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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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72nd Senate Meeting called to order by Speaker Kail Decker

Roll Call

Senators Present

Derek Ritchison 5-0-0, Katie Kendhammer 1-0-0, Elizabeth Lange 4-1-0 , Megan Brandt 3-0-0-2, , Jennifer McGuffey 5-0-0, Melissa Bartley 1-0-0, Mohammed Omar 5-0-0, Adam Weigold 5-0-0, Shuaib Ibrahim 5-0-0, Trevor Fleck 3-2-0, Taku Kurashige 5-0-0, Thomas Bergstrom 5-0-0, Tim Ibisch 5 -0-0, Megan Karsten 1-0-0, Emily Kofoed 4-1-0, Jessica Cichy 5-0-0, Kristopher Lee 1-0-0, Danielle Thomsen 5-0-0, Jesse Clift 5-0-0, Matthew Wangerin 1-0-0, Joe Mikolai 1-0-0

Senators Absent

Umair Javed 3-1-1, Stacey Stump 1-4-0, Rehan Khan 2-3-0, Waqas Jamshed 2-3-0, Francois Yang 2-3-0, Jacly Fishman

0-1-0, Jason Casey 0-1-0

Executive Staff Present

President Shahzad Anwer, Vice President Goga Copic

Student Forum

Brenda Hages-Rehab Counseling-I don’t read the Reporter often enough to know that there were openings for a grad student on Senate. I applaud you for what you are contributing to campus. I congratulate all of you. I spoke with President Shahzad and he told me of your voter registration drive. That is a good thing. I have seen many changes on campus since I was here as an undergrad. I have noticed that the campus community has taken a proactive approach to the undergrad orientation. Also the ISO office has an orientation. I know the beauty of diversity.

The campus has changed, times have changed. We are all under personal, financial and social pressures.

When you come to school you want to hit the road running, you don’t want to waste time ping ponging back and forth from person to person finding your direction. Registration has changed, the Hub, books, to name a few. Grad students are isolated as many are non-traditional and they live off campus, but the frustration I am feeling is that our presence on campus is marginal, we are hidden, forgotten students. I am glad you have two grad students, yet there are issues and concerns unique to grad students. I have never had a formal orientation, most grad students have not. We are learning at costly mistakes, there are limited opportunities. Parking is a problem. Communication is a problem-many students miss out on important messages.

Grad students are looking at post grad work, and want to assume leadership or academic experience before they move on to post-graduate work. We need to work together to increase scholarships &

grants. We need to have a larger presence on campus. This is a fine university setting. President

Davenport has provided a new energy. I am asking for Student Senate support for grad students.

Pleases consider this request and explore the possibility of a Grad Student Association. This would

not be contradictory to this body. We could work together. We need to open our campus and allow

as many voices as possible to be heard.

Vice President Copic-What do grad students need to know and what office would that come from?

Ms. Hages-Many students did not do undergrad work here. Many students are new and we need to

assume they do not know of resources. We have a great opportunity because of new Grad Dean,

we can be creative and make the MSU experience that much better.

Haley Pederson- Homecoming begins next week, there are many opportunities, if you want to do a float or anything.

Black Eyed Peas are coming Nov. 4th. We are asking Senate to be involved in publicity. We need

help and President Anwer said you can do some of this for your office hours. Stop down and grab flyers.

Senator Bergstrom-How much are tickets?

Haley Pederson-$15.00 for students, $25.00 for non MSU students.

Senator Fleck-Elaborate on Homecoming packets.

Haley Pederson-They just have information on rules and regulation, events, coronation, lip sync,

Barbeque etc. Everything you do is based on a point value system.

Senator Kofoed-Is it just Black Eyed Peas or is there a warm up group?

Haley Pederson-They bring their own groups.

Approval of Agenda Move Presentation to below section V. Within officer reports move Vice President Copic to C.

Presentation-Clayt Freed, Executive Director MSUSA

Thanks for having me here. MSUSA-Minnesota State University Student Association. State wide

Association of all 7 schools. In terms of students on campus, what kind of issues do you face?

Parking, Tuition, Health Insurance, price of books, Financial Aid. That is what MSUSA is-it

is to help students on all campuses with these concerns.. There are many problems that face all students but students do not have time to work on these problems, which is the beauty of MSSA and MSUSA. We have full time people to help solve problems. All students pay student fees to help MSUSA work in the State Legislature. We work full time with the Minnesota State office, we have a staff to work closely with the campuses. We need to have an impact. MSUSA is student directed, with

a Board of Directors-made up of student body presidents of 7 campuses. Board of Directors

pick out a vision and goals and then tells Executive Director to accomplish this. I work with

the staff and train them and then report back to the campuses. Delegate Assembly meets once a year

to form the budget, and work on the agenda and vision.

I am a huge fan of student government. People get involved because they want to make a difference

on campus. Students have a lot of potential on campus and society in general. Student government can make students successful. Meetings are a necessity but think of what you want your legacy

to be, what did you accomplish? I am here to help. I get to work with people that want to make

a difference. There are many problems out there, but students have a long history of solving problems and making a difference.

Senator Ritchison-How did the professors take the evaluations on line, did they agree to this?

Mr. Freed-No, they fought it tooth and nail. We had to go to the Chancellor and convenience them. The next semester the university advertised how great this was. Professors then liked it. They realized students do give fair evaluations. The quality of education improved.

Senator Kurashige-International students get in-state tuition.

President Shahzad Anwer

I am very happy for all the new people elected.

Appointments: Presidents Commission for the Status of Women-Tonya Philips, Maggie Weller, Sara Nett , Judicial Board-Rachel Mudd, Cassie Tastad, Darin Dredge, Megan Claviter, Kelly Secola, Charisopher Wagner, Mathew Collie, Jason Casey, Megan Claviler

ECDC-Taku Kurashige, Jesse Clift, Parking Advisory-Kyle Struck, Emily Kofoed, Learning Technology Roundtable-Adam Weigold, Student Technology Round Table-Abid Bharmal

Legislative Affairs Coordinator-Rachel Mudd, Quality Research & Special Projects Coordinator-Adam Weigold

SOAFC-Josh Hardt, Mark Roberts

Student Affairs-Umair Javed

Election Committee-Umair Javed, Jesse Clift

Last weekend we had a MSUSA Conference-this is the collaboration of 7 universities in the Minnesota State system. MSUSA has voted on a tuition freeze, they are going to lobby the Minnesota State because of the tuition going up in the past few years. MSUSA has a lobby trip to Washington DC in November with the MSUSA agenda. We lobby in front of the legislators to do something for us. We also go in Feb. or March. This practice has not worked that well, our new director came up with a fabulous idea. We

train students from all 50 states and then as a group lobby from all states. We are pushing for all of this to go through in the State Capitol.

Voter registration is a big priority for us. We met with the faculty association President Steve

Bohenblust about sending out emails to the faculty. If you can help with the Concert Company

you can count that toward your office hours. We need to help them as they do a lot for this campus.

Vice President Goga Copic

Congratulate new senators. Committees, if you are an academic senator you are automatically

On Academic Affairs, if you are a residence senator you are on Student Affairs. We need one

more person on Student Union Board. We need to fill the Election Committee. SOAFC, Bookstore

Advisory Committee, ECDC-a university priority is cultural diversity. This year our school is going

through a accreditation, we need one undergrad person to sit on that.

Mike Hodapp-Student Affairs liaison. Basically, I attend meetings, give assistance when I can. I

Sit in on meetings with the VP of Student Affairs and help with Meet & Confer agendas. Speaker

Forwards resolutions to me and I forward them to the Vice President of Student Affairs.

An exciting thing for me-we met with the IFO President and asked him to encourage faculty

To hand out voter registration cards. We have had an overwhelming response. If you have a professor not on this list, meet with your professor and ask them if you can take 5 minutes to talk

to the class about voter registration. You have a name tag that gives you authority, talk to your classes. Many students do not know about this, apathy is a problem.

Last year there was a protest in the ROTC Office, people should not have to go by the dumpsters to protest. I believe in free speech and if you are interested. in fighting for a good cause, let me know.

We can work on this together.

We need to get involved in Homecoming, Lip Sync, Cheer Contest, Banner Contest, Stompers showdown. This is our first chance to get out there. We need to make the general population aware of us and let them know we are here for them. You are appreciated. You may not hear it from your constituents but we appreciate all you do.

President Anwer-What should we do for the Homecoming activities?

Vice President Copic-We should do lip sync and yell “MSSA rocks.”

Senator Cichy-What are the rules and can you cross over from one organization to another?

Senator Bangash-What about Homecoming candidates.


Recognized Student Organizations

Minnesota Storm Intercept Association, MSU Super Fans, The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi,

Minnesota Performance Elite, Alpha Kappa Psi, Alpha Phi Omega, Circle K International, Scandinavian Club, MSU Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter, Athletic Training Club, The

Sociology Club, Aikido Club, United Nations International Relations Club

Two hours a week of office hours are required for senators, great people, be friendly. Parliamentary training next week.

Read the minutes and make sure your votes are recorded properly.

Senator reports-you are required to give 3 reports throughout the semester. Pre-write reports, reports

should be germane to senate, your college, and your constituents.

M# 09.22.04A Senator Weigold/Ritchison

Move that all senator reports be germane to your constituency or to senate business.

Senator Cichy-While they should be mostly germane we should have fun too.

Senator Weigold-Lets have fun when the meetings are over quickly

Motion passes

Speaker-I have a motion before me.

M#09.22.04 B Senator Bangash

Speaker-I rule that the motion is out of order


Danielle Thomsen-Friday, College Dems will be hosting a free concert-rally featuring local bands and the area’s democratic candidates in the ballroom. Open your mind to politics, no matter who you are or what you believe in. 7:00 PM.

Senator Cichy-IFP fraternity recruitment tonight, good way to get involved.

Vice President Copic-This pumps me up and I hope we can make a difference this year. Let’s take this serious.

President Anwer-Come eat with us.

Senator Weigold-Going to Yu’s has always been a tradition.

Senator Cichy –Tau Kappa Epsilon-open house

Senator Ritchison-If you want to go see the Bush twins, we have room for more people.

Roll Call

Sentors Present

Derek Ritchison, Katie Kendhammer, Elisabeth Lange, Megan Brandt, Irfan Bangash, Jennifer McGuffey, Mohammed Omar, Adam Weigold, Shuaib Ibrahim, Trevor Fleck, Taku Kurashige, Thomas Bergstrom, Tim Ibisch, Megan Karsten, Emily Kofoed, Jessica Cichy, Kristopher Lee, Danielle Thomsen, Waqas Jamshed, Jesse Clift, Matthew Wangerin, Joe Mikolai

Senators Absent

Jacly Fishman, Jason Casey, Rehan Khan, Fancois Yang, Stacey Stump, Melissa Bartley, Umair Javed

Officers Present

President Shahzad Anwer

Vice-President Goga Copic

Speaker Kail Decker

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 5:35