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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

2005-2006 SAF Budget Hearing

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2005-2006 SAF Budget Hearing
April 20, 2005

Meeting called to order by MSSA Speaker Kail Decker
Roll Call
Senators Present
Derek Ritchison 27-0-0, Katie Kendhammer 21-0-0,  Megan Brandt 25-0-0-2, Kevin Bender 9-0-0, Khumar Raza 18-3-0,  Jennifer McGuffey 26-0-0-1, Melissa Bartley 18-5-0, Irfan Bangash 21-3-0, Mohammed Omar 23-3-0, Adam Weigold 26-0-0, Shuaib Ibrahim 24-2-0 , Trevor Fleck 21-5-0, Josh Peterson 5-1-0 Thomas Bergstrom 23-3-0, Michael Bruner 14-2-1, Crystal Borchardt  15-0-0, Tim Ibisch 25-1-0, Andrew Isker 6-0-0, Emily Kofoed 21-3-0-2   Jessica Cichy 23-1-2, Kristopher Lee 23-0-0, James Dye 9-0-0, Jason Casey 19-2-0-2, Danielle Thomsen 24-2-0,  Rob Wills 15-0-0, Jesse Clift 24-2-0, Matthew Wangerin 16-0-0, Joe Mikolai 23-0-0
Executive Staff Present
President Anwer, Speaker Kail Decker, Vice-President Goga Copic

Presentation and Appeals

LGBT-Jennifer Salqueal
I want to be totally straight with you.  These topics are scary, and I understand that.  One of the beautiful things about a campus environment is that we can be around many different things that are new and different.  The LGBT has a great opportunity to do programming that is successful and unthreatening.  This is an opportunity to provide overall advancement of existing programs.   We would like to offer mentor and support for the program, guest speakers, queer student leadership retreat, social activities, these are all programs seen at other campus around the US.  We are lacking these programs at this time.  The LGBT Center has a hard time expanding and including new programs because we do not have funds to take things to a new level.  I also see some miscommunication, my  request this year was to bring in a one time speaker, but that was a special event.  This $3,000 request is for an additional $3,000 to our base.  Many people come to the center just for assistance.  You can judge this program  based on numbers but on importance and significance.  These events are hard to think about, they are hard to go to.  These events can be life changing and life saving.  LGBT and heterosexual students alike come to the center for help because they need support, they need help with panels, service learning.  There are also dire consequences that students face and come to the office for.  These students feel alone and isolated, they have been harassed, beat-up.  This does happen on our campus.  These students need a university to support them.  I am here and ready to help but I would like to do more.  Help me, the center and LGBT students on this campus.  This is important to this campus.  Please give us a special allocation of $3,000.

SAC Rebuttal
Megan Brandt
We looked at the budget and saw that the main thing was for speakers, we feel a better option is
to come to SAC as they did last year and SAC would be welcome to funding their requests.

SLD&SL-Director Kelly Meier
We would like you to please reconsider our request for a full time RSO Coordinator position,   Students are the catalysts that make things happen. Student come together and say this is what the data is, this is what we want.  That is a special gift we have at MSU.  Because students are central to our work.
Dallas Mitchell, RSO Club Baseball President
Leadership is the most important skill for a student to have.  It separates you when you are
searching for a job.  It offers job skills.  There is not one central location that has all the information
we need.  When forming club baseball, I did not know where to go.  I tried to talk to Iver.  He works
20 hours per week, needless to say my process was time consuming, it was hard to find information.
SLD&SL really supports students-they would also be putting funding into this. There are 177 organizations on this campus, if you feel a 20 hour position can serve all of them, that is up
to you.  Students do not know what to do to plan if they have to take more time to plan
they get less done.
Matt Ward-There are many things that impact students wanting to work on the concert, students are involved with contract negotiation, advertising, many things that involve putting on a concert.  Assuming we could get funding in the fall we would not have time to plan a concert, it limits options for bands.  This is the third year in a row we have surveyed over 2,000 students that were in support of SAF funds for a concert on campus.  The ratio of students and community has increased every year.  Over 2,000 students attended the concert this year.  2500 people were at Mo Rocco.   The Student Events Team team listened to the students.  87% of students said they wanted fees to fund lectures.  The Mankato community attended Mo Rocco as well, we received great feedback including a front page in the Free Press.  This is also good for recruitment.  Students like major concerts and films.  This impacts the university. 

SAC Rebuttal-Megan Brandt, Co-Chair
RSO Position-SAC did not feel they were ready to fund this as they currently have a 20hour position.
As far as Speakers-we did not fund the LGBT request and  therefore we did not feel we should fund
this request for speakers. We were not prepared to make a recommendation on the concert.

Women’s Center-Director Deirdre Rosenfeld
SAC reviewed this same material in 2003.  This position would provide a safe and equitable living and learning environment and provide advising and programming to help decrease sexual violence within the student community as well as offer support services and resources to student survivors and secondary survivors.  Every 21 hours on college campus there is a rape.  One in 12 college men admit to acts that meet legal definitions of rape.  In a survey of college males who committed rape, 84% of men said what they did was definitely not rape.  33% of rape victims considered suicide.  After  being raped, survivors are two times more likely than the average woman to have a substance abuse problem. 
Blue Earth County is a victim response service.  Right now we call an advocate to campus.  This new
position would provide no redundancy-we need to provide an emphasis on advising and programming.
This position would not focus on providing counseling-every support person on this campus provides
that.  This would do campus wide work to prevent sexual assault.  This is different that existing
agencies in the county.  There is no additional partner ship that could happen.  Agencies do not share jobs, there would be no overstepping.  We have requested this before.  Generally, everyone supports
this, but who pays for it? 

SAC Rebuttal-Nate Entinger
SAC understands this and supports this but we feel this is a university issue and they should fund it.
We know Dr. Davenport wants this as a priority.

Non-Traditional Students-Becky Zacharias
I am a second year graduate student, I am the acting advisor for the Non-Traditional Students.
Non-Traditional student are over the age of 24, they may or may not have children, and they may be
a vet.  This program started in 2002-2003.  It feels great to meet other non-traditional students.
An idea was presented to Deidre Rosenfeld, we talked about what non-traditional students
need, they need someone to talk to.  At one point last year we counted 643 non-traditional students
that used the program up from the start of 6.  We have students that depend on this group.  Professors,
faculty and staff have been referring students to us.  We have also been asked for a non-traditional student orientation.  Regular orientations do not meet the needs of non-traditional students.  We would like to offer on-line services.  We would like to be able to provide better advising.  If the
program was separate from the Women’s Center more students would feel comfortable coming
in.  We feel this is similar to the LGBT position last spring, we would like to continue with the growth, by offering a full-time position.  24% of MSU students are nontraditional.  This request is just a little over 1% of students to serve 24% of student population.  We want to offer more programming, work with students, work with other departments.  We would turn in the grad student position and student help.  Non-traditional students do not want fees to go up.  We just want 1% to target this population. 

SAC Rebuttal-Nate Entinger
This is a very new program.  We felt it was not the time to jump into a full time position.

Consideration of SAF Budget
Repertory Dance
SAC recommends a 2005-06 subsidy of $4,500
Chair Brandt-They requested an additional $500.00 for maintenance.
Motion passes unanimously

Ethnic Student Activities
SAC recommends a 2005-06 subsidy of $34,000
Chair Entinger-Request was for $37.000, we felt this additional funding was for programming.
Motion passes unanimously

SAC recommends a 2005-06 subsidy of $23,774
Chair Brandt-This budget reflects an increase in travel expenses
Motion passes, one abstention

Health Services
SAC recommends a 2005-06 subsidy of $1,245,000
•SAC appreciates the continued efforts to contain health care costs.
Due in part to wage and contracts with Doctors and staff and benefits. 
Motion passes unanimously

Health Service Depreciation Fund
No request

Intercollegiate Athletics
SAC recommends a 2005-06 subsidy of $1,085,325
Represents base funding of $1,051,515 and one time of $33,810
Recommended funding reflects a 5.5% growth to address increased costs for participation
opportunities.  Increased self generated revenue is also needed to address increased program growth.  Proposed budget only reflects a modest 2% increase.  SAC supports one-time request ($33,810) from the SAF Reserve.
Nate Entinger-Intercollegiate Athletics was funded below their request.  We calculated their increase with their additional funding for marketing and the increase of funding for jerseys. 
Motion passes unanimously

International Students
SAC recommends a 2005-06 subsidy of $39,700
Motion passes- two abstentions.

Campus Recreation
SAC recommends a 2005-06 subsidy of $320,477
SAC supports the proposed Program Coordinator position for Fitness, Wellness, and Special Programs.  Recommendation reflects reduction of one graduate assistant position due to new full-time position.  SAC does not support funding the proposed big screen TV and cabinet for Otto Arena lounge.
Chair Entinger-We felt it important to draw students back to the campus due to the loss during construction.  The additional funding was for the Coordinator position. There was money that came from the reserves, 
Senator Thomsen-Is there already a part-time position?
Chair Entinger-No, there is not a person covering this, and no there is not anything open to the general public.
Senator Bruner-Campus Rec really caters to all students on this campus.  
Senator Thomsen-Did they consider a GA like other positions do?
Senator Brandt-In order to do this you need special qualifications and training. 
Motion passes

Campus Recreation Equipment Depreciation Fund
SAC recommends a 2005-06 subsidy of $80,000
Represents base funding of $20,000 and one-time of $60,000
Chair Entinger-This will provide stretching mats etc. and exercise equipment for the new facility.
Motion passes

SAC recommends a 2005-06 subsidy of $5,000
Chair Brandt-We felt they could come back to SAC as they did this past year
and we would be happy to give them additional funding.

Motion #04.20.05A Senator Bartley-Thomsen  LGBT
Whereas:          The SAC recommendation to not fund a three thousand dollar ($3,000) increase is in support of keeping the increase in student fees t a minimum.
Whereas:          The LGBT offers services for students who may feel so isolated they are on the verge
                        of suicide
Whereas:          A dollar amount cannot be put on the worth of a human life.
And Whereas: $3,000 is less than .077% of student fee money.

Therefore be it Resolved that:  The 72nd MSSA supports an increase of $3,000 to allow the LGBT Center to continue to provide services for the LGBT community at MSU.

Speaker-This raises the line item to $8,000.00.
Senator Bartley-We just gave money for new sports equipment.  $3,000.00 is a very small amount.
Senator Thomsen-This is only $3,000.00.  This is .07 %.
Senator Bruner-The administration recently gave them a director, doubling this is not in the best
interest of the students.
Senator Casey-I agree if you have a position it should have funding.
Senator Brandt-Hannah-It was written into the request as a lecture, if they would have asked for
programming money SAC would have looked different.
Senator Bergstrom-How many people use the program.
Senator Dye-They provide a great service, but they can come to SAC for additional funding. 
Senator Cichy-I use this office for papers as well as other students do, it serves all students.
I agree compared to sports this is a small price, we need to give them something to work with.
Senator Bartley-They have served over 3500 students.  But there services can not be quantified.
Senator Bender-I don’t think the elliptical is the question-but the resources are what you should
be asking.
Vice President Copic-You did fund for expansion, this is the same.
Senator Kofoed-$3,000 is not asking for much.
Senator Omar-It does not matter if even one student uses the office if it helps even one student.
Senator Bergstrom-Doubling their money seems like a lot, SAC is always very good about that.
Senator Ibrahim-Our campus is about diversity, $3,000.00 is not much.
Roll Call
Senators voting yes
Derek Ritchison w/r, Katie Kendhammer, Jennifer McGuffey, Irfan Bangash, Melissa Bartley, Mohammed Omar, Shuaib Ibrahim, Trevor Fleck, Josh Peterson, Thomas Bergstrom w/r, Crystal Borchardt, Tim Ibisch w/r, Emily Kofoed, Jessica Cichy, Danielle Thomsen, Rob Wills w/r, Jesse Clift, Jason Casey, Matthew Wangerin
Senators Voting no
Kevin Bender, Megan Brandt, Khumar Raza, Adam Weigold w/r, Michael Bruner, Andrew Isker w/r,
Joe Mikolai
Executive Staff
President Anwer, Vice President Goga Copic
Rights:  I felt that any further funding needed for the LGBT Center could come as a request to SAC during the year from the Non-budgeted request fund.  SAC and the future senate would most likely be generous.  This way we can us the Non-budgeted request fund budget for it’s intent and hold fees by stopping new dollars from being allocated.
Motion passes 21-9
Rights: Rob Wills-According to the proposal submitted to SAC there was a $3,000 increase under the speakers and entertainers line item.  The current precedence for requesting money for all additional speakers and events has generally been as needed.  After hearing the presentation at the budget hearing we found the true intent of the money.  I feel giving increases for programming is worth student fee money.  That is why I rose in favor of the motion.
James Dye-I believe the additional funds for the LGBT can and should come from SAC instead of having to be an increase in the budget.  SAC has been more than generous in the past and is very
helpful in providing funds for additional events or speakers.
Tim Ibisch-I voted aye to increasing the base funding for the LBT Center.  I did so with a great deal of trepidation and fear that this vote should be shown as some how supporting of the alternative lifestyles espoused by this group.  This is most definitely not the case.  As a matter of my beliefs and good sense
I oppose groups of this nature and realize that the negative stance of the LGBT toward any differing views in the realms of both faith and good citizenry are unhelpful to both students and society at large.  With that in mind it is my sincere hope that this organization will use the funding provided to bring unbiased and forthright speakers to address relevant issues and will provide its members with the opportunity to believe in a greater path both in terms of freedoms and responsibilities.

Blue Earth Review
SAC recommends a 2005-06 subsidy of $7,370
Chair Brandt-SAC did not choose to give additional funding.
Motion passes

Music Ensembles
SAC recommends a 2005-06 subsidy of $70,000
Chair Entinger-no increase in funding.
Motion passes

Post season tournament
No request

SAC recommends a 2005-06 subsidy of $93,055
Chair Entinger-The Reporter actually requested a decrease in their budget.
Motion passes

Reporter Depreciation Fund
SAC recommends a 2005-06 subsidy of $4,000
This is to replace old equipment that they have.
Motion Passes

SAF Administration
SAC recommends a 2005-06 subsidy of $210,481
Chair Brandt-Increase goes to cover the additional cost of the bus system.
Motion passes

SAC recommends a 2005-06 subsidy of $10,000
Chair Entinger Entinger-no increase was requested
Motion passes

Student Leadership Development & Service-Learning
SAC recommends a 2005-06 subsidy of $485,163
Chair Brandt-Their request was for $562,116.00.  This is a $79,534.00 increase.  We choose not to make recommendation RSO position-We felt the survey showed that there is not a lot of interest. We decided not to fund the concert at this time. 
Motion #04.20.05B  Senator Ritchison/Vice President Copic
Whereas:                      Recent productive and meaningful conversations between Student Leadership Development & Service Learning and the Minnesota State Student Association have given us great information on the possibility of a better venue for the MSU major concert.
Whereas:                      There is potential for greater opportunities which could prove to be an even
                                    better learning experience for the students.
Be it resolved:               Senate recommends a one time allocation of up to $32,000 for the sole purpose of a concert to be held at a venue that best fulfills the needs and wants of the students.

Senator Ritchison-We are all in favor in funding the concert, we decided to make
this recommendation because discussions have been started with the administration and the Civic Center.
Vice President Copic-No doubt students want the concert.  I am truly confident you can
put on a good concert but I do hope you consider the best options.
Senator Weigold-Students do want a concert but maybe a different venue.  Let’s consider
discussion and go for it.
Senator Omar-Who gets to decide where the concert will be?
Senator Brandt-Is this adding to the base budget or a one time funding?
Speaker-It states one time.
Vice President Copic-Interesting questions-discussions have happened between students
and administrators-they actually support our students.
Senator Bruner-I don’t think Student Events Team should have a blank check on where they can have
the concert with out a survey or poll.
Senator Casey-Change in venue, we are not writing a blank check, but they can partner up
with the Midwest Wireless, this is a benefit. 
Senator Bergstrom-We all know Student Events Team won’t screw up, they have done a very good job.
President Anwer-None of us know what is best, this motion is saying lets find out and
do our job in providing that the funding is fair.
Senator Kendhammer-What is best for students-obviously Student Events Team has shown they can bring
a good event-whether or not the concert is here or in Waseca lets decide.
Senator Wills-I support this motion.
Concert Company Chair Joelle Maggert
We do surveys as to type of music students want, etc.  most of the time we have students pick from type of music and bands, we go for the wants of the students.
Senator Cichy-If we give them the money now, they have more time to get what we want.
Senator Ritchison-The stipulation has to do with the venue.  Our motion is saying lets put
our personal differences aside and decide what is best for the student body.
Senator Lee-We can argue venue but if we allocate venue without funding in might be too late.
Senator Kofoed-I think we can have faith that they will not spend their money recklessly.
Senator Thomsen-This would be micro-managing, lets let them do their job.
Senator Weigold-We have had good discussion with all parties, I have been contacted even
today to have more discussions.  Any concerns will be brought up, this is not a blank check.
Speaker-This is worded to come from student fees not reserve.
Senator Bruner-I am not conferring with the venue-I thought the process of selecting a band
was flawed.  I am concerned that we would have another survey that had bands that would
come with the money given.  Last year students were not given viable options.
Vice President Copic-Amend motion for funding to come from reserve fund.
Senator Weigold-There is plenty of money in reserves.  This would be a way to do this
to not raise student fees but rather allow the funding to come from reserves.
Senator Bruner-This is ok but we should not put the SAC in a position to take from
reserves every year.
Senator Brandt-I am not in favor of this, we do not know what will come up next year.
Senator Thomsen-This events needs to be self-sufficient.  If it came from student fees
it would be more beneficial.
Senator Casey-I am not in favor of raising student fees.  I think this is a good solution.
Vice President Copic-Concert seems to be such a huge controversy.  Surveys do show
something.  We only did a survey once this year.  I am not in favor of raising student fees but students
want this so this seems like a good option.
Senator Weigold-It does stretch reserves, but with the tuition freeze it makes sense.
Senator Bender-We can not take from reserves, that is contradictory.  If we want this
we should pay for it, not future students.
Senator Brandt-We can’t take another $50,000 from reserves.  Lecture needs money also,
if students want this they should be willing to pay for it.
Senator Ritchison-I do support this coming from reserves, but we do still have some
choices to make.
Senator Bruner-This would be the second time it would come from reserves.  Students
say it should not but it seems to be going in that direction.  Dipping into reserves is not a
good idea for this or any proposed amendment.
Amended motion fails.
Senator Bergstrom- That is only 10 ½ elliptical machines.
Matt Ward-We don’t put surveys out there offering bands that are not in our price range.  That survey was done by the Reporter.
Senator Omar-We need to leave this job to the people that know best and fund it.
Senator Bruner-I will have to vote yes as my fears about the survey have been laid to rest.
Senator Casey-If you add a few thousand to this you could get two positions instead of one night.
Senator Bender-Previous speaker mentioned positions but students think about things they can go to, like concerts.
Motion #04.20.05B  passes

Motion #04.20.05C  Senator Cichy/Borchardt        RSO position
Move to allocate one-time SAF funding for a half-time program coordinator for the RSO position. 

Senator Bruner-I see the benefits but we already have a grad assistant that does this. Spending another $20,000 would not help the campus.
Senator Cichy-A few weeks ago we passed a motion to add a director of the Student Union
(stop laughing at me-that is very disrespectful) This would help market the events.
Lauren Weisblatt-Asst. Director SLD&SL-This position would bring people together, it would help market RSO’s.  This would help in all aspects of recruitment.
Senator Kendhammer-I understand support, but the RSO’s I am involved in are very self-sufficient.  Are there other ways to get  RSOs involved and not fund this position?
Senator Casey – rational for the RSO is intangible. No numbers given, says it will increase effectiveness. This is may be an office management problem. Have them come back with numbers
Senator Bender – Leadership is important to get people involved, Student Events Team, Greeks are doing a great job. Yet they are asking for a large amount of money. This will make it the third largest activity account on campus. Most people don’t know where the SLD& SL even is.
Senator Isker – A petition went around that couldn’t generate enough signatures.  I think if people in the organization really wanted this they could get more signatures.
Senator Bergstrom-I am all for this but I think the current status quo is ok, but I doubt it needs
a full time position. 
Senator Ritchison-Though I see the benefit of the position, I am in RSO’s and I question if
enough RSO’s would take the time and use this position. 
Senator Dye-I believe they provide a great deal, but by taking a grad assistant away they are
doing a disservice.
Senator Peterson-I think it is hypocritical to ask for a tuition freeze and raise student fees,
couldn’t they do some fundraising on their own.
Senator Brandt-By funding the concert it raised student fees 11 cents per credit hour, this would
add an additional 8 cents.
Vice President Copic-We are forgetting the picture-the student fee is here to extend our education,
but we are forgetting our students, they could be given leadership opportunities to help with RSO’s..
Senator     Every RSO has to have an advisor-why have two people doing the job.
Iver Gullixson-There are 20 hours allotted to me, but I do have to attend about 10 hours in meetings.  I have 10 hours to spend for RSO’s, that is not enough time.  Many organizations come to meet about
what they should do and what they need to do.  There is not communication from one
president to another.  There are advisors that do a good job but some do not get involved
with their group.
Senator Bergstrom-I think you could add another grad student that could help.
Senator Kofoed-My RSO is completely self-sufficient.
Senator Lee-10 hours a week would equal 3 minutes a week for an RSO.  Maybe in the future,
but now the current position is fine. 
Senator Isker-Mankato is a suitcase college, I don’t think even if we hired someone that
would help that.  That is up to the organizations.
Senator Bender-Call the question
Motion fails

Motion 04.20.05D  Ritchison/Kendhammer  Concert Company
Move to allocate one-time SAF funding of up to $20,000 to SLD&SL for the lecture series.
Senator Ritchison-When you think of activity fees you think of speakers, we just had over 2500
people attend Mo Rocca.
Senator Kendhammer-The lecture series provides academic opportunities, you can learn and hear
a great speaker.  The purpose of going to college is to learn more.  This should not affect this
area of our life.
Senator Dye-The numbers show that the students do attend this and support this.  We can all
learn and be entertained from this.
Senator Bender-A lecture adds a lot to social experience, but think about where it is coming from?
Senator Bruner-I enjoyed the lecture, I support this.
Senator Ritchison-The motion said this was for the lecture series. 
President Anwer-I attended Mo Rocco, I was pleased, and it was a learning experience.  I hope
that we fund this.
Motion passes
Speaker- vote on the Line Item
Senator Bartley-This might be a one time allocation, but it seems to be a pattern.
Senator Weigold-This has nothing to do with the dinner table, we are required to
look at all requests fairly.
Senator Cichy-Maybe this could be made a line item.
Motion passes

SOAFC (Student Organization Activity Funding Committee)
Funded as requested
Motion Passes

Student Senate
Funded as requested
Chair Entinger-The increase in this line item was due to the additional funding of the new
Attorney contract.
Motion passes

Reflects maintenance funding
Motion passes

Women’s Center
Reflects maintenance funding.
 SAC recommends that the proposed full-time Program Coordinator for Sexual Assault Services and Outreach be funded by University M&E funds.
Chair Brandt-We support this position but feel it should not be funded by Student Activity Fees.

Motion #04.20.05D     Senator Casey/President Anwer
Whereas:                      The SAC recommendation to not fund the Sexual Assault Services and
Outreach Coordinator is in support of keeping the increase in student fees to a minimum
Whereas:                      The service that such a position would provide is not in doubt
Whereas:                      The University has not funded the position through M&E funds.
Whereas:                      This position would provide DIFFERENT programs and services for
MSU students than are available through the Blue Earth County’s Sexual Violence Resource Center
Whereas:                      The requested position would focus on prevention efforts, education and providing on-campus response services
Whereas:                      Over 1500 students attended sexual violence-themed programming during this
                                    school year.
And Whereas:              Approximately 100 students have sought out sexual violence services year
Be it Resolved:             The 72nd Minnesota State Student Senate supports an increase of the Women’s Center budget by $41,000 to allow the creation of a full-time Sexual Assault Services and Outreach Coordinator, for the MSU campus for a two (2) year period, with the expectation of the University funding the position in the future.

Senator Casey-I believe we all feel this is needed, someone needs to get the ball rolling, in my
mind if we get it rolling we do not need to worry about funding in the future. 
President Anwer-I am in favor of this because it is a resource because we can make a difference
in someone’s life.  Someone’s life could get better.  We are saying we will only pick it up for two years.  This will be helpful in getting the administration thinking.
Senator Cichy-I remember last year we did a motion that the administration fund a position from
M&E dollars.  It has been done in the past.
Senator Bruner-This is a position that should be handled by the university.  That is why SAC
recommended we do not fund Security.  Our tuition goes up every year yet we have to say no
to necessary positions or pay for them from student fees. This is a necessary position but it should
not be paid by student fees.  We need to stop it now and make the university pay for it.
Senator Brandt-We should not pay for it for two years, this is a university type position.  I
encourage a new motion that we want it but we want it out of university funding.
Senator Kendhammer– I question if the position is funded that the administration will not follow through. What is the alternative if they don’t pay for the position
Senator Ritchison – I am torn on the issue. I question activity fees and setting precedence with the LGBT position. If we did this for one year, I would be more likely to vote for it.
President Anwer – I agree this should be funded by M&E but I really believe the President will pick this up, if he says no, that is the fate of the position.  If he says yes, they we can do this.  The motion
is clearly saying that we are paying it if they agree to pick it up after a year.
Speaker-It implies they pick it up but does not say they must do so.
Senator Omar-This is good, I don’t think they will say they will do away with it.
Senator Weigold-I support this out of M&E funds.  This is a position that is being sold
as prevention, the statistics are scary.  Not all assaults get reported.  The administration
can say they will pick it up but things can happen and we will have to say we have to get
rid of it in two years.  We need to go full force with this on M&E.
Senator Bergstrom-Everyone does support this position, I would like to see how this has
affected other campuses, St. Cloud has this, how has it helped them?  I think the university
will fund this if we ask them to.  I think this is premature. 
Senator Bartley-Did this same sort of discussion come up when you discussed other positions,
did you have this same sort of dialogue?  Looking around the room and knowing that one
in four women are raped ..there are ways to support this by telling the administration we
want this.  The LGBT was also funded because of the sit-in.  Civil Disobedience is what
got that.  I think it would be embarrassing if we had to do a sit in to get a sexual assault
Senator Casey-You don’t worry about who puts the fire out, you just do it.
Senator Kofoed-I know how the Women’s Center helps but putting pressure on the university
in two years is a way of putting this off.  Why can’t we push them to do it now, this is the
accountability of the administration.
Motion to amend- President Anwer/Omar
Move to amend to a one year period if the administration agrees to pick it up after that time.
President Anwer-This will clear up questions, this will clearly state that we approve only
if they will pick up after a year.  This is not what student fees are for.  We need to initiate
this now.
Senator Omar-This is a great chance for us to get this position that will help people.
Senator Brandt-How do we know the administration will pick this up?
Speaker-The motion will say that, we do not know if the administration will do that.
Senator Weigold-The amendment is mute, a different  president can change this.  It should be funded by M&E.
President Anwer-We don’t know, the world could end also, this puts pressure on the
administration.  We are taken seriously by the administration, they trust us.  By clearly saying that we will pay for one year if the administration pays the next year, we can accomplish this.
Vice President Copic-Don’t you think that if they would fund it next year, they would fund
it now.  This is where our power lies.
Senator Kofoed-If there is a fire and someone has a bucket of water but someone has a
fire extinguisher wouldn’t you have the one with the fire extinguisher put out the fire.
Senator Bruner-We need to force the administration to do this now. 
Senator Thomsen-Tonight is Take Back the Night-it is a speak out rally that allows women
to share stores of trials and tribulations.  We need to Take Back the Night.  This would
enhance my life to not endure a rape or assault.  It is symbolic on what students are putting
first, the President has the opportunity to say no.  It is important to all that we put our money
where our mouth is and fund this.
Senator Cichy-I don’t like this motion it could come back and cause us to not fund a position in the future.
Senator Bergstrom-If you have a funding source, you should go to that.  It would be
embarrassing for them to not listen to us. 
Senator Khumar-We have given $20,000 to lecture and SLD&SL.  This is not about security
it is about awareness, we are putting down a foundation and then the university can look at
this and say this is important.  We need to tell them what the students need.
Senator Casey-One year two year, something needs to be done.  If we say the administration
should pay for it, how are we going to do that?
Senator Ritchison-What has the past senate done, have they sent a recommendation on this?
Senator Kendhammer-We are missing the point-the administration will listen to this, why
not take the St. Cloud program to the President and say fund us this year.  Activity fees
should not be paying for security and prevention purposes. (change two year to one)
Amended Motion fails 15-15
Motion tabled.
Motion  #04.20.05E  Senator Cichy/Brandt
Whereas:                      The MSU mission statement states MSU’ commitment to safety and education
Whereas:                      A Sexual Assault Services & Outreach Coordinator for the Women’s Center would provide education about sexual violence.
Be it Resolved:             The MSSA recommends to the MSU administration that the Sexual Assault Services & Outreach Coordinator position be fully funded by M&E dollars.

Senator Cichy-A similar motion was pasted last year, it did not force the administration
to fund it but it would be a good way to get the administration to fund this.  We do not
know what will happen next year.  It is a terrible precedent.  Maybe the Women’s Center
can lobby their students to talk to Dr. Davenport.
Senator Brandt-I don’t think anyone disagrees that this should be funded by M&E dollars.
Senator Wills-I really like the wording of this, let us send a good message in a positive way.
Senator Dye-If I am not mistaken we want this, it is needed.  This would be a win-win
situation, we should support this motion.  This will get the ball rolling.
Senator Ritchison-I think we did fund the LGBT position last year.
Senator Bruner-This is a good motion, we could say it even stronger.  The administration
needs to fund this. 
Senator Bender-This is important, it should be funded but we should consider the Security
motion then as well, as that is about prevention.  We should also challenge the media to
see what Dr. Davenport would do with this.
Motion passes

President Anwer move to bring consideration of original motion back from the table.
Senator Dye-Objection
Motion fails.
Speaker- Motion remains on the table.
Senator Bergstrom-There is no point in playing what if.  We will go down that road if we have
Senator Ritchison-I encourage all of you to make sure it gets funded out of M&E dollars.
Senator Brandt-I would expect all of you to sit out side his office if he does not fund this.
Senator Bruner-Yes, we will be outraged, we except him to fund this.
Senator Thomsen-Many women ask what if, we should ask what if and take care of this.
I would expect all senators to be talking to Dr. Davenport.  We can all work together.
Motion #04.20.05E  passes

NON-Budgeted Funds Request
SAC recommends that fund continue to be allocated to this fund for potential program supplements and RSO travel requests.
Motion passes

Non-Traditional Students
Reflects maintenance funding
SAC does not support the proposed full-time program coordinator position.
Chair Brandt-This program is very new and we did not feel the need for a full time position.
Motion #04-20-05 F Senator Casey/Bartley Nontraditional Student Program Coordinator
Whereas:          The SAC recommendation to not fund the Nontraditional Student Program Coordinator                        is in support of keeping the increase in student fees to a minimum.
Whereas:          The service that such a position would provide is not in doubt
Whereas:          This position exists to ensure that students succeed at MSU.  The program offers
                        services that help nontraditional students “fit”.
Whereas:          With the addition of this requested full-time position, it would enable the program to
target nontraditional through New Student Orientation, FYE adult-focused courses, online services and advising.
Whereas:          Over 3,250 students are currently enrolled as nontraditional student.
Whereas:          Approximately 600 students have sought out these services on a continuing basis throughout the year.
Therefore, Be It Resolved:        The 72nd Minnesota State Student Senate supports the increase of $41,000 of the Nontraditional Student Program Coordinator for a two (2) year period to allow the creation of a full-time Nontraditional Student Program Coordinator, with the expectation of the University funding the position in the future
Senator Casey-This is growth and a cost of living increase.  It would be on its own funding.
Many students will be coming back from Iraq and more will need assistance.  The money
for this will be well spent.
Senator Bartley-Non-Traditional Students have their own needs, I guarantee that non-traditional
students have very different needs.  This position would enhance a quarter of the population
of MSU.
Senator Bruner-I am hesitate to raise student fees, but 24% is a lot.
Senator Bender-What is classified as nontraditional?  A lot of us are over 24, we don’t consider
ourselves non-traditional.  We should consider this but we would be more then doubling what they currently receive..
Senator Wills-674 students used the non-traditional office, which is 5%
Director Rosenfeld-That is the number of students that visited the Women’s Center.
Senator Bergstrom-Look at the pie chart-nontraditional students can use all of the resources
we offer like concerts etc.  I don’t think anything is solely for nontraditional students.  They have
100% of the pie that I have.  
Senator Ibisch-We just did not fund a position, that was good, what would cause us to be arbitrary,
how can we pick and choose?  The positions are similar in nature.
Senator Cichy-We as senators know that the dynamics of college students are changing.  We need
to do what we can to support this.
Senator Kofoed-I think it is important-but the funding is for a position, but at the same time, where
are they going to get the funding to do the activities?
Senator Casey-They are asking for a full time position, they would be giving up the Graduate
Assistant.  Students might not be here now if they were not given resources, nontraditionals are on
campus a very limited amount of time.
Senator Dye-I am a roommate of a non-traditional student, I discussed this with him.  He did
not feel he would use the resources.
Senator Brandt-When I presented this, and they even brought it up, students are not comfortable
in the Women’s Center.  Where would their office be?
Hannah (SAC member)-Athletics involves 600 students, it is hard for us to imagine how non-traditional students do things.  They may not go to all events but they still have needs.
Senator Weigold-Because non-traditional is growing, we need to make sure it does grow strong
from the base up, it does not work by throwing a ton at it.  Non-trads don’t all want it whether
they need it or not. 
Vice President Copic-Grad students want assistantships, should we be doing away with these
Roll Call
Students voting yes
Derek Ritchison w/r, Katie Kendhammer, Melissa Bartley, Mohammed Omar, Shuaib Ibrahim, Michael Bruner w/r, Tim Ibisch w/r, Jessica Cichy, Danielle Thomsen, Jason Casey
Students voting no
Megan Brandt, Khumar Raza, Jennifer McGuffey w/r, Irfan Bangash w/r, Adam Weigold w/r, Trevor Fleck, Josh Peterson w/r, Thomas Bergstrom w/r, Adrew Isker w/r, Emily Kofoed w/r, Kristopher Lee, Rob Wills w/r, Jesse Clift, Matthew Wangerin, James Dye w/r, Joe Mikolai
Executive staff
President Anwer-abstain, Vice President Copic-no
Kevin Bender
Motion fails
Rights:  Jennifer McGuffey-I think we need to wait a few years to see what this grows into.
Adam Weigold-This office is relatively new and needs time to mature to see if this funding is necessary.  Many nontraditional students I have approached to ask opinions on this issue also state that they are unsure if they even need this office in the first place.
Rob Wills-Only 674 students have at least visited the center once, which equates to 5% of all students on campus.  According to the statistic provided by the non-traditional student center 24% of students on campus are nontraditional students.  If they were able to increase the number of people who have utilized the office more than once, I would be more inclined to consider a position only if it were funded through the university and not through student fees.  I think that the program in its infancy needs efficient time to grow and communicate to its population before it adds a full-time position.  I do not think positions are efficient use of student fee money.
James Dye-I believe that this position should not be funded at the current time.  Nontraditional Students has yet to get an office and it appears that $41,000 of student fees for a position is premature and it will not get its full use.  Once Nontraditional Student’s organization has matured more and we see a greater number of students using it, than it will be a good time to look into a position.
Tim Ibisch-I voted aye to fund the position in the non-trad office.  I felt that the significant portion of the student body represented justified the monetary increase.  However, I understand the opposition to the position and respect the decision of the Senate to not fund this position.  It is my hope that as the program grows and becomes more viable that some of the fiscal objections to the additional position will be no longer warranted.

Motion #04.20.05G Senator Casey/Kendhammer
Move to create nontraditional office position for one additional graduate students for 1 year funding.
Senator Casey-I am hoping this will allow us for growth.
Senator Kendhammer-This would allow this office to expand to what it should be.  We don’t
want to cut the office off, this gives another job to a student as well.
Senator Ibisch-This is an interesting alternative, yet I would like to determine what the
parameters are.  Many students don’t think they are non-traditional. 
Senator Omar-This is an excellent motion so they can grow and then receive future funding.
Senator Weigold-Part of the argument is the space issue, adding another position will not
help the position grow.  We should let this be for a year and then see what happens.
Senator Brandt-I question this motion, we are adding a position, but no program dollars.
We can volunteer, but without programming dollars why would that make sense.
Senator Casey-I know this is going to grow-as it grows there is less time for programming.
It needs two people.  Everyone needs a connection. 
Senator Bartley-I resent the fact that the office now used to be a storage closet  They don’t have
a way to be represented. 
Senator Ritchison-This is important, but this seems too last moment, like a last ditch effort.  I think
this should grow.
Roll Call
Senators voting yes
Katie Kendhammer, Irfan Bangash, Melissa Bartley, Mohammed Omar, Shuaib Ibrahim, Josh Peterson, w/r, Michael Bruner w/r, Tim Ibisch w/r Jessica Cichy, Danielle Thomsen, Jason Casey
Senators voting no
Jennifer McGuffey, Adam Weigold w/r, Thomas Bergstrom, Andrew Isker, Emily Kofoed, Kristopher Lee, Rob Wills w/r, Jesse Clift, Matthew Wangerin, James Dye w/r, Joe Mikolai
Derek Ritchison, Kevin Bender, Megan Brandt, Khumar Raza
Executive Staff
President Anwer-yes, Vice President Copic-no
Motion fails 12-12-4
Rights:  Adam Weigold-This office is relatively new and needs time to mature to see if this funding is necessary.  Many nontraditional students I have approached to ask opinions on this issue also state that they are unsure if they even need this office in the first place.  Furthermore this position was proposed as a last minute compromise after failing to approve a full time position and most likely hasn’t been explored completely to its “fit” in the office.
Rob Wills-I am not against graduate students or the nontraditional student center.  I am against adding positions being paid for by student fees.  I think the intent of the motion is good but the means by which it will be carried out would be better serviced if it were funded through the university.
James Dye-I believe that having two grad students instead of one full time position is a better idea, but I believe that it is premature for the Nontraditional Students.  They still have to receive an office and these two positions may not get their full use.  At the current time this would not be the best use of student fees.  This would be something to look at in the future for the Nontraditional Students.
Tim Ibisch-I voted aye to the additional graduate student position in the non-trad office.  With further reflection I find that this was not perhaps the best option and that indeed I should have voted in the negative.  However, I did not and the reasoning is very similar to the first vote.  In order to form a more ideal situation the non-trads should undertake plans to further themselves as a group and to find circumstances where their help is manifestly needed, at this time and not before, I believe that the positions in questions will be funded and a separate office provided.
SAC motion passes

MSU Security Department
SAC recommends no SAF funding
SAC suggests that student safety is the responsibility of the University and the funding of campus security officers is not the responsibility of student fees.

SAC Budget as a whole

Roll Call
Senators voting yes
Derek Ritchison, Katie Kendhammer, Director Buisman Bender, Megan Brandt, Khumar Raza, Jennifer McGuffey, Irfan Bangash, Melissa Bartley, Mohammed Omar, Shuaib Ibrahim, Adam Weigold, Trevor Fleck, Josh Peterson, Thomas Bergstrom, Michael Bruner w/r, Tim Ibisch, Andrew Isker, Emily Kofoed, Jessica Cichy, Kristopher Lee, Danielle Thomsen, Rob Wills, Jesse Clift, Matthew Wangerin, James Dye, Joe Mikolai
Jason Casey
Executive Staff
President Anwer, Vice President Copic

Roll Call
Senators Present
Derek Ritchison 26-0-0, Katie Kendhammer 21-0-0,  Megan Brandt 24-0-0-2, Kevin Bender 9-0-0, Khumar Raza 18-3-0,  Jennifer McGuffey 25-0-0-1, Melissa Bartley 18-5-0, Irfan Bangash 21-3-0, Mohammed Omar 23-3-0, Adam Weigold 26-0-0, Shuaib Ibrahim 24-2-0 , Trevor Fleck 21-5-0, Josh Peterson 5-1-0 Thomas Bergstrom 23-3-0, Michael Bruner 14-2-1, Crystal Borchardt  15-0-0, Tim Ibisch 25-1-0, Andrew Isker 6-0-0, Emily Kofoed 21-3-0-2   Jessica Cichy 23-1-2, Kristopher Lee 23-0-0, James Dye 9-0-0, Jason Casey 19-2-0-2, Danielle Thomsen 24-2-0,  Rob Wills 15-0-0, Jesse Clift 24-2-0, Matthew Wangerin 16-0-0, Joe Mikolai 23-0-0
Executive Staff Present
President Anwer, Speaker Kail Decker, Vice-President Goga Copic

Adjournment  Meeting adjourned at 7:52