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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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72nd MSSA Senate
April 28, 2004



First   72nd Senate Meeting called to order by 71st Speaker Zach Biesanz
Roll Call  (Present-Absent-Proxy-Excused)
Senators Present
Derek Ritchison 1-0-0, Elisabeth Lange 1-0-0 , Megan Brandt 1-0-0, Umair Javed 1-0-0, Jennifer McGuffey 1-0-0, Stacey Stump 1-0-0, Mohammed Omar 1-0-0, Adam Weigold 1-0-0, Shuaib Ibrahim 1-0-0, Trevor Fleck 1-0-0, Taku Kurashige 1-0-0, Thomas Bergstrom 1-0-0, Rehan Khan 1-0-0, Francois Yang 1-0-0, Tim Ibisch 1-0-0, Jessica Cichy 1-0-0, Khurram Hassan 1-0-0, Faizan Khan 1-0-0, Danielle Thomsen
Senators Absent
Maria Rizvi, Emily Kofoed, Kristen Solberg, Waqas Jamshed, Jesse Clift, Monica Brooks
Executive Staff Present
President Shahzad Anwer, Vice President Goga Copic

Approval of Agenda  Agenda stands approved

Election of Speaker
Senator Brandt-nominate Kail Decker
Senator Stump-nominate Dave Bottin
Mr. Decker-I am a two year veteran of senate, I am an economic major/prelaw.
I think this would be a great learning experience.

Mr. Bottin-Computer Science/Math.  12 years in Military, and law enforcement.  I
am on many committees and fundraising events.  I helped raise over  $127,000.00
for a charity.  I feel this would help me in this position.

Senator Cichy-What is your favorite cartoon character?
Mr. Bottin-Wiley Coyote-I would not want to give up on things.
Mr. Decker-I am a hard worker, I am used to putting in 16 hour days

Mr. Omar-Do you have new ideas or ideas about the work of senate?
Mr. Decker-We should collaborate with the Reporter, because everyone reads this and then they
can learn of our issues.
Mr. Bottin-We need to keep students informed of what is going on like MSUSA and MSSA, so we
have a well informed student body.
Senator Faizan Khan-What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Mr. Bottin-I am not afraid of gong out and talking to people.
Weaknesses-I have a communication problem I am working on.
Mr. Decker-My pre-law background-I look forward to interpreting decisions.  I am a hard worker.
Weakness-At times I get too light hearted.
Senator Stump-What is your best definition of diversity?
Mr. Decker-Different ideas and thoughts coming together and offering many sides of
an issue.
Mr. Bottin-Take all aspects of an environment affected, all organizations and groups
are not represented on this campus.  Also, a more diverse campus in all aspects-disability-
women’s issues. 
Vice President Copic-What challenges do you think will appear working with two officers.
Mr. Bottin-I would like to rephrase that, as a veteran officer and a jr. officer, which is good.
I don’t see this as a problem.
Mr. Decker-I think it is a privilege to work with the executive council.  I would offer my
services in interpretation.
Senator Cichy-What is your interpretation of the role of Speaker?
Mr. Decker-The Speaker speaks for the senate, they are a neutral entity that does not sway
either way.
Mr. Bottin-The Speaker is unbiased, unswayable, they move the agenda along and properly according to the rules and regulations set and interrupt to the best of ability and give guidance.
Senator Javed-can you describe your personality in one word?
Mr. Decker-Fun
Mr. Bottin-Diverse
Senator Ritchison-What other experiences can you bring to this chair to be successful?
Mr. Decker-I am studying to go to law school and I am working on writing motions so
that they are correct.
Mr. Bottin-I have chaired different committees, worked with law enforcement, I have
twelve years in the military which has instilled leadership.
Senator Kurashige-What kind of atmosphere would you create?
Mr. Bottin-I would not set the atmosphere, the students would do that.  The Speaker would guide
it along the right track.
Mr. Decker-The Speaker can set the atmosphere, in stating the rules and keeping things on task.
Senator Cichy-Do you have other time conflicts?
Mr. Decker-No
Mr. Bottin-No
Mr. Bottin-The position of the Speaker is that you empower and employ.  You can remove
the Speaker, you need to decide who will be your leader.
Mr. Decker-I believe my background proves I would be a fair Speaker.
Elected 72nd Speaker Kail Decker

Officer Reports
President Shahzad Anwer
Congratulations everyone, I am really looking forward to working with all of you.
Appointments:  Parking Appeals Board-Dave Bottin
Senator Ritchison-Is this just over the summer?
President-Yes, it is only for the summer.
Senator Cichy-What are your summer plans?
President Anwer-I will be on campus doing orientation, if you are here and
would like to help out, please come by.
Senator Cichy-Do you plan on bringing more freshmen into the senate?
Senator Khan-What was your most memorable moment?
President Anwer-Senator Anderson brought in a baby and in a serious moment the
baby started babbling.
Senator –Any thing for the new senators.
President Anwer-Try to get to know everyone, you become friends and if you do then you
can work out issues.

Vice President Goga Copic
Please give us your summer addresses-and if you will be here this summer.
I am really excited; I have a lot to learn.  I want to learn the basic issues.  I
will try to write a training proposal. 

Speaker Decker
I look forward to this, I respect this position.  Come back next year and we will get a lot done.

Vice President Copic-There is a party tonight in Gage A  6-8 P.M>

Roll Call
Senators Present
Derek Ritchison, Elisabeth Lange, Megan Brandt, Umair Javed, Jennifer McGuffey, Mohammed Omar, Adam Weigold, Shuaib Ibrahim, Trevor fleck, Taku Kurashige, Thomas Bergstrom, Rehan Khan, Francois Yang, Jessica Cichy, Khurram Hassan, Faizan Khan, Danielle Thomsen
Senators Absent
Maria Rizvi, Stacey Stump, Tim Ibisch, Emily Kofoed, Kristen Solberg, Waqas Jamshed, Jesse Clift, Monica Brooks
Executive Staff Present
President Shahzad Anwer, Vice President Goga Copic

Adjournment  Meeting adjourned at 6:47 P.M.


Thank you all for a very good year!