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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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72nd Senate Meeting called to order by Speaker Kail Decker

Roll Call (present-absent-proxy-excused)

Senators Present

Derek Ritchison 13-0-0, Katie Kendhammer 9-0-0, Megan Brandt 11-0-0-2, Irfan Bangash 9-0-0, Khumar Raza 4-1-0, Jennifer McGuffey 13-0-0, Melissa Bartley 7-2-0, Desiree Rowe 2-1-0, Mohammed Omar 12-1-0, Adam Weigold 13-0-0, Shuaib Ibrahim 13-0-0, Trevor Fleck 10-3-0, Taku Kurashige 13-0-0, Thomas Bergstrom 13-0-0, Michael Bruner 3-0-0, Tim Ibisch 13-0-0, Megan Karsten 8-1-0 , Emily Kofoed 12-1-0, Jessica Cichy 12-0-0-1, Kristopher Lee 9-0-0, Jacly Fishman 7-2-0 Jason Casey 8-1-0, Danielle Thomsen 12-1-0, Jesse Clift 13-0-0, Matthew Wangerin 13-0-0, Joe Mikolai 9-0-0

Senators Absent

Elizabeth Lange 9-3-0-1

Executive Staff Present

President Anwer, Vice President Copic

Approval of Agenda Approved with addition of Presentation-Justin Bruhn, MSUSA Assistant Director of Campus Relations, change Senator Brandt from Academic Affairs to Senator Reports, remove Chair Ibisch from Committee Reports, addition of Senator Ritchison and Senator Khumar to Senator Reports


Senator John Hottinger-Budget Forecast

I have served for 14 years as Minnesota State Senator. The legislators want to hear from students as the things we do affect students. I want to know what affects the university, the problems you are having and what we can do in legislation. Students are valuable. Tuition has gone up about 40% in last three years. Higher Ed obviously has not been doing well in the last 6 years. With our deficit we could see more cuts to financial aid dollars and more tuition increases. Students need to be engaged in this effort. You don’t need to solicit John Dorn and myself because we are working for you, but you do need to be contacting other legislators and letting them know how you feel so that they know

we have your support when we are working on these issues. Another issue is the distribution of financial aid-public and private and the importance of this to this institution. The House has said they will not role back taxes, I believe the Senate will not either. If there is a million dollar deficit I will be purposing a tax increase. I am not sure of the level of support I will get even from the Democrats. Health care, early childhood, this all impacts your lives, you need to take an active role now.

Randy Domstrand, MSU Bridge Project

We are here to discuss the possibility of bridges or tunnels on campus to help students safety.

We would like to see a bridge from the parking lot to Taylor Center and also from Gage across the street. Both intersections are dangerous. Our goal is to get students away from traffic. The packets we have available today include plans already suggested, these plans were heavily researched. We have 391 signatures calling for the construction of the bridges. MSU is installing stoplights, we do not feel this will solve the problem. We feel this Bridge project is a legitimate suggestion. Why would you contend with traffic if you did not have to? Traffic lights will control traffic but not students. We conducted a survey which I have the summary of, 87% of survey agreed with bridge, 74% with tunnels, 78% with traffic lights. Our hope is to gain support of student senate and to obtain suggestions from senate on how to proceed.

President Anwer-What prompted you to do all this work?

Mr. Domstrand-This has been a lot of work. Interest was a class project and then it snowballed

and took off. We have had people visiting our web site. The group would like to get a commitment

from the university to build a bridge.

Senator Ritchison-Have you talked to the county commissioner?

Mr. Domstrand-We talked to Ron Kibble and he was very aggressive on this issue. Since the election

we have not contacted Katie Wortel-we would like to attend a County Commissioner meeting.

Senator Mikolai-When was the survey done?

Mr. Domstrand-Over the fall, about 25 people responded.

Senator Bartley-Have you considered speed bumps on Stadium Road?

Mr. Domstrand-No, we were told that maybe Stadium Road could be looked at to bypass.

Justin Bruhn,-MSUSA Director of Campus Relations

How has tuition increases affected you? MSUSA is organizing efforts to put pressure on House & Senate. We are looking for interns to help with campaign. We have to stand up to this. We have to go for this tuition freeze, it has been way too much. We need to organize around this. If you do an internship you would be eligible for the Penny Fellowship Scholarship. The deadline for the Penny Fellowship has been pushed back to December 1.

Senator Omar-What are your plans for these forms we will be filling out?

Mr. Bruhn-We will be sending them to your senators and putting them on the web site.


Off-Campus Senator- Karl Mertens, Crystal Borchardt, Rob Wills, Jenna Covey, Patrick Waletzko, Paul Bord

Karl Mertens-I am a third year student, I was in government SCTC, Riverbend Academy. I went to

Washington with SCTC government. I live off-campus but not in a large complex. I am willing to

put my energy into helping in any way I can.

Crystal Borchardt-I live in the Glenwood Apartments. I have been involved in RHA, Campus Rec.

I want this position because I want to be involved and make a difference.

Rob Wills-I live in Highland, I am a Marketing major. I am here because I want to make a difference,

I want to work on class size in the College of Business.

Jenna Covey-Sociology major. I am involved in Democracy Matters, Sec. of Sociology club. I live off-campus. I want to work on improving communications between students and groups on campus.

Patrick Waletzko-I am a graduate student. I was a part of the student government at Bemidji State,

Senator, Vice President & President. I have worked with MSUSA. I served as an Assistant Coordinator of Residential Life. I want to work with the legislators as Senator Hottinger said, students want to know where their money goes. I also want to let other students know what opportunities do exist for Off-Campus students.

Paul Bord-I am a graduate student in Education. I feel I am in a unique situation, I am a grad

student but not a very old student, I am involved in Forensics, I tutor Spanish. I feel that I have

the ability to voice problems to Student Senate.

Vice President Copic-What is the biggest issue students are facing on campus?

Ms. Borchardt-I feel one of biggest issues is tuition. We have had a 40% increase. We don’t have a lot of money. This is a big problem in my family.

Mr. Wills-I feel tuition is important because it affects everyone here. I also have a brother and a sister

in college. It is important for us to get jobs and loans. Registration is also a problem, sections are small and students are having a hard time getting what they need.

Ms. Covey-I feel tuition is also the biggest issue, schools need to work with the legislators. Also students want their voices heard. We need other avenues for voicing opinions than the Reporter.

Mr. Waletzko-Tuition is important but accountability is also a factor. Students need to know what they are paying for and how it is implemented. Communication is important so students know about

their fees and how their money is spent.

Mr. Bord-Tuition is important, but also communication within departments. Students feel they

have problems in departments and they need to know they have a voice.

Mr. Mertens-Communication within departments and with professors. We need more dialogue.

Senator Khumar-What plans do you have and what issues do you stand on and how do you plan to

implement these plans?

Mr. Wills-Class size, I have already made suggestions to the College of Business Dean, we also need stricter guidelines for getting admitted into the program. We need to hire more staff so students can graduate on time.

Ms. Covey-Communication-we need to bring students together to express opinions not only in


Mr. Waletzko-I think the biggest thing would be again communication on what we are paying in

fees. As off-campus, communicating with off-campus students, engaging them more. Res Hall

students do have more opportunity for that.

Mr. Bord-The issues I have are communication. Off-Campus students have expectation problems

whether grad or under grad, also there is a sense of community lacking with off-campus students.

Mr. Mertens-Class size, academic repercussions. Graduating on time because of required classes.

I also want to work on getting antibacterial soap.

Ms. Borchardt-We need to bring in some outside voices.

Vice President Copic-Regardless of the results today would you be willing to work in other

positions we have to offer?

Ms. Covey-Yes, I would like to work with senate, I am not familiar with your other positions.

Mr. Waletzko-I would certainly like to offer anything I can to help.

Mr. Bord-I feel that I could bring in a voice from out state and in state.

Mr. Mertens-I am already serving on the Accreditation Committee. I would have time to be


Ms. Borchardt-I did not know there was an Undeclared position available, I would like to be involved

in any way that I can.

Mr. Wills-Being President of Marketing Club I need to be involved in other organizations.

Closing Statements:

Mr. Waletzko-I would like the opportunity to serve as a senator. I can bring experience, knowledge of the system, how the organization works, state level and all around bureaucracy. That is what students struggle with. I want to focus on the year ahead. Goal is try to find out what is going on.

Mr. Bord-Thank you, off-campus includes community of Mankato but also students studying

away from campus. They feel they have no voice. I could lend my voice to them. I am also a voice

to alumni, parents and the community as well.

Mr. Mertens-I thank you for the opportunity. I would look forward to working with the senate

Ms. Borchardt-Thanks for letting me come and I am willing to give my time to this position.

Mr. Wills-College of Business-I do know a lot of people, I have done radio broadcasting, experience

in dealing with many kinds of people. I am willing to do what ever I can to do something

constructive for the university.

Ms. Covey-I would like to be the off-campus senator.


Elected Off-Campus Senator-Rob Wills

Approval of Minutes 11-10-04 Minutes stand approved

Officer Reports

President Shahzad Anwer

Appointments: Legislative Affairs-Michael Bruner, Public Discourse Policy-Elizabeth Shaley

Diversity Commission-Desiree Rowe, International Task Force-Gordana Copic

Chartwells contract is coming up this year. I have had conversations with the Vice President of Student Affairs and Mr. Morris bout RFP’s. We need to go to RHA and see if they would like to add something to the RHP. Dire of Res Life Cindy Janney is working on the RFP. I will have Senator Weigold work on language regarding treatment of students, hiring, firing. This proposal is the only

binding contract. If you know of something we should put in this proposal, lets do it. We need to focus on this. Hopefully, companies are contacted and we have more than one or two bids.

Senator Brandt-Have you heard back from the administration on the Priority Registration recommendation?

President Anwer-Not at this time.

Senator Bartley-Who did you say we should contact about the RFP Proposal?

President Anwer-Henry Morris, Cindy Janney

Senator Kurashige-Regarding the miss quotes in the Reporter last week on Priority Registration, did you have any results when you went to the Reporter?

President Anwer-I did not talk to Tanner but Senator Casey did a very good job of writing to the Reporter. That is what you should do as a senator.

Vice President Goga Copic

Congratulations to Robb. The last Wed meeting, Dec 8. is the potluck.

Senator Fishman-Do we have a meeting next week?

Vice President Copic-No we do not.

Speaker Kail Decker

Recognized Student Organizations: American Indian Student Association, Social Work Club

Committee Reports

SAC-Co-Chair Megan Brandt

Last week we had a presentation from Deidre from the Women’s Center. They are requesting a full-time position of Sexual Assault Coordinator. Last year we recommended that this position be funded from M&E dollars not student fees. This year SAC has said that the general consensus is that we do not want to fund any new positions at this time.

Senator Reports

College of Graduate Studies-Melissa Bartley

I have been trying to get the College of Graduate Studies to create a list serve so that we can get

in touch with other graduate students in other colleges. I spoke with the Dean and they are going

to try to create something. Through that I have also tried to send out information to other grad students to let them know who I am and that I am their senator if they have issues.

I am on the Free Speech Committee. We are working on a variety of issues, new policy and how to implement this.

I also have a concern that I have heard voiced from other students that you have to get a new Mav Card and sign up with TCF. I don’t understand why I have to open a bank account and then check to have it closed.

College of Business-Megan Brandt

College of Business majors are invited to the Chamber of Commerce Dinner tomorrow night, we need people to attend this.

Like all students in the College of Business I was frustrated because I did not know if I would get my classes. I let Corrine Dickey know about this, I let her secretary know. All College of Business students are having this problem of not knowing when classes are being offered and if they will even get into them. We discussed maybe having a block of classes like the College of Education does. Then you would know when classes are offered and when you will graduate.

In Academic Affairs Committee we discussed the Intellectual Property and Copyright Protection proposal. We will need to make a recommendation on this and forward it to Dr. Sandman.

Allied Health & Nursing -Derek Ritchison

This past week many faculty received emails from More Books, Inc. This company sends textbook

buyers to campuses in an attempt to buy recent and current editions of books that are no longer being used. This violates certain ethical standards and the contract with our on-campus bookstore, Barnes & Noble. MSU does not welcome this intrusion and many see it as solicitation. Also, the sale of certain “complimentary” or “not for resale” books could be seen as a source of unrecorded revenue or a benefit separate from the negotiated collective bargaining unit agreement we have with the Faculty Association. This has also become an issue with security, as they may be asked to escort vendors off campus, should they still choose to show up.

College of Business-Khumar Raza

College of Business is having problems with registration, by next semester we hope we can work on

this problem, we need to have a forum. I am hoping to have a forum that includes all colleges

where we can ask questions. This will help us by asking all the Deans and professors questions. I am taking a Finance course that has an open book test, I like this idea. If we can do something about this and have similar exams for 400 level courses it would help all students. Next semester I might have a College of Business forum on buying software also, we can not get our money back after we use this once and it is expensive.

Proposed Amendment to the MSSA Bylaws Senator Weigold/Thomsen

Move to consider this Amendment at the next scheduled Senate meeting

Article XI

Senate Platform Document

Section 1

The Senate Platform Document shall be established and shall include (but not limited too) all Senate resolutions subsequent to the passage of this article, and the dates on which they were voted upon. This document shall be considered as the de facto document for determining the stance on an issue, if nay, the association has.

Section 2

The Speaker of the Senate shall be responsible for compiling, organizing, rectifying contradictions

(by making new amendments supersede old language), and updating this document before the next regularly scheduled Senate meeting after amendments to the document have been initiated.

Section 3

Amendments to the Senate Platform Document shall automatically be initiated by a simple majority vote of any Senate resolution; however an amendment may be initiated at any time by a simple majority vote. After the Speaker of the Senate has compiled an updated copy of this document with the initiated amendment, the amendment will be approved, not withstanding of the Senate, at the following regularly scheduled Senate meeting.

Senator Weigold-The amendment says it all and I have explained it.

Senator Thomsen-I think it would be good to have something tangible. Adam and I don’t agree on much so this must be pretty important.

President Anwer-This is creating a platform.

Motion passes

Roll Call

Senators Present

Derek Ritchison, Megan Brandt, Irfan Bangash, Khumar Raza, Jennifer McGuffey, Desiree Rose, Melissa Bartley, Adam Weigold, Shuaib Ibrahim, Taku Kurashige, Michael Bruner, Megan Karsten, Emily Kofoed, Kristopher Lee, Jacly Fishman, Jason Casey, Danielle Thomsen, Rob Wills, Joe Mikolai,

Senators Absent

Katie Kendhammer, Elizabeth Lange, Mohammed Omar, Trevor Fleck, Thomas Bergstrom, Tim Ibisch, Jessica Cichy, Jesse Clift, Matthew Wangerin

Executive Staff Present

President Anwer, Vice President Copic

Adjournment Meeting adjourned at 6:27 P.M.