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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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72nd MSSA Senate
April 6, 2005


72nd Senate Meeting called to order by Speaker Kail Decker
Roll Call  (present-absent-proxy-excused)
Senators Present
Derek Ritchison 25-0-0, Katie Kendhammer 19-0-0,  Megan Brandt 23-0-0-2, Kevin Bender 7-0-0, Khumar Raza 16-3-0,  Jennifer McGuffey 25-0-0, , Irfan Bangash 19-2-0, Mohammed Omar 22-3-0  , Adam Weigold 25-0-0,  , Trevor Fleck 20-5-0, Josh Peterson 4-0-0, Michael Bruner 12-2-1 ,  Crystal Borchardt  13-0-0, Tim Ibisch 24-1-0, Andrew Isker 4-0-0, , Jessica Cichy 22-1-2, Kristopher Lee 21-0-0, James Dye 7-0-0, Jason Casey 17-2-0-2, Danielle Thomsen 23-2-0,  Rob Wills 13-0-0, Jesse Clift 23-2-0, Matthew Wangerin 14-0-0, Joe Mikolai 21-0-0
Senators Absent
 Thomas Bergstrom 21-3-0, Emily Kofoed 20-3-0-2 ,  Melissa Bartley 16-5-0,  Shuaib Ibrahim 23-2-0
Executive Staff Present
President Anwer, Speaker Kail Decker, Vice-President Goga Copic

Approval of Agenda  Agenda approved  with addition of Senator reports

Approval of Minutes  03-30-2005 Approved without objection

Officer Reports
President Shahzad Anwer
This past weekend eight of us were at an MSUSA Conference.  It was the most interesting conference in three years.  One questions brought up today in debates was why do we pay .39 cents per credit to MSUSA.  I think we are not doing a good job of promotion, because I think MSUSA is the biggest bang for our buck.  The legislature  passed over $100 million more dollars.  Legislator Sandy Pappas told us that it is because of the students that things are being considered, such as the Pell grant etc.  Students have made over 1500 phone calls.  This organization is doing very well.
Training session survey-think of this from the stand point of someone new coming in that does not know
about being a senator.  Motivation-many people get involved to put things on a resume, we need to promote
and motivate to get people involved and want to do things in senate.
Senator Weigold-Are we doing your homework by doing this?
President Anwer-The training is not part of my class, it will help me yes.

Vice President Goga Copic
Speaking on the training survey-this is a good idea, we need to help new senators and they can learn from you.
Debates-thank you all that came.  They were interesting.  Unfortunately it is hard to get students there.  Everyone did a good job and answered hard questions.  Elections are next week, I encourage you to tell students in your classes, that is our obligation.  The senate meeting will start at 3:30 next week.  We
will do a little different format, we will only have officer reports but it will be fun. 
Shahzad and I and Adam met with Dr. Davenport and his cabinet, they are impressed with the work we have done this year.  We are trying to work hard with the relationship with SLD&SL, we will be meeting with the Vice President and Director Meier and try to set some good foundation for next year. 
We will be having an informational meeting before the budget hearing to be more informed and to be more presentable regarding issues.  Try to attend.

Speaker Kail Decker
We received correspondence from the attorney.  Once again landlord tenant issues leads the issues.  I urge you again to consider a Landlord Tenant Association next year.
Vote for (senator of the year)
Budget hearing agenda-Appeals, SAC rebuttals, discussion of SAC budget line by line, SAC can give reason
for decision.  Each senator will only have two speaking turns for each line item.  There are no scheduled breaks.  You can recess.  Each senator has two minutes to speak for a total of four minutes.  After the
discussion the budget is voted on as a budget as a whole.  If this does not pass it resorts back to SAC
recommendation.   Yesterday was the memorial for the Red Lake School.  I hope you had a change to recognize that.  It was a great memorial.  Everything helps. 
Senator Kendhammer-Can you make a copy of the budget rules?
Senator Bender-Who was the Senator of the year last year?
Speaker-Senator Ian Radtke.

Committee Reports
Technology Roundtable-Kevin Bender
The budget was approved unanimously.  They are currently over spending, but they are not over a lot.  They
have managed to keep the budget the same.  The biggest increase was infrastructure, classrooms with
smart boards. 
Committee Recommendation #04.05.05 A   see appendix A

Move to approve the Technology Roundtable recommendation on updated tech fee priorities and the tech fee 05-06 budget.

Motion passes

Union Board-Adam Weigold
Union Board has not had staff at the meetings so it has been hard to consult.  We do not think there has
been open dialogue.  Union Board passed the following recommendations.
Committee recommendation #04.06.05A
Whereas:                The Minnesota State consultation policy is a process that requires an ongoing commitment.

Whereas:                Consultation requires dialogue between the consultant and the administration using it

Whereas:                No CSU Senior staff  have shown a commitment to the consultation process as stated in their understood job responsibilities.

Be it Resolved:        The Student Union Board is not being consulted, per Minnesota State policy.

Senator Omar-Are you saying they never consult or do they just do it sometimes?
Senator Weigold-Our Minnesota State policy requires that we have consultation on decision making.  Often times
things come to us and we vote on it.  Sometimes we might have a quick dialogue in the hall-that is not
consultation.  We have not had senior staff at meetings because of added duties to their job.

Senator Omar-My understanding is that they do give consultation at
Senator Weigold-It should not come to that because there should be consultation going on during development.
An example is the Muslim student office-the director told us they had to go to Minnesota State. We don’t know.

Senator Thomsen-Who does this go to?
Senator Weigold-The Vice President of Student Affairs.
Senator Casey-By what I have heard here, the wording is vague, you are not getting good feed back-does the
Vice President know of these issues? 
Senator Weigold-Our MSSA officers have been having discussions with the Vice President, she knows of the issues but we felt we should take an official stance.
President Anwer-This is not new, we have been complaining all year.  This is a legitimate motion.  It is time
we send it forward properly.
Motion passes with one abstention

Committee Motion #04.06.05B
Whereas:                The added responsibilities assigned to the director of the CSU has hindered the
                              director’s ability to give full attention to the CSU.

Be it Resolved:        The Student Union Board recommends the CSU employs a full time director whose
main focus is the day to day function of the Student Union and to provide student consultation.

Senator Khumar-Do we not have a director?
Senator Weigold-We do have a director but he has been added extra duties along the way.  It is now taking
away from the operations, it could be causing trouble, like when you hire a manager of a store.
Senator Thomsen-Does this have to do with the person in the first motion.
Senator Weigold-The director may not have time because of extra duties.
Vice President Copic-Example of to CSU
Senator Weigold-He no longer has time to consult with the Union Board.  There is a lot going on in a multi
million dollar facility.
Vice President Copic-Are you assuming they were giving responsibilities from above them?
Senator Weigold-This is a directive from the Vice President, we just want to say we need a new director.
Senator Kendhammer-Are you saying the current director should be fired and someone new added.
Senator Weigold-Not at all, we just feel some one should be hired or given these responsibilities.
Senator Omar-Would you be ok with the committee
Senator Weigold-We feel we need a full time director; it is up to the Vice President to rectify that.
Senator Omar-What do you want to do with the full time director?
Senator Weigold-This is not a solution, there is not intent of a solution, it is only a motion going to
the Vice President, the Vice President knows the issue.  We are just saying that we feel the director
should be full time.
President Anwer-We feel the director can not give us time because he has duties outside of being
a director like asst. to the Vice President, director over SLD& SL.  consulting students is one of the biggest
jobs as the union is paid for by students.  That is not happening now.
Vice President Copic-Could someone make a motion that we have not hire a full time director?
Vice President Thomsen-Yes, that would be better.
Senator Brandt-I was at this meeting, I was confused but what it comes down to is that we want someone
that has that as their full focus.  This is a help, now he is doing so much.  We are not criticizing, we are just
saying we want someone full time.
Senator Bender/Kendhammer
Discussion on amendment
Senator Weigold-I feel the amendment is good. It follows the discussion.
Motion passes
Senator Weigold-I know there are concerns.
Senator Thomsen-I don’t want this be misinterpreted that we want to hire someone new.
President Anwer-If this motion goes through I will clarify that.
Approval as amended:
Motion passes

Senator Cichy-Has there been any discussion on increasing banner space, as of now there are only two.
Chair Weigold-That is under discussion now. 

Senator Reports
Allied Health & Nursing Derek Ritchison-
I had a meeting with SLD&SL on Friday, it was not productive.  No new issues were brought up.  The meeting seemed like an “insult Derek get together”.  I was told I do not know how to put on a concert.  Unfortunately, this is far from true as I have just as much experience with national acts, local acts, and my own bands as most people on Concert company right now.  I was told to cut off consultation with the Civic Center and they would handle it.  This is a big issue; I do have the right to meet with the Civic Center.  I will be meeting with them on the alcohol issue and student involvement.  Please look over the information.  We have a big decision to make with very limited time.  I want to end in saying this:  I honestly appreciate every student from
the Concert Company, I respect them for voicing their opinions. I appreciate and respect Lauren Weisblatt for
encouraging discussion.  However, certain other people need to be more open to discussion and change their attitude  before we can ever  begin to fix this 10-15 year relationship problem.
Barnes and Noble received the bookstore contract.
Senator Weigold-Do you feel they did not want consultation
Senator Ritchison-Basically yes, they said they want me out of the situation.
Senator Kendhammer-Do you know if the open forum is still on.
Senator Ritchison-Yes, it is in CSU 254.
Senator Brandt-How is it our position to tell them how to run their program?
Senator Ritchison-I am not telling them how to run the concert only giving the options from the Civic Center.
Senator Khumar-Would they be willing to try it once and if it does not work go back to campus in the future?
Senator Ritchison-Some have said they are willing to try that, but after my meeting on Friday it is my impression that others are not willing.
Senator Weigold-Did you make instructions on what they have to do or did you make discussion?
Senator Ritchison-The proposal was not really looked at.
Senator Weigold-So you are saying the recommendation was thrown away
Senator Ritchison-They did not look at the proposal.
Senator Wills-Who made the proposal us or the Civic Center?
Senator Ritchison-Proposal is not the right word; this was just things they said they would do?
Senator Wills-We need to meet in the middle, if we do not like their proposal we do not need to accept it.
Senator Khumar-I would like to hear what other students would have to say.
Senator Ritchison-Yes, this does affect 14,000 students, however it really affects Concert Company.
Vice President Copic-We were at the same meeting, I felt that they were saying we will think about this
if you fund us.  This request is coming from the administration.  SLD&SL did say they would look into this.
I will agree it seemed liked they did not want us involved, however it seemed they are interested in the proposal it self, it was not presented the right way. I believe administrators on the top will push it.

Off-Campus- Senator Cichy
After talking with Concert Company I feel I should break down barriers, most of them do not get
a good impression of senators.  They are good officers trying to make a change.
Senator Bender-I agree with talking to Concert Company but shouldn’t we talk to our constituents?
Senator Cichy-I am an off campus and I am down there.  I think we should let SLD&SL
know when we do have these meetings.

Senator Kendhammer-Regarding budget hearing, you will have to face people sitting in the
gallery-when you come in here you have to represent your constitutions not personal feelings.
senator Bangash-Look at your budget books.
Senator Khumar-Legislative Affairs, next week regarding tuition freeze.
Senator Cichy-Phi Kappa Sci-Pancake breakfast.  3 on 3 basketball tournament Saturday.
Senator Thomsen-Regarding Tuition Freeze-another ice cream social will be coming up in a week or two.
Senator Bender-Vote in elections.
Senator Cichy-Concert Company is meeting right now. 
Senator Khumar-Islamic Awareness Week April 11-15. 

Roll Call
 Senators Present
Derek Ritchison, Katie Kendhammer, Kevin Bender, Khumar Raza, Jennifer McGuffey, Irfan Bangash, Mohammed Omar, Adam Weigold, Michael Bruner-Proxy, Crystal Borchardt, Tim Ibisch, Andrew Isker, Jessica Cichy, Kristopher Lee, James Dye, Jason Casey, Danielle Thomsen, Rob Wills, Matthew Wangerin, Joe Mikolai.
Senators Absent
Megan Brandt, Melissa Bartley, Shuaib Ibrahim, Trevor Fleck, Josh Peterson, Thomas Bergstrom, Emily Kofoed, Jesse Clift.
Executive Staff Present
Speaker Kail Decker, President Shahzad Anwer, Vice-President Goga Copic

Adjournment  Meeting adjourned at 5:30 PM