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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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MSSA Senate
March 30, 2005


72nd Senate Meeting called to order by Speaker Kail Decker
Roll Call  (present-absent-proxy-excused)
Senators Present
Derek Ritchison 24-0-0, Katie Kendhammer 18-0-0,  Megan Brandt 22-0-0-2, Kevin Bender 6-0-0, Khumar Raza 15-3-0,  Jennifer McGuffey 24-0-0, Melissa Bartley 16-4-0, Irfan Bangash 18-2-0,  , Adam Weigold 24-0-0,  Shuaib Ibrahim 23-1-0, Trevor Fleck 19-5-0, Josh Peterson 3-0-0, ,  Crystal Borchardt  12-0-0, Tim Ibisch 23-1-0, Andrew Isker 3-0-0, , Jessica Cichy 21-1-0-2, Kristopher Lee 20-0-0, James Dye 6-0-0, Jason Casey 16-2-0-2, Danielle Thomsen 22-2-0,  Rob Wills 12-0-0, Jesse Clift 22-2-0, Matthew Wangerin 13-0-0, Joe Mikolai 20-0-0
Senators Absent
Mohammed Omar 21-3-0, Thomas Bergstrom 21-3-0, Michael Bruner 12-2-0, Emily Kofoed 20-2-0-1
Executive Staff Present
President Anwer, Speaker Kail Decker, Vice-President Goga Copic

Approval of Agenda  Agenda approved with removal of Committee Report, addition of Derek Ritchison to Senator Reports.

Approval of Minutes  03-23-2005  Minutes stand approved

Officer Reports
President Shahzad Anwer
A committee was recently formed on the RFP for food service.  This committee will continue into next year.  
We need someone that would be willing to serve for two years.  It is very important, the new food vendor will  be contracted for 10 years.  We also need a student to serve on the International Task Force.  This is a huge committee.  It even has sub committees.  I need someone that will serve on this next year.
I am working on a training program for Senate. I need you to tell me what you would benefit from in training
next year for returning senators and new senators as well. 
Textbook Price Containment Work Group-I need someone that would be willing to be on this next year as well.
This is a huge project, they are trying to change the entire state system.  I have developed a manual from this
work group, it contains minutes, work done etc. 
Senator Thomsen-Can we put something in the contract that says we don’t want a certain vendor for that length of time?. 
President Anwer-This is a stipulation from Minnesota State, they are saying it has to be done every seven years.
Senator Thomsen-Can we go to MSUSA and change it?
President Anwer-I think it is too late.  The process has already begun.
Senator Raza-Can we tell you now if we want to be on a committee?
President Anwer-Yes, if you are really sure, but I do not want any one to say they will be on it and then if they
do not win in the election, they do not stay committed to the committee.
Senator Kendhammer-What work would need to be done over the summer on the food service contract?
President Anwer-Develop the RFP-then look at facilities, the contracts.  There is a lot of reading involved.  You can do a lot by serving on this committee?
Senator Kendhammer-Would you need to be in the area in the summer?
President Anwer-You would not for the International Task Force but you would for the food vendor.
Senator Bartley-Are you looking at only senators?
President Anwer-I want someone that has proven they would be involved and stay with this.

Vice President Goga Copic
I would like to apologize for being so busy lately with grad school applications.
We are currently looking at the scholarship applications.  It is amazing to see what students do and see that MSU has outstanding student leaders.  Applicants will be notified by April 18.
The Inauguration will be held at 3:30 Pm on April 27. 
Next week you will be voting on awards we will be giving out.
Senator Ritchison and I met with Vice President Swatfager-Haney.  I applaud Derek for what he did on the concert company research.  I encourage you all to look into this and talk to your constituents.
Family Weekend-we need senators to serve on this committee, it will be interesting and you will meet many new people.
Debates will be held Wed. April 6.  We will have representatives from Student Affairs, Facilities, the Reporter,
and RHA.
Senator Bartley-W here will the debates be held?
Vice President Copic-Outside in the mall or inside in the food court area.

Speaker Kail Decker
Recognized Student Organizations
MSU Judo, Mankato Swing Dance Club

The next few weeks include exciting events such as senate elections, the budget meeting, and the grand opening of the new CSU. Two of these events are integrally important to the senate. The election day on April 12th and the budget meeting on April 20th often define how well the senate has done. One of the most important things this senate will do occurs at the budget meeting.
The allocation of a nearly $3.5 million dollar budget rests for the most part on the shoulders of the senate. The university president has the final say in the budget, but he takes the opinion of the senate heavily into consideration. As senators, your duty is to approve a budget that both benefits MSU students and remains financially sound. You will all have to make tough choices. The key to making the best decisions is research. Do your own research into each line item. Talk to the individuals requesting funding. Talk to the people affected by each line-item. Talk to your constituencies about the upcoming budget and take their opinions into account. These outlets are only a few of the places you can find information that will help you through the budget meeting. Preparation and information will make this year’s budget meeting concise and professional. If anyone needs help with parliamentary procedure, or if any questions come up, please talk to me.

Senator Casey-When is the Speaker Election held?
Speaker-April 27 after the inauguration.

Coordinator Reports
       Policy Coordinator-Adam Weigold
We will be having a referendum on the ballot for our constitution.  Encourage students to vote for this.

  1. Senator Casey-The Alcohol Policy said people would be wondering about the referendum on the ballot. What should we tell people?
  2. Coordinator Weigold-The consultation process in the Student Union process is one issue, also we

 need to change dates of elections, etc.

  1. Senator Cichy-Because of the renovation process we have lost banner space, are you working on that?
  2. Coordinator Weigold-We are working on that.
  3. Senator Omar-Is the current policy not working or why are we reviewing this policy?
  4. Coordinator Weigold-Every policy comes up for review every few years.
  5. Senator Wills-What is your recommendation regarding The Student Responsibility Policy?
  6. Coordinator Weigold-I looked at this policy and it looks good.
  7. Senator Isker-On the Alcohol Policy-you said there are things not necessary or things that should not be there,

what is that?

  1. Coordinator Weigold-There are some things that don’t make sense, whether you are pro Reporter or not
  2. but it says they are not supposed to have drink ads.  It also talks about safe drinking tips.  It does not
  3. say what the consequence would be only that they would be dealt with by an administrator. Things like that.

Senator Bender-Should we put that in the policy?

  1. Coordinator Weigold-I think it is best to talk to people.
  2. Senator Thomsen-Are there issues excluded from this new policy?
  3. Coordinator Weigold-The policy waves a big stick-it is not concise, the policy is not clear.
  4. Vice President Copic-It was made more student friendly-it says this is what we encourage.  It talks about
  5. inappropriate use of cell phones in the classrooms.  The language on physical abuse stayed the same.
  6. Senator Cichy-Does the policy talk about alcohol at the Hockey games.
  7. Coordinator Weigold-It could have an effect there.
  8. Senator Kendhammer-Does the President have the authority to allow an event to have alcohol?
  9. Coordinator Weigold-Yes, and that is in the policy.

Senator Reports
College of Business-Khumar Raza                                 

  1. I would like to thank Shahzad and Goga for giving me the opportunity to attend the DC trip.  I am now aware
  2. of the financial aid process.  I want to thank Katie and everyone for helping me get around.
  3. College of Business-I would like to mention the $125.00 fee it will now be advertised in a pie chart on the web TV and College of Business web site. I am planning a College of Business night.  Maybe at a bar, I guess drinking makes students come more.
  4. Good luck to everyone in the election-may the best person win.
  5. Thank you all very much.
  6. Speaker-Drinking is not the method of accomplishing things.

College of Business-Megan Brandt

  1. The official grand opening of the Student Union will be April 13.  It will be from 4:30-5:00 with tours
  2. following the grand opening.  We will have a route planned out with food samples along the way.  There
  3. will be samples of cheesecakes at the end of the route.  As senators we are asked to lead tours.
  4. Please come to the budget hearings.  WE had SLD#SL and Ethnic Students this week.  They
  5. are requesting additional funding.
  6. We also had a focus group this week in the College of Business on the Freshman Admission Business Scholars-

this would provide eligible freshmen entering the university under the Freshmen Admission Business Scholar Program to be eligible for an annual renewable partial scholarship.  Students were not totally sold on it.

  1. We are not sure where this is going. There will now be a link on the web site for registration for two years stating when classes will be offered during the day or at night. 
  2. Senator Kendhammer-Are there only senators being asked to do these tours for the grand opening?
  3. Senator Brandt-We work with the Union Board so we are the main group, but they are asking
  4. other groups as well, such as Student Events Team.
  5. Senator Kendhammer-Who organized this?
  6. Senator Brandt-SLD&SL and representatives from other organizations.
  7. Senator Wills-Is it true that the two year class offering would not have been done without
  8. student motivation?
  9. Senator Brandt-Yes, I think the College of Business was not aware of the problems students have had, now it will be easy to read and assessable.

College of Business-Kevin Bender
At COSBO they mentioned students will be involved in working on admissions.

  1. Tech Roundtable-MavPRINT breakdown of printing costs, College of Business prints out more than anyone else.
  2. The wireless 50% are very satisfied, 4% of students are dissatisfied with the MavPRINT.   This is about balancing our costs.
  3. Senator Kendhammer-Why did the 4% say they were dissatisfied.
  4. Senator Bender-Mostly about the number of copies.
  5. Senator Bender-The average is 130 copies.  The $15.00 is not necessarily the cost.  They figure 300 prints  should be enough right now. 

College of Allied Health & Nursing-Derek Ritchison
I had an entirely different report but things have changed after a  few meetings this morning.  Our relationship

  1. with SLD&SL  is bad.  I am trying to fix it.  I think we are beginning to understand each other.  I want to
  2. work together on the budget.  There were only 3 members out of 10 at the budget hearing yesterday.
  3. Do your homework and take this budget seriously.
  4. I have been in contact with the Civic Center on the concert and have met with the administration, we have a lot of middle ground to do but we really can make this work.  I have a meeting with Henry on Friday and after that
  5. we will have meetings with students, administrators etc. so we can make this work.
  6. Senator Brandt-Will this be before or after the budget hearing?
  7. Senator Ritchison-We hope to have this all done before the hearing.
  8. Senator Khumar-Having a concert at the civic center will mean alcohol, will it not?
  9. Senator Ritchison-That is the biggest reason SLD&SL will not want this.  The Civic Center wants
  10. to work on this and have alcohol free areas.  Even here on campus does not guarantee it is not alcohol free, last fall there was an alcohol violation at a smaller concert in the ballroom.
  12. Senator Weigold/Brandt
  13. M#03.30.05  Alcohol Policy

Whereas:                The new alcohol policy has additions to the previous policy that are either unnecessary or belong in other policies

Whereas:                It includes things such as “Drinking Tips” that just don’t make sense to show up in policy format.

Be it Resolved:        That MSSA strongly feels that the current alcohol policy is more then adequate and the proposed policy is not recommended by MSSA.

  1. Senator Weigold-I feel the policy ….
  2. Senator Brandt-Adam has done a good job of looking into this policy.
  3. Senator Thomsen-I am not entirely aware of the old and new policy, maybe we should table this.
  4. Senator Weigold-When the policy came up for review all students were emailed, it was on the table.
  5. The first policy was one page long and the new policy is over 10 pages long.
  6. Senator Casey-I read part of the  policy-there were things I felt did not belong in the policy but I could
  7. not vote for this because if they don’t put it there where will they put it?  I don’t know if there are
  8. booklets out there they could put it in or something.  I think we should say some of this should be
  9. put somewhere else.  It is not clear to me.
  11. Speaker-The motion does reference that things should be put somewhere else.
  12. President Anwer-I must say next week what we want to the President, I recommend we do not
  13. table this.  We need to make our recommendations and be specific, that is when things happen.
  14. Senator Isker-I think things are vague in the policy, it needs to be more concise.  There really
  15. is nothing wrong with the old one.
  16. Senator Wills-This policy is targeting off-campus drinking, the old seems to be sufficient.
  17. Senator Kendhammer-I question the motives on why they want to change this policy.  We do
  18. need to take a stance on how we feel and justify it later.
  19. Senator Thomsen-Why are safe drinking tips problematic?
  20. Senator Weigold-I apologize for making a vague motion on a vague policy.  The policy
  21. is ten pages long, it mentions RSO’s not having alcohol in state vehicles, that is already
  22. in the vehicle policy.
  23. Senator Ritchison-Tips should be on posters and not in policies.
  24. Senator Omar-Can we compromise on this in the policy?
  25. Senator Weigold-We can compromise but in those nine pages things are vague so you don’t know what they are getting at.  There is no new consequence.
  26. Senator Bender-You are talking about things that are vague, MSU has improved over the past years in regard to drinking and partying, everyone sees it.  Policies need to be put somewhere, maybe they could make other brochures.
  27. Senator Cichy-I think the policy is ridiculous, how often does Joe student read policy?

Motion passes


  1. Senator Ritchison-Open Forum tomorrow regarding concert at 2:00, come ask questions.
  2. Senator Casey-Parenting group of non traditional students want senators to come explain what a senator does.
  3. President Anwer-I was hoping to ask if you would like a special session on the budget.
  4. Senator Cichy-Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority’s Robbie Page Memorial 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament, April 9, deadline is Monday, April 4 to register. SLD&SL people are really nice so go talk to them.
  5. Senator Thomsen-Look at the senate door tomorrow for the location of the open forum
  6. Senator Bartley-Next week is Eliminate Hate Week-there are things happening all week, try to attend
  7. at least one event.  The Laramie Project is being shown, if you have not seen it, I encourage you to attend.
  8. Speaker-I bowled an 821 series, that is the 5th highest in the history of Mankato

Roll Call
Derek Ritchison, Katie Kendhammer, Megan Brandt, Kevin Bender, Khumar Raza, Jennifer McGuffey, Melissa Bartley, Irfan Bangash, Mohammed Omar, Adam Weigold, Shuaib Ibrahim, Trevor Fleck, Josh Peterson, Crystal Borchardt, Andrew Isker, Jessica Cichy, Kristopher Lee, Jason Casey, Danielle Thomsen, Rob Wills, Jesse Clift, Matthew Wangerin, Joe Mikolai
Senators Absent
Thomas Bergstrom, Michael Bruner, Emily Kofoed, James Dye

Adjournment    Meeting adjourned at 5:40 P.M.