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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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73rd MSSA Senate

February 15, 2006

Meeting called to order by Speaker Gabe Afolayan

Roll Call (present-absent-proxy-excused)

Elizabeth Zika 19-0-0,  Mercey Wariari 1-0-0, Karen Rubbert 1-0-0, James Dye 18-0-0-1, Kevin Bender 18-1-0, Brandon Ross 17-1-1, Jenna Ault 18-1-0, Melissa Turner 19-0-0, Kristeen Giese 12-0-0,  Jessica Nelson 1-0-0, Ofunseye Ogunseye 15-3-0-1, Christopher Frederick 18-1-0, Lisa Darvell 18-1-0, Josh Peterson 16-2-0-1, Marianne Reilly 9-0-0,  Sarah McLaughlin 12-4-0-3, Omolayo Ogunnowo 12-2-0, Shannon Woods 17-0-0-2, Eric Christensen 11-0-0, Jessica Cichy 16-3-0, Matthew Ward 16-2-1, Jeff Brand 11-0-1,  Jared Jackson 19-0-0, Ian Boyd 13-0-0, Philip Wyngarden 3-0-0, Ryan Anderson 9-0-0, President Rob Wills 17-1-0-1, Vice President Mike Bruner 12-1-0

Open Forum

Kyle Struck-MSUSA Campus Coordinator-Thank you to those of you that showed interest in the DC

Summit.  The Cultural Diversity Conference is this weekend.  We need to try to continue to get

The April MSUSA Conference will be held at MSU April 28-30.  Try to attend. some of the events.  This is perfect timing for us to get students from our campus involved in student government.  We are continuing classroom talks on the Caucus Campaigns. 

Senator Giese-Can you repeat the dates of the April conference?

Ms. Struck-April 28-30

Senator Bender-Is this different than the March conference?

Ms. Struck-The conference in March is delegate's assembly where we elect new organizational leaders such

as State Chair, treasurer.  The ballot is open if you are interested in applying for any of these positions. 

Senator Ogunnowo-Can you tell me more about the Cultural Diversity Conference?

Ms. Struck-This is held at Bemidji State University, due to our lack of getting a delegation from our campus we do not have anyone attending.  We also have a Women's Conference coming up.  I will get you more information. I can forward you information on the CD Conference for the future.

Approval of Agenda  Agenda approved after correction of Part C-section 5 (Student Union Board)

Senator Ogunseye Report-(written report)

Approval of Minutes   2-8-05 Minutes  Minutes stand approved

Old Business

Elections- Gage A, Undeclared

            Ryan Flugaur- Gage A candidate- I have been involved in political activities for the past 3 years.  I am a freshman Political Science major.  I look forward to the opportunity of representing you.  I was also a legislative intern. 

Senator Jackson-What changes would you like to see made in the dorms?

            Mr. Flugaur-Things are overall pretty good.  I am frustrated with the amount of illegal drugs in the resident hall.

President Wills-Can you tell us one thing you would like to focus on?

Mr. Flugaur-I would like to make sure Gage A is represented on campus. 

Senator Bender-Where did you grow up?

Mr. Flugaur-Eagan

            Senator Boyd-Part of being a senator is working on other issues on campus also, what other campus issues are you interested in?

Mr. Flugaur-I am interested in Diversity.

Senator Giese-What kind of experience have you had with activities on campus?

            Mr. Flugaur-I just came from a committee that is discussing marriage, I also want to let people know of important speakers on campus. 

Senator Brand-How are you going to get involvement from other constituencies?

Mr. Flugaur-Go out and ask people their interests?  Part of my internship was asking people's opinions.  There

arepeople that want to talk about issues.

Senator Seyi-You stated you have concerns with illegal drugs in the dorms, is there really a problem?

            Mr. Flugaur-From my personal experience-we have had students smoking in the dorms.  The cops have been called in.  I am sure that applies other places on campus.

Senator Bittner-What other student organizations are you involved in?

Mr. Flugaur-College Republicans, as I just stated I came from an organization dealing with marriage issues

Senator Giese-Gage A-you can not control who your neighbors are, if residents do not agree can you represent

both sides of an issue?

Mr. Flugaur-Yes, absolutely, as a trustee or delegate it means you have to represent all issues and all side of

issues. I know there are issues and confrontations on my floor.  I welcome the opportunity to discuss issues.

Elected Ryan Flugaur-Gage A Senator

Senator Christensen-Move to caucus for ten minutes regarding senator report.

Vice President Bruner-Move to recess for 10 minutes

New Business

Officer Reports

President Rob Wills

In Washington DC last week we learned more about the Academic Bill of Rights-Students have the right to be treated fairly.  We can have people come here from Washington and talk to us about this.  In Minnesota State Board Policy  1B1,  I do not see anything that remotely talks about Academic Freedom. I think we as a senate should look at this or maybe we could discuss this in committee.  This benefits everyone.  Instructors should allow all issues and sides to be discussed in the classroom.  This would ultimately secure that right.  I have had people come to me even this morning about academic freedom issues.

Appointments: Constitution Commission-Katie Kendhammer, International Program Advisory-Jessica Nelson, Parking Advisory-Matt Moseley, Newspaper Committee- Karen Rubbert, Diversity Commission-Matt Ward,

Brandon Ross, DC Summit-Gabe Afolayan, AJ Bittner, Tim Ibisch, Rob Wills, Kristeen Giese, Marianne Riley, Chris Frederick, and Kyle Struck.

I met with Dr. Davenport yesterday, this was a follow-up on the Campus Rec proposal. He wants some

questions answered that would make the proposal better.  Questions: Do you support the university priority on Health & Wellness?  What outdoor facilities are lacking in need of expansion improvement?  Is an ice rink needed and wanted by students?  Should athletics share in the use of outdoor facilities and to what extent? Do students support year round outdoor functional facilities, such as bubble tennis courts and practice fields including the stadium?  Do you want more tennis courts and basketball courts, volleyball courts closer to the residence halls?  Are you interested in leasing the facilities to the city and the public schools in the local area?  Who is paying/financing and how much?  Will there be additional operational costs?  How soon should the new improvements/additions be started, assuming students support the plan?  How does this planning relate to the other university master plans?  Are there other recreational activities and sports students would like to see? We talked about how long it would take to complete the projects.    I do think this will be held off until next year. 

I still need students for the Student Technology Roundtable-we would like students from the College of Business and other areas.

Senator Brand-Are those questions that you mentioned for students?

President Wills-Yes

Senator Bender-Did Dr. Davenport mention parking in the proposal?

President Wills-No,

Senator Bender-Can you give us more information on the Tech Fee Committee?

President Wills- It will meet about six times and they will determine the student technology tech fee.

Vice President Bruner

MSUSA-The next conference is delegate's assembly, I need you to let me know who is going and you can not back out. We have 10 seats, the most other than St. Cloud.  We need to take our seats like other schools do.

Last week I went to a lot of budget meetings and Parking Advisory, the free lot has always been a

contention-every year it comes up that they want to pave it and make it an official lot.  They do not have

official plans this year to turn that into a paved lot.  The students have always taken the position that we do not want that to be a pay lot. 

Senator Brand-Does it cost the college a lot to have a free lot, what are the costs?

Vice President Bruner-They would have to grade the lot and add the electrical lights, it would cost substantially to pave it.  It would have to be turned into a pay lot if we paved it. 

Senator Dye-How is the survey coming along?

Vice President Bruner-Today, I did the finishing touches.  The university only gets 3 licenses, I was on a

waiting list.

Senator Dye-If it is an electronic survey, how are you going to promote it?

Vice President Burner-I did not look at promoting it, only getting it out to the students . 


Initial Recognition:  Women's Rugby

Committee Reports

      SAC-Co Chair Matt Ward

      SAC M#02-06.2006A  Athletic Post Season Travel Account

      Student Allocations Committee recommends allocating up to $25,000 to the Athletic Post                                     Season Travel Accounts to cover current deficits and future expenses.

      SAC M#02.06.2006B Student Nurses Association

      Student Allocations Committee recommends allocating up to $450.00 to the Student

      Nurses Association to travel to Baltimore, Maryland to attend the National Student Nurses                                     Convention.

      SAC M#02.06.2006C  MSU Habitat for Humanity

      Student Allocations Committee recommends allocating up to $500.00 to MSU Habitat for

      Humanity to travel to Amarillo, Texas to join other students in building homes.


      SenatorGiese-Can you explain the Athletics Post-Season Travel Account?

      ChairWard-These are tournament expenses that are not covered by the NCAA.  They used to

      come to Student Allocations.  Now an account has been set up, every few years this needs to

      be refreshed.  We could have left this as a line item on the budget, but we decided to address

      this now.  We need to cover these expenses every few years.

      Senator Giese-So this is going to tournaments?

      Chair Ward-Yes, this is for expenses for national and regional tournaments. 

      Senator Giese-Why is this not under their budget?

      Chair Ward-This is for tournaments they qualify for, it does not happen every year.

      President Wills-Basically this is a special tournament budget, it does not happen every year,

      only as needed so we do not want it in the budget.  This is a one time request.

      Chair Ward-This is the account we have set up, we take this seriously.

      Vice President Bruner-Of course we take this seriously also, why is post season travel being

      funded from SAC not M&E funds?

      Chair Ward-This is what we have agreed upon and it comes from SAF.  I can get further

      explanation for you.

      Senator Brand-How much is in the SAF fund?

      Chair Ward-Roughly $381,000.00.  We do not go under $200,000.

      Senator Bittner-What is the life expectancy of this $25,000?

      Chair Ward-This was set up several years ago, we have not put money into in for a least three                                     years.

      Vice President Bruner-It seems like there are a lot of questions, move to table this to allow the                                     Director to come and answer these questions before we allocate this funding.

      Second Senator Brand

      Motion passes


      Student Nurses-This is just the $50.00 per students per RSO policy.

      Motion passes


      Habitat for Humanity-10 students will be going; this is the RSO policy of $50.00 per person

      Motion passes

Student Union Board-Seyi Ogunseye  They started the hiring process for the new Director of the    Student Union, the search has now been put on hold.  We don't know why, theAdministrationhas just said it is on hold.  The CSU recently got an award from the Association of College Unions International.  We also got an award from Center Point Energy for moving from gas to electric.  We received some estimates for some renovations in the   game room, they were very high. 

   Senator Dye-Do you think as a senate we should be asking about the Director search?

   Senator Ogunseye-We hope to hear from the administration soon.

   President Wills-The game room million dollar renovation, will this come form the Student Union   

   budget or student fees?

   Senator Ogunseye-This is from the union budget.

   Vice President Bruner-Does this affect the smoking room?

   Senator Seyi-Yes, it will be closed the whole summer, it is a bummer but it needs to be done.

   Vice President Bruner-Where you on the search committee?

   Senator Seyi-No-I can yield to Senator Zika, she is on Union Board and on the search committee.

   Senator Zika-There is a lot of controversy going on, there are rumors going around but it is not fair    to say what hearsay is.

   Vice President Bruner-Is it your understanding that the search committee was to find a replacement?

   Senator Zika-It was our responsibility-but we are trying to figure out what is going on, it is

   an important position.

   Senator Brand-Was there a timeline?

   Senator Seyi-We have been working all semesterI think they were looking at July.

   Vice President Bruner-Has the search stopped because of the administration?

   Senator Seyi-We were only told there were administrative reasons.

   Vice President Bruner-No reason for the record?

   Senator Seyi-No reason at all


   Senator Reports

Off-Campus-Eric Christensen (move to executive session)

President Wills-move to suspend the rules for a complete report

Reporter Staff-Emmeline Elliott-I respect your decision but I am a moral person, I will not report

things if I feel a need for confidence, I also need to protect the Freedom of  Speech.  Would I go    into the work force say at a City Council meeting and not report or report   something that may be    incriminating? 


Social & Behavioral Science-Lisa Darvell (Kristeen Giese)

Commission on the Status of women are looking for individuals to nominate women for the Women of Courage and Vision Recognition, and for the Project of the Year Awards-this is for research to recognize excellence in research work pertaining to women and/or gender related issues and they are announcing Professional Development and Research search Grants available to student and employees who plan to attend professional conferences concerned with the status of women and/or gender related issues.  Applications

are available in the senate office.  

President Davenport did announce that he is going to fund a full time sexual violence coordinatorposition.

Science, Engineering & Technology-Seyi Ogunseye (written report)

I attended a formal presentation by a candidate applying for an assistant professor position in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology Department in the College of CSET.  Attendees present were Dean Frey together with the Department Chair, Dr. William Hudson, some faculty members, and some students.  The candidate talked about his interests, certain things he noticed about the curriculum and things he thought could be done a little different.

Speaker-I have a motion before me.

M#02-15-06A  Vice President Bruner/Senator Dye   Student Union Director Position

Whereas:      The Student Union Director is a vital position on our campus and student                involvement in the search is not only essential but integral to the                      consultation process

Whereas:      Student Union Board members have expressed concern over the lack of

            explanation for the hold placed on the search for the CSU Director

Whereas:      Students have a right to know why the search for the new CSU Director                   has been placed on hold

Therefore:      MSSA requests an official explanation on why the search for the CSU                   Director has been put on hold.

Vice President Bruner-Unlike other positions on campus, this is the director of the Student Union,

the President has ultimate custodial authority but we need information on why our director search has been put on hold.

Senator Dye-This is vital to students and we should know why this is happening.  It is unfair to

students on the board.

President Wills-I think this sends a message that we need to know what is going on.

The HLC visit showed we need to be informed and included in the process.  We need to be

affirmed that the Student Union Board represents the student body.

Motion passes


Senator Jackson-Student Affairs Committee wrote a letter, Cheri will have a copy of this. Next week we will answer questions. 

Senator Dye-Documentary tomorrow night in this room.  Invisible Children

Vice President Bruner-I am so excited that I am going to be quitting my job after working many years. 

President Wills-Big hockey game this weekend.

Roll Call  

Senators Present

Elizabeth Zika, Mercy Wariari, Karen Rubbert, James Dye, Kevin Bender, Kristeen Giese, Jessica Nelson, Christopher Frederick, Marianne Reilly, Sarah McLaughlin, Ryan Flugaur, Shannon Woods, Eric Christensen, Jered Jackson, Philip VanWyngarden, Ryan Anderson

Senators Absent

Brandon Ross, Jenna Ault, Melissa Turner, Seyi Ogunseye, Lisa Darvell, Josh Peterson, Omolayo Ogunnowo

Andrew Bittner, Jessica Cichy, Matthew Ward, Jeff Brand, Ian Boyd

Executive Staff Present

President Wills, Vice President Bruner

Adjournment    Meeting adjourned at 6:05 P.M.