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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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72nd MSSA Senate
March 23, 2005  


72nd Senate Meeting called to order by Speaker Kail Decker
Roll Call  (present-absent-proxy-excused)
Senators Present
Derek Ritchison 23-0-0, Katie Kendhammer 17-0-0,  Megan Brandt 21-0-0-2, Kevin Bender 5-0-0  Jennifer McGuffey 23-0-0, Melissa Bartley 15-4-0, Irfan Bangash 17-2-0,  Mohammed Omar 21-2-0, Adam Weigold 23-0-0,  Shuaib Ibrahim 22-1-0, Trevor Fleck 18-5-0, Josh Peterson 2-0-0, Thomas Bergstrom 21-2-0 Michael Bruner 12-1-0,  Crystal Borchardt  11-0-0, Tim Ibisch 22-1-0, Andrew Isker 2-0-0, Emily Kofoed 20-1-0-1, Jessica Cichy 20-1-0-2, Kristopher Lee 19-0-0, James Dye 5-0-0, Jason Casey 15-2-0-2, Danielle Thomsen 21-2-0,  Rob Wills 11-0-0, Jesse Clift 21-2-0, Matthew Wangerin 12-0-0, Joe Mikolai 19-0-0
Senators Absent
Khumar Raza 14-3-0 
Executive Staff Present
President Anwer, Speaker Kail Decker

Approval of Agenda  Addition of McElroy Hall Senator Ibisch to Senator Reports, remove College of Business Senator Khumar Raza from Senator Reports

Approval of Minutes  03-09-2005  Minutes stand approved

Officer Reports
President Shahzad Anwer
Attended Washington DC Lobby Trip.  Some of the things we were lobbying for actually passed.  The Pell Grant was approved, the Perkins Loan was saved.  I attended the Price Containment Work Group-we have
been working throughout the year on containing the price of books.  We want faculty to use books for a longer
time.  Hopefully there will be less new books and more used books.  It is going well.  I am serving on the
International Task Force, they are looking at every aspect of recruiting international students.
The International Study Abroad Office is doing a search for a director.  We need two students to sit on this search.  If you are interested please contact me.
MSUSA Delegates Assembly-delegate assembly is coming up in less than two weeks.  This is a big conference, we pick a State Chair, Vice Chair, and approve the budget. 
Senators, we are not done yet-this is the most important time of the year.  Budget Hearing is coming up.  Stay informed of the budgets.  Look at the hearings coming up posted on the board.
We are making Constitutional changes and we will have an open forum to inform the student body of these changes.  .  This will have to go on the ballot.  Read over these changes.
Senator Omar-What is the role of the International Task Force?
President Anwer-I presented a recruiting plan last year, they are interested in that.  They also have asked for
a second student on this committee if you are interested.
Senator Weigold-The ISA has not taken an active role in this?
President Anwer-They have not been involved.

Speaker Kail Decker
We will not be having any more elections.  It requires 16 votes to pass a motion of the 30 votes that we have..  There will be parliamentary training for new senators if you would like that.
I heard from Dave Cowan that the Free lot will remain free and they also backed down from the improvements.
I have been accepted at William Mitchell and Marquette.
Elections are April 12.  April 13 is the Grand Opening of the CSU.  The Senate meeting will start at 3:30 that day. The Budget Hearing will start at 3:00 PM sharp on April 20.

Committee Reports
SAC-Megan Brandt, Co-Chair
SAC M#3-09-05.A  MSU Dance Team

SAC recommends allocating up to $3,500.00 to the MSU Mankato Dance Team to attend the NDA Collegiate Dance Team National Competition in Daytona Beach, FL.

Co-Chair Brandt-The Dance Team falls under Athletics, they submitted this under tournament travel.  The total of their expenses was $13,815.00.  We paid for their fees, and other expenses and approved $3,500.00.
Senator Brunner-I make a motion to approve this proviso they promise to do their best.
Motion will not be considered.
SAC Motion passes.

Co-Chair Brandt-We had the Campus Recreation budget hearing today.  They presented this well, and answered all the questions.  Look this over so it will cut down on time during the budget hearing. President Anwer-Can you highlight what the increases are?
Chair Brandt-They are requesting a personal trainer, they are asking for a one time request of equipment.
Senator Weigold-How many students a day do they serve?
Chair Brandt-About 2,000 a day in the fitness area.  60% of students on campus use the facility.
Senator Weigold-How does their budget compare to other budgets?
Chair Brandt-I don’t know.

Senator Reports
Crawford Hall Senator-Tim Ibisch          
I had a good break in South Carolina.  We have had a good year.  Crawford Hall is doing well.  We are a
shining beacon.
Senator Bender-How clean are the elevator buttons?
Senator Weigold-Why did you not address the issue of the elevator buttons before we brought it to you?

Vicki-Tshirts will be available in the office on Monday.
Senator Kofoed-Next Tuesday, Forensics will have a public performance in this room at 6:00. Senator Bergstrom and myself will be speaking.
Senator Cichy-3 on 3 Basketball Tournament coming up.
Senator Thomsen-SLD&SL is trying to organize an open forum with Senate. 
Vice President Copic-Open Mic tomorrow night.  We should attend.  9:00 PM

Roll Call
Derek Ritchison, Katie Kendhammer, Megan Brandt, Kevin Bender, Jennifer McGuffey, Melissa Bartley, Irfan Bangash, Mohammed Omar, Adam Weigold, Shuaib Ibrahim, Trevor Fleck, Josh Peterson, Michael Bruner,  Crystal Borchardt, Tim Ibisch, Andrew Isker, Emily Kofoed, Jessica Cichy, Kristopher Lee, James Dye, Jason Casey, Danielle Thomsen, Rob Wills, Jesse Clift , Matthew Wangerin, Joe Mikolai,
Senators Absent
Khumar Raza
Executive Staff Present
President Shahzad Anwer, Vice President Goga Copic, Speaker Kail Decker


Adjournment  Meeting adjourned at 4:30 PM