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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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72nd Senate Meeting called to order by Speaker Kail Decker

Roll Call (present-absent-proxy-excused)

Senators Present

Derek Ritchison 7-0-0, Katie Kendhammer 3-0-0, Elizabeth Lange 5-2-0-1 proxy Chandra Sather, Megan Brandt 5-0-0-2, Irfan Bangash 3-0-0, Jennifer McGuffey 7-0-0, Melissa Bartley 3-0-0, Mohammed Omar 7-0-0, Adam Weigold 7-0-0, Shuaib Ibrahim 7-0-0, Taku Kurashige 7-0-0, Thomas Bergstrom 7-0-0, Tim Ibisch 6-0-0, Megan Karsten 3-0-0, Emily Kofoed 6-1-0, Jessica Cichy 7-0-0, Kristopher Lee 4-0-0, Jacly Fishman 1-1-0, Jason Casey 1-1-0, Danielle Thomsen 7-0-0, Waqas Jamshed 3-4-0, Jesse Clift 7-0-0, Matthew Wangerin 7-0-0, Joe Mikolai 3-0-0

Senators Absent

Trevor Fleck 4-3-0

Executive Staff Present

President Shahzad Anwer, Vice President Goga Copic

Approval of Agenda Agenda reflects change in order of Presentations, Student Forum and addition of Senator Kurashige to Senator Reports, removal of Senator Weigold from Senator Reports

Presentation – Kelley Meier, Director SLD&SL

I am here today at your request.

Vice President Copic – Have you had conversation with the Greeks and new policies? A Greek rep cam before us regarding policies placed on them.

Ms. Meier- We have no new policies – what was in place is the policies with some minor changes that were put in place in 1988 – it is policy in a way but not like the 3 year plan. When the new policies we are working on are completed they would kick in post 3 year plan.

Senator Weigold-If there are new policies that distinguish between the RSO’s and Greeks-why has the senate not been told?

Ms. Meier - We do not feel the Greeks are in any way shape or form like RSO’s. They have national affiliates and requirements. Several different elements are involved for Greeks.

Senator Weigold – They do have separate requirements yet they fill out the same paper work as other RSO’s

Ms. Meier-They were required to be an RSO because that afforded them the ability to come before you to get funding.

Senator Kurashige-Do they have a GPA requirement RSO’s do not have?

Ms Meier-That was originally part of the 3 year plan. Performance academically was an interest on the part of the institution to better students academically.

Adam Poole-The national affiliation does not always have these requirements.

Ms. Meier-There are several national requirements for holding Greeks on campus. It is more complicated than you believe. There must be insurance, staffing-the university must make sure there are provided. There is also the Statement of Relationship. The university must provide appropriate advice and support for a Greek system.

Ms. Meier-There are no new policies in effect currently.

Vice President Copic-Are the rules in the new plan similar to the 3 year plan?

Senator Ritchison-Has this affected the Greeks?

Ms. Meier-We are studying other universities. Requirements will rest on the data we receive.

Senator Weigold-Can Greeks opt out?

Ms. Meier-No, not at this time.

Glenwood Terrace Apartments, Manager Barb Coughenour

I am here today speaking on the canceling for the bus line. We try to promote ridership. Our complex is 90% students, mostly upperclassmen and graduate students. We were shocked to hear we would not be on the bus route. On Sept. 6, we did a survey, 11 students said yes they would ride the bus, some others said they were interested. Parkway Apts. also has students that would ride the bus. Please reconsider the hardships on students wanting to ride the bus.

Senator Brandt-How many students that live in your apartments have cars?

Ms. Coughenour-Most of them do have cars, but many times they may not start or they do not want to drive.

Senator Weigold-Does providing the availability of the bus improves marketability of your apartments?

Ms. Coughenour- Absolutely

Senator Bergstrom-How do they currently get to MSU? What is the closest bus stop?

Ms. Coughenour – Many drive now and the closest bus stop is about 4 blocks away.

Senator Ibisch – Is this an action taken by the students or administration?

Ms. Coughenour – I am not sure, we would just like to have this reconsidered.

Mark Kump- I live on Rita Rd. At the beginning of the year I called the bus company and was told someone at the university made this decision. I do not understand why you would chop off a third of the route. It appears that someone at MSU has made a decision without input. I don’t understand why.

Vice President Copic-Do you own a parking lot close to campus?

Ms. Coughenour- Yes. Students can park at Highland Hills visitor lot.

Approval of Minutes 9/29 Minutes stand approved.

Officer Reports

President Shahzad Anwer

We will have someone from ITS here next week regarding print rates. We will have questions answered next week. Last Thursday we had the Minnesota State hearing. I would like support from many of you next Thursday when they decide if they want to support students. This is the only time we will have this opportunity. This is very important-we will leave at 12 and be back by 5:00PM. I met with Sam Holm this week. We talked about improvements in Chartwells, we talked about concerns from last year. Last year students said they were not treated well by Chartwells, there is favoritism etc. Students went in and discussed these issues, but there was not any follow-up.

Vice President Goga Copic

Bus system-first of all what happened this summer. The bus company did a survey and suggested changing the route because of the demographics. Last year we had a survey come before us of 600 signatures-only 4 passes were actually purchased. This should be given to the Student Affairs Committee and the bus representatives and David Cowan should be invited to give more information. Last week we passed a motion regarding Asian American Affairs-we need to have credibility by getting information and asking questions. We need information to vote. We did Lip Sync last night. It was cool. I am glad we participated. Thank you all for participating. There will be a parade on Friday-let’s walk in the parade.

Senator Cichy – What did you think of the other groups

Vice President Copic- I really liked In Sync.


Recognized Student Organizations:

African Student Association

Alpha Lambda Honor Society

Alpha Phi Sigma (Alpha Delta Chapter)

American Indian Student Association

AIGA Student Group

American Society of Civil Engineers Student Club

Association for Computing Machinery (MSU Chapter) or MSU ACM

The Beacon Lutheran Student Chapter

Campus Crusade for Christ

Campus Lutheran Chapel

Chi Alpha Campus Ministry

College Democrats

College Republicans

Corrections Club

Delta Sigma Pi

Democracy Matters

Early Childhood and Elementary Education Club

Education Minnesota Student Program

Eta Sigma Gamma

European Student Association (ESA)

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Finance Club

Food and Nutrition Club

Gamma Phi Beta Sorority

German Club

Golden Key International Honor Society

Human Resource and General Management Club

Hsing Sun Kung Fu Club

Interior Design Student Association

International Business Organization

International Student Association

Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF)

Japan Intercultural Association

Korean Students Association

Lambda Chi Alpha

Lambda Pi Eta

MSU Law Enforcement Club

Mankato Area Unix Group

Mankato Sport Bike Association

Maranatha Christian Fellowship

Math Club

Men Against Rape

Men’s Club Hockey

Men’s Club Rugby

Men’s Lacrosse Club

Mud Works

Music Industry Club

Muslim Students’ Association

NSSLHA – National Student Speech Language Hearing Association

Paintball Club

Pakistan Student Association

MSU Pan-Hellenic Association

P.R.O. Choice (People for Reproductive Options and Choice)

Phi Delta Theta

Phi Kappa Psi

Pre-Law Society

Minnesota State University, Mankato Pre-Medicine Club

Psi Chi – The National Honor Society in Psychology

Public Relations Student Society of America, MSU, Mankato Chapter

Society for Technical Communication

Society for Professional Journalists


Shotokan Karate Club

Speech Communication Club


The Student Resistance

Tau Kappa Epsilon

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Initial Recognition – Psychology Club, Public Relations – Mankato Chapter

Correspondence: Christopher Kennedy, report on types of cases during the month of Sept. Landlord tenant is still the largest; we can look at establishing the Tenant Association again.

Office hours – Senators you need to do 2 hours per week of office hours or do something pertaining to your constituency. You are also required to give 3 reports per semester. The sign up is on my door.

Senator Reports

Social & Behavioral Science – Taku Kurashige

I want support from you for the Speaker we are hosting: Tom Maertens speaking on Terrorism & Iraq at Old Main Village Saturday, Oct. 9 6:00 P.M. Come to one fundraising event to help raise money for scholarships.

Senator Omar – Is he going to be talking about elections or terrorism?

Senator Kurashige – I don’t think he will talk about everything from last year but probably elections.

Committee Reports

SAC- Megan Brandt, Co-Chair

Many of you do not know about SAC- we allocate fees, we distribute money throughout the year requested by RSO’s. Campus Rec. is different than RSO’s or Intercollegiate Athletics. We need a policy for Campus Rec. How do you feel about this?

Senator Kurashige – What has the policy been?

Megan Brandt – This has been a grey area.

Senator Kurashige – How much work have you done on this?

Megan Brandt – We just started talking about this. We are trying to be fair; it is hard to set a certain dollar amount.

Senator Bergstrom – Has anyone complained about this not being fair?

Megan Brandt – Yes, we just want to be fair and work this out before they come.

Senator Cichy – Has there been a rule of how club sports have been allocated over the years. Over the past few years-what are they requesting?

Mike Hodapp – Paintball requested about $4,400 dollars but students still paid a significant amount. There are really three different groups: Intercollegiate Athletics, Sport Clubs, and RSO’s. Very rarely are they funded more than half the costs. Campus Rec. sports have to put in a lot of their own money.

Senator Weigold – Should we have policies in place before we start recommending?

Megan – We should have policies in place and have a straight across the board decision.

Senator Weigold – Is there a dollar figure SAC is looking at?

Megan – We are struggling with the dollar amount.

SAC Recommendation #10-6-04 A

Sac recommends funding Intercollegiate Athletics $13,500.00 for the Women’s Bowling Team.

Kevin Buisman – Athletic Director

We appreciate the support of the committee making this recommendation. Many of you are aware of the athletic review process last year regarding elimination of men’s sport programs, or work on the other side of the equation. We did not want to come back to the senate and ask for additional funds. We added Women’s Intercollegiate Bowling – this was cost effective, there was already a club sport.

Megan Brandt – When was this decision made?

Kevin Buisman – This decision was made late in the game, in June. The bowling instructor had experience with this. We now have 7 women on the roster. The target goal is 15; we hope to achieve that next year.

Senator Bartley – Do the women have money currently?

Mr. Buisman – We were going to come before senate for seed money. We are excited that SAC did approve this. We are going to take here and there from other programs.

Senator Fishman – What other schools have this?

Athletic Director Buisman – Bowling just held their National Championship – it previously was labeled emerging status, but has now gone sport. It is continuing to grow. Nebraska recently won a national championship. The competition is spread out but St. Cloud and USD are looking at adding this sport. SAC did support this as a solution for the title IX program.

Motion passes unanimously

Senator Weigold

Move to suspend the rules for a non-student to speak.

Ron Kibble – I am running for District 3 County Commissioner. (non partisan) I arrived here 30 years ago. My son attended here and played football, my daughter got her masters here. I am running on the pedestrian and safety problem. Mankato is the jewel of southern MN. Over the years counties bicker over the roads. It is time now that we put in some walkways etc. Another issue of mine is the Meth problem we are facing- it is terrifying – it is a deadly drug. MN is a prime target. There are 43,000 recipes on the net now. Once you take it you are affected for life. I would like to start a TIP program – Turn In Poachers. We need to fund and defeat this. It is a deadly disease. Mankato is an important part of my life. I also want to work with law enforcement. Usually aggression breeds aggression – there should be a look at warning tickets etc. I would try to work on this. Most 18, 19 year old students do things they regret later; a warning might be significant for many.

Senator Ibisch – What is your role in doing things?

Mr. Kibble – There are two people running for District 3. This district encompasses the campus. If you look at my background I am in sales, I have experience on the board. I think I could convince other commissioners to come here and spend some money. We keep walking around the issue, but since University Square, it is worse. My job would be to convince other commissioners, this is not the state responsibility. We have 62 million dollars sitting we need to spend that to provide safety. I think I could get the job done.

Senator Thomsen – Have you thought about preventative programs regarding the Meth issue?

Mr. Kibble – Absolutely – I am thinking of maybe 2 million dollars could provide training and get us down into 5-6th grade. Meth is a bigger threat than the terrorist threats. Where ever we are from we need to get after this now. My plank is for safety on this campus and Meth. I appreciate being here. It is amazing that commissioners have not been here and requested information and gotten feedback from you in the past.


Senator Cichy – Coronation & Pep fest tonight, Friday, Parade.

Ruth Nieto – Friendship Night – Sunday, 6:00 Ballroom.

Senator Weigold – Go to Yu’s tonight

Senator Bartley – Tomorrow National Young Women Day of Action. We need to take advantage of the fact that we can vote. SAGE/LGBT – gender drag show, history etc.

Senator Cichy – Food drive tomorrow.

Roll Call


Derek Ritchison, Katie Kendhammer, Megan Brandt, Irfan Bangash, Jennifer McGuffey, Melissa Bartley, Mohammed Omar, Adam Weigold, Shuaib Ibrahim, Taku Kurashige, Thomas Bergstrom, Tim Ibisch, Megan Karsten, Emily Kofoed, Jessica Cichy, Kristopher Lee, Jacly Fishman, Jason Casey, Danielle Thomsen, Waqas Jamshed, Jesse Clift, Matthew Wangerin, Joe Mikolai

Senators Absent

Trevor Fleck


Speaker Kail Decker

President Shahzad Anwer

Vice-President Goga Copic

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 5:42 P.M.