard, Eric Hill, Bryan Hart, Imran Hussein, Faizan Khan, Jocelyn Crist, Joshua Brown, Nathan Entinger, John Helcl, Abuzar Iqbal, Kail Decker, Megan Brandt, Ian Radtke, Rachel Mudd, Muhammad Sohail Rauf, Beth Paulson

Senators Absent

Kristy Anderson, Sudeep Shrestha

Executive Staff Present

President Rhys Gaffer, Vice President Shahzad Anwer

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 5:20 PM