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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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73rd MSSA Senate

February 1, 2006

Meeting called to order by Speaker Gabe Afolayan

Roll Call (present-absent-proxy-excused)

Elizabeth Zika 17-0-0,  James Dye 16-0-0-1, Kevin Bender 16-1-0, Brandon Ross 15-1-1, Jenna Ault 17-0-0 Melissa Turner 17-0-0, Kristeen Giese 10-0-0,  Ofunseye Ogunseye 14-3-0, Christopher Frederick 16-1-0, Lisa Darvell 16-1-0, Josh Peterson 14-2-0, Marianne Reilly 7-0-0,  Sarah McLaughlin 10-4-0-3, Maria Schweer 9-3-0, Omolayo Ogunnowo 11-1-0, Shannon Woods 15-0-0-2, Eric Christensen 9-0-0, Jessica Cichy 15-2-0, Matthew Ward 14-2-1, Jeff Brand 9-0-1,  Jared Jackson 17-0-0, Ian Boyd 12-0-0, Philip Wyngarden 1-0-0, Ryan Anderson 7-0-0

President Rob Wills 15-1-0-1, Vice President Mike Bruner11-0-0

 Open Forum

Dave Bottin-Last week several senators left the meeting early, you should not be doing that with budgets and presentations coming up.  You need to be thinking about that.  You already raised our fees by $2.00 when you passed the Student Union budget last week. Also it was mentioned in the Campus Rec presentation last week that MSU ranked 4th in Minnesota State in tuition.  With the addition of tuition and campus rec proposal we would be paying more.  In reference to this money you need to have things explained.  It is important that you investigate things.  Sports will never get 100% participation.  Currently there are no intramurals for person of disabilities.  26% of non trads do not have time to use that facility.  They are trying to get the “look good” syndrome going around.  Talk to people and get their feelings.

Approval of Agenda  Add Senator Cichy to senator reports. Add to Presentation -Kyle Struck w/Julia Miller


Julia Miller/Kyle Struck-MSUSA Campus Relations

We are currently working on the Textbook and Caucus Campaign.  Tuition is going up and aid is going down.  The best way to help is to participate in precinct caucus.  MSUSA is having a caucus campaign.  We will be doing tabling.  We will also hold a caucus campaign training the week before the caucus, which is Tuesday March 7.  . 

Textbook campaign.  We are working with the State Legislature to investigate the costs of publishers.  We are collecting stories from students on how expensive they are and how it affects students.  We are looking at an on-line book swap.  This is going to be on going. 

Kyle Struck-I am the Campus Rep for MSUSA from Mankato.  I enjoy the state student association and the conferences.  The way a delegation is represented is proportionate to the college.  We have 10 spots available.

We have only had four delegates at the most.  We lose out on votes and direct impact.  We need to think about these things and about being more active.  $2.00 of our fees goes to MSUSA.  MSUSA is sending delegates to

Washington DC to lobby at the federal level in March.

Senator Jackson-Can any student go?

Kyle Struck-Anyone can go, but it is important people go that want to lobby federal legislation.

Senator Bender-I think it is $5.00 that we spend on MSUSA.

Senator Giese-Where does this funding come from?

Julia Miller-MSUSA budgets for this.

Vice President Bruner-What is the deadline for the DC trip?

Kyle Struck-We have until next week.

President Wills-Who decides who gets to go?

Julia Miller-That is up to the individual campus.

Senator Giese-What are the exact dates?

Julia Miller-March 9-15.

Approval of Minutes   1-25-05 Minutes  Minutes stand approved

Elections- Allied Health & Nursing, Gage A (next week SET & Arts & Humanities)

Allied Health & Nursing-Laura Rofshus, Mercy Wariari

Ms. Rofshus-I transferred from Iowa State.  I was an officer in student government at Iowa State.  I ran

for McElroy Hall in the fall.  I worked on representation at Iowa..

Ms. Wariari-Sophomore.  I transferred from Winona.  I have not been involved.  I am hoping to be able to participate. 

Senator Jackson-What in your opinion would make the College of Allied Health & Nursing better?

Ms. Rofshus-If they could offer more sections.  More of a computer lab for the college would help.

Ms. Wariari-Nursing students have to work hard. For Nursing there is only one advisor for all the students. 

She is busy, everyone wants to see her.  She never gets to know us or give advice.

Vice President Bruner-You heard during open forum that senators need to be here, can you commit all night on Wed. night if it comes to it?

Ms. Wariari---Yes but not tonight.  If I were elected, yes.

Ms. Rofshus-I am dedicated to staying to get what ever done.

Senator Bender-You are both transfer students, why MSU?

Ms. Rofshus-I was an  Arts major but I realized I wanted Parks & Rec.  MSU has a good program.

Ms. Wariari-It was family reasons,

Senator Zika-How do you plan on getting in touch with your constituents?

Ms. Wariari-I would talk to the advisor and get in touch with students in my classes.

Ms. Rofshus-Going to classes and getting your self known. 

Senator Cichy-What do you feel a senator does?

Ms. Rofshus-They are a person that people can go to because you represent them and you can bring

issues to them.

Ms. Wariari-Bridge between classes and department and the school.

Ms. Wariari-Thank you and I am glad to be here.

Ms. Rofshus-Thanks for this, I would really like to be on senate.

President Wills-Move to caucus for a period of 10 minutes.

President Wills-What is your passion?

Ms. Rofshus-I have been to several conferences.  A better bus system.  The bus system needs to be revamped.

Ms. Wariari-Housing, rent is very high.  Students are paying so much and then they have to pay high rent.

Senator Giese-Can you give us more information on how you would represent your constituents?

How would you try to step out of your personal area?

Ms. Wariari-Allied Health-maybe I would try to interact would Allied Health students and get email addresses

and see what issues student have.

Ms. Rofshus-Talk to advisors and find out problems and what issues are.

Senator Brand-In the time that you have been here, what have you done in leadership roles?

Ms. Rofshus-I have gotten involved in other organizations-CR, volunteering, Y, Senior Center and other community activities.

Ms.Wariari-African Student Assoc.  I am involved as the public relations officer.  I help people. I started a bible study in my house.

Vice President Bruner-I am sure you are aware of the Athletic proposal, our mission states that we try to keep student fees at the rate of inflation. Do you support this?

Ms. Rofshus-I do, athletics are athletics, there is already a big bundle being spent.

Ms. Wariari-Life is not just about athletics.

President Wills-Character, speak about you, give one word to describe yourself.

Ms. Wariari-People lover-I like making people better, I like to help people.  I build my life on that.

Ms. Rofshus-Approachable-people come to me and ask me things.

Senator Cichy-If you were a kitchen appliance, what would you be?

Ms. Rofshus-Blender

Ms. Wariari-Stove

Ms. Wariari-It cooks and adds life, as senator things are being affected and making things edible.

Ms. Rofshus It brings things together and mixes things so they are good.

Senator Woods-What is one negative characteristic about yourself?

Ms. Rofshus-I am a procrastinator, but I will get things done.

Ms. Wariari-I am too much of an organizer I like to get things done and get them done right. 

Senator Bender-If you were to take the bus in town, where would you take it-mall, hockey, library, downtown?

Ms. Rofshus-Mall


Senator Woods-How many people are you personally in contact with in your major?

Ms Rofshus-All the people in my classes.

Ms. Wariari-In the Nursing major only about 20.

Vice President Burner-Call the vote

Vice President Bruner-Move to suspend the election until next week.


Officer Reports

President Rob Wills

HLC Visit next week.  Open session 3:00 Tuesday, Feb. 7. CSU Ballroom.  The Higher Ed Commission will evaluate MSU on mission and integrity; preparing for the future; student learning and effective teaching;

acquisition, discovery and application of knowledge; and engagement and service..  The self study is on the MSU home page, and click on "accreditation self study.

I met with Dean Trauger this morning.  He said 57-58% of state funding is now paid by students through tuition. That is why is important for us to have students work on the budget.  Read the budget documents and ask questions.  They are not against talking about cost effective methods of cutting things from the budget.  Vice President Bruner is on Budget Sub Meet & Confer, you can ask him questions.  We will also be discussing the student pay raise soon.

Hockey game this weekend-we have the suite.  You need a ticket so talk to me.

Appointments;   Bookstore Advisory-Jason Casey, Legislative Affairs-Andrew Bittner

Senator Dye-HLC, what time again?

President Wills- Monday, Feb. 6. CSU 201 3:00. PM.  Tuesday, Feb 7 Ballroom.

Senator Giese-Tuition-students are paying 57-58 percent?  We heard that in 1980 the state paid 80%.

Will there be a drop in that?

President Wills-That is why we need a more efficient budget.

Senator Giese-Is there going to be a portion of that in legislation so that students are not paying more and more.

President Wills-That is why we have legislative affairs to work on that.


Vice President Bruner

MSUSA-is the organization that represents us and the state schools that lobby the legislature.  . Lastweek a bill of rights failed because we did not have representation.  Also a motion on the Minnesota State bonding projects passed.  I questioned community college support, again delegates felt we should go along with Minnesota State.  Regarding the lobby trip, President Wills decides who goes, and it is confirmed by the senate.

Again the Bill of Rights is crucial but we did not have representation at the MSUSA Conference for support. 

In regard to the MSSA Web site-I have only received a few sheets on your information for the web site.  The web site is getting current.

President Wills-Can you explain the Academic Bill of Rights?

Vice President Bruner-Generic, students have the right to be graded without bias, students have the right to let their views be heard in the classroom. This is so important but MSUSA delegates disagreed.

President Wills-What is happening on this campus in regard to this?

Vice President Bruner-I am working  on this on our campus, I was hoping MSUSA would support the Bill of Rights, but since they did not we are at square one with our document.  I hope at some point MSUSA will support this.

Senator Giese-You talked about the web site, was it changed today?

Vice President Bruner-Yes, changes have been made.  Senators name are now on the site.

Senator VanWyngarden-How is the technology committee going?

Vice President Bruner-We are getting help from the university and we have hired a new person.

The committee has not met, if anyone else wants on that, please let me know.


Initial Recognition:  Phi Alpha:  National Social Work Honor Society, Minnesota Christian Educators Network

Regarding writing letters to the school newspaper, while it is acceptable to write letters, make sure your ideas are not representing the senate with out their backing it or without an official motion. 

Vice President Bruner-The letter you are talking about to the Reporter-what was out of order about it?

Speaker-It was not backed by an official motion.  It stated, “Every student should know our student government

does not support”….this sends a message to students that we may not be supporting this.

      Committee Reports

SAC-James Dye

SAC M#01.30.06  MSU Circle K

Student Allocations Committee recommends allocating up to $200.00 to MSU Circle K to

attend the K.Family Holiday Extravaganza in Fargo, ND.

SAC M#01.30.06 Graduate Student Association

Student allocations Committee recommends allocating up to $450.00 to I.O.O.B. Grad Student Association to attend the Industrial Organizational Psychology/Organizational Behavior Graduate Student Conference in Fairfax, Virginia.

Senator Christensen-What Holiday are they going for?

Senator Dye-It does not say what holiday, I do not think it is a holiday but an event.

President Wills-What is Circle K?

Senator Dye-A community service organization.

Senator Brand-If you don’t know what they do should be a reason you don't allocate funding for them.

President Wills-These requests are posted in the office and you can ask questions of Mr. Hodapp.

Senator Dye-It says the event is to learn more about the organization and how to run the organization.  This is an RSO so they are eligible for the funding.

Motions pass

Coordinator Reports

Kevin Bender-Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs met today and discussed old policies.  Senator Giese will be chair. We discussed

policies on the books currently and we will be forwarding actions to Dr. Sandman. 

Senator Reports

College of Business-James Dye-Last semester I talked about Ruckus and MP3.  Ruckus  now has a new proposal, more cost effective and more realistic.  The University would pay an annual fee of $10,000.  This fee allows students on campus to download free, off-campus fee is $10.00 per semester.  The university can also purchase their own hardware, Ruckus would maintain it for free.  The catch is that they would waive the

fee if we could get 3,000 users in the first month, this is for the first year only.  This could be

discussed as part of the technology fee.  There are various options if students did want this.

Senator Brand-$10,000 annual fee-could we cancel if we did not like it?

Senator Dye-It is a yearly contract.

Vice President Bruner-Most students have I Pods, this is great for students that use laptops

Senator Dye-If it is what the students want. Many students are already downloading.

Senator Ogunseye-Does this mean that you can down load just in dorms? 

Senator Dye-No,  it means you could download if you had your lap top on campus.

Vice President Bruner-Would it be Mav network?

Senator Dye-Yes

Senator Ogunseye-Wouldn’t that tie up the bandwidth?

Senator Dye-The school does have the capability.  I don’t think it would be a huge difference, students are doing it now in classes.

Senator Giese-Is is possible to do a survey to find out if students do want this.

Vice President Bruner-A campus surveyis going out next week.  Zoomerang will be doing this and

there is a question about Ruckus on the survey.

Vice President Bruner-Many topics are covered by the survey, one is on on- line music.

Senator Ogunseye-Is downloading a problem on this campus?

Senator Dye-We have not talked much about this at Tech Roundtable, it is a slight problem as it

uses campus bandwidth.

President Wills-When does Technology Roundtable meet?

Senator Dye-Thursday at 2:00.  There are two technology committees, the university and the student

roundtable that helps set the technology fee.

Off-Campus- Jessica Cichy-You received some emails from me over break regarding Housing Fairs-Lauren Long is heading this up.  Student Affairs talked about the Campus Rec/Athletic proposal.  Have faith in us. We are working on this.  If you write a letter to the Reporter don’t speak for the student association.  Try not to say how you are going to vote. 

Vice President Bruner-If constituents tell them how to vote why should they keep up a façade?

Senator Cichy-People recognize you and it reflects back on you and the senate.

Vice President Bruner-Why again should they not express their opinion on how they are gong to vote?

Senator Cichy-We need to be open-minded.

Senator Reilly-I think people need enticement and they should know how we think.

Senator Frederick-Do you feel that is your opinion?

Senator Cichy-You can voice things, it is just etiquette to not write to the Reporter speaking for the senate .

Senator Giese-Are you familiar with a senator etiquette or manual?

Senator Cichy-No, it is just how this has been passed down from previous senates.

President Wills-The constitution states you should be ethical.

Senator Giese-How is a person to know about this? 

Senator Cichy-We discuss things in senate and it is just protocol until motions have been passed.

Vice President Bruner-Discussion is for facts not airing opinion?

Senator Jackson-Are you upset that senators voiced their opinion?

Senator Cichy-We as a committee or senate  never passed a motion.  We can not say that because it does not reflect everyone's opinion.

Senator Brand-Ethics Commission should look at how senators sign reports and letters.

Senator Cichy-The article stated it was the opinion of the senate.

Senator Giese-Was that a direct quote or an interpretation.

Senator Cichy-It is directly quoted.

Senator Christensen-Was it signed by the senators or did the Reporter add that?

Senator Cichy-Irrelevant. Five people spoke for 35.

M#2-01-2006  Senator Brand/Senator Christensen

Movethat Ethics and Standards Commission look at the constitutionality of the letter to the MSU Reporter last Thursday, January 26 titled Proposal, Another Case of MSU’s Misguided Priorities.

Senator Brand-Some people feel one way and others another.  Let’s look to see if this is constitutional.

Senator Christensen-As a co-author of the letter, if someone thinks this is wrong great, throw it in front

of the Ethics Commission.  This came up after numerous people felt this way, even though there was not a motion.

President Wills-This is the authority of Ethics (the Commission on Ethics and Standards shall hear all complaints concerning the ethical behavior and or fitness of an elected or appointed official of the MSSA.) 

Speaker-Ruled out of order, this would have to be filled against individuals.  This would have to

be amended to include names.


Vice President Bruner-I stand by what I wrote, senators are being brought up on ethics

for voicing how they feel on athletics.

Senator Dye-Feb. 14.  Invisible Children, it is a heavy movie.  It is amazing. 

Senator Brand-Ground Hogs day tomorrow, will the ground hog see his shadow?

President Wills-Legislative Affairs members meet after the meeting tonight.  Also Hockey at 7:00 pm Saturday.

Senator Cichy-Hockey Saturday.

Vice President Bruner- Basketball this weekend. We are in first place, go support them.                                                     

Roll Call                                         

Senators Present

Elizabeth Zika, James Dye, Kevin Bender, Jenna Ault, Kristeen Giese, Seyi Ogunseye, Christopher Frederick,

Marianne Reilly, Andrew Bittner, Shannon Woods, Eric Christensen, Jessica Ann Cichy, Jeff Brand, Jered Jackson, Ian Boyd, Philip VanWyngarden, Ryan Anderson

Senators Absent

Brandon Ross, Melissa Turner, Lisa Darvell, Josh Peterson, Sarah McLaughlin, Maria Schweer, Omolayo Ogunnowo, Matthew Ward

Executive Staff Present

Rob Wills, Mike Bruner

Adjournment  Meeting adjourned at 6:30 P.M.