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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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72nd Senate Meeting called to order by Speaker Kail Decker

Roll Call (present-absent-proxy-excused)

Senators Present

Derek Ritchison 6-0-0, Katie Kendhammer 2-0-0, Elizabeth Lange 5-1-0 , Megan Brandt 4-0-0-2, Irfan Bangash 2-0-0 , Jennifer McGuffey 6-0-0, Melissa Bartley 2-0-0, Mohammed Omar 6-0-0, Adam Weigold 6-0-0, Shuaib Ibrahim 6-0-0, Trevor Fleck 4-2-0, Taku Kurashige 6-0-0, Thomas Bergstrom 6-0-0, Tim Ibisch 5 -0-0, Megan Karsten 2-0-0, Emily Kofoed 5-1-0, Jessica Cichy 6-0-0, Kristopher Lee 3-0-0, Danielle Thomsen 6-0-0, Jesse Clift 6-0-0, Matthew Wangerin 2-0-0, Joe Mikolai 2-0-0

Senators Absent

Waqas Jamshed 2-4-0, Jacly Fishman 1-1-0, Jason Casey 0-1-0

Executive Staff Present

President Shahzad Anwer, Vice President Goga Copic

Student Forum

Ryan Boon-RHA President, I am here to talk about our relationship to senate. We are an autonomous organization under MSSA. We do programming generally geared to on-campus events, but open to all students. We will be doing Homecoming events. We are working on initiatives in the halls; we want to work close to you. If you have things that involve halls, please bring the issues to RHA.

Sandy Vue- The Ethnic Student Association has been informed that the director has resigned; we are upset with the situation and want the support of the Student Senate

Senator Omar-What kind of support are you looking for?

Sandy Vue -We want someone to help us, because we were not informed.

President Anwer-This is a personnel matter, do you know if this was due to the university or is it

personal for him?

Sandy Vue-We do not know either, we just found out he resigned. We were not informed. If the

university appreciates diversity we should have known he resigned. We had to find out from a third party source. We do not have a director to help us.

Senator Kurashige-Do you have a meeting today?

Sandy Vue-We are going to tell them what we want. We want to be in the process of hiring a new director and we want a public apology. We have other questions to ask Dr. Fagin as well.

John Wilcox-Gradate Student in Ethnic Studies-Several people in Graduate Studies are outraged about the print-out policy. Many graduate students use their printouts for their teaching assistant jobs.

They also need to print large amounts for their dissertations. The second problem I want to talk about is with financial aid-problems are with the structure. I have to wait beyond the deadline of other

students getting their financial aid, for some graduate students that are non-traditional and may have families, this is a difficult situation. The problem is with the Step 3-situation. The people in the financial aid office did not notify the Hub-this delayed financial aid by another 2 weeks. There needs to be some pressure put on Financial Aid to get their act together.

Senator Weigold-Why don’t teaching assistants have students print it out? Have teaching assistants talked to the department?

Senator Lee-Could the teaching assistants have a larger amount of print out’s given to them?

John Wilcox-Many times they are 60 pages-that would be justifiable, they should have a higher

rate of print-outs.

Approval of Agenda Addition of Emily Kofoed to Off-Campus Senator Reports, remove Presentation, Add Senator Ritchison to Allied Health & Nursing Senator Report.

Approval of Minutes 09-8, 09-15, 09-22 Minutes stand approved

Officer Reports

President Shahzad Anwer

What is a senators’ job?

Senator Ibisch-Serve the people.

What are students most concerned about? Homecoming, food quality.

We are here to make things happen like parking, tuition, financial aid, things students are concerned about. Tuition is a concern we can do something about. In the MSUSA Board of Directors we

said we want a tuition freeze, but we do not want administration cut backs. We want the 4% to come

from state money. Tomorrow at 1:00 P.M. we can do something about this. The Board of Trustees will be here tomorrow, we should all show up, you can actually make a difference tomorrow. They are coming to hear from us. If we do not show up, we are not doing our jobs. We are also giving out

tuition freeze cards, have your friends fill them out and bring a friend tomorrow. We can make a

difference. Also, HESO- Higher Ed Service Office-will be at SCTC Monday. We want to give them

a motion showing we appreciate the funding they give the university and it is good for the students. They are putting money in the right places.

Appointments: Student Union Board-Danielle Thomsen, Matt Wangerin, SOAFC-Andrea Drummond, Katie Kendhammer, Accreditation Committee-Kail Mertens,

ECDC-Patricia Escalera, President Commission on Status of Women-Danielle Thomsen

Legislative Affairs-Patricia Escalara

Judicial Board-Goga Copic, Melissa Kay Skillings, Marcus Hudson, Alysondra Duke

We wanted to take part in Homecoming, we felt we should be out there. We faced a problem in that

SLD&SL feels this is a conflict of interest. We should be able to work around this. We can not speak

for all of you. This is good for our association. We can work out the problems after Homecoming-we want to be apart of this but it is up to all of you.

Senator Weigold-What about the HESO meeting on Monday?

President Anwer-( Letter to HESO) (Motion) Table until later in meeting.

Senator Bangash-Are all senators being appointed to Academic Affairs and Student Affairs?

President Anwer-Yes they will be appointed to the two committees.

Vice President Goga Copic

It is important that senators take on some of the initiatives. Ask if you do not know what the next

Step is. Pick your own battles, we can not tackle everything. Listen to your constituents.

Homecoming-in the past Senate was not allowed to participate or at least sponsor a king and queen.

We agreed we do not need to compete for points but we want to show we can participate. The SLD&SL feels we should not sponsor a candidate. I personally want to work on this. I would like

you to pass a motion that would say we are unbiased.

President Anwer-This is your choice-you have to decide this and do something about this.

Asian American Affairs-we should not be dealing with this that should be directed to Dr. Fagin.

Academic Affairs and Student Affairs will be meeting next week. Academic Affairs will be working

on priority registration and professor evaluations.

Motion 09.29.04A Senator Weigold/Kofoed

Move that the Student Senate sponsor Kail Decker and Jen Jacobs for Homecoming Royalty.

If there are violation issues to be brought to Senate regarding Homecoming, Senate and non-voting candidates will remain unbiased.

Senator Casey-Many senators belong to two organizations, they could be sponsored by some other

organization. Being we are in the senate, we are above other students.

Vice President Copic-This summer we discussed this issue of getting involved and we discussed

Kail and Jen, if we do not support them, it defeats the purpose. Why not promote MSSA? More

people vote for Homecoming then MSSA.

Senator Weigold-We have the power as an Association but it is worded from Student Senate not MSSA.

Senator Casey-Semantics is the issue-if we back someone it is a conflict of interest, if they are

running as a member of another organization it is different-it is not a conflict of interest. We should keep the interests separate.

President Anwer-All though we are talking about sponsoring someone, there are other people from

Senate running also, Irfan and Ruth. You can support who ever you want.

Motion passes


Vacancies: College of Graduate Studies, College of Business, Undeclared. Elections will be

held Wednesday, Oct. 13. Elections for vacant seats during the year will be a slightly different process, but I will explain them as we go.

Recognized Student Organizations: French Club, Anime Fan, Residence Hall Association, MSU Student Ambassadors, United Campus Ministry, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Students of the Urban & Regional Studies Institute (SUSI), Advertising Club, Construction Management Student Association,

Mankato Aviation Club, Hmong Student Association, Recreation Club, Ethnic Studies Students Organization, MSU, M Biology Club, Psychology Graduate Student Association, American Society

Of Mechanical Engineers, Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity, Honors Student Club, Alpha Eta Rho-Aviation Business Fraternity, National Residence Hall Honorary, and Student Athlete Advisory Committee, Exposed: Photo Club, Mn. Rehabilitation Student Division, Mn State Mankato Chapter,

NAACP, Accounting Club

Thanks for attending the Parli Pro meeting.

M#09.29.04B Omar/Bangash

Whereas: Tuan Phan, Assistant Director for Asian American Affairs has resigned and whereas the general body of Asian students have not been informed

Be it Resolved: MSSA supports finding someone to fill in the position of Assistant Director for Asian American Affairs and supports further investigation into the events that led to

to this matter.

Senator Ibish-It is personnel, but in reality are they just eliminating a position?

President Anwer-I will get back to you on that.

Motion passes

M#09.20.04C Senator Bartley/Lange

Whereas: Graduate students need an increase in print rates

Be it Resolved: MSSA requests ITS increase the print-out quota for graduate students.

Senator Bartley-As a grad student I feel we do need an increase, we are printing out

several drafts of alternate papers or theses.

Senator Lange-I agree with what previous speaker said.

Senator Weigold-I disagree, this was brought up last year in STR. We should not expect the

entire student body to eat up costs of students printing up 100s of copies. TA’s should

not be printing, that funding should come from the university.

Senator Cichy-I agree with the previous speaker, I think the quota is messed up.

President Anwer-We can explain why this was imposed. We did bring up the graduate quota

And we brought this up to the faculty. They felt it should be proportionate to the college. If a

college requires something-they should pay for it.

Senator Weigold-If all students used their 300 prints, we would double last year’s print outs.

This is fair, other schools charge for all copies. The system is trying to stop unnecessary


Senator Kofoed-Are graduate students allowed the same number of copies?

What should the print quota be for graduate students?

Senator Ibisch/Ritchison - Move to table this motion until we have more information

Motion Passes

Senator Reports

Emily Kofoed Off-Campus, we do want students to recognize MSSA and we want to support Kail and Jen. Tabling tomorrow, Lip Sinc-Parade. Please commit and try to be involved.

Derek Ritchison-Allied Health & Nursing-A few of us met with Dr. Olson, VP of Academic Affairs. We met about on-line teacher evaluations. This would be a web site where students could log in and get evals on instructors. We met a brick wall in that faculty (IFO has a Minnesota State policy). We were told to go to Dr. Stewart Ross for more information. I met with College of Allied Health & Nursing yesterday, we do events like MS Walk, special Olympics etc.

M# 09.29.04D Senator Weigold/President Anwer

We, the representatives of the student body at Minnesota State University, Mankato, strongly feel that HESO funds are imperative to the ability of our institution and our students.

Public school students represent approximately 80% of the total number of students receiving financial aid, but private school students receive 50% of that same funding. The argument has been that students at private schools are charged more for tuition, but public funding should not be used to give private schools an excuse to raise their tuition when public schools are suffering. Our student body strongly opposes public funds going to private school students over public school students on such a disproportionate scale.

Continued funding of the Minitex program is also imperative to the operation of our library, which is a necessity for our institution to function.

Our institutions also, with class loads, make it very hard to complete a degree in 5 years; we hope that aid for 5th year students returns.

Finally, although inflation has made an increase in cost of living and miscellaneous costs, the allowance for these costs have been decreased, which we would like to see reversed.

We hope that HESO considers these facts in their decision making.

Senator Casey-Did I hear that they are looking at reinstating funds for 5th year students?

President Anwer-Money to private schools is not proportionate. We want 5 year students

to get financed also.

Senator Weigold-HESO decides how financial aid is allocated.

Motion passes unanimously 1 abstention.


Senator Cichy-Come to Lip Sync

President Anwer-Please return the cards by noon tomorrow.

Senator Casey-I am a non-traditional senator and I am a veteran. If you know of anyone in the military or a veteran at MSU have them contact me, I work in the non-traditional office of the Women’s Center. We are looking at starting a Vet’s Club again.

Proxy Mudd-Pizza, Pop and Politics-Monday, Oct. 18th, noon, ballroom. Sponsored by Student

Senate and IFO.

Senator Ritchison-Sat. night at 6:00 debates between College Republicans and College Democrats.

If you are going to Far , go to balancing.

Senator Weigold-If you have questions about Far.

Senator Cichy-Phi Si-Dry party

Senator Thomsen-President debates are Thursday at 8:00. If you want to gather with other people

At Bandana Brewery.

Senator Weigold-Friday am-students on the radio discussing politics.

Roll Call

Senators Present

Derek Ritchison, Katie Kendhammer, Elizabeth Lange, Megan Brandt Irfan Bangash, Jennifer McGuffey, Melissa Bartley, Mohammed Omar, Adam Weigold, Shuaib Ibrahim, Trevor Fleck, Taku Kurashige, Thomas Bergstrom, Tim Ibisch, Megan Karsten, Emily Kofoed, Jessica Cichy, Kristopher, Jacly Fishman, Jason Casey Danielle Thomsen, Jesse Clift, Matthew Wangerin

Senators Absent

Waqas Jamshed

Executive Staff Present

President Anwer, Vice President Copic

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 5:52 PM